OLTL Transcript Friday 8/25/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/25/06


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Natalie: Spencer, what the hell did you do to Blair?

Spencer: Natalie, why would you say such a thing? Hmm? I mean, Blairís my fiancee, the love of my life. Now, why would I do anything to hurt her?

Rex: I'm going to find Adriana.

David: You are?

Rex: And you're going to help me.

David: I am?

Rex: Yes. You are. You're going to get the truth out of Dorian.

David: You sound awfully sure of yourself.

Rex: I am.

David: See, I donít think she'd do something like that to her own daughter. She would definitely terrorize someone elseís daughter, but not her own.

Rex: Look, she hates me. She doesnít want Adriana to have anything to do with me.

David: Oh, donít take that personally. Dorian hates everybody. But even if she did hire a stalker, why should I help you?

Rex: Because I'll give you ultra violet if you do.

David: You'll give me your club? I thought you loved that place.

Rex: I do. But if Adriana doesnít find out what really happened, I'll lose her and -- I love her more than I could love a stupid club.

Bruce: Good afternoon, sunshine.

Adriana: Bite me.

Bruce: Oh. Young lady, is that any way to speak to your stalker?

Adriana: Letís not leave "kidnapper" off the list.

Bruce: Of course not. Oh, see -- you havenít touched your food. Please donít tell me you're going anorexic on me -- just like a model. Oh, what, are you mad at me?

Adriana: What do you think?

Bruce: Well, I think you're mad because I sent that text message to your boyfriend.

Adriana: He'll never believe it.

Bruce: After what happened at the beach house, I think he will. He probably already thought you hate him and never wanted to see him again.

Adriana: I was confused because of those emails you planted on his computer.

Bruce: I only did what your mommy hired me to do.

Dorian: Call me, Bruce. And so help me, if you harm one hair on my little babyís head, I will -- I'll make sure you are a dead man.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: Hey. Whereís Bree?

Jessica: I left her with mom. Um -- whatís going on?

Antonio: Well, I just got the green light to go after the scum who bought tapes from our dear friend Norman Leeds. And I promise you, Jessica, I'm not going to stop until I've brought in every single last one of them.

Jessica: I know, I know. Thank you, Antonio.

John: Do me a favor -- find out whatís taking Hughes so long.

Officer: You got it, lieutenant.

Antonio: Hey, John, you got a minute?

John: Yeah, absolutely.

Antonio: Look, I'm just filling you in, I'm going to serve a search warrant on a Eugene Snyder.

John: Dr. Eugene Snyder?

Antonio: Yeah. It looks like heís mixed up in this Norman Leeds kiddie porn ring.

John: Heís also the guy that Truman forced to take the blame for my fatherís botched surgery. Well, at least now we know what kind of blackmail cards Truman was holding.

Spencer: As an old poker player myself, I would say you were holding some cards that you didnít want me to see.

Natalie: I need to talk to my brother.

Spencer: Not until I get some answers.

David: I donít like plotting against Dorian. But if she did anything to hurt Adriana .

Rex: She did. Now, are you going to help me?

David: Letís weigh my choices here. If I conspire against Dorian, I get my own club, have a lot of money. On the other hand, if I donít go behind her back, have nothing.

Rex: Become a hobo.

David: Wouldnít make a good hobo. I tend to get a rash on my shoulder when I carry a knapsack.

Rex: Then you'll help?

David: Ok, I will.

Rex: Good. Letís get started.

David: There any hard tests to get your P.I. license?

Spencer: Well, looky there -- there goes your little brother now, so I guess you donít have to run off. So, please, Natalie, do tell me -- why would you think that I would hurt Blair?

Natalie: You tell me.

Spencer: You brought it up. You should go first.

Todd: You canít look at me and tell me you donít love me anymore, can you? Why donít you look at me and tell me that, Blair? Right re, right now -- tell me. Tell me.

Blair: I canít.

Todd: Then tell me the truth. Tell me whatís going on with you. What are you doing with Spencer? What are you doing with the cops? All right, then. You know what I should do -- I should go to Spencer myself.

Blair: No, Todd.

Todd: I should tell him what you're up to.

Blair: Please, no, no.

Todd: You know, I think I will.

Blair: You canít do that, no.

Todd: I donít care how it makes me look.

Blair: No, Todd --

Todd: Like a jealous ex, I'm going to tell him what I think you're up to --

Blair: You canít do that!

Todd: And I'm going to remind him that you betrayed me --

Blair: No.

Todd: And he'll likely --

Blair: No. You canít do that.

Todd: Tell me, or I'm going to go straight to Spencer, I swear to God. Tell me!

Blair: I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you, Todd.

Todd: I see. So I'm right.

Blair: Yeah, you're right. I've been sleeping with him. I've been going behind his back to get evidence, to help you. You believe me?

Todd: I -- yes, I do.

John: Truman knew Snyder was a pedophile and threatened to turn him in if he didnít take the blame for my fatherís death. If Truman did turn him in, Snyder would end up in prison. We all know pedophiles donít do well in prison.

Antonio: You're probably right.

John: Truman must've found out and -- and waited until he needed a favor, so to speak.

Antonio: Unbelievable.

John: Yeah.

Jessica: So Spencer used me to his advantage and Snyder could still be buying tapes without anyone knowing.

John: Um -- hey, look, Jess, I donít want you to think that -- that I'm profiting off what happened to you, either, ok? This may be our only chance to get to Truman.

Jessica: I know, I know. I know you're not profiting on what happened to me, John.

Antonio: This loser is involved in child pornography. Donít make any deal with him just to nail Truman.

John: Yeah, thereís -- thereís no way. We are going to get Snyder and he is going to do hard time, believe me, all right? And we do get a conviction, he'll have no need to keep quiet about Truman anymore.

Antonio: All right. So move forward with the -- the search warrant.

John: Do it. Whatís the address?

Antonio: 15 Euclid avenue.

John: Ok.

Antonio: Hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: I'm going to be pretty busy for a little while, so why donít you go get Bree, go home, and I'll call you as soon as I find something out.

Jessica: All right. I'll see you later.

Antonio: All right, baby. All right.

John: All right. Give me this.

Hugh: Sorry it took so long. The bank manager was a real PS and GS man.

John: What happened?

Hugh: He -- he wanted to call Truman and tell him that his property was being seized.

John: He -- he didnít, though, right? That would be a bad thing.

Spencer: I'm going to ask you again. Why would you think that I would hurt Blair?

Natalie: Thatís not what I meant -- or what I said. I'm just worried about her, all right?

Spencer: Oh, then, why donít you elaborate?

Natalie: I need to explain why I'd be worried about Blair?

Spencer: Oh, thatís right -- I guess you two have such a close personal relationship, right?

Natalie: She was married to my uncle.

Spencer: Ancient history.

Natalie: So that means I canít care about her?

Spencer: Well, you didnít seem to care too much about her when Todd was on trial, going through his execution. I mean, she really could've used your support then, couldnít she?

Natalie: You werenít around every minute.

Spencer: Naturally. Or maybe you were just too busy clinging to John Mc Bainís coattails, huh?

Natalie: Maybe I was clinging to his coattails because we're in a relationship.

Spencer: Oh, I see. Well, forgive me for not knowing the details of your personal life. You know, people seem to do an awful lot of whispering when I'm around, so tell me -- should I be concerned about something?

Natalie: You know, Dr. Truman, you really canít control what people are saying behind your back.

Spencer: No, but if they are talking about me, I certainly have a right to defend myself.

Natalie: Itís called a trial.

Spencer: Cute. Now that you mention it, you know, I have seen Mc Bain and Blair sort of huddling together every now and again. I donít suppose you'd like to tell me what you think they might've been discussing?

Todd: Yeah, but I believe you, but I sure as hell donít understand it.

Blair: Look, after you were convicted, after you were sent to death row, so many people tried to tell me that you were innocent, but I -- it was just all that evidence, Todd, and -- and there was Spencer. He was there, he was supportive, he was good to me --

Todd: Oh, yes. Heís a regular boy scout.

Blair: Ok, it was -- it was too far-fetched to believe that he was doing all this just to be with m

Todd: Oh. Well, donít sell yourself short, sweetheart.

Blair: David and Paige thought it was just another scam of Spencerís -- you know, when they found out that Margaret was alive, and it didnít make any sense. Why would he bring you back to life after the execution if he wanted you dead?

Todd: Because he canít help himself -- he thinks heís God.

Blair: I know.

Todd: So when did you first realize all this stuff?

Blair: Well, it was after the execution. Things that people said -- Viki, Evangeline, Starr. I mean, I know they're good people and I know that they love you and they're not capable of loving someone that would kill their own child. Then there was -- there was John and Bo and they knew something was wrong with Spencer, and it just -- everything just seemed to add up, and of course I was fooled by that creep Denton. Spencer was pulling all the strings. Todd, I knew. I knew deep in my heart what kind of man that you were and what you were capable of. I'm so sorry that I ever let myself forget that.

Todd: So even after you knew the truth that I was innocent and he was guilty, you stayed with him? Why?

Blair: You know the answer to that.

Todd: No, I want to hear it from you.

Blair: Because I'm the one that has to prove what he did, Todd. He thinks heís untouchable, but heís not. I'm the only person that can get to him. The only one that he doesnít suspect is me.

John: You didnít let the bank manager talk to Truman, did you?

Hugh: No. No, I wouldnít let him call. I told him I'd hit him with an obstruction of justice charge and he backed down pretty fast.

John: Ok. What'd you find?

Hugh: Right here -- proof that Truman knew Margaret was alive well after she allegedly drowned in Llantano Lake.

John: This is good.

Hugh: I know.

John: Now, just playing devilís advocate, Truman can claim we found this after the fact or that it was planted. What we need -- what we need is something that connects him directly to Todd and Margaretís baby.

Hugh: We have Paige Miller who says Truman forced her to help deliver the baby. The testimony plus this photo equals indictment.

John: Indictment? Maybe. What we need is a smoking gun, preferably the gun that shot my father. But for now, I'll take what I can get. What else we got here? A will, tax records. What the hell is this?

Adriana: I donít believe you.

Bruce: Thereís nothing in it for me to lie.

Adriana: Stop blaming this on my mother, ok? She wouldnít do anything like this -- itís too horrible. Hiring someone to stalk me so that I'll break up with Rex? No. She wouldnít.

Bruce: What would be the point of making something up like that?

Adriana: I donít know! I donít know anything anymore.

Bruce: I'll get my ransom money. Thereís no reason for me to smear your mother.

Adriana: I still donít believe you.

Bruce: I met your mother. We bonded over pinot noir. She ied about how your horrible boyfriend wasnít worthy to clean your toilet. She went on and on about how you could do so much better. See? You're starting to believe me.

Adriana: No, I'm not. What else happened?

Bruce: I told her I'd help her come up with a plan, for a price. She gave me your cell phone number, your email address, your schedule. Her only rule was I was not to hurt you. And look -- I havenít, have I? And I still promise not to hurt you, providing mommy dearest comes through with the money.

Adriana: I will prove that this was her idea.

Bruce: No. You donít need proof. You already believe me.

Dorian: David?

David: Dorian.

Dorian: Who do you think you are barging in like this?

David: Sorry -- force of habit. I need to speak to you.

Dorian: David, this isnít a very good time. I'm handling a very difficult situation. Thank you for stopping by. Leave.

David: I can only stay for one drink, then I got to go.

Dorian: David! Ok, whatís so important you had to come crashing through my front door?

David: I went to that hospital gala --

Dorian: Oh, I'm so pleased for you. Now, if you donít mind, go.

David: Where I saw Spencer propose to Blair and she said yes.

Dorian: Ahem. Well, as appalling as I find that prospect, sheís an ult, ok? Blair is capable of making her own decisions.

David: Thatís it?

Dorian: I'm not pleased, but it pal in comparison to the situation I'm dealing with.

David: Well, then you must be dealing with one hell of a situation if it makes Spencer and Blair pale in comparison. You know what? Maybe Balsom was right.

Dorian: What? "Maybe Balsom was right"? What would that punk be right about?

David: Well, I ran into him over at the palace and he kept going on and on about some sort of inane plot that you had hatched to make him break up with Adriana. Now, I didnít believe him. But the way you're acting --

Dorian: What? Am I acting as if I'm guilty of something?

David: Dorian, trust me -- you look like you could use some help, so if you tell me what it is that you did, I'll do everything I can to get you out of it.

Hugh: What did you find?

John: Well, it looks like a letter to Margaretís baby. It seems that Truman was going to send it along to the kid along with the picture when the -- when the baby grew up.

Hugh: Is there an address or a name or something else identifiable?

John: No, no. But it talks about the babyís birth here and -- and that Truman was with the baby for a while when he was born.

Hugh: Oh, and donít tell me, how Todd Manning is his father.

Todd: So you've been spying on Spencer the whole time?

Blair: After I found out you were innocent, I knew that I had to do something to make things right. Itís all my fault.

Todd: Well, I wouldnít say it was all your fault.

Blair: It was all my fault, Todd. I abandoned you. I stopped believing in you.

Todd: And so your remedy is to spy on Spencer?

Blair: I'm looking for as much evidence as I possibly can.

Todd: And the cops, they know about this?

Blair: Well, they donít -- yeah, they know about it, but they donít want me to do it. I mean, it would -- they canít stop me, so they might as well work with me.

Todd: Why didnít you let the cops do their jobs?

Blair: Because! Nobodyís going to get close to Spencer unless he trusts them, and the only person Spencer trusts is me.

Todd: So from the minute you thought I was innocent, you've been sleeping with this man?

Blair: Donít you look at me like I'm a whore.

Todd: You said it, sweetheart.

Antonio: Snyder? Open up, Llanview P.D.

Eugene: What do you want? What'd I do? Whatís this all about?

Antonio: Itís about your dirty little hobby. Now let us in.

Eugene: No.

Antonio: You let us in or you hang out in a jail cell for obstruction of justice while we toss the place.

Antonio: Keep an eye on him.

Officer: You got it. You -- sit down.

Antonio: You sick son of a bitch.

Eugene: Some guy brought all this over.

Antonio: Shut up.

Eugene: I donít know what it is.

Antonio: You're pathetic. How much smut do you have on this?

Eugene: Well -- none. I -- I let a friend of mine use it anything on there belongs to him.

Antonio: Yeah, right.

Officer: Anything?

Antonio: Oh, yeah. Yeah, thereís a boatload of child porn here.

Eugene: No, I'm telling you -- I'm telling you I didnít download anything. And these -- these tapes and everything, they're -- they're not mine. Uh -- my friend brought over a whole -- a whole box of stuff and dumped it here. I donít even know whatís in it.

Antonio: Whatís your friendís name?

Eugene: Itís -- bill is all I know.

Antonio: You donít remember his last name?

Eugene: Uh -- no. I mean -- I mean, I -- I did, but I forgot.

Antonio: You're under arrest.

Eugene: Oh. I want to talk to my lawyer.

Antonio: Feel free, but itís not going to do you any good because I got enough evidence on you to put you away for the rest of your life.

Eugene: You canít arrest me for something I didnít do.

Antonio: Put your hands behind your back. Cuff him.

Eugene: Oh.

Antonio: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

John: "Now that you're a young man, I'm sure you have many questions about your birth parents. I'm enclosing a picture of your mother. She loved you very much and wanted to do whatís best for you. She was sick and couldnít take care of you, so she asked me to help her. I am the doctor who delivered you and it was up to me to find you a new family. I hope your adoptive parents have raised you to be a strong and productive young man. I am positive you're better off with your parents than you would've been if you'd been raised by your father. He was not a good person and you were fortunate to have never met him. I would not recommend ever trying to find him because it would do nothing but cause you heartache and grief. I hope this answers a few of the many questions you must have. Good luck." Thereís no signature. Itís got to be his handwriting. Thereís one way to find out.

Natalie: I'm sorry, but I donít bug Johnís conversations. I have no idea what he and Blair have been talking about.

Spencer: Oh, you must have some idea.

Natalie: I donít know, Spencer. What do friends talk about?

Spencer: Oh, so now John and Blair are friends, huh? The plot thickens.

Natalie: Wait -- nope, nope. I know -- they're having an affair. In fact, you know, Johnís the only guy in Llanview that Blair hasnít slept with, so it must be that they're trying to figure out what positions to try next.

Spencer: Funny. You know, now I really donít know whether to be insulted, angry, or just plain old feel sorry for you. Why on earth would Blair be having a relationship with John when she already has one with me?

Natalie: Three words -- variety, spice, life.

Spencer: Thatís not a surprising statement coming from you, someone with such vast wisdom and considerable experience with that kind of behavior. You see, Blair is committed to me. Sheís committed to building a life with me.

Natalie: Well, then she should be committed. Look, I am just so happy for you, Spencer -- not so much for Blair. Excuse me. I've got to be going.

Blair: Think what you want to about me, Todd, but it was the only way I could get you back. I had to be close to him.

Todd: And, yeah, that you were.

Blair: I did what I had to do.

Todd: So, what -- Bo and John pimped you out, then?

Blair: They didnít pimp me out. They didnít want me to do this. They said it was dangerous.

Todd: Yeah, I'll say itís dangerous. I saw that hotel room he thrashed.

Blair: Well, that was my fault.

Todd: You thrashed it?

Blair: No, I didnít -- Spencer did. I -- I drugged him, tried to get information from him and it -- and it backfired. He went ballistic. He tried to kill me. He tried to strangle me, and I wanted to stop then.

Todd: But you couldnít stop, could you?

Blair: No, I couldnít stop!

Todd: You had to keep sleeping with him.

Blair: I had to keep sleeping with him because I've got to get the information on him to get him the hell where he belongs!

Todd: How many times have you done it?

Blair: Oh, come on, Todd. What difference does it make?

Todd: It makes a difference to me. How many times?

Blair: More times than I care to remember.

Todd: I see. So you werenít rlly working for Llanviewís finest. You were kind of -- kind of a freelancer. Is that it?

Blair: Todd? John asked me to do something, and I was at the right place to do it. Spencer had a safe-deposit box with his fatherís name on it, and I got the key to John.

Todd: Yeah, and what was in it?

Blair: I donít know. Thatís probably what John was calling about earlier. Look, I just hope itís something that we can put him away for good.

Todd: "Put him away"?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Is that what you said -- "put him away"? I donít think so. Thatís not good enough for me. I'm going to make sure that man dies --

Blair: You're not going to do anything --

Todd: A slow, painful, bloody death.

Blair: Because you wonít ever let me finish what I start!

Todd: Well, not if you're going to sleep with other men, no!

Blair: I did what I had to do!

Todd: Well, how far are you going to go with this? Are you going to marry him?

Blair: No! Never, Todd. And I swear to you it should be over by the end of the day.

Todd: Oh. Ok. 

Dorian: David, this is such nonsense. I havenít done anything.

David: So you didnít create this "situation"?

Dorian: Uh, no, I didnít, and -- but you are right about one thing. I am upset, so if you would please just run along --

David: Nobody knows you better than me. I know how much you like to protect your girls, so if this situation is more important than Blair, than this "situation" must be about one of your other girls.

Dorian: I've got no idea what you're blathering on about. I -- I -- and I have done absolutely nothing to try and break up Adriana and Rex, and I got to tell you, it really hurts me that you would even suggest such a thing.

David: Dorian, I want to help you, but you've got to open up to me.

Dorian: There is nothing to open up about.

Rex: Sheís a liar. You're a liar.

Dorian: How did you get in here? David! What -- how -- why? Why would you help this -- this miscreant?

David: Oh, donít be ridiculous. I would never stoop so low as to help a --

Rex: Miscreant.

David: What does that mean?

Rex: Nothing.

Dorian: Get out of here --

Rex: Stop it!

Dorian: Both of you.

Rex: Now, I need the name of the guy you hired to stalk Adriana. Tell me where to find him.

Bruce: Your mother hired me. You know I'm telling you the truth.

Adriana: No.

Bruce: Then why would she instantly change from hating Rex to loving him? Because she knew the whole thing would explode in his face.

Adriana: I want to talk to her. I want to talk to my mother!

Bruce: Fine. I think thatís a good idea.

Blair: Come on, Todd. You have to believe me. When I said yes to Spencer, i never intended for it to go to marriage. I mean, he just caught me off-guard.

Todd: And you always say yes when you get caught off-guard?

Blair: I had to keep him on the hook, Todd -- I had the safe-deposit key. Do you have any idea what Spencer would've done to me if he found out? The proposal was actually a very good distraction.

Todd: Oh, is that all that was -- a distraction?

Blair: Yeah, and it worked. I got the key, and I got it back on the key ring before he even knew.

Todd: You sound like you think itís a game.

Blair: Itís not a game to me! I havenít slept in weeks, Todd!

Todd: Neither have I.

Blair: I know you havenít. God, thatís why I'm doing all this. I canít stand it when that pig touches me. Itís revolting. I am doing this for you, Todd. I'm doing this so we can find out what Spencer did to you, to Margaret, and where -- where your baby is. Donít you want to know where your son is?

Todd: Yes, I want to see him, yes.

Blair: Well, then you -- you understand, then. Tell me that.

Todd: Honestly, I donít know if I understand, Blair. I have the image of you and Spencer going at it in our cabin, you know? I wish I'd never seen that.

Blair: Me, too.

Todd: And I mean, every time I close my eyes, every time -- I donít know if I'll ever stop seeing it.

Blair: If you canít forgive me, I understand.

Blair: I just wish that you could look me in the eye and tell me that you love me again.

John: Well?

Man: Just one moment, please. Huh. Can I see the other sample, please?

John: Right here.

Man: Whew. Letís see. Non-joining rock hoop, loop slant. Yep. Loop-slant finish -- they match.

Hugh: All right. So what you're saying is that the same person wrote both of those letters?

Man: Positive. Just look at that sharp hook on the j if you donít believe me.

Hugh: I'll take your word for it.

Antonio: Now that I've advised you of your rights, are you willing to answer any questions? What are you doing here?

Jessica: I'm sorry. I couldnít just sit around. I -- I had to see his face and I have to have him see mine.

Antonio: Honey, I donít think thatís a good idea. Besides, I donít want anything to happen that might compromise this investigation.

Jessica: So you found something?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: Jess?

Jessica: Please. Do you see this? Do you see this? This was me. Look at me. Look at me! I'm a real person. I was a real little girl, not some object that you saw on a videotape. And the man that you bought this from molested me. Itís because of people like you -- they kept him in business. You encouraged him to do horrible things to little girls just like me. He destroyed my life. He ripped me in two, literally. But men like you are responsible. And I'm going to make myself whole again if only to put scumbags like you behind bars where you belong.

John: Thanks for your help, Paul.

Paul: Yeah, anytime.

Hugh: We'll get in touch with you when this goes to trial.

Paul: Gotcha.

Hugh: Thanks.

Paul: Sure.

Hugh: Do you see something else?

John: No. I was just -- I was just wondering why Truman would do something like this, so out of character. Itís -- itís almost a decent thing to do.

Hugh: Well, heís a narcissist. He loves himself so much he thinks the world revolves around him. Heís the one who gets to dole out the pain and the anguish and also the pleasure and the joy.

John: Yeah. Fits the profile, I guess.

Hugh: Exactly, to a T.

John: All right. Well, look, we have to handle this very carefully. I'm going to take the picture to Bo. We'll get an arrest warrant, all right? We cannot let Truman catch wind of any of this. If he does, he'll go on a slash-and-burn frenzy. He'll destroy every piece of evidence that relates to this case.

Hugh: Absolutely, you're right.

John: I'm banking that heís got the gun that killed my father stashed somewhere.

Hugh: That would sure make things tidy for you, wouldnít it?

John: Yeah, it would. Here. I'll see you.

Hugh: All right, see you.

John: What have you got?

Natalie: John?

John: Yeah?

Natalie: I've got to talk to you.

John: Ok, all right. Take it easy.

Natalie: I canít. I think I screwed things up, big-time.

Spencer: Thereís no way Blair would ever do anything to ruin what we have. Thereís no way.

Todd: You want me to tell you I love you. You want me to tell you that I'm ok with what you and Spencer did. No. Sorry. Itís too much.

Blair: I knew it would be. I couldnít help dreaming. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry and I know I messed up. Mm-hmm. But I really did try to help. I tried to do something, anything. I guess I was just holding on to a dream.

Todd: And what dream was that, Blair?

Rex: Tell me who you hired to break me and Adriana up and tell me now.

David: Uh, Rex, about my nightclub --

Rex: No, thereís no nightclub. You didnít get anything out of her.

Dorian: David, you would betray me for a third-rate nightclub?

David: I was going to make you a silent partner.

Dorian: Get out of here, both of you, ok? Get out of here now before I call the police.

David: I'm going to the Llanview library and looking up --

Rex: "Miscreant."

David: The word you called him.

Rex: Itís not going to be that easy to get rid of me. I wonít leave till I get some answers.

Bruce: Oh, this'll be interesting. Dorian was so anxious to talk to you before, but now, I donít think she'll be so excited to hear what you have to say.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Donít, please!

Rex: Lord residence.

Adriana: Rex?

John: What did you do?

Natalie: I think I screwed up.

John: We established that. How?

Natalie: Ok, when you called, I was with Spencer and he said some things and I -- I donít know. I think that I misinterpreted what you had said about him.

John: What did you do, Natalie?

Natalie: I thought that he did something to Blair and --

John: You what?

Natalie: I think I tipped him off.

John: You --

Natalie: I think I tipped him off.

John: You tipped him off?

Natalie: Well, I kind of got in his face about --

John: "Kind of"?

Natalie: Blair -- yes. I wanted to know what happened to Blair and I -- I got in his face and -- and now he might be on to her.

John: If heís on to her, sheís dead.

 Blairís voice: This is Blair Cramer. Please leave a message.

Spencer: Hang on, Blair. I'm coming for you.

Blair: Every time Spencer would kiss me, I would close my eyes and dream it was you, Todd. I dreamed that you would hold me again.

Todd: Do you know how easy it would be for me to walk away from you right now?

Blair: Donít go. Oh, Todd.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Eugene: What are you going to do to me?

Antonio: I want to kill you.

Dorian: We better just put our differences aside and work together.

Adriana: Rex loves me and he isnít going to give up on me -- ever.

Blair: Donít you even think about stopping.

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