OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/24/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/24/06


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Rex: Finally.

Natalie: I got here as fast as I could. Whatís going on?

Rex: I need your help. You got to do this for me, Natalie.

Natalie: Do what? Whatís up?

Rex: I need you to pretend to be Adriana.

John: Procedures --

Hugh: Yeah, right. Oh, you beauty. Thank you very much. Thank you.

John: I'll call you back.

Hugh: John, I got it.

John: What do you got, the warrant?

Hugh: Yeah, itís waiting downstairs.

John: Great.

Hugh: All right, letís go. I want to get that safe-deposit box opened ASAP.

John: Look, I got to follow up on something here. Why donít you go ahead and supervise, all right, in case any legal questions come up. We donít want anything to come back and bite us in trial on this one.

Hugh: You're right, you're right, you're right. Ok, I'll go. Can you get me a couple cops?

John: They'll be waiting for you downstairs.

Hugh: All right, thanks.

John: Yeah, itís Mc Bain. I need a black and white. Maybe get officers Torres and Gladstone to go with D.A. Hughes to the Pennsabank. Right now. Heís on his way out. Thanks.

David: Timeís up, Spencer. You are going down, and I'm going to have a front-row seat to the main event. Hey, maybe they'll shoot you on your perp walk. That'd be a real showstopper.

Spencer: Hey, maybe you should just put all your fantasies on one big long continuous reel. That way, you could just watch it over and over and over.

David: Spencer, continuous reel -- this is the digital age. Look at me. Do I look rested?

Spencer: You need to see a doctor, David? Make an appointment, please.

David: Answer me.

Spencer: No, you donít look rested. As a matter of fact, you look like crap.

David: Thatís because I was up all night being interrogated by John Mc Bain -- about you.

Todd: So whatís the real reason you're marrying Truman?

Blair: Look, Todd, just donít do this now, ok?

Todd: Well, I never bought into this whole romance between you and him.

Blair: You're lying.

Todd: And I never bothered to fight you on it, because all I could think about was the fact that you betrayed me with him.

Blair: You know what?

Todd: You betrayed me --

Blair: Just leave me alone, Todd.

Todd: With my worst enemy. And chose him over your own family.

Blair: Oh, thatís not true. You're the one that chose, Todd. You chose hatred. You chose not to forgive me. I didnít have any options. I did the one thing that I could.

Todd: What was that? The one thing that you could what?

Blair: Just --

Todd: Look at me and tell me. Look at me. Tell me whatís going on with you right now. 

Natalie: Let me get this straight. You pulled me out of P.D. in the middle of something extremely important to have me impersonate Adriana? Me?

Rex: What did I just say?

Natalie: How? Why?

Rex: Thatís what I'm about to tell you.

Natalie: Have you ever noticed that we look nothing alike?

Rex: Have you ever noticed that you donít listen? I donít need you to look like her, I just need you to sound like her.

Natalie: Her voice -- ok, whatís going on here? Is Adriana still missing?

Rex: Yeah, but I got a text message -- from Adriana. Or somebody else.

Natalie: "Rex, I hate you. Leave me alone. I never want to see you again. Adriana." Thatís pretty harsh.

Rex: Yeah, except itís not from her.

Natalie: How do you know?

Rex: Because thatís not what Adriana would say, or how she would say it if she would say it.

Natalie: Rex, now, come on. If sheís that upset with you, maybe --

Rex: Look, I know you're all judgmental about Adriana, but --

Natalie: Yeah, because she has been jerking you around for months. Hot one minute, cold another.

Rex: Because of her mother.

Natalie: Sheís a grown woman, and grown women donít need to take cues from their mothers.

Rex: You do.

Natalie: Yeah, Vikiís not evil. Look, Adriana chose to believe Dorian -- or Dorianís scheme -- whatever -- over you. And the point is, is you deserve better. You went through hell with Jen, and I donít want to see your heart get broken again.

Rex: I'm in love with Adriana. If somethingís happened to her, and I donít do anything to help her -- I found Jenís body. I -- ok? Itís not going to happen again. Now, are you going to help me or not?

Natalie: Yeah, ok. Just explain to me your theory about this text message, and we'll figure something out.

Rex: It makes no sense, why she would send this to me now out of the blue -- what would be the point? Especially since she hasnít gotten in touch with anybody else?

Natalie: Right, so this message has to be --

Rex: Sent by someone else, for Adriana -- to get me to stop looking for her.

Natalie: Tell me what to do.

John: Have a seat.

Evangeline: Oh, thanks. Wow. Hmm.

John: What?

Evangeline: Your office -- itís -- itís different.

John: Well, itís blue now.

Evangeline: Hmm. Yeah. Yeah, itís blue. I guess itís been a while.

John: Well, we knew you were coming by.

Evangeline: Yeah, I'm here on a case. Not here in the office, here in the building -- on a case.

John: Right.

Evangeline: So -- so I was leaving, and I thought, "wait, I should -- I should stop and -- and check in on my friend." This isnít a bad time, is it?

John: No, just waiting for news about a search. Um -- always have time for a visit from a friend. Howís work? Everything -- back up to speed?

Evangeline: Yeah. Yeah, I was nervous at first. I had lost a lot of clients after the accident, but I got a couple new ones, and some of the old ones came back, and it just feels so good to be busy again.

John: I'm happy for you.

Evangeline: I'm happy for myself. And not just because I have my career back or for the obvious reason, being able to see. I will never take that for granted again. At least, I'll try not to. Oh, John, it was so scary, being in the dark all the time, you know? Especially for someone whoís used to talking her way out of situations. I -- I'm trying to talk less and feel more these days.

John: Thatís good.

Evangeline: Yeah. Yeah, I learned that from -- from Cristian.

John: Been a while now. Obviously, things are serious.

Evangeline: Yeah, they are. I'm falling in love with him.

Spencer: I seriously doubt that John Mc Bainís little interrogation of you last night would amount to anything more than a complete and total waste of time -- which is what you're doing right now, David. Wasting my time. Goodbye.

David: Come on, Spencer, I just told you that Mc Bain spent the entire night interrogating me. Donít you want to know what he asked? Or I guess the better question would be, what didnít he ask?

Spencer: In case you've forgotten what the universal gesture is for "get the hell out of my crib" is, this is it.

David: Spencer, you canít run from this. Mc Bain has evidence. Heís got some sort of physical evidence that proves that you set up Todd. Itís just a matter of time till he comes forward with it.

Spencer: The door, David.

David: So that technicolor proposal you gave Blair last night -- thatís all going to be for naught, isnít it? Because as soon as she finds out that you convinced her that Todd was a murderer, she will never forgive you. And then once thatís out in the open, itís just a matter of time until Todd and Blair go running into each otherís arms, just like they always do.

Spencer: All right --

Blair: You have no idea what I've done, Todd. The sacrifices I've made to try to make it up to you. Whatís wrong -- they're going in Starrís room. Hold it -- Starr! Oh, my God.

Michael: Starr, honey, are you ok? Are you ok?

Natalie: Because my entire wallet was stolen. Uh -- yeah. Well, I -- I just want to make sure that thereís not been any fraudulent charges made on the card, you know, in the meantime. Bank statement? Yeah, yeah, I've got it right here, ahem. The account number, the last -- 7908. Uh-huh. What? Uh, the last four of my social? You know, I -- I never memorized my social security. I actually got the card in my wallet. I guess that was kind of a dumb thing to do, huh?

Rex: Damn it!

Natalie: Why didnít we think of this?

Rex: Because we're dumb. This is a total waste of time. The only way to find Adriana is to go out looking for her.

Natalie: But, Rex, if you have no idea where she is --

Rex: Thatís why I thought if somebody was using her credit card --

Natalie: Look, look, even if we had her social and we could've gotten these people to tell us where the card was last used --

Rex: What? Go on.

Natalie: I'm not -- I'm not trying to be negative or anything. I -- I know how frustrated and upset you are, but do you really think that whoeverís got Adriana or is hurting her was going to use her plastic?

Rex: All I know is whoever did this, whoeverís put her in danger is going to pay and if they harm one hair on her head, I'll kill them.

Spencer: You've made a career out of mocking me, provoking me, trying to sabotage my success. I've let it go because I felt sorry for you.

David: You felt sorry for me?

Spencer: Letís face it, David -- you didnít have the talents. You werenít given the looks, the brains. As a matter of fact, you were a pretty crappy con man if I recall, as well. I have always been extremely lucky and rather gifted, I must say.

David: You're right. I always wanted to be just like my big brother, who turned out to be a sociopath.

Spencer: You know, itís really not your fault, though. You're hard-wired for failure, man. Thatís why I've always felt like I needed to help you, take care of you. I've tried to be compassionate and supportive --

David: You ruined my life! You took any potential I may have had and you tossed it in the drain for letting me believe for 25 years, Spencer, that I killed a cop! Is that how you take care of people? Because to a sane man, it sounds like you were just trying to save your own ass.

Spencer: All right, thatís it. You've just crossed the line.

David: No, you have lost. Toddís back. Itís just a matter of time until Blair welcomes him home with open -- you know.

Spencer: All right, listen. You are not going to demean what I have with her, you understand? Sheís agreed to be my wife, to marry me, to start a family with me.

David: I'm not --

Spencer: You will not touch that -- you understand?

David: Sheís not the one I'm demeaning, Spencer. You blackmailed me. You turned me into a pathological liar and then when I finally found the one woman that I could be real with, you took her away, too.

Spencer: Well, God knows you'll thank me for that someday.

David: You're the most hateful person I've ever known. You know, I used to be intimidated by you. Hell, I used to -- I used to worship you. But not anymore. I donít care what happens to you. You're no longer my brother. Oh, and if I should turn up dead, trust me -- the first person they'll look at is you.

John: If Cris makes you happy --

Evangeline: He does. He was there for me after the accident. And that meant everything to me. Especially in the beginning when I was pretending that nothing had changed, he would not let me get away with that. And I fought him tooth and nail.

John: Well, you were never the type to go gently.

Evangeline: Yeah. Itís not my style.

John: Hmm.

Evangeline: Actually, I donít know what I would've done without him. I mean, I was blind, but I was determined to do everything I did before, instantly.

John: No comment.

Evangeline: See? He makes me laugh, like you do.

John: Well, I'm probably funnier than him.

Evangeline: No comment. John, I feel like I've been given a second chance at a lot of things. And after you and I, I just -- I honestly didnít know if I would ever have that connection again.

John: I never really doubted it. Heís a lucky guy. And if I was to be honest, I would admit I still think about what we had together. You made me a better person. And when I think about why we didnít make it, I realize it was me and I let you down.

Evangeline: No, it -- it wasnít the right time for us. But we tried.

John: I did try. I hope you know that.

Evangeline: And I hope you've found what you need. As difficult as it was for me in the beginning to deal with, I want you to know that I understand.

John: Thanks for telling me about your relationship. Very thoughtful, respectful, very you.

Evangeline: Hmm. Yeah, I donít know how to be anything else.

John: Itís a good thing to be.

Hugh: John, the warrantís in order. We're finally going to nail --

Evangeline: Who are you nailing, Hugh?

Hugh: I'll just call you when we get what we're looking for.

John: Thanks. Good luck.

Evangeline: Hughís executing a search warrant?

John: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: What is it, a run-of-the-mill warrant for a run-of-the-mill case or is something big going down?

Blair: Hey. What happened?

Starr: I got dizzy, and when I got out of bed, the room started spinning.

Michael: Well, you know, Starr, itís way too early for you to start getting out of bed on your own.

Starr: I know, I'm sorry. I just heard my mom and dad arguing and I wanted to see if everything was ok.

Blair: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. We're sorry, Starr. We didnít know we were that loud.

Starr: You guys seemed so happy, like everything was fine. And then I heard you arguing.

Todd: Starr, no matter what you thought you saw or heard or remember, you need to stay in bed.

Starr: Ok. I'm sorry. I will.

Michael: Listen, we're going to be taking Starr for a lot of tests today, so if you guys wanted to take off for a little while, discuss whatever it was you were --

Todd: Yeah, ok, thatís a good idea. See you later.

Michael: Yeah.

Blair: Ok. You get to feeling better and get some rest, ok?

Starr: Where are you guys going? Home?

Todd: Yeah. Yeah, thatís where we're going to go. Letís go.

Blair: Why did you just lie to her?

Todd: I didnít lie to her.

Blair: You said that we were going home.

Todd: Thatís right, we are -- right now.

John: Thereís nothing concrete, but if it plays out the way I hope, it may be a big break.

Evangeline: Is this a case I know about?

John: Itís a cold case that may not be so cold anymore.

Evangeline: Your fatherís murder?

John: While I was trying to dig something up on my dadís killer, it may have helped to implicate the same guy in a more recent case.

Evangeline: My God. Did you find the link between Spencer and Margaret?

Rex: David, I got to talk to you.

David: I want to be left alone right now.

Rex: No. I need your help. Adrianaís in danger -- serious danger, and I got to find her.

David: What -- what do you mean?

Rex: Sheís disappeared.

Spencer: Natalie Buchanan, what a joy.

Natalie: Spencer, what a coincidence. I was just thinking of you.

Spencer: Flattered. Coffee, please. Did you have something to say?

Natalie: Yes, actually. Howís Blair?

Blair: Why'd you insist on bringing me here, Todd?

Todd: Because I need to understand this and I just canít figure it out.

Blair: What?

Todd: You and Spencer.

Blair: Come on. Canít you just let it all go?

Todd: No, I canít let it go. Help me to understand this, help me to figure this out. Letís go back a little bit. So, first, you and I were together, we're madly in love. We are absolutely committed to each other. We're about to get married and then Margaret enters our lives and thatís a nightmare and I get into a little trouble. But you stopped trusting me. Why do you stop trusting me? Because you listen to the first cat that comes along that wants to get you into bed. And because you're needy and desperate and because you think I'm a bad guy, because you think I'm a baby killer, you go to bed with him. But what gets me is now, even though you know the truth, even though you know now I was right and you were wrong and that everything I did was for my family, you're going to marry this guy?

Blair: Oh --

Todd: Why are you going to marry this guy?

Blair: Just -- would you just stop, all right?

Todd: No!

Blair: Todd --

Todd: I'm not stopping. You should stop. God, I think you're out of your mind! I donít understand what you're doing. No, you know, forget about me. Forget about me. Letís talk about our children for a second. Letís talk about Starr, particularly. Sheís devastated by your relationship with Spencer. Her life has been turned upside down by your betrayal. It almost killed her. It damn near paralyzed her, left her brain damaged. And yet, you still canít suck it up and kick this ass to the curb. Why? Why?

Blair: Because I love him. All right? I made a mistake with you and I admitted that, and in the middle of my mistake, I fell in love with Spencer. Itís no more complicated than that. And now that I love him, you just canít tell me that I canít.

Todd: And our daughter, even though sheís tortured by all this -- sheís going to hate him, you know.

Blair: Oh, she'll come around. She will.

Todd: No, no, no. Never.

Blair: Well, I canít live my life for my daughter.

Todd: Thatís what mothers do, Blair.

Blair: Donít you dare put this off on me, Todd.

Todd: Donít you think she has a right to hate him?

Blair: No, I donít. The only reason she hates him is because he is not you. Thatís what kids do -- they want their parents together, Todd. And I know she will be upset, very upset when she finds out --

Todd: Oh, but you donít care. You canít be bothered.

Blair: I do care about that!

Todd: You canít live your life for your own daughter.

Blair: What are you talking about that? [Phone rings] Itís an important phone call. I'm going to take it in the kitchen.

Todd: Give me that. See who this is.

Blair: Well, just --

Todd: "John Mc Bain." Oh. What could possibly be going on with you and John? Wow, last year I had a baby,

Todd: You canít take a clue from John Mc Bain while I'm standing --

Blair: Todd, we're broken up, ok? I have my own life, my own friends, my own business, and none of it concerns you.

Todd: Oh, is John Mc Bain a friend of yours now? Give me a break. Everyone knows John Mc Bainís running around Llanview trying to find his fatherís killer, and his number one suspect is your current boyfriend. Heís calling to talk about Spencer, isnít he?

Blair: I donít know what heís calling me about. I'm not a cop.

Todd: No, you're not a cop, thatís for sure. No, I donít imagine John would want your help. I think he'd sooner wear pink.

Blair: Thatís right. So are you through with all the questioning?

Todd: You asked him, didnít you?

Blair: What?

Todd: No, you didnít ask him -- you told him. You thought Spencer was a murderer and so you were going to pretend to be in love with him. You were going to get proof with or without Johnís help, werenít you?

Blair: Now, that is completely absurd.

Todd: Is it?

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Or is it completely like you? Think about it. You're sleeping with Spencer to get info to the cops. Kind of a -- kind of like an undercover slut thing. Is that it?

Blair: You want to know the truth, Todd?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Well, then I'll tell you the truth.

John: I -- I'm sorry I had to do that.

Evangeline: Thatís all right. Make your call?

John: Yeah, sheís not answering.

Evangeline: Natalie?

John: No, I wasnít calling Natalie.

Evangeline: Oh -- sorry. Old habits.

John: Hmm.

Evangeline: I should be going.

John: Hey. Before you go, um -- I'm happy to see that light in your eyes again, and I donít mean because you can see.

Evangeline: Hmm. I know what you mean.

John: You deserve to be happy. Cris is a good guy.

Evangeline: Yeah. I think so. Your fatherís case -- you really think you're close to solving it?

John: Yeah, I do.

Evangeline: You deserve to have closure. You've earned it.

John: Itís not done yet.

Evangeline: You'll get there, and I hope it gives you what you've been missing all these years.

John: Well, I've never really been too big on fancy words like "closure."

Evangeline: I'm not talking about closure. I hope it gives you peace. John? Donít stop till you nail this guy. There are a lot of people in this town who are going to be relieved when Spencer Truman is behind bars for the rest of his life.

Spencer: Thank you. Blair is fine. Sheís keeping vigil at her daughterís bedside. Otherwise, she'd be here with me. Thank you for asking.

Natalie: Yes, I heard about Starrís accident. Poor kid.

Spencer: Oh, she'll be fine. Sheís got nine lives, just like her father.

Natalie: Hmm. Thatís a rather odd thing to say, donít you think?

David: Doesnít sound like Adriana at all.

Rex: I know. She'd just ignore me, pretend I fell off the face of the earth.

David: No. If she didnít want to see you again, she'd tell you to your face, make you squirm.

Rex: You might be right.

David: Oh, I am. I know the Cramer M.O. better than any man on the planet. If she wanted to break your heart -- or any other part of your body -- she'd do it to your face.

Rex: Except for some reason, Adriana canít get to me. Look, somebodyís got her, David. I have looked everywhere I could think of, I've called everyone. No one has heard from her. So where the hell do I go from here?

Spencer: No, no, not at all. I was just commenting on how much Starr is like her father, thatís all.

Natalie: Meaning you donít like her.

Spencer: Now, listen, donít be putting words in my mouth, now, Missy. I mean, Starrís a great kid, you know? Sheís bright, loyal, ambitious. Jack, on the other hand -- heís much more like his mother. Heís sensitive and caring. As a matter of fact, it would be safe to say that if anything ever happened to Blair, her spirit would live on in her son, Jack.

Evangeline: I hope you get justice for your father -- soon.

John: I'll keep you posted.

Evangeline: This wasnít so awful, was it?

John: No, not at all.

Evangeline: As much as you can, be happy.

Mr. Sharp: If you gentlemen will wait here, I'll get the keys from the safe in my office.

Hugh: Thank you. [Phone rings] Hey.

John: Howís it going?

Hugh: We're here. Should be opening up the box in a few minutes.

John: Whateverís in there, have the men bag it, tag it, bring it back here. Thereís got to be something there we can use.

Natalie: You and Todd are bitter enemies. I mean, after all, you did try to have him killed.

Spencer: Allegedly.

Natalie: And then you compare Starr to Todd and you compare jack to his mom, Blair, who you claim to care so much about. I mean, you donít see a problem with that?

Spencer: The only thing I see wrong with anything is that this is really none of your business.

Natalie: Oh -- hmm. Thatís where you're wrong. It is my business. Toddís my uncle and those kids are my cousins. And I care how they're treated by you and everyone else, and you know what? I have the right to care.

Spencer: Blind loyalty? How admirable.

Natalie: Donít patronize me, Spencer, and donít think that you can treat my cousin Starr like a pain in the butt and that Blair wonít start to hate you for it, because I guarantee she will, and why, why she doesnít already hate you for being such an arrogant creep is beyond me frankly.

Spencer: It will never happen, and frankly, I will never let Blair turn on me.

Natalie: How does it feel, Dr. Truman, having your new fianceeís ex-husband call you a liar and a murderer in front of all your friends and colleagues?

Spencer: Well, coming from a killer and a rapist like Todd, not too bad. Heís a complete loser, you know.

[Spencer chuckles]

Natalie: Hmm. Actually, that would be you, because everyone I know, well, thinks of Todd as a decent man who was screwed over and almost killed for a crime he didnít commit and publicly announces that he believes that you were the one responsible for all of that. And I got to tell you, that -- that had a huge impact and not just on me and everyone else in Llanview who knew Toddís story, but also the police. They listened real hard to what he had to say.

David: So are the police in on this or are you just playing P.I. all by yourself?

Rex: I'm a licensed private investigator now.

David: You're a private investigator?

Rex: Yes.

David: With a license?

Rex: Yes.

David: Impressive.

Rex: I know.

David: Donít get cocky.

Rex: The thing is, is I'm working on this case, Bo knows everything -- everything except how to find Adriana.

David: What about Dorian? How much does she know?

Blair: The truth is whatever you and I had, however great it was --

Todd: "Great"?

Blair: However perfect it seemed to us and to our kids, itís over, and I take 100% of the blame for that, every bit of it.

Todd: And now you're the victim, are you?

Blair: No. You are, Todd. I made a terrible mistake and I -- I hurt you deeply. And for that, I will always be sorry. And we've gone through a crisis with our daughter and we've been able to set aside our difficulties and that has brought up a -- a lot of old feelings and -- but, you know, Todd? You know, we both know that with everything thatís happened, we canít go back to what we had. And that makes me very sad. Itís -- itís very difficult, for me. And I will always be very sorry and feel very guilty for not standing beside you, believing in you when you said that you didnít kill Margaret and your child. And I'll regret that choice for as long as I live, and I'm sorry that itís taken me this long just to say it this plainly and I --

Todd: Finished?

Blair: Mm-hmm. I've said about everything I need to say. I'm just going to go back to the hospital.

Todd: No, no, no, no, no, no. They're running tests on Starr. You canít be there when itís happening.

Blair: Well, I donít want to be alone with you here, either, ok?

Todd: No, thatís not ok, actually. Itís really suspect if you ask me.

Blair: What?

Todd: Why canít you be alone with me?

Blair: Because I donít want to be alone with you, Todd. I canít be here. Itís too hard, itís too confusing. I've got to keep it separate, all right? I have to do this or I risk losing everything!

Todd: "This" what? What are you up to? Why are you lying to me? Wow, last year I had a baby,

Hugh: John, I'm looking inside the box right now.

John: What do you got?

Hugh: Damn it. No gun.

John: Anything else jumping out at you?

Hugh: Oh, for the love of God. John, thereís no gun, but I think we just found the mother lode.

Spencer: Perhaps you're just frustrated because your chronically despondent boyfriend canít seem to be a whole person, or at least he thinks he canít until he finds out who shot his father some 25 years ago, and since he didnít have any luck -- [Phone rings] Pinning it on my little brother --

Natalie: Hello?

John: Hugh got the contents of the safety-deposit box.

Natalie: Oh, thatís good. Very good.

John: I've been trying to reach Blair, but sheís not answering her phone.

Spencer: I will never let Blair turn on me.

John: Natalie, you there?

Natalie: Uh -- yeah. Yeah, I'm here.

John: Hugh couldnít believe his eyes when he saw the picture of margaret and her baby. I think itís all coming together for him. I -- I should try Blair again. Itís strange that sheís letting all these calls go to her voicemail. We need to get her away from Truman before he catches on to her.

Natalie: Uh-huh. Ok, well, I think I got what you're saying and I may have something, so let me give you a call back later. Damn it, you freak.

David: Spit it out, Rex. What does Dorian know?

Rex: All right, hereís the deal -- Dorianís behind the whole thing.

David: Come again?

Rex: Dorian set up the stalker insanity to make it look like it was me -- to break me and Adriana up. And it worked. But now, what Dorian obviously didnít anticipate is some real sicko -- either this pseudo-stalker of Dorianís or somebody else -- has her.

David: No. Dorian would never put her daughter in danger that way.

Rex: No, of course not. She never meant to put her daughter in danger -- donít you see? She wanted to break us up. Things didnít work out. Now it all got out of hand, Dorianís stuck covering her ass, possibly sentencing her own daughter -- whew. I donít even want to think about it.

David: Ah, it -- I donít get it.

Rex: What, do you think I'm making this up? You think I'm -- being dramatic? Adrianaís gone. David, sheís got no phone, no wallet, no I.D., no money. And -- you know Dorian better than anyone else I know, so I just made an executive decision. You're going to help me prove that Dorian is behind this stalker fiasco so that we can find Adriana. You got to help me, David, ok? Adrianaís out there and the only person who can give us any clue as to where she might be is Dorian Lord.

Spencer: Have you finally lost your mind like the rest of the women in your family?

Natalie: You found out, didnít you?

Spencer: You know, I could recommend a few psychiatrists.

Natalie: What the hell did you do to Blair?

Todd: Wait a minute.

Blair: No, I got to go, Todd.

Todd: No, look at me.

Blair: Just let me go. Please let me go.

Todd: You canít look at me? No, look me in the eyes. And you canít. You canít look me in the eyes and tell me you love Spencer, can you? That you're deeply in love with him and you believe heís innocent -- you canít look at me and tell me that. You canít look at me and tell me you donít love me anymore, can you? Why donít you look at me and tell me that, Blair? Right here, right now -- tell me. Tell me.

Blair: I canít.

Todd: Then tell me the truth. Tell me whatís going on with you. What are you doing with Spencer? What are you doing with the cops? All right, then. You know what I should do? I should go to Spencer myself.

Blair: No, Todd, please, no, no. You canít do that -- no.

Todd: I donít care how it makes me look -- like a jealous ex -- I'm going to tell him what I think you're up to.

Blair: You canít do that!

Todd: I'm going to remind him that you betrayed me --

Blair: No.

Todd: And he'll likely --

Blair: No. You canít do that.

Todd: Tell me, or I'm going to go straight to Spencer, I swear to God. Tell me!

Blair: I have been sleeping with Spencer to help you, Todd.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: I need the name of the guy you hired to stalk Adriana.

Adriana: I want to talk to her. I want to talk to my mother!

John: If heís on to her, sheís dead.

Todd: You know how easy it would be for me to walk away from you right now?

Blair: Donít go.

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