OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06


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Evangeline: Oh! Oh. Good morning.

Cristian: Huh. Oh, yeah. Real good.

Evangeline: What was I thinking last night? Doubts.

Cristian: Well, doubts I can live with. But any regrets?

Evangeline: None. I didnít just spend the night with you, Cristian. I want more.

Cristian: So do I.

Evangeline: I'm talking long-term.

Cristian: Oh, "long-term" -- whatís that? Forever?

Evangeline: Would that work for you?

Cristian: Not just yet.

Starr: Dad?

Todd: Hi, sweetie. How you feeling?

Starr: Better. Whereís mom?

Todd: She had to go. She had to do something, I guess.

Starr: What, like Dr. Truman?

Todd: Now, why would you think that?

Spencer: Good morning.

Blair: Hmm. Good morning to you, too.

Spencer: Wait, wait. Where you going?

Blair: I should call Starr.

Spencer: Oh -- ok, if you want to. I'm sure sheís fine, though. Toddís with her, you know?

Blair: I should've stayed with her at the hospital last night.

Spencer: Blair, you know, she was sleeping. There was nothing you could do anyway. Besides, I think you deserve at least one night to celebrate your -- our engagement properly, donít you think?

Blair: I still canít believe you proposed to me in front of everyone last night.

Spencer: I didnít embarrass you, did I?

Blair: No, you just -- you just kind of took me by surprise. Of course I could've done without Toddís reaction.

Spencer: Well, it just shows everybody what a true idiot that he really is, not that he needed my help.

Blair: Well, it certainly is beautiful.

Spencer: Glad you like it. I know it was a big step for you, Blair -- getting married? And to be honest, itís a big step for me, too.

John: Letís go over this one more time.

David: Oh, letís not and call it a night -- or day, whatever it is. Paige got to go home, why canít I?

John: She told me everything -- how she helped your brother deliver Margaretís baby and then she went back with you to clean up all the evidence.

David: There was no evidence. Margaret wasnít dead.

John: There might have been something there that linked her to Truman.

David: Well, so what if -- what if there was? You've got that photograph on Natalieís cell phone.

John: I canít use it till I get a search warrant.

David: Oh, I see where this is heading.

John: Itís a good bet you're not leaving here until you give me something I can show a judge.

David: Donít you think I want to help? Look, there isnít -- there isnít any more evidence. And asking for it ad nauseam isnít going to change that.

Rex: Hey, Antonio. My sister here?

Antonio: Uh, sheís around here somewhere.

Rex: Thanks. You got a second?

Antonio: I donít. Look, I just finished qualifying at the firing range. I got to find Bo and fill out some final paperwork.

Rex: Yeah, I heard you're being reinstated.

Antonio: See you.

Rex: But I -- no -- see --

Antonio: Hey, your brotherís looking for you.

Natalie: Which one? What are you doing here so early?

Rex: I just came from seeing Bo about Adriana.

Natalie: You still havenít heard from her?

Rex: Something badís happened to her. I can feel it.

Bruce: Rise and shine. Breakfast time. Didnít know what you liked, so I got a little bit of everything.

Adriana: I'm not eating anything you give me, not after you spiked my water, you scum.

Bruce: I wonít take that personally. But you have got to keep your strength up.

Adriana: Why?

Bruce: I'll explain a little later, but for now, I've got things to do.

Adriana: What things? Why are you looking at me like that?

Bruce: Cha-cha. Even hatred looks good on you. Hmm.

Dorian: What do you want?

Bruce: Letís talk ransom.

Dorian: I'm not giving you one dime until I've spoken to my daughter.

David: John, please understand -- I want to help you. Nailing Spencer would make my life, or the remnants of it he hasnít destroyed.

John: Got him! You know what thatís like? We got him and we canít get to the evidence.

David: Unless you want me to make something up, you're going to have to look somewhere else for your probable cause.

John: Yeah, maybe thatís what I want!

Hugh: Natalie asked me to bring these in.

John: Thanks.

Hugh: Here.

John: Thanks.

Hugh: And this one is mine.

John: This guy, man.

Hugh: I guess he needs it more than I do. Here you go, David.

David: Oh, I get it. Am I supposed to be deciding whoís the good cop, whoís the bad cop?

John: You know, I would shut it if you want to see daylight anytime soon.

Hugh: I heard something about "probable cause." For what?

John: Search warrant for Truman.

Hugh: You know what you're looking for? Why do you want a warrant now, John, all of a sudden? You must know something?

John: Trumanís got a safety-deposit box in his fatherís name. Thereís got to be a reason why he didnít use his own.

Hugh: Did you write it up and send it to the judge?

John: I did. He didnít buy it. But Vickers here is going to give me something to change his mind. Arenít you?

Rex: And now, thanks to Dorian, nobody knows where Adriana is.

Natalie: I just still canít believe that Dorian put her own daughter at risk just to break you guys up.

Rex: Nobody believes it, but I'm not wrong here. Dorian knows who did this. I just -- I canít figure out a way to prove it. But I have to. I will before itís too late.

Dorian: Did you hear me? Put my daughter on the phone.

Bruce: No.

Dorian: Then I'm not giving you any money until I have proof that she hasnít been harmed.

Bruce: I'm not asking you to pony up sight unseen. You'll get your proof, but on my terms.

Dorian: What terms?

Bruce: 10 million, cash, transferred to a numbered account in the Caymans.

Dorian: $10 million?

Bruce: Whatís the matter -- donít think your daughterís worth it?

Dorian: I just -- I just donít think I could raise that kind of money fast enough.

Bruce: Well, figure out a way or you'll never see our little butterfly again. And donít even think about calling the cops. Thatís whatís known in business as a deal breaker.

Dorian: Please. I just want to know that Adriana is all right.

Bruce: Well, once you get the cash together, you can ask her yourself.

Dorian: Hello? Hello!

Adriana: What are you going to do to me?

Bruce: Thatís not up to me.

Adriana: Whose decision is it?

Bruce: Figure it out.

Adriana: I canít. Please, just tell me what this is about.

Bruce: Money -- cold, hard cash.

Evangeline: I'm sorry. I misunderstood.

Cristian: Misunderstood what?

Evangeline: Last night. I thought it meant that --

Cristian: It did. It does. I love you. And you know what? I think about the future, too. I think about it all the time. But I just donít think I can have that until I win this title fight coming up.

Evangeline: What does one thing have to do with the other?

Cristian: I want to be more than just an ex-con.

Evangeline: Cristian --

Cristian: I want to forget about what I did and -- and I want to start something new with you.

Evangeline: But you're doing that.

Cristian: No, no. Right now, I'm just a bum at the gym.

Evangeline: No. You're an incredible artist.

Cristian: Who canít sell a thing. Evangeline, I win this fight, I get other fights, endorsements, maybe even make enough money to buy my own gym one day, and I want that. I want -- I want something thatís mine, that I earned. I want respect.

Evangeline: Cristian --

Cristian: If you're going to say I already have that, donít, because I donít. I havenít earned it yet. But I will, because I'm going to win that fight, and I'm going to go from Cristian Vega ex-con to Cristian Vega contender.

Todd: So, why do you think your momís with Truman?

Starr: Well, because heís the doctor and sheís really worried about me.

Todd: Mm-hmm. Even though you know she knows I canít stand him?

Starr: Well, heís good doctor, donít you think?

Todd: Do you think?

Starr: He saved Jackís life.

Todd: Yeah, you keep mentioning that. And when was that exactly?

Starr: A little while ago.

Todd: Yeah, like a month ago or a week ago? What?

Starr: I donít remember exactly.

Todd: So, how far back can you remember, then?

Starr: Well, I donít know. A lot of stuff comes to me, but itís all out of order.

Todd: That works.

Starr: What do you mean?

Todd: Just you know, you forget what you want, you remember what you want, but itís a little out of order.

Starr: Dad, what are you talking about?

Todd: Ah, short man, this whole amnesia stuff -- itís a scam, isnít it? I know itís a scam --

Starr: No.

Todd: To get me and your mom back together.

Starr: No, I --

Todd: You canít pull the wool over this manís eyes. You know you canít. Hey -- I appreciate it, I really do. I appreciate your effort and I donít mean to embarrass you, but I'm afraid itís all been a waste, honey.

Spencer: I knew it wasnít easy for you, accepting my proposal with everyone against us like that, especially Todd. He hates us, therefore Starr thinks that she does, all of your friends and family blame me for everything bad thatís happened in Llanview including Asa Buchananís heart attack and the tornado that hit town. Itís ridiculous.

Blair: Come on, Spencer. There are people that think that you're amazing -- everyone at the hospital.

Spencer: Yeah, well, I have you to thank for that, because you stood by me when everyone else was trying to tear me down. You were there for me, and no one has ever done that for me before, Blair. No one. We've both been married before. When I married Paige, I -- I mean, I really loved her, at least I thought I did. And since then, there have been other relationships, but none of them lasted because there was always something missing. And then you walked in to the country club and right into my life. You stopped my heart, Blair, and you sent it racing all at the same time, and I promised myself that I would do whatever it took to have you in my life, and I did.

Blair: So, what did you do to make me fall in love with you, Spencer? I mean, I know I've asked you this before, but since we're about to be married, why donít you tell me the truth? No lies, no secrets.

Spencer: Ok. You're right. Itís time for me to be honest with you, as honest as you've been with me.

Cristian: Un desayuno pequeno.

Evangeline: Uh-huh. So you expect me to share equal billing with boxing?

Cristian: Not even close. But, you know, boxing is a big deal to me.

Evangeline: Yeah. I'm getting that idea.

Cristian: Hmm. I'm telling you, thereís nothing like it -- the adrenaline, the rush, you know, seeing the other guy go down for the count while you're still on your feet standing? You survived. Itís about survival.

Evangeline: Yeah, thatís who you are -- you're a survivor.

Cristian: I wasnít always. You know, after Hesser and then going to jail and Natalie, I think I was ready to throw in the towel.

Evangeline: Well, look at you. You're still standing.

Cristian: Hmm. Thatís why I kept at it, and the more I did it, the better I got till I started to think, "hey, you know what? Maybe I can go pro, get a shot at being a champ one day. All I had to do was push myself." And, you know, itís not just about beating the other guy. But I think itís more about keeping him from beating me, not getting beaten ever again. Know what I mean?

Evangeline: Yeah. Yeah, itís the same for me in the courtroom -- fighting for my clients, believing in them, like you and Todd, knowing that both of you were innocent and doing everything I can to prove it.

Cristian: As tough as it was --

Evangeline: It made me fight even harder.

Cristian: Thatís it, exactly.

Evangeline: You see? We're not so different.

Cristian: I could've told you that.

John: You sure you're not forgetting anything? Maybe something Margaret said to you in Thailand they might be able to use against your brother?

David: I have gone over every conversation I ever had with her over and over. I've come up with nothing. I even thought maybe she was running cover for Spencer, but she was clueless. She didnít even know she had a kid, for crying out loud. You ran into the same brick wall and you're the great interrogator.

John: Ok. We're done.

David: Thatís it? I can leave, just like that?

John: Unless you want to stick around.

David: No, no. I've overstayed my welcome. Looks like you get to finish my coffee. John? Donít let Spencer get away with this.

John: I flew halfway around the world to find you when I thought you shot my father. You think I'm going to give up that easy when I know the guy who did?

Natalie: Is John finished with you?

David: For now. But we're nowhere near finished with my brother.

Spencer: Hmm?

Blair: Are you going to tell me?

Spencer: What?

Blair: What did you do to make me fall in love with you?

Spencer: Well, you tell me. I mean, it worked, right, whatever it was.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Oh, I just canít believe it, with everyone against us and especially Todd accusing me of setting him up.

Blair: Well, heís not the only one.

Spencer: I thought you didnít care what people think.

Blair: Oh, I donít. Of course, I know better than anyone what kind of man you really are.† Hmm.

Spencer: What? Just -- just let voicemail get it.

Blair: Could be Starr.

Spencer: Come on.

Blair: Hello?

John: Itís Mc Bain. I got something to tell you.

Blair: You know, I donít handle the day-to-day "Craze," so if you need that information, you should probably just call the photo editor.

John: Spencer with you?

Blair: Thatís right. So, I'm sorry I canít help you. You know, I really should change my damn cell phone number because they keep calling me at "Craze" and bugging me.

Spencer: Listen, I'm going to take a shower and I'm going to order breakfast. You'll join me?

Blair: Yeah, I'd love to.

Spencer: Come on.

Hugh: What were you going to tell Blair?

John: I was going to ask her about Trumanís safety-deposit box.

Hugh: Do you think thatís where he stashed the murder weapon?

John: I doubt it.

Hugh: Why?

John: Hunch.

Hugh: John, I canít get you a warrant based on a hunch.†

Rex: We need to talk -- now, about your sister.

Adriana: This is all about money?

Bruce: I'm a little overextended at the moment, and the billís coming due from all directions.

Adriana: I donít understand. I an, this sounds really horrible, but werenít you obsessed with me? I mean, what was with all that butterfly stuff?

Bruce: I had to make it look like a stalker was after you.

Adriana: Why?

Bruce: Because thatís what I was getting paid for. But as you can see, itís not enough. Things went south all of a sudden. Now I need a major cash infusion so I can get out of this country fast.

Adriana: I donít understand. Getting paid? You said Rex had nothing to do with this.

Bruce: He didnít. Rex doesnít have the kind of cash I need.

Adriana: So you've been working for somebody? You havenít really been stalking me?

Bruce: What, you really think I'm some kind of wacko?

Adriana: Hello?

Bruce: All right. I did do a pretty good job of making it look like some lunatic was after you. Even my boss was impress, and sheís a tough one to please.

Adriana: "She"? You're working for a woman?

Bruce: You really have no idea, do you?

Adriana: Who would hire you to stalk me and why would they even want to?

Bruce: I donít know -- you could try asking your mother.

Starr: Dad, I donít know what you're talking about. Why would I fake something as awful as amnesia?

Todd: Just to get what you want, which is your mom and me back together.

Starr: Dad, you're giving me way too much credit.

Todd: All right, you can knock it off now. The jig is up, kid. You did have me going there for a second, but then you screwed up with the --

Starr: All right, so I told a little white lie.

Todd: I'd say itís pretty big and pretty dark.

Starr: Yeah, but it was worth it if I could get you and mom back together.

Todd: Thatís never going to happen, sweetie.

Starr: Why donít you just come clean? That kiss might have started out as an act, but once you got into it, you know you wanted more.

Todd: Doesnít matter what I wanted. She didnít want it. And sheís still sleeping with Spencer and thatís unforgivable.

Starr: Dad, look, I'm mad at her, too, but I'm starting to understand why she did the stuff she did.

Todd: Whose side are you on?

Starr: Yours, dad. You know that, but you have to admit you've screwed up in the past.

Todd: Yes. Ok, I have. But I never said I was perfect, did I? And you know, throughout that whole Margaret thing, I never stopped believing in your mother. I knew that she couldnít find me because she didnít know where to look. And I never stopped loving her.

Starr: You still do.

Todd: It doesnít matter how I feel.

Starr: Because momís going to marry dr. Truman?

Todd: How'd you find out about that?

Starr: Itís all over the hospital.

Todd: Like a staph infection.

Starr: I canít believe sheís going to do it.

Todd: Well, why not? Sheís been with him this whole time.

Starr: Yeah, but she doesnít love him, not like she loved you.

Todd: She didnít turn him down, did she?

Starr: What was she going to do, say no to him in front of all those people? Look, she might be with the guy, but she doesnít want to marry him. She canít. I donít care how long I have to keep this act up, but -- who are you calling? Are you going to tell her?

Cristian: You know, I really should go to the gym.

Evangeline: Hmm. Donít let me stop you.

Cristian: Oh, I wonít. This isnít good for my legs, you know.

Evangeline: What? Are you watching "rocky" or something?

Cristian: No, I'm serious. Boxers or fighters are supposed to abstain for at least 48 hours before a fight.

Evangeline: It isnít 48 hours yet, is it?

Cristian: Hmm, I donít think so. I donít think itís even close.

Evangeline: Good. Then we better work fast.

Cristian: Oh.

John: You're not even going to help me try to get a warrant?

Hugh: You already tried and you got turned down for lack of evidence. You got something new to convince the judge?

John: No. No, you know I didnít get anything out of Vickers or Paige, either.

Hugh: I'm sorry, John, but you're going to have to find something, something, just one shred of tangible evidence. You give me that, and I guarantee you'll get your warrant.

John: I -- [Knock on door] What?

Nora: Hello.

John: Hey, Nora.

Natalie: Nora, hi.

John: How are you?

Nora: Hi, Natalie. How are you? Hugh, you're who I'm looking for.

Hugh: You -- you look amazing. I canít believe you're getting around so well.

Nora: Yeah?

Hugh: Can I -- can I get you something?

Nora: Oh, please, something besides a cooking show. I'm so sick of looking at them and I donít do cooking. I just donít.

John: No, you donít. When are you ready to come back to work?

Nora: As soon as the doctor signs my permission slip, you know, so -- got any crumbs in the meantime? Hmm?

Hugh: Yeah. How well do you know Judge Hodges?

Nora: Ha! Hodgie? We went to law school together. I used to type his papers for him. He still owes me for a few of those.

John: How would you feel about calling in that marker?

Nora: I donít know. Whatís going on?

Hugh: Letís talk.

Natalie: You're frustrated.

John: Forensic training teach you that?

Natalie: I donít blame you, being this close.

John: Itís only a matter of time before we nail Truman. But I am getting seriously impatient.

Evangeline: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36 -- you're such a showoff.

Cristian: Thatís not showing off. Thatís showing off.

Evangeline: Ooh! That is showing off. I'm glad you're having so much fun.

Cristian: Itís not supposed to be fun.

Evangeline: What, is it some kind of rule -- if itís fun, it canít be good for you?

Cristian: Nah.

Evangeline: It canít be

Cristian: I donít think that would --

Evangeline: Not after last night.

Cristian: Uh-uh.

Evangeline: We'd be dead. Ok, serious. Serious boxer, serious training. Letís go.

Cristian: All right, you want serious? I'll show you serious. Thatís the big bag.

Evangeline: Really?

Cristian: Big bag is serious.

Evangeline: Really?

Cristian: Very serious. Come on. I want you to hold it for me.

Evangeline: I'll hold your bag for you.

Cristian: You ready?

Evangeline: Yeah. Letís see what you got.

Cristian: You sure?

Evangeline: Come on.

Cristian: You're positive?

Evangeline: I can take it. Letís see what you got.

Cristian: Hold on. Pretty strong.

Evangeline: I know.

Cristian: All right. Here it goes.

Evangeline: Oh, God! Come on.

Cristian: Can you take it?

Evangeline: Yeah, I can take it.

Cristian: Hmm. Ooh. Pretty good there, huh?

Evangeline: I am good. Howís your hand?

Cristian: Good. I think itís healed.

Evangeline: Thank God, because you're going to need it for the big fight.

Boxer: Hey. Looking good, Vega. I might have to put some bucks on you for the championship.

Cristian: A sure thing.

Boxer: Yeah.

Cristian: I've got everything to win for.

†Blair: Hello?

Todd: Yeah, itís me. Starrís awake and she was asking for you. She wondered where you were since you were here when she fell asleep last night.

Blair: You didnít tell her about Spencer d me, did you?

Todd: No, donít worry. I lied.

Blair: Thank you. I'll be right there. Hey, Starrís awake and sheís asking for me, so I'm just going to jump in the shower by myself --

Spencer: All right.

Blair: And then I'll head to the hospital.

Spencer: Itís ok, I understand.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: No worries. Hey. We have a lifetime, right?

Blair: Hmm.

Todd: I wonder how long before your mom tells you whatís going on.

Starr: She wonít as long as I keep my act up.

Todd: She almost did before I walked in last night.

Starr: Are you going to blow my secret?

Todd: No. Letís see how she and Truman handle it, just for fun.

Antonio: All right. What about Adriana?

Rex: Have you heard from her?

Antonio: No. Why?

Rex: I just thought maybe because you're her brother, you know, you're back on the force, that --

Antonio: Whatís going on?

Rex: We were at this beach house together and she ran off because she thought that I hired someone to pretend to stalk her.

Antonio: Now, why would she think that?

Rex: Well, because somebody did, but it wasnít me. They set it up to look like that. They put emails on my computer so Adriana would find them, but I didnít do it. And now Adrianaís gone and nobody has heard anything from her.

Antonio: All right. What about Dorian?

Rex: No -- so she says, but I think she knows more than sheís letting on.

Antonio: Well, maybe sheís covering for Adriana because Adriana doesnít want to talk to anyone.

Rex: Maybe, or maybe Adriana canít talk to anyone.

Antonio: Ok, look, Rex, if you think sheís really in trouble, then you need to tell Bo.

Rex: Done. Heís got people looking for her. I just thought that maybe, you know, because you're her brother and you're reinstated here --

Antonio: Look, I'm on it, ok? Anything you need.

Rex: Thanks, Antonio.

Antonio: All right, and keep asking around anybody else she might have contacted like my mom or Cristian, all right? Itís possible she might have contacted someone and told them not to tell you.

Rex: Letís hope. If she doesnít want to be with me, I can handle that, as long as sheís all right.

Adriana: My mother? You're telling me my mother hired you to stalk me?

Bruce: You know how much she hated the idea of you hooking up with Balsom, right?

Adriana: Maybe at first, but then she finally accepted it.

Bruce: Oh, thatís what she wanted you to think, but she hired me to make you think you had a stalker, then set Rex up to make it look like he was behind it -- oh, so he could be your big hero.

Adriana: Thatís -- you're making that up.

Bruce: Who do you think planted those emails on his laptop?

Adriana: You did, because you're the stalker. Rex had nothing to do with this and neither did my mother. She wouldnít hurt me.

Bruce: Oh, come on. Are you that hurt? Roughed up a little maybe, but not that bad.

Adriana: Well, she wouldnít have me kidnapped and held prisoner like this.

Bruce: Actually, you're right about that. But like life, Adriana, the plan changed midstream. Dorian had no clue I was going to do this or how much it was going to cost her.

Adriana: You're asking her for ransom?

Bruce: Bingo. Only 10 million. Letís just hope your mama thinks you're worth it.

Nora: You want me to call in a favor with a judge to get a warrant with no compelling evidence? Hugh, the safe-deposit box is registered under the suspectís fatherís name.

Hugh: No, just -- forget I even asked. I just -- I knew it was a tough sell and I figured that if anybody could do it --

Nora: Oh, God. Oh, stop.

Hugh: You could do it.

Nora: But itís not impossible.

Hugh: You mean you'll give it a try?

Nora: Oh. Not because of that cheesy challenge. I mean, that was really cheesy.

Hugh: I know, I know. I'm sorry, but we're desperate here.

Nora: You really think this search is going to net something?

Hugh: John seems to think so.

Nora: Let me make a call.

John: You know, this could -- this could nail Truman for framing Manning, you know. I donít know, but I think we got the son of a bitch.

Natalie: Blair and Todd can finally get their lives back.

John: Whatever. I wouldnít hold my breath on that one.

Natalie: Yeah, well, Blair still loves Todd or she wouldnít be taking all these risks.

John: I donít like that, either.

Natalie: You think Blair does? But when you love someone, thereís nothing you wonít do for them.

Rex: Come on, Dorian. Just tell me Adrianaís been in touch, that sheís all right.

Dorian: Hmm, "Rex Balsom." What does he want?

Adriana: You're sick.

Bruce: Hey, I'm not the one who set this up. Now, thatís twisted.

Adriana: I know my mother didnít do this, ok? And I should've known that Rex didnít, either, but he knows I'm missing and heís not going to stop till he finds me.

Bruce: Ah, you dumped him, remember? Coldcocked him with a lamp?

Adriana: Heís a private eye. He'll figure out what happened.

Bruce: See? I thought of that, so as a just-in-case, I picked up one of these cheap disposables. You're going to send that lover boy a text message. "Rex, I hate you --"

Rex: "Rex, I hate you. Leave me alone. I never want to see you again. Adriana.

Blair: Good morning, beautiful. How are you feeling today?

Starr: Better. I donít remember anything more than I did last night.

Blair: Well, thatís going to come as soon as your body starts to heal.

Starr: And I figure that once we go home and I'm with dad and you and Jack, I'll -- it'll help a lot.

Blair: Well, I donít know if we're going to be going home anytime soon, because you're still not remembering things and we're going to have to wait to see what the doctors say. You know, all the tests are coming back negative.

Starr: Maybe itís better if I donít remember some stuff. You know, itís kind of cool, like I'm getting a fresh new start.

Todd: Ahem. Blair?

Starr: Dad, what are you going to tell her that you canít say in front of me?

Todd: Parent stuff, nothing for you to worry about. Ok?

Starr: Ok.

Blair: Todd? What is it? I mean, do you have something new, something from the tests or something?

Todd: No, no, no, sheís fine, sheís fine. I just want to know, did you change your mind about marrying Spencer?

Blair: No.

Todd: Huh.

Blair: You know, why donít you just -- will you just not start it up again, please?

Todd: Whereís your rock?

Blair: I took it off. We're supposed to pretend that we're together, right?

Todd: And thatís all?

Blair: Yeah. What else?

Todd: You tell me. You know, I donít buy this whole thing with you and Truman. I just donít. And I know you, remember? I just donít buy this jumping into a marriage just like that. I buy you jumping into his bed like that for sure, but not into a commitment. So why donít you tell me what the real reason is you're marrying this scum?

David: Good morning, good morning.

Spencer: Whoa. What are you doing?

David: Well, as you can see, I commandeered your breakfast. I signed for it, and I gave the waiter an outrageously large tip -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 15%.

Spencer: Oh. Donít do me any favors here. Why donít you just go ahead and help yourself, Dave?

David: As if you donít owe me.

Spencer: What are you doing here?

David: What do you think I'm doing here?

Spencer: You didnít have anybody to play with? I donít know.

David: No, Spencer, I donít. I donít have anyone to share anything with, since you blackmailed me into leaving Dorian at the altar.

Spencer: Oh, here it comes. Thatís what this is about, what you told me last night about me never marrying Blair? I get it, I see.

David: And I thought you never listened to me.

Spencer: Thatís very childish of you, Dave. You know that?

David: Waiting with bated breath to see my evil brotherís demise? Whatís childish about that? Itís all falling apart, you know. John Mc Bain is going to come at you from angles you canít even imagine. So at the risk of sounding annoying, tick-tock, Doc.

John: If we donít get Truman this way, we find another angle, whatever it takes to put that bastard away.

Hugh: Nora worked her magic. She called in a couple of favors with Judge Hodges.

Natalie: Hugh, that is great.

Hugh: I just hope you find what you're looking for.

John: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Hugh: Donít thank me -- itís Nora. Man, itís great to have her back.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Rex sent me a text. Ahem. Look, I know itís not the gun or proof that Spencer shot your father, but the warrantís something.

John: Finding proof he set up manning is a start. Anything to get this guy off the streets.

Natalie: Is that enough?

John: How much more do we need?

Natalie: I'm not talking about the case, John. I'm talking about you. You know, you want to put Spencer away for shooting your father. But if you canít and you can bust him on one of his other numerous crimes that heís committed, will it be over? Will you still be after Spencerís blood?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You're going to help me prove that Dorian is behind this stalker fiasco so that we can find Adriana.

John: Cris makes you happy.

Evangeline: He does.

Spencer: I will never let Blair turn on me.

Blair: You want to know the truth, Todd?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Then I'll tell you.

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