OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/22/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/22/06


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Viki: Kevin? Whatís wrong?

Kevin: I think I made a big mistake.

Kelly: Oh. Can you help me?

Nurse: Whatís wrong, Miss?

Kelly: I -- I'm pregnant and I think I'm having a miscarriage.

Evangeline: Wow. Someoneís pretty sure heís getting lucky tonight.

Cristian: Oh, I'm already lucky.

Evangeline: I donít think I can do this.

Starr: I thought you left.

Langston: I pretended to. Technically, visiting hours are over, so I hung out in the bathroom until the coast was clear. There -- fashion magazines and chocolate. Mind if I hang a little while longer?

Starr: Uh -- no, itís cool. I'm glad you're here. I'm not in the mood to read. I need to know whatís going on with my parents.

Langston: Are you sure you really want to know, because itís kind of major.

Starr: What are you talking about?

Langston: Something big went down at the hospital gala tonight, with your parents and Dr. Truman.

David: How about that public proposal, huh? Pretty tacky. It must've stung a little. I'm sure thatís why my brother did it. He always goes for the utmost humiliation, but you did good -- called him out in front of everybody, toasted his happiness. Too bad he didnít choke on it, huh?

Todd: He will.

David: Well, I sure hope so. But you scored big. Heís not going to sleep easy tonight.

Todd: It stinks. Really stinks.

Spencer: You want to go upstairs, get out of here, get away from my ex, your ex, my little brother? They're staring at us.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Giving me the creeps. Come on.

Blair: Donít you think you need to stay here and schmooze the --

Spencer: Listen --

Blair: Board members, Spencer?

Spencer: We got engaged tonight.

Blair: But wait a minute --

Spencer: We're entitled.

Natalie: Ok. I got the key to Martinez. I just hope he gets it to Blair before Spencer picks it up and itís missing.

John: She hasnít called. I'm not sure thatís necessarily a good thing. There is a lot of crap in here.

Natalie: Just hurry before he gets back. Is the gun in there, John?

Mr. Sharp: What do you think you're doing?

Starr: Langston, what are you talking about? Whatís going on with my parents?

Langston: You're not going to like it.

Starr: My parents are at a party at the palace. How do you know anything?

Langston: Itís the hospital gala. We're in a hospital, Einstein, and the whole place is buzzing about it. Some of the nurses were talking about it in the bathroom while I was still in the stall.

Starr: Ok, Langston, stop stalling.

Langston: Dr. Truman --

Starr: "Dr. Truman" what?

Langston: He stood up in front of a whole room full of people, including your father, and --

Starr: And?

Langston: And he asked your mother to marry him.

Starr: What?

Langston: You heard me. He gave her a huge rock.

Starr: She said yes?

Langston: I'm sorry.

Starr: Oh -- just please shut up.

Langston: Hey, I didnít want you to find out from some stupid nurse. They all love Dr. Frankenstein for some reason.

Starr: She said yes? My momís going to marry Dr. Truman? Ugh!

David: Well, thatís disgusting.

Todd: Itís a purpose kiss.

David: Purpose being?

Todd: Like a -- like a purpose pitch. You watch baseball?

David: Are you delirious?

Todd: Spencer proposed in front of an audience for a reason, and that kiss right there is by design. For show.

David: I wonder what the purpose or design is.

Todd: I donít know yet.

David: See ya.

Renee: Those things that you said earlier about delivering Toddís baby and Spencer taking him -- was that true?

Paige: Yes, it was. Unfortunately, we might not be able to prove it.

Spencer: Hey, come on. What are you doing?

Blair: You have my lipstick all over your face.

Spencer: So what? Just leave it alone. I'll take it off upstairs.

Blair: No, you should go to the bathroom and clean up. You donít want to run into your board members in the lobby.

Spencer: I'll survive, Blair. Itís fine. Forget about it.

Blair: Come on, Spencer. You go. I'll be right here.

Spencer: Are you sure?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: If you insist.

Blair: Yes, I do. I do.

Man: Ms. Cramer? Boss wanted you to have this.

Blair: Itís about time. I was beginning to worry.

Man: I'm sorry. Truman was on you like glue. I didnít want to risk it. Good luck, be careful.

Blair: Spencer, the only thing that you're going to be celebrating tonight is the end of this charade, because itís over.

Todd: Ahem -- so what'd you think of my toast, Blair?

Natalie: Ok, we're ok. He must've been talking to somebody else. Go ahead and do something in case he comes in here.

Mr. Sharp: I apologize for the commotion. The maintenance man didnít realize anyone was in here. I didnít want to interrupt you.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you know, I just donít like anyone knowing about my personal business. I made him sign a confidentiality agreement before I hired him.

John: Yeah. Uh -- would you mind giving us just a few more minutes? We're almost done here.

Mr. Sharp: Oh, take your time, Ms. Buchanan.

Natalie: Thank you. Whew.

John: Did you ever hear the expression "less is more"?

Natalie: Anyone ever told you that itís in the details? The guyís not a moron, John.

John: "In the details," huh?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: What I'm talking about --

Natalie: Anyway, stop bitching at me. It worked. The guyís gone. Anything in there?

John: I donít know. Thereís obviously no gun. Thereís all sorts of stuff -- thereís a last will and testament, thereís a residential mortgage for a place he owned with Paige. Thereís a lot of certificates, life insurance. Huh.

Natalie: What is it, John? Oh, my God.

Kevin: I tried to persuade Kelly to stay in Llanview for the baby, but she didnít want to hear it.

Viki: So -- what, sheís gone?

Kevin: Yeah. She didnít say where she was going.

Viki: So now sheís alone and pregnant and in a strange place? Honey, this is a very difficult time for her.

Kevin: I know, I know. Itís the same thing that happened when Kevin jr. Was born. I mean, she -- she ran off and she tried to give birth alone and -- you know, because I forced her to go and I was wrong and she shouldnít have to do it again.

Viki: Did you tell her that? Honey, did you forgive her?

Kevin: No. No.

Viki: Darling, I know how much she wants this baby. And I expect sheís just doing what she thinks is best.

Kevin: I asked her to stay.

Viki: Did she consider it?

Kevin: No! And donít ask me to forgive her, ok? I canít, not yet and I canít pretend, because she would see through it.

Viki: I -- I think she probably just needs some time to work through her feelings. I mean, everything has changed for her, you know? Thatís hard to deal with. But her life is here in this town. I'm sure she'll come back.

Kevin: I donít know, mom. I'm telling you, this time itís different. It seems like she might be gone for good.

Viki: Why did you say you'd made a mistake?

Kevin: When she told me about the baby, I just couldnít get the image of her and Duke out of my head, you know? I couldnít stop thinking that this baby was going to be a constant reminder of the worst day of my life.

Viki: But through no fault of his own, ok? Itís an innocent child. Donít forget that.

Kevin: I know. I know I messed up, you know? If it would've made Kelly stay here and raise the baby with us -- I donít know, maybe I should've offered to marry her.

Nurse: Name?

Kelly: Kelly Cramer, C-R-A-M-E-R.

Nurse: Husbandís name?

Kelly: I'm not married.

Nurse: Do you want to list the father name?

Kelly: Heís, um, not alive.

Nurse: I'm sorry.

Kelly: Could I please see the doctor soon? I've been spotting and I'm really scared.

Nurse: Oh, you're well out of your first trimester. Itís probably nothing to be concerned about.

Kelly: I had a baby and he was stillborn at eight months. I've also just recently had uterine surgery for thrombophilia. Do you know what that means?

Nurse: Of course.

Kelly: Then you know that this could be bad. The doctor gave me a clean bill of health, but -- please, I just really want to see the doctor. I canít lose this baby.

Nurse: We're going to do everything we can to make sure that doesnít happen, Kelly.

Kelly: You're not listening to me -- this is a high-risk pregnancy. I need to see the doctor before I lose my baby.

Evangeline: Itís not that I donít want to be with you. Itís not about sex.

Cristian: You donít know if you're ready for this -- I get it.

Evangeline: Itís not about you.

Cristian: Itís not about sex, itís not about me. You know, you donít have to spare my feelings, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Thatís not what I'm doing, Cristian.

Cristian: Ok.

Evangeline: Can I just talk uninterrupted, for a minute?

Cristian: Sure. Go.

Evangeline: Ok. A lot of overwhelming things have happened to me. I still have a lot to process. I mean, ever since I was defending Todd and I lost and he was executed but he survived, and then he was exonerated, but not because of anything that I did --

Cristian: I know all this. Thereís no need for you to --

Evangeline: You said you would hear me out.

Cristian: I know, but look, this -- whatís going on here has nothing to do with work. Look, you've been through a hell of an ordeal. Losing your sight -- thatís a huge trauma. But you came out the other side. Thereís a happy ending. Come on, doesnít that count for something?

Evangeline: I was in love with John.

Cristian: You donít want to make love with me because of Mc Bain?

Evangeline: No. Can you -- can you let me finish? Please? Cristian, I'm not in love with him anymore. But the end of that relationship was painful. And I havenít been with anybody since, not even casually.

Cristian: Well, I havenít been with anyone, either. And this -- this isnít a casual thing for me.

Evangeline: Itís not a casual thing for me, either. I think thatís whatís so scary.

Cristian: Ok. Well, the last thing I want is for you to do something you're not sure about.

Evangeline: Sorry.

Cristian: No, come on, I shouldnít have pushed it. This is a bit much. I should've just let things happen the way they're supposed to, right -- naturally? Come on, I'll take you home.

Blair: I know you're angry, Todd. I hope that u will understand someday why I'm doing all this. I really mean that.

Todd: Donít worry about it. I know all about crashing and burning, Blair. I wrote the book.

Blair: What?

Todd: You ruined our marriage, our daughter hates you, and our son hates me. And we have no future, do we? Thatís ok because you have the Spencer Truman seal of approval.

Blair: Donít do this, please. Just go home. Please.

Todd: I donít know how you could do this. I donít know how you could give up on me so easily. I never gave up on you.

Natalie: Oh, John, I'm sorry that the gun wasnít in there, but this has got to mean something.

John: Yeah -- proof that Spencer knew Margaret was still alive.

Natalie: But why would he keep something so damning?

John: Insurance -- makes Paige look as guilty as he does. Probably want to use it to buy her silence in case the frame-up of Bo didnít work. Itís no good to him now. It sure as hell gives us probable cause.

Viki: Do you want to marry Kelly?

Kevin: No. No, not after everything thatís happened.

Viki: Then this is probably not the time to be making such life-changing decisions.

Kevin: Oh, you mean like whether or not we should have a baby? Yeah, she spared me that one.

Viki: Kevin, the child is not yours.

Kevin: Oh, thanks. I'd forgotten.

Viki: And I have no doubt but that Kelly will be a wonderful mother.

Kevin: Well, I'm sure that I will be a wonderful grandfather to my ex-fiancťeís child.

Viki: Honey -- ok, listen. This baby is going to be a Buchanan and heís Dukeís legacy. Heís all we have left of him.

Kevin: Look, after today, I donít even know if I'm ever going to see Kelly again, all right? I donít know if I'll ever even get to know that kid.

Viki: Well, what do you want? Do you want Kelly? Do you want the baby? Do you want them both? I do. Kelly is pregnant with my -- whoa -- great-grandchild. I, for one, want that child here with his family for the rest of his life. Can you live with that, darling?

[Phone rings]

Kevin: Itís Kelly.

Viki: Sweetheart, forgive her. Bring her home.

Kevin: Kelly, where are you?

Kelly: In a clinic. Kevin, itís not good.

Starr: I'm sorry I flipped out.

Langston: No, you're not.

Starr: You're right -- I'm not, but I'm sorry that you had to deal with it.

Langston: Oh. So the whole brain-damage thingís over?

Starr: Why would it be over?

Langston: Whatís the point of faking amnesia if your momís marrying Dr. Weird? Whoa, lay off the stinkeye -- I get it. Truman the terrible is off topic for the rest of the conversation.

Starr: Oh, just when I think about my mom having sex with him, I want to throw up.

Langston: Duh -- who wants to think about their mom having sex?

Starr: You know what I mean.

Langston: Your life doesnít suck, Starr.

Starr: Says who?

Langston: Yours truly. I'm three hours late for my curfew and my parents havenít even called my cell phone to make sure I'm still alive. Your mom and dad might not be together, but they love you more than anything.

Starr: I'm not giving up, Langston, and I wonít let that psycho ruin everything.

Blair: Just go home. Please.

David: Spencer, whatís the rush?

Spencer: What do you want, David?

David: Hey, people are going to think that you're a little insecure.

Spencer: Do you want something from me?

David: I'd like brotherly love.

Spencer: Canít help you. I want to collect my fiancťe and get the hell out of here.

David: Yeah, yeah. About that -- the collecting fiancťe, I mean -- what was that whole public display about? Because from where I was standing, it looked more like a guy who was trying to say "eat your heart out, Todd manning," as opposed to a man telling his fiancťe that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Spencer: You donít know anything about love, David.

David: It also seemed to me that a man who knows the answer to his proposal would take his intended to a nice little out-of-the-way restaurant, pop the question in a nice little booth in the back.

Spencer: I'm not afraid to express my emotions in public.

David: You gave her no choice -- say yes or suffer public humiliation. Wise up, Spencer. This is a big, fat fiasco waiting to happen.

Spencer: Yeah? Unlike you, little brother, I plan to make it all the way through my wedding.

Blair: How many times do I have to tell you I'm sorry, Todd? Huh? I did the wrong thing and I regret it.

Todd: But?

Blair: I'm going to marry Spencer and I'm sorry if that hurts you.

Todd: Yeah. But I think we should tell Starr pretty soon before she hears it from somewhere else.

Blair: I thought I'd tell her tomorrow morning.

Todd: That might be too late. What the hellís that all about?

Spencer: You're the con man that cried wolf, David. No oneís ever going to believe a damn thing you have to say about anything ever again.

David: Well, then I guess I'd better not say anything else.

John: Is Paige still here?

David: She was here a minute ago.

John: Can you get her? We need to talk.

Spencer: I think itís time we said good night, Todd -- this time for good.

Cristian: No, you know what? First I'll blow out the candles, then I'll drive you home.

Evangeline: I'm -- I'm not in a hurry, Cris.

Cristian: Itís ok. Look, you're not ready for this and thatís really ok. But it would really suck to burn my place down while we're gone.

Evangeline: I didnít say I wanted to leave.

Cristian: But I -- I thought you said --

Evangeline: I wasnít asking you to take me home. I -- I just wasnít sure if I was ready.

Cristian: Well, I donít want to make you feel uncomfortable.

Evangeline: I'm not.

Cristian: Ok, well, the other part of that is if we stay here, I'm going to have a very hard time keeping my hands to myself.

Evangeline: I feel the same way. Oh, god, I've been thinking about this night for such a long time, wanting it, wondering what it would be like, what it would feel like.

Cristian: Well, thereís plenty of time, you know? We donít have to rush anything.

Evangeline: You're not putting any pressure on me. I want this just as bad as you do. I just think I got scared for a second.

Cristian: Are you still scared?

Evangeline: I love you. Thatís all that matters.

Cristian: But I donít want you to do anything you donít feel comfortable --

Evangeline: I love you. I'm ready. I never felt so ready for anything in my entire life.

Cristian: I love you, too. And thereís no one else on earth I'd rather be with.

Kevin: You're in a clinic? Where?

Kelly: It doesnít matter where.

Kevin: Well, then why did you call me? I'm sorry. Just tell me where you are, and I'll come and get you.

Kelly: No, thatís -- thatís not why I called. I -- I just thought that you should know. If something happens to the baby, I just thought you should know.

Kevin: I mean, is there something wrong with the baby?

Kelly: I started spotting, and I drove as fast as I could to the nearest clinic.

Kevin: Well, that was the right thing to do. Just try and relax, ok?

Kelly: I canít, not until I know if thereís something wrong with the baby.

Kevin: Well, thereís not necessarily anything wrong. I mean, the first trimesterís the most dangerous time, and you made it through that perfectly healthy.

Kelly: Thanks. I just -- I know I shouldnít have called you. I just didnít know who else to call. I'm scared, and I just suddenly felt so all alone.

Kevin: Of course you're scared. You ran away from everything you know.

Kelly: No, thatís not what I'm talking about. I just want to have a healthy, full-term baby. Thatís all I care about. If I canít do that, then I donít know whatís going to happen to me.

Langston: I know you're upset. I'm sorry I had to be the one to give you the bad news.

Starr: I donít even know why I care. I should just let my mom marry that psycho. Thatís what she deserves. My dadís better off without her, anyway.

Langston: Sheís still your mother. You wouldnít hate her so much if you didnít care about her.

Starr: I used to care. Not anymore.

Langston: All I know is, I wouldnít want Dr. Skeevy as a stepfather.

Starr: Thatís not going to happen.

Langston: How are you going to stop it? Your amnesia thing was a bust. Whatís next, leprosy?

Starr: I wouldnít give Spencer the satisfaction.

Langston: You think heís that bad?

Starr: I know he is, and I'm going to get rid of him.

Langston: How?

Starr: I donít know yet, but I'll work on something.

Langston: Want me to hang?

Starr: No, thatís ok. I'll see you tomorrow, though?

Langston: Definitely. Starr? Sometimes itís not worth all the trouble.

Blair: I wish that you could wish us well, Todd. It would mean a lot to me.

Spencer: Come on, honey, letís go. I -- well, this is our night. I donít want your ex-husband to spoil one more second of it.

Blair: Well, we're going to stop by the hospital first.

Spencer: All right. I'm sure Starrís sleeping, though, right?

Blair: Well, then I'll just wake her up.

Spencer: Well, sleepís the best thing for her right now, Blair. You donít want to do --

Blair: Donít fight me on this, Spencer. No, my daughterís been traumatized. Sheís lost her memory. And if she finds out that we're engaged -- well, I -- by accident -- that just canít happen, all right?

Spencer: All right, of course, I understand. I mean, I could have someone over there --

Blair: No, Spencer. I'm a parent first and foremost before I'm your fiancťe. Now, if you canít understand that, then --

Spencer: Sure I can. I understand.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: I assume this was your idea.

Blair: It doesnít matter whose idea it was, Spencer. Itís the right thing to do. Come on, letís go.

Spencer: Letís do the right thing, then.

David: Here she is. Found her in the parking lot on her way home.

Paige: Whatís going on?

John: I have news.

Kevin: Just come home, ok?

Kelly: I canít, Kevin. I'm sorry. Please stop asking me that.

Kevin: You're endangering the life of your baby. And if your irresponsibility causes you to lose it, you're not going to be the only one who never forgives yourself.

Kelly: I am not being irresponsible. I am taking care of myself and my child. Just because I'm not doing it under the watchful eye of the Buchanans doesnít mean that any of this is my fault.

Kevin: You are still the same selfish woman who ran into my sonís arms the moment we broke up, arenít you?

Kelly: You know, I was an idiot to call you. I should never share anything about my life with you.

Kevin: This isnít just about your life, Kelly.

Kelly: Oh.

Kevin: Damn it!

Viki: Kevin, what happened?

[Knock on door]

Doctor: Hello, Kelly. I'm Dr. Mulhern.

Kelly: Is something wrong with my baby?

Dr. Mulhern: I donít know yet, but try not to worry. We're going to run some tests and get you some answers just as soon as we can. Is there anyone we can call to come be here with you?

Kelly: No, thereís no one.

Cristian: Watch your step.

Evangeline: I see it. I see the stairs.

Cristian: You see the stairs. Wait, wait. Hold that thought.

Evangeline: What?

Blair: Starr? You awake?

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: You were having trouble sleeping?

Starr: I guess, obviously. But itís not too late. Whereís dad?

Blair: Um, he went home. He was tired.

Starr: How come you came back? No, no, no, I donít want any more tests tonight. I'm so sick of that.

Spencer: No, no, no, no. No more tests. No more tests, I promise.

Starr: Then what are you doing here?

Blair: Well, we have something to tell you. Something important.

Starr: Is it about dad? Is he ok? Oh, my god! Is he dead?

Blair: Starr, Starr, no, no.

Spencer: No, itís -- itís not bad news, honey.

Blair: Your dadís fine.

Starr: Then what is he doing here? Whatís going on?

Blair: Well, you know how you havenít been remembering things, like before the accident? Well, there have been some changes, ok?

Starr: What -- ahem -- what kind of changes?

Blair: Um -- your daddy and I --

Starr: Dad!

John: You told us you helped deliver Todd and Margaretís baby.

Paige: Yes. You didnít believe me.

David: No, me, either, and I helped her clean up that disgusting mess.

John: It doesnít matter that I didnít believe you or not. It was your word against Trumanís. And given your previous history and your prior relationship, it left the information somewhat useless.

David: Well, what about me? I wasnít married to the guy.

John: I needed proof that linked Truman to that kid.

Paige: And now, what, you have something?

John: Show them.

Kevin: Kellyís just being difficult. Sheís -- sheís scared, sheís in god knows where in some clinic with some doctor that doesnít know anything about her. And sheís too stubborn to admit that her stubbornness may cause her to lose the baby.

Viki: But why would she lose the baby? Sheís not at risk.

Kevin: Sheís bleeding!

Viki: Sheís bleeding?

Kevin: Well, I donít know. Sheís spotting.

Viki: Ok, spotting is completely different, honey. And thereís no indication that anything is seriously wrong if thereís spotting. Jessie went through it. That baby is fine.

Kevin: Mom, I'm just saying that with her history, she has to be careful.

Viki: But she knows that better than anyone. Did she tell you where she is?

Kevin: No! No, not a clue. You know? And I have to find her somehow.

Viki: Well, you know what? It -- I think maybe we'll ask Bo to go and find her.

Kevin: Well, you think he would do that?

Viki: Yes, I think he would, and I think he will do it in a way that she wonít feel cornered.

Kevin: Oh, I doubt it. I mean, she just went off on me about the watchful eye of the Buchanans. I get the feeling she thinks we want to take the baby away from her or something.

Viki: Thatís not at all what we want. Is it?

Kevin: We're talking about my grandchild here.

Viki: Ok, ok. With this attitude, you're definitely not going after her. You will scare her to death.

Kevin: Obviously, is too late.

Viki: No, I donít think it is. I think we -- hopefully, we can convince her to come home, be with her doctors and her family. But, honey, you are not the person to do that.

Kevin: I donít have a choice, mom. This baby is our flesh and blood. He or she is going to be part of our lives. Ok? There is no other option.

Dr. Mulhern: Just keep taking deep breaths, Kelly. Try to stay relaxed. I'm going to draw just a little more blood, check your HCG levels, and see exactly what we're dealing with re.

Kelly: This baby has to make it. I donít care what I have to do. I donít care if I have to stay on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. I'll do whatever I have to. I cannot lose another child.

Dr. Mulhern: Well, letís not get ahead of ourselves. After I analyze your blood, I'm going to do a sonogram. And between the two, we should get a pretty good idea of whatís causing your distress. But, you're going to have to do your part. The more upset you get, the more it affects your blood pressure, and your childís.

Kelly: All right, I understand.

Dr. Mulhern: I'm going to deliver these to the lab personally, and then would you like to hear your babyís heartbeat?

Kelly: Yeah, I'd really like that.

Dr. Mulhern: I'll be right back.

John: It proves that Spencer knew Margaret was alive long after those bodies were found at the lake.

Paige: I never even knew he was taking a picture of me.

Natalie: Well, itís a good thing he did. Now your storyís admissible in court.

Paige: So -- so now we've got him?

David: No, well, hold on. Thatís a picture of a picture. Whereís the original?

John: Spencerís safe-deposit box.

David: Still?

John: Unfortunately. We were looking for the gun that Spencer used to shoot my father. Instead, we -- we found this. But the search was --

David: The search was sublegal. I get it.

John: Yeah. We -- we know what we're looking for and where.

David: So this is just a sneak preview.

John: We need a warrant. But for that, we need probable cause.

Paige: So how can we help?

John: I need you to start from the beginning. Tell your story again and please, donít leave anything out.

Todd: I couldnít go to sleep without saying good night to my little girl, could I? Boop! So, we're fine here, Spencer.

Spencer: No, actually, the thing is --

Todd: Actually, if we need a doctor, we'll -- we'll call Starrís, wonít we? Good night.

Starr: So, because itís really hard to sleep in this place, do you guys think that you'd be able to stay here with me tonight? It'll make me feel more like at he.

Singer: When love calls your name and whispers you're the one when all you've ever dreamed tenses like stars around your heart and finally I hold the chance to give you all my love so whatís keeping me away from holding you? I'm ready to believe be strong in love give everything I am and trust in love my arms long to reach for you the way I feel I wish you do I'm ready now I'm ready to believe ooh I know with you I could stay forever settling into ways here all things are possible thereís no time or space when I feel you near I'm ready to believe be strong in love give everything I am and trust in love my arms long to reach for you and the way I feel I wish you do I'm ready now and I'm ready to believe

Cristian: God, you're beautiful.

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Cristian: Ooh, "long-term." Whatís that -- forever?

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