OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/17/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/17/06


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Evangeline: Hey.

Todd: Hey. That is one stunning evening dress.

Evangeline: You're early, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I was going to stay with Starr a little longer, but she finally fell asleep. Plus, she told me I needed to go home and take a shower. I was getting a little --

Evangeline: Well, she must be feeling better.

Todd: Yeah, a little bit. They donít know whatís wrong with her mentally, still, but -- god, the poor thingís been through so much.

Evangeline: So have you.

Todd: So have you. And thatís why we're going to party tonight, am I right? We're going to have a good time, am I right? No one else might have a good time, but you and I are going to have a good time.

Evangeline: I'm worried about Cristian.

Todd: Oh, yes, Cristian.

Evangeline: I havenít -- I havenít called him yet to tell him I'm home. I feel too guilty. I mean, we get to get dressed up and go to the ball, and heís stuck at the gym training -- not that he'd want to go.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: Oh -- hold on. Let me get that. Thatís a surprise.

Rex: Bo, you got to do something. Sheís still missing -- Adriana.

Bo: I know, I know. Dorian just told me.

Rex: Well, did she also tell you she set up the whole thing? Hired someone to terrorize her own daughter just because she didnít like me?

Antonio: Hey.

Jessica: Oh, hi.

Antonio: Nash.

Nash: Hi.

Antonio: Hi, sweetheart.

Jessica: I had to get out of the apartment, so I decided I'd tag along with Nash and Bree.

Antonio: Thatís great.

Jessica: Did you talk to Bo?

Antonio: I did, I did, and I should be reinstated any day now. But itís not official yet. Surprisingly enough, they have some paperwork to be processed.

Jessica: Oh, amazing.

Antonio: Go figure. But Bo did tell me where I'm going to be working -- Vice -- and I think you should know about it, since itís about you.

Claudia: Excuse me. I'm looking for John Mc Bain?

Natalie: What do you want with him now?

Claudia: Hmm.

Blair: I love you, too. Spencerís out. Heís not going to be in his suite for a while.

John: Doesnít give us a lot of time.

Blair: We donít need a lot of time, John, we just got to get a move on it.

John: Just so you know --

Blair: Itís dangerous. I know. I also know if I want my family back -- and I do -- this is the only way that I can nail Spencer.

John: All right. You think you can get your hands on the safe-deposit box key?

Blair: I'll find it.

John: Ok. You get the key, you get it to me, I check the box. If I get the gun, I get you back the key, you put the --

Blair: Look, John, donít worry about that. You just haul Spencer in.

John: I canít.

Blair: Why?

John: Itís an illegal search, all right? If the gun is there, I need to get a search warrant. Itís not enough that we get the gun. The gun needs to be admissible evidence, all right? So this stays just between you and me.

Blair: Absolutely.

John: Another thing.

Blair: What?

John: After tonight, you're out, you're done. You got me?

Blair: No. No. I am not done until Spencer pays for what he did, and Todd knows that I'm doing all this for him.

John: I'll make sure -- I'll make sure he knows, all right? You just keep Spencer busy during the gala. This is what you're looking for. Good luck.

Blair: Well, if that gun isnít admissible, I know another really good use for it.

Claudia: I'm here on police business. I witnessed a crime.

Natalie: You donít need the chief of detectives for that.

Claudia: And I donít need your permission for anything.

Natalie: You used John once. It ainít going to happen again.

Claudia: Listen, Kim Possible, I am not out to use anyone. I -- I am the victim here.

Natalie: A role you played to the hilt, I'm sure.

John: Natalie. Why donít you let me handle this? What is it you want now?

Claudia: I -- um -- was held at gunpoint during the attempted robbery at Capricorn and I -- I made a statement, but I guess I forgot to sign my name.

Natalie: You donít need to talk to the chief of detectives about signing your stupid name!

John: Excuse me. If you'll take a seat over there, I'll be with you in a minute.

Claudia: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Natalie: You think sheís going to try to get away with it? Whoís she kidding?

John: What are you doing? You canít do this and work here.

Rex: This is twisted, even for her. She did all this to make Adriana think that I did all this, that I'd come out looking like some kind of hero --

Dorian: You are delusional.

Rex: And you're sick and cruel.

Bo: Is this true?

Dorian: Bo, how can you even ask me such a thing?

Bo: Oh, I have some nerve, donít I? I mean, you've always been so truthful, so aboveboard.

Dorian: You should be looking for Adriana instead of abusing me.

Bo: If this turns out to be some kind of hoax --

Dorian: It isnít. Bo, it isnít. Honestly, I have no idea where ad-- Adriana is. I -- no idea at all.

Rex: Oh, crap.

Bo: What, you donít believe her?

Rex: No, I do. And if she doesnít know where Adriana is, then this whole thing is even worse than I thought.

Cristian: What are you doing out of the hospital?

Evangeline: I was going to call you. I just havenít had --

Cristian: The doctors said tomorrow.

Evangeline: Well, I talked them into today.

Cristian: I should've been there.

Evangeline: No, Cristian, you were training. Itís ok.

Todd: Yeah, you were training. I drove her home. Itís ok.

Evangeline: Thatís -- thatís a pretty formal training outfit you have there.

Cristian: Well, when I found out you got released, I remembered you wanted to go to that big bash the hospital was throwing. So I'm taking you. You can go.

Todd: Thatís funny -- you donít want her to leave the hospital, but you want to take her dancing?

Cristian: Donít you worry. I'll make sure she doesnít push herself too hard.

Todd: You know, you said that your training sessionís more important than her, but she comes in here last minute and you want to take her to the gala?

Cristian: I never said that.

Evangeline: Ok, you guys, remember we said we werenít going to do this anymore at the hospital? I'm sorry, Todd, this is between me and Cristian.

Cristian: See ya.

Evangeline: Actually, no. Cristian, I said I would go to the gala with Todd, and thatís what I'm going to do.

Spencer: Hey, baby.

Blair: Oh!

Spencer: How are you doing?

Blair: You're here!

Spencer: Yeah, well --

Blair: I wasnít expecting that.

Spencer: My last appointment finished a little early, so, you know, I -- wow, wow, wow. Look at you -- deja vu.

Blair: Well it better not be. They told me this dress was an original. They better not have been lying.

Spencer: Well, I mean, about a year ago in July when you walked into the country club, you were wearing something, you know, kind of similar to this. I must say, it wasnít the dress that knocked my socks off, though.

Blair: Oh, right, it was just my natural beauty, right?

Spencer: Thatís right. You're darn right it was. I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

Blair: Well, you -- kind of clean up nice yourself there, Doctor.

Spencer: Wait a minute. Whatís going on with you? What, are you a little on edge or something, huh?

Blair: No -- no, I just -- I think, with Starr in the hospital and everything, itís -- itís kind of ridiculous that I get all gussied up with my little girl in the hospital.

Spencer: I understand. Look, I reviewed her file myself, sheís going to be fine. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure of it.

Blair: Hmm. Ok.

Spencer: All right?

Blair: What about me?

Spencer: Oh, I have something very special planned for you tonight.

Blair: What -- you e a renowned doctor.

Spencer: Yes, I am.

Blair: You cannot go out looking like this.

Spencer: Wait a minute --

Blair: You canít even tie your tie right?

Spencer: Hey, hey -- whoa, I left it that way on purpose.

Blair: Oh, no, I messed it up. Oh, I messed your shirt up.

Spencer: I'll fix it, but --

Blair: Sorry, Spencer.

Spencer: Itís all right.

Blair: You need to button your tie and --

Spencer: I donít like ties, anyway.

Blair: I know, but --

Spencer: Since when are you so worried about ties?

Blair: Well, you're right, I am on edge. I hope you can fix it. I'm sorry.

Spencer: I can fix it --

Blair: Yeah, I --

Spencer: I'm thinking if I could get a little champagne or something--

Blair: Oh, that sounds great. We should have that, like, before, you know, we go.

Spencer: No, after we get to the gala. I've got a welcome speech to give, remember?

Blair: Well, then, they'll just have to wait for us, I guess.

Spencer: I'm a little bit nervous about it because I havenít really prepared much for the evening because I have this surprise for you.

Blair: Great! Really? Well, what -- whatís the surprise? I canít wait to see it.

Spencer: Well, if I told you, it wouldnít be much of a surprise, now, would it?

Blair: Oh, thatís right, thatís right.

Spencer: All right. Howís this? Pass inspection?

Blair: You look marvelous, just marvelous. Shall we go?

Spencer: Letís go.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Absolutely.

Blair: All right. Thank you. Oh --

Spencer: Hey, hey, hey --

Blair: Oh, Spencer --

Spencer: Whatís going on?

Antonio: Because of what happened to you, Jess, when you were a kid, we've decided to form a task force targeting child pornography.

Jessica: Those tapes?

Antonio: Yes. We're going to find all those tapes and the creeps who bought them.

Jessica: I donít like talking about this.

Nash: Thereís other tapes? You drop that on her -- did you know that thereís other --

Jessica: I knew there were other tapes, Nash. Antonioís right. We have to do this.

Antonio: I want this to be over --

Jessica: I know.

Antonio: Completely over for you.

Jessica: I know. It sounds like a horrible job, but thank god you're doing it.

Antonio: Well, anyone who uses kids that way should pay the price. [Phone rings]  I have to take this.

Jessica: Go ahead.

Nash: You ok?

Jessica: I have to be.

Nash: Can you fix this?

Jessica: Well, Dr. Jamison says that I have to face it. I canít use -- Tess canít be the keeper of those memories.

Antonio: Yeah, on my way. I'm sorry, but I have to go.

Jessica: Itís ok. Itís ok. Thanks for telling me.

Antonio: All right.

Nash: Well, he sure slipped into the cop thing pretty quickly.

Jessica: Well, thatís Antonio. When he finds out whatís important, he makes a decision.

Nash: I get that. And I know whatís important to me, and I just made my decision.

John: Whatís our motto? "Protect and serve." You know, a civilian -- they come into this station. Whether we like them or not, we donít treat them that way.

Natalie: "Civilian"?

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Yeah -- if thatís what you want to call a conniving slut. See, you know I'm right.

John: Yeah, you're right. You're -- you're right about everything.

Natalie: Ok, now I'm getting a little scared.

John: I'm not going to fight with you. I need your help.

Natalie: Hmm. Gosh, you know, I wish I could, but I got to study for my exams. I'm kind of busy.

John: Oh, you're busy? Ok, well, then I wonít even bother asking.

Natalie: Oh, stop. Come on, you know I'll help you. Just donít be so smug about it.

John: Well, when this is done, I'll help you study. Howís that?

Natalie: What am I going to do?

John: Well, you're going to go to the gala. What do you think about that?

Natalie: Ooh. Undercover at the gala, some gritty police work.

John: Yeah. The thing is, Truman would be suspicious if he saw me with Blair, but not you. So sheís going to slip you the key and you're going to give it to me, ok?

Natalie: Ok. No problem.

John: "No problem"? This is serious. I need you to take it serious.

Natalie: Ok. I will.

John: All right. I -- I'm going to go deal with the "conniving --"

Natalie: Slut?

John: Right.

Bo: Thank you. Ok. Pictures of Adriana are being distributed on the mainland across from where she left on the boat. There are units that are canvassing the area, seeing if anybody saw Adriana. If they did see her, they want to know if she was alone.

Dorian: Of course she was alone. Sheís just so angry at Rex for his betrayal that she -- sheís taking some time to be alone before she comes home.

Bo: Well, I hope you're right.

Rex: Sheís got no money, no phone, no I.D. where do you think sheís taking this time?

Bo: All right, this is being treated as a missing-persons case. Now, I want all the correspondence from this stalker.

Rex: Well, then confiscate her hard drive because there is no stalker. Heís just another one of her brilliant ideas -- like setting me up to look like a junkie.

Dorian: What?

Rex: You remember that? That was her, too. Paid someone to shoot me up with heroin, almost killed me, but, hey, anything to keep me and Adriana apart, right?

Clint: Dorian? Is that true?

Blair: Spencer, I told you, I just feel a little weird going out tonight, thatís all.

Spencer: Ok, then we wonít, then.

Blair: Yes, we're going to go. You have a very important speech. I just -- if you could maybe just get me some -- some water, I'm --

Spencer: Water?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Blair, come on, now --

Blair: Spencer, I will be fine. Thereís nothing I want more than to walk into that gala on your arm tonight, ok? Some water.

Spencer: I want that, too. I'll get you some water.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Water, coming up.

Blair: Thank you. Ahem. I'm fine. I was looking for clues.

Antonio: We got evidence that Norman Leeds wrote several checks to you over the course of 10 years --

Man: Can I get something to drink?

Antonio: Starting about 20 years ago. Bob, I want to know what he was paying you for.

Bob: Whoa. Am I going to get into trouble?

Antonio: Well, that depends on how much help you are.

Bob: I -- I wasnít doing anything wrong.

Antonio: Well, then you got nothing to worry about. But, bob, if you donít tell me, I'm going to get pretty upset, and you donít want that and neither do I.

Bob: I delivered stuff. Thatís what he paid me for.

Antonio: "Stuff"? Like videotapes?

Bob: I wasnít supposed to look inside the envelopes.

Antonio: Do you remember who you delivered the envelopes to?

Bob: Yeah -- guys.

Antonio: Do you remember their names?

Bob: Yeah. There -- there was a Stanley Hill, and a guy named Hagan -- he was a regular stop -- and -- oh, a doctor. A Snyder, Dr. Eugene Snyder.

Antonio: Thatís good, bob. Thatís real good.

Bob: Can I have something to drink now? A lemonade?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, bob, anything you want. Look, this is almost over. I just got a couple more questions.

Bob: My head hurts. I donít like this.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. Look, bob, did you ever see what was inside the envelopes?

Bob: He told me not to look.

Antonio: Leeds canít hurt you now.

Bob: I just wanted to see what -- what was so important.

Antonio: They were videotapes, right?

Bob: Yeah.

Antonio: Was there any printing on any of them?

Bob: No. All it said was girls' names.

Antonio: Like?

Bob: Like "Rose," "Donna," "Tess."

Nash: I have always had a dream of running my own vineyard, and Tess -- Tess made that happen. But I've been trying to run it from here to hold on to it.

Jessica: Well, you should hold on to your dreams.

Nash: Yeah, but things change. And you got to change with them.

Jessica: Hmm. Yeah, I take that concept to extremes.

Nash: Wow. You're more like Tess than I knew.

Jessica: So does this mean you've changed your mind and you're going back to Napa?

Nash: No. I'm not going to let go of the vineyard. It meant too much to Tess. But I'm going to try to get involved with a business closer to home. Close to Brennan -- thatís where my home is.

Jessica: Ok, Nash, listen. If you think that you're just going to set up camp here and wait for Tess to come back out, thatís not going to happen and I'm going to make sure of it.

Nash: I know that.

Jessica: Itís not enough to know it. You have to accept it. I'm going to go move the car.

Nash: Donít worry, sheís wrong. Tess will be back, and you and I will be right here waiting for her.

Cristian: You're going with him?

Todd: Yeah. See ya.

Evangeline: No, actually, you will see him, because I'm going with both of you.

Todd: That sounds fun.

Evangeline: It will be fun. It will be fun, unless one of you chooses to act like a jerk.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Thatís Starrís nurse. I got to take it.

Evangeline: Yeah, you can take it in the other room if you want.

Todd: Thanks. Hey, Starr.

Cristian: Is this payback?

Evangeline: For what?

Cristian: I know -- I know I shouldnít have surprised you, but do I really deserve a night with this guy?

Evangeline: Cristian, you being here is a wonderful surprise. And -- look, Todd -- heís going through a really hard time right now and I want to be there for him. I mean, when I was going through a really hard time, he was there for me. And look at you. I mean, I didnít think this was possible, but you look even better than I remember. And I can see you because of him.

Cristian: Right. And I know how loyal you are.

Evangeline: Yeah. Heís my friend, he always will be. Take it or leave it.

Cristian: Donít you see it? He wants more than friendship, Evangeline.

Evangeline: You know, itís a funny thing, that word "see." I've really come to appreciate it, and I have noticed that two people can look at the exact same thing and see it totally differently. But you know what, Cristian? Even when I was blind, I could see with perfect clarity that despite everything, that man is still in love with Blair.

Spencer: We really should think about getting you something to eat.

Blair: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Water is just fine. We'll get something to eat at the gala. Come on. Damn it!

Spencer: Whatís that?

Blair: Um -- nothing. Um --

Spencer: Here you go.

Blair: Great. Oh, thank you so much.

Spencer: No problem.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: That better now?

Blair: Mm-hmm. I feel a lot better.

Spencer: Letís see whatís going on here.

Blair: Ah --

Spencer: You are so tense.

Blair: I know.

Spencer: Beautiful, but tense.

Blair: Thank you, that really feels great.

Spencer: Yeah? I'll tell you something else thatís going to feel great -- when Starrís out of the hospital and you can stop worrying about her.

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Then you can start letting me take care of you.

Blair: Oh, you know what? I think I'm starting to feel so much better already. You know, we should go.

Spencer: Are you kidding me?

Blair: No. We should.

Spencer: Just like that?

Blair: Yeah. Itís amazing -- just like that, I feel better. And I just wouldnít want you to miss your big speech.

Spencer: Oh, thereís no hurry --

Blair: No, no, I -- I would feel terrible if I made you late for that important -- I would want to kill myself.

Spencer: All right. If you insist.

Blair: Oh, I do, I do. Here you go. Great.

Spencer: You're something, you know that?

Blair: No, you are. You look so -- oh -- Spencer? You're missing a button.

Spencer: Well, itís all right. No oneís going to notice.

Blair: No, itís right here.

Spencer: I just wonít button up.

Blair: Right here.

Spencer: Blair, come on.

Blair: I'll sew it. I will sew it on for you. Do you have a needle and thread around here?

Spencer: First my tie, then my jacket? No, I'll call the concierge.

Blair: You sure?

Spencer: Sure I'm sure.

Blair: No, you know what? That would take way too much time. I'll just run down there and ask them if they have one of those little kits that --

Spencer: No, no, no, you wonít. I will go, all right?

Blair: What?

Spencer: Besides, we wouldnít want to spoil your grand entrance, right? Here, keep this --

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Because I -- God forbid anybody sees me with a button missing --

Blair: Oh --

Spencer: From my jacket.

Blair: Ok. We'll just have this fixed for you in a jiffy.

Spencer: I'll be right back.

Blair: Ok, hurry up.

Dorian: Clint, did you just hear those terrible lies about me?

Clint: Well, I heard what Rex just said.

Dorian: Well, they were lies. All of it, just terrible lies because heís -- heís desperately trying to shift the blame off of himself. You couldnít possibly believe something like that about me?

Clint: Well, sure I can. Anybody who ever knew you would believe it.

Rex: Could you arrest her, please?

Clint: And they'd say you'd do anything to get what you want, regardless of whether it was right or wrong or what it was doing to somebody else.

Dorian donít you do this to me.

Clint: But those people knew her back in the day. I donít think thatís her now.

Dorian: Oh --

Clint: You know, I really believe that Dorian has changed. I really believe that.

Dorian: Thank you.

Rex: Yeah, well, thatís all really sweet, but Adrianaís still missing, we got to find her.

Bo: All right, I need a list of names from you two of anybody that you know that may have had contact with Adriana -- any friends, any business associates.

Dorian: Fine. I'll -- I'll get right on that. Clint, could you come with me for a moment, please?

Clint: Yeah, sure.

Dorian: Thank you. Thank you so much for believing in me.

Clint: Well, Dorian, I have to. If what Rex said was true, I'd never be able to look you in the face again.

Blair: Damn, why do they make these things so tight? That was quick.

Spencer: Yeah, it was. Here you go.

Blair: Great. Give me the thread.

Spencer: You know what? Let me do this. I'll do it. Here, give me that.

Blair: No, no, no. You save your little handiwork for your patients.

Spencer: All right. If you insist.

Blair: I canít do this --

Spencer: Go on, I want to see it.

Blair: With you staring at me like this.

Spencer: Itís another side of you I havenít really seen before.

Blair: Oh, you're looking for a domestic side of me?

Spencer: Thatís right.

Blair: I am not Martha Stewart, you got that?

Spencer: Very sexy, very sexy.

Blair: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Spencer: And -- um --

Blair: What?

Spencer: Well, I donít know -- it just kind of makes me wonder about all the other things I'm going to find out about you that will surprise me in the future -- our future.

Blair: Well, I can tell you this right now -- if you're looking at our future as me as a housewife, you got a big surprise coming, pal.

Spencer: Hmm.

Evangeline: Todd denies it, but it doesnít change the truth. He still loves Blair, and I think he wants to go to the gala with me because he knows sheís going to be there. He wants her to see him getting along without her. And, Cristian, you know that I have made it perfectly clear to him that we are friends and that I have a boyfriend.

Cristian: Hmm. You do?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Cristian: Who?

Evangeline: Heís this boxer/painter guy.

Cristian: Oh. One of those.

Evangeline: Yeah. You know, one of those run-of-the-mill boxer/painter guys. Problem is --

Cristian: Yeah?

Evangeline: That I'm like, you know, totally crazy about him.

Cristian: Oh, really? In -- in some intellectual, lawyer way?

Evangeline: Not so much. More like in, you know, the old-fashioned, "I wish we didnít keep getting interrupted" way?

Cristian: Me, too.

Evangeline: Me, too. And I know that we both know that we have to go to this thing tonight, you know, and that we'll probably be there till really late and -- and then you'll have to train in the morning early so you'll probably have to go to bed.

Cristian: Hey. I can sleep when I'm dead.

Evangeline: Really?

Cristian: Really. So tonight is our night.

Spencer: Blair? You all right?

Blair: Yeah, yeah. I -- I just kind of pricked my finger.

Spencer: All right, thatís it. Give me that, Blair.

Blair: No, no, no, I --

Spencer: I can sew up an aorta blindfolded, for crying out loud.

Blair: You might be able to do that, but I started this. And I always finish what I start.

Renee: I donít know why you'd want a seating chart for tonight, unless you're planning a reception of your own. Maybe you and John?

Natalie: Police business.

Renee: Ah. You going to bust a charity gala? Somebodyís going to smuggle drugs in the cream puffs?

Natalie: This door here -- could somebody sneak out of it easily without being noticed?

Renee: Oh, yes, ma'am. Asa and I have. Over 100 times.

Bob: Ah. That was good.

Antonio: Good. And thanks for helping me.

Bob: Can I go now?

Antonio: Just one more question. Those tapes -- did you ever see any of them?

Bob: Oh, no. They were bad, werenít they?

Antonio: Yeah.

Bob: Norman -- he was bad, too.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, Bob, he was bad. But, Bob, you just helped me make things better for the people he hurt.

Bob: Like those -- those girls, huh? Rose, Donna, Tess --

Antonio: Yeah. Like them.

Jessica: Oh, she is out like a light. I hope that means that she wonít be up all night again.

Nash: I'm going to let you take a nap while sheís out, so I should go.

Jessica: Nash, listen. For the record, I really appreciated what you did for me the other day. Making the appointment with dr. Jamison, calling Antonio.

Nash: Putting up with you shooing me out. No big deal.

Jessica: It was. You could have used the situation to your advantage, and you didnít.

Nash: Well, you know, Jessica, the thing is, I'm just one heck of a guy.

Jessica: Hmm-hmm-hmm. When you're right, you're right.

Nash: No, I'm just a guy. But I could see how much pain you were in, and I had to do something about it. Thatís not how I want to get my Tess back.

Jessica: I thought you said you were going to stop hoping for that.

Nash: Yeah. But I just canít seem to stop thinking of her. I really should go.

Jessica: Wait. Wait.

Nash: The book. You did everything you could to hide that from me the other day.

Jessica: Uh -- itís Tess' journal. I found it in the babyís things.

Nash: Ooh.

Jessica: I read it. Huh. Thatís how the memory -- I got the memory back of when I was little, when I first created Tess.

Nash: Well, you know, if itís helping you remember stuff --

Jessica: No, no. Itís fine, I -- I read through it all. I donít need it anymore.

Nash: You're giving it to me?

Jessica: Well, yeah. I mean, at first, I was scared that there might be something in there that you could use to bring Tess back, but thereís nothing like that. You should have it. I'm sure it'll be nice for you to hear her voice again.

Nash: Thank you. "Keep out. This means you, Nash."

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: I can hear her saying that.

Jessica: So can I. But I think under the circumstances, she'd want you to read it.

Nash: Thanks.

Dorian: There you are.

Bo: Thank you. If you think of anyone else, I want you to call me, ok?

Rex: I'm going to get my laptop so that you can read the emails. You know, the emails you put there under the "sent" file.

Dorian: There are laws against slander. Would you like to test them?

Rex: Thereís laws about throwing people up against walls. You want to test them?

Bo: Knock it off. Knock -- go get your laptop.

Rex: If anything happens to Adriana, I will --

Bo: Go.

Rex: I will take a fork and --

Bo: Go!

Dorian: Bo, Adriana is just very angry at Rex. And she needs some time alone, thatís all. That -- it has to be that.

Clint: Dorian --

Bo: I hope you're right.

Clint: Itís ok. Anything else can do?

Bo: Not here. No, the -- the authorities on the island are sending out search parties.

Dorian: Oh, I'll go. I want to help.

Clint: Why donít you just stay here and see what happens?

Dorian: No, no, itís not like me to just sit around and wait.

Clint: All right, you want me to go with you?

Dorian: No. No, because you have a family of your own, and they need you.

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: No, I'll be fine. Thank you. Adriana is going to be all right, you know. What other choice is there?

Clint: See ya.

Bo: So, Dorianís changed, huh?

Clint: Donít start.

Bo: Now, whatís that old saying? What is it, about a leopard and its spots? Or zebra and stripes, you know? Or Dorian doing stupid, thoughtless things?

Clint: Bo, do you think even Dorian would set out to terrorize her own daughter?

Bo: Do you?

Dorian: Kimi -- um -- I'm going to be going away for a little while. Pack my bags for me. I donít know how long, just do it. Warm-weather clothes. Thank you.

Clint: If what Rex said was true, I'd never be able to look you in the face again.

Dorian: No. No, what -- what -- what I did has not caused this. No. Adriana is going to be just fine. Sheís -- she is fine. Fine.

Cristian: So, you want a drink?

Todd: Itís a Haut-Marne, 1987. I got Evangeline a case, if you want one.

Cristian: Milwaukee, 2006. I just bought a six-pack.

Evangeline: Everybody ready?

Antonio: You all right?

Jessica: Yeah, everythingís fine. The babyís fast asleep.

Antonio: Good. I talked to someone. There are more tapes out there.

Jessica: I knew that.

Antonio: Yeah. I got a list of all the people that bought them. Thereís even a doctor. A guy named Snyder. Look, honey, I feel like I need to keep telling you about this because itís important that you know everything so that you can keep getting better.

Jessica: Leeds and people like him -- they depend on people not wanting to remember, wanting to forget.

Antonio: Baby, when you remember, whatever you remember, I'll be right there. Always.

Jessica: I know. I know. I have to do this. To do it for me. For us.

Tess' voice: "Maybe if I write this all down, maybe it'll help keep me strong, keep Jess away, and keep me from disappearing. But even if she does win this round, I'm coming back. I've done it before, and I can do it again. As long as Nash loves me, I'll find a way to be with him."

Claudia: Bad news?

Nash: Hey, I didnít see you there.

Claudia: Obviously. You seemed pretty upset.

Nash: No. Itís confirmation that I'm making the right move.

Claudia: And that would be?

Nash: Did you know that there are over 90 wineries in Pennsylvania?

Claudia: You're not going back to California, are you?

Nash: No. I'm going to stay here.

Claudia: Oh. Well, itís a good thing I'm staying here, too.

Natalie: Ok. I think the best place for Blair to pass me off the key is in the ladies' room. I'll come out, slip it to you, and then you can sneak out through the side door. Nobody'll see you.

John: Right.

Natalie: John, look, I know itís not scientific or anything, but I do have a really good feeling about tonight. I think finally tonight, you're going to be able to nail that bastard.

Spencer: Here you go.

Blair: Ah, thank you.

Spencer: You're welcome.

Blair: Huh, you know, Spencer, you're in an odd mood tonight.

Spencer: Oh, am I really, huh?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Spencer: Maybe I just feel like this is going to be a very special night for the both of us.

Blair: And I feel the very same way.

Spencer: All right, I'll be right back.

Blair: What?

Spencer: I forgot something --

Blair: What?

Spencer: I just -- I'll be right back. Donít go anywhere.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Yes, how late are you open, please? Right. No, no, no, itís fine. I just -- I put something in my safe-deposit box earlier. It looks like I'm going to need it after all -- tonight, as a matter of fact. No, no, thatís -- thatís plenty of time. I'll see you shortly. Thank you. Ready?

Blair: Canít wait.

Spencer: Ok.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: Where is my daughter?

Adriana: I'm so sorry, Rex.

Rex: Sheís still out there somewhere. I got to find her.

John: Blair is so determined to prove that Spencer set Todd up, sheís gotten herself in way over her head.

Spencer: Will you marry me? 

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