OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/16/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/16/06


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Jessica: Ah. Hi.

Nash: Thereís my girl.

Jessica: Yeah.

Nash: Hello.

Jessica: There you go.

Nash: Got her. Hey. Hello.

Jessica: Looks like a nice day out today.

Nash: It is a beautiful day, and you know what? I was thinking I'd pack up her stuff, grab her stroller, and take her to the park, give you a little R and R.

Jessica: I donít need any R and R. What I need is to get out of this damn apartment for one minute.

Nash: Really?

Jessica: Maybe I should come with you guys.

Nash: You're saying you want to be with me and the baby?

Evangeline: Come on, donít you, Todd -- oh.

Todd: Home sweet home.

Evangeline: I was afraid I'd never see this place again.

Todd: Well, Laylaís not exactly a neat freak, is she?

Evangeline: No, sheís not. It used to drive me crazy, but now, I just want to see her face.

Layla: Hey!

Evangeline: Hey!

Layla: I thought I heard voices. Oh!

Evangeline: Oh, God.

Layla: You told me you werenít getting sprung until tomorrow.

Evangeline: Well, I convinced Michael to sign me out early.

Layla: I would've picked you up and cleaned.

Evangeline: No, donít worry about it, really.

Todd: And I was at the hospital seeing my daughter anyway.

Layla: Is she ok?

Todd: Yeah, pretty much.

Layla: So, here you are.

Evangeline: Here I am.

Layla: Uh -- I've got an idea. Why donít I take the two of you out for breakfast? After that hospital food, it must sound good, right?

Evangeline: No, no. I want to cook for myself. People have been doing for me for weeks. I want to crack eggs and see bright yellow yolks on pans.

Todd: Hey.

Evangeline: Vincent? What are you doing coming out of my sisterís bedroom?

Kelly: Let go of me. You cannot arrest me --

Officer: You did have a taillight out, ma'am.

Kelly: That is not a crime!

Officer: Come on.

Kelly: You canít arrest me for that! Since when did Llanview turn into a police state?

Officer: Look, please sit down, will you, ma'am.

Kelly: I am not sitting, and "ma'am"? "Ma'am"? Do I look like a "ma'am?" Ugh!

Bo: Didnít anybody else do any work while I was gone?

Hugh: Hmm. Well, we figured you'd be back behind the desk before too long.

Bo: Thanks, Hugh. Yeah, I'd love to shake your hand, but I -- I canít even make a grip right now.

Hugh: Welcome back, Commissioner.

Bo: Thank you.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Antonio: Oh, you're busy?

Bo: No, no, no. Come on in, come on in. You and Hugh, and Hugh and you, you two -- you know each other?

Hugh: How you doing, Antonio?

Antonio: Good, real good.

Bo: Antonio has realized that he misses the job.

Hugh: Oh, you're coming back?

Antonio: I talked to H.R. and I got the ball rolling.

Bo: Itís already a done deal. I signed all your paperwork this morning, I walked it down to personnel myself.

Antonio: Great. Great, I'm looking forward to working with you again.

Bo: Now, is Jessica going to be ok with all this? Because I donít want her mad at me.

Antonio: No, no, no. She -- she thinks itís a great idea.

Jessica: You do that on purpose, Nash.

Nash: What?

Jessica: Make everything that I say about you and me.

Nash: You looked miserable, you said you wanted me to get you out of here. What was I supposed to think?

Jessica: I am not miserable, ok? I'm exhausted. Sheís up on the hour every hour all night.

Nash: Tonio doesnít help, huh?

Jessica: You know what? I donít know why I even open my mouth. Next time you show up, I'm just going to have a big smile on my face and I'll be wearing an apron.

Nash: An apron and a smile -- is that all you'll have on?

Jessica: Stop it, Nash. I'm having a really bad morning.

Nash: Whatís wrong?

Jessica: Oh, I donít know, well, besides the fact that you're trying to undermine my psychological state, which we both know is fragile. Or is it the fact that my baby hasnít slept through the night since you kidnapped us?

Nash: Here we go.

Jessica: Hmm.

Nash: I am really sorry.

Jessica: Itís not just you.

Nash: Then what is it?

Hugh: Bo, I got to say I am really glad that you're back in the office. I never doubted for one second that you were set up.

Bo: I know you didnít, Hugh, and that mea a lot.

Hugh: Good.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: Sir?

Hugh: Oh. I got to go. Antonio, I look forward to working with you.

Bo: Have a seat. What can I do for you?

Antonio: Well, I was talking to some of the guys and I understand there -- thereís an opening in vice.

Bo: Vice -- yeah. Any particular reason that you'd like to work at vice?

Antonio: Well, you know why -- that bastard who molested Jessica.

Bo: Antonio, Norman Leeds is dead.

Antonio: Yeah, but thereís still a possibility that what he did could ruin her life.

Kelly: Oh, thank God. Thank God. This is insanity.

Hugh: Whatís going on?

Kelly: They had me arrested! They pulled me over. I was on my way to the airport and they say I had a taillight out -- so what? And the best part is this guy -- this guy says he has to run me in.

Officer: Look, sheís all yours.

Kelly: What -- what does he mean? Do you know why I was arrested?

Hugh: Yeah. Because I asked them to arrest you.

Kelly: Huh.

Jessica: Antonio has decided to rejoin the police force.

Nash: Wow.

Jessica: You donít sound very surprised.

Nash: You told him itís crazy, right?

Jessica: No.

Nash: Why not?

Jessica: Because he has not been really happy since he left the job.

Nash: And were you happy when he was on the job before?

Jessica: I guess so. I -- I donít know. I just -- ever since everythingís happened, I just donít feel lucky anymore and if anything ever happened to him, I -- I just donít want to raise Bree alone.

Nash: You will never have to raise Bree alone, no matter what.

Jessica: I know. I --

Nash: Never.

Jessica: I know that. You know, I just thought that we were over the rocky patch, you know? I thought that things were going to be normal again, as normal as they can be when you have D.I.D. but now, you know, heís -- wants to be a cop again and I'm going to be terrified every single time he walks out that door.

Nash: Well, maybe you should tell him exactly that.

Jessica: He has to do what makes him happy.

Nash: Well, it would make us happy if you would come with us to the park. You think you could do that without suspecting me of some kind of an ulterior motive?

Jessica: You know, are you sure? Itís your time alone with the baby.

Nash: Itís just a walk in the park with --

[Bree coughs and cries]

Nash: With the baby we both love. Thatís all.

Jessica: Ok. I'll just go get my stuff.

Nash: Ok. Yes, yes. Mommyís going to come. Mommyís going to come. Mommy, mommy, mommyís going to come.

Vincent: Really, it is a pleasure to see you again, Ms. Williamson, and to know at this time that you can see me, too.

Evangeline: Whereís your bodyguard -- out in the car?

Vincent: As a matter of fact, he is. Do you need something?

Evangeline: This is the reason why you wanted to take me out to breakfast -- so I wouldnít see who you had stashed in the bedroom? My God, Layla, thatís my bed.

Layla: Look, itís not like that at all.

Vincent: Excuse me. I just got here this morning, I didnít spend the night.

Evangeline: Oh, that makes me feel so much better.

Layla: Well, will you just listen?

Evangeline: I'm all ears.

Layla: My computer crashed and I asked Vincent to help me save some files from my hard drive. And we didnít sleep together. So welcome home, ok?

Evangeline: Since when are you a computer consultant?

Vincent: Since I minored in it in college.

Evangeline: College.

Todd: I think heís telling the truth.

Evangeline: How would you know?

Todd: I just know. But even if he wasnít, they are adults, arenít they?

Evangeline: Thatís not the point, Todd. I couldnít stop Vincent from buying out Cristianís fight contract, but I can keep him from messing with my sister.

Todd: Well, I donít think you have much to say about it, do you?

Evangeline: I wouldnít be so sure about that.

Todd: Can I give you a word of advice? I think you should just let it go.

Evangeline: Are you lecturing me?

Todd: No, no -- just being your friend. Is that all right?

Evangeline: Are you really being my friend, or is there something more?

Todd: What if there is?

Jessica: I know that you want to be a full-time father and I know how much you wanted to raise your daughter with Tess.

Nash: With a mommy like Tess, thereís no way she'd grow up to be one of those prissy little girls who tattle on their friends.

Jessica: I am not going to let Bree turn out to be one of those girls.

Nash: Good. Thatís good.

Jessica: Sheís going to know you. I'll make sure of that.

Nash: Thank you.

Jessica: Although, I do think she might sleep throughout your entire visit.

Nash: Itís ok. I'm not going to wake her up just so I can play daddy.

Jessica: I believe that you do want the best for her.

Nash: I just canít wait to see who sheís going to grow up to be.

Jessica: Sometimes I wish you could teach me about Tess.

Nash: You do?

Jessica: Why are you looking at me like that?

Bo: Antonio, itís not a good idea to use the job to work on a personal vendetta. Now, you know that.

Antonio: Well, like you already said -- Leeds is dead.

Bo: But you'd still like to beat the daylights out of somebody.

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: Yeah -- you know what? I think one of the frustrating things about a case like this is that a lot of times the perp turns out to be old, feeble, maybe even dead by the time that the victim is able to tell the entire story of what really happened. And when I think about what -- what this pervert did to Jessica, I'd like to take somebody in a back room and --

Antonio: Beat the daylights out of him.

Bo: Exactly. But we canít, Antonio.

Antonio: No, but what we can do is stop any more perverts from watching those tapes.

Bo: And we're working on that. We have been for months.

Antonio: Right, well, I -- I ran a background check, see if he had any aliases or shell companies.

Bo: No, Leeds was strictly low-tech. I mean, that was before there was an Internet so it was like a back door kind of an operation. Those tapes were -- were moved hand-to-hand.

Antonio: I understand, but, Bo, I need to get every single last one of those tapes. Jessica has worked really hard on getting her life back and I donít want anything out there that could sabotage it.

Kelly: You had me arrested?

Hugh: It wonít go on your permanent record or anything.

Kelly: Oh, thank you. Thanks! Do you have any idea what itís like to be dragged out of your car and have to sit in the back of a squad car?

Hugh: I'm sorry about that.

Kelly: If this is your idea of a joke, really, really not funny.

Hugh: No, I know that.

Kelly: I -- look, look. These are my bags, Hugh. I was on my way to the airport when I got pulled over. I had just made a huge, agonizing decision, and you know what? The only thing you have going for you when you make a decision like that is momentum. Now, my momentum is totally shot thanks to you. I've missed my plane, I'm still here. I was trying to leave this town.

Hugh: I know you were. Thatís why I told the officers to use any excuse to stop you.

Kelly: Why?

Hugh: Because I think you leaving town would be a huge mistake.

Kelly: Well, just who the hell do you think you are?

Hugh: I thought I was your friend.

Kelly: You know, I could have you fired for this.

Antonio: Hey, whatís going on out here?

Todd: Maybe I should explain.

Evangeline: I think you should.

Todd: A year ago, I thought I had everything I ever wanted. I thought that Blair and I were going to be together forever and, you know, we had these two great kids and all the money in the world and suddenly Asa brings Margaret Cochran back to Llanview, sheís pregnant with my child and -- well, you know that story, donít you?

Evangeline: Well, whatís -- whatís your point?

Todd: That you were blind and now you're not, but I donít see you being very happy about it. You come home and the first thing you do is get worked up about your sister dating someone you donít approve of.

Evangeline: You know, as much as I do it to you, I really donít like being lectured.

Todd: Well, I just -- ok. I'm not trying to lecture you. I just donít want you to make the kind of mistakes that I make all the time. I donít want you to push your friends and family away and drive yourself crazy about these kinds of things.

Evangeline: That guy is connected, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, and you know the more you object to him, the more sheís going to want to be with him.

Evangeline: Yeah, I hate that part.

Todd: I mean, he hasnít hurt her or anything, has he?

Evangeline: Not yet.

Todd: Ok, now, there you go -- you're looking for stuff to be upset about. You should be -- you should be ecstatic. You should be, you know, appreciating everything, enjoying the mess, enjoying your sister and her -- her -- you know, her backwards boyfriend.

Evangeline: Huh.

Todd: Because we both know it could be taken away from us at any minute, right? And maybe you're right -- maybe I should just butt out and say whatever and walk away, but I care about you too much.

Evangeline: Is that all?

Todd: No. Um -- one other thing.

Evangeline: I canít wait.

Todd: Would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?

Evangeline: A date? Are you serious?

Todd: Yeah. I'd like to take you to that hospital bash at The Palace tonight.

Evangeline: I'm seeing Cristian. You know that.

Todd: Yeah, I know. No, no, itís -- isnít he training for a fight? He canít -- he canít party, he canít drink. You and I -- man, we need to party, hard.

Evangeline: Todd, the reason I didnít call Cristian to bring me home from the hospital is because I wanted to surprise him tonight.

Todd: Well, can you -- can you surprise him tomorrow? You know thereís going to be a lot of prominent people from the community there. He'll understand. You're a prominent person in this community and, you know, we should -- we should let people see, you know, your new vision, and you should jump-start your career.

Evangeline: You're not worried about jump-starting my career. You're thinking that Blair is undoubtedly going to be there with Spencer.

Todd: Oh.

Evangeline: All right. I'll go.

Todd: You will?

Evangeline: Yeah. I mean, you are the man that found the doctor that gave me back my sight.

Todd: I am the man.

Evangeline: And going to a gala isnít Cristianís idea of a good time, so --

Todd: Heís not the man.

Evangeline: Todd. In spite of the fact that you are a pain in the ass -- You are my friend, my very good friend.

Todd: Great. Wear something really sexy.

Evangeline: I'll do my best.

Todd: Oh, hey, I got a couple of extra tickets. Why donít you invite your sister and Don Corleone?

Evangeline: Why would I want to do that?

Todd: I donít know. Just to prove to her that you know sheís a big gal and that you're sorry for giving her a hard time earlier.

Evangeline: I donít want to spend my evening with a guy like him.

Todd: A guy like him? Cristian killed a guy, and I -- look at me, I've forgotten more about being evil than -- than that cat'll ever know. You like hanging out with me, I know that.

Evangeline: Thatís totally different.

Todd: No. You gave yourself a chance to know me, give yourself a chance to know Vincent.

Layla: Hmm. He has a point, Vange.

Evangeline: Todd? Listen. I didnít expect him to be here at this hour and so I jumped to the wrong conclusion. I apologize, to both of you.

Layla: Apology accepted.

Vincent: Itís not necessary. Sheís looking out for you and I can respect that.

Evangeline: Ok. Well, since I'm going to go out on my first night out of the hospital, i am going to get some rest.

Layla: Come on. I'll help you get settled in.

Evangeline: Ok.

Todd: Bye. Ahem. So, howís business?

Vincent: Good. Thanks.

Todd: What business are you in exactly?

Vincent: I'm a speculator.

Todd: Ah.

Vincent: I like to keep a wide range of possibilities.

Todd: Cool, cool. So you're diversified. So, in any of your speculating, did you ever come across a guy named Spencer Truman?

Antonio: I could hear the two of you in Boís office.

Hugh: Great. This is personal.

Kelly: The hell it is. He had me arrested to keep me from leaving Llanview.

Antonio: That true?

Hugh: Look, you donít understand the situation.

Antonio: All right. Well, why donít you let me give it a shot, then? Sheís a friend. Do you mind?

Hugh: Go ahead.

Antonio: All right. Come on. Ok, you want to tell me whatís going on?

Kelly: I'm trying to leave town and I donít need any self-appointed big brother telling me I donít know what I'm doing.

Antonio: You mind telling me where you're going and how long you're going to be gone?

Kelly: I donít know. I canít say because -- I just canít be here.

Antonio: Look, Kelly, I know you're pregnant.

Kelly: How do you know that?

Antonio: Kevin, he told Jessica. Jessica told me.

Kelly: Oh, God, heís telling people?

Antonio: Itís his little sister and she cares about you. We both do.

Kelly: So I guess you know itís Dukeís baby.

Antonio: Yeah.

Kelly: So now you know why I canít stay here. In a few weeks, I'm going to start showing. Everyoneís going to know what I did and it -- I -- I just canít be here because no matter how much people try to be diplomatic, I'm going to know what they're thinking of me.

Antonio: Kelly --

Kelly: No, Antonio, I have to go someplace where no one knows me. I have to be anonymous for a while. I mean -- you can explain that to Jessica, right?

Antonio: Yes. I could also explain it to that clown in there if you'd like.

Kelly: No, you donít have to do that.

Antonio: You sure?

Kelly: Yeah, yeah. I'll take care of it.

Antonio: Ok. You know, sometimes people do things they regret. It doesnít necessarily mean they're bad people.

Kelly: Thanks for saying that. Means a lot.

Antonio: Look, whenever you get wherever you're going, anything you need, anything at all, you know where I am.

Kelly: Thanks.

Hugh: Am I headed for the disciplinary committee?

Kelly: No, I told Antonio that I would handle this.

Hugh: Look --

Kelly: No, just --

Hugh: Kelly, I --

Kelly: Answer one question for me. This stunt that you pulled -- does it have anything to do with what happened the other night when we -- almost kissed?

Hugh: No.

Kelly: You better mean that because I'm not planning on getting involved with anyone for a -- a really, really long time.

Hugh: I know that and I'm not after you. But I do care about you and I -- I did this because -- because you're pregnant and you're leaving everything you know.

Kelly: Thatís the point.

Hugh: So, what, you're just going to -- just going to go to some random town and pack up a couple of suitcases and you think itís going to solve everything?

Kelly: I think it will help, yeah.

Hugh: Whoís going to take care of you?

Kelly: Hugh, I'm pregnant. I'm not terminally ill. And if I go somewhere where I'm not around all the people that I've hurt, I might actually have a chance to enjoy being pregnant and be happy about this baby

Hugh: What about after the babyís born?

Kelly: Oh. I donít know what I'm doing tonight, much less six months from now. I do know one thing -- I'm leaving town.

Hugh: You canít leave.

Kelly: I -- you canít stop me.

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: You called Kevin? How dare you.

Kevin: Whatís going on? What are you guys talking about?

Bo: You sure Kellyís all right?

Antonio: Eh, you know, I'm not at liberty to talk about it.

Bo: All right. Then letís talk about whether or not I let you follow up on those tapes.

Antonio: Well, I got to do something.

Bo: Yeah, but, Antonio, you canít take on the entire child-porn industry by yourself.

Antonio: I know that.

Bo: And you've been suspended in the past for letting your feelings get in the way.

Antonio: Look, Bo, I got to be able to look Jessica in the eye and tell her that all those tapes are gone and the creeps who sell them. All right, I -- I canít let my daughters find out what their mother went through. I --

Bo: I got that. And I like hearing you refer to the baby like sheís your own.

Antonio: Well, she is mine, no matter what Nash says.

Nash: I'm sorry I'm staring. Itís just --

Jessica: Just because I'm curious about Tess does not mean I'm going to turn into her.

Nash: Right. I know that. You have made that very clear.

Jessica: I just -- you know, I shouldnít have come. I just should've let you take Bree home like we agreed.

Nash: Well, we cannot keep avoiding each other forever.

Jessica: I know that you look at me and miss Tess.

Nash: Yeah, I do, I miss Tess. But I also wonder what it would be like if I was the guy in your life with Brennan.

Jessica: You wonder what it would be like to be with me?

Nash: We made a baby together. And even if you donít remember that, I do. What?

Jessica: Nothing.

Nash: Come on, give it to me.

Jessica: Ok. Dr. Jamison said that Tess' memories would soon be mine and itís starting to happen.

Nash: What are you remembering?

Jessica: Us. Together. I remember making love to you.

Nash: But you said you werenít remembering anything.

Jessica: I think -- they just started to come back to me. Dr. Jamison said that it must've been our time in New York together that triggered the memories.

Nash: And why are you telling me this?

Jessica: I donít know. I just thought that maybe it would make you feel better if you knew that you werenít the only one that remembered that time.

Nash: Wow, this is weird.

Jessica: Yeah. It is. But, you know, even after remembering those things, I -- it didnít change my feelings for Antonio at all. Heís still the man that I love.

Nash: I know that. But what I donít know is, where does this leave us?

Jessica: I donít know, either.

Vincent: So I'm supposed to give you information on this Spencer guy? Why?

Todd: Because you and I go way back.

Vincent: How you figure?

Todd: Well, you're from Atlantic City, right? I spent a decent amount of time there myself.

Vincent: Oh. Funny, you donít ring a bell.

Todd: Yeah, I was going by Walker Flynn then, and I heard of you.

Vincent: And what did you hear?

Todd: I heard that for certain specialized services, you were the man to go to. And this cat Spencer Truman, he -- he required some of those specialized services at that time.

Vincent: Even if I knew this cat -- and I donít -- why on Godís green earth should I tell you anything?

Todd: Well, I -- I got Laylaís sister off your back, didnít I? And you donít know it yet, but I got you tickets to this big gala at the palace hotel tonight. Itís the cream of Llanview society -- you'll be rubbing shoulders with them -- many of whom I would imagine could be interested in some of your specialized services.

Vincent: Including you?

Todd: Yeah, I'm taking Evangeline.

Vincent: So let me get this straight. While my fighter is out there training for his big bout, you're bird-dogging his woman. What am I supposed to like about that?

Bo: Where did you want to start?

Antonio: I need clearance to the departmentís database for registered sex offenders.

Bo: Norman Leeds was an old man when that law was enacted. I doubt that he ever had to register.

Antonio: All right. Hereís his last known address. Call up the database, type in that address, and see what we get.

Bo: You already know or think you know what I'm about to find?

Antonio: Not for sure.

Bo: Son of a gun.

Antonio: What?

Bo: There are six known sex offenders registered that lived within five miles of Leeds' old house.

Antonio: Sounds like a network, doesnít it?

Bo: Yeah, it does.

Antonio: When did you say I would be reinstated?

Bo: I havenít said yet. Antonio, you canít step on peopleís rights because you want revenge for what happened to Jessica.

Antonio: Norman Leeds got off easy. Can I take a look at the list?

Bo: Did you hear what I just said?

Antonio: Yeah.

Kelly: You had no right to interfere in my personal business.

Hugh: I had to stop you any way that I could.

Kevin: You want to tell me what you two are talking about?

Hugh: Yeah. Kelly will. I seriously hope you'll think about what you're doing.

Kelly: So, how much did they tell you?

Kevin: They told me you'd been arrested.

Kelly: Not really. Hugh just had a couple of cops bring me in so I wouldnít make it to the airport.

Kevin: Why were you going to the airport?

Kelly: I'm leaving town.

Kevin: For how long?

Kelly: For good.

Kevin: Why?

Kelly: Because it seemed better than staying here and watching you try to live with what I've done.

Man: You wouldnít be Dr. Truman, would you?

Spencer: Yes, I would.

Man: Harold Carey.

Spencer: Mr. Carey, thank you for coming on such short notice. I decided just this morning that I needed to resolve this little issue today.

Harold: Oh. Good. I brought a big selection. I'm sure your fiancťe will be very happy.

Jessica: You know, sheís going to wake up soon and want her bottle, so we should really get going.

Nash: You know, I'd like to say something first.

Jessica: What?

Nash: It means a lot to me, you telling me what you're remembering.

Jessica: This is really confusing.

Nash: Uh-huh.

Jessica: Yeah -- To say the least. I -- to be honest with you, I tried to convince myself at first that I had an affair, got pregnant, and then went back to Antonio, but thatís not how it went. The part of me thatís me never left him, never chose you.

Nash: Well, I guess what it comes down to is, what are you going to do with the part of you thatís Tess?

Jessica: I'm with Antonio.

Nash: And I'm with Tess.

Antonio: So until I'm officially reinstated, do you mind if I do some unofficial digging?

Bo: Where are you going to start?

Antonio: Well, how about I start with the perverts club of Magnolia Lane? I mean, they are registered sex offenders.

Bo: Well, if they're trafficking in child pornography, yeah, I want them busted, but this has to be done by the book.

Antonio: Right.

Bo: That being said, itís good to have you back, Antonio. You're a good cop. You always were.

Antonio: Thanks, Bo.

Kevin: Donít you think we should talk about this?

Kelly: Thereís nothing to talk about.

Antonio: Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Antonio: Hey. How you doing, man?

Kevin: Good.

Antonio: Everything all right?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, itís fine.

Antonio: Good. Well, you guys take care of yourselves.

Kevin: Right. All right, that was weird.

Kelly: Well, he knows about the baby.

Kevin: What?

Kelly: Jessica told him.

Kevin: Look, I had to talk to somebody, ok?

Kelly: Itís all right. I donít blame you. I donít blame you for anything.

Kevin: Look, donít leave because of me.

Kelly: I'm not. I'm leaving because of me.

Kevin: Well, where are you going to go?

Kelly: I've got a ticket out we. I donít know when I'm going to be coming back. Thatís all I'm going to say.

Kevin: This is -- well, do you think that you should be traveling right now? I mean, you are pregnant.

Kelly: I feel fine.

Kevin: Well, look, I know Spencer said that you wouldnít have any problem carrying a baby right now, but I just --

Kelly: I saw my obstetrician. I donít have any of the problems that I used to have.

Kevin: Well, thatís good.

Kelly: Kevin, in a few weeks, I'm going to start showing. Everyoneís going to know what happened. Are you really ready for that?

Kevin: I donít know. I just know that itís wrong for you go.

Kelly: If you say that, you have to tell me why. 

Todd: Vince, my relationship with Evangeline is purely friendly. And this loyalty to Cristian that you say you have -- itís based on dollars and cents. I know that. So I wouldnít get in my face about this thing if I were you. Understand?

Vincent: You understand, I donít have the information you're looking for.

Todd: No, but you could get it. You're Vincent Jones.

Vincent: Letís just say I owe you one for squaring things away with baby girlís sister.

Todd: There you go. What? No nap?

Evangeline: I saw my bedroom again for the first time and I thought, I never want to close my eyes again, not even to rest.

Layla: Hey, Evangeline invited us to go with her and Todd to the hospital gala tonight. What do you say?

Vincent: Hmm. I always love an excuse to wear my tux. Hey, how about I take you to that breakfast I promised you? That was the reason why I came here this morning.

Layla: And then I asked him to help with my computer. See? All on the up and up. Letís go.

Evangeline: Bye.

Layla: Bye, babe. Bye, Todd.

Todd: Bye.

Evangeline: She likes him --

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: A lot.

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: And if I were to stay on my high horse, I might've lost my sister, so thanks.

Todd: You're welcome. Thanks for coming with me to the shindig.

Evangeline: My pleasure.

Todd: Can I ask you a personal question?

Evangeline: You can ask.

Todd: Why are there pot holders on the corners of your coffee table?

Evangeline: Because I was hurting myself when I was bumping into them.

Todd: Hmm.

Evangeline: There is an oven mitt --

Todd: Hmm.

Evangeline: On the doorknob in my bathroom.

Todd: Oh, really?

Evangeline: Do you want to help me take all this stuff down?

Todd: Be my pleasure.

Evangeline: Ok.

Todd: Get out of my way.

Harold: You've bought a beautiful stone. Your fiancťe will be speechless.

Spencer: Well, all she has to say is yes.

Kevin: Look, I donít know why. I just -- maybe itís because your familyís here. You know, I donít think you should just run away from this problem.

Kelly: I'm not running away, but I donít want my baby to be the problem.

Kevin: Thatís not what I meant.

Kelly: Kevin --

Kevin: Come on.

Kelly: How am I going to explain to my son or my daughter why everyone in your family winces every time he or she walks in the room?

Kevin: No one in my family, including me, is going to wince when the -- come on, we're not going to take anything out on this baby.

Kelly: Kevin, can you imagine how everyone would be behaving if this was your baby? God, I wish it was your baby. But itís not and itís just a painful reminder of everything you've lost.

Kevin: But it also happens to be the only thing I have left of my son.

Kelly: I just have to figure out how I'm going to explain all this one day, when my child is old enough to find out my deep, dark, nasty secret.

Kevin: The baby isnít due for months. I mean, just give it some time here.

Kelly: A few months is not enough time for you to stop grieving for Duke. Itís not enough time for you to forgive me for what I've done.

Kevin: Look --

Kelly: No. If I had sent Duke away that night, this child never would've been conceived. Maybe you and I would still be together, I donít know, but I didnít send him away and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. And the only thing thatís keeping me from completely losing my mind is concentrating on raising a healthy, happy child who doesnít have to pay for my mistakes.

Kevin: I'm asking you not to go.

Kelly: I have to. I'm sorry.

Hugh: You couldnít stop her, huh?

Jessica: So what are you going to do now?

Nash: Well, I still have our -- ahem -- the winery.

Jessica: You going back to California?

Nash: Try not to sound hopeful.

Jessica: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Nash: Itís all right. No, I donít want to lose the winery, but I want to be a part of Brennanís life. Would it be a problem for you and Antonio if I stuck around?

Jessica: Why would that be a problem?

Nash: Because of what you're remembering.

Jessica: Oh, oh, look, look! Sheís awake.

Nash: Can I?

Jessica: Yes, of course, yes.

Nash: Thank you. Hey. Hey. Oh, yes. Yes, yes. Come on up. Oh, welcome to the big world. What did you dream about? What did you dream about? Ooh. She looks kind of grumpy.

Jessica: Ah, too much talking woke her up, huh?

Nash: You know what I think? I think somebody should count your ribs? Has anybody counted your ribs today?

Jessica: Oh. Ah.

Nash: One little rib, two little ribs.

Jessica: Are you going to smile for your dad, huh?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: Itís Tess' journal.

Nash: You're giving it to me?

John: This stays just between you and me. This is what you're looking for. Good luck.

Rex: If she doesnít know where Adriana is, then this whole thing is even worse than I thought.

Evangeline: I said I would go to the gala with Todd and thatís what I'm going to do.

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