OLTL Transcript Monday 8/14/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/14/06


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Tess' voice: Nash almost makes me forget what happened -- almost. When he says something like, "hey, beautiful," it almost erases the way that freak said it.

Normanís voice: Smile for the camera, beautiful.

Jessica: I remember. I remember. Itís starting.

Nash: Whatís wrong?

Officer: Howís it going?

Antonio: Itís good, good. The commissioner around?

Officer: Yeah, but heís in with someone. Is it important?

Antonio: Yeah, but I can wait. No problem.

Officer: Ok.

Antonio: Thanks, man.

Claudia: So then Antonio grabs this bottle and smashes it over the gun, and it flies. And then he leaps over the bar and pins the guy. Heís like punching him. He knocks the guy out. And then I'm like, "how did you do that?" And heís like, "Claudia, call the police." And I'm like -- well, I mean, you know the rest.

Bo: Wow. Well, thank you for coming in.

Claudia: Of course. Oh, and as long as I'm here, I would like to personally invite you to the big gala tomorrow night at the palace. Um -- we're celebrating the new hospital wing my family donated.

Bo: You know, I'm planning on attending that. I think thatís a very, very generous contribution.

Claudia: Yeah, well, we're just glad to be in the position to do it, and I'm glad that you're coming. I know that you're really busy.

Bo: Yeah, but I always like to make time for people that I have a personal interest in.

Claudia: Me?

Bo: Yes. See, I think we need to talk about my niece Jessica and why you hired Rex Balsom to spy on her.

Woman: Sir? Sir, I just told you, Ms. Lord is in the middle of an important meeting.

Dorian: And didnít I leave strict instructions that I wasnít to be interrupted?

Woman: I am very sorry, Ms. Lord. I'll call security.

Dorian: Donít bother. I'll handle this nuisance myself. Ok, now, say your piece and then leave.

Rex: Just tell me one thing and I'm out of here -- whereís Adriana?

John: Ok. Give me a call as soon as the judge signs off on that warrant. Good. Thanks. Hey.

Natalie: Hey. I was studying at the coffee shop.

John: Thanks.

Natalie: Ooh. Thank you. So, you're in a good mood.

John: Check that out.

Natalie: Whatís this?

John: Trumanís last mistake.

Starr: See, now you guys know what I was talking about. You were acting weird before, but now you're acting right.†

John: You see this? You see this engraving on the gun box?

Natalie: "N. Truman"?

John: Spencerís father. I ran his name through the system. Found out Spencer keeps a safety deposit box in his fatherís name. I'll bet anything the gun that killed my old man is in there.

Natalie: So thatís why you need the warrant.

John: Yeah. Well, I'm not getting my hopes up. Judge is going to need more than probable, but at least itís a start. I know where to look now.

Natalie: Thatís wonderful.

John: Something wrong?

Natalie: No, I'm fine.

John: No, donít do that. What is it?

Natalie: Itís just that I wish I could help you with Spencer, but I'm not going to be able to help catch anybody any time soon.

John: Why not?

Natalie: Because I'm about to fail out of the forensics program.

Todd: Itís cool. We're just a little off, thatís all.

Blair: We were worried about you.

Starr: Look, I'm ok. I just bumped my head and swallowed a little bit of water. I'll be able to sleep it off.

Todd: Yeah, well, the doctors want to make sure, so we have to run a few tests and have a little CT scan.

Starr: Whatís a CT scan?

Todd: Oh, itís really nothing. Itís no big deal. It doesnít hurt at all. But if you'd like, your mom and I can be there for you the whole time.

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: I'm going to go check on the doctor.

Todd: Yeah, I'm going to do that, too, sweetheart. Hang tight, ok? Be right back. What are you doing? Are we going to see the doctor?

Blair: You know what? The test -- not going to know anything until they do the CT anyway.

Todd: So you lied to her?

Blair: Well, I thought if I stayed in there one more minute, she was going to see right through me.

Rex: Where is Adriana?

Dorian: Adriana ran away from you, so why should I disclose her whereabouts to the man from whom she is fleeing?

Rex: The only reason she ran off is because she thinks that I'm --

Dorian: Thinks what? What? What does she think? What did you do that frightened her so much?

Rex: She thinks that I'm the stalker.

Dorian: Oh.

Claudia: Next time I hire a PI, I'll have to make sure heís more discreet.

Bo: Well, at least you admit that you hired Balsom. You know, usually, this is where I start getting the runaround in this kind of situation.

Claudia: Well, I'm glad to be the exception.

Bo: So why did you have my niece investigated?

Claudia: It was Nash. When I heard he moved to Llanview, I -- I was sure that he'd conned everyone into thinking that he was the second coming, so I wanted to expose him before he hurt someone. So I decided to check out the people heís connected to.

Bo: What did you find out?

Claudia: Enough to back off.

Bo: You know, I'm surprised you gave up so easily, though.

Claudia: Thereís a child involved, and Nash seems to have changed.

Bo: Well, I'm just glad to hear that you're planning on steering clear.

Claudia: Well, I mean, itís not like I'm going anywhere. I mean, Nash and I are trying to work out our friendship. And so -- I would like to be there for him, you know, if he needs me.

Bo: If you want to be his friend, give him some space. Just let him focus on the baby and on Jessica getting better, because thatís what we all want. Right?

Claudia: Of course. I mean, nobody in their right mind wants Tess to come back.

Jessica: What are you doing here?

Nash: You said that I could come and visit my Brennan today. Come on.

Jessica: Ok, sorry. I forgot. Come in. Come in.

Nash: Hey. Shh. You know, I donít think I'm going to be able to call her "Bree."

Jessica: Sheís your daughter. You can do whatever you feel is right.

Nash: Yeah. Doesnít stuff like that confuse kids?

Jessica: God, this place is such a mess.

Nash: Oh, I hadnít noticed. Whatís this?

Normanís voice: Smile for the camera, beautiful.

Jessica: Itís nothing, nothing. Itís mine. Why is this place such a sty?

Nash: Because you got two kids living here.

Jessica: Yeah, but still --

Nash: Jessica, has something happened?

Jessica: No, I'm just -- I'm really busy, ok? Maybe you can come back later.

Nash: I donít -- I donít think so. Why donít you tell me whatís happened?

Jessica: Nothing has happened. I just want to get this mess cleaned up.

Nash: Forget about the mess. Tell me whatís wrong.

Jessica: No.

Nash: I know you better than that.

Jessica: You donít know me at all, Nash.

Nash: I know you well enough to know when somethingís wrong. Come on. Why donít you tell me? Maybe I can help.

Jessica: You canít.

Nash: Well, how do you know I canít help if you donít tell me? Please.

Jessica: I had a memory, a flash of what that guy did to me.

Dorian: Adriana thinks that you are her stalker?

Rex: Yeah, but I'm not. Itís a huge mistake.

Dorian: I donít understand. She says sheís in love with you, so how did things get so turned around that sheís now convinced that you are the man whoís terrorizing her?

Rex: The details can wait. Right now, we need to talk to her, make sure sheís ok.

Dorian: My daughter is a rational young woman. She wouldnít have run away from you unless there was good reason.

Rex: She found something on my computer, some emails from the stalker.

Dorian: So she was on to something.

Rex: No, itís not true. I didnít write those emails, and I didnít send them, either.

Dorian: How did they get on your computer?

Rex: I donít know. Somebody must've hacked in and uploaded them.

Dorian: Oh! Yeah, sure. You're being framed.

Rex: Yes!

Dorian: Ha. Well, whoever it is certainly did a very good job for Adriana to run away from you in the middle of the night, the man she says she loves, believes in. The man, for heavenís sakes, that she trusted with her life.

Rex: Thatís not the way it was.

Dorian: Oh. Well, itís the way Adriana sees it, and forgive me, but I'm going to take my daughterís word over yours.

Rex: Are you calling her?

Dorian: No, I'm going to call the police, have you arrested so my daughter can come home.

Rexís voice: Stop! Listen to me!

Adrianaís voice: I donít want to hear any more of your lies, Rex!

Adriana: I -- I got to call my mom, tell her what Rex did to me.

Bruce: Rex wasnít stalking you.

Adriana: What?

Bruce: And he didnít set it up to make it look like anyone was.

Adriana: What?

Bruce: Rex didnít do any of this to you, Adriana. It was me.

Adriana: I have to get out of here.

Natalie: My practice test -- more like a massacre.

John: Well, 73, thatís not too bad.

Natalie: It is for me.

John: I didnít know you were such an overachiever.

Natalie: You know, I just donít even want to do this if I canít be the best. You know, uncle Boís the one who gave me this shot, and I owe it to him to at least be at the top of my class. But how could I do that when thereís so many things on this test that I donít even get? You know, I missed important classes when we were in Thailand, and I just donít think thereís enough time before the exam to make them up.

John: Sit down. I got some time while I'm waiting for this warrant. Maybe I can help.

Blair: If I had just been home instead of with Spencer, none of this would've happened.

Todd: Yeah. You know, Blair, if you'd like to stand out here and beat yourself up over being with Spencer, I'm not going to stop you. But I got to tell you, your timing is just despicable. You're out here feeling sorry for yourself while our daughter is in ICU, do you really think this is going to help her?

Blair: No, I donít. I'll go back in there.

Todd: No, wait a minute. We got to get our stories straight --

Blair: We had our stories straight before --

Todd: Yeah, before you bolted out! You said it yourself. I mean, sheís going to see right through you. And she wants us to be in love like we were before, like we were a year ago. And I just donít think I'm capable of that big a lie.

Blair: I think we can pull it off, Todd. We're both pretty good liars, wouldnít you say? In fact, I think we're experts.

Todd: I donít think we can pull it off. I think you got Dr. Love skulking around, protecting his property --

Blair: Ok, you know what? I'm not going to stand here and argue with you, because this is about Starr. She believes that, so we got half the battle won there.

Todd: Sheís smarter than you, sheís smarter than me. When the fog clears, sheís going to figure you out.

Blair: You heard Spencer. We canít upset her, so we'll just play along. Just pretend that we're engaged.

Todd: And what about Spencer?

Blair: What about him? I'll tell him. He'll play along for Starrís sake.

Todd: And what about you? You going to be able to control yourself?

Blair: From what?

Todd: From your hands all over him. You canít keep your hands off him. Itís obvious you love him. You going to be able to keep yourself from jumping on him when he comes in the room?

Blair: I think I can do it for Starr. No matter what I feel for Spencer, I did love you for a very, very long time. I think I can remember what that feels like. In fact, we both felt it when we kissed. Starr saw it. We both did.

Nash: I donít know what to say.

Jessica: Thereís nothing to say.

Nash: I thought this was what you were working towards, you know, the memories.

Jessica: I want to be well, but I want this to be over. I want to have a normal life with my daughter. I want to not be afraid all the time.

Nash: You know, for someone scared, you sure hide it pretty well.

Jessica: Really?

Nash: Yeah. You seem strong to me.

Jessica: Well, I'm not. I try to be, but I canít.

Nash: You know, if this is so scary for you, if itís too much, you could let Tess out, let her handle it for you.

Antonio: Itís good to see you back at work.

Bo: Oh, thank you, Antonio. Have a seat. Itís good to be back.

Antonio: So I saw Claudia on the way out. She seem ok to you?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. She said that you saved her life.

Antonio: Well, I wouldnít go that far.

Bo: Well, according to this report here, you handled that perp pretty easily.

Antonio: Well, it was instinct. It seemed like all my training just came back to me as if I never left the job.

Bo: Felt good, huh?

Antonio: Yeah.

Bo: You know, I wish that all my people out there had your intuition.

Antonio: Well, actually, thatís why I'm here. I've been thinking a lot about my time in the department.

Bo: And?

Antonio: And I was wondering what my odds are of getting my badge back. I'd like to be a cop again.

Rex: I already called Bo. He believes me.

Dorian: Oh, I'm sure he does after all the lies you probably told him, but I'll straighten him out.

Rex: Uh-uh.

Dorian: How dare you! Get your hands off.

Rex: I donít have time for this, lady! I'm worried about Adriana. Now, you obviously have some idea where she is, otherwise you'd be freaking out, too. So why donít you call her, make sure sheís ok, and I'm out of here.

Dorian: And why should I do anything for you?

Rex: Itís for your daughter. Arenít you the least bit worried that Adriana could be out there somewhere alone and scared or somewhere the stalker can find her? You lose it if Adriana goes for a drive without telling you. Do you want her to be scared of me? Is that what you want, Adriana scared of me?

Bruce: Going somewhere?

Jessica: You are unbelievable. You promised me that you would not try to bring Tess back out. And donít tell me that you were not just trying to coax her out right now.

Nash: You're remembering part of why you created Tess, and you didnít need her. I'm sorry, but that scares me. Because you're having those memories, and you donít need her, then what does that mean about Tess? How much of her is left? It scares me that the woman I love may be dying.

Jessica: I think you should go.

Nash: I'm not going to leave you like this.

Jessica: I canít be around you right now, Nash. Just please go.

Normanís voice: Smile for the camera, beautiful.

Nash: You're having a crisis. You're strong, but you need help, and we're going to go get it for you.

Antonio: I -- I miss being a cop. I mean, I -- you know, I got money, I got a club, I'm taking care of my family, but thereís something missing. And this -- this nightmare that Jessicaís going through is giving me some perspective. You know, I -- itís killing me to watch her go through what sheís going through and not being able to do anything about it except sit by her side. Now, sheís going through a lot of pain, and thereís nothing I can do about that because itís too late. But I can protect other children from dirtbag perverts like Norman Leeds. And the best way to do that is to be what I was born to be -- a cop.

Bo: Well, Antonio, this department doesnít have a -- a revolving door. I asked you to stay two years ago.

Antonio: I made a mistake. I lost my way. But I'm back. I know that -- that I can help. I -- I need to protect my daughters. They canít protect themselves. Just like Jessica couldnít. Bo, please. I need to do this. Look, I -- I know I let you down before. But I promise you, if you give me a chance, you wonít be sorry. Is that my old badge?

Bo: Yeah, I never really got around to officially retiring it. So itís yours, if you want it.

Antonio: Thanks. But I canít. Not yet. Not until I talk to one more person.

Bo: Fair enough. Just get it done, ok? We need you here.

Antonio: Thanks again, commissioner.

Bo: Sure.

Antonio: [Phone rings] Yeah?

Nash: Itís Nash. You need to get to the hospital quickly. Itís Jessica.

John: You're right. The shell casing at the crime scene is a 9 millimeter.

Natalie: Except for, according to ballistics, the striping on the casing does not match what a 9 millimeter would leave.

John: Itís a trick question. Some guns can be re-tooled to fire bullets that donít match the caliber. A smart perp would do it to have us looking for the wrong gun.

Natalie: Great. Trick questions on top of everything else. Fabulous.

John: Well, sometimes when you're in the field, you got to think outside the box. Never assume anything.

Natalie: Great. Well, thank you.

John: Wait, we're not done yet.

Natalie: Look, I can handle the rest on my own. Itís ok.

John: You donít want help?

Natalie: No. No, I mean, I -- I appreciate it and all, but I know you're busy.

John: Look, I cleared my schedule while I wait for this warrant, so -- um -- I got time. I'm curious, though -- why didnít -- why didnít you ever come to me before for help?

Natalie: I just -- I wanted to do it on my own. I felt I had to.

John: Do it on your own? Sounds vaguely familiar.

Natalie: Coincidence that we're together?

John: Excuse me. [Phone rings] McBain. Yeah, did you get the warrant?

Langston: Mr. Manning, hi.

Todd: Hi.

Langston: Howís Starr? Is she all right?

Todd: Well, sheís awake. I'm sure she'd like to see you.

Spencer: You'll have to come back later. Itís time for Starrís CT.

Langston: Ok. Sure, I'll hang.

Todd: I'll get the nurse and take her down there myself. I remember it well. I was here taking some tests myself after I died. Are you coming?

Spencer: I need to talk to you first, if you donít mind.

Blair: Ok. I'll -- I'll catch up with you later.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: Yeah, I know -- I'll stick to what we said.

Blair: We have a lot to talk about.

Spencer: Yes, we do. First, we're going to discuss Starrís treatment, and then you're going to be honest with me and tell me if you're leaving me and going back with Todd.

Rex: Do you want Adriana scared of me?

Dorian: You've already achieved that on your own. You are the man who has been stalking my daughter.

Rex: You're a smart woman, Dorian. If I was stalking Adriana and she found out about it and escaped, do you really think I would come back here to talk to you about it? I'd be in Tijuana by now, or making damn sure Adriana never made it back to rat me out.

Dorian: You're a sociopath. Thereís no telling what you would do.

Rex: I'd never hurt Adriana. Now, I know you have never thought I was rich enough or good enough for your daughter, you did everything to break us up, but nothing worked, did it? You couldnít even succeed at making me look like a junkie.

Dorian: Oh, please. Donít you dare try to blame me for your degenerate habits.

Rex: You did everything you could to rip us apart, and all you had to do was scare your daughter to death. You set this up from the start, didnít you? Thereís no stalker. Thereís only mommy dearest.

Bruce: Take it easy. Just take it easy. Would you calm down? I'm not going to hurt you. Agh! Agh, you little bitch!

Rex: You did this, didnít you? You set up the whole thing. You had Adriana stalked and me framed for it.

Dorian: Oh --

Rex: Someone always knew where we'd be every time we got a message from that psycho.

Dorian: You always knew where you'd be.

Rex: He came after us more than once at your house. Someone had to have known how to get past security.

Dorian: You also had that information.

Rex: He tried to drown me. Adriana was a witness.

Dorian: You hired somebody so you could throw suspicion off yourself. Oh, come on. You're trash. Just admit it. And you're right to have such a low opinion of yourself. How could you possibly hold on to a girl like Adriana without trying to make yourself into a hero? It didnít work, though, because there is not one heroic bone in your pathetic money-grubbing body!

Rex: You did this, and I can prove it.

Bruce: Look, I donít want to hurt you, but you're making it very hard. Ow -- come here. Give me that. Give out here.

Adriana: Ok, I'm sorry! I wonít fight you anymore, I promise!

Bruce: Good decision, but better safe than sorry. You're scared, and I donít blame you. But, really, everythingís going to be ok.

Adriana: Where are we?

Bruce: We're taking a trip. Had a little engine trouble, but itís fine now. So we can be on our way. Settle in. We still got a ways to go.

Nash: All right, I'll take Brennan -- Bree -- to the nursery and find Dr. Jamison. Antonio should be here any minute.

Jessica: Ok, thank you.

Nash: Ok.

Claudia: I see things are going well between you and Nash.

Jessica: What do you care, Claudia? I thought you were over him.

Claudia: We are friends. Um -- do you have a problem with that? Because I was under the impression that things were over between you and Nash.

Jessica: Well, Nash and I were never anything in the first place.

Natalie: No warrant?

John: Not enough probable cause.

Natalie: Well, do you have a backup plan?

John: No. No, I do not. All I know is we get the box, we get the gun. We get the gun, we get Truman. We canít get the box without more evidence.

Natalie: Ok, you were able to find out about the safety deposit box because of the picture Blair gave you, right?

John: Yeah. Why? Uh-uh, no way.

Natalie: John, if I were you, I would forget about the warrant. If you want to know whatís in that box, get Blair to help you.

Blair: Look, Spencer, Todd and I are not getting back together.

Spencer: Is that why you two were smooching it up in here like that, hmm?

Blair: You know, we were doing that for Starr. Ever since she came to, sheís lost, like, a year and a half of her life. She thinks Todd and I are still engaged, and until we know whatís wrong, I think itís best if we donít contradict that.

Spencer: Well, it looked pretty convincing to me. How long you plan on keeping up this little charade, Blair?

Blair: Well, itís only temporary, and I hate lying to Starr like that. And jack, he -- of course, heís not going to understand any of it, and I donít expect the people of Llanview to go along.

Spencer: No, no, no. Couldnít have that. See, the thing is about pretending -- it could very well lead to something else.

Blair: What?

Spencer: You and Todd love Starr, I get that, but this is just the kind of crisis to bring you two back together. Now, you be honest with me. That is a possibility, is it not?

Blair: No. Spencer, no. I love you. I mean, you have to believe that.

Claudia: I donít know how you and I got to be so at odds. I am not out to get anyone, certainly not you.

Jessica: Look -- ok, I'm sorry. I'm having a rough day, and I didnít mean to take it out on you, ok?

Claudia: Apology accepted. I know all about rough days -- huh -- and the best remedy is getting out and being social. You know, the hospitalís throwing a party tomorrow night to celebrate the new wing my family donated. Why donít you come? Get your mind off things?

Jessica: Honestly, Claudia, I'd rather eat broken glass, but thanks.

Antonio: Jess?

Jessica: Oh, hey.

Antonio: You ok?

Jessica: Yeah, I'm -- I'm ok. Everythingís fine. I --

Nash: Dr. Jamisonís ready to see you.

Jessica: Could you walk me to his office? I'll explain on the way.

Antonio: Ok.

Jessica: Thank you. Uh -- thank you.

Claudia: Hey.

Nash: Hey.

Claudia: Want to talk about it?

Nash: Nope.

Claudia: Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

John: Blair shouldnít have gotten involved with this in the first place.

Natalie: But, John, sheís already come through for you.

John: No. Sheís distracted now -- manning, a kid in the hospital, juggling all the lies. Sheís going to screw up, sheís going to get herself killed.

Natalie: All the more reason for you to jump on this because Blair is going to go after Spencer whether you help her or not.

John: No, and you know what sheís doing? Sheís putting her life at risk.

Natalie: Look, Blairís not a cop. She doesnít have to have a warrant to get into that safety deposit box, and this is a 25-year cold case. The way I see it, this is probably the last piece of evidence. Blair could help you get it.

John: Nah. [Phone rings] McBain.

Bo: Hey, John, itís Bo.

John: Hey, whatís up, Bo?

Bo: I was just about to take off. I want to return that picture that Blair stole before Truman misses it.

John: Good luck.

Bo: Yeah, you know what? I heard that we struck out with that search warrant, but I donít want you to worry. We're going to nail Truman.

John: Yeah, we will.

Blair: Spencer --

Spencer: Shh, itís all right. You know I love you, too, donít you?

Todd: Want to join us, honey?

Blair: Uh -- yeah, be right there.

Spencer: I'll go check on Starrís results, ok? Donít you worry.

Blair: Thanks.

Spencer: All right.

Blair: That wasnít so bad, was it, baby girl?

Starr: Dad was right, it didnít even hurt.

Blair: Yeah. Could I have a word with you, Todd? Daddy and I will be right outside, ok?

Langston: Can I see Starr now?

Todd: Uh -- yeah, I guess thatís ok, but donít do or say anything to upset her. Sheís a little mixed up right now.

Blair: She has amnesia.

Langston: No way.

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, she doesnít remember anything. She doesnít remember Margaret, the quarry, or --

Langston: Are you serious?

Blair: Why would he make something like that up?

Langston: I'm sorry. Itís just amnesia is so random.

Blair: Yes, it is, and she still thinks that her father and I are back together. So donít go in there and say anything that would upset her, all right?

Langston: I got it.

Blair: Ok.

Langston: No worries, Ms. Cramer -- or should I say Mrs. Manning?

Todd: You know, Blair, what Starr and I walked in on was exactly what you and I said she shouldnít see. Itís amazing to me that you're more concerned about being with your boyfriend than our daughter who may have brain damage. I mean, you just make me sick.

Langston: Starr, I'm sorry. I never should have dared you to jump off that ledge. You wouldnít be here if it werenít for me.

Starr: What are you talking about? I donít even know you.

Blair: Is that Starrís results?

Spencer: Yeah, itís --

Blair: Well, what is it? Whatís wrong?

Spencer: Well, this is her CT scan, and according to this, thereís absolutely nothing wrong with her.

Langston: Your parents werenít kidding. You really have amnesia.

Starr: Langston, no, I donít. I'm faking it.

Bruce: Hi, itís me. We need to talk. Call me.

Adriana: Who was that?

Bruce: You'll find out soon enough.

Dorian: Listen, Rex, you've done it. You've self-destructed, and you've lost my daughter for good.

Rex: We'll see about that.

Dorian: Thatís Adrianaís cell phone.

Rex: Yep.

Dorian: And what are you doing with it?

Rex: She left it last night when she took off. Oh. Huh, incoming calls. Not a single one in the last 24 hours.

Dorian: And what does that prove?

Rex: That you knew there never was a stalker. If you were really worried about Adriana, you would have called her the minute I told you that she ran out on me, but you didnít because you were never worried. Probably opened a bottle of champagne, drank a toast to yourself. All in a dayís work, right?

Dorian: Oh -- get out.

Rex: You and I both know thereís no stalker. But Adriana doesnít. She thinks that I'm after her, and she might be staying out of Llanview because of it. Now, sheís got no phone, no cash, and as far as I know, hasnít gotten in contact with anybody. She could really be in trouble. We've got to find her, Dorian.

Dorian: "We"? I donít need your help. I will take care of my daughter myself. Ok, Bruce, what is it?

Bruce: Thereís been a change in plans.

Dorian: Bruce!

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Nash: I care about her. Is that not ok with you?

Antonio: No, itís not ok with me.

Rex: Sheís terrified of me now because of Dorian Lord.

Dorian: Where are you, sweetheart? Why havenít you come home?

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