OLTL Transcript Friday 8/11/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/11/06


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Antonio: Yeah, thatís pretty much how the robbery went down.

Officer: Ok. Thanks, Antonio. Hey, itís good seeing you again. We miss you on the job, man.

Nash: Whatís -- with the cop? Is Jessica all right?

Antonio: Jess is fine.

Nash: Good.

Antonio: Yeah, me, too. Thanks for asking. Not that thatís what you wanted to hear.

Nash: What are you talking about?

Antonio: Well, my place just got hit by an armed robbery, and why canít I help thinking that maybe you had something to do with it?

Jessica: Baby Bree, I canít believe how big you're getting. You're out of these clothes already. My goodness. Tess really didnít have a clue, did she? Glow in the dark. Great. And these are the ones that I bought you. How can Tess and I be so different? Donít worry, I donít understand, either. "Keep out. This means you, Nash." This belonged to Tess.

Natalie: Oh!

Vincent: Hey. You all right?

Natalie: Yeah, fine, fine. Donít worry about it.

Vincent: Are you sure?

Natalie: Yeah. Why wouldnít I be fine?

Vincent: Maybe because you're about to jump out of your skin. You know, I really hope itís not because of me.

Bo: How soon until we can see the enhanced version?

Man: Ah, should be soon. Itís an intricate process to get the right pixelation and find the --

John: Yeah, Jeeter, we get it -- "pixelization," blah, blah, blah.

Bo: Letís hope we can see more than we're seeing in this.

John: I'll tell you what I am seeing -- I'm seeing the guy that shot my father and the gun he used to do it.

Jeeter: What exactly is it you're looking for, anyway?

John: We got the bullet that took down my father. The rate it twists, it only could've come from one gun -- a walther 38 millimeter, model PPK.

Bo: We think the gun is one of these two.

John: When I find it, we're taking down that son of a bitch once and for all.

Spencer: Yeah, hi, this is Dr. Truman. Thatís right. Listen, I wonít be able to bring the little lady by today. Well, we've been held up. Look, I just want to make sure no one outbids me on this house. Itís the perfect house for me and my new family. Mm-hmm.

Starr: Hi, Dad.

Blair: Look whoís awake.

Todd: I know.

Blair: Yeah. Sheís been asking for you.

Todd: How you feeling?

Starr: My head hurts.

Todd: Yeah, I'm sure it does.

Starr: I want to go home.

Blair: Well, as soon as the doctors say itís ok, we'll take you back to Dorianís, ok?

Starr: Dorianís? Why would we go there?

Todd: Forget Dorianís. You're coming home to the penthouse with me.

Starr: Well, wouldnít we all go to the penthouse? Thatís where we live.

Natalie: Get over yourself.

Vincent: Good. I'm glad itís not me making you so edgy.

Natalie: Look, I'm just seriously overcaffeinated, overtired, overstressed, ok?

Vincent: You know, I didnít ask for an explanation, but since you brought it up, whatís going on?

Natalie: Certification exam coming up.

Vincent: For your forensics training -- got it. Howís it going?

Natalie: Why? Itís not like you could tutor me.

Hugh: Oh, you never know. Vincent here was top of his class.

Natalie: How would you know?

Vincent: Who do you think got him through pre-law?

Hugh: In your wildest delusions. You were too busy bleeding through statistics.

Natalie: You two went to school together?

Hugh: Yeah, we were roomies -- four years.

Vincent: Yeah -- longest four years of my life.

Hugh: Whatever. Donít listen to him.

Natalie: Uh -- yeah, donít worry. I wonít. I need somebody who understands criminology and forensics on the right side of the law. Thank you.

Hugh: Well, you're on your own, buddy.

Vincent: Yeah.

Natalie: I thought that I told you not -- you want something?

Man: Well, I overheard that you're studying for your board certification? I used to be a cop. Maybe I can give you some pointers.

Natalie: Well, do you know anything about steganography or electronic watermarkings? Because thatís the chapter I'm on.

Man: Are you talking about wavelet transform or the fourier?

Natalie: Oh, have a seat.

Man: I'm Ted.

Natalie: Natalie. Guess I'm pretty lucky that you came over when you did.

Hugh: Kelly.

Kelly: Hi!

Hugh: Hey.

Kelly: Hi. I didnít see you.

Hugh: Are you ok?

Kelly: Yeah, fine.

Hugh: Can I get you a cup of decaf or --

Kelly: Oh, I'm not even doing that these days.

Hugh: Look, as long you waited to get pregnant, I can see why you'd want to be careful.

Kelly: Yeah.

Hugh: Ok. Lay it on me.

Kelly: What?

Hugh: Whatís wrong?

Kelly: Oh, uh -- well, I told Kevin about the baby.

Hugh: Oh. How bad was it?

Kelly: How bad do you think it was?

Hugh: He didnít hurt you or anything, did he?

Kelly: No. No, of course not.

Hugh: Oh.

Kelly: It was just -- it was strange actually. He didnít seem to have any reaction really. He just seemed shellshocked.

Hugh: Happens.

Kelly: Yeah, well, it scares me.

Hugh: Why?

Kelly: Because I donít think itís really hit him yet. And when it does, all hellís going to break loose.

Tess' voice: Ok, I'm not really a journal person, but I'm stuck with it because sometimes Jessica takes over and I have to go away, so when I come back again, I want to make sure I donít forget a single minute of my life as I know it, especially now with Nash in it. God, I love him so much.

Jessica: Kevin.

Kevin: Hey.

Jessica: Hi.

Ken: I was knocking for a while. Is everything ok?

Jessica: Itís fine. I just -- I didnít hear you. Sorry.

Kevin: Look, if itís a bad time --

Jessica: No, no, itís fine. Come in, come in.

Kevin: I was just in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by.

Jessica: What -- what is it? Whatís -- whatís wrong?

Kevin: Wrong? Nothingís wrong. You should congratulate me.

Jessica: Oh?

Kevin: I'm going to be a grandfather.

Jessica: Ah. A grandfather -- what do you mean?

Kevin: Yeah, Kelly, sheís -- sheís pregnant, and as we all know, itís not my -- my child.

Jessica: Oh, my God. You mean --

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. She got pregnant when she was with Duke.

Jessica: I'm so sorry. If thereís anything that I can do -- is there?

Kevin: No, I just -- I just needed to be with someone, thatís all, you know, because if I was alone, I -- I just donít know what I'd do.

John: Can you put a rush on this photo enhancement?

Jeeter: Oh, these things take time.

John: Yeah.

Bo: All right. Thanks a lot. Ok, the hospital says that Trumanís going to be there for the rest of the afternoon. That gives me enough time to get this original back in his room before he misses it.

John: Or before he finds out about Blair. I havenít liked this from the beginning.

Bo: You know, I told her not to do it, but she wouldnít listen. You know, she gets something in her mind, sheís going to do it no matter what anybody else says.

John: You know, she dodged a bullet already when he tested her to see if she was ratting him out.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, but thatís because you figured it out. See, sheís operating on pure emotion right now. That -- that never works, never good.

John: Well, look, if she wonít listen to us, the best we can do is cover for her.

Bo: Yeah, and nail Truman before she gets jammed up again.

John: Well, look, this -- this picture might be the -- the best thing we got to go on, you know? What we need to figure out is, where did he stash that damn gun?

Bo: Hmm. I think itís weird that he would hold on to this picture, you know? Why -- why would he be stupid enough to keep something thatís incriminating that somebody else could find?

John: Itís got to mean the pictureís got some sort of significance to him.

Bo: Yeah, but he doesnít seem like the sentimental type to me.

John: Agreed. The guy doesnít seem to care about anything.

Bo: No. But he will hang on to the things that he cares about most.

Paige: How is she?

Spencer: Uh --

Paige: How is Starr?

Spencer: Oh, hi. Sheís -- sheís -- well, we donít know the extent of her injuries just yet, whether or not thereís been any brain damage.

Paige: Thatís got to be hell for Blair and Todd. But itís good that she has her parents with her. She needs that. So do they.

Blair: Starr, your daddy lives at the penthouse.

Starr: I know. We all do.

Todd: Honey, what happened at the quarry?

Starr: I -- I donít know. What happened?

Todd: Thatís why you're here, sweetheart. You donít remember?

Starr: No.

Blair: You know what? Just -- just you rest and get better, ok?

Starr: Will you guys stay with me? Both of you?

Todd: Yes, of course. We're not going anywhere.

Spencer: What are you doing here, Paige? Visiting someone? You certainly donít work here any longer.

Paige: Well, actually I might again. I just interviewed for a research job.

Spencer: Research -- wow. Thatís -- thatís something. From Chief of Staff to researcher, huh? Just like the good old days, right? Quite a backslide.

Paige: Yeah. Thatís right, I've hit bottom, but donít get too excited. The only way for me to go now is up. Can you say the same thing? They're really pulling together for their daughter, arenít they?

Nash: You think I had somebody rob the place?

Antonio: Well, you're the one with the growing rap sheet -- fraud, kidnapping, suspicious death.

Nash: By "suspicious death," I'm guessing you're talking about Claudia's father, right?

Antonio: Well, it would help your cause to get rid of me, wouldnít it? Help you get Tess back?

Nash: Hmm. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.

Clint: Antonio? Why are the cops out front? What happened here?

Antonio: Ah, someone tried to rob the club.

Clint: You're kidding. Anybody hurt?

Antonio: Ah, just the -- the clown who hit the place.

Nash: Yeah, and then he hit me with an accusation. He thinks I had something to do with it.

Clint: You know, I'm glad I found the both of you here because Jessicaís getting close to integration. I think itís time I laid down a few rules for the both of you.

Kevin: I didnít mean to lay all this stuff on you.

Jessica: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I'm just happy that you didnít do something destructive or self-destructive, you know?

Kevin: I didnít know what to do when she first told me, I was so numb. Then I started thinking about everything, you know, that Kelly, I mean -- it was Dukeís baby and -- I headed straight for the nearest bar, I swear.

Jessica: Kevin, you didnít.

Kevin: No, no, I stopped myself this time. I mean, thereís no amount of booze thatís going to make me feel better about this one or bring Duke back.

Jessica: Yeah, but, I mean, in a way --

Kevin: I know. The babyís part of him.

Jessica: Thatís a good thing.

Kevin: Well, thatís the way I'm trying to think about it.

Jessica: Well, I know itís hard. I mean, first with Bree, I just -- I wanted so bad for her to be Antonioís and mine, and sheís not. Sheís Nashís and Tess'. I canít change that.

Kevin: So what do you do with that?

Jessica: I love her, no matter how she got her start. And just be happy that sheís here. And thatís what I really am. I'm just -- I'm just happy to have her.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, but this is different. You see, I donít know if I'll ever be able to look at that child and not remember all the pain. I mean, will I ever be able to accept my grandchild?

Ted: Methane plus oxygenís going to yield the carbon dioxide and the water transfers --

Natalie: Oh.

Hugh: All right. I know I said that you should wait to tell Kevin about the baby, but maybe itís better that it comes out this way. It'll give him longer to accept it.

Kelly: If he ever does.

Hugh: You donít think he'll come around?

Kelly: I donít know. Heís so unpredictable. He -- what if this just makes him angrier? I mean, what if every time he looks at me and this baby, all he sees is -- is pain and rage? I donít want to go through that, and I certainly donít want to put my child through that.

Hugh: Kelly, all right, wait. Before you get too upset, just give it time. Kevin just found out. He hasnít gotten used to it yet. I mean, you havenít even had the baby.

Kelly: Yeah.

Hugh: A lot can change before that.

Kelly: Maybe.

Hugh: No, it can. And it -- it will. I'm just glad you decided to stick around.

Kelly: Why?

Spencer: Well, I guess itís only natural that Todd and Blair do some bonding. After all, it is their daughter, and thatís what families do during a crisis. The thing is, Paige, you know, at the end of the day, I'm the one that Blairís going home with. I'm the one sheís going to be loving --

Paige: Yeah, right.

Spencer: Caressing.

Paige: You just keep telling yourself that, big guy. Oh, by the way, have you heard the news? Bo got his job back this morning. It turns out somebody forged his signature on those documents. You know, the documents from the morgue, the ones that said Margaret and the baby were dead, the ones you blackmailed me with?

Spencer: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Paige: You're good. But Bo is better.

Spencer: I doubt that.

Todd: Ugh -- what are you doing here? You're not her doctor.

Blair: Todd.

Spencer: Yeah, well, Starrís doctor did ask me to consult on the case, Todd. We've been through this, right?

Starr: I know you.

Blair: Thatís right, sweetie. Thatís Dr. Spencer Truman.

Starr: You're the one who saved jack.

Blair: Uh, yeah. You know what? I am going to talk to Dr. Truman out in the hall, ok? Just a minute.

Todd: I'll be right back, sweetie. Hey, Truman? Whatís going on here? Her memoryís all haywire, she canít remember anything that happened at the quarry. Her head hurts. Whatís happening?

Spencer: Well, her symptoms are not that abnormal for someone whoís been through as much as she has.

Todd: All right. Is she going to be ok?

John: You know, I know Truman stashed that gun. I got a buddy at the Bureau, and he ran his name through the system, you know, to check his old residence, properties, you name it.

Bo: Anything turn up?

John: No, no, not so far, but I know heís stashed that gun somewhere.

[Knock on door]

Paige: Oh. Sorry to interrupt.

John: Itís ok. I -- I'm out of here.

Paige: I'd like to help him, but I -- I donít think he'd let me.

Bo: Well heís still working things out.

Paige: A lot of us are. Well, I -- I just -- I came by to congratulate you on getting your job back.

Bo: Well, thanks, thanks. Look at this. They -- they redecorated for me, you know?

Paige: Oh.

Bo: Or for my replacement.

Paige: Well, glad itís you.

Bo: Yeah, me, too. Itís like I never left, though -- look at this. I didnít even get a chance to unpack the stuff that I took with me before. I think the only thing that I lost is a little time on the job.

Paige: Well, you're lucky that -- that thatís all that you lost.

Hugh: Kelly, we're friends, and I donít have a whole lot of friends here in Llanview.

Kelly: Oh, come on. You have lots of friends.

Hugh: I donít.

Kelly: You have Nora and Bo and John --

Hugh: Ok, ok.

Kelly: And Evangeline --

Hugh: Ok, ok, ok, but I'd still miss you.

Kelly: Oh.

Hugh: What? What'd I say?

Kelly: Nothing. Itís not you. I --

Hugh: Tell me what it is.

Ted: Just nail that coding stuff that I told you about and you're going to ace that test.

Natalie: Thank you.

Ted: Thank my boss. Heís the one who made that happen.

Natalie: Whoís your boss? [Natalie sighs] What are you trying to pull here?

Vincent: I said I wanted to help you.

Natalie: And what are you going to want back?

Vincent: I was hoping that maybe you'd see that I'm not such a bad guy after all.

Spencer: Listen, I'd like to examine Starr a little more extensively, ok?

Todd: I think I'd like to talk to the neurologist first.

Spencer: You know what, Todd? Thatís fine, itís your call. However, her neurologist did ask me to consult on the case. There must be a reason for that, right?

Todd: I'm sure you gave her reasons, too.

Blair: Ok, Todd, just back off. If Spencer can help Starr, please let him.

Spencer: Hey, Starr. How you doing? Your mom wants me to examine you again. Is that ok? You sure?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: All right. I'll tell you, I bet you canít tell me what the date is today, huh?

Starr: Hmm, I donít know.

Spencer: You donít know? I bet you can tell me what two times three is, canít you?

Starr: Uh -- five.

Spencer: Ok.

Blair: How is she?

Spencer: Well, her CCS looks good.

Todd: What does that mean in English?

Spencer: Look, sheís not lapsing into another coma. Sheís alert. I mean, these are all very good signs, but --

Blair: Sheís not remembering anything, Spencer.

Spencer: Well, it could be the medication sheís on, it could be the head trauma. I'm going to order another series of CT scans, find out exactly how her condition is progressing. In the meantime, it would really be good if she didnít get any more stressed out than she already is.

Blair: What are we going to do about our little girl, Todd?

Todd: Well, you heard your boyfriend -- canít stress her out.

Blair: She thinks we're together, in love.

Todd: I know. Well, maybe we should pretend for her sake.

Starr: Whatís wrong with me?

Todd: Nothingís wrong with you, honey. When you bumped your head, you were under water a long time, thatís all. You're going to be just fine.

Blair: Yeah, you're going toe just fine.

Starr: Whereís your engagement ring?

Blair: Um -- this morning, I was taking a shower when I got the phone call about you, and I just -- I -- I -- I forgot to put it on.

Starr: But you never take it off.

Todd: Sweetheart, maybe you shouldnít talk now. You should rest.

Blair: Are you ok?

Starr: Yeah, I'm sorry, it just really hurts.

Blair: I know, baby. I know.

Clint: Jessica canít be integrated until she remembers everything that happened with Norman Leeds, including what he did to her that forced her to create Tess.

Nash: You know, sheís already starting to have some of Tess' memories.

Clint: I know, and they're about you. She told me.

Antonio: Yeah, memories you pushed on her to get Tess back.

Clint: Thatís just one of the things I want to talk about, Antonio. Nash, I donít want you to manipulate Jessica anymore. Do you understand? Donít use her recovered memories as a way to get to Tess.

Antonio: Thatís what I've been telling him.

Clint: And, Antonio, I donít want you to pressure Jessie to remember things just to speed up the integration process. We got to take the lead from Jessica, whoís working with Dr. Jamison. We have to do this on her terms for it to be a success. Do I make myself clear?

Antonio: Yeah.

Nash: Is that all? I got to call Jessica.

Antonio: Hey, did you hear one word? Just one word he just said?

Nash: Yes, I heard a few words that he said. Itís a scheduled call. I got to set up a meeting with my visitation with my daughter.

Clint: Antonio, listen, do you think he actually had anything to do with the robbery?

Antonio: Ah. No. No, I was just busting his chops, all right? I -- I donít want him to pull another stunt like kidnapping Jessica and the baby again.

Clint: Yeah. You know, you did a nice piece of police work finding them like you did.

Antonio: Well, I appreciate that. I was taught by the best. I understand Boís back on the job.

Clint: Yeah, he is. And hopefully heís going to resume the search for the rest of the tapes that Norman Leeds took of Jessie and those other girls. It makes me sick to think that they're still out there somewhere.

Antonio: Well, I'm going to help him get those tapes. All of them. We're going to find them.

Clint: I appreciate that, but donít get in the way of a police investigation, ok?

Antonio: Well, I wonít be if I'm on the inside.

Jessica: Yeah, Nash, we're here, so you can pop by whenever you want.

Nash: Thatís great, Jessica. Thank you very much. Um -- give Brennan a hug for me, all right?

Kevin: You know, I'm so caught up in my own stuff, I havenít even asked you how you're working everything out between Nash and Antonio.

Jessica: Well, itís a challenge.

Kevin: I'm sure.

Jessica: Actually, I -- I found this. A journal. Itís Tess', and I started reading it. I -- I just -- I wanted to find something, you know, something to help trigger a memory of when I was young, and thereís nothing. Itís all about Nash and her and how sheís scared that I'm going to come back.

Kevin: Hmm. Thatís got to be fun for you.

Jessica: I just feel like I'm prying a little bit, you know?

Kevin: Oh, come on, jess, itís your life.

Jessica: It is and it isnít, really. I mean, I guess I can understand your situation. Bree didnít come from me, but sheís a part of me. Just like Kelly and Dukeís baby is going to be a part of you. Once the babyís born, you're going to be able to accept it.

Kevin: Maybe.

Jessica: You will. You will. The real question is, will you be able to accept Kelly?

Hugh: I'd like to help you, Kelly, with whatever it is. I just hate to see you all stressed out like this.

Kelly: Well, you wonít have to for very much longer.

Hugh: Why?

Kelly: No reason. I just -- I'm taking control of my life. And I'm going to start making some good decisions for a change.

Hugh: Thatís great. That -- thatís great. I'm glad to hear that.

Kelly: Thank you for everything. I -- I hate laying everything on you. I wonít forget you.

Hugh: Forget me? Why would you forget me?

Natalie: You can play nice guy all you want, but when I had to look up somebody who was really connected, your name came up -- top of the list.

Vincent: I'm not saying I didnít have associations with people of questionable character. But I think in your studies, it would teach you to look at all the evidence. Maybe Ted should review that chapter with you.

Natalie: I have to get back to my books.

Vincent: Good luck with that.

Officer: Thatís some impressive shooting.

John: Yeah I -- I got lucky. A couple of lucky shots.

Officer: Huh. I'd say itís a little more than that.

John: Well sometimes, I like to come down here and -- it sounds strange, but a little target practice helps me think. I'll see you around.

Officer: You ok, lieutenant?

John: Yeah. Yeah, I just -- I just thought of something. I know where it is.

Officer: Excuse me?

John: I know where it is. Thanks. Thanks for your help.

Bo: I havenít even finished unpacking.

Paige: Donít -- donít even explain.

Bo: I'm not sure where we're headed, Paige.

Paige: I know.

Bo: But I'm not saying that itís over.

Paige: I was the reason you lost your job.

Bo: I got it back.

Paige: Huh. Well, yeah, because you're one of the good guys. But I know itís going to take a while before -- before you put your -- my picture back on your desk.

Bo: I think that itís something that we have to earn, you know? Both of us.

Paige: Well, congratulations. I'll see you, Commish.

John: I got the photo enhancement. The answerís been staring us in the face. Itís right here.

Bo: "N. Truman."

John: Yeah, Spencerís father. We've been searching the wrong name. I'm going to run "N. Truman" through the system.

Antonio: I've been kicking it around for a while. I'm joining the force again.

Clint: Well, Antonio, I thought you bought this place to get away from that life.

Antonio: Well, so did I. But, you know, I miss the department, and the job I did there.

Clint: Really? Are you sure thatís all?

Antonio: Look, Clint, a badge will give me what I need to get those tapes and the perverts who collect them. It might be a little bit of a process, but with a little luck, I should be on the force in no time.

Nash: You're going to be a cop again?

Antonio: Yeah, you got a problem with that?

Nash: No. Me, no, but Jessica might.

Jessica: Do you think you and Kelly will be able to work something out? For the baby, anyway?

Kevin: I donít know. You know, I -- I mean, I want to love this baby. You know? I mean, I want to -- I want to love -- I want to love life again, you know? I want to appreciate somehow that something good came out of something so awful. I just donít know.

[Bree cries]

Jessica: Itís ok, sweetie. Itís ok. Itís all right, baby girl. Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes. Your mom is here. Oh, come here.

Kevin: Huh, sheís heavy.

Jessica: I know, sheís getting so big. Look. Hereís your uncle Kevin. You want to see him?

Kevin: Oh, look at this.

Jessica: Got her. You see? A baby has the power to heal. I mean, I'm living proof of that. I think that you loving Kelly and Dukeís baby is going to be how you deal with whatís happened. If you let yourself.

Hugh: You're not still thinking about leaving, are you? Because if you are --

Kelly: No, no, I -- I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, thatís all.

Hugh: Good. Good, because I need someone around. All right, well, I have to get back to the office. Excuse me. I just think that everythingís going to work out.

Kelly: Yeah, I'm starting to think so, too. Hi, itís Kelly Cramer. I needed to book a flight to Arizona. Anywhere. Pick a town. Hmm. I need to leave right away, and I donít need a return ticket. I donít know when I'm coming back. Song: "Hot dog, life is tasting pretty good"

Nash: Well, I think Jessica might have something to say about you giving up the sweet life of a club owner for the mean streets of Llanview.

Antonio: I'll tell you what, Nash. Why donít you worry about yourself?

Nash: Whatever.

Clint: Antonio, do you want to become a cop again so you can find a way to bust Nash?

Kevin: This is one --

[Bree coos]

Kevin: Beautiful baby, sis.

Jessica: Yeah, she sure is.

Kevin: There you go.

Jessica: Well, you know what? All babies are beautiful.

Kevin: Yeah. I got to go.

Jessica: Ok.

Kevin: I'll -- I'll see you.

Jessica: See you later.

Tess' voice: Nash almost makes me forget what happened. Almost. When he says something like "hey, beautiful," it almost erases the way that freak said it.

Normanís voice: Smile for the camera, beautiful.

Jessica: I remember. I remember. Itís starting.

Natalie: I am in way over my head.

Ted: Why did you want me to help out the redhead so much?

Vincent: Well, Natalie -- sheís a friend. And we could all use a friendís help now and again.

John: Are you sure? Ok, thanks. Thereís a safety deposit box at a branch of the Pennsylvania Bank registered in the name of Ned Truman.

Bo: Spencerís father.

John: The gun that he used to shoot my father might be in that safety deposit box. Why else wouldnít he register it in his own name?

Bo: If you're right, we're close to getting Truman and putting him away, for good.

Starr: Hey, I remembered something.

Blair: What?

Todd: What is it, sweetie?

Starr: Well, the wedding. I was supposed to help you guys make plans. Did I get my dress yet?

Blair: Um -- no. No, Starr, not yet.

Starr: Well, we'd better hurry. I mean, the weddingís coming up really soon -- and the honeymoon.

Todd: Since when does a kid get to go on a honeymoon?

Starr: Since when do we follow other peopleís rules?

Todd: Yeah, we do make it up as we go along, donít we?

Starr: I'm -- I'm really sorry that I fell. Or whatever. I'm just -- I hope it doesnít interrupt your plans.

Blair: Look, donít you worry about the wedding, ok?

Starr: Mom, itís -- the honeymoonís not even that important. Itís the ceremony. The vows, the walk down the isle, the kiss. Hey, why donít you guys kiss right now? For me. Please? Please? It'll make me feel so much better.

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Nash: You could let Tess out and let her handle it for you.

Rex: Whereís Adriana?

Adriana: I have to get out of here.

Natalie: If y want to know whatís in that box, get Blair to help you.

Spencer: Tell me if you're leaving me and going back with Todd.

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