OLTL Transcript Thursday 8/10/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 8/10/06


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Claudia: I donít want a fraction of your kiss to fill my empty heart I will sail on my own donít you have people to do that for you?

Antonio: Oh, a little manual labor never hurt anyone.

Claudia: Hmm. And it sure builds those muscles, huh?

Antonio: Well, I didnít mean to interrupt your rehearsal. Go on, keep singing. You sounded great.

Claudia: Thanks, but I could use a break. So, howís Jessica? Recovered from the trauma?

Antonio: Yeah, pretty much. I'm not sure I am.

Claudia: And yet you let him get away with it. I will never understand that. Kidnapping Jessica and the baby?

Antonio: Well, now, excuse me, Claudia, but i didnít let him get away with it. If you remember, I wanted to have him arrested, but Jessica refused. She felt sorry for him, I guess.

Claudia: Could it be the Tess part of her is still in love with Nash?

Nash: Good morning.

Jessica: Hi, Nash.

Nash: Came here for breakfast?

Jessica: Yeah, but actually --

Nash: But if you'd known I was here, you would've gone somewhere else.

Jessica: No. Actually, itís fine.

Nash: Whoís taking care of Brennan?

Jessica: Antonioís mom and actually, itís Bree.

Nash: What?

Jessica: Uh -- Antonio and I decided to start calling her Bree instead of Brennan, so itís going to be Bree Buchanan.

Nash: So now my daughter doesnít have any part of my name at all.

John: Welcome back, boss.

Blair: Starr?

Todd: No, thereís no change. Sorry.

Blair: Todd, you were -- you're not supposed to let me sleep this long. You were supposed to wake me up so you could get some rest.

Todd: No, thatís ok. I'm sure you need it more than I do. I donít imagine you get much sleep when you spend the night with your boyfriend.

Clint: Dorian?

Dorian: Clint! I -- I -- I was just hoping that you would stop by. I -- well, you must've read my mind. Bless your heart.

Clint: Howís Starr?

Dorian: Much the same. Uh -- Blair and Todd are in there with her now. Did you have a chance to see Asa?

Clint: Yeah. I stopped by there. Thereís no change there, either.

Dorian: , I'm so sorry.

Clint: Yeah. I was wondering -- does Adriana know about this?

Dorian: About Starr?

Clint: Yeah.

Dorian: No -- no, she doesnít.

Clint: Well, when she finds out, sheís going to want to come back.

Dorian: Oh, oh, certainly. But then, of course, in the meantime, I know that Rex is taking very good care of her.

Rex: Damn it! All I did was try to protect you.

Man: This is the last station for a while.

Adriana: Itís not open yet.

Man: Doesnít look like it.

Adriana: So, what do we do -- wait?

Man: Canít get anywhere without good old gas.

Adriana: None of this looks familiar. I donít think this is the way Rex and I drove up. Is it a shortcut?

Man: No, actually, itís a slightly longer route, but it avoids a lot of the early morning commuter traffic.

Adriana: So what time do you think it opens -- the station, I mean?

Man: I donít know -- thereís no sign anywhere. It shouldnít be long, though.

Adriana: Letís hope.

Man: So, if you donít mind me asking, why would a nice girl like you be hitchhiking alone so late at night? Donít you know, young lady, how dangerous that can be?

Bo: Place is blue.

John: Hmm.

Bo: I almost didnít recognize it.

John: That'll teach you to leave.

Bo: Oh, man, you know what? Bad thing -- they took out all the -- all the nails when they painted the place.

John: Yeah, I got a -- I got a hammer and some nails in my office. I'll drop it by later.

Bo: All right. You know what? Um -- all of this can wait. Do you know what I want to do right now? I want to get back to doing my job.

John: I understand. I'll tell you what -- I'll let you get back to work then, Commissioner. Hey, actually, I meant to ask -- howís Starr doing?

Bo: No change, really, but, you know, I'm sure as soon as she comes around, then Blairís going to be right back on her mission to nail Spencer.

John: She is determined to make it up to manning, isnít she?

Bo: Yeah. Trumanís messed with a lot of peopleís lives.

John: Itís going to end, Bo -- soon.

Bo: You got something on him?

John: I havenít got a handle on it yet, but I will.

Blair: Donít start in about Spencer, not now.

Todd: I just want him away from my daughter.

Blair: Well, I donít think you're going to have to worry about that, Todd. Spencer -- well, Starr doesnít want anything to do with him, and thatís just fine with me.

Todd: Well, you donít mind she doesnít like him, huh?

Blair: I didnít say that. I just donít think that we should be talking about it right now, thatís all. Hey, baby. Can you hear me?

Todd: Sheís going to be fine.

Blair: You sound confident.

Todd: I am.

Blair: What are you going to do, Todd -- bring in one of those expensive specialists and buy a positive outcome?

Todd: What is that supposed to mean, Blair?

Blair: Well, you did it for Evangeline -- bought her eyesight. Must've been mighty expensive.

Todd: Do you have a point?

Blair: Just that sheís going to owe you now.

Todd: No, I owed her. And I always pay back my debts.

Blair: Yeah, well, so do I.

Todd: Hmm. Too bad you and I donít want the same things anymore, Blair.

Blair: Oh, I think we do.

Clint: Oh, yeah, I forgot -- the "new and improved" Dorian.

Dorian: I beg your pardon?

Clint: Well, the other day, you went on about Rex, how if heís making your daughter happy, you're all for it.

Dorian: And you donít think I meant it?

Clint: Oh, no, I -- I think you meant it in the moment, but I was just wondering how long this is going to last.

Dorian: I hope for a very long time, a long while. She said sheís in love with him, and, well, heís obviously very committed to her, so who -- who am I to object?

Clint: Yeah, he has gone out of his way to protect her.

Dorian: Absolutely. Um -- you know, this -- this danger does seem to be ongoing, and, well, I've put aside my personal concerns for Adriana just for the greater good, besides which I'm very grateful to Rex for taking this whole stalker threat very seriously.

Adriana: I know hitchhikingís risky, but I was desperate.

Bruce: I could see that.

Adriana: You were right before. It was my boyfriend -- well, ex-boyfriend.

Bruce: Oh, what happened? Did he hurt you?

Adriana: No, not physically. Look, I donít want to bore you with the whole story.

Bruce: You bore me? I donít think so. Go for it. It might help to vent, you know? Besides, I'm one of those really good listeners.

Adriana: Look, I'm really grateful that you came when you did and that you were my neighbor from down the beach. Otherwise, I wouldnít have gotten in the car with a strange man.

Bruce: I'm not that strange, at least not until you get to know me -- bah!

Adriana: Um -- I have another favor to ask.

Bruce: Sure.

Adriana: I left in such a hurry that I didnít take my phone, my purse, nothing. And I was wondering if I could borrow your phone. I'd really like to call home and tell my mom I'm on my way. You mean you havenít tried honey bunches of oats yet?

Antonio: Tess hasnít been out in a while.

Claudia: But what if she were to come out?

Antonio: She wonít. She wonít, all right? Jessicaís close to being integrated, and when she is, she'll finally have all of Tess' memories. All right? And then she'll finally realize that Nash used Tess the same way he used you.

Claudia: Nash is pretty smooth. Itís really hard for a girl not to believe every word he says.

Antonio: Well, you know how dangerous he is. Otherwise, you wouldnít have helped me find him in New York.

Claudia: I was glad to do that, but please, Antonio. Nash cannot know that I helped you.

Antonio: I understand.

Claudia: Yeah, I mean, his scary temper -- god only knows what he would do to me.

Antonio: Listen, no worries, ok? I'm not going to let Nash get anywhere near you.

Jessica: Nash, we didnít change her name.

Nash: Antonio put you up to this?

Jessica: No, he didnít! Let me explain --

Nash: I should have known!

Jessica: Nash!

Nash: He couldnít take my daughter having my name.

Jessica: Stop it, ok? Let me explain. We didnít change her name. Itís just --

Nash: Itís just at Antonio --

Jessica: Itís a nickname!

Nash: Ah.

Jessica: Thatís it! Itís a nickname.

Nash: Itís a nickname.

Jessica: We just thought it would be nice.

Nash: Because Antonio hated calling her Brennan because it reminded him that sheís my daughter.

Jessica: Is that really so hard for you to understand?

Nash: No. And I promise not to cause any more trouble, and thatís all I'm going to say.

Jessica: Well, I appreciate that.

Nash: Sure. You know, you're lucky I'm being a lot cooler about this than Tess would have.

Jessica: Well, tell me -- what would Tess be saying and doing right now?

Todd: What is it we both want, Blair? 

Blair: For Starr to wake up. What'd you think I meant?

Todd: I donít know. All right. U donít want to tell me, doesnít matter.

Starr: Mom? Dad?

Blair: Hey.

Bruce: You're more than welcome to use my cell phone, but you're going to have to hold off till we get back on the main road. I drive this route all the time -- signal in this area is pretty shaky.

Adriana: Oh. Ok, I'll -- I'll wait.

Bruce: So, if you're up for it, you could tell me your story. It'll pass the time, right? You seem pretty upset about something, so, like I said, it might help to talk about it. I know it always helps me.

Adriana: Itís so strange.

Bruce: What is?

Adriana: I thought Rex and I were really connected. You know? It just felt right. We had the same sense of humor, we're attracted to each other. It just worked, you know? We loved each other and totally trusted each other.

Bruce: So what happened?

Adriana: Well, I'd done some modeling and --

Bruce: I knew it, I knew it. You sure are pretty enough.

Adriana: Thank you, but itís not like I had a career or anything. I mean, I had done a couple of magazine covers, nothing big, but it was enough to get me a stalker. Can you believe that?

Bruce: A stalker? No, you're kidding.

Adriana: I wish.

Dorian: Blair, that is so wonderful. She woke up, she said your name.

Blair: She did, and, well, she passed right back out again, but the doctorís in there, and we'll just have to wait and see. I -- I know I'm a mess.

Dorian: Well, I -- I do have tissues --

Blair: No, I've --

Dorian: Compact?

Blair: I've got a bunch of them right here, actually. Um -- tell you what. I actually need to take care of something, so if you'll excuse me. Todd? I'll be right back. I'm going to go get some fresh air.

Todd: Yeah. Give my love to Spencer.

Bo: Truman seems to have covered all his tracks, huh?

John: Heís feeling confident right now. Thatís when guys like that make mistakes.

Bo: Yeah.

John: Look, I -- I'll let you get back to work.

Bo: No, no, no, no, no. Come on, no, no, no. You know what it is -- Balsom. I -- I thought he'd call me this morning.

John: Why is that?

Bo: Well, Adriana took off from where they were staying.

John: Took off?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah -- ok, what Balsom said, which really didnít make a lot of sense -- I'll give you the short version. Apparently, she thought he w hooked up with this guy thatís been stalking her, and she freaked and -- and took off. She didnít have a wallet, no cell phone, no -- no anything. And this ferry boat captain? He said nobody matching her description took the ferry back to the mainland last night.

John: So she must still be on the island.

Bo: Yeah. Hopefully, sheís just hiding from Balsom, and then sheís going to reach out. Sheís going to call Dorian -- soon.

Rex: Hey! Hey, hold up! Stop! Why are you -- I just want to talk!

Bruce: You must've been scared out of your pretty little head.

Adriana: More scared than I've ever been in my entire life. And I thought like an idiot that my boyfriend was trying to protect me from the big, bad stalker.

Bruce: Well, if heís any kind of man, I'm sure he was.

Adriana: Thatís what he wanted me to think, too. Then, I found out that the emails fm the stalker came from Rexís computer.

Bruce: Oh, wait. Are you trying to tell me you think your boyfriend was stalking you?

Adriana: No. I mean, thatís what I thought at first, then I realized that thatís impossible, but I do think that he set it all up -- the emails, the attacks, everything.

Bruce: Why would he do that?

Adriana: So he could rescue me and be my hero.

Bruce: Thatís sick. No wonder you ran away. And believe me, honey, you are better off without him.

Rex: Sorry, Bo. I know you're against this, but have no choice.

Nash: I know exactly what Tess would be saying, but I donít think you want to hear it.

Jessica: Well, I asked, didnít I?

Nash: All righty. Ahem. She would be pissed that you decided to give her daughter, who she named, a nickname. She would think that was completely unfair. So, she'd get upset. She would call Antonio a jerk and a creep and a sneak, and then I would try to calm her down, and she'd throw her hands in the air and get pissed at me and call me a jerk and a sneak and a creep and probably worse. But then she would realize that I'm not the one she should've been mad at, so she'd start apologizing for having lashed out at me. And then we'd make up, and we'd end up in bed, making love. That happened a lot.

Jessica: Is that supposed to make me jealous or something?

Nash: Now, why would that make you jealous?

Jessica: Hearing about all of the wonderful sex that you and Tess have, ok? Why would I be interested in that? Why would I care?

Nash: I donít know -- you asked. I was just about to ask you why you were so curious. You've never wanted to talk about this before.

Jessica: Well, because I had another memory last night about Tess when you were on the phone to that lawyer guy.

Nash: The one who put the drug in Tess' drink?

Jessica: I got to go. Carlotta needs to --

Nash: Jessica, please -- hey. After Bruce put that drug in Tess' drink, do you remember what happened next?

Claudia: Itís sweet of you to be so protective of me, Antonio. But I -- I'm not in any danger from Nash.

Antonio: But you just said that if Nash found out you helped me --

Claudia: That he would lose his temper, and he would, but I can take him.  You know, I mean, I've learned how to handle his little temper tantrums.

Antonio: Hey, I'm sorry. We're closed. I said we're closed.

Claudia: Oh, no, I must've forgotten to relock the door after I came in.

Man: You the owner?

Antonio: Well, that depends. 

Dorian: Well, what do you want me to be -- hysterical? And how would that possibly help anything?

Clint: I donít know, but are you telling me that you're not the least bit worried about your daughter?

Dorian: Well, of course I'm worried about her. I always worry about all of my girls.

Adriana: The more I think about it, the more it makes sense. It plays into all his insecurities.

Bruce: How so?

Adriana: Well, Rex always saw himself as the bad guy, you know, the screw-up, and I think this w his way of turning himself into the good guy in my eyes. Heís totally warped, but I guess he was desperate -- so desperate that he didnít care about the nightmare he was putting me through.

Bruce: Sounds to me like you're not going to be able to forgive him.

Adriana: I really shouldnít be going on like this. All I want to do is get home, although I donít know why. All my mother is going to do when I get there is say "I told you so."

Bruce: Yeah, but at least you know your mother loves you and that sheís only looking out for your best interests.

Adriana: I suppose.

Bruce: Well, looks like someoneís pulling in -- must be the guy who runs the station. I'll get us some gas, we'll be on our way.

Adriana: Great. Would you mind -- I'm so thirsty. Um -- would you mi getting me a bottle of water? I'm sorry that I canít even pay you for it --

Bruce: Donít even finish that sentence. I'd be more than happy to get you anything you want.

Adriana: Thank you. 

John: Mc Bain.

Blair: Hey, itís me, Blair.

John: What have you got?

Blair: I found a photograph -- it was in Spencerís dresser. He was much younger, he was with his dad, and they had matching guns.

John: Where are you?

Blair: I'm at the hospital with Starr.

John: How is she?

Blair: Sheís the same. But I left the picture in an envelope at the main desk for you, ok?

John: Right. Hey -- thanks.

Blair: Ok. Got to go.

Evangeline: Yes? Oh.

Blair: I'm sorry. I should've knocked. I'm just a little rattled.

Evangeline: Of course. Howís Starr?

Blair: Thereís no change.

Evangeline: You must be out of your mind with worry. I just -- I pray you get some good news soon.

Blair: Well, I pray itís as wonderful as you getting your eyesight back.

Evangeline: I canít -- I canít even describe how I feel.

Blair: Hmm. All because of Todd, right?

Evangeline: Yeah, I'm -- I'm just so grateful to him for everything heís done for me.

Blair: And why do you think that heís doing all of this for you, Evangeline?

Evangeline: I'm not sure I follow.

Blair: Hmm. Maybe you can follow this -- do you think heís having real feelings for you?

Nash: Hey, you said you wanted to remember.

Jessica: I have to go.

Nash: Jessica, please. Bruce put the drug in your drink at my place.

Jessica: Not my drink -- Tess' drink!

Nash: Ok. He put the drug in Tess' drink. Then?

Tess: This looks like mine.

Bruce: Yeah, bottomís up.

Nash: Donít! Get your slimy mitts off of her.

Bruce: See, sheís not worth it. Sheís all yours.

Tess: Just a 411 -- I'm not yours, not even a little.

Nash: Oh, I know. And that is just about the one good thing about this day.

Tess: Well, then, what was that about just then?

Nash: He slipped you a roofie, all right? You're about to hit the dirt in two -- seconds.

Jessica: He tried to rape her. How could you get involved with somebody like that?

Nash: Because Bruce gets stuff done and I was desperate to get back with the woman I love, the woman you're trying to remember being.

Jessica: Thatís not what I said, Nash! Ok? I -- I want to know about your memories --

Nash: Why?

Jessica: Of your time with Tess.

Nash: Why?

Jessica: Because I need those memories.

Nash: Why?

Jessica: Can you let me finish?

Nash: You were about to say that you need those memories to help you integrate, but I think you're curious. You're curious about what your life was like when you were with me.

Jessica: No!

Nash: Well, what do you want me to say? We were happy. We were good together. We trusted each other, we relied on each other and I hate to tell you this, but we made each other happy in bed, but then I already told you that, didnít I?

Jessica: Stop it, Nash!

Nash: Why? Why is it so hard for you to hear, Jessica?

Jessica: Because you keep on using words like "we," like I was there, like you made love to me, and thatís not true! I wasnít there!

Nash: Well, I guess it depends how you look at it, doesnít it? I mean, it sure looked like your face and your body, so if it wasnít you, who was it?

Jessica: You're unbelievable. You donít want to help me, you donít care about me. You just want your precious Tess back.

Nash: Yeah, I do! I want Tess back. I'm being honest with you -- I always have been.

Jessica: This conversationís over.

Nash: Oh, come on. Jessica? Jessica, it unnerves you that I know every inch of your body.

Antonio: Donít worry about a thing. I'm going to get you everything you want. Just donít hurt us. Now, very slowly, I'm going to reach into my pocket and I'm going to get the key.

Claudia: How did you do that?

Antonio: Call it in.

Claudia: Oh.

Antonio: Son of a bitch, that felt good. Just like the old times.

Evangeline: No, I donít think Todd has feelings for me.

Blair: You donít think, which means you donít know.

Evangeline: I'm with Cristian. Todd knows that. Heís my good friend, and I think heís ting to repay me for --

Blair: For your loyalty? Huh. Itís ok. You can use that word around me, Evangeline.

Evangeline: For my loyalty. Yes.

Blair: Well, I think thereís more -- much more.

Dorian: I'm only saying that, worried as I am about Adriana -- and believe me, I'll continue worrying until she comes home -- I have to admit, Clint, I -- I think sheís better off away from Rex Balsom.

Clint: Oh, so your approval of him was just temporary, huh?

Dorian: Yes. Uh -- I mean, I -- I -- I was all right about it as long as Rex seemed to be making her happy, but now that thatís no longer true, well, I not only feel vindicated, I feel relieved.

 Todd: Howís Spencer doing?

Blair: Actually I went to see Evangeline.

Todd: Why is that?

Blair: Oh, I just wanted to tell her how happy I was that sheís regained her eyesight, all thanks to you.

Todd: Yeah, thanks to the surgeon.

Blair: Oh. Come on, and your generosity. Man, you really went overboard, didnít you?

Todd: It was just a good return on an investment. I think I need some fresh air myself.

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Man: Hey, let go of me right away!

Rex: Hey, just relax, ok?

Man: Your girlfriend is right -- you are crazy!

Rex: Exactly when and where did you see my girlfriend?

[Knock on door]

Evangeline: Yes?

Todd: Hey, itís just me.

Evangeline: Hey. Come in.

Todd: How you doing?

Evangeline: I'm fine. I -- I was -- I was actually just praying for Starr.

Todd: Oh, well, I appreciate that, but I donít think thatís going to be necessary. Sheís looking better, and sheís going to wake up anytime, I think, and sheís -- be back to her old, beautiful self.

Evangeline: She is such a strong kid.

Todd: Yeah, she really is. She and jack -- man, I'll tell you what. They're the best things that ever happened to me. You know, when I was on death row, thinking about them, that was the only thing that kept me going.

Evangeline: I know.

Todd: Uh -- Blair told me that she had come to see you.

Evangeline: Yeah. Yeah, she did.

Todd: Yeah. What did she say?

Evangeline: Well, she -- well, she told me about Starr, and she said she was glad I got my sight back. And -- well, she said that she thought you were starting to have feelings for me. Are you?

Todd: I feel happy for you that you -- you got your sight back. Did she upset you? Because --

Evangeline: Oh. I can handle Blair.

Todd: Oh, yeah, famous last words. You know, if thereís anything else I can do for you at all, anything --

Evangeline: Todd, you've done more than enough already.

Todd: Evangeline, um -- well, I -- you're probably tired. I should go see Starr.

Evangeline: Go.

Todd: Ok. See ya.

Clint: Well, it was good that we got to see her.

Dorian: Yes. I just wish Todd would leave the room more often -- no, I wish Todd would leave the planet.

Clint: I thought the new Dorian was going to be a little more tolerant of people.

Dorian: Yes, but Todd is in a whole other category. Oh, poor Blair. Everything sheís been through lately -- oh. All of my girls have been going through a very difficult time.

Clint: Well, maybe you should call home and check your messages, see if Adrianaís trying to get ahold of you there.

Dorian: I donít have to. I've got my cell phone right here in -- in my pocketbook, and I'm sure Adrianaís going to call me any minute now. Sheís a very resourceful young lady.

Clint: Well, if you're not going to call home and you're not going to call the police, why donít you call Rex and give him hell?

Starr: Mom?

Blair: Hey! I'm right here. I'm not going to go anywhere, not until I can take you home, ?

Starr: Whereís dad?

Rex: Where'd you see her? Tell me, damn it! Where'd you see my girlfriend?

Man: On the beach, and then later I saw her on the road.

Rex: The road? What do you mean?

Man: Look, itís not going to do you any good. I told her where there was a boat so she could get off the island so she could get away from you!

Rex: Are you sure she left?

Man: Yeah. I checked this morning. The boat is gone.

Rex: She could be anywhere by now.

Man: Thatís right. All she cared about was getting away from you!

Bruce: When you can, fill it with regular. Got your water.

Adriana: Great. Thanks.

Bruce: Let me open it for you.

Adriana: Oh, I'm so thirsty. Mmm.

Bruce: Whoa.

Adriana: Ah.

Bruce: Better?

Adriana: Much. Huh. Look, I know you said your cell phone wonít work out here, but I was thinking maybe I could just try. I mean, even if the receptionís not good, as long as I get through --

Bruce: I donít think you'll have any luck, but might as well try like you said.

Adriana: Ooh, whew. Is it warm in this car or is it me?

Bruce: Well, itís pretty hot out there today.

Adriana: Oh. Well, I -- I better try to call. Whoa.

Bruce: You ok?

Adriana: Yeah, I just, um -- I feel a little funny. But I -- I ought to call my mom, tell her what Rex did to me.

Bruce: But it wasnít Rex.

Adriana: What?

Bruce: Rex wasnít the stalker, and he didnít set it up to make it look like anyone was.

Adriana: What?

Bruce: Rex didnít do any of this to you, Adriana. It was me.

Adriana: You -- you. You -- you're not going to get away with this. You just -- oh. Oh. Ohh.

Bruce: Guess you wonít be needing this anymore.

John: Hey, boss.

Bo: Hey. Did you get the photo?

John: Guys at the lab made a duplicate. They're enhancing it now. I -- I got to get the original back to Blair so she can get it to Spencer before he realizes itís gone.

Bo: All right, why -- give it to me. Let me take it.

John: Yeah?

Bo: Yeah, sure. Man. Well, those are the guns.

John: Walther .38 mil, model P.P.K.

Bo: Yeah, at least we have one of them, thanks to Vickers.

John: Now we just have to get our hands on the other gun, prove once and for all Spencer shot my father.

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Jessica: This belonged to Tess.

Clint: Jessicaís getting close to integration. I think itís time I laid down a few rules.

Blair: She thinks we're together, in love.

Todd: Maybe we should pretend for her sake.

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