OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/9/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/9/06


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Nash: All right.

Antonio: Donít you think itís a little late?

Jessica: What do you want?

Nash: I want to talk to you, both of you, about what happened when I took Jessica and Brennan to New York.

Antonio: We know what happened -- you kidnapped them.

Nash: It wasnít like that.

Antonio: Thatís exactly how it was.

Nash: Please let me talk.

Antonio: No, Nash. You please listen to me. You're desperate -- I've been there, too -- but you need to stop harassing Jessica. Itís not getting you anywhere. Now go.

Viki: Thank you so much, Clint.

Clint: Yeah. I had second thoughts about coming over so late, but I thought you should know.

Viki: Well, it wouldnít matter how late it was. Oh, poor little Starr. Todd and Blair are sitting in there, and thereís absolutely nothing they can do except sit and wait. I mean, this is a parentís worst nightmare.

Clint: Yeah, it just doesnít sound like Starr, does it? Sneak off in the middle of the night, go swimming in a quarry?

Viki: Actually, it sounds exactly like Starr. Do they know what happened?

Clint: Well, from what I understand, she jumped off and then she hit her head, and they tell me itís quite a drop.

Viki: I'm going to go in and see her, ok?

Clint: All right. I'll be here when you get out.

Viki: Thanks.

Rex: Adriana!

Adrianaís voice: I trusted you with my life. Thatís exactly what you thought I'd do, isnít it? I donít want to hear any more of your lies, Rex!

Rex: Adriana, if you can hear me, I'm not going to hurt you! I just want to talk! She was wearing this tonight. Bo, itís me.

Bo: Hey. Hey, I can barely hear you, Balsom. Where are you?

Rex: I'm still looking for Adriana.

Bo: Have you found anything?

Rex: Yeah. I found her hair thingy down on the beach. I know sheís in trouble.

Adriana: You're not going to find me, Rex. Somehow I'm going to get off this stupid island.

Antonio: Listen to me, Nash. We donít want you here.

Jessica: Wait. I -- I want to hear what he has to say. Ok?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Ok.

Antonio: Please.

Nash: We donít have to be enemies, Antonio.

Antonio: Then stop acting like one, Nash.

Nash: I came here to apologize. When I took Jessica and Brennan to New York, I caused quite a commotion.

Antonio: No, a loud drunk is "quite a commotion."

Nash: It was a mistake.

Antonio: Yes, it was.

Nash: I'm here to promise that it will never happen again.

[Brennan cries]

Antonio: I'll get her. Itís time for her bottle.

Nash: Are you all right?

Jessica: Thank you for coming over and apologizing and -- and for promising that -- you know, that you wonít try to force Tess to come out again.

Nash: Yeah. [phone rings] I'm sorry.

Jessica: Itís ok.

Nash: Whatís up?

Bruce: Hey, buddy. I'm heading out of town for a little while and just wanted to know if thereís anything I can do for you before I go to help you get Tess back.

Lindsay: Marcie?

Marcie: You -- Lindsay, you scared me half to death.

Lindsay: What are you doing?

Marcie: I -- I'm watching the foster parents. They have Tommy with them in there. Do you have any idea how irresponsible that is?

Lindsay: Well, wait a minute. Back up. What foster parents?

Marcie: Tommyís foster parents. You know, heís the baby that I've been taking care of for the past couple of days. His -- his parents were the ones who got in the tornado. Anyway, look, the point is, is that they have a baby in a bar with them after midnight. He should be at home asleep. Just look how tired and fussy he is.

Lindsay: Well, yeah. I mean, I know heís tired, but thatís what babies do -- they're tired.

Marcie: Lindsay, they get tired because they need a bottle or they need their diaper changed and they're just -- Lindsay, they're just sitting the. They're just ignoring him. Look, I called child services, but I couldnít get in touch with a case worker, and you know what? It probably -- it probably wouldnít matter anyway because I doubt that they're going to come out in the middle of the night anyway.

Lindsay: Not unless itís an emergency.

Marcie: Thatís what the police said. But it is an emergency.

Lindsay: You called the police?

Marcie: Well, yeah.

Bo: Balsom, you got to calm down.

Rex: I am calm!

Bo: Do you know for a fact that Adrianaís in trouble?

Rex: No, not for a fact, but I know she is.

Bo: Tell me whatís going on.

Rex: She thinks that I'm the one sending the emails. She thinks that I'm the stalker and that I had -- that I had someone attack her and that I was meeting with him tonight.

Bo: Why would she think that?

Rex: She saw me talking to this homeless guy. He was wearing a sweatshirt just like the stalkerís. I gave him a couple of bucks and she hit me over the head with a lamp.

Bo: All right, you're rambling.

Rex: Yeah, I'm rambling because itís all insane. She thought that this harmless bum was this homicidal freak and that I was behind it, but then he was harmless and I -- you know, I -- she didnít believe me and then so, just --

Bo: You know what? Stop, stop, stop!

Rex: Calm down, Bo.

Bo: How do you know for sure that this guy really is harmless?

Rex: Because he was homeless. He just didnít look -- ooh! Crap! Oh! Maybe he is the stalker. I am so stupid. I -- I got to go. I got to find her.

Adriana: Hello? Is someone there? Oh, God. [Adriana screams]

Man: Donít fight me! Donít fight me!

Nash: Thanks for the call, but you've done enough already.

Jessica: Is that the guy who helped you take me to New York?

Nash: Yeah. Look, I appreciate everything you've done, but I donít think I'll be needing your services anymore. Thanks, anyway.

Bruce: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, buddy. We've had some -- letís call them interesting times. And you, my friend, are a lucky man.

Nash: Well, I hope I will be.

Bruce: I mean, even if you donít wind up with that wild and gorgeous Tess, you've always got that hot Claudia babe to fall back on, if you catch my meaning.

Nash: I donít think I do.

Bruce: Now, it looks to me like any which way you fall, you're going to score, my man, especially now that Claudiaís inheriting all of daddyís cha-ching -- did I just stutter? -- Dough.

Nash: I'm not interested in Claudiaís cha-ching. Thereís only one girl I'm interested in.

Bruce: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, right, right, right. Ok. But donít blame me when you wind up looking for a date to the prom without enough money to buy a corsage.

Nash: I donít see that happening, Bruce.

Bruce: Well, you know where to find me. Just let me know if you ever need my services again.

Nash: Thanks, but I donít think I will.

Bruce: Oh, yeah, one more thing. If anybody calls you looking for me -- you know, snooping around, asking a lot of questions -- do me a favor and donít give them anything.

Nash: You talking about law enforcement types of people?

Bruce: Just, you know, anybody -- black or white hats, doesnít matter. Itís been real nice knowing you, Nash.

Nash: Bye-bye.

Jessica: So, that was Bruce.

Nash: Yeah, my attorney. Not the most ethical man in this world, but --

Bruce: You look like you could use this.

Tess: Thank you. Ah.

Jessica: That guy -- that guy put a drug in my drink. How could you -- how could you be involved with that type of garbage?

Nash: Well, you just heard. I'm not involved with that piece of garbage, and --

Jessica: And what?

Nash: And you remember what Bruce did to you?

Jessica: Yes. He put a date-rape drug or something in my drink.

Nash: No, he didnít.

Jessica: Yes, he did. I remember.

Nash: He did that to Tess.

Clint: How is she?

Viki: Sheís the same as when she was brought in. Apparently, she was underwater for quite some time and had stopped breathing. There could be brain damage. Todd and Blair are not doing very well.

Clint: Well, no, of course they're not. This is their little girl we're talking about.

Viki: This is really awful. They're scared to death.

Clint: Yeah. You know, thereís a chance that Starr could be just fine and come out of this. And you know, tragedies like this have a tendency to bring families together. Who knows -- this, you know, might help to reunite Todd and Blair.

Viki: Oh. Clint, I donít think thatís going to happen, not after everything that happened before.

Clint: Oh, I donít know. Children have a remarkable capacity for bringing families together.

Viki: Not always true.

Clint: You're thinking about Kevin and Kelly.

Viki: Listen, when Kevin finds out that Kelly is having Dukeís baby, I sincerely doubt thatís going to reunite them.

Clint: I know itís going to be tough, but thatís why we have to be there for them.

Viki: Of course we will.

Clint: Yeah. And who knows -- maybe even Dorian will help out.

Viki: Give me a break. Dorian wouldnít lift a finger to help Todd or me or any Buchanan.

Clint: Now, I know that she still holds a grudge against you, but --

Viki: Oh, what? Sheís had a change of heart towards Buchanan men, hmm?

Clint: Yes. She has had a change of heart.

Viki: Ah. No doubt due to your powers of persuasion, right? Oh, my God! Oh, no! Tell me you didnít sleep with her?

[Phone rings]

Rex: What is it?

Bo: Donít hang up on me, Balsom!

Rex: Right.

Bo: You stay calm!

Rex: Right.

Bo: Are you listening to me?

Rex: Yeah, right.

Bo: Balsom?

Rex: Yeah, yeah, I'm listening.

Bo: All right. Where are you?

Rex: I'm on this little island with no streetlights looking for Adriana.

Bo: All right, look. Adrianaís smart. If sheís afraid of you, sheís probably headed for the police right now or a neighborís house.

Rex: Thereís no police this side of the island, chief, and she hasnít met any of the neighbors.

Bo: Well, donít worry. She'll call.

Rex: And she doesnít have her cell phone.

Bo: Well, then sheís probably on the ferry and sheís headed back to the mainland right now. We'll hear from her within, I donít know, the next hour.

Rex: No purse, no cash, and no ferry until morning, because sheís out here somewhere. Damn it, Bo, I need her to know that I'm not the bad guy here. All I ever wanted to do was keep her safe. I would not put her in danger. I love her, Bo.

Bo: All right, Balsom? Are you there? Balsom? I am going to kick his little --

Adriana: Oh! Please help me!†

Marcie: Lindsay, what are you doing? Will you let me go? What are you doing? They're in there drinking.

Lindsay: And thatís legal. Now, if they get behind the wheel of the car drunk, thatís another story.

Marcie: So you're actually defending them?

Lindsay: Parents and guardians do stupid things with their kids all the time, but that doesnít make it child endangerment.

Marcie: Great. Now you're sounding just like Michael.

Lindsay: You talked to Michael about it?

Marcie: Yes, I talked to Michael about it, ok? He was here with me earlier, but no one seems to care about this but me.

Lindsay: Birth parents -- they donít need a license to raise a child, but unfortunately, those people in there have got one.

Marcie: Yeah. A license doesnít mean anything, ok? You can pay five bucks and you can get a license to go fishing.

Lindsay: But they donít do a background check on you when you get a fishing license.

Marcie oh, great. Once again -- once again, you're sounding just like Michael. You know, he made me go home with him. But the minute he left for the hospital, I came back out here.

Lindsay: I'm sorry. I just donít think thereís anything you can do.

Marcie: Yes. Yes, there is, and I'm going to do it, and I'm going to do it tonight.

Jessica: Jessica, Tess, I -- you know, itís not a big deal. I'm starting to get some of Tess' memories. And when I'm fully integrated, I'm going to have all of her memories. But itís not really about me or Tess or anybody else. Itís about that sleazoid lawyer of yours that helped you drag me to New York.

Nash: And you just heard me tell him that our relationship is over.

Jessica: Oh, and I also heard you say that you appreciated all the things that he did for you. What other things did you appreciate that he did for you?

Nash: You know, Jessica, not everything is about you or "Tess."

Jessica: But that was. Wasnít it, the thing that you "appreciated"?

Nash: No.

Jessica: That perv tried to rape me.

Nash: And I stopped him before he could do anything bad to you.

Jessica: Heís slime.

Nash: Heís a lawyer. But itís irrelevant. Jessica, you will never have to worry about him again. I promise you, I will never let anything bad happen to you or our baby. I promise you.

†[Phone rings]

Rex: Damn it, Bo! Bo, I canít keep talking to you. I need to find Adriana before the stalker does.

Bo: You're not going to find anybody unless you step back and think about what you're doing.

Rex: Good thinking. All right, put out an APB on her while I keep looking.

Bo: I canít.

Rex: What do you mean? Oh, yeah, you're not on the force. Ok, plan b -- ca John, have him put out the APB.

Bo: Look, nobodyís going to put out an APB because, technically, Adriana is not missing. She ran away. Even if she was missing, we couldnít put out a missing personís report until sheís been gone for 48 hours.

Rex: She could be dead by then.

Bo: Do we really know that sheís in any trouble at all?

Rex: I told you, I found her hair thingy down on the beach.

Bo: So what does that mean? What if she dropped it? Where are you exactly?

Rex: Block island. We were in a little cottage down on the beach.

Bo: All right. Then I'm sure that Adrianaís probably found her way back to the mainland by now, or sheís going to take the ferry first thing in the morning and then sheís going to call somebody to come over there and pick her up.

Rex: All right, maybe you're right. I'll call Dorian. I'll have her call me as soon as she hears from her.

Bo: No. Dorian is the last person that you want to call.

Adriana: Let go of me no.

Man: Get over there, ok? We're going to talk this over.

Adriana: Just stay away from me, ok? Donít hurt me.

Man: Look, I donít want to hurt anybody.

Adriana: Why did you attack me on the beach?

Man: Listen, you hang on there, missy. You're sitting in the sand crying. I come over to you because I thought I could help you. I bring you here because I thought you needed something. Letís just put some light on the situation, ok? Then I want you to tell me, what do you think?

Adriana: What do I think? I think you're stalking me, thatís what I think.

Man: Thatís a good one. I'm a stalker.

Adriana: I saw you talking to my boy-- Rex, the guy I was with.

Man: Yeah, I talked to your boyfriend, ok? He helped me out, and then he tells me not to hang around because his girlfriend, which must be you, is kind of nervous around strangers.

Adriana: Thatís what he told me.

Man: Honey, itís the truth.

Adriana: Well, maybe you rehearsed your stories.

Man: No, thereís no rehearsing and thereís no stories, itís just the truth. I think you are a little bit confused.

Adriana: I'm confused. Rex was doing something. But isnít the stalker. I mean, I was there. He fought with him more than once. Rex even got cut by a knife.

Man: The guy sounds dangerous -- the stalker, I mean.

Adriana: But if Rex was really protecting me, then what were all those emails doing in his computer?

Antonio: So the babyís back asleep.

Nash: "The baby, the baby." The baby has a name. Her name is Brennan. My name is Brennan. My daughterís name is Brennan. Her daddyís name is Brennan. Her nameís not "the baby," itís Brennan.

Antonio: So you said what you came to say, Brennan. Now you can go.

Nash: May I see my daughter, Brennan, first?

Antonio: She went back to sleep. We donít want to wake her.

Nash: Well, another time then.

Antonio: Call first.

Nash: I will do.

Antonio: Yeah. And donít slam the door.

Jessica: You do have a problem with it, donít you?

Antonio: A problem with what?

Jessica: Calling her Brennan.

Antonio: Yes.

Jessica: I know. I completely understand. I'm sorry.

Antonio: Well, donít be. I mean, itís not like you named her. Tess did.

Jessica: Yeah, she did. And sheís not here right now, so why donít we do something about it?

Lindsay: What are you planning on doing?

Marcie: I am going to get that baby away from those people.

Lindsay: And how are you going to do that?

Marcie: Well, the first thing I'm going to do is I am going to get evidence show how dangerous they are.

Lindsay: How?

Marcie: Well, I was thinking that we could go inside, sit at a table off to the side, right? And we can pretend like we're just a couple of girls out on the town for the night. That way, you could see how inept they are at parenting. And then I would have evidence and a witness. Ok, come on, letís go. Did you see that? Lindsay, did you see that?

Lindsay: What?

Marcie: The waitress just gave him a beer and her a cocktail.

Lindsay: How do you know that wasnít just a soda?

Marcie: Will you work with me here, please? Please? Just look how tired he is. I mean, he shouldnít be here. He should be at home asleep in a crib.

Waitress: Can I get you two anything? Hey, you're back.

Adriana: None of this is making any sense to me.

Man: Yeah, me, either.

Adriana: Rex isnít the stalker. Why would he do something like that?

Man: Honey, I canít tell you that.

Adriana: Rex was just trying to protect me. And he did. He came in and he saved me, and I was so grateful, and -- oh, God, I'm so stupid. He did it so he could be my hero.

Man: Huh? Where did that come from?

Adriana: Shut it off. That might be him. Turn it off.

Rex: Sheís here on the island. I'm going to find her before that lunatic does.

Man: Ok, I didnít flag him, right? Right? So you believe me now?

Adriana: About what?

Man: Your Rex -- working with your Rex. If I was working with him, I would have flagged him, right?

Adriana: Yeah. No. I donít know. Look, I got to get off this island.

Man: Yeah, well, thereís no boat until the morning.

Adriana: I got to get out of here tonight.

Man: You know what? I do know about a little boat thatís on the dock over there. You know, because I kind of borrow it now and then, if you know what I mean. So I could take you across, if you want.

Adriana: I'm not getting in a boat with you.

Man: Well, ok, then take it yourself then, ok? I'll show you where it is. Here. Look, here. Here you go. Here. If you want something to eat, ok? You want to make a phone call or you got to take a bus or something, there. Ok? Now follow me and I will show you where it is. You can stay as far behind me as you want. Just follow the light.

Marcie: You know, could we just have a couple of cups of coffee? And if you wouldnít mind, just donít tell anybody else that I'm here, ok?

Waitress: You caused quite a stir earlier tonight, huh?

Marcie: Yeah, and I really wouldnít want it to happen again, so --

Woman: Could you watch the baby for a minute? The baby for a minute? We're going to dance.

[Tommy cries]

Marcie: Did you see what I just saw?

Lindsay: Yes, I did. I'm so sorry I doubted you.

Billy: Why is he crying?

Waitress: Maybe heís teething. Rub some whiskey on his gums.

Marcie: Thatís enough. Put that bottle down and hand me that baby, now! You ok, baby?

Clint: Well, the cafeteria was closed and the vending machine didnít have decaf, so the best I could do is hot chocolate.

Viki: Thank you very much.

Clint: You're welcome.

Viki: Clint, I'm very sorry. I should never have asked that question, ok? Whatever goes on between you and Dorian is, like, so none of my business.

Clint: That doesnít mean it doesnít bother you.

Viki: It doesnít. I said --

Clint: You said that it was none of your business, and I agree with it, but Dorian and me getting a little closer, you know, that might get under your skin.

Viki: It doesnít at all. Whatever you do and who you do it to -- oh, boy, that was Freudian.

Clint: Yeah, I believe it was.

Viki: I really just want you to be happy.

Clint: All right, thank you.

Viki are you, with Dorian?

Clint: Well, right now, yeah. Yeah, I am, and I think I'm maybe the only happy couple in Llanview.

Viki: Whatís going to happen with Kevin and Kelly?

Clint: Or Jessica and Antonio?

Viki: Todd and Blair? I think I'd like to stay here until Starr comes to, ok?

Clint: Viki, are you sure you want to do that? You canít do anything here. You might as well go home, try and get some sleep, come back tomorrow.

Viki: I'm not going to be able to sleep.

Clint: Well, I think you should try. I mean, we're not going to be much use to our families if we canít keep our eyes open.

Viki: Ok, you're right.

Clint: Come on. I'll drive you home.

Viki: Thanks.

Jessica: Tess named her Brennan so we'd always remember who her father is, and I completely understand that. I think deep down in her heart, she knew she wasnít going to be around forever. But, you see, her name, it has to be Buchanan. I'm sorry.

Antonio: I understand, really. Could you imagine Brennan Vega? And besides, it doesnít matter that sheís not my biological baby. I mean, sheís my little girl right here, and thatís all that matters.

Jessica: Still, you donít have to be reminded of Nash every time you say her name.

Antonio: I'll get over it.

Jessica: You wonít have to. We can come up with a nickname or something. Anything but grape.

Antonio: What?

Jessica: It was just a joke that Nash said one time. It was a joke. I hope it was a joke.

Antonio: It was when you were --

Jessica: Tess, yes. Sorry.

Antonio: Itís ok. So we wonít call her grape.

Jessica: We could call her raisin. Itís a dried grape.

Antonio: No, letís get serious. How about, um, Brenna, Brenny --

Jessica: Bream.

Antonio: Thatís a fish. You might as well call her halibut.

Jessica: Fine, halibut it is.

Antonio: No. No, no, no, no. Letís get serious, all right? Itís serious time. How -- so we need to name her something, you know, thatís her. Something like Bren -- Brenga.

Jessica: Oh, God. Yeah, Brenga, queen of the jungle. Thatís going to go over really well on the playground.

Antonio: Then why donít you join in so I can make fun of you?

Jessica: Oh. Brell --

Antonio: That sounds like a shampoo.

Jessica: Oh -- Br -- Bran --

Antonio: Like the cereal?

Jessica: Ok, fine. Itís going to stay Brennan if you donít stop humiliating me, ok?

Antonio: All right. Seriously --

Jessica: Seriously.

Antonio: Here we go. Bren --

Jessica: Bree.

Antonio: Bree.

Jessica: Itís perfect. It rhymes with free, and thatís exactly what I want my little girl to be. I want her to be free to be whomever and whatever she wants. Bree.

Antonio: Bree. I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too. Listen --

Antonio: Hmm?

Jessica: I just --

Antonio: Hmm?

Jessica: I want you to know -- I just want you to know how much I appreciate the way you've let Bree into your life.

Antonio: Oh, baby, I've always said she was our daughter, right, just like Jamie. I always thought of her as mine, from the moment when I found out you were pregnant.

Jessica: I know. Itís just not fair that you have to be constantly reminded of what happened.

Antonio: Oh, would you give me a break? You think that matters to me?

Jessica: I donít know how I'd feel if I was in your position.

Antonio: All right. All right, maybe I was a little nervous at first, ok? Maybe, you know, I was afraid that she would like Nash and that I couldnít accept her as mine. But you know what? Itís like everybody says, once y look your child in the eye, you fall instantly in love with them. And I did. And thatís not going to change.

Jessica: You know, sheís starting to pick things up from you, the longer --

Antonio: Stop, ok? I'm not having any doubts. The question is, are you?

Jessica: No, I'm not. I just -- I just want her to have her biological father in her life, and I just want us all to be happy.

Antonio: Well, thatís not your responsibility. Jess, I love you. You and Jamie and Bree are what makes me happy. You are my life, ok? And yes, Nash is a reality. And yes, he gets on my nerves, ok? But thatís not going to change the fact that I have a wonderful life. And I am not going to take that or you for granted. You are the love of my life.

Jessica: I love you so much.

Marcie: What were you thinking? I could have you charged for child endangerment. Do you have any idea -- it was so stupid.

Woman: You again, the insane one. You're a crazy, redheaded monster.

Marcie: I'm the monster?

Woman: This is harassment. I'm going to call the police if you donít stay the hell away from us.

Lindsay: You know what? I think that would be an excellent idea. And when you do, you make sure you ask for Lieutenant John Mc Bain, because thatís the crazy redheadedís brother-in-law. And heís going to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Man: Are you trying to threaten my wife?

Lindsay: Yes.

Man: Because if you're trying to threaten my wife, you're trying to threaten me. And I donít take kindly to having idle threats thrown my way.

Marcie: Itís an actual threat. And if you think that you can intimidate two women, you'd better think again.

Man: You donít have proof we did anything.

Marcie: Yes, I do. I have pictures. And I have plenty of them.

Man: Give me the phone.

Marcie: No.

Nash: I donít think so, pal.

Man: What is your problem?

Marcie: Look, these two people are this babyís foster parents, and they came in here and they've been drinking all night long. And then they left the baby on the bar. And then the bartender -- to go dancing -- and then the bartender gave him a drink. And then thatís why me and Lindsay came over here. You know, to take care of Tommy.

Nash: Thatís a problem. Tommy?

Marcie: The baby.

Nash: Thank you.

Man: Letís go.

Nash: Letís stay.

Man: I got nothing against you.

Nash: Well, I got something against you. You see, when I was a little boy, I bounced around from foster home to foster home. And I happen to know just a thing or two about good daddies and bad daddies. Now, I just got a little bit of a sense that you're not one of the good ones.

Billy: I donít want any trouble in here.

Nash: Then back off!

Man: What are you doing?

Marcie: I'm calling child services.

Man: Now, just --

Nash: Shut up and sit down. Sit down!

Marcie: If you think that you're going to keep Tommy, well, then you better think again, ok? Because once I call child services and I tell them everything that went on here, and I tell them everything and I show them these pictures, thereís no way that you're keeping him. Thereís no way that you are keeping him unless I get hauled off to jail and thrown in jail. Do you understand me?

Lindsay: This is more than just about foster parents, isnít it?

Marcie: Yes, hi, I need to speak to --

Lindsay: Thatís paternal instinct I saw.

Marcie: No, no, no, please donít put me on hold. No, no, this is an emergency.

Nash: Heís not much older than my Brennan.

Marcie: I really need -- no, no. No, not tomorrow, not in an hour, today. I need to speak to someone now!

Rex: Why donít you want me to talk to Dorian? She'll be the first person Adriana calls.

Bo: Well, if she does call Dorian, I'll let you deal with the fallout. See, at this point, we donít need Dorian to panic and then make things even worse.

Rex: This is her mother we're talking about.

Bo: Well, if you tell Dorian that Adriana ran away, then Dorianís going to think you're poison. If Adriana tells her that you might be the stalker, then you're dead meat.

Rex: Did you ever consider becoming a motivational speaker? Because this talk has really uplifted my spirits.

Bo: Well, letís see what this one does for you, Balsom. Dorian doesnít even like you as it is. Sheís going to twist this thing every way she can to make sure that she screws up whatever chance you do have with Adriana.

Rex: Then my only option is to find her before she gets off this stupid island. The only problem is, is I've been over nearly every inch and havenít found one trace of her. But I know she canít get to mainland until morning, so I'm going to keep looking.

Man: You mind if I ask what you're doing out here in the middle of nowhere?

Adriana: Rowed over from the island.

Man: In the dark?

Adriana: Itís kind of a long story.

Man: Does it have anything to do with that boyfriend of yours?

Adriana: What?

Man: The blond kid?

Adriana: Who are you? How do you know me?

Man: Oh, I'm sorry, I didnít -- I donít mean to scare you. I was staying with my wife and kids out just around the point from where you were on the island.

Adriana: What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?

Man: I have a meeting in New York in the morning. The ferry doesnít run early enough, so doesnít really leave me with a lot of choice. Anyway, if you're heading for the city, I can give you a lift. Unless, of course, you're planning on rowing there.

Adriana: That would be great. You're a lifesaver.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Dorian: My daughter has been gone since last night, and you are just getting around to calling me?

Claudia: Could it be that the Tess part of her is still in love with Nash?

Jessica: What would Tess be saying and doing right now?

Evangeline: She thought you were starting to have feelings for me. Are you?

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