OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/8/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/8/06


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Kelly: Um -- can I come in?

Kevin: Ahem. Now, what -- whatís going on?

Kelly: Itís about Duke and me.

Bo: Johnís offering this guy a deal -- immunity if he'll roll on Truman.

Hugh: You ok with that? He forged your signature and cost you your badge.

Bo: Yeah, but itís nothing personal. I mean, Lenny is just Spencerís pawn. I donít care anything about him being punished as long as we get Truman.

John: Itís a sweet deal, Lenny. But itís a one-time-only offer -- take it or leave it. Hey. Look, I know Spencer arranged for you to get that heart, so I get how you think you owe him. But is it worth your freedom? Is it worth the next 20 years of your life? Do you owe him that?

Lenny: What? If it wasnít for Spencer, I wouldnít have 20 years left.

Todd: Sheís going to be fine. You know doctors.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Todd: Starr? Starr?

Blair: God, Starr, you're awake. Starr?

Todd: Go get the doctors.

Blair: All right. Spencer? Starrís awake.

Spencer: What?

Blair: Sheís awake!

Todd: Yeah, all right. Come on.

Spencer: Hey, Starr. Itís me, Dr. Spencer. I just want to take a look at you, ok? If you can hear me, just relax.

Blair: Spencer?

Spencer: Yep?

Blair: Is she going to be all right? Huh?

Lenny: I'm strictly small potatoes. I've been in and out of the joint for the last 40 years. All I ever got was a slap on the wrist or a little r and r, some country club down south, couple of months.

John: Difference is this time, you're looking at a whole list of felonies, Lenny. Yeah. You're going to die in prison.

Lenny: I'm not ratting anybody out. Got it? I'm not your guy.

John: I know you are.

Lenny: I got no dope on Spencer if thereís dope to get so sue me.

Kevin: What about Duke and you? What -- what else is there to say?

Kelly: I donít know how to say this. I -- have you talked to your father tonight?

Kevin: Yeah. He lives here. Why? What -- what does that have to do with you?

Kelly: Well, he and Dorian were talking earlier and --

Kevin: About Duke and you? Oh, for godís sake, Kelly, just say what you came to say. Come on, Dukeís dead, we're over. I mean, what could you possibly have left to lose?

Kelly: "To lose." Thatís funny, because I feel lost.

Kevin: Oh. What do you want from me? I mean, come on. Itís late, I'm tired. I -- we have talked this to death.

Kelly: Kevin, please. I need to say this. I --

Kevin: What? Whatís -- what are you doing here? Whatís wrong?

Kevin: I already know.

Blair: Hey. Hey, beautiful. Mommy and daddy are right here. Starr? Starr, can you -- why isnít she saying anything?

Spencer: I donít think she can hear you, Blair.

Blair: No, she can hear me. We were talking and she opened her eyes. She looked right at me.

Dorian: Oh, Blair. I'm -- I'm so sorry, but just because her eyes were open doesnít mean that sheís awake.

Blair: Oh.

Dorian: If she -- no, really. It could just be a reflex.

Blair: No, Dorian. Todd and I were talking, and she responded. Isnít that right, Todd?

Spencer: Dorianís right, Blair. She may have opened her eyes, but sheís still unconscious. Sheís not responding to any sort of stimulus. It was probably just an involuntary response. At the moment, the best thing we can do is just -- is just wait.

Todd: No, no, no. What about one of your miracle operations, now, doc? Nowís the time.

Spencer: Todd, if there were something more I could do, I would damn well do it.

Blair: Hey, baby. You fight. You give those doctors hell, ok?

Todd: Sweetheart, we're not going to go anywhere. We're right here for you till you feel better, no matter what.

Blair: We love you so much. We love you.

Dorian: Oh.

Evangeline: Dorian.

Dorian: Oh. Hello, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Is Starr all right?

Dorian: We donít know yet.

Evangeline: I'd like to be here for Todd in case he needs anything. Could you just let him know that I'm praying for them?

Dorian: Yes. Thank you.

Kevin: Itís too much for you, isnít it? The loss, the guilt? I can see it in your eyes.

Kelly: You think I --

Kevin: No, you canít -- you canít give up, Kelly. I mean, I know you feel that way sometimes. I feel the same way. You just --

Kelly: Kevin, you donít understand. I --

Kevin: I donít understand? Of course I -- I'm the only one who does understand. Look, we both lost everything that night of the tornado. We betrayed the people we love most in the world. I mean, we -- we're both way beyond redemption here. We're the same.

Kelly: No. We're not. You donít understand.

Kevin: Of course I do. I lost my son. You know what that feels like, donít you? Itís -- itís empty. I mean, thatís -- thatís never going to change.

Kelly: Kevin, I'm not talking about Duke dying. I'm talking about him living on in here.

Nora: A seven-letter word for "no." Oh. "Invalid" -- "invalid." Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Matthew: Hey, mom.

Nora: Hey -- hey, buddy. What are you doing awake?

Matthew: I canít sleep.

Nora: Me, neither.

Matthew: Why not?

Nora: I donít know.

Matthew: You mean stuffís running through your mind, just canít turn off your brain?

Nora: Yeah, something like that. Itís called "obsessing." Hmm. I'm very, very good at it.

Matthew: Well, then I guess it runs in the family.

Nora: What are you obsessing about?

Matthew: Nothing, really. School, friends, soccer -- the usual stuff.

Nora: Me? Are you worried about me, hmm? Hey, kiddo. Donít worry about me, ok? I'm going to be fine. Besides, nothing is going to happen here tonight that the two of us canít handle.

Matthew: You donít know that. What if you trip and fall down the steps and I donít hear you?

Nora: Oh, you'll hear me. I got a big mouth. You'll hear everything. [Nora chuckles] Besides, tomorrow we got a nurse from the home care service coming, ok? And I promise -- I'll behave myself and I wonít fire her.

Matthew: I donít mind not sleeping, mom. Whenever I'm sick, you take care of me. Now itís my turn to take care of you until you get better.

Nora: How did I get so lucky to get a guy like you?

Matthew: I donít know. I'm pretty lucky to have you, too.

Nora: Oh.

John: Book him -- forgery, obstruction of justice.

Hugh: We'll come up with a few more charges just for fun.

Lenny: Whatís a pretty lady like you doing in a den of inequity like this?

Hugh: You mean "iniquity"?

Lenny: No, Poindexter, I donít.

Natalie: Natalie Buchanan, forensics tech.

Lenny: Beauty queen like you? Hmm.

Natalie: Yeah, I'm an old AC girl from way back. Guys like you are a dime a dozen for psychos like Truman. Heís liable to take that heart back if you're not careful. You know what? Ask me, I'd take the deal. Itís more than equitable.

Hugh: You know, maybe when he figures out we're not bluffing, it'll change his mind and he'll give Truman up.

Bo: I doubt it. Guys like Lenny -- they have a code. They donít mind cutting the corners, but somebody does them a good turn, they'll lock up like a steel trap.

John: Boardwalk rats -- Boís right. They know when to keep their mouths shut.

Hugh: Well, at least we got him on tape talking about forging the Cochran papers. You know, itís not enough to prosecute, but it should be enough to hold some water and get your badge back.

Bo: Oh, I hope you're right, you know, because I'm -- I'm running out of leisure-time activities.

Natalie: Yeah, like you would take the time to relax anyway.

Bo: Yeah. I try. Hey, John?

John: Hmm?

Bo: My first order of business is going to be to help you solve your fatherís case. Trumanís got to pay, once and for all.

Dorian: Oh. How did you know I was here?

Clint: Well, I called your house and someone on the staff told me what happened.

Dorian: Starr was underwater for 10 minutes. She -- she could've died. Heaven forbid thereís brain damage.

Clint: Dorian, sheís a tough little girl. Donít you dare start giving up on her.

Dorian: Oh. Her eyes are open, but it -- it could just be a reflex.

Clint: You donít have to be strong. You know, thatís what I'm here for.

Dorian: Thank you. I do have to hold it together for Blair.

Clint: Then I'll help you do that.

Dorian: Thank you again.

Clint: No thanks necessary, but I think a cup of tea is. Come on.

Blair: You're the joy of my life, sweetheart. And you have been from the minute that you were born. And you've turned out to be such a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of you.

Todd: Now, listen, she is a fighter. She is going to fight through this. Sheís going to be fine. We just have to do the same for her.

Spencer: All right, thank you very much. All right, now that sheís off the ventilator and her vitals are stabilized, we're going to move her up to the I.C.U. We're going to hit her with antibiotics and hopefully we will know what to expect in the morning.

Blair: What do you mean, "what to expect"?

Spencer: Well, I mean, if she regains consciousness --

Blair: "If"?

Spencer: Blair, listen, we have to have hope, ok, but, I mean, we really donít know how much brain damage she may have suffered.

Todd: Well, you're not her doctor, are you?

Spencer: Her neurologist asked me to consult, Manning.

Todd: Yeah, and I've asked a man from the University in Philadelphia to come up here.

Blair: When did you arrange that?

Todd: Doesnít make any difference. Bottom line is we're not interested in your opinion, doctor, medical or otherwise.

Evangeline: How is she? Spencer, will she be all right?

[Phone rings]

Spencer: Excuse me. Spencer Truman.

David: Itís me.

Spencer: You -- I cannot talk right now, Dave.

David: You need to see me right now.

Spencer: Listen, I'm right in the middle of an emergency. I canít talk now.

David: Lenny Kasden was just arrested for forging Boís signature.

Spencer: Where are you?

David: I'm at the docks.

Spencer: Donít move.

Blair: Sheís going to be all right. Sheís strong like you.

Todd: Yeah, she is.

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Hey. What are you doing out of bed?

Blair: You can see?

Todd: Thatís right.

Evangeline: Thanks to you. Look, I donít want to disturb you. I just -- when I heard about Starr, it -- I'm so sorry.

John: I'm going to make sure that paperworkís on the mayorís desk by morning. If he knows whatís good for him, you'll be back behind your desk by lunchtime.

Bo: Thanks.

John: Hmm.

Bo: Well, you all will have to excuse me because I want to deliver the good news to someone.

Natalie: Matthew?† Heís going to be so happy for you.

Bo: Oh.

Natalie: Hmm.

Bo: Thanks, you guys.

Natalie: See you later.

John: See you tomorrow, boss. Ok. Look, I'm going to make sure Lenny makes his way through processing.

Hugh: Hey, John, great work.

John: Save it for when we get Truman.

Spencer: Dangerous spot, David. You know, a guy could get murdered down here, they wouldn't find the body for days.

David: Cut the dramatics, Spencer. This isnít Calcutta.

Spencer: Whatís up with Lenny?

David: You know, Johnís a very good cop, Spencer. Heís like a dog with a bone right now, you being the bone.

Spencer: Listen, I donít have time to play top that metaphor. What the hellís going on?

David: John tracked down Lenny. He connected him with those forged papers in Margaretís case and he figured out that Lennyís got a brand-new heart thanks to you and your magic powers.

Spencer: What else does Mc Bain know?

David: Well, he threw me in a room with Lenny, tried to get me to soften him up so that when he goes in for the kill -- Or the grill, as it were --

Spencer: Did Lenny make me for the forgery or not?

David: No, he didnít. Apparently, Lenny would rather go to jail than rat you out. Howís that for loyalty?

Spencer: Speaking of loyalty, whereís yours, David? I ask you that. You know, of all the years I spent protecting you --

David: Protecting me? You lied to me. You ruined my life. You were only protecting yourself.

Spencer: Is that what I'm doing now, David? Protecting myself?

David: I just want you to know that John has all the pieces of the puzzle and heís going to put them together, and when he connects them, heís going to come for you. He'll drag you to jail in the middle of the night and that will be the end of the great Dr. Truman.

Spencer: You really donít give me much credit, do you, David?

David: The good guys are going to win this time, Spencer. You need to take responsibility now.

Spencer: Really? For what exactly?

David: All of it. Turn yourself in. Maybe you wonít lose everything.

Spencer: That'll never happen.

David: Oh, itís already happening. The jigís up, Spencer. And you're going to lose Blair. In fact, you've lost her already.

Spencer: I have to go, but we will have other nights, all right, an entire lifetime of them.

Blair: Well, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the man that I love.

Evangeline: I canít imagine what you're going through, Blair. I'm -- if thereís anything I can do.

Blair: Thanks.

Todd: She looks like such a grownup now -- around her eyes. She really changed a lot when I was in jail.

Evangeline: Thatís all behind you, Todd.

Todd: Yes, sheís been through so much in the last year.

Blair: Well, part of that was my fault. I didnít do right by her.

Todd: Well, I'm not going to argue with that.

Evangeline: Guys --

Blair: No, you know -- you're right, Todd. I stopped believing in you and it hurt her deeply.

Todd: I hurt her, too. You and I were the only thing she believed in. And without that, she jumped off a cliff. What does that tell you?

Evangeline: Do you think she was trying to hurt herself?

Blair: No. I refuse to believe that.

Todd: She was trying to forget -- same thing, basically.

Blair: I'm so sorry, Starr. I'm so sorry.

Dorian: So, tell me -- why were you calling my house so late?

Clint: Well, I -- I felt bad the way we left things. Dorian, making love with you is the best thing thatís happened to me in a long time and I didnít want that evening to end with a sour note.

Dorian: We both knew that you couldnít spend the night. And you did kiss me goodbye.

Clint: Well, I wanted to say good night a little more sweetly.

Dorian: So, afterwards did you see Kevin or Viki?

Clint: Actually, I saw them both.

Dorian: And?

Clint: Um -- I told Viki about Kellyís baby, but we agreed that it was not our place to tell Kevin.

Dorian: Ah.

Kevin: Well, what are you saying?

Kelly: Kevin --

Kevin: No, no. Why are you here? What -- whatís wrong with you?

Kelly: Kevin please, just --

Kevin: No, no, whoa, what? What, Kelly, huh? I thought we agreed to leave each other alone. I mean, do you like hurting yourself this much or hurting me? Huh? Thatís it, isnít it? I mean, you -- you canít live with yourself, so you want me to feel the same way.

Kelly: I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with Dukeís baby. I'm going to have a baby. I knew something was different almost immediately. I could feel it. Please say something. I took a home pregnancy test. I took several, actually, but I didnít need it to tell me what I already knew. I'm going to have this baby, Kevin. I didnít want you to know. I -- I wasnít going to tell you. I was going to leave town and -- and never come back and raise this child on my own, and I might still do that -- I donít know. I havenít made up my mind yet. Because I want my child -- my son or my daughter -- to live a rich and full life. And I donít want people looking at it and only seeing pain or shame or -- or guilt. Because my baby is precious to me. I want to give it the life that Duke should have had. Because I owe him that much. So Duke isnít gone, Kevin. A part of him is here, and always will be.

Kevin: I canít believe I didnít see this. I mean, itís all I've been thinking about is what happened. And it never -- it never even occurred to me that you could be having his child.

Dorian: So how does Viki feel about being a great-grandmother?

Clint: Well, at first she was thrilled, of course. Having, you know, another baby in the family is going to be kind of like having Duke live on.

Dorian: Right. And of course, the Buchanan legacy lives on.

Clint: Dorian --

Dorian: No, I -- I'm not -- really, I didnít mean that the way it sounded.

Clint: Yeah, of course you did. On the other hand, though, I know you donít wish any harm on that little baby.

Dorian: Oh, heaven forbid. You say Viki was happy at first.

Clint: Yeah, but then it hit her, you know, what would Kevinís reaction be? Because his reaction to Kelly and Duke was a little extreme.

Dorian: Hmm. Well, a child changes everything. Under any circumstances.

Evangeline: I'll be praying for Starr. For all of you.

Todd: Hey. I'll walk you out.

Evangeline: Ok.

Blair: I know that you've been hating me lately, and -- and if I were you, I guess I wouldnít blame you. I've made some mistakes, Starr. I've made some really terrible mistakes. But I'm going to promise you right now that I'm going to fix -- I'm going to fix each and every one of them. I swear to you.

Spencer: What do you mean, I've lost Blair? What are you talking about?

David: Toddís back.

Spencer: So what? Sheís over him.

David: Thatís never going to happen. Oh, Spencer, it was inevitable. Donít you know? Blair hates a liar. With the exception of Todd. And Dorian lies a lot. Kellyís not exactly honest, either. Never mind. There are mountains of evidence against you that are going to come forward, and itís just been a matter of time.

Spencer: So Lenny didnít make me, even though Mc Bain offered him a deal.

David: Lenny is as loyal as a Labrador. But not quite as smart, unfortunately.

Spencer: You could use some lessons, David. Why donít they just leave him alone? Heís just a sick old man. Why donít the cops just leave him alone?

David: Oh, wow, Spencer. Your emotional outburst about your former forger is really touching. The fact of the matter is your plan is unraveling. And John Mc Bain is making it his lifeís work to bring you down. I sure hope he gets his wish.

Spencer: You really hate me that much, huh, David?

David: I donít know you well enough to hate you, Spencer. There was a time when I did. There was a time when I thought the sun rose and set by you. I wanted to be just like you. There was a time when you were more of a father to me than dad ever was. You had everything I wanted. You had respect, you had a career, you had a woman who loved you, and somewhere, you went wrong. It all went wrong, Spencer, and I, like the lemming that I was, went wrong right alongside you, and my life has been a disaster ever since.

Spencer: Donít you dare put that off on me.

David: Why not? Why canít I put that off on you? You created some mechanism so that I was under your grasp at all times. You have held that against me ever since. Well, not anymore. My marker with you is now null and void. I donít owe you spit. Oh, a word of advice -- even though I didnít do it, when I confessed to murdering Johnís father, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace. You ought to try it sometime.

Spencer: Peace?

David: Confessing. Peace is just a side effect. Do the right thing.

Natalie: You all right?

John: We know who did this. And we donít got a damn thing we can use in court.

Natalie: You'll get it. You'll get it.

Matthew: Mom! Mom!

Nora: Yes --

Matthew: Dad has great news!

Nora: What -- huh?

Hugh: It is super-great news. He is right.

Nora: Well -- well, it better be if you're going to be bringing all these guys into my bedroom.

Matthew: Dadís getting his badge back. They found proof that he didnít do anything wrong.

Nora: Oh.

Hugh: And I'd like to go on the record as saying I never believed otherwise.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I appreciate that, Hugh. I tell you, you've been a good friend through all of this. Heís come a long way since you've been gone.

Nora: Yeah, I canít wait to get back to work and see it for myself.

Bo: Hmm.

Matthew: You will.

Nora: You trying to get rid of me, buddy?

Matthew: No. But she keeps firing her nurses.

Nora: Hey --

Bo: I'm surprised.

Hugh: Just make sure you get all that firing out of your system before you get back to the D.A.ís office.

Nora: Oh, you're not going anywhere, I'll tell you that. Because I didnít torture you enough before you took over my job.

Hugh: Temporarily.

Nora: Yeah, you bet your ass itís temporary.

Bo: Yeah, well, I'm going to let you two hash this out. And I'm going home, get the first good nightís sleep I've had in weeks.

Nora: Good for you, Bo.

Bo: Thanks. I'll see you tomorrow, Hugh.

Hugh: Good night.

Matthew: Hey, dad?

Bo: Yeah?

Matthew: If you need any help moving stuff back into your office, I'm always here.

Bo: Yeah.

Hugh: Little light bedtime reading.

Nora: Oh. Forget the boring stuff. Tell me whatís going on at the courthouse.

Hugh: Well, itís been a busy night. Johnís turned over a lot of rocks in the Truman investigation, but he doesnít have enough to make a case yet.

Nora: Is he going to get it?

Hugh: Either he will or he'll die trying.

Natalie: Here you go.

John: Thanks. Hey, what do you got, Jones?

Ofc. Jones: Lenny Kasdenís been blocked. The DAís pushing for an arraignment first thing in the morning.

John: Good work, good work.

Natalie: Maybe a night in a jail cell will make him change his mind.

John: Yeah, tell you what, I wouldnít hold my breath, all right? Trumanís got his hooks in pretty deep.

David: Well, I talked to Spencer.

John: And?

David: I played the brotherly love card. I should've known it wouldnít work. Told him about Lenny. Heís not budging.

John: Doesnít surprise me. Heís worked too hard to give up now.

Natalie: Same as you, John.

David: Thatís what I told him, that you're not going to give up on this, and he might as well make it easier on himself and come in.

John: Why the hell would you do that?

David: Itís called trying to be helpful. Is that a foreign concept to you?

John: I donít need your help! You probably made things worse!

Natalie: John, give him a break. Itís not like he gave him classified information.

David: Thatís right. Define "classified."

John: Just get out of here, Vickers.

David: You know, I donít have to play along with you. I could just as easily take my brotherís side in this whole thing.

John: Yeah, you're right. You could flip a coin and see who gets the top bunk in a 6-by-9.

David: I didnít do anything wrong!

John: Define "wrong." You're an accessory to murder.

Natalie: Ok, stop! You two, go to your neutral corners. Come on.

David: You know what? What is -- what is it with you? Wouldnít it be a lot easier on you if Spencer came in here and spilled his guts, and saved so you donít have to go to trial where you might lose? In fact, he'll probably win by offering to install a brand-new liver on every jury member.

Kelly: I know that this is going to take some time to get used to. It took me weeks before I could even say it out loud. But people are going to start finding out, and I wanted you to hear it from me before you heard it from somebody else.

Kevin: Who else have you told?

Hugh: Why are you sitting alone on a park bench this late at night?

Kelly: I'm pregnant! No one. Uh -- Dorian figured it out, and then she told Clint.

Kevin: I see.

Kelly: I understand that you must have mixed emotions about this.

Kevin: My emotions arenít mixed. Not at all.

Dorian: Thank you for staying.

Clint: You sure you're going to be all right?

Dorian: The I.C.U. team here is very, very good. I'm going to stay because I -- I need to be here for Blair. I just donít want to fall apart. You've been a big help.

Clint: Dorian, I've known you for a lot years. A lot of ups and downs. I've never known you to fall apart. Not once.

Dorian: You're a very kind man.

Clint: I think I'm doing what anybody would do under the circumstances. You let me know if Starrís condition changes, all right?

Dorian: I will.

Spencer: Hello, Dorian.

Dorian: Spencer, you are not supposed to be anywhere near Starr. You have no reason to be here.

Spencer: Actually, I do. I'm here for Blair.

Dorian: Oh? She does not want anything from you.

Todd: Doesnít matter what Blair wants.

Blair: You have such a strong spirit. Such a will to survive. You fight your way. You fight your way back, ok? Because your daddy and I need you. You're our heart and soul, baby girl. You' our heart and soul. I donít know why people donít know about this.

Kelly: I know that you're probably still in shock, that itís going take a while to process this.

Kevin: You're having my sonís child. What else is there to process?

Kelly: I just want you to know that I donít want anything from you or your family. I donít need any support or help. I'm going to do this on my own.

Kevin: You know, the one thing that I wanted to give you more than anything else was a baby.

Kelly: I know. If things had been different --

Kevin: If things had been different -- if things had been different, we'd still be together, wouldnít we? We'd still have our son. And Duke. If things had been different, thatís what would be going on right now. You know, all the years that we tried to have a baby, who knew that it would be this easy?

Kelly: Thereís nothing easy about this.

Kevin: If I wouldnít have got that stupid virus, we'd be together right now, someplace where you're talking about how lucky we were to survive the tornado, and you would be pregnant with my child, not Dukeís.

Kelly: This is why I didnít want to tell you. I -- I'm sorry. I donít want you taking any more responsibility for this than you already have.

Kevin: Too late.

Kelly: I'm so sorry.

John: Spencerís not getting out of this one. One way or another, he pays.

David: Yeah, well, thatís what I told him. Look, I'm sorry I didnít get more out of Lenny, or Spencer. You got a stun gun, I'll be happy to give it another shot.

John: Thanks, but no, thanks. We'll be in touch. I've come too far to give up now.

David: Didnít have to be this way, Spencer.

Todd: If you come any closer to my daughter than you are now, I'm going to toss your ass out of here.

Spencer: I donít have any intention on interfering with Starrís treatment, Todd. I'm here for Blair.

Todd: You're here for yourself.

Spencer: All right, look, for what itís worth, I am very, very sorry about this. I know what you're going through.

Todd: No, you couldnít possibly understand what I'm going through.

Blair: You're going to be all right, sweetie. You got to be all right. You're going to wake up, and everythingís going to be back to normal. Just open those pretty eyes for me, ok? Oh, and I would give anything that when you open them, that you see me holding your daddy in my arms. Oh, baby, I'm going to make things right. I'm going to make things right for all of us.

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