OLTL Transcript Monday 8/7/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/7/06


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Rex: Stop! Listen to me!

Adriana: I -- I donít want to hear any more of your lies, Rex!

John: Letís go over it again. Truman put you up to forging Commissioner Buchananís signature on those morgue documents.

Lenny: I never said that.

John: But you've forged documents for Truman before, didnít you?

Lenny: For his old man, yeah, but I did my time for that. I havenít seen the kids in years.

John: Heís a doctor now. But you knew that, didnít you?

Lenny: Kidís a doc? Son of a gun.

John: Hmm.

Lenny: It shouldnít surprise me. He was always taking care of everybody, you know. Even when his old man started slipping, Spencer looked right after everybody. Huh. You going to let me go now?

John: The way I see it, you're not going anywhere until you cop to what you did.

Lenny: Then any chance of getting a sandwich?

John: Not even a cracker. So why donít we start from the beginning. When did Truman first approach you about setting up Bo Buchanan?

Spencer: Blair? Hey. What are you holding?

Todd: Hey. You're Starrís friend, right?

Langston: We were at --

Todd: Where is she?

Langston: We were at the quarry swimming. The water was so cold. Everyone was jumping in. Nobody was getting hurt or anything. And then Starr jumped off the rocks from high up, and -- she must have hit her head. She didnít come back up.

Todd: Where is she?

Langston: I'm so sorry --

Todd: Where is she?

Michael: Could you find out whatís taking radiology so long with those chest x-rays? Thank you.

Todd: Uh -- ok, excuse me. Is she going to be all right?

Michael: We've stabilized her.

Todd: Is she going to be all right?

Michael: We're hoping.

Todd: Thatís not good enough for me.

Michael: Todd, sheís aspirated a lot of water. We're monitoring for signs of pneumonia. But given the head injury, cerebral edema is a big possibility.

Todd: So what does that mean?

Michael: We're going to be monitoring her for the next 48 hours, but given the blow to her head and the amount of time she spent submerged, we're looking for signs of brain damage.

Rex: Adriana! Adriana? What the hell happened?

Dorian: Oh. There you are. I went looking for you in your room.

Kelly: I couldnít sleep. Hugh was here.

Dorian: The District Attorney?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Oh, really? I didnít know you knew him that well.

Kelly: Actually, we've become quite good friends.

Dorian: How good?

Kelly: Dorian, donít even go there.

Dorian: Kelly, please sit down. We need to talk. Come on.

Kelly: Why? Is something wrong?

Dorian: With me, no.

Kelly: Oh, please -- please donít start on your crazy idea that I might be pregnant. Please.

Dorian: Kelly, itís not crazy, and itís not an idea. Now, we do have to talk about it.

Kelly: There is nothing to talk about.

Dorian: Ok. There is, because I'm afraid that I sort of confided in someone my suspicions that you were pregnant.

Kelly: What? What? My -- who? Who did you tell?

Dorian: Clint. I told Clint everything.

Clint: Either of you want anything?

Kevin: No, I'm good.

Viki: Not me. Is everything really all right?

Clint: Didnít I just say that it was?

Viki: Yeah. That doesnít make it true.

Clint: I'm just surprised that you're here this late, thatís all.

Viki: Fine, I wonít ask anymore.

Clint: Look, it has been a long day, all right? With the Jessie and Nash business, and I just got home from Dorianís.

Viki: Dorianís? Oh, well, never mind. That explains everything.

Clint: She is an incredible woman who went out on a limb for me tonight.

Viki: Did she? What limb?

Clint: Thatís between Dorian and me.

Viki: I thought you and Dorian were on the outs.

Clint: Well, we're on again. And, Kevin, I'm sorry. I hated the way that she treated you, and she knows that.

Kevin: Fine, you made that pretty clear, and I appreciate it, Dad. But just so you know what you're getting into with a Cramer woman, I mean -- I mean, I donít -- donít want to get into it. Thatís what mom and I were talking about, and I need to get over it.

Clint: You think you can?

Kevin: Well, not losing Duke, but Kelly sleeping with him --

Clint: Are you saying that you can forgive her?

Kevin: I'm saying I'm trying. You know? I mean, I admit that I basically drove her into his arms, you know? Told her to have a baby with him if she couldnít have mine.

Clint: You said that?

Kevin: Yeah, I said a lot of things I shouldnít have said, you know, that I canít take back, but I got to live with it.

Clint: And you think thatís possible?

Kevin: In time, I hope. I mean, you know, I'm never going to completely forget about Duke and Kelly being together. But it happened, itís over, and I got to move on.

Todd: Are you saying my daughterís brain damaged?

Michael: No, I did not say that. Todd, listen to me. The water temperature was extremely cold. That may make the difference in how much damage she sustained, but we're not going to know until she wakes up. Itís something we have to rule out.

Todd: Starr -- Starr, wake up

Michael: Sheís probably going to be out for a while, Todd.

Todd: Ok, listen to me. I want the very best people. I want the best doctors treating her, understand me?

Michael: I -- I understand. Listen, we are very much on it here at this hospital, but if you want a second opinion, I understand. Listen, Todd, thereís really nothing you can do for her in here. Why donít you come wait outside?

Todd: No, I'm going to stay right here.

Michael: Sheís stable. Her vital signs are holding, and I need you and Blair to fill out some consent forms.

Todd: We, Blairís not here. I donít know where she is. Give me the forms. I will --

Michael: Does she know what happened?

Todd: I have no idea.

Michael: Well, you have to call her. She needs to know whatís going on.

Todd: Blair is -- I have no idea where she is. You give me the forms, I will sign them.

Michael: Listen, you have to try and find her. Sheís Starrís mother.

Todd: Well, someone should remind her of that, because all she cares about right now is being with her boyfriend.

Blair: I'll tell you, what I have in my hand is -- massage oil.

Spencer: Oh, really? Is that for me?

Blair: Yes, it is. I know how much you love massages.

Spencer: Yes, I do. I could really use one tonight --

Blair: Good.

Spencer: As a matter of fact.

Blair: Because I'm going to give you a really, really good one.

Spencer: All right. Ok --

Blair: Get that shirt off. Ok?

Spencer: Oh. Yes.

Blair: All right.

Spencer: Ahem.

Blair: Hmm. You'll love this.

Spencer: Oh, yeah.

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Thatís good.

Blair: Howís that feel?

Spencer: It feels really good, babe. You could -- you could go just a little bit harder.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Mmm. [Spencer sighs] Hey. Ow, ow, ow -- easy, tiger. Whatís going on back there?

Blair: Sorry.

Spencer: Oh -- all right.

Blair: Sorry.

Spencer: I know you'd never intentionally hurt me, would you?

Natalie: Hi, uncle Bo.

Bo: Hi.

Natalie: I heard they just busted the guy who forged your signature.

Bo: Yeah, we -- we picked the guy up down at the docks. He was trying to skip town.

Natalie: Did he talk?

Bo: Well, Johnís in there with him right now. Heís working on him. I'd like to be in there working on him myself. But no badge, no working on anybody.

Natalie: Hey, soon, soon. You'll get it back. If anybody can get this guy to spill, itís John I mean, heís -- heís the best, even though I'm still a little upset with him.

Bo: What now?

Natalie: Oh, we were at Rodiís earlier and I saw Nash. I let him have it about Jessica. And I didnít let his little friend, Claudia, give me any garbage, either, but John told me to cool it, said I was making a scene.

Bo: Hmm. Were you?

Natalie: Like I care.

Bo: John cares. He probably didnít want you to get too upset.

Natalie: Yeah. He said something kind of like that.

Bo: Then whatís the problem?

Natalie: I donít know -- I just -- I guess I just wish he would have backed me up a little, thatís all.

Bo: Natalie, Johnís main goal in life right now is to nail Spencer for shooting his father, and you know that. So, you know, cut him some slack.

Natalie: I know. I know. So, how do we stop this guy?

John: Hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey.

John: Sorry, I didnít realize you --

Natalie: Hey, listen, I heard you busted this guy for forgery. If I can help in any way, I'm here.

John: Ok.

Bo: Did you get anything out of Lenny?

John: Not yet. But I think I know someone who can. Sit tight.

Rex: My God, why did she hit me like that? She called Bo?

[Phone rings]

Bo: Hello?

Rex: Bo, itís Rex.

Bo: This isnít a good time.

Rex: Yeah -- what did Adriana call you about?

Bo: Adriana? I havenít heard from her.

Rex: You sure?

Bo: Yeah, positive. Why?

Rex: I found her phone. The last number dialed was you. Now sheís gone.

Bo: Well -- gone? What -- whatís going on here?

Rex: I -- I donít know. Everything was great. She saw me talking to this homeless guy, thinks heís the creep and that we're in cahoots. Then thought we straightened everything out. Next thing I know, sheís hitting me over the head with a lamp.

Bo: What, she clocked you with a lamp?

Rex: Yeah, and then she took off out of here.

Bo: And you donít know why?

Rex: No, I -- holy crap.

Bo: What?

Rex: I -- I got -- I got to go.

Bo: Wait, is it -- what -- is it Adriana?

Rex: No, but I know whatís up now. I got to find he Adriana! Adriana!

Michael: Todd, I know that you and Blair have your issues, but sheís Starrís mom. She has a right to know whatís going on with her daughter.

Todd: She gave up that right.

Michael: Ok, I -- I understand you're upset.

Todd: Huh.

Michael: But think about your daughter now, you might not care about her mom, but what about Starr?

Todd: Yeah. Actually, Starr canít stand her right now.

Michael: Sheís angry with her mom, yes. But -- sheís going to need both parents to get through this. Now, you're going to have some very tough decisions ahead of you. Listen, even though Starr is unconscious, we have no y of knowing what sheís aware of. Now, hearing her motherís voice, feeling her mother with her -- that could make the difference. If you donít call Blair, I will.

Todd: All right, I'll do it. I'll do it. Hang in there, sweetheart. I'll be right back. Thank you. Blair, itís Todd. Thereís been an accident. I'm at the hospital right now. Starr is in the emergency room. You need to get down here as soon as possible. Yes, Spencer Trumanís suite, please. I -- I really donít care if thereís a "do not disturb" on the phone. You need to disturb them right now. Itís an emergency. Yeah, you, too.

Langston: Howís Starr? Is she all right?

Todd: Uh -- they donít know yet. Are you going to stick around here?

Langston: Yeah.

Todd: Ok, if anybody wants me, tell them they can reach me on my phone.

Natalie: Uncle Bo, what is this about somebody hitting Rex with a lamp?

Bo: He and Adriana got into it about something.

Natalie: Heís ok, isnít he?

Bo: Well, I'm not sure. You know, he wasnít making much sense.

Natalie: What did he say exactly?

Bo: Adriana clocked him with a lamp. He didnít know why. Then, all of a sudden, he does know why. And then he wanted to take off and find her. I --

Natalie: Yeah, I hope heís all right.

Bo: Yeah, me, too. I mean, the kid really drives me nuts. But --

Natalie: Yeah, like you need any more on your plate. I wonder who John thinks he can get through to this guy if he canít.

David: I donít know about this. Are you sure about this? I donít know what it is you think I can do.

Rex: Adriana! Adriana, where are you? Adriana!

[Adriana gasps]†

Clint: Son, I'm proud of you. You're facing your problems head-on.

Kevin: Well, itís either that or end up drunk in a gutter somewhere.

Clint: Oh, no, come on. You're on a good road, but u got to be aware thereís going to be some rough patches ahead.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I'm hoping the worst is over.

Clint: Yeah, I do, too. I truly do.

Kevin: Well, listen, I need to get to bed, ok? I got a meeting in the morning.

Clint: Yeah, itís with the Barton Group, right?

Kevin: Yeah, it looks like they're ready to make a deal.

Clint: Oh, good. Good luck with it. And let me know if I can do anything.

Kevin: All right, thanks -- for everything. Mom, listen, I'll walk you to the car.

Viki: Oh --

Clint: No, Kevin, you can go to bed. I'll see your mother out. I have to talk to her about something, anyway.

Kevin: All right. Well, good night. Thanks for the talk.

Viki: Hey, anytime, baby. I love you.

Kevin: Right. I love you, too.

Viki: Boy, that must have been some date with Dorian.

Clint: I have some news.

Viki: Yeah. Whatís going on?

Clint: You know, in a lot of ways, itís -- is good. Itís -- itís wonderful, but on the other hand --

Viki: Clint, what is it?

Clint: I thought about not telling anybody, not even you, but hearing Kevin tonight -- it was --

Viki: Just tell me.

Clint: Dorian thinks that Kelly is pregnant with Dukeís baby.

Kelly: I canít believe that you told Clint that I'm pregnant with Dukeís baby.

Dorian: It kind of slipped out.

Kelly: What, what, it just flew out of your mouth?

Dorian: Kelly, remember I -- I told you that Clint and I have become increasingly intimate? Well, there are other things that happened that werenít planned. He came over, and we went upstairs to my bedroom. And -- well, it was wonderful, but you know the way things can sometimes get afterwards. He started talking very emotionally about how he felt about Duke dying, and that he felt as if he had nothing left anymore of Dukeís, and I'm sorry. I couldnít at that point hide something from him that -- I couldnít.

Kelly: But you know nothing. You donít know anything.

Dorian: I do! I mean, I think -- I think we can safely assume you are --

Kelly: You canít assume anything, Dorian.

Dorian: Well --

Kelly: I have told you over and over again that I'm not pregnant.

Dorian: If itís that simple -- if you're not pregnant, why donít you just go to Clint, tell him you're not pregnant --

Kelly: Fine. Thatís what I'll do.

Dorian: Kelly, eventually, you're going to start to show, right? That is, of course, assuming you are having a baby.

Kelly: Of course I'm -- all right. I'm pregnant. You happy?

Dorian: I'm not happy if you arenít happy.

Kelly: Well, Kevinís not going to be happy. And I canít believe that heís going to find out about this from someone else.

Dorian: Kelly, I'm truly sorry.

Kelly: No, you're not. You wanted this to come out.

Dorian: Only so that I could start helping you.

Kelly: You want this to come out so that you could watch Kevin self-destruct. I cannot -- I canít let him find out about this from someone else.

Dorian: You mean, you're going to tell him?

Kelly: What choice do I have? Yes, I have to tell him before someone else does. I have to tell him right now.

Natalie: Do you really think that David can get this guy to crack?

David: Ok, look, I canít make any promises. Lenny and I werenít even that close, all right? I was just a kid when he was running with my dad.

John: Ok, maybe so, but heís a sentimental guy, he likes to talk about the old days. See if you can work that angle.

David: All right, I'll try. You're sure you want me to do this?

John: Stick to the script, all right? What we talked about in holding. You think you can handle that?

David: Yeah, I do. But one thing.

John: What?

David: I reserve the right to improvise. And I'd like to try a character voice.

John: All right, soupy, go to town, but letís get one thing straight. Two things -- I hate bad acting, I hate overacting. To give you a reference point, I like Gary Cooper movies. So letís not overcook this thing. Get the job done. Do you think you're ready?

David: I'm ready. No, wait. Somebody say "action."

Bo: Action.

John: Letís go. All right, Vickers, chill in here for a while. Maybe this'll jar your memory.

Spencer: Mmm, thatís good.

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Thatís better. All right.

Blair: Whoa! Hmm --

Spencer: What? Whatís the matter?

Blair: No, nothing, you just surprised me, thatís all.

Spencer: I thought you liked surprises.

Blair: I do. You know I do.

[Knock on door]

Blair: Itís your door.

Spencer: So what? They'll go away.

Blair: No, I think you -- you should get it. Go ahead.

Spencer: All right. What?

Todd: Blair?

Spencer: Hey, hold on a second. Where do you think --

Todd: Blair, get in here!

Spencer: Take it easy.

Todd: I want to see her right now. Blair!

Spencer: Sheís busy.

Blair: Todd?

Todd: Is she here? Blair --

Blair: What are you doing here?

Todd: Well, I thought you might like to know that your daughter almost drowned, and she may have brain damage.

Blair: What?†

Adriana: What do you want? Why were you talking to Rex?

Rex: Adriana!

Adriana: No!

Blair: What do you mean, Starr almost drowned, Todd?

Todd: Well, she was at the quarry with some kids, jumping off the rocks and she spent too much time underwat--

Blair: The quarry? What was she doing at the quarry? Sheís supposed to be at Dorianís.

Todd: Yeah -- I donít know why! She was at Dorianís in the first place because of you, because you're not interested in being a responsible parent!

Blair: Well, where is she?

Todd: At the E.R.

Blair: Oh, my --

Spencer: All right, listen to me -- get dressed, all right? I'll make a phone call to the attending --

Blair: I should've been there.

Spencer: On the way to the E.R. Blair, you know what?

Blair: This wouldnít have happened.

Spencer: If Starr was going to sneak out of her room, she would've done it had you been there or not.

Blair: Oh, my God. If something happens to her, I'll never forgive myself.

John: Thereís an extra set of headphones there, Bo. All right. Letís see if Vickers can pull this off.

Lenny: What do they got you in here for?

David: I donít know. Cops grabbed me up on -- trying to pin some forgery case on me. You know how it goes. Pick up the usual suspects. When it doubt, just blame it on Spencer Trumanís black sheep brother, huh?

Lenny: Truman? You must be little Davey.

David: Little Davey? Nobodyís called me that in 25 years. Call me "Big D" now.

Lenny: Ha.

David: Do I even know you?

Lenny: Itís me, itís Lenny. I used to run with your dad back in the day.

David: Lenny. Yeah. I remember you, you -- my dad used to talk about you. You did time in Lehigh for counterfeiting.

Lenny: Thatís me. Man, I havenít seen you since you was knee-high. I mean, I heard you got busted on some cold case, killing a cop or something or -- cop shooting.

David: Yeah. Long story. Turned out it wasnít my gun.

Lenny: Oh.

David: Ah. Never thought I'd see this place again.

Lenny: Yeah. I know what you mean. Itís the gift that keeps on giving.

David: So you're the Lenny. Man, you are a legend.

Lenny: Oh, I wouldnít go that far, you know?

David: What was it my dad used to call you? "The Da Vinci of forgers" -- thatís what my dad used to call you.

Lenny: Those were the days.

David: So, you must still be up to your old tricks if they got you in here with me, huh, huh?

Lenny: No, I was pretty much out of the life, you know.

David: And they just keep sucking you back in -- am I right? Tell me I'm right. I know I'm right. So what'd you do this time?

Lenny: Hey -- shh. You're in a cop shop, you know? Big broís got big ears -- you get my drift?

David: Yeah. You know -- I'm sorry.

Lenny: What? Whatís with the waterworks?

David: Ah. I'm sorry. Just talking to you, thinking about my dad -- makes me miss him, you know?

Lenny: Yeah. I hear you. I get that way myself sometimes. I'm the only one of the old gang still around, you know -- still running around free, anyway.

David: Dadís team. You guys -- you guys were the Yankees of grifters. You know what? It'd do my heart proud just to know that one of you is out there holding the torch, that it didnít all die with my old man, man.

Lenny: I wish I could tell you something, but I canít. I -- I'm sorry, kid. I just canít.

David: But -- you do have something to tell?

Viki: Oh, my God. Do you think that Kelly is pregnant?

Clint: Dorian does.

Viki: Oh, come on. Dorian doesnít know anything for sure, and Kelly has denied it.

Clint: Viki, all the signs are there, all right? And it certainly could've happened -- we both know that.

Viki: Oh, Lord. Clint, if this is true, if Kellyís going to have a baby --

Clint: We are going to have a great-grandchild.

Viki: I'd like to be happy about that.

Clint: You should be. I mean, itís like having a part of Duke back with us.

Viki: I -- I canít believe this -- I mean, that -- that something kind of wonderful comes out of such a tragedy. Kevin has no idea, does he?

Clint: Viki, you heard him, didnít you?

Viki: How on earth is he going to get over Kelly and Duke being together if this is true?

Clint: That is what I'm worried about. I'm worried that this might send him right back to the bottle, or worse.

Viki: Well, we canít let that happen.

Clint: Well, itís not going to be easy. I mean, if Kelly is pregnant, sheís not going to be able to keep it secret for long.

Dorian: You are going to tell Kevin tonight?

Kelly: What choice do I have? I cannot let him hear about this from someone else.

Dorian: Clint wonít tell him.

Kelly: How do you know it wonít just slip out like what it did with you?

Dorian: Clint would never blurt out something that would hurt Kevin that way.

Kelly: Now do you understand why I wanted to keep this a secret?

Dorian: But this isnít good for you -- all this stress, and it certainly isnít good for your baby.

Kelly: Well, I canít help it.

Dorian: What? What are you talking about? This is your baby! Your baby -- you're that babyís mother. Look, to -- to hell with Kevin. Really! Donít let his reactions control your decisions!

Kelly: You know what? I donít need advice from you, Dorian. Right now, I just need to figure out how I'm cleaning up your mess.

Dorian: Wait -- Kelly.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Ugh. La Boulaie. Oh, hi -- Blair? Wait a minute. Honey? Please, slow down. This has been a night -- really? Where is she? Ok, I'm coming right over to the hospital. God.

Lenny: No, I donít --

David: You got to --

Lenny: I canít give you the goods.

David: Give me a swing.

Bo: Doesnít look like Vickers is getting anywhere with this guy.

John: Hmm.

Bo: I'm going to check in with Matthew and Nora before it gets too late.

John: Ok. I'll call you later.

Bo: All right.

Natalie: John?

John: Yeah?

Natalie: About last night, uh --

John: You were just getting Jessicaís back, right?

Natalie: Yeah, and you were getting mine. So we're cool?

John: We're cool.

David: That is so cool. You are so cool. You're still in the biz, Lenny.

Lenny: Oh, I didnít actually say that, did I?

David: I bet you havenít lost your touch, though. Or have you?

Lenny: Have you got a pen?

David: Yeah. Can you sign "Elvis" on my shirt so I can sell it on the internet?

Lenny: Oh, I can do more than that for you.

David: Yeah -- like?

Lenny: You get your hands on some release papers, and I can sign Bo Buchananís name and nobody would know it was a fake.

David: Ah, come on. What good is that, huh? Bo Buchanan Ė heís not even the commissioner anymore, on account of he signed some papers he shouldnít have.

Lenny: Maybe he did and maybe he didnít.

David: Oh, Lenny. You old rascal. Are you telling me that you --

John: Vickers, out.

David: See you on the outside Lenny.

Bo: Did John get what he needed?

David: Oh, I think he got enough of me.

John: Have a seat, Lenny.

Lenny: Whatís going on, Lieutenant?

John: We know you were the one who set the commissioner up, Lenny. Now you're going to tell me who hired you. It was Spencer Truman, wasnít it?

Todd: How is she?

Michael: No change.

Todd: None at all? She hasnít come out of it at all?

Michael: Not yet, but we are monitoring her very closely.

Todd: All right. Can I see her?

Michael: Absolutely. Were you able to get ahold of Blair?

Todd: Yeah, I told her. I donít know if sheís coming or not.

Blair: Whereís my daughter? I want to see her. Whereís Starr?

Spencer: I'd like to take a look at her, too, mike.

Todd: No, no, no. This man gets nowhere near my daughter.

Blair: Todd, he saved your life, he saved Jackís. Maybe he could help Starr -- heís a good door.

Todd: Is there anything this idiot can do that you canít do?

Michael: No. I have it under control.

Todd: There you go.

Blair: Hey, sweetie. Itís all right, baby. Mommy and daddy are here now, ok? Itís going to be ok. Whatís that?

Clint: I'm thinking that I should let Kevin know about this. Of course, I'm sure that Dorian wouldnít want me to tell him, but, you know, Viki, he needs to be prepared, doesnít he?

Viki: Clint, you know something? I'm not very comfortable talking about this now. Kevin could walk back in at any second.

Clint: Ok, all right. I -- we can figure this out in the morning.

Viki: If you'd like, we can tell him together, you know? Try and make him see that -- oh, my God -- despite the circumstances, that -- I mean, itís a new baby in the family. I mean, it -- itís a good thing, right?

Clint: Itís a very good thing.

Rex: Adriana, if you can hear me, I'm not going to hurt you! I just want to talk! She was wearing this tonight.

Kevin: Nigel? Where are you? Oh, gee. Did you forget your keys? Hmm? Kelly, what are you doing here? Itís late.

Kelly: I have something I need to tell you.

Bo: No, no, whoa, whoa. Vickers, come here. What happened in there?

David: Listen, I think that went really well. Did you get that on videotape, because I would like to get a copy.

Natalie: Did you get the guy to confess?

David: Start shining your badge, commissioner, and donít forget who got it back for you.

Bo: Thereís no way I'll forget because the guy is still sitting in that room right now with the perp.

John: Might as well talk. We got you anyway.

Lenny: What just happened? Me and Davey were shooting the breeze, talking over old times.

John: You forged Boís signature. You just told Vickers -- we got the whole thing on tape.

Lenny: What? Are you saying Davey set me up?

John the way you set up Bo, who lost his job and I need you to straighten that out. I need you to straighten that out and I need you to straighten it out now! You understand me?

Lenny: I canít help you. I donít know anything.

John: Hereís the deal, Lenny -- no jail time if you tell me who hired you. Just say those two little words -- "Spencer Truman."

Dorian: Spencer.

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: How is Starr?

Spencer: I have no idea, Dorian. Todd wouldnít even let me see her.

Dorian: Oh, I canít say that I blame him.

Spencer: You know, if you'd been doing your job, then she probably wouldnít be in this situation.

Dorian: Me?

Spencer: If you had been spending the time with her like you were supposed to, she probably would've stayed home.

Dorian: How dare you try and blame me for whatís happened. Whoís the one who was monopolizing her mother? Excuse me.

Michael: Ah, Dorian. Donít you think itís maybe a good idea to let Starr have some time with her parents -- alone?

Todd: Sheís going to be fine. Sheís going to be just fine. Besides, sheís got to get her driver permit, become my chauffeur.

Blair: Oh. Did you hear that, Starr? You think thereís a possibility in what Michael said?

Todd: I have no idea. She was underwater a long time. But apparently, we wonít know anything till she comes out of this.

Blair: But did he say that -- what her chances are?

Todd: No. Sheís going to be fine. You know doctors.

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Todd: Starr?

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kevin: What are you doing here? Whatís wrong?

Bo: My first order of business is going to be to help you solve your fatherís case.

David: The jigís up, Spencer, and you're going to lose Blair.

Evangeline: Look, I donít want to disturb you -- when I heard about Starr -- I'm so sorry.

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