OLTL Transcript Friday 8/4/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/4/06


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Starr: Hey, Langston.

Langston: Starr. I was just about ready to give up on you.

Starr: I told you I'd be here.

Langston: Did you have any trouble sneaking out?

Starr: Are you kidding me? My family has their heads stuck so far up their -- no, I didnít have any trouble.

Langston: They wonít miss you?

Starr: Are you kidding me? I could be gone for a whole week and my mom wouldnít even notice. Sheís too busy hooking up with Dr. Truman. And when I left, my aunt Dorian was hooking up with Clint Buchanan.

Langston: Get out.

Starr: I swear.

Langston: Your aunt Dorian and Mr. Buchanan -- and they were going at it?

Starr: Yes. It was so nasty.

Langston: How do you know?

Starr: The walls arenít that thick.

Langston: Ew!

Dorian: I feel -- wonderful.

Clint: And so do I.

Dorian: I'm really glad you decided to come back here tonight.

Clint: I've been thinking about it for weeks. But the circumstances --

Dorian: Yes. You have been through so much.

Clint: I donít want to think about what I've been through. In fact, if I think at all, I want to think about you.

Viki: Clint said you'd gone back to work.

Kevin: Yep.

Viki: Well, I think thatís wonderful.

Kevin: Itís -- um -- spectacular.

Viki: Donít make light of it.

Kevin: Ok, I'm sorry. Things are better with me.

Viki: Are things better between you and Kelly, too?

Hugh: Kelly? Hey.

Kelly: Hey.

Hugh: Are you all right?

Kelly: The moonís so pretty tonight. Whatís it called when itís almost full like that?

Hugh: Huh. Gibbous. But you didnít call me to ask me about what phase the moon was in, did you?

Kelly: I couldnít sleep.

Hugh: Thatís what those 10,000 cable channels are for. Whatís wrong?

Kelly: Does that mean itís getting bigger or smaller?

Hugh: You didnít call me about the moon.

Kelly: I was just curious.

Hugh: You can talk to me about anything. You know that, donít you? You can talk to me about your baby.

Evangeline: I'm glad you're here, Todd.

Todd: How can you tell itís me?

Evangeline: How do you think?

Todd: Oh, my God.

Evangeline: I know. The operation worked. I can see.

Blair: Hmm.† Yes, I'd like to have Dr. Spencer Truman paged for an emergency neuro-surgical operation, please. Yes, the doctor is on his way in. Please page Dr. Spencer Truman.

Adriana: Oh, thank God. How could you do it, Rex? How could you do this to me?

Langston: Please tell me you're joking. You could hear them going at it?

Starr: Just knowing what was going on in the other room was enough to scar me for life, not to mention my mom and Dr. Spencer together.

Langston: So you donít think your mom and dad are getting back together?

Starr: No, and we're better off without her. Sheís so stupid. She dumped my dad because she thought that he was guilty. And then when she found out he was innocent, she was still with Dr. Jerk-face. Sheís such a loser. Doesnít she see that heís the one who set up my dad?

Langston: If sheís in love with him, maybe she just doesnít want to know the truth.

Starr: She doesnít love him.

Langston: Why does she stick around?

Starr: Maybe sheís just head over heels in lust.

Spencer: Thereís my girl. You are so beautiful, you know that? I cannot take my eyes off you.

Blair: Thank you, Doctor.

Spencer: Come over here. Come back to bed.

Blair: What? I'm not tired.

Spencer: Well, neither am I.

Blair: You know, you seem to be in a much better mood now that you got that phone call.

Spencer: Of course I am. I told you it was good news.

Blair: Really?

Spencer: My patient -- she is just fine.

Blair: What was wrong with her?

Spencer: Oh, itís boring, Blair. I know how easily bored you are.

Blair: Oh, come on, Spencer. You could never bore me. I want to know what you do every day, and I want to live through it with you.

Spencer: You're an amazing woman, you know that?

Blair: Thank you.

Spencer: And I want to live through it with you. In fact, thatís exactly what I'm going to go, and I'm going to fill each and every day with surprises and excitement.

Todd: Evangeline?

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: I canít believe it. They said that -- they said that you -- when were you going to tell me?

Evangeline: I just did tell you. I can see!

Todd: Oh, God. Well, what color is this flower?

Evangeline: Uh -- pink.

Todd: Oh. You can see, all right.

Evangeline: I can see! And I'm so happy. But I'm still not happy about what you did -- spending all that money, bringing a doctor without my consent.

Todd: No, this -- I donít care what it cost.

Evangeline: I care what it cost.

Todd: Well, get over it. I'm just helping out with some medical expenses.

Evangeline: You spent over $100,000. You've been way too generous.

Cristian: Yeah, you're a saint, Todd. Throwing your money around le that, buying your way on to the board of directors.

Todd: And that had nothing to do with her.

Cristian: Then it was just the uncontrollable urge to help the people?

Todd: No, not the people. Just her.

Kelly: I always seem to be spewing out my problems to you.

Hugh: I like listening to you. And I like being there for you when you need someone. It takes my mind off of my problems.

Kelly: Your problems?

Hugh: You think I donít have problems?

Kelly: No, I donít. You -- you seem very together. What problems could you possibly have?

Hugh: Well, for one, I -- uh -- I have horrible insomnia. My brain just wonít turn off at night. I get maybe three hours of sleep on a good night.

Kelly: Thatís not good. But it could be worse.

Hugh: I'm not having a problem contest with you, Kelly. I just -- my point is that you called me over to talk -- or whatever. I'm here. And I just -- I hate to have burned a couple of really expensive gallons of gas to just pop by, say hi, and then go home and lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. So I -- but -- you know, I will go. I will go, you're right. I will go if you want me to.

Kelly: No, I -- I donít. I donít want you to. I've made a decision.

Hugh: About what?

Kelly: About my pregnancy.

Kevin: Are things better with Kelly? Um -- thatís a tough one. Well, we've talked -- or at least I've talked.

Viki: And?

Kevin: I donít know. I donít understand women.

Viki: Ok. Well, I'm listening, I'm a woman, maybe I can help.

Kevin: Um -- I donít know -- maybe sheís afraid of saying the wrong thing, setting me off. I donít know. Everything thatís happened, I -- yeah, I really donít want to talk about this.

Viki: Kevin, donít do this. Please, honey. You know, you've still got all that anger bottled up inside you. You've got to let it go before it explodes and you hurt someone. Let it go, talk to me.

Kevin: Everything that happened -- Duke and Kelly -- itís my fault.

Clint: It is strange that after all the roads that we wandered down, how many times our families have fought, that we would end up here -- in bed together, holding on to each other.

Dorian: Yes, it is kind of strange. Especially the way our -- our families have been self-destructing around us.

Clint: Yeah. You feel guilty?

Dorian: For?

Clint: For this.

Dorian: I never feel guilty for feeling good, and right now I feel great.

Clint: Good. I'm glad. Oh, God. These past couple of months, itís just been so crazy. It just makes me wonder.

Dorian: About what?

Clint: I wonder if I'm doing the best I can for my family or whether I even make a difference.

Dorian: What? You -- you do absolutely everything for your family. You -- you're their rock, and Asaís. I mean, you're head of the family now.

Clint: Yeah. And arenít I doing a bang-up job?

Dorian: You are holding everybody together -- Jessica, Kevin --

Clint: Kevin. Kevin doesnít know anything except raw pain right now. He canít see anything else.

Dorian: Hmm. Well, Kevin has always been -- for lack of a better word -- shortsighted.

Clint: Dorian, this has been such a wonderful night. Donít you ruin it with a tirade against my family, ok?

Dorian: Oh, I wouldnít dream of it, no.

Clint: Ok.

Dorian: No. In fact, tonight, this has made me realize that just maybe I've been a little hasty in my opinions -- especially about one very special Buchanan.

Blair: Arenít you exhausted?

Spencer: Blair, no, I canít get enough of you.

[Pager beeps]

Blair: Itís your pager.

Spencer: Yeah. Agh -- itís the hospital.

Blair: Really?

Spencer: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Blair: Gosh.

Spencer: I've got to check this. Yeah, Dr. Truman here. I got a page for a consult? Well, what doctor? No, no, no, itís all right. No, I'll just -- I'll just come in. All right, thank you. I got to go.

Blair: Oh, you got to go?

Spencer: Yeah, I do.

Blair: Oh, right now?

Spencer: I'm on call, you know?

Blair: Well, I guess thatís just something I'm going to have to get used to, huh?

Spencer: I shouldnít be long, ok?

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: And we'll just pick it up where we left off, all right?

Blair: You do whatever you need to do, and I'll be right here waiting for you.

Spencer: Ok.†

Nurse: Excuse me, gentlemen? I'll need you to step outside while I check on the patient.

Cristian: You know, I'm glad that nurse kicked us out, because thereís something I want to say to you.

Spencer: I am sorry that I have to go. But we will other nights, all right, an entire lifetime of them.

Blair: Well, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the man that I love.

Spencer: Well, you keep that thought. I love you, too, Blair. See you.

Blair: Bye.

Starr: You know what, Langston? I donít want to talk about my mom anymore. I came here to forget about all that.

Langston: I'm cool with that. Do you know Rickyís family is moving back to Puerto Rico?

Starr: Uh -- yeah.

Langston: Me and Ricky, we were, you know, starting to hook up. Do you have his email?

Starr: Um -- I'll let you know if I talk to him.


Langston: Whoa. Did you see that guy jump? He was really far up.

Starr: Maybe he has a death wish.

Langston: Only if you jump from up here. I've seen people do it before.

Starr: So?

Langston: So itís super-high -- you'd have to be crazy. Letís go down. Thereís a rope down there now. You want to go?

Starr: Not yet. I kind of just want to chill here for a little.

Langston: Chill or stress?

Starr: I just want to hang out here for a little while, ok?

Langston: Ok, see you down there. I'm next.

Hugh: I know you've had a difficult time figuring out what you're going to do with the baby.

Kelly: Yeah. Itís all I can think about. I mean, thereís a time issue. I have to decide what I want to do before my first trimester is up.

Hugh: Adoption isnít such a bad thing.

Kelly: I knew you were going to say that -- you were adopted.

Hugh: When I was a kid, I -- I asked my mom -- I went to her and I asked her if the bully next door was adopted, and she said he wasnít, and I said, "I knew it, because nobody would've picked him to be their child."

Kelly: Well, your parents hit the jackpot when they got you.

Hugh: Aw.

Kelly: But -- um -- adoption really isnít an option for me.

Hugh: Then what?

Kelly: I've always wanted a child. Even when I was a little girl, I used to carry this doll around with me everywhere -- where I ate, wherever I slept with her -- her name was Lily.

Hugh: Huh.

Kelly: And even when I was a big-shot reporter, I would've given it all up if I could be a mom. So I'm going to have this baby. But I'm going to have to go away and raise it somewhere on my own.

Hugh: Um -- what about Kevin?

Kelly: He'll never know I had his grandchild.

Viki: Kevin, not everything in this world is your fault. Ok? You are certainly not responsible for Kellyís choices or her actions.

Kevin: I donít think you'd say that if you knew how I treated her.

Kelly: Kevin, stop it!

Kevin: Give me the ring.

Kelly: Stop it! Get -- get away from me! Stop it! Oh!

Kevin: I ripped every shred of pride and decency from her. You know, I -- I not only forced her away, I threw her away. And the only place she could turn for comfort was my son.

Dorian: I brought you a bourbon on the rocks. I hope thatís all right.

Clint: Bullís-eye.

Dorian: Huh. Clint, you know, you donít have to put on a good face for me. Kevin isnít the only one of your children whoís in pain. They all are. You're worried about them, and for good reason. Oh, please -- I didnít mean that with malice.

Clint: Some days, I donít know how to help my kids. And like you said, watching them suffer is terrible. And burying Duke -- that was unbearable to me. I never even knew such grief existed. He was such a good young man, his whole life in front of him. He was the future of the Buchanan family, and now that future is uncertain, and that just makes me so angry with God. And I know I shouldnít say that, but thatís how I feel because I donít understand one damn bit of it.

Dorian: Oh, Clint -- Clint, maybe you're just not seeing something. Maybe you're not seeing hope for the future.

Clint: Yeah -- Jessicaís daughter, yeah. Brennan is a blessing that happened right in the middle of our nightmare. But she is not a replacement for Duke. Kids are individuals, they're not interchangeable.

Dorian: Of course no one could ever take Dukeís place.

Clint: No. Now Kevin has lost two sons, and he doesnít have another chance, and I donít know what thatís doing to him -- I donít know what that'd do to any man.

Dorian: Oh, but what if Duke isnít gone -- I mean, not completely? And what if it isnít really over for Kevin if he could just get past his anger?

Clint: What do you mean, it isnít over for Kevin?

Dorian: Oh, Clint, I think Kelly may be pregnant -- with Dukeís baby.

Rex: Did you just hit me?

Adriana: Shut up!

Rex: Why'd you do that?

Adriana: You know what you did to me.

Rex: Protect you?

Adriana: Right -- from the stalker?

Rex: So you hit me?

Adriana: Stop it, Rex.

Rex: Uh -- I'm doing my best. I donít want to get hit again -- or slashed.

Adriana: I believed in you. I trusted you with my life -- thatís exactly what you thought I'd do, isnít it?

Hugh: Why do you have to leave Llanview to have a baby?

Kelly: Do you know how this baby will mess up so many peopleís lives? A child is supposed to bring people together, itís supposed to be something that you celebrate. But to so many people, all this child will be is a painful reminder -- loss, guilt, shame.

Hugh: No. No, I donít believe that. This is the future of both your families. This baby will be both Cramer and Buchanan.

Kelly: Well, whenever Kevin looks at it, all he will see is Duke, and what we did to him.

Hugh: Maybe he'll just see a new life, a life thatís all its own.

Hugh: Hey, why donít we go for a swim?

Kelly: Oh, I'm kind of more in a feet-dangling mood, but you go ahead!

Hugh: No --

Kelly: I'm sorry! Oh, I got you all wet! Here, let me take your glasses off, so I doubt you can see.

Hugh: I ought to pull you in.

Kelly: No, donít you dare. I said I was sorry.

Hugh: Oh --

Kelly: Oh-oh-oh, I'm sorry.

Hugh: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Kelly: Oh, here, let me take that.

Viki: Kevin, you have to stop beating yourself up over this. Darling, what happened is in the past. You have to let this go. You've got to look to the future now.

Kevin: Believe me, I'm trying to do that, ok? I mean, I forced her away that night instead of -- instead of holding her. Because thatís what she needed -- someone to hold her, someone to -- to make her feel safe, someone to love her, and that someone turned out to be my son.

Viki: And now?

Kevin: I donít know. Now I guess I try to move on. And what she did, you know, she -- she did in a moment of weakness, and I know that it was a one-time thing. It wasnít an affair, I know that. Itís not like she -- she went out and tried to get pregnant by Duke or tried to have his baby. I mean, that -- that would've just killed me.

Clint: Kellyís pregnant? Are you positive?

Dorian: No.

Clint: Then, Dorian, why would you say something like that?

Dorian: Because there isnít such a big difference between "positive" and "pretty damn sure." I found a pregnancy test in her purse.

Clint: Did you ask her about it?

Dorian: Oh, of course I did. And when I pressed her, she refused to talk about it. So there you have it.

Clint: What -- what does that man?

Dorian: Well, it translates into "yes, I am sure that I am pregnant -- and I donít want to talk about it."

Clint: Oh, this is a pond with a lot of ripples.

Dorian: Oh, I know -- I've counted them.

Clint: Oh. A great-grandchild. God, Vikiís going to be so happy.

Dorian: Oh. For crying out loud. Viki.

Rex: All I wanted to do is keep you safe. If this is your version of "thank you," I donít want to see your "no, thank you."

Adriana: Did you ever consider that this is my version of "I just found out what a lying jerk you are"?

Rex: What are you scared of me?

Adriana: Itís over, Rex.

Rex: We were doing great. You had a bad dream.

Adriana: You were the bad dream, you were the nightmare. My mother was right about you.

Rex: Have you lost your mind?

Adriana: I found it.

Rex: Ok, Adriana --

Adriana: Stay away from me!

Rex: Look -- look, whateverís upset you, we can work it out.

Adriana: I canít believe I let you touch me, that I let you -- the thought of it makes me sick.

Rex: This is surreal.

Adriana: I know it is. I thought I was in love with you.

Rex: Do you think you made a mistake?

Adriana: I wonít ever make that mistake ever again.

Rex: I -- I donít know what to say.

Adriana: Then donít talk. And move away from my phone.

Rex: Or what, you'll skewer me?

Adriana: Donít test me! Now, move! Just stay away from me!

Rex: Adriana, this is nuts. Letís just sit down and talk about this like normal people.

Clint: What did you just mumble?

Dorian: I never mumble. I said "Viki." I mean, we just -- I give you earth-shattering news, and -- and what do you do? The first person you think of is Viki?

Clint: Donít -- donít go there.

Dorian: Oh -- I'm sorry. What am I supposed to do?

Clint: Stop talking nonsense. We just made love, twice. I havenít felt this good in years. But you know what Vikiís family -- what my family has been through and what we're still going through.

Dorian: Yes, but, still --

Clint: Now, just let me finish, would you? Now, if Kelly has the baby, that might give our family something to hold on to. You know what I mean? It might even -- maybe it will bring us together. Thank you.

Dorian: For what?

Clint: For telling me.

Dorian: Oh. But why are you leaving?

Clint: Because it would be inappropriate for me to be here in the morning when the kids get up, and I can guarantee you if I stay, I'm going to go to sleep, and I'm way too old to be crawling out of windows at the crack of dawn.

Dorian: Yes, that would be awkward.

Clint: Besides, I want to get home and think about this and hope that itís true, because that baby would be a part of Duke that lives on.

Dorian: But you do have to admit that Kevinís not going to be fond of the situation.

Clint: I canít speak for Kevin, and maybe this whole situation is filled with landmines, but Viki and I are going to have to find a way to navigate -- navigate around them. You know, tonight, I think, was the beginning of something good.

Dorian: Oh.

Dorian: I'm so glad you feel that way.

Clint: I'll see you soon -- and I look forward to it.

Blair: Oh, come on, God. Just let me find the gun, let me find something that ties Spencer to the gun. Come on. God, I know I havenít been a good girl lately, I know I havenít. I've been sleeping with Spencer and I've been doing other things, but, come on, if you're out there and you're listening, just -- just help me find something -- if you're listening, God. If not, well, forget it.

Cristian: Look, I know you went through hell, and I get it. Trying to put Spencer Truman there, itís going to eat you up.

Todd: And you've never felt anger or the need for revenge ever?

Cristian: Well, I put that stuff behind me. I've moved on.

Todd: Have you? Well, maybe you got something better to move on to than I do.

Cristian: Yeah, maybe I do. Hey, you're not going to blow it for me, you got that?

Todd: Is that a threat?

Cristian: Whatever your motives were for helping Evangeline, for shelling out all that money -- I'm not going to allow her to feel in debt to you. Itís not going to happen.

Starr: How was it?

Langston: Cold.

Girl: We dared him to jump from up here, but he wouldnít.

Langston: Come on, superstar, jump.

Boy: Then I'll have to climb all the way back up.

Starr: Itís not that high.

Boy: Yeah? Why donít you do it?

Girl: She did it. Did you see that?

Langston: I donít believe it. She didnít stop to think about it or anything.

Boy: That was awesome.

Langston: You go next.

Boy: Hell, no. I'm not nuts.

Langston: Starr! Starr! Sheís not coming up. Sheís not coming up! Something happened! Quick, go down and find her! I'll call 911!

Dorian: Ugh. If it wasnít a mistake to tell Clint about Kellyís baby, please let this be a good one. Ooh -- uh-uh. Kelly is going to kill me.

Kelly: I --

Hugh: I'm sorry.

Kelly: I -- no, I'm sorry. Just hold me.

Hugh: Like friends.

Kelly: Yeah, like friends. I'm sorry.

Hugh: Oh, we could trade "sorrys" all night. I -- I know it, I knew, and itís not the right time. Itís definitely the right place and it feels like the right time, but itís not the right time.

Kelly: Thank you. You are a good friend.

Hugh: Yeah, thatís what I'm here for.

Kelly: Is that all?

Hugh: Does anyone else know that you're pregnant?

Kelly: Hmm -- well, Dorian suspects, but I donít think she knows anything for sure, so itís just you and me.

Hugh: Thatís good. That'll give you time to -- to figure out what you want to do. But just donít make any emotional decisions -- emotional-based decisions, all right?

Kelly: Itís all emotional, but I'll try not to, I promise.

Hugh: All right, for now, it can be a secret between us.

Kelly: Pinky-swear?

Hugh: What? No, guys donít pinky-swear. They -- they spit in their hands and then they shake.

Kelly: Oh, I donít want to spit in my hand.

Hugh: I donít want to pinky-swear.

Kelly: Ok, here. Compromise.

Kevin: Why are you doing this?

Viki: Darling, I loved Duke, and I love you and I donít want to see you carrying around this guilt that should've been buried with Duke. Honey, what if it had been you and Kelly in an accident, and Duke would've had to make the same decision that you did? I donít know -- what would he have done?

Clint: Viki, what are you doing here?

Viki: Well, I came to talk to Kevin.

Clint: Well, donít let me interrupt.

Viki: Itís all right. I think -- uh -- I think we're through. Whatís wrong?

Clint: Why do you think somethingís wrong?

Viki: Because I've known you forever and I can tell.

Rex: Stop! Listen to me!

Adriana: I -- I donít want to hear any more of your lies, Rex!

Todd: I'm going to try to explain this to you one last time. I helped Evangeline because she helped me, because she stood by me when no one else would.

Cristian: Like I said, I donít really care what your motives were. All I'm saying is Evangeline and I -- well, we're not going to accept that money you paid for the surgery as a gift. We're going to pay you back, every cent.

Todd: Ok.

Nurse: I'm all done if you want to go back in.

Todd: Thanks.

Evangeline: Hey.

Cristian: And when do I get to take you home with me?

Evangeline: Soon, I hope.

Cristian: Hmm, it better be. Well, you know I got that fight, right, and I want you to be there -- watching through those beautiful eyes.

Nurse: You are here.

Todd: What?

Nurse: Your daughterís had an accident.

Todd: Where is she?

Nurse: E.R.

Spencer: What you got there?

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Blair: What are you doing here?

Todd: I thought you might like to know that your daughter almost drowned and she may have brain damage!

Bo: She clocked you with a lamp?

Rex: Yeah, and then she took off out of here.

Bo: And you donít know why?

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