OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/2/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/2/06


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Rex: Hey! Whatís the matter with you? Donít you listen? I told you not to come back!

Cristian: Well, thereís salsa, R & B, and a little country -- oh, classical. You said you liked Beethoven, right? I almost forgot -- I also have a little surprise for you. Here, give me your hands.

Evangeline: Cristian -- I bet you look beautiful. Sorry. I think I just want to be alone.

Cristian: I'll come say good night later, ok?

Evangeline: Ok. Cristian? Thank you for trying.

Layla: How is she?

Cristian: Ah. I donít know. She said she wants to be alone.

Layla: Sheís depressed. How could she not be?

Cristian: I wish I knew what to do about it.

Todd: Hereís an idea -- why donít you stay away from her?

John: Yeah, I think we definitely got something. I'm -- I'm going to have Vickers explain it to you himself. Yeah, I think thatís best.

Natalie: Be right back. So, Nash Brennan. Why donít you give me one good reason why I shouldnít go over there and get John to arrest you for kidnapping.

Blair: I figured that this would be a good place. Itís secluded and all.

Bo: Yeah, well, for your safety, we canít be too careful.

Blair: I just feel like I'm stuck, Bo. I canít seem to find anything on Spencer no matter where I look. I donít know what to look for. And I want to help Todd, but --

Bo: Thereís a new development. Somewhere thereís a gun.

Blair: A gun?

Bo: Spencer used it to kill Johnís father.

Blair: Well, then we got to find it. I got to find it. You -- you just tell me where to look.

Rex: Hey, what are you doing here? Hey, what are you doing out? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Adriana: What are you doing talking to my stalker?

Matthew: Ms. Alvarez, where you going? Ms. Alvarez, wait!

Nora: Let her go, Matthew.

Matthew: You fired her?

Nora: She -- she quit.

Matthew: Why?

Nora: I donít know. I guess I was annoying or something.

Matthew: Mom, this isnít good.

Nora: Oh, Matthew, I will be fine.

Matthew: How? You need a nurse.

Nora: Well -- why? Why? I can get -- I can get out of bed myself, I can walk, you know? I'm not running any 10-ks, but I'm doing pretty good.

Matthew: Thatís not true. You need a nurse to help you get to the bathroom.

Nora: Matthew --

Matthew: You know you do.

Nora: Oh, you know what? Enough. I am the mother and I make the decisions about me, ok? Having someone stand over me and watch me sleeping -- I canít stand it. I'm doing just great, ok? And the more I have to do for myself, the more I'll be able to do for myself. Listen, I -- I know you're worried about me, and I love you for that. But, sweet, I -- you have to trust me to know what is right for me, ok? You want to watch the -- letís watch the DVD, hmm?

Matthew: Here. I'm not in the mood.

Nora: Matthew -- Matt -- oh, honey, come on. Oh.

Nash: Natalie, I would never do anything to hurt Jessica.

Natalie: Oh, I'm sure you wouldnít hurt Jessica if you thought it would help you get Tess to take over.

Claudia: Sheís got a point.

Natalie: And you -- do you have any idea how pathetic you are? Glomming on to Nash when heís in love with someone else and coming on to John the her day? I mean --

Nash: Natalie, cut it out.

Natalie: You cut it out, Nash. Stay away from my sister and her baby. And keep this psycho away from me and John.

Bo: Spencer hid the gun somewhere -- a safe, safe-deposit box.

Blair: Itís a murder weapon, Bo. Why would he hold on to it at all?

Bo: Because it was a gift from his father. Now, according to Vickers, it meant a lot to him. My gut says that he has the gun stashed somewhere.

Blair: Well, then we got to find it. We got to expose Spencer. Just got to get this all out in the open so I can finally tell Todd. I mean, thatís the only thing thatís keeping me sane these days.

Cristian: Just canít stay away, can you? Never mind that nobody wants you around, that you annoy the crap out of everyone.

Todd: Only you. And I couldnít care less what you think of me. I'm here to see Evangeline.

Cristian: Evangeline only tolerates you. Sheís too nice to tell you to get lost.

Todd: Evangeline is not only happy to see me always, sheís grateful to me that I'm not walking around here like her blindness is the end of the world, like you, which I'm sure is just doing wonders for her depression.

Layla: Ok. Would you two stop? Your fighting isnít helping my sisterís depression at all.

Cristian: Hey, where do you think you're going?

Layla: Let him go.

Cristian: The more I see this guy, the more I hate him.

Layla: Ok, look. I'm not sure whatís going on between you and Todd and I really donít give a damn right now. All I re about is my sister, and if he can make her feel better, then he should be in there.

Cristian: You donít get , do you? Itís all about money. He pays for the surgery, he pays to get into her room, he pays for this damn hospital.

Vincent: Maybe you'll be able to pay for stuff, too, Cristian, if your boxing career goes well.

Cristian: Yeah, right. Just make sure you promote the hell out of my fight.

Vincent: I'll do my job. You just do your job and win the damn fight.

Cristian: I'll be back.

Layla: Did you mean that? You think Cristian can make it big?

Vincent: Heís going to win me a lot of money.

Layla: I'm starting to get the point. Anyway, I hope you're right about Cristian for Vangeís sake.

Vincent: How about you take a ride with me?

Layla: Hmm, I -- I donít want to leave her here all alone.

Vincent: Your sisterís in there with a visitor, d you definitely need some air. Will you trust me? Half an hour, then I'll bring you right back here.

Layla: Sure.

Todd: I donít know whatís the matter with you. You never gave up on me and now you're so willing to give up on yourself.

Evangeline: I'm not giving up. I'm -- I'm just processing. When this first happened to me and all the doctors said they thought the blindness was permanent, I didnít believe it. I just -- I thought that one day I would open my eyes and it would all be over like a bad dream. And you know, I just -- didnít matter how unrealistic. I held on to that.

Todd: And you still should hold on to it.

Evangeline: No. No, I canít, because now I know that this will never change. This is who I am, this is my reality, and I have to make peace with that, Todd, and if you're my friend, you do, too.

Todd: All right. Then I'm not your friend.

Rex: Whoa, you're stalker? What are you talking about?

Adriana: I saw you, Rex, talking to the guy in the hoodie!

Rex: No, no, no. Adriana, you've got this all wrong.

Adriana: Rex, I saw you with my own eyes! What are you doing?

Rex: Would you just listen to me a minute, let me explain?

Adriana: This is crazy. I donít understand any of this.

Rex: Not so fast.

†[Knock on door]

Nora: Matthew. Come on in. We can watch this DVD -- Paige, what are you doing here?

Paige: I'm here to kick your ass.

Nora: Well, that'll be difficult.

Paige: Your home-care nurse quit? Thatís the third one in two days, so Matthew called in the big guns.

Nora: Oh, I suppose thatís you?

Paige: Damn straight.

Evangeline: Ok, ok. You're not my friend -- I get it because I want to accept my fate and you donít want me to. You're going to, what, give me a little dose of tough love and threaten to pull your friendship until I see it your way, Todd? Ok, you're right. You're right -- I'm still blind because I'm not fighting hard enough.

Todd: What a defeatist you are.

Evangeline: What a Pollyanna you are.

Todd: Well, I talked to another doctor. I called this guy in Scotland. I talked to him a little while. Of course, he had this brogue so thick I could barely understand a word he said, but I'm going to fly him out here.

Evangeline: Will you stop it? Will you just stop it? Please! I canít believe you care this much about me. Thank you. Thank you for trying so hard to give me hope, but itís not working, Todd. You're making me feel worse. You're making me feel guilty for not being able to be hopeful about seeing again. The best thing for me right now is -- is to accept my fate. This is who I am. I am a blind woman, Todd. And as my friend, I need you to help me embrace it, not fight it.

Todd: You're entitled to your opinion. I -- I donít happen to share your opinion and I'm not going to give up.

Evangeline: Well, you donít have a choice. But you donít have to worry about me -- I'm going to be ok. I'm -- I'm wallowing a bit right now, but I'm resilient. I bounce back.

Todd: I'm going to make sure you donít have to. [Phone rings] I need to take this. Sorry. Yeah? All right, when? Yeah, ok. Thanks.

Evangeline: Sounds important.

Todd: Yeah, it is. Itís something I have to take care of right now.

Evangeline: Ok, then. Go. Get out of here.

Todd: This isnít over.

Cristian: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

Cristian: I've made a decision. I'm going to find you another doctor.

Evangeline: You're as bad as Todd.

Blair: It haunts me every single day that I didnít believe in Todd.

Bo: You know, you're too hard on yourself. There were reasons.

Blair: None of them good enough. I love Todd. And when he needed me the most, I didnít believe in him. Now I got to make it up to him. I've got to take down the bastard who tried to take him down and I'm going to. I'm going to redeem myself. If I can do just this much, then maybe I can live with myself again.

Bo: Everybody wants to see Spencer get whatís coming to him, but the more time that he has, the greater the chances are that heís going to get away with it. I mean, he didnít hide the truth about Thomas McBainís shooting without a whole lot of planning.

Blair: Yeah -- planning Margaretís death, setting you up, setting Todd up.

Bo: Yeah, well, heís a sociopath. Heís smart. Heís -- heís cold, and so we -- we just canít give him more time to figure out another way out.

Blair: Well, I understand that much.

Bo: You know, I'd hoped that there was a better way, a different way that we could go about this without you having to keep pretending with Spencer.

Blair: No, look, I am going to get that gun for you. You can count on that.

Rex: You've got this all wrong!

Adriana: I'm not stupid, Rex!

Rex: No, no, of course not. I get you think what you think. Itís totally understandable. That dude was wearing a hoodie and it was just like the hoodie the guy we were running from was wearing, ok? But this man is --

Adriana: This better be good.

Rex: Would you listen? Heís a beach bum.

Adriana: Yeah, right.

Rex: Heís homeless, begged me for money.

Adriana: A homeless guy, out here?

Rex: He sleeps on the beach somewhere right around here. I've been watching him. He hangs out and bums change off people. I saw him for the first time when I left to get the pizza, and every time I've left the house, I've seen him. So I gave him some cash and told him to get lost because I didnít want you to freak out again.

Adriana: Good plan.

Rex: Not so much apparently.

Adriana: What were you doing out there in the middle of the night?

Rex: The dude was lurking again, woke me up. So what you saw was me telling him to go find another beach to haunt -- period. Why would you accuse me of doing anything other than loving you? You know that I would do anything in this world to make you happy. You're my life, Adriana -- the best thing that has ever happened to me.

†Paige: Your son is worried sick about you.

Nora: Well, he shouldnít worry about me. I donít need 24-hour surveillance. I'm not an invalid.

Paige: Do you still need help getting to the bathroom?

Nora: Well, I really donít think thatís any of your business, Paige. Will you just go, please just go? Leave me alone.

Paige: Nora, the reason Matthew went this far -- I mean, he called me. He could've called Bo or R.J. or some of your friends. I think -- I think he thought I wouldnít let you off the hook. I think he thought that you would listen to me. So what do you say? Do we prove your kid right or wrong?

Layla: So this is your idea of showing a girl a good time -- taking her down to the docks?

Vincent: Itís quiet, nice and cool.

Layla: Drive me back.

Vincent: What?

Layla: To the hospital -- I should be there.

Vincent: Your sisterís resting.

Layla: Yeah, but she may need me, Vincent. Sheís all I have.

Vincent: What about what you need?

Layla: What?

Layla: So, this is why you brought me down here -- to kiss me?

Vincent: Shh.

Cristian: I am nothing like Todd.

Evangeline: You're trying to manage my life.

Cristian: Because I want to find you another doctor?

Evangeline: Your words, exactly -- "I'm going to get you another doctor." I'm perfectly capable of getting my own doctor if I thought it would do any good.

Cristian: Right, so you're just going to give up?

Evangeline: No. But I'm not going to live in denial anymore. Itís too much work. I'm a blind woman. Oh, my god. That just sounds unreal.

Cristian: Thereís a difference between "real" and "permanent." I mean we havenít even started looking for a cure here.

Evangeline: There is no cure, Cristian. I'm not a candidate for a corneal transplant -- damn it. I'm not going to do this anymore. I canít keep trying to fight reality. I really am ok with this.

Cristian: No, you're not.

Evangeline: You know me. I mean, I'm not giving up. I'm -- you know that I'm a fighter, too.

Cristian: Yeah, thatís right. You're the kind of person that doesnít start something unless you can finish it.

Evangeline: Oh, what, thatís supposed to be a compliment?

Cristian: Well, it depends, because when it comes to helping others, you're unstoppable. But when the problemís in your own life --

Evangeline: This is not a problem.

Cristian: I think you're afraid to get your hopes up because you donít like to lose.

Evangeline: Nobody likes losing, Cristian.

Cristian: No, but most people can handle it. Think about it -- what would happen if you fought for your eyesight the way you fought for Toddís life or mine?

Evangeline: Itís different. My condition is, itís -- itís hopeless.

Cristian: Oh, come on! What the hellís the matter with you? You've got absolutely nothing to lose.

Evangeline: Time. I'm not going to waste any more running from doctor to doctor.

Cristian: Well, you've barely even started looking.

Evangeline: This conversation is over.

Cristian: I am not done.

Evangeline: Will you get out of my room? Can you just get out, please?

Cristian: You're only a failure if you donít cry. You're strong. You could beat this. You can find a way to see again. And in the meantime, hey, you can learn everything there is to know about being a blind woman. I know how you love projects. Well, guess what -- now you've got two.

Adriana: I was completely out of line accusing you like that. I feel horrible.

Rex: Hey. You were upset. Who can blame you? Just know that I would never, ever hurt you.

Adriana: I do.

Rex: I love you, Adriana -- more than I've ever loved anyone.

Adriana: I love you, too.

Natalie: Do you understand anything about the disease that Jessica has? I mean, you could have caused her to have a complete mental breakdown. This is not a phase -- itís an illness.

Nash: I am quite clear on Jessicaís illness.

Natalie: You know, I -- I donít think you are or why would you risk her health by kidnapping her?

Nash: Your sisterís more than just Jessica. Tess is a very big part of her, and that baby is mine. Sheís my daughter, my flesh and blood, and I love her and I love Tess.

Natalie: Well, thatís heartwarming. So in order to get close to your sweet, little flesh-and-blood baby, you force her mother into a situation that is extremely dangerous for her?

Nash: Natalie --

Natalie: And then when that doesnít work, you come back and you hit on your ex? Thatís --

Nash: Go away.

Natalie: And, you know, sheís a great gal and all -- slutty, but I guess thatís her job.

Claudia: Whoa. Your boyfriend kisses me and now you're out for blood? Sounds like someoneís a little insecure.

Natalie: Oh, I donít think so. You kissed him. He did not kiss you. Get the story straight -- we're not in high school.

Claudia: Nope, not even close.

John: Look, Vickers, for what itís worth, the fact that you werenít the one who actually killed my father --

David: Listen, listen. If you canít get past the fact that I was involved in your fatherís murder, I canít blame you. I fired at the man. It doesnít really matter that it wasnít my gun that killed him.

Bo: All right, I'll get back to you. Blair, I got to check on something, then I'll walk you to your car.

Blair: All right. Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Blair: Thank you so much for everything. [Phone rings] Hey, Starr. No, sweetie, I'm not coming home tonight. You know I donít think that I have to answer that. Because I think it doesnít concern you what I'm doing and who I'm with, all right, sweetheart? Look, I am sorry that I canít tell you whatís going on in my private life right now, but if you'll just -- if you'll just hold on and understand that I know what I'm -- Starr, please donít talk to me like that. Starr -- Starr?

Todd: Does Spencer know you're here whoring it up at some dive bar?

Blair: You following me, Todd?

Todd: No.

Blair: Are you having me followed?

Todd: That would be a waste of time. I'd have to care about what you were doing in order to have you followed. Clearly, I donít care about what you're doing.

Blair: Hmm. Clearly.

Todd: You saying I'm lying? Hmm? Just say it. You used to say it when you thought I was lying.

Blair: I used to always know when you were lying.

Todd: Well, I always knew when you were lying. I have never been wrong. I'm not wrong now.

Blair: So what am I lying to you about, Todd?

Todd: Us.

Natalie: Do you have any idea how sad you are hanging around Nash here, who doesnít love you, and in fact, didnít he dump you all those years ago because he didnít love you then, either?

Nash: Natalie, you're mad at me because of my relationship with your sister. Thatís fine, give me hell, but leave her alone.

Natalie: You just better watch your step around my family. And when I say "family," I mean my sister and my niece. You may be her flesh and blood, but you will never be a father in the way it counts.

Nash: Donít you dare talk to me about my daughter.

Natalie: Oh, come on, Nash.

John: Whatís going on, champ?

Natalie: I've got it covered, John.

John: You canít be doing this if you want to have the job --

Natalie: John, donít do this to me right now.

John: Come on. Come to the bar, I'll buy you a beer, we'll cool off.

Natalie: I'm going home.

John: Yeah?

Claudia: I didnít expect that from you.

John: Well, Natalie loves her sister and thatís -- thatís what thatís all about.

Claudia: Thanks. I didnít expect you to stand up for me.

John: Sorry about that. I had to --

David: You donít owe me an explanation. You donít owe me anything. You know, I feel better knowing that I didnít kill anybody, but I'll always regret that I didnít come forward when it happened.

John: Well, if you had, we'd be having an entirely different conversation right now.

David: Everything about my life would be different if I'd spoken up. Everything.

Layla: You -- you didnít have to bring me all the way down here just to get a kiss.

Vincent: I brought you down here so you can get away from the hospital for a little while. I know how worried you've been about your sister lately and I thought maybe you could use a break.

Layla: Yeah. It has been a pretty insane day all around.

Vincent: Hmm.

Layla: Now to be kissing Vincent Jones under the moon.

Vincent: Hmm. I made my street cred coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Layla: Your street cred as a boxing manager?

Vincent: The myth of Vincent Jones.

Layla: You know, you're surprising.

Vincent: Then itís working.

Jonas: Can you see any change at all?

Evangeline: What should I be seeing?

Jonas: I'm shining a light into your eyes.

Evangeline: Well, all I see is darkness, ok? And if you're going to tell me that I just need to give it a little bit of time, you know, and hold out hope, donít bother, because if I was going to see anything again, I -- I would've already seen something.

Jonas: Evangeline, there is still some swelling and before we can say conclusively that --

Evangeline: Can you just stop it, please? Can you just stop it? I donít want to hear it. I'm -- I'm a blind woman. I just -- I feel like I have to just accept that.

Jonas: I'm just trying to help you. I --

Evangeline: Can you please just stop it? I donít want to hear it.

Jonas: I will come see you tomorrow.†

Evangeline: I'm so tired of this. I'm so tired of people being careful with me and -- and trying not to dash my hopes, Cristian. I bet you're tired of me, arenít you? Feeling sorry for myself? I should be grateful. I should be grateful that I didnít lose my life in the tornado. I should be grateful that I didnít kill myself falling down the stairs. I should be grateful that I have my life.

Nora: You've been very kind to my son, especially when I was ill. He adores you. I could -- I could see that by the way he -- by the way he looks at you.

Paige: Heís a great, great kid.

Nora: Yeah.

Paige: And he missed you so much.

Nora: Yeah.

Matthew: Mom?

Nora: Ma-- Matthew?

Matthew: Are you mad at me?

Nora: Come here.

Nora: Are you mad at me?

Matthew: Not anymore. I mean, I never really was mad. Just worried.

Nora: I know. You've been such a big help -- do you know that? And when you walked out on me earlier, it got me thinking. Yes. And -- and Paige has been a big help, too.

Matthew: Did you watch the movie?

Nora: Listen, I canít laugh alone.

Matthew: Thatís why I didnít watch it alone, either.

Nora: Then -- ok. Tomorrow, you can call that wretched home-care service and get another nurse.

Matthew: I already did.

Nora: What? Why you -- I promise I'll -- I'll be a model patient.

Matthew: Yeah, you better.

Nora: I will be. I just -- I donít -- I donít like to ask for help. You know that. You know me.

Matthew: I know, and Paige is really good with helping people even before they ask.

Nora: Yeah, I'm getting that. Huh.

Layla: Vange lost all her clients after the accident. And you want to hear something terrible?

Vincent: Let it fly.

Layla: You're going to think I'm such a bitch.

Vincent: Trust me -- I know many bitches and you donít even come close, sweetheart.

Layla: You barely even know me.

Vincent: Some things are obvious, Layla. Lay it on me. Remember, what happens on the docks stays on the docks.

Layla: Ok. If I were under arrest and I hired Vange to defend me and she went blind, I'd fire her. I'd like to think that I wouldnít, but you've seen her. Sheís a shadow of herself right now.

Vincent: Hey. Evangeline is not going that easy. And as for you and your what-if terrible situation -- if you're ever facing prison time or worse, you got to be mercenary. Otherwise, you deserve to rot.

Layla: Yeah, but what if Vange canít work? You know, whatís going to happen to her? Cristianís not going to be making a million dollars per fight any time soon.

Vincent: Only a handful of guys make it that big.

Layla: You're not my hyphenate.

Vincent: Translation?

Layla: Actor, singer, waiter, temp. Itís not funny. I'm going to have start trolling marryamillionaire.com in my spare time.

Vincent: Why donít you wait on that? See how things are going to turn out before you do anything drastic, Ms. Williamson?

Layla: You may have a point, Mr. Jones.

Vincent: I do. Trust me.

Adriana: Rex?

Blair: I'm not lying about us, Todd. I tried to make it up to you ever since the truth came out, but you would have nothing to do with my apology, my friendship.

Todd: "Friendship"? Since when can exes really be friends?

Blair: I think that we could be friends. We've been through a lot together -- a couple of marriages --

Todd: A couple.

Blair: Kids, everything.

Todd: Yeah, we had everything, didnít we? Until you decided to believe in Spencer more than me.

Blair: How many times can I say I'm sorry?

Todd: Where is Mr. Truman anyway? What you doing here all by yourself? Oh. So now you're cheating on Spencer? And with Bo Buchanan nonetheless. Wow. I mean, look, I'm not a big Bo Buchanan fan, but I'm sure he has higher romantic standards than you. Whatís going on here? Why are you meeting Bo here?†

Adriana: I do trust you, Rex. I do.

Nash: Have a good night.

Claudia: Nash? They're not going to forgive you -- the Buchanans. And no matter what your excuse is or however Jessica covered for you, itís kind of indefensible.

Nash: I'll handle it. Take care of yourself.

Blair: I donít know why Bo is here. Obviously, heís not here to see me.

Todd: No, no, no, no. Itís just coincidence that you both show up at some roadside bar.

Blair: Look, why donít you ask Bo? I'm going home. I'm going to see Spencer.

Todd: Huh, I bet you is. Small world, huh, Bo?

Bo: Hmm.

Todd: So many of us Llanview folk meeting up at the same place for no particular reason.

Bo: Well, I came to shoot pool.

Todd: Uh-huh. Is Rodiís too rock 'n' roll for you?

Bo: Yep.

Todd: Hey, itís fantastic. When you brought me in for Margaretís murder, you thought I was innocent, you believed I was innocent, and you tried to prove it, didnít you?

Bo: Yeah, I did.

Todd: But that woman who just left -- my ex-wife, and until now, the love of my life -- she wouldnít do any of that? Thatís great stuff.

Bo: Well, sheís trying.

Cristian: Hey. You're awake?

Evangeline: Cristian. Cristian.

Cristian: Wow, this is crazy. Itís almost like you can --

Evangeline: I can.

Cristian: Like you can see --

Evangeline: I can see you. Cristian, I can see you.

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Evangeline: You're the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my life.

Starr: I'm starting to get worried. I'm afraid that mom might do something crazy.

John: I think heís setting you up, all right? You need to get out of there, Blair -- now.

Spencer: You know all about betrayal, donít you, Blair?

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