OLTL Transcript Friday 7/28/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/28/06


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Rex: You know what you have to do now, right?

Kelly: Ow. Oh, ow. Oh. I canít do this.

[Phone rings]

Hugh: You're not calling to bail on Mary J. Blige tonight, are you?

Claudia: Everythingís pretty much done. Mary J. Blige should be here soon for a sound check. Are you in New York yet?

Antonio: No, I'm just outside the tunnel.

Claudia: Any word from Jessica?

Antonio: I'm hoping sheís at Bartlettís place with Nash.

Claudia: What if she turned into Tess?

Antonio: Well, then I'll deal with it. First, I got to find her. And then I'm going to have Nash arrested.

Nash: You're saying that you'd be willing to let Tess out, but only long enough for me to say goodbye?

Jessica: No. No, I'm sorry, I -- I canít ask you to do that any more than I can call Tess back at will. I -- I shouldnít have said anything. I'm sorry. It was a mistake. Sorry.

Nash: Would you be willing to try?

Jessica: No. Can you please take us home now?

Nash: Change of plans.

Jessica: What are you going to do?

Natalie: Now, here -- this is the bullet that killed your father. See the striation?

John: Hmm.

Natalie: Now, here is the bullet that was fired from the gun that we found in the storm drain.

John: Hey, Jack --

Jack: Yeah?

John: Get Vickers for me, will you?

Jack: Sure.

Paige: Get off --

Blair: Take that --

Bo: Thatís enough! Thatís enough! Get back, Manning.

Spencer: Blair, get up.

Bo: Get up! Thatís enough! Enough! Ow!

Paige: Oh!

Bo: Are you two finished now? Are we going to have to cuff you two to opposite ends of the bar?

Blair: Nobody insults my mother and gets away with it! Do you hear me?

Paige: The apple doesnít fall far from the tree!

Bo: Hey!

Blair: Let me go, Spencer!

Spencer: Blair, just back away.

Bo: Ok. What really just happened?

Paige: I -- I donít know. She -- she was talking about Spencer and then she went kind of crazy. I just -- I just went along with her.

Bo: Ok, what'd you say to Blair? Her situation is -- itís kind of complicated right now. We have to try to cut her a little slack. Ok?

Paige: Ok.

Spencer: I appreciate you standing up for me like that, but, I mean, thereís better ways to show --

Blair: Let go of me.

Spencer: That you care about me.

Blair: Well, how could you stay married to that witch for so long?

Spencer: Well, she had her moments, all right? But donít let her get to you, ok?

Blair: Just -- leave me alone. I'm going to go freshen up.

Todd: Hey, thatís a pretty good jab you got there. Now all you got to do is go down to Rourkeís and see if Cristian Vega needs a sparring partner.

Blair: Yeah, and you'd like that, wouldnít you? Get Cristian out of the running so you could have Evangeline all to yourself.

Evangeline: Cris --

Cristian: Hmm?

Evangeline: Go home. You havenít left the hospital since they brought me.

Cristian: No way. I'm not leaving till I can take you home with me.

[Knock on door]

Jonas: Ms. Williamson? Good evening.

Cristian: Hey.

Evangeline: I'm sorry, I donít recognize the voice.

Cristian: This is Dr. Simmons. Heís the surgeon who operated on your eyes.

Evangeline: Thank you. Thank you for coming all this way just for me.

Jonas: Donít thank me until we know if the surgery was a success.

Evangeline: When will that be?

Jonas: How about right now? If you're ready.

Evangeline: Can Cristian stay with me? I want his face to be the first thing I see when I -- I mean, if --

Jonas: Thatís fine.

Evangeline: Ok, then. I'm ready. Letís see if it worked.

Marysol: Hi.

Claudia: Oh, hi. Welcome to Capricorn.

Marysol: Thanks for having me. I actually have a reservation here under Castro.

Claudia: You're Marysol Castro?

Marysol: Thatís me.

Claudia: From "Good Morning America." I love you!

Marysol: Thanks so much.

Claudia: Hey, you know how you do that summer concert series?

Marysol: Yes.

Claudia: Well, I'm actually a singer.

Marysol: Thatís great. "Castro" -- the reservation, I think --

Claudio: Oh.

Marysol: Is right there.

Claudio: Yeah, oh, ok.

Todd: If I didnít know better, I'd think you were jealous.

Blair: Oh, that is so ridiculous, because I'm very happy with Spencer, thank you very much.

Todd: Then my relationship with Evangeline is really none of your business, is it?

Blair: Yes, it is. Because it affects Jack and Starr.

Todd: Well, I defy you to find one negative thing about that woman. Sheís kind, compassionate, beautiful.

Blair: Ok, ok, you know, you can spare me the laundry list, please.

Todd: You're jealous.

Blair: I am not jealous. Itís about Jack and Starr. You just came back into their lives, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, through no fault of my own.

Blair: Look, all I'm asking is, you don't get in too serious too soon -- for their sake.

Todd: Huh.

Blair: And for yours. What are you laughing at? I mean, sheís with Cristian. Itís not like sheís even available.

Todd: Well, then what are you worried about?

Blair: I donít want to see you get hurt.

Paige: You know, the one I really want to hit is Spencer.

Bo: Yeah, I know.

Paige: For what heís done to you.

Bo: Well, I wouldnít mind taking a few swings at him myself, but I got to take the legal route.

Paige: Have you found anything else that you can -- you can use against him?

Bo: Maybe. We've linked him to a forger from Atlantic City.

Paige: The guy who -- who faked your name on all those documents?

Bo: It looks like it. Johnís tracking him down right now.

Paige: Oh, Bo, that is great. Thatís great. Because if you can prove that Spencer paid that guy to forge your name --

Bo: Then we got him.

Paige: Yeah.

Todd: You donít want to see me get hurt?

Blair: Yes. Yes. The only reason I would care at all about you is because of our kids, Todd.

Todd: Hmm. Well, thanks for setting me straight. I mean, it looked like you cared about me for a second.

Spencer: Everything all right?

Todd: Yeah. I was just leaving.

Spencer: Good.

Blair: Itís fine.

Todd: I'm going to see Evangeline.

Spencer: Give her my best.

Hugh: You're standing me up?

Kelly: I just -- I wouldnít make good company. I -- I donít want to be around people.

Hugh: Well, I'm not actually a human being. I work for the D.A.ís office.

Kelly: I'm going to ruin your good time.

Hugh: We donít have to talk.

Kelly: Yeah, that sounds like fun.

Hugh: Come on, Kelly, it'll be good for you. It'll be good for the baby, too.

Kelly: Oh, you're playing the baby card, really?

Hugh: They say that babies can hear music even before they're born. You donít want a tone-deaf kid, do you?

Kelly: Ok. Ok, I'll go. I -- donít expect too much.

Hugh: I promise I wonít expect anything.

Layla: Thanks for bringing me over here on the way to Capricorn.

Vincent: Oh, itís no problem, sweetheart.

Layla: Arenít you going to go and say hi to Vange?

Vincent: Oh, I'd better not. If your sister finds out we've been hanging out, it might set her recovery back a few weeks.

Layla: Hmm.

Vincent: Hmm.

Layla: She'll get used to it.

Vincent: If you say so.

Vincent: Yeah, itís me. Yeah, I'm at the hospital. I'm standing outside Evangeline Williamsonís room. Bring it to me here. Good.

Hugh: Well, well, well. Vincent Jones.

Vincent: Hugh Hughes.

Hugh: Actually, itís District Attorney Hugh Hughes now.

Vincent: Oh, look at you.

Evangeline: Perfect timing, Layla. The good doctor here is about to take the bandages off my eyes.

Jonas: I'm just waiting for Mr. Manning.

Cristian: And why do we have to wait for him?

Jonas: That was the agreement.

Cristian: Well, who agreed to that? Not Evangeline.

Layla: And not me.

Jonas: The chief of staff and the hospital administrator.

Evangeline: Itís ok.

Cristian: No, itís not ok. You've waited long enough.

Layla: Dr. Simmons, heís right. You're -- you're torturing my sister.

Cristian: You know, he thinks he can throw his money around and get whatever he wants, when he wants it.

Evangeline: No, itís ok, Cris, really. I want to wait for Todd.

Jessica: No. No, you said that you would take us home, and you're changing your mind now.

Nash: I want to talk to Tess.

Jessica: Sheís not here, Nash.

Nash: Yes, she is. Yes, she is. Tess, you're in there. You can hear me. Look at me.

Jessica: Itís not fair.

Nash: Tess --

Jessica: Please donít do this. Itís not fair.

Nash: Tess, do you remember the last conversation we had before I went to California? Do you remember? You said that you understood. You understood why I was leaving. I was leaving to protect you.

Jessica: Not going to work.

Nash: And you said that you believed in me, and I believed in you, and I'm back. I made you a promise. I promised you that I would come back, and I'm back. I donít need to leave. Tess?

Jessica: Stop it.

Nash: Tess, we can be together forever. Look at me. Tess, do you remember this? You remember this? Look at it. Itís a note. You left it for me on my pillow in Napa. Do you remember? You went for a walk. Tess, you went for a walk in the vineyards because you couldnít sleep. You couldnít sleep during the night, you went for a walk, and you left this --

Jessica: Stop it.

Nash: For me on my pillow.

Jessica: Please stop it.

Nash: Remember? Look, itís worn out. I take this with me everywhere I go, because I love you. I love you, Tess. I need you to come back so you can --

Jessica: Please donít do this, Nash!

Nash: I love you, Tess.

Jessica: I am hanging on --

Nash: I know you're in there.

Jessica: By a very thin thread here. I'm going to have a breakdown. Itís my mental health at stake here.

Nash: Come on, let me know that you can hear me, Tess.

Jessica: Nash, listen to me.

Nash: I know you're in there.

Jessica: Listen to .

Nash: Tess -- Tess --

Jessica: If I let Tess out, I'm going to fight, and itís not going to turn out well for any of us. [Banging on door] : Shut up, please! Stop it! What is happening?

Nash: Tess!

Jessica: What is going on?

Nash: Tess, look at me!

Jessica: Stop it! No! No!

Clint: Jessica!

Adriana: Come on, Rex. How long does it take to get some firewood?

John: Hey, Jack, thanks.

Jack: Yeah.

John: Vickers, go on in there.

David: Hope you're not expecting me to return the cannoli.

John: Sit down. Donít touch anything. I said donít touch anything I want to talk about the bullet that killed my father.

Natalie: We ran some tests.

David: And?

John: The bullet didnít come from your gun.

David: We already know that. My gun was loaded with blanks. I was shooting blanks, just like --

John: I'm warning you.

David: But I like saying it.

John: Last time.

David: Just like Kevin Buchanan.

John: The question is, whether that happened before or after the gun was fired.

David: So now you know. I'm innocent. Can I go now?

John: Not yet.

Rex: Do we have an agreement?

Adriana: Rex?

Rex: Hey, what are you doing here? Stay here, donít move.

Adriana: Whereís the firewood?

Rex: What?

Adriana: You came out here to get firewood, remember?

Rex: Oh, yeah. No, itís warmer than I thought. We donít -- we donít need a fire. Gosh, look at that. Nothing but sand and ocean for miles and miles. Itís like we're all alone in the world.

Adriana: Itís perfect.

Rex: Not yet, but it will be.

Antonio: The police are on their way.

Jessica: No. No, they -- they canít arrest Nash.

Antonio: Why not? He kidnapped you and the baby.

Jessica: Call them off, Antonio, I mean it.

Antonio: Jess, what are you telling me? That you came with him willingly? And if you are, I wonít believe it.

Clint: Antonio, why donít you back off a little bit, all right?

Antonio: Do you have any idea how many people are worried about you?

Jessica: I know. I know you were worried, and I am so sorry, but I swear to you, I wasnít in danger the whole time. I just -- I want to go back home. I want to get the baby. I want to go home.

Nash: I would never hurt her, sir. You know that.

Clint: I'm going to call the police, tell them it was a false alarm.

Antonio: What happened here, Jess?

Jessica: Antonio, no more questions, ok? Please, I just need to go back to Llanview.

Antonio: I'm not finished with you.

Nash: Oh, no, that would be far too much to ask. I'll help you pack up Brennanís stuff.

Antonio: I'll do it.

Clint: Sweetheart, why donít you let me help you?

Jessica: Thank you.

Nash: Yes, Antonio?

Antonio: You know, I have no idea what the hell went on here. But you are never, ever going to be alone with Jess and the baby again. You got that?

Vincent: Oh, man. Look at you, man. You clean up well.

Hugh: I still donít know what I did to end up with you as a college roommate.

Vincent: Oh, come on, man. You know, it wasnít that bad. It was like Obi-Wan and Darth.

Hugh: Yeah. I heard you went to the dark side.

Vincent: Is that a racial slur?

Hugh: What? No. No, I -- what?

Vincent: Come on, Hugh. You know I'm only messing with you.

Hugh: Oh.

Vincent: I donít know where you got your information from, but look, man, I'm a legitimate businessman.

Hugh: Yeah? What kind of business is that?

Vincent: Well, do this and that. I manage a boxer named Vega.

Hugh: Cris, yeah, I know -- I know Cris.

Vincent: Mm-hmm.

Hugh: Heís a pretty good guy.

Vincent: Yeah, well, all I care about is his jab. Heís in there right now with Layla and her sister.

Hugh: Yeah, itís a full house. I was going to stop by to see Evangeline, but I'll just come back later, I guess.

Vincent: Oh. Your friends?

Hugh: Oh, colleagues. I mean, you know how it is. I mean, she likes me, and -- well, we play for different teams, you know.

Vincent: Oh. I'll remember that. Hmm.

Hugh: Yeah, hey, we should -- we should go throw a football around, you know? It'd be just like old times.

Vincent: I donít know about that, butterfingers. You never could catch anything I threw to you back in college.

Hugh: Yeah, well, fortunately, the receivers didnít have that problem, o great quarterback. I did run some interference for you a few times, though.

Vincent: Yeah, you did.

Hugh: Mm-hmm.

Vincent: Saved my ass, yeah. Oh, hey, letís get a drink sometime.

Hugh: Absolutely. Letís do that. Nice seeing you, man.

Vincent: Yeah, man.

Hugh: Take care.

Vincent: Hmm. D.A. Hughes -- interesting.

Layla: Why donít I take this off? Whatís it going to hurt?

Evangeline: Layla, just because you played a nurse on TV --

Layla: Excuse me, I played nurse number one, and it was a recurring role.

Evangeline: Seriously, Layla, this could take a while. And donít you have to get to work? Isnít the Mary J. Concert tonight?

Layla: Are you kidding me? If it was a contest between you and Mary J., You'd win hands down.

Evangeline: Layla, they're going to need you. The place is going to be packed.

Cristian: Yeah, Antonio might not be there.

Evangeline: Go. Go, honey. I couldnít live with myself if you had to miss it, too, just because of me.

Layla: Uh -- are you trying to get rid of me?

Evangeline: No.

Layla: Vange --

Evangeline: Ok, yes. I have to take care of something here.

Layla: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Layla, I promise you, I will call you the moment I know anything.

Layla: You better. Love you.

Evangeline: I love you, too.

Cristian: Bye.

Orderly: Vegaís handís pretty messed up. Thereís no way this guy can fight.

Vincent: Thatís all I needed to hear. Hey. How you doing?

Layla: Hey. What a you so happy about?

Vincent: Oh, I just heard some very exciting news.

Cristian: I donít like Manning holding you hostage like this.

Evangeline: Cris, we need to talk, about me and Todd.

Layla: Hey, Kelly.

Kelly: Hey.

Layla: How are you feeling?

Kelly: What?

Layla: After the surgery?

Kelly: Oh -- I'm fine. Great. I was actually just looking for Hugh.

Layla: Oh, heís not here yet, but grab a seat. Itís going to get really busy.

Kelly: Ok, thanks.

Vincent: Excuse me.

Kelly: Mm-hmm?

Vincent: I'm sorry, but I couldnít help overhearing your conversation. Are you waiting for Hugh Hughes?

Kelly: Yeah, he and I are friends.

Vincent: Oh, well, he was my roommate in college all four years. I bumped into him today. You know, heís really doing that strait-laced D.A. thing these days. But I can tell you, he was quite a character back in the day.

Kelly: Really?

Vincent: Can I get you something to drink while we compare notes?

John: We both know that Truman was the shooter, so I need you to think. I know I'm asking a lot. Did he have a gun?

David: Yeah, the one he gave me.

John: No, another gun, all right? And do you think he was in firing range that night in the alley?

David: Look, John, we have been over this.

John: Someone else was there, Vickers, all right? Someone with a gun, the same make and model. Itís too coincidental, all right? So think for a second. When you saw your brother afterwards in the alley, did he have a gun?

David: I donít know.

John: Come on, Vickers.

David: Hey, look, I freaked out.

John: Itís got to be in that memory somewhere.

Natalie: John, he doesnít remember.

Hugh: Given this new evidence, I'm going to have to release David.

David: Well, donít spontaneously combust with excitement.

John: Get him out of here, come on. Hey, Jack, do me a favor. Start the process on Vickers -- get him released.

Jack: Got it.

David: Whereís the key?

Hugh: Letís go.

John: Check my email.

Natalie: We're getting close. We're getting close. We're going to find something to incriminate Spencer soon.

John: Maybe sooner than you think. I think we got an I.D. on the guy who set up Bo.

Bo: Ok. Here, hold on. Matthew thinks he left his homework in my car.

Paige: Oh.

Bo: And he wants to talk to "the missile" while I go check.

Paige: Oh. Hey, Matthew. Yeah, sure, I'll give you some pointers. I wonít rat you out to your dad. I had so much fun on the driving range with you. Hmm. Oh, you found it? Ok, great. Well, I'll tell Bo when he comes in. All right. See you soon. Bye.

Bartender: The ribs are 86'D.

Paige: What?

Bartender: They're all gone. But we have everything else except for the fried claims.

Paige: Ok, thanks.

Spencer: Listen, do you want to have a glass of wine? Unwind a little bit?

Blair: Oh, that'd be great.

Spencer: All right.

Blair: Thanks.

Spencer: [As Bo] Yeah?

John: Bo, I got something for you. Bo, are you there?

Paige: Hey. What are you doing?

Spencer: What?

Paige: Thatís Boís phone.

Spencer: Oh, I --

Bo: What are you doing with my phone?

Spencer: I donít know, I just found it on the bar there. I was just going to find out who it belonged to. Thatís all.

Blair: Is there a problem here?

Paige: Why donít you ask your boyfriend?

Spencer: Thereís no problem at all. Paige has always been a little forgetful as a matter of fact. I mean, letís -- letís just go. Come on, letís get out of here.

Blair: Ok.

Bo: What happened?

Paige: Your phone rang and Spencer picked it up.

Bo: It was John.

Paige: Huh. You know, heís making mistakes. Heís starting to crack.

Bo: I think you're right. John, hey, itís me. What do you got?

Antonio: Look, honey, are you sure you're going to be ok --

Jessica: Yes.

Antonio: Coming here tonight?

Jessica: Yes.

Antonio: Ok, all right.

Jessica: My mom and dad love looking after Brenn --

Antonio: I know.

Jessica: And, you know, we need a date, honey. Something just for us.

Claudia: Hi, Jessica. I'm so glad you're back. Antonio was so worried about you.

Jessica: Thanks. There was no need to be.

Claudia: Did you find her at Bruceís place?

Antonio: Yeah.

Claudia: And Nash?

Antonio: Followed us all the way back from New York. Heís right behind us. Excuse me.

Jessica: Excuse me. Antonio, what is it? You barely said two words --

Antonio: I know.

Jessica: To me in the car.

Antonio: Itís not you, all right? Really. Itís -- itís Nash. All right?

Jessica: I feel sorry for him. I mean, he has nothing. You and I have everything. Ok? I just want tonight to be about us. Ok?

Antonio: Ok.

Jessica: Come here.

Adriana: You know, I donít think anything could make this place more perfect -- well, except if we didnít have to hide out. I hate being scared all the time.

Rex: I've got a feeling you wonít have to worry about this guy much longer.

Adriana: Really? Do you know something?

Rex: I know I love you.

Adriana: I know that, too. Itís getting chilly. Maybe you should've got that firewood.

Rex: Hmm. Well, I've got an idea of how to heat this place up.

Adriana: Hmm. Again?

Rex: Do you not want to?

Adriana: Are you kidding?

Blair: I donít know, Spencer. I donít think I'm really up for this tonight.

Spencer: What do you mean, you donít know? This will be great. Mary J. Blige -- sheís awesome. No, you'll see, come on. It'll be fun, take your mind off things.

Hugh: Did I see you talking to Vincent Jones when I came in?

Kelly: Yeah. Yeah, he told me a lot of interesting stories about you, some of which I could sell to "The Sun" for a pretty penny.

Hugh: God, please donít. I'm glad you decided to stay.

Kelly: Yeah.

Antonio: Good evening, everybody. And welcome to Capricorn. We have a very special guest with us this evening. She is currently on her "breakthrough experience" tour, but has taken some time out of her busy schedule to join us. So please put your hands together for the very beautiful Mary J. Blige.


Mary: Thank you. Howís everybody? Good. I know y'all know this one. I want to be with you want to be with you oh, oh oh, oh got to be with you oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, whoa chemistry was crazy from the get-go neither one of us knew why we didnít build nothing overnight 'cause a love like this takes some time time people swore it off as a phase said we canít see that now from top to bottom they see that we did that

Singers: Yes

Mary: Itís so true that

Singers: Yes

Mary: We've been through it

Singers: Yes

Mary: We got real, shh

Singers: Yes

Mary: See, baby, we've been too strong for too long

Singers: And I canít be without you, baby

Mary: Oh and I'll be waiting up until you get home

Singers: 'Cause I canít sleep without you, baby

Mary: Oh, oh 'cause anybody whoís ever loved you know just what I feel too hard to fake it nothing can replace it call the radio if you just canít be without your baby yeah see, this is real talk I'm a always

Singers: Stay no matter what

Mary: Good or bad

Singers: Thick and thin

Mary: Right or wrong

Singers: All day, every day

Mary: Hey now if you're down on love or donít believe this ainít for you

Singers: No this ainít for you

Mary: And if you got it deep in your heart and deep down you know that itís true

Singers: Come on come on, come on

Mary: Well, let me see you put your hands up

Singers: Hands up fellas, tell your lady sheís the one

Mary: Fellas, tell your lady sheís the one, oh put your hands up

Singers: Hands up ladies let him know heís got your love

Mary: Look him right in his eyes and tell him we've been too strong for too long

Singers: And I canít be without you, baby

Mary: Canít be without you, baby I'll be waiting up until you get home

Singers: 'Cause I canít sleep without you, baby

Mary: Oh if anybody whoís ever loved you know just what I feel too hard to fake it nothing can replace it call the radio if you just canít be without your baby hey, hey, hey oh, oh, oh oh, oh hey, hey

Singers: I wanna be with you gotta be with you need to be with you

Mary: Hey, oh

Singers: I wanna be with you gotta be with you

Mary: Need to be with you thank you. Thank you.

Cristian: I know I canít afford to give you the things that Todd can.

Evangeline: Stop it. Cris, I didnít ask Todd to pay for this eye surgery. I didnít even want him to. But he did and because he did, I might be able to see again.

Cristian: So what are you saying?

Evangeline: I'm saying that I wanted to wait for him because I want to tell him that I intend to pay him back every penny he spent on me. I'm -- I'm grateful. I am so grateful for him and for his help. But you're the man I'm falling in love with.

Todd: Hey. Sorry. Didnít want to miss the big moment.

Evangeline: Todd. Oh, we waited.

Todd: Whereís Simmons? Hey, come here.

Jonas: All right, Ms. Williamson. Are you ready?

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Hmm?

Evangeline: Yes. I'm ready.

Mary: Well, this song is one of my favorite songs -- thank you -- because self-acceptance to me means so much and this song is called "take me as I am." Sheís been down and out sheís been wrote about sheís been talked about constantly sheís been up and down sheís been pushed around but they held her down N.Y.C. She has no regrets she accepts the past all these things they helped to make she sheís been lost and found and sheís still around thereís a reason for everything, yeah

Singers: You know I've been holdin' on tried to make me weak but I still stay strong

Mary: Yeah

Singers: Put my life all up in these songs just so you can feel me so you can get the real me

Mary: So take me as I am or have nothing at all nothing at all just take me as I am yeah or have nothing at all at all sheís older now sheís wiser now canít disguise her now she donít need no one tellin' her what to do and say no one tellin' her who to be sheís on solid ground sheís been lost and found now she answers to g-o-d and sheís confident this is not the end ask me how I know 'cause she is me yeah

Singers: You know I've been holdin' on

Mary: I've been holdin' on tried to make me weak but I still stay strong stay strong put my life all up in these songs just so you can feel me so you can get the real me so take me as I am or have nothing all at all, oh just take me as I am as I am or nothing, baby at all this is me this is me so itís all or nothing at all all or nothing at all donít you know I can only be me? I can only be me

Singers: Yeah

Mary: I can only be me

Singers: So itís all or nothing at all

Mary: Oh

Singers: All or nothing at all donít you know

Mary: Oh, all or nothing I can only be me this is me this is me This is me this is me this is me this is me, yeah no one else, no you canít take that from me, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, take me

Singers: Take me

Mary: Baby, baby

Singers: As I am

Mary: As I am or nothing at all

Singers: Nothing at all

Mary: Nothing at all oh, oh, oh

Singers: Just take me

Mary: Take me, take me

Singers: As I am

Mary: Take me, take me

Singers: As I am

Mary: Oh Or have nothing at all oh, oh Thank you. Thank you. [Whistles] Thank you.

David: Guess who got a get-out-of-jail-free card, Spencer. You know what this means, donít you?

Natalie: Take your time, John. I'll catch up with you later.

John: Thanks. Hi, Jay Bush here... and Duke.

Todd: Well? Did it work?

[Phone rings]

Rex: Itís ok. Itís mine. Oh, itís U.V. Thereís no way I'm interrupting this for a question about a liquor delivery.

Adriana: I wonder if I'm ever going to stop jumping every time the phone rings.

Rex: I promised you I'd find this guy. This wonít last forever.

Adriana: I donít get it, you know? He could've hurt me more than once, but he didnít.

Rex: That doesnít seem to be his thing.

Adriana: Yeah. Itís more like he wants to possess me, have me all to himself.

Bo: I got a lead on where this forger Lenny hangs out.

Paige: Bo, just be careful, because if this guyís involved in this frame-up, Spencerís probably holding something major over his head.

Bo: Yeah, I know, you're right, and I think I know exactly what it is, and this guy -- heís not going to give up without a fight, but thatís ok. Hmm.

Spencer: David, it is so good to see you. Looks like we have something to celebrate. Bartender, a Mai Tai for my brother, please. How did you get out of jail, David?

David: The cops know I didnít kill Thomas McBain and you did.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Claudia: I donít know how he found you.

Nash: Oh, who else besides you knew thatís where we were?

Antonio: He kidnapped you and I still think you should press charges.

Spencer: Back to square one, eh?

John: Oh, I wouldnít say we're back to square one. We do have a person of interest.

Jonas: Can you see anything, anything at all?

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