OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/27/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/27/06


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Adriana: Fine. Great. It was a beautiful afternoon. The beach was empty. It was really peaceful.

Rex: Good.

Adriana: Of course, you know that since you tailed me the whole way.

Rex: Do you know how hard it is to stay out of sight on a beach? Thatís where you could've laughed. Look, I wanted to give you your space, but we have to be careful. You know we do.

Adriana: I think that we've made a huge, terrible mistake.

Todd: Get in the hole! Oh, man. Thatís not going to work out, is it? Unlucky in golf and love, eh?

Blair: Late lunch?

Bo: Hi, Blair.

Blair: Mind if I sit down?

Bo: What if it gets back to Spencer?

Blair: Come on, Bo, we're old friends. I donít think he has a right to say anything about that.

Bo: I'm just looking out for you. You know, you donít want to make this guy suspicious.

Blair: I donít think you have to worry. I donít think heís really paying that much attention right now.

Bo: Yeah, but you donít know what heís thinking.

Blair: Well, thatís why I'm going to stick around and see if I can find out.

Bo: You just leave this to us.

Blair: "Us"?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Thatís great. Thereís no "us," Bo, because you're not a commissioner anymore, and thatís Spencerís fault. Todd almost died because of Spencer. Nobody seems to be able to -- to get him on anything. You think I would be doing all this if I knew that there was some other way, Bo? Donít you think I know what everybody thinks about me here in this town?

Bo: Blair, come on.

Blair: Well?

Bo: Itís ok.

Blair: Itís not ok, Bo.

Bo: Blair, just --

Natalie: Foster, my main man.

Foster: We have two hours before the night shift kicks in.

Natalie: Looking good. You been working out?

Foster: Why do I let you do this to me? Look, if anybody finds out --

Natalie: They wonít. You're doing this because you're kindhearted and you have a conscience.

Foster: I am a tech nerd with no willpower.

Natalie: Foster, look, John and I will never forget that you're doing this for us. Itís a very cold case, but extremely important.

John: Hey.

Foster: Detective, I was just telling Natalie you have two hours to run your tests.

John: Ok.

Foster: I'll set you up.

John: Thanks for helping.

Natalie: Did you get it?

John: This is it. This is the bullet they took out of my father the day he died.

Viki: You?

Dorian: Yes, me. Excuse me, but I think we have to clear the air, Viki, about Clint and me.

Viki: Oh, my God. With all that is going on in my life, do I really have to pretend to be interested in your adolescent fantasy life?

Dorian: Viki, just for once, why donít you drop the superior posturing and letís try to have a dialogue like two human beings, hmm?

Clint: Dorian, what are you doing here?

Dorian: Clint. What a surprise.

Clint: Why are you here?

Antonio: Viki, Clint. I think I have a lead on where Nash took Jessica and the baby.

Nash: Is everything ok?

Jessica: I just put Brennan down for her nap.

Nash: Good. Thatís good. Good. I'm just going to wait a couple of minutes before I go in there. She is so beautiful when she is sleeping.

Jessica: Could you please not wake her up? I'm trying to keep her on a schedule.

Nash: Good.

Jessica: I want one thing in her life to be normal.

Nash: Thatís a good idea. Why? Whatís wrong?

Jessica: Nothing. Actually, for the first time since this nightmare began, somethingís going my way. Now, take me and my daughter home now.

Rex: I donít think us being here is a mistake. Whoever this creep is, he hasnít made a move since we came here.

Adriana: I wasnít talking about him. I was talking about us.

Rex: "Us"? I donít know what you mean.

Adriana: We had a fight. We went to bed angry.

Rex: I wasnít angry.

Adriana: You werenít happy.

Rex: Ok, so maybe not every night is going to be another night in paradise.

Adriana: See? You're angry now.

Rex: No, I'm frustrated. Do you think this is what I want? No, rephrase that -- this is everything I want. You, me, beach, sun. But itís kind of hard to lay back and enjoy it when thereís some nut case out there just waiting for us to let our guard down.

Adriana: Not everything is his fault, Rex. We have problems all our own.

Rex: Ok, well, we'll work on them as soon as you tell me what they are.

Adriana: Your computer.

Rex: The nerve of it, coming between us the way it did.

Adriana: You freaked out at the very thought of me knowing what was on it.

Rex: I didnít want you to know what I was working on.

Adriana: Exactly, which is why this is a mistake, because we shouldnít have secrets anymore, Rex, especially now, unless, like I said, this was one huge, terrible mistake.

Rex: Thereís one other explanation -- you're out of your freakin' mind.

Viki: Where are they?

Antonio: Heís got a friend in New York. His name is Bruce Bartlett, an attorney. He helped Nash get off when he extorted money from his ex-girlfriend.

Clint: So you got this information from Claudia Reston?

Viki: Is she involved in this?

Antonio: Oh, I donít think she would help Nash get any closer to Tess.

Clint: And what about this lawyer?

Antonio: Well, I looked into it. He and Nash have been seen together recently. It could be they were setting things up.

Clint: I donít think an attorney would get involved with a kidnapping.

Viki: Well, unless heís advising to make sure that it all stays on the level of a custody dispute.

Antonio: Look, I donít know the why, but when I called Bartlett, he hung up on me. He was sweating, and the guyís loaded. Heís got a house in Bridgehampton, apartments in New York and London. I've got my people checking on all three addresses to see if Jess and the baby were spotted at any of them.

Viki: Antonio, these people -- are they discreet? I mean, we donít want to scare Nash into doing something dangerous, ok?

Antonio: More dangerous than kidnapping them? You -- you know, maybe if we spent less time being nice with this jerk, they would still be here.

Clint: Antonio, this is not the time for that, ok?

Antonio: Right. I got some calls to make.

Viki: No, let -- let me, please. I really need to talk to him.

Clint: Right. Dorian, what are you doing here?

Dorian: Oh, I seem to have come in the middle of a family crisis. I'm really sorry.

Clint: A crisis that you knew all about.

Dorian: I donít understand.

Clint: Yes, you do. You knew that Jessica was missing, that Viki would probably be going through hell, so you thought this would be a fine time to come here and have a chat about your latest conquest -- me.

Dorian: You're putting this in the worst possible light.

Clint: Dorian, how the hell could you put it any other way?

Nash: Jessica, just calm down.

Jessica: I never wanted to do something like this, especially to Brennanís father, but you've given me no choice. You're holding us against our will, you're keeping us hostage. I know why you're doing it!

Nash: Oh, you do?

Jessica: You think --

Nash: You do?

Jessica: That if you make things bad enough for me, that Tess will come out.

Nash: Jessica, I never wanted this to happen like this.

Jessica: You want Tess here, and you want me gone. Well, I'm not going anywhere except home, right now.

Nash: Letís just talk about this.

Jessica: No. No talk. You take me home, you talk to my parents, you talk to the police.

Nash: Put the gun down. You canít hurt me with that.

Jessica: Oh, donít give me that. My dad knows everything about guns.

Nash: Itís a starterís pistol! And Bruce, he -- he races sailboats. You really think -- he took away all the bullets -- he'd leave a gun?

Jessica: All I have to do is pull the trigger --

Nash: Really?

Jessica: To find out.

Nash: Do it. Come on, do it. Shoot me. Come on, shoot me! Shoot me! All you'd do is wake up Brennan, anyway.

Jessica: Damn it. Damn it.

Nash: Really that afraid of me?

Jessica: No, Nash, I'm afraid of me. You really -- you're something. You really are something. You claim you love Tess so much.

Nash: I do.

Jessica: You do, do you? Really? Thatís funny because you donít know the first thing about her.

Nash: I'm the only one who knows her.

Jessica: Well, maybe you would know that the only thing that she has ever been afraid of is that Antonioís prodding to get me out would work, and she would lose everything, the life that she knew.

Nash: I knew that.

Jessica: Really? Then why are you doing the same thing to me?

Natalie: You all right?

John: Yeah. Why not?

Natalie: Well, you're staring at the bullet that killed your father.

John: No, itís just a piece of evidence.

Natalie: Right, nothing personal.

John: Yeah. Right now I just want to know if this is the bullet that came from the gun we found in the storm drain.

Natalie: I'll do my best, John. And if I canít get it all, foster can help us.

John: Ok. You know, this guy Truman -- he thinks heís invincible. But the whole thing, itís just a house of cards. We find one good fact, one good piece of evidence, it all comes crumbling down. [Phone rings] Excuse me. McBain.

Bo: John, I just got a call.

John: I can tell this is great news.

Bo: Oh, well, you know, todayís been a great afternoon. I -- well, Blair tracked me down here. Sheís upset.

John: Thatís not what you called about.

Bo: No, I talked to one of my informants, and he gave me some information on Lenny the forger.

John: And?

Bo: Seems that this guyís got all kinds of identities.

John: Oh, a forger thatís deceitful?

Bo: Yeah, I know, I know. It just -- it makes you lose faith in your fellow man, doesnít it? These guys just do not want to play by the rules. It really gets on my nerves.

John: Mine, too.

Bo: Yeah, I'm feeling like dropping the whole investigation.

John: What?

Bo: Well, you know, why waste our time trying to dig something up? Why donít we just grab Truman and we just beat the truth out of him?

John: Thanks, Bo. Now we got plan B.

Bo: Yeah. Hang in there.

John: You, too.

Natalie: So whatís plan b?

John: Too much fun to think about.

Todd: Oh -- oh, no. Thatís ugly. Oh. Well, itís a bit of a clichť, isnít it? Huh? Doctor golfing on his day off? Of course, I understand you've had a lot of days off lately. People arenít exactly lining up to have you operate on them.

Spencer: Well, you seem to have profited from my surgical skills. The thing about it is, Todd, you know, since I got to Llanview, all I've done is work, work, work. I think itís helpful for a man to take a little time for himself every now and again, you know? Besides, I'm rich enough.

Todd: You know what we ought to do? Get a little foursome together -- me, you, Bo, John McBain?

Spencer: Sounds like fun. I think I'll pass.

Todd: Yeah, itís probably very tough to be around people who know what you did. Maybe not.

Spencer: You know the thing I like about golf the most, Todd? That thereís very little talking involved, save the occasional buffoon in the peanut gallery.

Todd: Hey, whereís Blair? Huh? Because I know thereís nothing she likes more than whacking at balls. Honeymoon over? You guys no longer joined at the hips?

Spencer: Yeah. Itís kind of like a fine racehorse, you know? You got to let them rest once in a while.

Todd: Thatís good. Oh. So what do you think sheís going to do when the truth comes out about you, huh? Think sheís going to stand by her man? I donít think so. I think if you did what you did for the love of a woman, you're in for a rude awakening.

Spencer: Well, I'll tell you, Blair is a good woman, Todd. As a matter of fact, you wouldnít even be breathing right now if she hadnít asked me to save your sorry hide.

Todd: Time is running out, my friend. And so will Blair.

Spencer: Why do you care, anyway? I mean, havenít you moved on to the lovely Evangeline? I mean, I canít blame you. She is gorgeous and obviously willing to let you use her to make Blair jealous -- a very ineffective, very ineffective tact, I might add, because, to tell you the truth, Blair couldnít give a rip what you do. So, keep on buying flowers and throwing those nice little surprise parties, paying for those expensive eye surgeries, and, hell, you'll be out of money in no time.

Todd: Thatís all right. I'll just make some more.

Spencer: Oh, yeah. I think I'm done.

Todd: Yeah, you're done, all right. You are done. You're losing your grip, doc. Little by little, you're losing your grip.

Paige: Can I talk to you a minute?

Blair: About anything in particular?

Paige: Yeah. I saw you talking to Bo just now, and I was -- I was wondering what it was about.

Blair: Well, it wasnít really about you, directly.

Paige: What is that supposed to mean?

Blair: Let me put it to you this way, Paige. You tell me why you lied to protect Spencer all those years, and then I'll tell you what I was talking to Bo about.

Dorian: You are upset, and maybe we should talk about this later.

Clint: I'm a little more than upset. Viki and I have lost our grandson, and now our daughter is missing.

Dorian: But you sound so angry.

Clint: I get that way when people set out to inflict pain.

Dorian: Clint, I -- I donít understand how you can talk to me like this when you know we almost made love.

Clint: Oh, yeah. And you wanted to make damn sure that Viki found out about it.

Dorian: You are just really worried about Jessica and so you're lashing out at me.

Clint: I'm not. I'm looking at you and I'm thinking the only reason you want to sleep with me is that you want to slip another knife into Viki and give it a good twist.

Nash: I donít suppose you want to hear my reasons --

Jessica: Please, I just want to go home.

Nash: Thatís what I want! I want to go home. I want to go to my home. I want to take Tess and my daughter home.

Jessica: Enough! I get it! I get it!

Nash: No, you donít! You donít get it! You've been loved before. You've been in love before, you've been pregnant before, you've always had a family who loves you. Tess and my daughter are the only family I've ever had!

Jessica: I know how badly you've been hurt.

Nash: How badly I'm hurting. Tess is my first and only love, and you are ripping my heart out. She -- sheís got eyes that take you into her soul. Sheís beautiful, as beautiful as you, but thatís not it. Itís not it. It -- when she laughs in the night, the stars come out to dance. I'm a grown man who has never been in love, and she makes the stars dance for me. I love her. I love her. I love her. I love her so much that I'm the one who made her do the integration when all she wanted to do was run away from me. I threw her to the wolves so that she would be gone, you would be you. I'm alone again, and itís not fair! Itís not fair!

Jessica: I know -- I know! I'm sorry! I am sorry! I'm sorry!

Nash: I'm sorry. Oh, look at you. You're the mother of my child. I'm terrifying you, arenít I? You're a sweet girl. I'll go get the car.

Jessica: Wait. Just wait.

Rex: Adriana --

Adriana: So you think I'm out of my mind, but this isnít a mistake -- you like crazy girls.

Rex: I like you. Doesnít mean you get total access to everything I think, feel.

Adriana: Or whatís on your computer.

Rex: So I donít get to keep any secrets, make any decisions?

Adriana: No, you donít. Not when thereís a maniac working day and night to make my life a living hell.

Rex: All right, ok. I was doing research on stalkers, all right? Itís nasty stuff. I didnít want you to be scared any more than you already were. I thought it was best to keep it to myself. I didnít want you to be scared.

Adriana: I am scared, and itís not your fault. You're great. You're all I have, and I turn on you. I'm sorry.

Rex: Ok, howís this for an operating procedure -- everything wrong is his fault? Ok? We may get in fights, bad moods, screw up, but, basically, nothing is our fault. Neither one of us has to feel sorry if we donít handle this perfectly.

Adriana: Ok. You might have to remind me of that.

Rex: Ok. So is this fight over?

Adriana: This fight is over. I never want to fight with you again.

Rex: Well, you may not say that when you see how great it is to make up.

†[Phone rings]

John: Yeah?

Bo: Update time, John. I asked a buddy of mine in Philly to trace the alias, see if he could come up with any leads on any other identities.

John: Of all the names in the world, he picks "Lenny" and thinks he can fly under the radar? This guyís a real brain trust.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I see this guy as having a low self-image and a need to manipulate reality.

John: Bo, no more TV, ok? Bo?

Bo: Things just got real interesting here.

Paige: Why did I protect Spencer? I donít know -- maybe it was because he was threatening to destroy my career, ruin my reputation.

Blair: Is that why you stayed married to him for so long?

Paige: Why do you care?

Blair: Listen, if you work with Todd and me, we might be able to get back everything that you lost.

Paige: Todd and you?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Hello.

Blair: Oh. I didnít know you came in.

Spencer: Yeah, I know you didnít.† Well, I'm very interested in this, Blair. Tell me, exactly how is it that you think you and Todd can help Paige?

Blair: Well, Todd is back on the board at the hospital, and he could maybe get your job back.

Spencer: Hmm. And he would be interested in doing this why, exactly?

Blair: Spencer, you always said she was a terrific doctor -- when she wasnít drinking, of course.

Paige: Oh, and -- and you are losing sleep about my situation?

Blair: Oh, thatís just really great. I go to help you, and you throw it back in my face? Thatís really rich, you little ungrateful witch.

Todd: Hi, everybody.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Todd: Oh, well, I just wanted to come somewhere where everyone knew my name. And this is glorious. Paige, Blair, Spencer, my favorite people in the world all in one --

Spencer: Itís a private conversation, Manning. You can leave now.

Todd: Now, are you following me? Because everywhere I go, there you is.

Spencer: I said you could go to hell now, Todd. So, as we were saying --

Blair: Yes?

Spencer: Now, what is it that you were telling Paige about you knowing more about something than she thought you did?

Blair: Are you as clueless as you seem? She is still trying to hold on to you. And you know what? I'm not going to stand for it.

Dorian: Clint, I've heard and I accept what you've said today. I acted without thinking, and I am sorry, really.

Clint: All right. But, Dorian, my private life stays private. Is that clear?

Dorian: Absolutely. But I think that we should take some time and talk about this at length, in private. [Phone rings] Pardon me. I'd better take that. It could be Adriana.

Clint: All right. I'm going to check on Viki and Antonio.

Dorian: All right. Hello, sweetheart, are you all right?

Adriana: I'm fine, mom.

Dorian: Honey, itís hard to hear you.

Adriana: Itís the surf. I'm on the beach.

Dorian: Which beach?

Adriana: You know Rex doesnít want me telling you that. I shouldnít even be calling.

Dorian: I cannot believe he wonít let you call your own mother.

Adriana: Rex is just worried that somebody could trace the call.

Dorian: Oh, I suppose he has a point. Honey, are you sure that you're all right?

Adriana: Yeah, I'm fine. Nothingís happened since we got here. Well, we had a fight, but we worked it out.

Dorian: I'll come and get you. I'll get a helicopter.

Adriana: Mom, will you listen? I said we worked it out. I want to be able to tell you that we had a fight without your head exploding. And itís really great that we worked it out.

Dorian: I suppose.

Adriana: But the real reason I'm calling --

Dorian: What? What is it?

Adriana: I'm really, really in love.

Dorian: Oh.

Adriana: I didnít hear an explosion.

Dorian: There wasnít one. Really, I'm beginning to get used to the idea.

Adriana: Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?

Dorian: I'm changing. I think maybe I have to.

Clint: Antonio, do you think your guy can lead us to Jess?

Antonio: Yeah, assuming heís working with this Bartlett lowlife.

Viki: I've told Antonio I donít want him going after Jessie alone. I think you should go with him, please.

Jessica: I'm sorry, I -- I got scared, I panicked, I --

Nash: Well, thatís all right. You were trying to defend yourself and your baby.

Jessica: I knew Brennan was safe. It was about me.

Nash: You have every right to protect yourself. I -- I donít know what I was trying to --

Jessica: You're trying to reach Tess. Itís easy to see why. I mean, we both know that sheís still there, right? Itís just ever since I started facing what happened to me when I was little and ever since I started taking care of Brennan --

Nash: Tess has stopped trying to fight you to come out because now you can take care of yourself. I donít know what I was thinking.

Jessica: You were thinking that if you brought me here alone, that fighting you and Tess would've been too much for me.

Nash: Thereís a standup guy -- double-team the new mother to get what you want.

Jessica: Brennan is your daughter.

Nash: Yeah, sheís my daughter. This is not the man I wanted her to have as a father. Who knew that it would take a foulmouthed party girl to make me the best man I can be? Maybe I havenít changed after all.

Jessica: I wouldnít say that.

Nash: What?

Jessica: The guy that just offered to take us home -- thatís the guy Tess fell in love with, and itís easy to see why.

Dorian: You sound happy.

Adriana: Because of Rex. Say it -- "because of Rex."

Dorian: I'm big enough to admit that heís come through for you more than once.

Adriana: Wow. You have changed.

Dorian: So why donít you come home and see for yourself?

Adriana: But not that much.

Rex: Hey!

Adriana: Oh, mom, I got to go.

Dorian: Is something wrong?

Adriana: No, no, no. Rex is coming and I donít want him to know that I called you. I love you, really. Bye.

Rex: You ok?

Adriana: Checking up on me?

Rex: No. Itís getting cold and I'm not finding a lot of firewood.

Adriana: It is getting cold. What do you y we go back to the house and get really warm? Put out the fire and I'll start some food, ok?

Rex: Yeah, ok.

Viki: Why are you still here?

Dorian: I'm waiting for Clint.

Viki: Really? Well, heís leaving. Heís going to get Jessica.

Dorian: Oh, good -- they found her.

Viki: Thank you for your concern. Good-bye.

Dorian: I'm sorry, but I want to have a word with Clint first.

Viki: Well, maybe later, maybe somewhere else. Why donít you just get the hell out?

Jessica: I think that what you did was wrong.

Nash: Not arguing.

Jessica: But I know that you did it out of love for Brennan and for Tess.

Nash: When Tess was pregnant and we were together, all we ever talked about was this time -- the time when we'd be with Brennan together.

Jessica: Of course.

Nash: We just -- we kept growing together. When we met, we werenít exactly good people -- I mean, not criminals, but definitely not parenting material. When I found out she was pregnant, I surprised myself. I was so excited. And somehow knowing that -- that little Brennan was coming -- it just made us closer, more in love.

Jessica: I'm sorry, I donít know what to say to you anymore.

Nash: Thereís nothing you can say. Tess -- she kept telling me over and over that we only had so much time. I think that she knew that it was going to be you bringing her up. I miss her. I really miss her. I love her. I didnít even get to say goodbye.

Clint: Antonio, Jessieís my daughter and I'm going with you.

Antonio: All right, all right. [Phone rings] Yeah? What have you got?

Jessica: If I -- oh, if I could, if I make it happen -- would you promise me that you'd say goodbye forever?

Natalie: So should I go ahead and enter the information?

John: Absolutely. You're doing good.

Natalie: Itís just this is so important.

John: We can always have foster double-check everything.

Natalie: I mean, donít get me wrong, this is really cool. I mean, we've read about this in forensics class, seen the pictures. But doing it in person, we can prove that that bullet came from the gun.

John: Yeah. Well, thatís why we got the computer.

Natalie: John? If that bullet doesnít match the gun --

John: Itís not going to -- unless someone switched the magazine before throwing it down the drain.

Natalie: So if it doesnít, then what?

John: Then we prove that the gun David fired didnít kill my father. We got to put another suspect in the alley that night with a different gun. [Phone rings] Yeah, Bo?

Bo: You know, Blairís dealing with Truman, Todd, and Paige right now all by herself, and I got to sit here. I got to do nothing because if I do anything at all, itís going to screw this up.

John: What happened to that plan "just beat the crap out of him"?

Bo: Yeah, well, I decided that that wasnít really very professional, but I -- I do have something else. The forgerís real name is Larry Masden.

John: Changed "Larry" to "Lenny"? Well, thereís no accounting for taste.

Bo: Yeah, but there is something else. My buddy ran Larryís name through another database, and it came up that Larry was a heart transplant recipient in Cleveland about 10 years ago.

John: A transplant? And the surgeon of record was?

Bo: Spencer Truman? No, come on. We canít be that lucky. But this Lenny/Larry Larry/Lenny went from being number 457 on the list to number one, you know, faster than a speeding bullet.

John: Someone manipulated the system, pulled strings.

Bo: Yeah. You know, who do we know that would do something like that?

Spencer: You think that Paige is still interested in me, and you want to help her get her job back?

Blair: Yes. Yes, Spencer, thatís exactly what I want to do.

Spencer: How is that going to help things, Blair?

Blair: Well, come on, look at her. And look at the complete situation here. I mean, you have Bo over there. Heís not a complete idiot, yet he follows this murdering drunk around for whatever -- and you know what? I think he feels sorry for you.

Paige: What?

Blair: Yeah. And you -- sheís done everything she possibly can to destroy your career, yet she looks at you with those cow eyes, and you go "oh, let me help you, let me save you."

Paige: That is such garbage.

Blair: No, thatís why I want to get your job back so you'll stop playing this "poor pitiful me" act.

Paige: Oh --

Blair: You know -- you know what, Spencer? I think, give her some time, she'll probably kill off another patient, and then she'll be out of our lives for good. What do you think about that?

Paige: Well, I knew it, I knew it. I have known women like you my entire life.

Blair: You have?

Paige: Yeah.

Blair: You've known women? Hmm, thatís funny -- looks like you've been too busy sucking up to men.

Paige: You come across all sweetness and light, and underneath it all, you just want to knock off the competition.

Blair: Oh, you think you're my competition? No, no, no. Spencer loves me, I love him, and thereís nothing that you can do about it.

Paige: Well, that is great. Thatís just fine with me and the rest of the world. You know, you deserve each other. I just -- I feel sorry for your children, because all the therapy in the world isnít going to save them from you.

Dorian: You're distraught, Viki. I understand.

Viki: I donít want you to understand I want you to go away.

Antonio: We found her.

Viki: Where is she?

Clint: In Bartlettís apartment in New York. Antonio and I are going there right now -- and I am going to keep my cool.

Viki: Thank you. Antonio, I'm sorry if anything I said offended you.

Antonio: Viki, please. We've always been straight with each other -- for Jessicaís sake.

Viki: Ok.

Clint: I'll be right out there. You hang in there, I'll stay in touch.

Viki: Ok.

Dorian: Viki, is there anything that I can do?

Viki: Donít push your luck.

Clint: Viki, I'm going to bring our girls back, all right?

Viki: Thank you.

Clint: And itís time to go, all of us.

Dorian: All right. Good-bye, Viki.

Viki: "Good-bye, Viki." Ugh.

Nash: I donít understand. You'd be willing to let Tess out, but only long enough say goodbye?

Jessica: I'm sorry. I -- it was a mistake. I -- canít ask you to do that any more than I can bring Tess up at will. I'm sorry, I shouldnít have said anything. I'm sorry.

Nash: Would you be willing to try?

Adriana: Hey, I thought you were coming in.

Rex: I am. I just got thinking.† Whoa.

Adriana: You donít know what itís like to feel so loved and protected. I was just sitting in the cottage and I had to tell you that.

Rex: Well, I hope you'll always feel that way.

Adriana: I opened a bottle of wine. So what do you say you get a move on putting that fire out? What do you think this is, a vacation?

John: Do me a favor -- get me everything you've got on Lenny Kasden, A.K.A. Larry Masden. Criminal, medical, high school -- anything. I'm talking nationwide database.

Natalie: John! John, come here.

John: I'll get back to you. Whatís up?

Natalie: You got to take a look at this. You're not going to believe this.

Paige: Are you insane, or is that just your mother?

Blair: Oh, you bitch!

Paige: Oh!

Blair: Oh, donít you --

Paige: Oh!

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Sheís with Cristian. Itís not like sheís even available.

Evangeline: We need to talk about me and Todd.

Nash: I want to talk to Tess.

Jessica: Sheís not here, Nash.

Nash: Yes, she is.

Antonio: Put your hands together for the very beautiful Mary J. Blige.

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