OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/25/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/25/06


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Adriana: Mmm. Morning. Rex. Wake up. Rex? Rex!

Spencer: Hey, you want a croissant?

Blair: No, thanks.

Spencer: They're good.

Blair: I'm sure.

Spencer: Mmm. Whatís so funny?

Blair: Oh, you know what? I'm just -- I'm just thinking about what you said last night, all those stories that you told me about your father and all of his gangster buddies, you know? You made it sound like itís some 1930's movie.

[Mimicking Edward G. Robinson] "Hey, see, my nameís Ruby the Book. Hey, see, my nameís Lonnie the Forger, see, and I just" --

Spencer: Lenny. Lenny the Forger.

Blair: [Normal voice] Oh, Lenny, Lenny. Excuse me.

Spencer: Itís all right.

Blair: Lenny, heís, like, the sentimental forger, right?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Blair: These guys have any last names?

Spencer: No. Itís -- itís a first-name basis business, Blair.

Blair: Oh, yeah. Crime, it is.†

Spencer: I'm glad you think itís so funny.

Blair: It is! What can you say, you know? You canít pick your parents. I am going to take a shower.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, McBain.

Blair: Hey, itís Blair.

John: Are you calling to tell me you've stopped playing detective?

Spencer: Who are you talking to?

John: Blair, is something -- damn it!

[Phone rings]

Blairís voice: Blair Cramer. I canít take your call right now, but if you leave a message, I'll get right back to you. [Voicemail beeps]

John: Call me back when you get this. If I donít hear from you in one hour, I'm coming to find you.

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah?

David: You summoned?

John: Yeah. Sit.

David: I donít believe it.

Cristian: Excuse me. I'm a friend of Evangeline Williamsonís, and this is her sister. We want to see her now.

Nurse: Sorry. The rules say only one visitor at a time.

Cristian: Ye, well, they also say immediate family only, which that guy in there, Todd Manning, isnít.

Layla: Listen. We wonít tell, please. You said sheís ok, but I need to see her myself.

Nurse: Sheís still out, but everything is going to be ok.

Layla: Listen, you're not hearing me.

Cristian: Yeah, see, Layla, what sheís saying is we can see her, but we have to donate a new wing to the hospital first, right?

Nurse: Why donít you get a cup of coffee or catch a little sleep.

Layla: You coming?

Cristian: No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here.

Nurse: Suit yourself.

Layla: I am going to kill that woman if I stay here. I'll be on one of those torture couches in the lounge. Come and get me if Vange wakes up.

Cristian: Yeah. Whew.

Todd: You're going to be ok. And when you wake up, you're going to be able to see again.

Hugh: I'm almost finished.

Woman: You look like a man who enjoys feeling the burn.

Hugh: Excuse me.

Hugh: Itís all yours. Kelly.

Kelly: Oh.

Hugh: Hey.

Kelly: Hi! I seem to be running into you a lot lately. If I didnít know better, I'd think you re following me.

Hugh: Except I was here first.

Kelly: Except for that.

Hugh: Do you want some company?

Kelly: Um -- sure.

Woman: You could've told me you were waiting for your girlfriend.

Adriana: Rex, wake up! Please donít do this to me! Rex, wake up!†

Rex: What?

Adriana: You jerk. You scared me half to death.

Rex: Huh?

Adriana: I've been trying to wake you. I thought there was something wrong with you.

Rex: Well, you really tired me out.

Adriana: . Are you complaining? I'm sorry you didnít get much sleep. You sure you're ok?

Rex: I'm fine -- more than fine.

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: It doesnít get better than this.

Adriana: Maybe next time I'll have to try a different tactic.

Rex: Hmm. Well, maybe we should give it a test run.

Adriana: Mmm.

Rex: Was that your stomach?

Adriana: I'm starving. Arenít you hungry?

Rex: Not quite yet.

David: Cannoli. I didnít know you cared.

John: I donít. Natalie told me that she promised you these for helping her with that drawing in the alley. Had you not have helped with that, I -- I guess we wouldnít have been alerted to the storm drain situation, and that gun may still have been down there.

David: That gun was loaded with blanks. I was shooting blanks just like Kevin --

John: Yes, yes, I -- I heard it. Letís not push it, Vickers.

David: Wait a second. Those arenít Pietrasantiís. Pietrasantiís puts little chocolate chips on the end.

John: Do you want one or not?

David: What, are you kidding? Wait a second. Thereís no such thing as a free cannoli. You want something from me, donít you?

John: Your brother.

David: I think he killed your father, John. But if you're asking for proof --

John: Thatís exactly what I'm asking for. And you're going to help me get it.

Blair: I was talking to Starr. You know, sheís meeting a girlfriend today, and I just wanted to set the ground rules, that I donít want to give her daddy any ammunition for a custody battle, you know?

Spencer: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry you have to live your life this way, always looking over your shoulder.

Blair: Well, it -- it wonít be forever.

Spencer: You know, Todd is so irritating, I swear. You know, after everything I've done for that hospital, he walks in there with his checkbook, and the board puts me on probation.

Blair: Well, Spencer, I'm sorry to say I donít think heís going to stop until he has brought us both down.

Spencer: Nonsense. No, he only -- he won a battle, thatís all. He certainly didnít win the war, you know? I tried to stop him once before, and this time I will make sure I succeed.

Blair: What do you mean? What did you do to stop him before, Spencer? I am very sensitive to smell, but I donít have time

Marcie: Hey, Roxy.

Roxy: Oh, man. You scared the pants off of me.

Marcie: Whatís with the glasses? You going incognito or something?

Roxy: No, that was last night. I just got a hangover. I'm sleep depraved -- two measly hours.

Marcie: Well, why donít you just go back to bed?

Roxy: Oh, no. The hair haven cannot run itself. I'm just afraid I'm going to scalp somebody, cut off my own finger. I just got a manicure. Ugh.

Marcie: Roxy, do you need to go to the ladies' room?

Roxy: Uh-uh.

Marcie: Uh -- oh, ok, all right. You know, I'll just take this away from you.

Roxy: Tequila is evil. Tequila evil. Tequila is --

Marcie: Oh -- oh. Oh, oh, ok, ok. All right. Ok, just donít -- donít move, all right? Donít move so quickly. Just slowly.

Roxy: Just shoot me now.

Marcie: Ok.

Roxy: What are you still doing with this?

Cristian: Excuse me.

Nurse: Yes?

Cristian: Whereís Dr. McBain? He hasnít been in to see Evangeline all morning.

Nurse: Heís finishing morning rounds, but donít worry. We're keeping him informed of Ms. Williamsonís condition.

Cristian: And how long are you going to let this guy Manning stay in there? Her sisterís worried. Sheís freaking out in the lounge. We're stuck here, and heís been in there since she got out of surgery. Do you think thatís right?

Nurse: I'm sorry. Itís out of my hands. You'll have to step outside while I draw some blood.

Todd: Why isnít she awake yet?

Nurse: Sheís under heavy sedation, but so far everything looks good.†

Todd: Excuse me. Would you page Dr. Simmons, please.

Nurse: We donít have a Dr. Simmons on staff.

Todd: Dr. Simmons is the man who operated on that patient in there. Get him up here now.

Spencer: What I meant was -- is that I tried to have Todd arrested for what he did to me the other night. Thatís what I meant, Blair. I still may sue him for slander.

Blair: No, I really donít think a lawsuit is a good idea. Todd will only use it to make you look worse.

Spencer: I donít care what I look like, after what he did to me? I lost control because of him, Blair. I cannot believe that I put my hands on you like that.

Blair: You know, you didnít know what you were doing. You werenít -- you werenít in your right mind. I know you would never do anything to hurt me on purpose.

Spencer: No, I wouldnít. I love you. What?

Blair: Itís getting --

Spencer: What?

Blair: Late. I should -- I'm just going to get in the shower.

Spencer: Well, thatís why I came in here -- to join you.

David: Why do you need me? You're the cop.

John: I need you to shut up and listen. We both know whatís on that recording that Hugh made of you and your brother. Truman was in the alley the night my father was killed. He gave you the gun.

David: Yeah, but I did most of the talking. Spencer didnít confirm or deny. Thatís his M.O., in case you havenít noticed. He didnít admit anything and heís never going to.

John: Thatís not an option.

David: You just donít get it. Spencer -- heís not just smart. He is cool and heís clever. Confronting him will get you nowhere.

John: It'd be fun to rip him apart, though.

David: Tell me about it. But if you did, you'd be playing right into his hands.

John: Mmm. You know, these are good, especially with coffee.

David: I'm going to regret this. No -- yes, all right. Look, in Spencerís world, emotion is weakness.

John: Your brotherís good at covering his tracks. I think I'm better. I donít care how long it takes -- I'm going to beat him at his own game. And heís never going to see it coming.

Kelly: You know, you could've told her that I'm not your girlfriend. I wouldnít have been offended.

Hugh: Are you kidding me? You just saved me. She was -- she was crazy. I would've had to change gyms to get away from her. Would've been a mess.

Kelly: Sheís pretty cute.

Hugh: So not my type.

Kelly: Since when is gorgeous not your type?

Hugh: Can we change the subject, please?

Kelly: Sure! So, my aunt says that David might not be guilty.

Hugh: I canít talk about an ongoing investigation. Different subject.

Kelly: Ok, sorry. Right.

Hugh: I can say that thereís innocent, and then thereís technically not guilty, and they're two very different things.

Kelly: You still talking about David?

Hugh: It applies to a -- to a lot of people. Todd Manning, he wasnít guilty of murder, and he almost died, and I el horrible about that and responsible, but you would not say that Todd Manning is innocent.

Kelly: No, thatís definitely not the word that I would think of when describing Todd, but the law is not supposed to make moral distinctions.

Hugh: No, itís not. Itís black and white -- guilty, not guilty. Unfortunately, most people live in a gray area.

Kelly: Hmm.

Hugh: How can you talk about all these things with your heart rate going through the roof?

Kelly: Hey, speak for yourself, big boy. I'm doing fine. Do I need to get a defibrillator?

Hugh: Ha-ha.

Kelly: Seriously, go easy on David if you can.

Hugh: Why?

Kelly: Because heís my friend, and I love him.

Hugh: Even though he dumped your aunt at the altar?

Kelly: Ok, maybe heís not the most trustworthy, but underneath all that attitude, heís a good guy. He couldnít kill anyone -- not in him. And I know you donít want to see another "not guilty" person go to jail.

Hugh: I'll see what I can do.

Kelly: Ok, good. Whoo!

Hugh: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You ok?

Kelly: Yeah. I just -- oh, gosh. I'm tired. You know, itís crazy, I used to just run, like, five or six miles a day.

Hugh: With Kevin?

Kelly: No, with Duke.

Hugh: You're tired because you're pregnant. You donít have anybody to talk to about it. Huh. You know, frankly I'm impressed you're even here at all.

Kelly: Kevinís going to go crazy when he finds out. I've got to tell him the truth.

Kevin: I already know the truth.

Kelly: Kevin, I have been trying to talk to you about --

Kevin: Hey, you donít ha to. I can see it.

Hugh: Look, Kevin, donít be so hard on her.

Kevin: Hey, this is none of your business.

Hugh: Maybe not. But this isnít the time or the place to be having this discussion.

Kevin: "Discussion" -- what are you talking about? Huh? Sheís obviously upset about what happened. I'm sure she misses Duke.

Kelly: Yeah. Of course I miss Duke.

Kevin: There you go.

Kelly: I miss you, too.

Kevin: Really? Well, that surprise the hell out of me. Now, all of a sudden, you miss me?

Adriana: I'm not used to this.

Rex: Breakfast in bed?

Adriana: No. I mean making love in the morning. I -- I've never spent the night with somebody before. Waking up with you is so intimate.

Rex: Well, you thought I was dead when you woke up.

Adriana: You know what I mean.

Rex: Yeah. I just like teasing you. I like watching you sleep.

Adriana: I hope I donít drool.

Rex: You do, but you drool like a cover girl.

Adriana: Is this special for you? I mean, you've been with lots of women, and you've probably done this about a thousand times.

Rex: Look, I'm in love with you, Adriana. You're undiscovered country. I've been with a lot of other people, but I canít even think of them right now. You're way more than special.

Adriana: Stop staring at me.

Rex: Here.

Adriana: Ok. Ok, ok, thatís good. What do you want to do today? Uh-uh -- uh-uh, no! I -- I'm going back to Llanview with a tan.

Rex: Well, they have one of those spray-tan booths down by the ferry.

[Phone beeps]

Adriana: I'm not going to answer it, ok? Itís just a text, anyway. Ahem.

Rex: Whatís wrong?

Adriana: Itís another message from the stalker.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: Hey. That was so good.

Blair: Hmm. Yeah.

Spencer: So wonderful.

Blair: It was. You know, this mirror is all steamed up. Huh. I'm going to go out and put my makeup on out there and you can shave, ok? Here you go.

Spencer: Try Starr again. I donít want Todd to have any reason to claim that you've been neglecting your children, all right?

Blair: I will.

John: Come in, Johnson. Thanks. [Phone rings] Excuse me. [Ring] Are you all right?

Blair: Look, I'm sorry. I couldnít talk before, and I donít have much time, but I think I've got some information that might help Bo.

John: What is it?

Blair: Well, I -- I finally got him to open up about his past, and he mentioned a guy, a forger that used to work for his father named Lenny --

John: Thatís all you got, a first name?

Blair: Thatís all I got, but I'm -- I'm going to try to get some more, ok?

John: All right, look, I know you're not going to listen, but --

Blair: Thatís right, because I'm the only person that can get Spencer to open up, and I'm going to do it. I'm going to do this for Todd.

David: That was cryptic. You going to share?

John: Do you know a forger named Lenny who used to run scams with your dad?

Rex: Look, itís probably the message from yesterday.

Adriana: Itís not. Itís an email. I donít get it. I changed my email address before I left Llanview. How does he keep finding me?

Rex: He didnít. It was forwarded from your last address. Look, I'll just reset your filters. It wonít happen again.

Adriana: Did you read it?

Rex: Yeah.

Adriana: "The game is hide and seek, but you'll never get home free."

Rex: Itís gone, Adriana. He doesnít know where you are. Heís just trying to freak you out.

Adriana: Itís working.

Rex: Not anymore. I'm going to take your mind off this creep if it kills me.

Adriana: Please donít say that.

Rex: Hey, I'm not going anywhere. Not without you, anyway. Do you trust me?

Adriana: Of course I do.

Rex: Good. Because I'm going to do whatever it takes to keep you safe, ok? I swear it. You're mine. And no one is ever going to take you away from me.

Adriana: I believe you.

Kelly: I am so sick of fighting.

Kevin: Yeah, me, too. Look, I'm just -- I'm just tired. I didnít sleep well last night.

Kelly: I'm sorry.

Kevin: Itís ok. I -- I stopped drinking.

Kelly: Yeah, I know. You told me.

Kevin: I -- I'm going back to work with my dad at B.E.

Kelly: Yeah, you told me that, too, Kevin. I -- I'm glad. Thatís good. Good luck with all that.

Kevin: Kelly, wait a minute.

Hugh: Just leave her alone.

Kevin: Leave her alone? What -- what exactly is your interest with Kelly, anyway? Huh?

Hugh: I'm her friend.

Todd: Itís about time.

Jonas: I got a page. Is it some kind of emergency?

Todd: Well, I'm concerned about the fact that sheís not awake yet. And more importantly I want a yes or no answer. Did that surgery work?

Jonas: Mr. Manning, as I told you, there are no guarantees with this kind of procedure. Now, according to Dr. McBain, the surgery on her neck was a complete success.

Todd: Yeah, I understand that! I brought you here to repair her eyes.

Jonas: Yes. And performing a very complicated procedure without the benefit of preoperative testing was not part of the agreement.

Todd: Ok. Give it to me straight here. Are you saying it didnít work?

Jonas: No, I'm not saying that. We will not know what is going on with Ms. Williamsonís eyesight until the bandages come off.

Todd: You better have made it work, doc.

Jonas: Are you threatening me?

Todd: Mm-hmm. I'm willing to do anything it takes to make sure she gets her eyesight back, her life back, because I owe her mine, you understand?

Blair: How is Evangeline?

Todd: What the hell are you doing here?

Blair: Michael told me about the accident, and I wanted to make sure she was all right.

Todd: What do you care?

Cristian: Sheís still out from the surgery, but sheís going to be fine.

Blair: Good. Thank you, Cristian. Just whatís your problem, Todd? Huh? You know, I happen to care about Evangeline, and not because you think she saved your life, because I know that you care about her, too.

Todd: Why do you give a damn who I care about?

Singer: One more beginning for as long as it lasts a new day for the living all forgiving of the past a heavy foot steps to the dark unknown this is a mystery no security of home but here comes the sun over my head show me a path and I'll be led walking alone I'm not afraid I have my wings to fly away yeah yeah, yeah fly I have my wings to fly away I have my wings I have my wings to fly away I have my wings to fly away I have my wings to fly away hey

Roxy: Hey, Marcie, you know I didnít mean that. I got this hoof-in-mouth disease. You know that.

Marcie: Itís Tommy. They took him away. You know? So I --

Roxy: Oh, baby, I've been there and done that.

Marcie: I mean, I donít understand, you know I mean, because itís not like we were bad parents. Oh, I didnít mean that you were a bad parent. I -- I know you were -- werenít a bad mom.

Roxy: No, I was a very bad mother. You know, I used to drink a lot.

Marcie: Really?

Roxy: Yeah, but, you know, you and Michael donít drink, so whatís the problem?

Marcie: Well, you know, we were only supposed to keep him for a little while, until they could find real foster parents.

Roxy: Thatís a good plan. Hey, you think I could get a cup of ice, please? You know, this is going to work out because the two of you just got hitched, and you need some quality time so you can rip each otherís clothes off and do it on the kitchen table.

Marcie: Roxy --

Roxy: You know, or maybe on the bathroom floor. You know -- come on, as long as you donít make noise.

Marcie: Stop it.

Roxy: Hey. Thanks. Oh, kill me now. Oh --

Marcie: No oneís dying, Roxy. You drank too much, and I miss my baby. I really do miss him. I miss him a lot. And heís not even my baby.

Roxy: Hey, listen. I've been there and I've really done that. Look at Rexie and I now. You know, sometimes, you got to do whatís best for your kids. Even if they ainít actually yours.

Cristian: Hey, itís me, Cristian. If you can hear me, wake up. Oh. I am so sorry. I know I canít take back the things that I said to Todd. But I promise you I'm going to do everything I can to make it up to you. I'm never going to let anything happen to you. I'm going to keep you safe from now on. I love you. And I want you to come back to me.

David: I donít remember anybody named Lenny from the old days.

John: But your dad ran scams for a living, right?

David: Yeah, but he died when I was just a little kid, before I was too deeply involved in the family business.

John: Truman wasnít too young. He might have known what your dad was into and remembered a few of his old business associates.

David: Where is this going?

John: Just answer the question, all right? In your opinion, was Spencer part of your dadís gang in the end?

David: Yeah, sometimes. But I donít know what or who he knew. You should talk to the cops in A.C. They probably have a dozen files on the whole Truman family. Look, my dad got hauled in on all kinds of stuff -- gambling, passing bad checks.

John: Forged checks?

David: Yeah, forged -- wait a second, you said this guyís name is Lenny?

John: Mm-hmm.

David: Well, my dad had this buddy. They used to run this -- it was like a traveling poker game down on the boardwalk. Was his name Lenny? Look, if the guyís name was Lenny, he was probably a forger. My dad -- my dad and this guy, if itís the same guy -- they used to get hauled in all the time together. Do you think maybe Spencer dug him up?

John: Itís a possibility.

David: Well, now, that would be something.

John: Mm-hmm.

David: If you could pair Lenny with Spencer, I'm off the hook.

John: No, no. Not -- not so fast, Vickers, on the "off the hook." First we need to dig up that slug that was taken out of my father.

David: It wasnít me. I'm telling you, I was shooting blanks, just like Kevin Buchanan.

John: I told you not to tell that joke again. Jones! Jones? Hey, he told that joke again. Get in here, come on. Take him down to his cell. Vickers, leave the gun. Take the cannoli.†

Kelly: Hold your horses! All right. Kevin, what are you doing here?

Kevin: There are some things I need to say to you, if you're willing to listen.

Adriana: Hmm. This is perfect.

Rex: Pretty damn near it, and itís not over yet.

Adriana: So many new things.

Rex: Yeah? Like what?

Adriana: Well, I've never swam naked in the ocean before or made love in the water.

Rex: Neither have I.

Adriana: Really?

Rex: I swear it. I'm not the player you think I am, Adriana.

Adriana: I know. I think you're amazing.

Rex: Who knows? Maybe this stalker'll turn out to be a good thing, after all. I donít mean because your life is in danger, I --

Adriana: I know.

Rex: I mean --

Adriana: But I donít want to think about that right now. I just want to concentrate on this and you.

Adriana: What?

Rex: Sand in my mouth. Well, thereís only one thing to do about that.†

Adriana: Can you make it?

Kelly: Go ahead, I'm listening.

Kevin: Itís just that every time we talk anymore, or we see each other, we just end up making things worse, you know? We -- we end up hurting each other.

Kelly: Yeah. Well, you came to see me. I'm willing to listen to whatever you have to say. I'm tired of fighting. I canít stand this anymore.

Kevin: I feel the same way, so thatís why I think we should lead separate lives.

Hugh: Jones, wait up.

David: Ah, D.A. Hugh Hughes. If you're here to give me the third degree, I've already received it.

Hugh: Just some words of advice. You could greatly help your situation if you give us something solid to tie Spencer to the Thomas McBain murder -- or to the Margaret Cochran situation.

David: You know what? I would love to, seriously. But if I could play that card, I already would have. You want to throw me to the wolves, donít you? If I donít help, you will.

Kelly: Go easy on David, if you can.

Hugh: Why?

Kelly: Because heís my friend.

Hugh: If you continue to cooperate, I will talk to the powers that be about dropping the charges against you.

David: Why would you do that?

Hugh: Because it looks like you're not guilty.

David: Thatís because I am not guilty. I didnít kill anybody, but my brother let me believe that I did for 25 years. And the women in my life wonder I have such a hard time trusting people.

Hugh: You can trust me. Itís going to work out.

David: I hope to hell you're right.

Cristian: Hey, itís me, Cristian. I'm here. Itís ok.

Evangeline: Cris --

Cristian: Shh, shh, shh. Try not to talk. You're in the hospital. You had an accident. You hurt your neck. But you're going to be fine, so just try to lay still, ok? I'm going to go get the doctor, tell him you woke up.

Evangeline: No. Donít -- donít leave me.

Todd: I'm really not in the mood for fighting with you, Blair. I've just got better things to think about -- better people to be concerned about.

Blair: Yeah. Evangeline.

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: You used to care about me like that, Todd.

Todd: That used to go both ways. Oh.

Spencer: Hey, I got what I needed from my office. You ready to go?

Todd: Where are you guys going to go? You going to go back to the hotel room?

Blair: Come on, Todd, donít, all right?

Todd: Hey, I understand that you just dropped off the kids the other night for a sleepover so you could shack up with Dr. Evil here.

Spencer: Thatís enough, Manning.

Todd: Oh, is it?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Todd: What are you going to do? Take a shot at me, please. Please. You know, but I wonder what the board would think if you did -- their golden boy going nuts on their newest member. Ah, they wouldnít look too kindly on that, I donít think.

Blair: Come on. He is so not worth it. Letís go.

Cristian: I thought you broke your neck in that fall. If you had been paralyzed -- or worse, I -- I donít know how I could have -- how I could live with myself. I'm so sorry. You know, I knew you were upset, and I should have backed off. I should have left --

Evangeline: Stop, Cris, stop. It was an accident. I was upset. I -- I couldnít see where I was going.

Cristian: Yeah, well, you know, there -- there might be some good news about that.

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: No -- not --

Evangeline: Whatís going on?

Cristian: Not now. You've been through a lot. You should rest.

Evangeline: Will you stay with me?

Cristian: Absolutely. I'm going to be here as long as you need me. I love you.

Evangeline: I love you, too.

Hugh: Do you really think that this forger is the key to nailing Truman?

John: Well, itís the best lead we got right now.

Hugh: "Lenny." Lenny -- thereís going to be a lot of Lenny's in the ACPD database.

John: Well, I'm running a cross-reference with the name Truman, the general dates, forgery, counterfeiting, fraud. And hopefully we'll be able to narrow it down if we catch a break.

Hugh: You know, I'm glad itís looking like David didnít do it.

John: Yeah. Whatís that? 11 Len or Lenny's in or around the Atlantic City area around that time.

Hugh: You want me to make some calls?

John: Nah. Letís do this first. Letís eliminate those that are deceased and those that may be incarcerated and those that may have relocated. This may take a minute. Hey, we have a winner.

Hugh: All right. So, are you going to bring him in?

John: Yeah. With any luck, he'll give us what we need to clear Bo. And maybe we can put Truman away for good.

Hugh: John, is it going to be enough for you to lock up Spencer for the Cochran scheme? Or does this go on until you prove that Spencer killed your father? Even though it may be impossible.

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Rex: I know for a fact the stalker isnít here.

Adriana: How could you possibly know that for sure?

Todd: When those bandages come off, thereís a good chance you'll be able to see again.

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