OLTL Transcript Monday 7/24/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/24/06


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Jessica: You're not going to get away with this, you know. This is kidnapping, Nash! Do you hear me? Itís a crime.

Nash: Sheís sleeping.

Jessica: Do you -- are you listening to me? At this moment, Antonio is right on our tail! I can guarantee you that!

Nash: No, heís not. Antonio at this moment, I believe, is distracted.

Antonio: Feeling better?

Claudia: Why? You're not going to leave me, are you?

Antonio: No. I'll be back in a minute. I'm just going to go check on Jess before she goes to bed.

Claudia: Antonio, wait. Wait, wait, please. Please donít go. I'm feeling a little panicky, like I might take that drink.

Antonio: Claudia --

Claudia: I hate being so weak. Itís -- itís just -- itís hard to resist the temptation, you know? For so long, alcohol and pills were like my friends. Because I was lonely. Like I am now. I just -- I feel so lost, especially with my father gone. He was the one person who truly cared about me. And now -- I'm sorry.

Antonio: Itís ok.

Claudia: I'm sorry.

Antonio: Can I get you some water?

Claudia: No, I -- I -- I'll be fine. I -- I just -- I just want you to stay with me. And I -- I just need a few minutes -- to pull myself together.

Jessica: Stop the car. Stop the car right now, or I swear I'm jumping out.

Nash: I'm not stopping the car, and you're not jumping out. You care about Brennan too much to do that. And Brucie is right behind us, and he knows what to do if you run.

Jessica: What are you doing, Nash? What are you doing? What, you just think that you're going to take me somewhere and keep me there long enough so Tess can come out?

Nash: Thatís exactly what I'm doing.

[Adriana screams]

Rex: What? My God, whatís wrong?

Adriana: Itís the stalker! Heís out there! He found us!

Rex: All right, stay here, donít move, all right? I'm going to get that bastard once and for all.

Cristian: Evangeline could die because of you! You'd better pray she gets through this.

Layla: How is she? Howís my sister doing?

Cristian: We donít know. She had a setback. Sheís in the OR right now, and Mike McBain is assisting the surgery.

Layla: God. How could this have happened? Whatís going on with you two? Have you been fighting? Grow up! My God! How can you two be hitting each other out here when my sister is fighting for her life in there?

R.J.: Whoa -- hey, hey! Oh. I guess I was just in time.

Nora: Oh --

R.J.: Are -- are you ok?

Nora: I think -- yes.

R.J.: Ok.

Nora: Yeah, I'm ok. I'm grateful. I'm exhausted. R.J., I donít think I can do this.

R.J.: Of course you can. Hey, hey, I'm here to help you. And I am not giving up.

Claudia: I wish I was stronger.

Antonio: Well, you're dealing with a lot -- the death of your father.

Claudia: I still canít believe heís gone. Every time my phone rings, I -- I think itís going to be him. He was my anchor. And now -- oh, G -- I donít know where to turn to.

Antonio: Hey. Club soda, lime, for the young lady. Look, Claudia, whatever you do, donít turn to the wrong person.

Claudia: You mean Nash?

Antonio: Take it from me. All right? The guyís no good for you. And heís disastrous to Jessica.

Jessica: What is that? Music to kidnap by?

Nash: Itís a CD that Tess and I made. Songs that we both liked. Thought maybe Brennan would like it, too.

Jessica: Yeah, well, I wonít.

Nash: Thatís something Tess would do.

Jessica: That is something anybody would do, Nash, whoís been taken against her will.

Nash: Ok. Hey, no music. We'll just sit and enjoy the quiet.

Jessica: Nash, if you turn around right now and take me back to Llanview, I wonít press charges. This is crazy. You know, Nash, itís not just crazy, itís cruel. I was more than happy to work out a fair visitation schedule. And I was just getting Antonio to understand the idea that you have a right to see your baby. But now that you've done this, you have put everything in jeopardy! Antonioís going to have you arrested -- or worse.

Jessica: And thereís no way that you are going to get shared custody now.

Nash: I donít want a fair visitation schedule. Itís all or nothing with me. I -- I want my baby. I deserve my baby. I want Tess.

Jessica: Tess is gone! And I, Jessica, am here! And I, Jessica, am a calm and responsible person! And I hate you for doing this, Nash! I hate you.

Nash: I'm doing it, anyway. I'm calling the shots, not you. Jessica, I will do anything for my baby, for Tess. Without them, I have nothing.

Clint: The exterior lighting is not what it should be, but I can still tell that you've got great landscaping.

Dorian: You know, when were having our little fight, I wasnít sure that I wanted us to patch things up. But now that we have, I'm glad.

Clint: How can we patch things up when we havenít dealt with the root of the problem?

Dorian: The root? You are always going to defend your family, I'm always going to defend mine. And we just have to come to terms with that.

Clint: Thatís pretty much the way Viki sees it.

Dorian: Oh, you talked to Viki about our fight?

Clint: I mentioned it, yeah.

Dorian: And did she think we should patch things up?†

Clint: Well, letís put it this way -- sheís not all that optimistic about our future. She thinks that our family loyalties will eventually drive us apart.

Dorian: Do you know what I love?

Clint: What?

Dorian: I just love proving Viki wrong. Besides which -- ta-da! We wouldnít want these to go to waste, would we? Or these.

[Dorian and Clint laugh]

Clint: Beer and pretzels. Dorian Lord has beer and pretzels in her house?

Dorian: Well, I just happened to go to the market, and I remembered that occasionally you like to have a brew, and then I remembered how pretzels go very well with beer.

Clint: So you bought these for me?

Dorian: I suppose so.

Clint: Because you were hoping that we might make up.

Dorian: I guess I was hoping that we would, yes.

Clint: You were also hoping that you would get me over here, I'd munch a few pretzels and chase it down with a couple of beers and --

Dorian: Mm-hmm.

Clint: And chase that down with a couple of more beers -- And then you could have your way with me.

Dorian: Well, if I was hoping that, this would be a great night for it. I've got a lot of family staying in the house -- they're all out. Even my daughter Adriana is somewhere far away, but safe and sound.

Rex: I searched the whole area. There was no sign of anyone having been near here but us. Thereís no fresh footprints in the sand, thereís no tire tracks on the road -- nothing.

Adriana: I donít get it.

Rex: Are you sure you saw someone at the window? Adriana?

Adriana: I didnít see someone. I saw something, a butterfly.

Rex: What?

Adriana: Fluttering.

Rex: A butterfly?

Adriana: Donít say it like that -- like I'm losing my mind, ok, because you know as well as I do that this psycho who has been stalking me has a thing about butterflies. Itís what he calls me in his text messages and the one that he left for us at the Cranberry Inn.

Rex: I know, I know, I know. I'm not making fun of you, Adriana, ok? I understand how serious this is. Thatís why we came out here. But itís like Freud said -- sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly.

Jessica: You know, thereís no way you can stop me from getting to a phone as soon as we get to where we're going -- unless you're planning on locking me up, but -- oh, great, is that what you're planning on doing, Nash?

Nash: Oh, donít worry. I'm staying strictly within the speed limit. I wouldnít do anything to endanger my baby or Tess in the car.

Jessica: Oh.

Nash: I'm not the speed demon Tess was. That actually ties in really nicely to w we met. Have I told you that story yet?

Jessica: Just because I'm stuck here does not mean that I have to have a conversation with you.

Nash: Yeah. She stole my convertible.

Jessica: Oh, wow. Hmm. How original. You guys are a regular Bonnie and Clyde.

Nash: Huh.

Jessica: What?

Nash: The way you said that. You're not usually the sarcastic one.

Rex: You're safe here, Adriana. No one is going to find us. Feel better now?

Adriana: Sorry for overreacting again.

Rex: You can overreact all you want. I will be here to take care of you, ok? Always.

Adriana: I'm going to go heat up that pizza. Itís probably cold by now.

Clint: Let me get this straight -- Adrianaís at a secluded location, with Rex Balsom, no less, and you're ok with that?

Dorian: Rex would never be my first choice for Adriana, but then it isnít my choice, is it?

Clint: You're not Dorian lord. You're a pod person.

Dorian: Oh, please! My daughterís happiness is all that matters to me, and Rex makes her happy. Whatís the matter? Donít you think Rex can make her happy?

Clint: Well, donít get me wrong. I like Rex, t I also know how protective you are o your girls, particularly Adriana. I also know that you objected to her going out with Duke, an exceptional young man who was never in trouble a day in his life.

Dorian: I've evolved. Really, no. I have been way too judgmental about the men that my girls spend their time with, and it has ill-served me, and, most importantly, it has ill-served them, so now I'm going to try something new.

Clint: Yeah, with everybody except Kevin.

Dorian: Please. We do not want to go there again.

Clint: No, no, I donít particularly want to go there.

Dorian: Good. So just enjoy.

Clint: I'm impressed.

Dorian: Impressed by what?

Clint: I'm impressed with you, Dorian, because it takes an awful lot of guts to decide to change and -- and then actually do it. And you know something else? I find this new and improved Dorian to be very, very sexy.

Michael: Prior to Evangelineís procedure, her heart stopped. We were able to restart it, get it back to a normal rhythm. There were no further complications.

Layla: What did you do exactly?

Michael: We fused the bone between the C2 and the C3. I donít expect any permanent damage.

Cristian: When can I see her?

Todd: Was Dr. Simmons able to operate?

Michael: Nobody will see Evangeline until sheís out of recovery.

Cristian: So sheís staying in the O.R.?

Michael: Now that sheís stabilized, Dr. Simmons will be performing the eye surgery.

Layla: Sheís going to get her sight back?

Jonas: Itís going to be a very delicate procedure. There was extensive damage to both corneas. Microkeratome. Get the laser ready.

†Jessica: Tess isnít the only one with a sense of humor.

Nash: I'm sorry. My mistake. We met at a restaurant in New York, outside. She -- she asked me to buy her lunch, tried to convince me. I refused.

Tess: You're turning me down?

Nash: Flat. So she stole my car, took off. I caught up to her. I got my car back. I left her there.

Nash: Went off to a party in the Hamptons. Somehow she followed me. Kind of an exhibitionist, arenít you?

Tess: What can I say? When you've got it, flaunt it.

Nash: She was driving me crazy. She stole my wallet, till somebody -- somebody slipped her a roofie.

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Nash: Oh, it wasnít me. Anyway, I got her out of there before something bad happened, took her back to my apartment. When she woke up, she misunderstood why she was there and freaked out on me, took off. But I -- I knew she was hungry and had nowhere to stay, so I -- I went after her. Miracle of miracles, I found her in a city like Manhattan. Pretty crazy, huh? Can you imagine that? Hmm? So, anyway, I found her and brought her back to my house, fed her, took care of her. Next thing I know, sheís throwing a party in my place. Whatís going on here? Who are you people?

Tess: Itís called a party, Dude.

Jessica: Without asking?

Nash: You're starting to see it, huh? You remembering any of this?

Jessica: No, I'm not.

Nash: You sure?

Jessica: Yes.

Nash: Oh.

Jessica: Pull over. I need to feed her.

Nash: You told me you fed her right before I showed up.

Jessica: Pull the car over!

Nash: She is just fussing. Probably felt you judging her mother. Flip in a new C.D.

Claudia: Nash isnít interested in Jessica. Itís Tess he wants -- nonexistent Tess.

Antonio: Claudia, Tess is real. Take it from me, sheís -- sheís a very real and dangerous part of Jessica.

Claudia: So everyone says, but being part of someone is different than being someone. And pretty soon, Nash is going to have to understand that. And when he does, he'll have to say goodbye to his phantom girlfriend, which is why I agreed to --

Antonio: You agreed to what?

Claudia: Nothing.

Antonio: Answer me, Claudia. You agreed to what?

R.J.: You just took the first steps. Let yourself be proud for a moment. Hey -- I know Matthew is very proud.

Nora: The first steps were supposed to take me home, but the doctor said he wonít send me home until I can walk about 20 feet.

R.J.: 20 -- well, hey, in other news, I heard from Rachel.

Nora: Well, thatís changing the subject.

R.J.: A little bit. Well, look, sheís just very frustrated because she canít call you directly. Apparently, there is no phone at this Kenyan Health Center -- you know, the one where sheís working.

Nora: I know where sheís working, R.J. So, any news?

R.J.: Well, itís a letter.

Nora: Hmm.

R.J.: She sent it to me because she knows I see you every day, and she didnít want it to get lost in the hospital mail.

Nora: Well, did you bring it with you? Did you?

R.J.: Yeah.

Nora: Well, here.

R.J.: Itís right here.

Nora: Well, let me have it.

R.J.: You know, you can have it as soon as you walk over here and get it.

Todd: Oh, letís go with "she can see!", And a subhead, "lady lawyer gets second sight." Yeah, set that and hold it, and I'll call you if itís a go.

Michael: This is a one-shot deal. I mean, either it works --

Cristian: Or sheís used up any chance she has of regaining her sight. And what if itís too soon? I mean, that guy never even met her until they wheeled her in there.

Layla: But this Dr. Simmons is supposed to be the best, right?

Todd: The surgeryís going to work. Sheís going to get her eyesight back.

Jonas: We are done.

Layla: How did it go?

Todd: Did it work?

Jonas: Evangeline tolerated the surgery extremely well, but it is too soon to know if it was a success. She is heavily sedated, and her eyes are bandaged. We wonít know anything till the bandages come off.

Layla: Hey, can I see her, please?

Michael: No. I'm sorry, Layla. Nobody will be seeing her until she comes out of recovery. If you want to wait, I'll keep you apprised of her condition.

Layla: I'm going to go call my mom and tell her Evangelineís ok. No worse off than yesterday, anyway -- thank God.

Claudia: I didnít do anything, Antonio.

Antonio: Claudia, you just said you agreed to something.

Claudia: To stay out of Nashís way while he tries to get back his precious Tess.

Antonio: And does he have a plan to get Tess back?

Claudia: I donít know. Who are you calling?

Antonio: Jessica. Voicemail.

Claudia: Maybe sheís putting the baby to sleep.

Antonio: I'm going to try her on her cell. Damn it.

Claudia: No answer?

Antonio: Damn. When I tried her earlier, Nash had disconnected her phone.

Claudia: Who are you calling now?

Antonio: The super. Hey, Paulie, itís Antonio Vega. Yeah. Listen, could you do me a favor? I -- I'm trying to get ahold of Jess, and she hasnít been feeling too well. I'm a little worried about her. Would you mind going downstairs and knocking on the door? Thatís great. Thanks.

Dorian: Why donít we take this upstairs? [Phone rings] Um -- ignore it. Just ignore it. Come here.

Clint: No, I got to --

Dorian: Come on, come on --

Clint: No, no, no. It might be about Jessica. [Ring] Stop. Itís Antonio. Antonio.

Antonio: Bad news, Clint.

Clint: What?

Antonio: Nash -- I think he took off with Jess and the baby. I tried calling, she didnít answer. I'm at work. I had the super check. The door was left open, and she and the baby are gone.

Clint: Well, come on. Couldnít she have just gone out on an errand -- gone to the store?

Antonio: No, no. She -- she would never have left the door open unless she was forced to leave in a hurry.

Clint: Or unless it was Tess. All right, Antonio, I'm going to call the police. Thank you for letting me know. I'll be in touch. Jessica and the baby are missing.

Dorian: Oh, Clint, I'm so sorry. Well, of course you have to do what you have to do. Itís what we both do. We -- we take care of our families, and -- especially when it comes to our precious daughters.

Adriana: What are you looking at?

Rex: I saw a shooting star. Itís supposed to be good luck, right? What are you doing?

Adriana: I was going to call my mom, reassure her that everythingís ok, see if thereís a lead on the stalker.

Rex: You canít do that, Adriana. You took a big enough of a chance calling the first time. Ok, look, this creep is smart. Heís got some way of tapping into phone lines.

Adriana: Still, Rex, a two-minute phone call --

Rex: Zero calls, to anyone. We need to lie low. Stay out of contact from everybody. That was the whole reason we came out here.

Adriana: Well, how long are we going to have to stay here, Rex? All alone, cut off from the rest of the world?

Rex: As far as I'm concerned, we can stay forever.†

Adriana: What are you saying, Rex? How can we stay here forever?

Rex: I didnít mean it literally. I just meant, you know, we'll stay as long as we have to.

Adriana: Thatís not what you said.

Rex: Whatever I said, I'm just really liking being here, thatís all. Itís just us. No distractions. But, of course, in a couple of days, if we're absolutely re the stalker hasnít gotten on to us, we'll head back into town, we'll make some calls from a pay phone, and hopefully we'll find out that, you know, the stalker screwed up, made a stupid move, and they caught him.

Adriana: I hope so. I really want this nightmare to be over.

Rex: Itís not a nightmare to me. Not this part, at least.

Nora: Donít play games with me, R.J.

R.J.: This is not a game.

Nora: Please give me my letter.

R.J.: I will, as soon as you come over here to me and get it.

Nora: Oh, for Godís sakes. Slave driver.

R.J.: Mm-hmm.

Nora: Stay where you are!

R.J.: You see? I knew you could do it.

Nora: My letter. My letter.

R.J.: Get up here.

Nora: Oh --

Noraís voice: Mom, I'm so sorry for not being there with you. I know you understand. I canít leave this work right now. I canít leave Kenya. Itís been such an incredible experience, helping people who have so little, who've suffered so much. I know you would be proud of me for what I'm doing. And itís only because I've had you as a role model -- the most caring, giving person I know.

Nora: Sheís sounds very happy.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I got a letter, too.

Noraís voice: R.J.ís kept me up to date the whole time. He really loves you, mom. And so do I. I'll try to get home as soon as I can, ok? Take care of yourself and know that you're always in my thoughts, part of my heart. Love, Rachel.

R.J.: So? What did she have to say?

Nora: Not that itís any of your business. She loves me, and sheís going to try and come home soon.

Rex: Thatís what I meant about being able to stay here forever. Itís like our own little haven. Thereís no danger, no interfering mothers. Nothing but the two of us. Thatís why I think, you know, this isnít a nightmare. Itís a dream come true, and I never want it to end.

Adriana: When you kiss me, everything in the world seems ok.

Clint: Damn.

Dorian: What?

Clint: The police wonít start looking for Jessie until thereís evidence that she left against her will.

Dorian: Well, what about Bo?

Clint: Unfortunately, Bo is not in any position to help me right now.

Dorian: Maybe you should try calling Nash.

Clint: I did. Heís got his phone off.

Dorian: Where do you think he would have gone with them?

Clint: I donít know. I'm just hoping that heís the kind of man I think he is and he wonít do anything dangerous.

Dorian: Uh-huh. Well, if thereís anything that I can do --

Clint: Dorian, thereís not much that you can do. Listen, I've got to go and let Viki know whatís going on, ok?

Dorian: Yes, of course. And if anything --

Clint: If anything happens, I will let you know.†

Dorian: Bad timing.

Dorian: Mmm.

Nash: I believe that I can reach Tess, but if I canít, I'll give up.

Jessica: Why?

Nash: Itís like I said -- I'm an all-or-nothing guy. If this doesnít work, I'll stop bothering you. No more walks down memory lane, no more kisses, no more nothing. I'll be content to be in Brennanís life any way I can. Give up on the life that Tess and I thought of. The life we dreamt of with Brennan. Living in our cottage, our happy cottage. What do you think?

Tess: You know, you said something to me once. You said I only ever see whatís right in front of me. And you were wrong. When I look at you, I see my future.

Claudia: Everything all right?

Antonio: No. No, I think that Nash took off with Jessica and Brennan.

Claudia: Oh, my God. Is there anything I can do to help?

Antonio: Oh, I think you've helped enough already. Go home.

Claudia: What are you going to do?

Antonio: I'm going to go after them. And make no mistake, I will find them.

Nash: Sheís still asleep.

Jessica: You know, we're going to need to stop soon for formula and diapers.

Nash: I got everything covered.

Jessica: You bought formula?

Nash: I got formula, I got diapers. Itís all in the back. You know, we sure did make a beautiful baby. I think I can remember the exact moment that she was conceived. We were at my place in New York. It was the night I realized I wanted to be with Tess. I mean, really be with Tess. Looking in her eyes. Her smile. I had never met anyone like that. Nobody.

Nash: To the future. You sure are quiet. Are you all right?

Antonio: Yes, my name is Nash Brennan. I'm a little concerned that someone might be using my credit card. The number? Yes, I have it right here. Itís 0-2-2-9. Expiration 12/07. Would you mind telling me what the last five transactions were? Thank you. You've been a great help.

Cristian: Hey, wait. You canít go -- you canít go in there!

Michael: I'm sorry, but he can.

Cristian: What?

Michael: Mr. Manning wrote a check to the hospital large enough to pay for an entire operating theater.

Cristian: So what are you telling me -- he bought his way in to see Evangeline?

Michael: I'm afraid so. The acting chief of staff approved it.

Layla: Wait a second. Why is Todd allowed to see my sister and I'm not?

Cristian: You know what? Itís ok, Layla. Because if Evangeline gets her sight back, we're all going to be thanking Todd.

[Monitor beeps]

Todd: You just canít catch a break, can you? You never left me when I needed you, and I'm not going to leave you now. I'm not going to leave you. I promise.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

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John: I donít care how long it takes, I'm going to beat him at his own game.

Spencer: I tried to stop him once before, and this time I will make sure I succeed.

Todd: You better have made it work, Doc.

Jonas: Are you threatening me?

Cristian: I love you, I want you to come back to me.

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