OLTL Transcript Friday 7/14/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/14/06


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Rex: Right. Sorry. Adriana -- you're here.

Adriana: Right here. Hi.

Rex: Sleep ok?

Adriana: Not really.

Dorian: I donít understand. Security is supposed to call before they let anybody come up to the house.

Rex: Well, that only applies to perverts with knives.

Starr: What perverts?

Adriana: Itís nothing.

Dorian: Again no warning? Heads are going to roll.

Starr: Hey. Ok, letís go.

Dorian: Wait a minute, young lady. Does your mother know where you're going?

Starr: Oh, so now we're going to pretend like she cares?

Dorian: She does care. More importantly, I care, all right? I want to know where you're going and what you're going to be doing.

Starr: I'm going to the country club to lie near the pool and wish I was an orphan.

[Door closes]

Rex: Upbeat little thing, isnít she?

Adriana: We should all try to go easy on Starr. Sheís not exactly having a typical summer.

Dorian: Oh. Neither are you.

Rex: Until now. One typical summer day coming up. Get your stuff, we're leaving.

David: Bruno, are you sure you told cook the hollandaise isnít lemony enough?

Bruno: Funny. Give me a call when you want to get out.

Natalie: Thanks.

David: Right now would be fine. Oh, you meant her. I laugh in the face of adversity. Do you, like most women aged 18-49, find me charming?

Natalie: Oh, yes.

David: Natalie, what are you doing here? Do you enjoy spending time with people you despise?

Natalie: I need you to draw me a picture.

David: Absolutely. Do you want the turtle, the deer, or the pirate from the mail-in art school application? I excelled in all of them. I was accepted, you know.

Natalie: The alley, David. I need you to show me where you shot Johnís father.

John: Hey. Well, a hell of a nice surprise.

Bo: Hi.

John: Itís good to see you guys.

Matthew: We're cleaning out dadís office.

John: Oh.

Bo: Yeah, but itís -- itís just a temporary thing. You know, we'll be -- be moving everything right back in here before you even know it. What we plan on doing is making the most of our free time right now, huh? As soon as we take this back, we're going to pick our golf clubs out and we're going out there to that driving range and just beat the you-know-what out of a couple of range balls.

John: Thatís right, that sounds good to me. How about you, little man? Howís your mom doing?

Matthew: Sheís getting better. Sheís coming out of the hospital pretty soon.

Bo: See? Things arenít so bad, are they?

Paige: Everything will be ok as soon as you get your badge back.

Spencer: I'm so sorry, Blair.

Blair: I know.

Spencer: Whatís in the paper? Manning. "Dr. Spencer Truman, world-renowned surgeon and current paramour of socialite Blair Cramer, was found unconscious in his suite at The Palace hotel last night. Hotel guests called the front desk, said they heard sounds of a struggle. Sources at the palace said they found the room trashed and Dr. Truman unconscious and smelling strongly of liquor. It is believed Ms. Cramer came under physical attack at the hands of Dr. Truman. Ms. Cramer has no comment." How can he print this? Itís lies, Blair! How can he do that? I'm sorry. What is all this? Did I do this?

Blair: You -- uh -- you got very upset.

Spencer: Did I hurt you?

Blair: No.

Spencer: But I tried, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Wait, wait, wait, what is all this?

Blair: Itís just -- I just put a little makeup on to cover up the bruises.

Spencer: Oh, God, Blair. Look, believe me, I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. I -- I wasnít myself, all right? Something happened, I wasnít in my right mind. I donít know what -- I mean, how does "The Sun" find out about something like this, anyway? The hotel doesnít need this kind of publicity any more than I do. Who took the picture?

John: Well, enjoy the -- enjoy the driving range, Matthew. I'll talk to you soon, boss.

Paige: Hey. Oh, wow. I'm so glad to see you.

Matthew: Me, too. We both are. Right, dad?

Bo: Yeah, we sure are, bud. Hey, could you give me a couple of minutes alone with Paige, maybe go out and say hi to Carla? I think sheís out there.

Matthew: Sure. Look, I'm really glad you got out of the hospital. I hope you're better.

Paige: I am. Thank you.

Matthew: Bye.

Paige: Bye. Greatest kid in the universe.

Bo: Yeah, sure is. This is kind of a surprise.

Paige: Yeah, well, the Atlantic City D.A. decided not to press charges.

Bo: I know.

Paige: You've been checking up on me?

Bo: Well, itís become kind of a habit by now.

Paige: I see.

Bo: You know, I'm sorry. I'm -- ahem. I'm not really on my game right now. I'm not too thrilled about clearing my stuff out of here and, you know, seeing you here.

Paige: I -- I didnít mean to barge in. I -- I actually was hoping I could talk to John.

Bo: No -- you know what? I donít -- I donít think thatís a good idea right now.

Paige: Right.

Bo: I heard that you lost your medical license.

Paige: In all 50 states. You know, itís -- uh -- itís ok. I -- I'm kind of relieved. I mean, itís -- itís what I deserve.

Bo: Yeah, but I'm sorry because I know how much your work meant to you.

Paige: Well, I could say the -- the same thing to you, except I did it to myself, and whatís happening to you -- well, thatís all Spencerís fault.

Dorian: You are not taking my daughter anywhere.

Adriana: Mom, stop it, please.

Rex: You turned this place into Fort Knox, and that creep still managed to talk his way in here and hold a knife to her.

Adriana: I love being talked about like I'm not even here.

Rex: Look, I want you out of here. We'll just go. No one will know where we are.

Dorian: What? No! No! I am telling you that -- that this lunatic always seems to find out where she is and -- and then shows -- why would she be any safer alone with you? You've already shown that you're no match for him.

Adriana: Ok, stop it, all right? This guy has ruined my life enough. I'm not going to have the people love at each otherís throats.

Rex: Letís go.

Adriana: No.

Rex: But you said --

Adriana: Look, ok, she canít talk to you like that. But I'm not going to run and always be looking over my shoulder.

Dorian: Oh! What fresh hell is this? Oh, come in, and please tell me you had a very hard time getting past the guards.

Daryl: I had to show them a bunch of I.D. and they checked my name off a list. But thereís something --

Rex: And you're -- you're, what, delivering martinis?

Daryl: When I'm not at Ultra Violet, I do some work for Dr. Lord.

Rex: Did you know about that?

Adriana: Heís her personal assistant.

Daryl: Look, thereís something I should show you --

Rex: Look, I donít want you looking over your shoulder, either. But if we donít get you out of here, you're a sitting duck.

Daryl: Hey! I'm trying to tell you something. Rex may be right. Adriana should go, itís not safe for her here. I found this tacked to the front door.

Spencer: Did you tell Todd about this?

Blair: No. No, Spencer. He must've followed me up here last night and he heard the racket and -- I thought it was security. When I opened up the door --

Spencer: So heís lurking out in the hallways?

Blair: Todd pushed back here and he took the picture without me knowing it.

Spencer: As if heís just waiting for something like this to happen, right? He did this!

Blair: I donít know.

Spencer: I -- I remember thinking that you drugged me. Is that -- am I crazy?

Blair: Yeah, thatís -- thatís what you -- you said.

Spencer: But I know you wouldnít do that. I mean, know you wouldnít --

Blair: No.

Spencer: Do something like that. I mean, I know it was Manning. Son of a bitch put something in my drink at the restaurant, right? I mean, heís trying to -- heís trying to get me back, and heís trying to pull us apart --

Blair: Spencer --

Spencer: Wait, wait, what, are you afraid of me? You know this whole thing was orchestrated by Todd. Well, whatís the matter, then?

Blair: I just -- I didnít sleep much last night, ok? I'm really tired. You're obviously hung over and angry and you have every right to be. I just -- I just need to get out of here for a while.

Spencer: Blair -- Blair, wait, listen.

Blair: I just need to take --

Spencer: Hey -- I swear to God, I -- I love you. I mean, I love you more than I have ever loved another person in my life. You understand?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Oh, God help me. I know you love me.

Dorian: You talked to the security guards?

Rex: Oh, yeah. We had a conversation. It seems as though the guards -- the ones that you hired and the ones that I hired -- just so you know, they all got diverted by a so-called security breach at the fence along your property line.

Dorian: And no one stayed behind at the front gate or the front door?

Rex: Nope.

Dorian: Thatís ridiculous! Nobody is that stupid, unless itís on purpose, right? That means the guards must be in on this whole thing, so we'll just fire the whole bunch of them and get a new security company. Right? Thatís the only thing to do. We'll just have a whole new bunch of security guards and we will do background checks on them.

Daryl: I'm on it.

Dorian: And I mean real background checks. I want to know what they ate for breakfast in the third grade.

Daryl: Gotcha.

Rex: And while you're at it, run a background check on yourself, hmm?

Dorian: Uh -- excuse me?

Rex: Daryl came up to Adriana at a boxing match and started talking about butterflies.

Dorian: Did you?

Rex: Yep.

Daryl: It was a coincidence.

Rex: Oh, and you just happened to walk in here with a letter that just happened to arrive right before you did?

Adriana: All right, thatís it, ok? No more pointing the finger at each other, no security guards, no background checks -- nothing.

Dorian: Honey, we've got no choice.

Adriana: I have a choice, and I choose to go with Rex and stay with Rex until this guy is caught.

Dorian: I'll hire a whole new security company.

Adriana: I'm not going to live like that, Mom. We're leaving.

Dorian: But what if that -- that man is lurking out there and -- and he knows where you're going?

Rex: It'll be all right.

Adriana: I wonít be calling you. Stop with the face, Mom. Rex isnít going to let anything happen to me, ok?

Rex: You have my word on that.

Dorian: I donít suppose thereís anything I can do to make you change your mind? You keep an eye on my daughter, or I will hunt you down.

Daryl: Whatís it say?

Dorian: Well, we'll find out. "You'll never get away from me."

Langston: I donít know whatís worse -- nannies with babies by the pool or standing here watching middle-aged dudes with whales on their pants.

Starr: Yeah, I know, but at least itís not my aunt Dorianís house.

Langston: Oh, God. I donít believe it.

Starr: What?

Langston: Look at the tractor -- the one with the net?

Starr: Yeah, thatís how they pick up the golf balls.

Langston: But look whoís getting out of it.

Starr: Thatís not Ricky, is it?

Langston: It so is.

Starr: He didnít tell me that he worked here.

Langston: Sitting on a tractor with golf balls whizzing over your head? Would you want to tell people thatís what you did for a living?

Starr: Shh! Shut up. Heís coming around the back and I donít want to embarrass him. Hey.

Ricky: Hey. Hey, I didnít figure you two were the golf course types.

Langston: What, do they get bonus points for hitting the ball boy?

Starr: Langston --

Langston: Tell me you get hazard pay at least.

Ricky: Look, I work here two or three times a week, all right? It pays good.

Langston: Awesome. Come on, Starr, letís go.

Starr: But we just got here.

Langston: The afternoon bartenderís a friend of my brotherís. Maybe if we act real pretty, he'll slip us a real drink.

Starr: I'll meet you there.

Langston: Whatever.

Starr: You ok?

Ricky: No. Definitely not ok.

Paige: Itís so unfair. Spencer is -- is getting away with this, and you're the greatest person I know.

Bo: Paige --

Matthew: Carlaís busy. We got to go.

Paige: Where are you guys going?

Bo: Well, we thought that today might be a good day to teach Matthew here how to swing a golf club.

Paige: Oh, wow! You are going to have fun.

Matthew: Want to come with us?

Bo: Matthew, you know, maybe Paige has plans of her own.

Paige: Well, actually, I donít. I mean, I -- I'd love to come, if itís ok.

Bo: Well, can you hit a golf ball?

Paige: Hmm. Only about 200 yards. I'm a doctor, itís required.

Matthew: All right, well, enough talking, letís go.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, letís go.

Paige: Are you sure itís ok?

Bo: Am I sure? Yeah, I'm sure. 200-yard drive, I'd like to see that.

Blair: Hi. Hi, Paige, Bo.

Paige: Blair.

Bo: Hi, Blair.

Blair: You back on the job?

Bo: Uh -- no, no. I'm just moving a few things out of here.

Blair: Oh. I'm sorry.

Bo: Oh, thank you. Me, too. Everything ok with you?

Blair: Yeah, everything is -- is fine.

Bo: All right. Keep me posted.

Blair: I will.

Bo: Ok?

Blair: Ok.

Bo: Ok.

Blair: Thanks.

Bo: Ready?

Paige: Lead the way.

Blair: John. Hey.

John: Hey.

Blair: Have you seen this?

John: No. Is this story real?

Blair: Afraid so.

John: Are you all right?

Blair: I will be -- with your help.

David: Whatís the point of this humiliation?

Natalie: Well, I was hoping we could compare what you remember to what I put together from reading the reports and examining the scene.

David: This sketch is going to look very sketchy without a proper easel. Besides, whatís the point? I already confessed. How much more does McBain want?

Natalie: The truth, because the pieces arenít fitting together. Somethingís off.

David: The only thing my chicken scratch is going to prove is that I should take arts and crafts at Statesville.

Natalie: Give me the pad. The sewer grate is there, right?

David: I donít know, Natalie. I havenít been there in 25 years. You tell me.

Natalie: And you were --

David: I was there.

Natalie: Wow. Johnís right. Heís always right.

David: You donít find that annoying?

Natalie: Well, he was trying to put himself in your shoes.

David: He couldnít afford them.

Natalie: You shot a cop, and being the age you were and -- and being scared, he figured you would've dropped the gun.

David: I did. Show me the pad. I dropped it there.

Starr: Look, I'm sorry about the stuff that Langston was saying. I mean, she doesnít even mean it, and I donít even know why I hang out with her.

Ricky: Yeah, I know she doesnít mean it.

Starr: Then why are you so upset?

Ricky: Starr, did you ever, like, really like somebody?

Starr: You mean, like, being into them?

Ricky: Yeah.

Starr: Yeah, sure.

Ricky: Well, did you tell him?

Starr: Yeah. It sucked at first, but then it got better and we hooked up for a while and then he moved. But that was a long time ago, I'm completely over him.

Ricky: But it was hard, wasnít it? Or do you just think I'm, like, a total dork?

Starr: Are you trying to tell me that you like somebody?

Ricky: Yeah.

Matthew: Hey, Starr. Whatís up?

Starr: Matthew. Itís great to see you here. Um -- this is Ricky.

Matthew: Hey.

Ricky: Hey. Look, I got to go. I'll get in trouble if I'm caught standing around here talking to the members. Will you be here later?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Matthew: Are you with that guy?

Starr: I donít know yet.

Paige: I'm sorry.

Bo: No, no, itís ok. But, you know, Matthewís just right over there, so --

Paige: No, I just -- I shouldnít have invited myself along.

Bo: You didnít. He invited you.

Paige: Yeah, but, you know, you couldnít say no in front of him. Look, I -- I miss being with you guys so much. But if we're going to spend time together, I -- I want it to be because you want to, you know? Not because he still thinks I'm the person I pretended to be.

Bo: Hmm.

Paige: Huh.

David: You actually think my sketch is accurate?

Natalie: Yeah. I do. See, the gun was never found, and you wouldnít have deliberately thrown it in the sewer grate.

David: I donít know what to tell you.

Natalie: Maybe itís still there.

David: Under my invisibility cloaking device?

Natalie: I donít know, David. I'm going to have to go back to that alley and go over it with a fine-tooth comb.

David: Why do you need the gun? I've already confessed. You know what happened.

Natalie: Thank you for doing this.

David: Thatís it? You're just going to leave now?

Natalie: You may have really helped John just now.

David: Itís the least I could do since I half-orphaned him.

Natalie: You donít think thatís funny any more than I do.

David: No, I donít, but donít blow my cover.

Natalie: You know, I never had much use for you.

David: You could've fooled me.

Natalie: Then I found out you shot a cop, covered it up.

David: This is a fun conversation.

Natalie: And now I find myself respecting you. I mean, I hate what you did, but I kind of like the way you're handling yourself now. It shows that you have a conscience underneath that handsome rogue thing you do.

David: Oh, no. You're falling in love with me, arenít you?

Natalie: Is there anything I can get you, something you canít get here? And donít say "a key."

David: You said you're going to go back to Atlantic City with that fine-tooth comb of yours?

Natalie: Yes.

David: Pietrasantiís, Carmine Street -- best cannoli in the world.

Natalie: I'll see what I can do.

John: What do you need help with?

Blair: Well, I talked to Bo about all of this. But now that heís -- heís off the force --

John: Thanks to Truman.

Blair: Yeah, probably. But, anyway, Bo canít help me legally.

John: Whereís this going, Blair?

Blair: Well, I know you have your own agenda with David and Spencer, but --

John: Mm-hmm.

Blair: John, what I'm hoping is, if I talk to you, that you can be discreet.

John: Is this about the stuff in the paper? Did he hurt you?

Blair: Itís not important.

John: Itís not important?

Blair: Itís not important in the long run. If I press charges, thatís just small potatoes, right?

John: Well, itís assault. Itís something like that.

Blair: Well, if I press charges on assault, then Spencer wonít confide in me, now, will he?

John: So you're on to him and you're still playing house with him?

Blair: Itís necessary.

John: For what?

Blair: For my self-respect, John. If it werenít for you, Todd would've been executed for a crime that he didnít commit. And while you were out helping Todd, I was with the man responsible.

John: Hey -- listen to me. If you're doing what I think you're doing, stop it, get out, and let me handle this.

Blair: You donít have anything on Spencer. If you did, he would be in jail. Now, he trusts me, he will talk to me, and I'm going to do everything I can to give you that manís head on a silver platter.

John: Dr. Truman, whatís happening? I heard you had a bit of a rough night. You might want to take it easy on the highballs from now on, according to the paper.

Blair: What are you doing here, Spencer?

Spencer: I want to report a crime.

Matthew: You shouldnít have bet against her.

Bo: Well, when you're right, you're right.

Paige: I just got lucky.

Matthew: We should get you a Jacket with your nickname on it.

Paige: My nickname? I never had a nickname in my entire life.

Matthew: We could call you "the missile."

Paige: "The missile."

Matthew: Hey, if you guys need me, I'm going to go bother Starr.

Bo: Ok.

Matthew: Hey, dad, if you ask nice, maybe she'll help you with your swing.

Bo: Yeah. Huh.

Paige: Well, I -- I should take off.

Bo: No, you -- why? You know, whoís going to help me with my swing?

Paige: I'd like to help you with your swing.

Bo: I'd like you to.

Paige: Hmm.

Bo: It might take a while.

Paige: You know, I -- I happen to have a lot of time.

Matthew: You are totally into that guy. Ow. I knew it. When I'm right, I'm right.

John: So what crime would you like to report?

Spencer: I was drugged.

John: You were drugged? So all this stuff in the paper about you trashing your hotel room and attacking Blair -- you werenít responsible for any of that?

Todd: No. Never is.

Blair: Come on, Todd, stop.

Todd: No, everything that happens is always somebody elseís fault.

Spencer: Listen, I'm a doctor, all right? I was drugged. I know the effects, and I certainly didnít drug myself.

John: Do you -- you have any proof of this?

Todd: Hey, he says so. Isnít that proof enough?

Spencer: No, but I have a pretty good idea who it was and why.

John: Well, it sort of seems to me that your credibility is sort of shot all to hell, but if you want to file a report, you can talk to Sergeant Briggs here. She knows who you are. She worked the Margaret Cochran case. [Phone rings] Excuse me. Yeah, itís McBain.

Man: Hey. This is Barry down in records.

John: Yeah, Barry, whatís up?

Barry: Well, I thought you'd want to know your girlfriend was down here downloading old street maps of Atlantic City.

John: Oh, was she?

Barry: I thought you had the guy, closed the case.

John: Yeah, well, some people donít know when to stop. All right, thanks for the tip. I owe you one. Well, I'm sure you three will work this all out, being that you're so good at it. Keep an eye on them, will you?

Todd: Itís a bad day, Doc.

Spencer: You're not going to get away with this, Manning.

Todd: I'm sorry. I know that you've been falsely accused and --

Blair: Todd, stop.

Todd: What a nightmare, your picture in the paper like this? Whew. I'm just happy that the allegations arenít that serious. I mean, they could've said that you murdered the woman who was pregnant with your child.

Blair: Ok, you know what? If you keep this up, I'll press charges. Spencer, I am so sorry. When Todd gets like that --

Spencer: What the hell are you doing here, Blair?

Daryl: Shouldnít we give that letter to the police?

Dorian: Well, of course we are going to give it to the police, but -- duh. Adrianaís already left with Rex, and I let her!

Daryl: Itís not like she gave you much of a choice.

Dorian: No, sheís terrified, poor darling. And why shouldnít she be? My security force failed, Rexís failed, and you failed. Yes, you failed. And now sheís with Rex. I despise him, but he loves Adriana, and I just hope he knows how to take care of her. I just wish I knew where heís taking her.

Rex: This was the right thing to do. You'll be all right here. I promise.

Langston: This day is a complete zero.

Starr: Didnít work out with your brotherís friend?

Langston: All he'd serve me was iced tea.

Starr: Couldnít get trashed at 10:00 A.M. in the morning? Bummer.

Langston: So what happened with you and Ricky?

Starr: Nothing.

Langston: Something did. I can see by your face.

Starr: No. Nothing happened.

Langston: Tell me. Or I'll ask ball boy.

Starr: Donít you dare. He was just -- um -- talking to me about his feelings.

Langston: He told you he was totally into me, right?

Starr: What?

Langston: Wyattís texting me again. Such a geek.

Ricky: Hey.

Starr: The girl you were talking about -- itís Langston, right?

Ricky: What?

Starr: The one that you said you liked -- itís her, isnít it?

Ricky: Donít tell her, ok? She'd probably just laugh.

Starr: Donít worry about it. I wonít say a word.

Bo: And now the moment of truth -- we try it with the ball. Right there. Ok.

Matthew: I want to try it by myself, dad.

Bo: All righty. Donít forget, though, keep your head down.

Paige: Yeah, remember, hit and spit.

Bo: "Hit and spit." Oh.

Matthew: Here I go.

Bo: So, whatís next for you?

Paige: Oh, gosh, I donít know. I'm going crazy staying home. I think I -- I got to get some kind of job.

Bo: Outside the medical profession?

Paige: Yeah.

Bo: Hmm.

Paige: Thatís over.

Bo: But you know what? Now you donít have to carry around that secret that you carried around for so many years. I think that offers you a certain amount of freedom.

Paige: Yeah, I'm -- I'm looking at this as just a new beginning, you know, a second chance to -- to get it right.

Matthew: I did it!

Bo: You sure did.

Paige: Whoa! Whoo!

Matthew: Yes.

Blair: What am I doing here? Well, I -- I came to talk to John about your suspicions about Todd drugging you. Thatís why I'm here.

Spencer: You came to report Todd?

Blair: Yeah, just like you did, Spencer.

Spencer: You believe what I told you?

Blair: Of course I believe you. It has to have been Todd. He was the one lurking outside your hotel room.

Spencer: You have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear you say that.

Blair: Oh, I think I have an idea.

Spencer: So whatís McBain going to charge him with?

Blair: He says he doesnít have anything.

Spencer: Wait, what? Why?

Blair: Well, he just says the drugs have left your body already and thereís no way to prove that a crime was committed.

Spencer: But Todd drugged me and I treated you terribly because of it.

Blair: Shh.

Spencer: Blair, I am not ever going to forget this, I swear to God.

Blair: I told you to leave, Todd.

Todd: I know you did. Now I've come back. I wanted you two kids to be the first to hear the news.

Spencer: What news?

Todd: Well, it seems the hospital board is pretty upset about their beloved surgeon being on the front page of the paper.

Spencer: You're lying.

Todd: No, no, sir. So they have called a special meeting to discuss their options. I donít think this is your day. I just donít.

Natalie: I'm glad you're not mad at me anymore. You ok?

John: Yeah, I'm fine. Itís -- itís always weird coming back here.

Natalie: Ahem.

John: I'm just glad we could get these schematics from -- from the planning department.

Natalie: Yeah, according to this, this is exactly where David dropped his gun.

John: Right. Thatís the drain that we looked at that night. According to these -- these plumbing plans, this -- this pipe sort of snakes around and comes around about eight feet this way.

Natalie: The gun could've washed in. Who you calling?

John: I got an idea. Yeah, this is John McBain with the Llanview P.D. Who do I got to talk to about getting a guy with a Jackhammer down here?

Adriana: This place is so beautiful.

Rex: I know.

Adriana: But itís so out in the open.

Rex: Remember us changing cars three times on our way here?

Adriana: Yeah?

Rex: Each one of those cars is being driven by a guy and a dark-haired girl on their way to three different locations.

Adriana: Huh. Oh, I hope that creep is going crazy trying to follow them.

Rex: And while heís doing that, we'll be here.

Adriana: Well, are we going to sleep on the beach?

Rex: No. You and I are going to look at that water from the house I rented under an assumed name.

Adriana: Really?

Rex: I didnít even tell Bo. You and I are going to s in that house till the cops catch this creep.

Adriana: If they do.

Rex: Hey, heís going to get antsy now because he canít find you. Heís going to start making mistakes.

Adriana: Rex, you've put your whole life on hold for me, taken my motherís abuse, been attacked yourself. How can I ever repay you?

Rex: We'll think of something.

Adriana: I donít know what I'd do without you.

Rex: Likewise.

John: Shine that light a little farther down that hole. See down in there? Yeah, thatís better.

Natalie: You see something?

John: I donít know.

Natalie: Did you find anything, John? Do you see anything?

John: I donít know. Hey, hang on. Shine the light down that way. Agh.

Natalie: Oh, my God, John, you did it!

John: This is it, the gun that shot my father.

Bruno: You still didnít eat?

David: Oh, was that food? I've been trying to figure out what that is since 8:00 A.M.

Bruno: Are you going to eat or what?

David: No, thank you. I'm expecting a cannoli with a file in it.

Bruno: I wouldnít hold my breath on it.

Todd: Call the hospital and check if you want. I'd do it now before itís too late.

Spencer: I got to go. I canít let this happen.

Blair: Spencer --

Todd: Gosh, he seems upset.

Blair: Is that what you're going to continue to do? You canít get him legally, so you're just going to torture him?

Todd: You know I didnít drug him, Blair.

Blair: Something was wrong with him. He wasnít acting like himself.

Todd: Oh, I think that was exactly himself. I think for a second the mask dropped and you saw his true colors. And I think if you're smart, honey, you better watch your sex with him because heís dangerous. You could get hurt.

Blair: Like you care?

Todd: All I really care about is keeping my kids away from him. But if you value your life, I'd get out, too, if I were you.

Blair: I'm trying, Todd. God knows I'm trying.

Natalie: Do you think ballistics can get anything on this after all these years?

John: I donít know. The evidence bag? There you go. What the hell?

Natalie: What is it?

John: This canít be.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: If thatís my gun, it means --

John: It means you didnít shoot my father.

Kelly: So is she right? Did Spencer beat you?

Woman: The first item on the agenda is to welcome our newest board member.

Evangeline: They may have found a way to give me my sight back.

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