OLTL Transcript Friday 7/7/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/7/06


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Dorian: Tearsheets, tearsheets for the -- oh -- Loganís department store people. I swear if that assistant calls me -- well, now, why would they be here? Oh. Good grief. Adriana! Where are you?

Daryl: She canít hear you. Adriana is still at the cranberry inn.

Dorian: Excuse me?

Daryl: Thatís where she spent the night last night -- with Rex?

Rex: You look happy.

Adriana: I am, because we finally got it right. I didnít think we were ever going to do this.

Rex: You're telling me. Happy looks good on you.

Adriana: It looks good on you, too.

Rex: Yeah?

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Rex: You mind if I take a shot at making you happier?

Jessica: Whatís going on? Oh.

Phil: Hey.

Jessica: Dr. Jamison. Thank you for coming so quickly.

Phil: No, itís not a problem.

Jessica: Please, please come in.

Phil: So whatís happening, Jessica? On the phone, you said you were remembering things -- things about Norman Leeds and the abuse?

Jessica: No. Nash and making love to him.

Nash: I have never lied to you about why I'm doing this.

Claudia: Yes, I know -- you want Tess and your baby back.

Nash: Thatís right.

Claudia: So, what if Tess never comes back? What if Jessicaís out for good? Will the fact that I care so much about you that I'm helping you ruin my father -- will that mean anything to you?

Nash: Yes.

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hey.

Natalie: Any word from David?

John: No. No, Hughes and the judge should be here soon. But if Vickers doesnít show to change his plea --

Natalie: Then the confession that he gave to you and Michael last night means nothing.

John: Well, one way or another, I promised my father justice. I'm going to keep that promise.

Adriana: Looks like we're making up for lost time.

Rex: You donít want to?

Adriana: Are you kidding? Last night was amazing. You were so sweet, so gentle.

Rex: I hear a "but" in there somewhere.

Adriana: No "but." Itís just are you sure we're safe here? I mean, the stalker got away from your guy at the bayberry inn, which means he knows you set him up. Heís probably really angry and heís going to be looking for us.

Rex: Hey, we're as safe here as anywhere. Besides, I registered us under the name price, so he'd have to do some digging to find us. But I know you're scared, so, I mean, if you're not comfortable, we can go back home.

Adriana: No. I want to stay.

Rex: Sure?

Adriana: Positive. I'm not going to let this butterfly freak ruin our second time together.

Rex: Technically, itís our third.

Adriana: Hmm. Well, good thing I'm on the pill, although I do love that you want to be extra careful.

Rex: I told you. I'm not going to let anything mess this up.

Dorian: What do you mean, Adriana spent the night with Rex?

Daryl: Do you need me to draw you a picture?

Dorian: I am paying you to protect my daughter.

Daryl: Hey, I was all over them, and it wasnít easy. Balsom pulled a fast one at the last minute.

Dorian: How so?

Daryl: He made a whole bunch of noise about taking Adriana to the Bayberry Inn, made reservations and the whole nine, but then at the last minute, he took her to the Cranberry Inn.

Dorian: Well, did -- did he know that you were following them?

Daryl: Hmm, if he did, he would've been all over me. I assume he was trying to lose the stalker and I guess it worked out because I didnít see any suspicious persons hanging around the room last night.

Dorian: And why didnít you fall for his little ruse?

Daryl: Because I'm good.

Dorian: Not that good. Not if they spent the night together. My goodness, if their relationship has progressed that far, then it'll be that much more difficult to break them up now.

Daryl: You know, you spend a whole lot of time worrying about your daughterís love life, but what about your own?

Clint: Viki? Ah. You all right?

Viki: Yeah, yeah. Just looking at some o pictures. Itís nothing.

Clint: You sure?

Viki: Look at the children. They were so little, you know? Kevin, Joey, and Jessica. It was Jessieís birthday -- look how little they are. And Jessieís just tiny. She was so innocent.

Clint: There were some things that we did right.

Viki: But I always thought we were protecting them, you know? I thought we knew what we were doing.

Clint: We did our best. Now, I'm not making excuses, but the circumstances were very difficult.

Viki: I feel so helpless now. Kevin, it -- Kevin is just lost. I donít know what to do about it. Do you know that I found him in the middle of the night at Dukeís grave? He was drunk.

Clint: Yeah. Well, heís a grown man and if he wants to drink, he will. Thereís not much we can do to stop him.

Viki: I know -- thatís the whole problem. Thereís absolutely nothing we can do for them. My whole familyís suffering and all I can do is sit there and watch. I watch Kevin self-destruct and I blame myself for everything that happened to Jessica.

Clint: You're doing so much more than you think.

Viki: Please donít, ok? All I'll do is fall apart all over you again, because thatís all I do these days. I just lean on you.

Clint: Viki, we are leaning on each other. I'm as overwhelmed as you are. I mean, for heavenís sakes, they're our kids. You think I donít look at these photographs and ask the same questions that you do and feel the same loss, the same guilt? Nobody knows what we're going through, and if we donít lean on each other, we're just not going to make it. I canít do this without you, Viki.

Viki: Thank you. Oh. Thank you.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the hell is this? Are there actually diapers in here? What --

Michael: We couldnít leave him at home, John. Whereís Vickers?

John: Hasnít shown.

Marcie: He'll be here. Why would he bother to confess if he wasnít ready to accept the consequences?

Natalie: Because heís a spineless worm and always has been.

Michael: Itís still early. Vickers is going to show.

John: Ah.

Marcie: Did you think -- did you think that it was ok that I brought Tommy? I was just too nervous to leave him with a sitter, Michael.

Michael: Well, you were supposed to bring him over to child services, right? I mean, heís supposed to meet his new parents today.

Marcie: Well, yeah, but I wasnít going to just let you do this alone. Tommyís appointment can wait -- right, sweetheart?

Dorian: My love life is none of your business. In fact, how dare you even ask me such a question.

Daryl: I didnít mean any disrespect. I just -- I think an exceptionally fine woman such as yourself should have a man waiting on her hand and foot.

Dorian: Huh.

David: I couldnít agree more.

Dorian: David, what are you doing here?

David: I came to say goodbye -- for good, this time.

Jessica: What I mean is, I remember Tess having sex with Nash. Just pieces of it, but they're becoming more frequent.

Phil: You didnít sleep with Nash, Tess did.

Jessica: Yeah, well, when it comes to that, Antonio really doesnít see the difference.

Phil: Did you find these memories pleasurable? Is that whatís bothering you?

Jessica: What does that have to do with anything?

Phil: Well, you're having Tess' memories. I'm just wondering if you're having her feelings, as well.

Jessica: Yes. Yes, and I feel awful about it.

Phil: You're working towards integration, Jessica. You're bringing two minds, two lives, two hearts into one person. These are all good things.

Jessica: Really? Itís a good thing that my subconscious is wanting to be with Nash while I'm making love to Antonio? God, we have to stop this connection between Tess and Nash. And the only way that we can do that is for me to relive, to remember the abuse. Thatís the only way that I'm going to become fully integrated.

Phil: I donít think rushing --

Jessica: I need you to hypnotize me, right now.

Phil: I will. But you need to understand, to be fully integrated, you're going to have to share your physical and emotional self with Tess, on equal terms. That includes accepting Tess' memories of Nash. But more importantly, her feelings for him.

Claudia: You're lying. I can tell. Huh. I have been played by you once too often.

Nash: I am not lying to you. I have never lied to you about how I feel about Tess. You asked me a question, and I answered it, but -- itís true. No matter how this all plays out, I will never be able to pay you back for siding with me against your father.

Claudia: We already know how this is going to play out. Tess is going to disappear, and your great love story goes up in smoke.

Nash: I canít accept that until it happens -- if it happens. Claudia, I need you to do this for me. It would mean a lot to me.

Claudia: Either way, you're using me. So what if I want something out of this? How badly do you want my father out of your life?

Nash: Claudia, stop playing games. Come on, who am I going to have to sleep with to get you to do this?

Claudia: Me.

Adriana: I think we're getting the hang of this. What?

Rex: No, I just love that you're not shy about talking about sex.

Adriana: Well, I'm just comfortable around you.

Rex: Well, I love you being comfortable around me. I love a lot of things about you.

Adriana: Really? Like what?

Rex: Well, I love the way steam comes off your ears when I really piss you off.

Adriana: Um -- you've seen that enough, and I doubt itís something you love.

Rex: In retrospect.

Adriana: Nice save.

Rex: I love the way you hang with Starr and Jack. You make them feel like they're part of the party. A kid needs that.

Adriana: Go on.

Rex: I love how I have to be on my best game just to hold on to you. And the way you look at me. Like I'm somebody that deserves to be looked at like that.

Adriana: You are.

Rex: Ok, your turn. What do you love about me?

Adriana: Ok. Hmm. There must be something.

Adriana: Ok, ok! Ok, alright, all right. All right. I love the way you make me laugh. And the way you get me to lighten up -- let go of all that guilt and responsibility.

Rex: Thatís the nuns, I'm telling you.

Adriana: You can take the girl out of the convent --

Rex: Thank goodness for that.

Adriana: I love the way you keep getting back up after something throws you for a loop. The way you donít take no for an answer. The way you stand up to my mother.

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Ok, new rule. No talking about mothers while we're naked.

Adriana: Ok, ok -- if we're going to go again, I need to eat, because I'm starving.

Rex: Well, the dude who invented room service was a genius. What are you smiling at?

Adriana: Just thinking.

Rex: About what?

Adriana: Oh, what my mother would say if she could see us now.

Rex: Hello? What did I just say?

Adriana: Oh, Dorianís going come get you!

Rex: Oh!

Adriana: Oh-oh!

Daryl: I'll be right outside.

Dorian: So what is this about goodbye? Where are you going?

David: California. Schenectady? Maybe Paris.

Dorian: Hmm.

David: Somewhere I can start a new life.

Dorian: You're running away, again?

David: Leopards and spots, we donít change. Thereís nothing for me here anymore.

Dorian: When are you leaving?

David: Right now. I've got my bags right outside.

Dorian: I understand there are dire consequences for running out on bail.

David: Yeah. Yeah. Thereís a bright side. Spencerís out a million bucks.

Dorian: Ooh. Hmm-hmm-hmm. Good. Good thinking. But you canít keep running away forever.

David: Maybe not. But you donít have any say in it. Not anymore.

Dorian: No, I suppose not.

David: I confessed to John and Michael Mc Bain that I shot their father. They say confessionís good for the soul, but not so much.

Dorian: That must have been hard for you.

David: Eh, I got through it. They want me to change my plea to guilty. They're waiting at the courthouse as we speak.

Dorian: And you're not going to show up, are you?

David: I know you told me to stop running. Paige told me the same thing, but I'm just not man enough to do it. You'd think that would be a -- a harsh realization, but I'm just not that deep.

Dorian: I did not fall in love with a coward.

Viki: Whoa, what was that about?

Clint: Well, itís not like itís the first time we've kissed since I've been back in town.

Viki: No, no, but I mean, that other kiss -- that was -- that was to bring me out of Niki. I mean, this -- well --

Clint: No, well, you're right there. We canít blame this on Niki.

Viki: What was this about?

Clint: Well, we've been through a lot lately, and we got close again.

Viki: Yeah. Closer than we've been in years.

Clint: And we've been running on fumes. Itís- we've been emotionally drained.

Viki: Right. And that obviously led us to do something that was possibly very ill-advised.

Clint: Oh, yeah, for an awful lot of reasons.

Viki: Is Dorian one of those reasons?

David: Wait -- so, now I'm not a coward? Because thatís -- thatís not what you said at our wedding.

Dorian: Oh -- donít go there. You have hidden resources.

David: Hmm. Maybe a few. I learned a lot from you. With you. I learned -- I learned what it was like to be loved by someone that I didnít even deserve to be in the same room with. What it was like to be part of a family. What it was like to be home.

Dorian: Maybe you'll find that again.

David: No. Guys like me -- we donít get second chances.

Dorian: I donít think you give yourself enough credit.

David: Well, maybe you gave me too much credit. Maybe that was our problem.

Dorian: Go on. Itís your decision, David. And you ke whatever decision is best for you. You always do that anyway, and -- thank you, really, so much for coming over to say goodbye.

David: Shh. We gave this town a run for its money.

Dorian: I cared for you, very much, once.

David: I cared for you very much. I still do.

Dorian: Goodbye, David.

Hugh: You think Vickers is going to show?

Natalie: I know he is. He canít live with the guilt. I could see it in his face.

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Excuse me. Hello? Uh, yes, I do know that Tommy and I were supposed to be meeting you for his prospective foster parents. But I -- I had to be in court today, unexpectedly. Yes, I -- I am -- I am sorry, but I -- I really donít think that I'm going to be able to make it. I -- I know. I'm -- I'm really sorry. I -- I feel really bad about it. Yes, Tommy is just going to have to stay another night tonight with us. Ok, thanks, bye. Yes!

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. Mr. Hughes, your office requested this hearing in the commonwealth vs. David Vickers. I understand the defendant wants to change his plea, but I donít see any defendant.

Hugh: Heís not here yet, your honor. I'd like to request a recess until he does arrive.

Judge: No. Do you have any idea how full my docket is today? Request for a recess is denied. If Mr. Vickers is not here in two minutes, his plea stands, and I'll see you at trial.

Jessica: How can I have feelings for Nash? I barely even know him.

Phil: But the part of you that is Tess is deeply in love with him. You have a child together. And once you become integrated, Tess' life becomes your life. All the horrors as well as all her intimate thoughts. Look, her most private experiences. You need to be prepared for that.

Jessica: How can I be prepared for that? It feels like an out-of-body experience slowly becoming real.

Phil: I -- I know it feels overwhelming, but itís normal in cases like this -- and unfortunately canít be avoided.

Jessica: Ok, ok. Then we have to finish this. Because -- we have to finish this before Tess comes out, because we canít let her and Nash make any more memories together. So please, hypnotize me. The only way that I can get through this is if I remember the abuse. Itís the only way that I can put Norman Leeds behind me.

Nash: You serious? You expect me to sleep with you so that you'll do this for me?

Claudia: Itís not like we havenít done it already.

Nash: I love Tess. I mean, it wouldnít -- wouldnít change my feelings.

Claudia: Are you sure? Maybe when you remember how good we were together, maybe you'll change your mind. I know you felt something last night. It was unmistakable.

Nash: I was dreaming about Tess, and you slipped into bed.

Claudia: But you were kissing me, and you were into it.

Nash: I was dreaming about te, and you were having a fantasy.

Claudia: Thatís all Tess is, a fantasy. But I am here. And I am real. And I can make you forget all about her, if you give me the chance.

George: You get your filthy hands off my daughter.

Every day you go to extra lengths

George: You just made your last mistake.

Claudia: Da-- daddy, put the gun down.

George: Donít you get it? This maggot doesn't care about you. Heís using you like he did the last time.

Claudia: Ok, daddy, I'll go with you. Just put down the gun and we can talk about it.

George: Listen to me.

Claudia: What?

George: Breannan and his two-bit lawyer friend were working a scheme to steal my vineyard out from underneath me. How stupid do you think I am, punk? I saw you two coming a mile away.

Nash: All right, you're on to us. So, you know, you put down the gun, and we'll talk about this.

George: Shut up! I'm doing the talking now. You see what a greedy lowlife he is? All he cares about is money. You're just a pawn in his game. All the hell he put you through, and you have learned nothing. All the months of rehab and you're still addicted to him! Wake up, Claudia. He is using you.

Claudia: No, he is not using me, daddy. I'm helping him voluntarily.

George: What?

Claudia: You heard me. We were working together to take the vineyard. I was in on the whole thing.

George: No. You're lying to me.

Claudia: Daddy, itís true.

George: How could you do this, after all I've done for you? Huh?

Claudia: Ah!

George: You did this. You turned my daughter against me. And now you're going to pay!

Phil: I want you to think back to when you were a little girl. To the time when Niki to you to the bar. You know the time I'm talking about?

Jessica: Yes.

Phil: Niki met a man and wt off with him. She left you alone, and Norman Leeds took you home with him to play. Is that right?

Jessica: He said he had toys he could -- I could play with there.

Phil: Are you at Normanís house?

Jessica: It smells bad.

Phil: What does it look like, Jessica?

Jessica: Itís dark and old and dirty, and -- he wants me to sit on the bed and -- thereís a little rabbit stuffed animal, and he looks sad. One of his bunny ears is ripped off.

Phil: Tell me what happened next.

Jessica: He has a -- a movie camera. He wants to make a movie of me.

Phil: Do you see that, Jessica? Can you remember that happening?

Jessica: Yes.

David: Your assistant was right, you know. You are an exceptionally fine woman. You need to find a guy who realizes that. You deserve to be worshipped. When you find him -- and you will -- I hope he realizes it.

Dorian: David? You are more of a man than you think you are.

Judge: Obviously, Mr. Vickers is a no-show.

Michael: Please, your honor, just a few more minutes.

Judge: Timeís up. This case will resume at trial. And, Mr. Hughes?

Hugh: Your honor?

Judge: I've see your evidence, and I'm not impressed. If you canít come up with something else, odds are Mr. Vickers is going to walk.

Adriana: It doesnít fit.

Rex: How do you know?

Adriana: Because I know.

Rex: How do you know until you try it?

Adriana: I'm not going to try it. "House" has five letters, ok? This has four.

[Knock on door]

Adriana: Oh, food, yes! Itís about time.

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Stay here. You're the supermodel hiding out under an assumed name, remember? Mm-hmm. Ahem.

Man: Room service.

Rex: Oh. Letís see the I.D. ok, you're cool.

Man: Thank you.

Adriana: Oh, I'm ravenous.

Rex: Stay there. For my lady.

[Adriana screams]

Clint: Viki, there are 50 reasons why we shouldnít be kissing. And none of them have anything to do with Dorian.

Viki: "50" reasons?

Clint: At least.

Viki: Ok. Letís he 50 reasons why we shouldnít be kissing.

Clint: Well, to beg with, we're divorced.

Viki: Yeah, thatís one.

Clint: Well, and then thereís the fact that you left me for Sloan. I married Lindsay, you married Ben. I was with Dallas at that point. I was in London for -- well, how many is that?

Viki: Itís actually only five. Look, come on. I'm well aware of our history. And -- and obviously, we havenít had a romantic relationship for quite some time.

Clint: Yeah, you're right.

Viki: Right, yeah. And -- and so, I think this -- you know, that -- that -- that kiss was just a -- getting comfort from each other. That certainly wasnít trying to reignite some spark in our relationship.

Clint: No, I agree with that. Yeah, itís -- things change, Viki. People change.

Viki: Yeah. Yeah. Has Dorian changed?

Clint: Would you forget about Dorian?

Viki: Well, I mean, I think you're interested in her, and I think you should do something about it.

Clint: Who says that I'm not? Dorian and I -- we are -- we're just taking things slow.

Viki: Well, I hope you're not taking things slowly on my account.

Clint: No, you are not the reason.

Viki: You sure? I mean, if you're afraid of, you know, hurting me, or what I might say or think about you being involved with Dorian, donít . Itís your life, you know? You have to do whatís best for you.

Daryl: You all right, boss?

Dorian: Oh, for the umpteenth time, please stop calling me that. I'm fine. What do you need?

Daryl: Actually, I wanted to apologize. I was way out of line with that crack about your love life.

Dorian: No need. You were right. My love life does need a little attention paid to it.

Daryl: Interesting timing, though, David walking in when he did. You think thereís still a chance you two could work things out?

Dorian: Timing is everything, and our moment has passed. Itís over.

Daryl: What about Clint Buchanan? You two have been spending a lot of time together lately.

Dorian: Oh, well -- I like Clint. But he is going to have to come after me.

Daryl: Playing hard to get?

Dorian: Oh, I am hard to get. But this time, I'm going to be smarter. Thatís right. Nobody is going to hurt me the way David did. I am never going to be that hurt ever again.

Marcie: Are you ok?

Natalie: Davidís not going to get away with this, ok? Whether he changes his plea to guilty or not, he is going to jail.

Michael: Well, what about what the judge said? Do you really not have a case?

Hugh: Well, we do, but itís thin.

John all right, so we just -- we keep digging. There is no way Vickers gets away with killing my father.

George: You son of a bitch! You turned my daughter against me.

Claudia: Itís not his fault, daddy! You threatened an innocent baby.

George: Did you buy into Breannanís lies? Thatís what he does, Claudia. He lies!

Claudia: No! You are the liar!

George: Damn you, Breannan. I'm going to kill you for this.

Claudia: No! You mean you havenít tried honey bunches of oats yet?

Dorian: Clint?

Clint: Door was open. Is this a bad time?

Dorian: No. These are lovely. Thank you, but I canít pretend to know what the occasion is.

Clint: I wasnít very clear with you the other night.

Dorian: Oh, you mean when I asked you if we should be exploring this thing that, you know, exists between us?

Clint: Yeah. I kissed you, and then I ran out the door without completely answering the question.

Dorian: I remember.

Clint: Well, upon further consideration, the answerís yes. I think we should give it a whirl.

Rex: That son of a bitch knows we're here.

Phil: Tell me whatís happening now.

Jessica: The camera, and -- no, no, no, no!

Phil: Jessica --

Jessica: No!

Phil: Jessica, can you hear me? I want you to come back to the loft now. I'm going to count to five. When I'm finished, you will be back in the present, and you'll remember everything that happened here today. One, two, three, four, five. Jessica?

Tess: No, itís Tess. And I got to get out of here. I got to help Nash.

Claudia: Daddy! Daddy, stop! Oh!

Nash: Oh. [Nash coughs] Thank you. I think he might have actually killed me that time. I should call the police.

Claudia: He -- heís not moving.

Nash: Oh, he will be fine.

Claudia: Da-- daddy? Daddy? Daddy, can you hear me? Oh, my god! Daddy! Heís not breathing! Daddy!

Nash: Claudia, heís dead.

John: Your honor, the defendant is here.

Judge: Is your attorney with you?

David: No.

Judge: You shouldnít be making a statement without counsel present.

David: I donít need my lawyer to do this. I just need to do it before I change my mind.

Judge: Fine. What do you have to say?

David: I'd like to change my plea to guilty. I shot Thomas Mc Bain.

On the next "one life to live" --

Claudia: What do we do now?

Nash: Call the police.

David: Itís over, Spencer. I am through running.

John: This isnít over.

Natalie: Maybe you just donít want it to be over.

Todd: I mean, why donít you just say it? "I love him."

Antonio: Tess, you're back?

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