OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/6/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/6/06


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Antonio: Jamieís off to school, and Brennan is fed and in bed. And now, I've finally got you all to myself.

Jessica: Well, I thought you were going to watch world cup.

Antonio: Oh, I got your world cup.

Jessica: Oh, wow. You must really love me.

Antonio: Jess? Whatís wrong?

Nash: Tess.

Claudia: Either Tess was a clean freak or she never used that kitchen, and I think we can pretty much rule out the cleanliness.

Nash: Gee. Now, I wonder why I'm getting breakfast in bed this morning. Ahem.

Claudia: H. In bed, at the table -- whatís the difference? It is the most important meal of the day, you know.

Nash: Thatís what I hear.

Claudia: Hmm.

Nash: Hmm. And, hey, I am going to need my energy today, right, dealing with your dad so I can get home to my baby, to Tess?

Anne: Tap the cane in opposition with your foot. You'll never get anywhere moving at that pace. You might as well crawl.

Evangeline: I'm not about to risk bodily harm for a little more speed through this obstacle course you've created.

[Knock on door]

Anne: I'll get it.

Evangeline: No, no, no, no, no. If I canít maneuver around my own apartment, I'm -- I'm useless. Damn it.

Anne: Use the cane. Thatís what itís for.

Evangeline: I'm shooting you a look.

Anne: I'm returning it.


Evangeline: Who is it?

Cristian: Itís Senor Vega.

Evangeline: Hey.

Cristian: Hi.

Evangeline: What a great surprise. Come in.

Cristian: Hi, Anne.

Anne: Hey.

Cristian: I was on my way to Rourkeís and I thought I might take you to breakfast first.

Evangeline: I canít, not unless Anne will let me crawl to the restaurant.

Blair: Todd! Todd, get your mangy butt down here!

Todd: Top of the morning to you, too, Blair.

Blair: I just dropped Jackís lunch off at school.

Todd: Congratulations.

Blair: And his teacher informed me that you are now planning for him to be picked up at school and dropped back off here?

Todd: Thatís right. I'm going to give that teacher a big smiley face for getting that one right.

Blair: You canít make those decisions without talking to me first, and if you havenít noticed, Todd, we donít live here anymore.

Todd: No -- you donít live here anymore. No smiley face for you.

Blair: I'm not kidding.

Todd: Neither am I. I'm going to get my kids back and thereís nothing you can to stop me.

David: Hey.

Paige: Hey.

David: What are you doing out of bed?

Paige: I'm getting out.

David: So am I -- out of Llanview, that is. And if you're smart -- and I think you are, because you're a doctor and doctors have to pass hard tests --

Paige: David --

David: You'll leave Llanview, too.

Cristian: I donít know what you're talking about, but the Evangeline I know doesnít crawl anywhere.

Evangeline: Cris, Anne is teaching me how to use the cane better. I need to learn how to get around better.

Cristian: Can she take a recess, Anne?

Anne: Thatís up to her.

Evangeline: Cris, I have to figure out how to do things myself.

Cristian: Hey, you know you donít have to keep those proud lls up for me.

Evangeline: Maybe I'm keeping them up for me. I'm sorry. I'm -- I'm frustrated.

Cristian: All the more reason to take a break.

Evangeline: Can we have dinner together?

Cristian: Ok. Dinner sounds good.

Evangeline: Ok. What was that for?

Cristian: Good luck.

Evangeline: Hmm.

Cristian: You kissed me before my fight with Cates. Couldnít hurt to have a little luck in your fight. Bye, Anne.

Anne: Bye.

Cristian: That was from me.

Evangeline: Bye.

Jessica: Dad said that you were sleeping. Oh, sweetness. Oh, oh, oh. I mean, Antonio said you were sleeping. Hey, your real dadís away. But it feels like heís right here. Your mommy doesnít know how to deal with that.

Blair: Do you have any idea how scared your son is to be in the same room with you? Now, whatís going to happen if he wakes up in the middle of the night and he cries for me, huh?

Todd: Oh, I'll get him back.

Blair: You canít do it like this. You're not going to be able to rebuild your relationship with Jack if you take him.

Todd: Ok. I wonít get Jack today, but Starrís coming home tonight.

Blair: Well, I'm sorry, Todd, but that is not going to happen. You're not going to split up our kids.

Todd: No?

Blair: Uh-uh.

Todd: Have you noticed the relationship you have with Starr lately? Or maybe I should say the lack thereof? She just canít stand you. And her anger for you far outweighs any fear Jack has of me. She really resents you.

Blair: Oh, sheís a teenager, Todd. She resents every adult.

Todd: She may be a teenager, but sheís not stupid. You destroyed her family, and if she wants to come live with me, you canít stop her.

Blair: Oh, yeah, I can. Sheís a minor. I'm her mother.

Todd: I'm her father.

Blair: Ok, you know, just because she resents some of the choices that I've made, you canít twist that around for your own good.

Todd: I'm not twisting anything around.

Blair: You have any idea what she was up to while you were off in prison, Todd? She skipped school, she was arrested. Sheís hanging out with a boy that I know that you wouldnít have her be anywhere near.

Todd: I like Ricky. He took care of her while I was away.

Blair: You're just trying to turn Starr against me by saying that, Todd, just like you did last night publicly at the country club -- humiliating me in front of my friends and my family. Did your new best friend Evangeline -- did she --

Todd: Hey.

Blair: Help you set me up, too?

Todd: You leave Evangeline out of this.

Anne: Evangeline?

Evangeline: I can handle it.

Man: Vega.

Cristian: I can handle it.

Man: Listen to me, son. Cates got you rubber-legged when you came out of the clinch in the third. He doubled up on the hook-jab-hook combo. Now, I've seen OíConnor throw the same combination, and to make matters worse, OíConnorís a southpaw. So when you circle him, remember -- move to the left.

Evangeline: It was on the left.

Anne: Concentrate.

Evangeline: Third book from the end. It was the fourth.

Cristian: It was the fourth.

Trainer: What was the fourth?

Cristian: Cates doubling up on the hook-jab-hook.

Trainer: Cates was the last fight. You got to focus on OíConnor now.

Cristian: Ok, so what do you want me to do?

Anne: Put the book in your briefcase.

Evangeline: Easy enough.

Cristian: Ow. Damn it.

Trainer: Donít throw them so hard. Take it down a notch.

Cristian: My wrist is killing me.

Trainer: I'll take care of it when we're done.

Anne: Right now, keep moving.

Evangeline: Itís locked.

Anne: Of course it is.

Evangeline: Itís ok. Itís ok, I can do this.

Cristian: All right. I can do this combination.

Trainer: Thatís what I'm talking about. You keep thinking about all this negative crap and not focusing on the job at hand.

Anne: I knew you could do it.

Evangeline: Yeah, but I trashed my apartment in the process.

Anne: You're dwelling on the negative. You took a big step this morning in more ways than one. Keep focused on your objective.

Evangeline: Yeah. My objective used to be to help people that had no hope, like Cristian and Todd. Now, itís putting a book in the briefcase. Oh, God. I donít belong in the dark. I belong in the courtroom.

Anne: That book is the first step back into the courtroom.

Evangeline: I donít know if I can do it anymore, you know? Practice law, help people the way I used to?

Anne: You can if you want to. Thereís no doubt in my mind.

Evangeline: Really?

Anne: Yeah.

Evangeline: Then will you help me do something?

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: Will you walk me somewhere?

Anne: I'd love to.

Cristian: Do me a favor.

Trainer: Whatís that?

Cristian: Donít tell Vincent about my hand.

Trainer: I'm not going to tell Vincent nothing.

Cristian: Ok. Good, because I can take anything OíConnor can throw. All right.

Antonio: Thanks, Layla. All right.

Jessica: What did Layla want?

Antonio: Oh, Claudia called in sick.

Jessica: Again?

Antonio: Well, it was actually more of an email than a phone call. She said she wouldnít be around until next week.

Jessica: Oh. Well, how convenient. She knows when sheís going to be better.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Mm-hmm. What you doing?

Antonio: Oh, you know, I got a friend of mine, Lopez, at the P.D. that owes me a couple of favors.

Jessica: Antonio --

Antonio: Maybe he can help me track her down.

Jessica: You're not tracking her down just because she took a couple of days off.

Antonio: Listen to me. I have spent enough time without you, ok, and now that we're on track with the babies, I'm not going to let Nash come over here and screw things up. We have a better chance of making it if Nash is off somewhere chasing Claudia. Ok? I'll see you later. I got to button my pants.

Jessica: Oh.

Claudia: How do I look?

Nash: You look like you are ready to have your father sign his vineyard over to you.

Claudia: Hmm.

Nash: Itís his only choice -- that or have the S.E.C. take away everything.

Claudia: What do you want me to do when I'm done?

Nash: Ooh, come back here and sign the deed over to me.

Claudia: I told you I would do this, but I would prefer you not to enjoy it so much.

Nash: He threatened my family.

Claudia: Yeah, I realize that, but you have to realize heís still my father.

Nash: Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry.

Claudia: Could you help me put this on?

Nash: Yeah. I think I remember this necklace.

Claudia: Do you?

Nash: I do. Christmas of 2004.

Claudia: Good memory.

Nash: Good times. [Phone rings] Yeah.

Bruce: Cha-ching. We're all set, Nash. Restonís out taking what should be his last look at his grape-growing empire.

Nash: That is great. Claudia will be over there in about 10 minutes.

Bruce: Gotcha.

George: Yeah, I've got a little chore for you. His name is Nash Brennan. I have...

Claudia: Hey.

Bruce: Oh, come here. You seem a little -- shaky. Oh. You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Claudia: No. No, I'm in. I mean, I canít just sit back and watch my father hurt an innocent baby.

Bruce: Oh. Thereís no other reason you're doing this? Like, say, showing Nash how much more responsible and available and sane you are than that ditz back in Llanview?

Claudia: You mean that ditz you tried to drug so you could get a free sample?

Bruce: Oh. My bad. No, my point is we both know whatís best for Nash even if he doesnít, and whatís best for him is you.

George: Oh, thereís my little girl.

Claudia: Hey, daddy! Hmm. You're not still mad at me for getting your guys arrested at the airport, are you?

George: Now, how could I ever stay mad at you?

Claudia: Hmm.

George: Shall we get on with business?

Claudia: Uh -- are the deeds here yet?

George: Oh, no. There was a screw-up and they sent everything over to my lawyerís in Calistoga.

Bruce: I specifically told them to send them here.

George: Hey, itís no big deal. We'll get everything taken care of at my lawyerís. Shall we meet there in, say, one hour?

Bruce: All right. Well, then that gives me a little time to give Claudia a quick tour.

Claudia: We'll see you there, then.

George: Thatís a nice necklace.

Claudia: Oh. Thank you.

George: When was the last time you wore that?

Claudia: I've -- I've never worn it. Itís brand-new.

George: Ah.

Claudia: Hmm.

George: Claudia just left with Bartlett. All right, then. Get it done.

Cristian: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Cristian: What are you doing here?

Antonio: I was driving, I was on my way to the club, and I saw your car outside. I thought you were having breakfast with Evangeline.

Cristian: No. Sheís working with Anne this morning.

Antonio: Oh.

Cristian: Anneís teaching her how to get around.

Antonio: Hmm. I couldnít even begin to imagine what thatís like.

Cristian: Well, I tried to tell her she didnít need to worry about it, that I could help her.

Antonio: Oh, and I'll bet she appreciated that.

Cristian: No, actually, she didnít. You know how strong-willed Evangeline is. She doesnít want to have to rely on somebody to tell her what the headlines say or when itís safe to cross the street.

Antonio: But you're a Vega.

Cristian: Yeah, so?

Antonio: [Southern accent] Well, we like to take control. I mean, they like to play the part of the hero.

Cristian: Yeah, well, the hero thing only works if the person will let you help them. Evangelineís a strong and independent woman, and she wants to do this on her own.

Antonio: [Normal voice] Hmm. But?

Cristian: I just donít want her to try to do something just to prove to the world that she can do it. She could take a big fall.

Anne: Evangeline, hereís the sunroom. Try to see it in your mindís eye.

Bo: Hey, Evangeline? Hi.

Evangeline: Hey.

Bo: What are you doing here?

Evangeline: Uh, Anne, I'd like to speak to Bo alone.

Anne: Ok. I'll be right next to the vending machines down the hall. Do you remember where they are?

Evangeline: I can hear the refrigerator motors.

Anne: Very good.

Bo: I'm impressed.

Anne: Ok, then. I'm going.

Evangeline: Thank you. Bo, I called your house and MariAnne told me that you were here.

Bo: Yes. What can I do for you?

Evangeline: I've changed my mind. I'd like to be your lead counsel.

David: I talked to John Mc Bain, last night. I told him the whole story, off the record, of course. Paige, the only thing I have ever wanted in my handsome life is a clear conscience, and now I've got it. I am not going to let the D.A. drag me in front of some cop-loving judge.

Paige: Listen, if you run now, you can never come back here. You'll never see your friends or your family again.

David: I have no friends -- I'm David Vickers. And my family is about as friendly as an earwig.

Paige: What about me?

David: Paige, John Mc Bain is not going to breathe until you and I are cozy in our little cells. I want a normal life without that tattoo-covered gorilla cellmate who called me -- I'm not going to tell you what he called me.

Paige: Well, I -- I want a normal life, too. And thatís why I'm turning myself in, today. We are guilty, you know? We need to admit it. We've been on this ride too long. I -- itís time to get of

Bo: Why the change of heart?

Evangeline: Someone made me realize that I can do this, and I need to do this for you and for me -- that is, if you still want me.

Blair: Canít we just get past all of this? Look, when two people love each other --

Todd: Wait a minute. "Love each other"? I donít love you.

Blair: You're a liar. You still love me or care about me or you wouldnít be so desperate to hurt me. Look, I hope that someday that you will see that everything that I've done, I've done for you.

Todd: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're right, I'm sorry. Thank you so much for sleeping with Spencer for me. You're such a martyr.

Blair: But if you try and take my kids, I will make your life a living hell.

Todd: Itís too late, sweetheart. I've been to hell, and your boyfriend brought me back, and you're both going to wish he'd left me there. Oh, yeah.

Todd: He van, itís me. I want to see you right away. Itís an emergency. Bye.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: You decide you canít live without me? Hey, Jess. Whatís going on?

Jessica: I'm in trouble, and believe it or not, you're the only one that can help.

David: You're being naive.

Paige: Oh, so -- so facing your problems instead of running from them -- thatís naive?

David: It is naive if you think that prison is going to change your life, Paige. Prison is gray, gray. Sort of a mousy brown. Thereís nothing to live for in a place like that.

Paige: It wonít be forever.

David: You are fooling yourself.

Paige: Look, David, if you ever want to get back together with Dorian, or if you even want another relationship like that, you need to do the right thing now. You need to face what we did to Thomas Mc Bain. Just stay here. Talk to the Atlantic City police. They're coming any minute. I will face it with you.

David: You know what? Good luck.

Bo: I -- I heard what you just said. I heard -- you just said that -- is it true? Is the Atlantic City police -- they're on their way here?

Paige: Yeah, I -- I told Hugh to have them meet me here. So I guess this is goodbye.

Nash: Did you get the deed?

Claudia: Not yet, but we're on our way to the lawyerís office. In half an hour, you will be the new owner of Reston Vineyards!

Nash: Oh! Oh!

Claudia: Ha-ha-ha!

Bruce: Oh, donít crack open that bottle of bubbly just yet. The deed isnít signed.

Nash: Oh. But it will be soon. And then, I can go home.

Man: Mr. Reston, I got you what you wanted. I'm sending it right now.

George: All right. Letís see what we've got here.

Jessica: Tess helped you out when you were on the run, right?

Todd: Yeah, how do you remember that?

Jessica: Well, I'm remembering more and more things from when Tess was in control, and -- when Antonio and I were -- when we were with each other, I --

Todd: Yeah, you mean --

Jessica: Yeah, I know. This is really uncomfortable. I'm sorry, I just -- I'm having these memories about Nash, and they're sexual. Itís happened twice. And I donít know what to do about it. I'm sorry, I -- I havenít told anybody. I havenít told my mom, I havenít told the doctors. I -- I havenít told Antonio. Especially, I havenít told Antonio. God --

Todd: Yeah. Are you sure you want to talk to me about it?

Jessica: I donít know who else to talk to about this. I mean, Natalie and Kelly -- they're just -- they're just so happy that Jessicaís back, and --

Todd: Everybodyís happy but Nash, right?

Jessica: Yeah, except Nash. I just -- what if, instead of Tess becoming a part of me, I --

Todd: You become a part of her?

Jessica: I'd lose Antonio. I'd lose everything.

Antonio: The closer she gets to integration, the more worried I am of how much of her is going to wind up Jess, and how much is going to be Tess.

Cristian: Come on, have little faith, huh?

Antonio: Yeah.

Cristian: Letís go.

Antonio: You know, faith doesnít come easy to me, all right? I mean, you -- you remember, when we were kids. I mean, you always seemed to find the side of right, and me -- I've always been struggling, always -- always fighting. Get them up.

Cristian: And I wound up being the fighter, huh?

Antonio: Yeah.

Cristian: Ready?

Antonio: Oh. Yes.

Cristian: The irony.

Antonio: All right. Yeah, well, I'm just tired, bro, of hitting things I canít beat.

Cristian: Ow.

Antonio: Whatís the matter? You all right?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I just caught it the wrong way, thatís all.

Claudia: You would do anything for your daughter, wouldnít you?

Nash: Oh, yeah.

Claudia: Sheís lucky.

Nash: Well, from what I've seen, your dadís the same way about you.

Claudia: Daddy only started paying attention to me when I started "ruining my life."

Nash: I'm sorry.

Claudia: Most of the time, he acted like I didnít exist. And then, when he started showing his love for me, he did it by throwing me in rehab and beating up my ex-boyfriend. Now, if he only likes me when I'm bad, heís going to love me after this.

Todd: I donít care if you're Jess or Tess, or Bess or Bruce. I love you. You're my niece, ok? And Antonio should feel the same way. You're you.

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: Be right back.

Evangeline: Hey.

Todd: Hey. How'd you get here?

Evangeline: My -- Anne, my friend -- sheís downstairs. Can I come in?

Todd: Well, come on in, of course.

Evangeline: Ok.

Todd: Nice.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Jessica: Hi, Evangeline. Itís Jessica.

Evangeline: Hi.

Jessica: Um -- I just -- I know about you and Cristian, and I just wanted to let you know that heís such a wonderful man. And after all you've been through, you really deserve to be happy. So I'm happy for you guys.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Jessica: Ok, I'd better get going.

Jessica: Ah, and the little one --

Evangeline: Oh, the little one?

Jessica: Yeah. Sheís here.

Todd: See you.

Jessica: Thank you for the shoulder.

Todd: Anytime.

Jessica: Bye, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Bye.

Todd: Bye.

Evangeline: Ok, Todd, whatís the emergency?

Todd: You.

Evangeline: I'm sorry?

Todd: Well, you remember, I told you when I get out of the hospital, I'm going to get you the best treatment, the best doctors --

Evangeline: Todd -- thanks, but no thanks.

Paige: Look, I -- I know this is what I have to do and I'm ok with it. Maybe when I get back, it will have earned me the right to -- to be with my son. Maybe even to be with you.

Bo: All right, look, I'll go with you to New Jersey.

Paige: No, no, no, you canít. You canít leave the state.

Bo: Whoís going to stop me?

Paige: Well, I donít want to give internal affairs any more ammunition. Look, I'm a big girl. I can do this. Bo, I operated on a man when I was drunk. I was cocky, I was arrogant. I thought that it wouldnít impair my judgment or affect my motor skills, but it did. He died.

Bo: All right, but, you know, if the D.A. goes for criminal negligence, do you know what could --

Paige: Look, whatever happens, I just -- I need you to know that no man has ever made me feel more loved.

Officer: Paige Miller?

Paige: Thatís me.

Bo: Now, wait, just --

Paige: Hey, Buchanan, you do me a favor. Donít fall for any doctors while I'm gone, huh? It hasnít brought you the best luck.

Bo: Did you gentlemen hear that? You want to know the truth? I got more luck than you'd ever know.

Paige: Ok.

Blair: I just saw Paige being led out by the cops. Look, Bo, we can stop this. We can stop Spencer from hurting anybody else, take back everything that he has taken from us.

George: Itís a bad idea to screw with me, Brennan.

Nash: Claudia, you're doing the right thing. You're stopping your father from hurting a child. You're keeping him out of jail, you're teaching him a lesson. And you're helping me.

Claudia: I'm not doing this for you and Tess, you know. I'm doing this for us. Tess isnít coming back. You'll see.

Jessica: Hi, Dr. Jamison. Itís Jessica Buchanan. Look, I need to see you right away. Somethingís happening.

Todd: Do not put me in the same category as Cristian Vega.

Evangeline: What? Thatís not what I meant.

Todd: I'm not presuming to know whatís best for you and telling you that thatís what you should do. I appreciate that you're an independent woman. I understand you. I just want to help you, because I feel -- you know, I donít know what you see in these guys. I donít think Cristian is right for you, you know that?

Evangeline: Todd, this isnít about me and Cristian. This is about me being able to fend for myself. I donít want to be your charity case. And I donít want to be the pet project that you use to fill the void that Blair left. I can find my way out.

Todd: Wait, what are you --

Evangeline: No.

Todd: Where are you going? Evangeline, wait.

Evangeline: I'm finished with it.

Todd: You're not a pet project. You're not filling a void.

Evangeline: Bye, Todd.

Antonio: Thanks, bro, I appreciate it. That was Lopez at the P.D. It seems like Claudia is out at Napa, and I assume Nash is with her.

Cristian: Good. Glad to hear that.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, me, too. Look, I'm going to take off. I got to get to the club.

Cristian: All right.

Antonio: Donít worry about Evangeline, all right? All that stuff will work itself out. I mean, you guys just had a rough beginning, thatís all.

Cristian: So you think it'll get easier?

Antonio: No, no, I just think you guys will love each other more.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello?

Todd: Hey, Cristian, itís Todd Manning. I think you and I need to talk about Evangeline.

Cristian: We donít have anything to say to each other. Especially about Evangeline.

Todd: Yeah, we do, Cristian. You just donít know it yet.

Paigeís voice: We've been on this ride too long. I -- itís time to get off.

Bo: Internal affairs would hang me. They're watching every move I make right now.

Blair: We're running out of time. Todd wants to take my kids away from me. Now, I need to dig something up on Spencer, and fast. Do I need to remind you of all of the lives that that man has destroyed, Bo?

Bo: No. But, Blair, I --

Blair: What?

Bo: I'm sorry, all right? I canít. Not until I get my badge back.

Blair: Fine. Fine, I'll do it alone. But I will not lose my family again.

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