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Rex: Adriana!

Adriana: Rex.

Rex: Oh. I thought -- I thought --

Adriana: How about this time you put the deadbolt on?

Rex: Right.

Kelly: I miss you so much, Duke. You said you'd give me everything I always wanted. I guess this is it. This is what I've always wanted -- to have a baby. But itís not Kevinís baby, is it? Itís yours. I donít know how I'm supposed to feel about this. This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and I donít know how to feel. Whatís Kevin going to do when he finds out? What am I going to do?

Nora: Oh!

Michael: Nora!

Nora: Oh! Donít touch me. Please donít touch me. Donít touch me.

John: You made it.

David: Excuse me.

John: Ok, Vickers, you didnít want to talk in public, it doesnít get much more private than this. Come on, you already admitted you shot him. I just want to know the story, beginning to end.

David: You already know most of it.

John: I want to hear it from you. I want to hear about my dadís last day on this earth from the man who took it from him.

Rex: You sure?

Adriana: I have thought about it so many times.

Rex: Yeah, me, too -- like, a million times. I just -- I wanted to wait till the right moment.

Adriana: I donít want to wait any longer, Rex. Make love to me.

David: I'm aware that this is probably going to sound shallow, but it wasnít just your life d your familyís lives that were affected that night. I've been running a long time, but not anymore. I'd like to say what happened that night out loud to you.

John: I'm not your priest, man. None of what you're doing gets you off the hook with the man upstairs or anybody else.

Natalie: John --

John: What?

Natalie: You want to know what happened to your father, right? Donít scare him off.

John: Maybe thatís exactly what he needs.

Natalie: No. You need him to tell you what happened, all of it. This is not just about peace for him.

John: Ok, Vickers, letís see what you have to say. But thereís someone else who should be here, someone else that needs to know what happened the night my father died.

Michael: How did you fall, anyway?

Nora: I have to walk.

Michael: Ok, but not on your own.

Nora: I have to walk for Matthew.

Michael: I know itís frustrating.

Nora: Itís impossible. I -- I missed too much.

Michael: Split the difference -- you take it easy tonight, I promise I will step up your physical therapy in the morning. [Phone rings] I -- I'm sorry, I -- I have to take this call. I'll be right back. Yeah, Dr. Mc Bain here.

John: Hey, Mike look, can you come over to my place right now?

Michael: Uh -- yeah, sure. Is -- is everything ok?

John: I just canít get into it over the phone, all right? Can you make it?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Good. We'll wait. My brother lost his dad that night, too. He deserves to hear this as much as I do.

Michael: Nora?

Nora: Yeah?

Michael: I'll see you tomorrow.

Nora: Ok. My leg?

Michael: Oh. Sorry. Tomorrow. Ok?

Paige: Itís good to see you doing so well, Nora.

Nora: You, too. I heard about the accident.

Paige: I know itís been a long time since we've talked.

Nora: Since before the aneurysm.

Paige: I donít know how much of that you remember.

Nora: I fought with Bo about you.

Marcie: Come on, Tommy, please. Please, come on, you'll be ok. Oh -- Roxy, you scared me.

Roxy: I'm sorry to bust right in here, but, you know, I practically had to beat down the door.

Marcie: I know, I didnít hear you.

Roxy: You know what? That kidís got a major set of pipes, and I think the building is painfully aware of it.

Marcie: I know, I'm so sorry. You know, I thought maybe he might have a fever and that I'd have to take him to the hospital, and then I checked his wet diaper, but itís not wet, and -- and I fed him and I donít know what else -- I donít know whatís going on, Roxy.

Roxy: Heís a baby, thatís whatís going on.

Marcie: Yes, but heís been screaming like this for an hour. How do I get him to shut up? I'm sorry. Come on --

Roxy: Hey, you got a vacuum cleaner?

Marcie: Yeah, itís back in the bathroom. What -- what do you need that for?

Roxy: Ok. No, just leave it to me, ok? All right, just, you know, stop worrying and just suck it up.

Marcie: What? Tommy -- oh, Tommy, come on, please? Mommy will do anything you want.

Roxy: Hey, hey, baby hey, hey, little baby

Marcie: Little baby it seems to be working -- us singing.

Roxy: Ok, well, wait a minute, this'll really --

Marcie: Oh, no. Oh, no, heís doing it again!

Roxy: Hey, I got the cure.

Marcie: Roxy, what are you doing with that thing, anyway? Come on, please, Tommy.

Roxy: Ta-da.

Marcie: How -- how did you know to do that?

Roxy: That ought to hold him for a couple hours.

Marcie: Wow!

Roxy: Yeah. See, when Natalie was a baby, she was a real screamer -- boy, not a lot has changed -- and it was like a trial-and-error thing, and I figured out through the process of illumination -- you know, I would do anything to keep her trap shut.

Marcie: Yeah, I'm not even going to ask what you had to do with Rex.

Roxy: Ah, that wasnít too bad. I threw him up in the air a coup of times, he was good to go.

Marcie: How many times did you drop him?

Roxy: Oh, once or twice. Well, it didnít seem to do him any harm.

Marcie: Yeah, I guess not. I guess not. Thank you for helping me with Tommy. At least now I know that thereís nothing wrong with my baby, right? Thereís nothing wrong with you.

Roxy: Hey, Marcie --

Marcie: You're just being cranky.

Roxy: I got a news flash for you.

Marcie: Yeah?

Roxy: Heís not your baby.

Adriana: Whatís wrong?

Rex: Ok, I'm going to shoot myself for this later, but I canít do this.

Adriana: Rex, if you're worried about protection, donít. I thought of that.

Rex: No, I did, too. I've -- I've been ready for this for a while. But --

Adriana: What?

Rex: As -- as much as I want to do this -- and I still do, I really do -- I would be a jerk if I made love to you right now.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: I lied to you, Adriana.†

Adriana: Well, what did you lie about?

Rex: Us being here -- itís part of a plan.

Adriana: What plan?

Rex: All right, you know how I told you that we were going to the bayberry inn?

Adriana: Yeah, you told just about everybody who would listen.

Rex: Including the stalker.

Adriana: Wait a minute --

Rex: I figured that he might've followed you to the country club, so I set him up into thinking we were going to the bayberry. And thatís why when I knew he wasnít tailing the car, I doubled back into town and we came here.

Adriana: So this whole thing was a plan to catch the stalker?

Rex: My hunch turned out to be right. He showed up at the bayberry. I have a guy there waiting for him.

Adriana: He caught him?

Rex: No. The creep took off, but my guy went after him. I'm hoping we catch this sicko tonight.

Adriana: Why didnít you just tell me all this before?

Rex: I didnít want to freak you out. Look, I am sorry. I didnít want our first time to be because of some lie or because we were thrown together. I want it to be special. I hope you'll understand.

Adriana: Like hell I do.

Kevin: What were you doing, Kelly? Hmm? Telling Duke how much you love him? Maybe how guilty you feel because he took the hit for you?

Kelly: Well, obviously you've been drinking.

Kevin: No, actually, I was in the church. I was trying to find some comfort.

Kelly: Did you find any?

Kevin: No. No, apparently my welcome has run out with the guy upstairs. I was here before. You know, I -- I canít seem to stop coming here. I mean, I come here every day. I -- I walk up to his gravesite to -- I -- I think maybe today, you know, he wonít be there. Maybe I'll wake up from this nightmare, you know, and realize it was a dream and that -- that Duke is still alive.

Kelly: I wish he were.

Kevin: And I wish you hadnít slept with him.

Kevin: My mom was here earlier. She kept trying to convince me that there was meaning in Dukeís death. That because we loved him, he would live on. Yeah. All I could think about is that heís gone. Thereís -- thereís nothing left of him.

Kelly: Thatís not true.

Paige: I tried to tell you back then. I never intended to take your place with Matthew.

Nora: Aneurysm?

Paige: Yeah, well, it -- it can do that.

Nora: Yeah.

Paige: I'm sorry if I contributed to that.

Nora: No. Upset then, not now, you know? Matthew told me you -- you helped him. You told him the truth.

Paige: Well, not about everything.

Nora: He said you and Bo broke up?

Paige: Well, actually, we're -- um -- we're going to try to make another go of it. I -- I donít know how, itís -- itís a little complicated, but we both want it to work.

Nora: Good, I'm glad.

Paige: Well, I'm glad that you said that because I really need your help.

Natalie: Michael, come on in.

Michael: Whatís he doing here?

John: Vickers decided to come clean. I thought you'd want to hear his confession.

Michael: Yeah. I would.

John: Ok. We're all listening.

David: The first thing you need to know is I wasnít acting alone.

Kevin: Ok, I donít want to hear "Duke will live on in our hearts" crap, ok, especially from you.

Kelly: But --

Kevin: I donít need it, ok, because I feel him around me every day, all the time. I walk by his room and I can still see him there. His stuff is everywhere -- itís in the mansion, itís in the office, itís -- you know what I do? I call his voicemail just to hear him say "leave a message." I canít cancel it. I -- I paid the bill the other day. I just canít come to grips with the idea of a future without him in it. There'll be no milestones for him. He'll never fall in love again. Heís never going to -- never going to get married, never going to have children. Thereís no legacy. I will have no grandchildren to bounce on my knee. Just like me, there will be no one to carry on for him.

Kelly: Kevin, thereís something I should tell you.

Roxy: Itís just going to be hard when child services rips him out of your arms and gives him to somebody else. But, you know, Marcie, maybe itís not the worst thing in the world to happen, you know, because a baby can really put a cramp in your love life. You two are newlybeds, you know, and that should be the time when your love life is really smoking, you know?

Marcie: Look, I think that Michael and I can handle being newlyweds and raising a baby.

Roxy: So you're saying you're not going to give the baby back.

Rex: Look, I thought you'd understand why I wasnít completely honest with you.

Adriana: I do. And I love you for it. What I donít get is you not wanting to be with me because of some maniac. Rex, I donít care how we got here. All I care about is that we're here and we're together, and it doesnít get any more perfect than that. At least not for me.

Rex: But I wanted to give you champagne and flowers and --

Adriana: Just give me you, Rex. You know, people say it all the time, but itís true -- life is short. And I donít want to waste another day, another minute not having been together. I love you, Rex. I really do. And I just want to show you how much.

Rex: Wow. I love you, too. I didnít think that I ever could -- I mean, love somebody again. But this, you, I -- I just donít want to screw it up.

Nora: My help?

Paige: See, Bo is doing everything he can to -- to fight the charges against him.

Nora: Spencer behind this?

Paige: Yes, thatís right. Spencer set the whole thing up.

Nora: Because of you?

Paige: Oh, gosh, no. He has been over me for years -- I mean, if ever loved me, which I highly doubt. But heís really smart. Itís going to be very hard to trip him up.

Nora: Huh. If anyone can --

Paige: Right.

Nora: Itís Bo, you know?

Paige: If anyone can, Bo can.

Nora: Yeah.

Paige: But Bo is going to need a lot of support, and I may not be here to give it to him.

Nora: Why?

Paige: Well, I may be going to prison -- for my part in Thomas Mc Bainís death.

David: I know it sounds like I'm trying to pass the buck here, but I'm not.

John: Then what are you talking about?

David: As good as your father apparently was, my father was the polar opposite. The two of you may have grown up trying to be just like your dad. Well, I did the very same thing. My exception is that Ned Truman was someone not to be emulated. When he died, Spencer and I inherited what I guess you would call the family business. Part of that business was making book. That night, I went on a collection run. I carried a gun because I wanted to be just like my old man. I took the money. I -- I was running out, and thatís when your father arrived. He was in plain clothes, but he said he was with ACPD. I got scared. I hightailed it out of there and he followed.

Michael: Then you killed him in cold blood.

David: I didnít mean to.

John: What happened next? Did he -- die he say anything before you fired?

David: He said something about his sons.

John: What'd he say, Vickers?

David: Told me to freeze. I didnít. I ran, but then I stopped just -- just for a split second. I was trying to figure out which way to go, and thatís when he called out to me again.

Thomas: Freeze! Donít do this, kid. You've got your whole life ahead of you.

David: And then he told me about you.

Thomas: Look, itís Christmas. I got two boys waiting for me at home. Letís make this easy on both of us. Just drop the gun.

David: Thatís it. Thatís what happened.

Marcie: The situation with Tommy is only temporary. I am well aware of that.

Roxy: Yeah, well, it doesnít mean you're ok with it.

Marcie: I am ok with it. Totally. I mean it. Why are you looking at me like that? Uh -- look, I knew going into it that it wasnít going to be permanent.

Roxy: Yeah, right. Who you trying to convince?

Marcie: Look, even if I wanted to keep him, we canít keep him, anyway, so it doesnít matter.

Roxy: Hey, look, I'm no one to judge, you know? Itís just I know how attached you can get to those little boogers -- you know, it happened with Natalie, and she wasnít even mine. So I just want to tell you, when you have the kid and you need some advice, you can come to me. You can have your own Mr. Spock.

Marcie: I'll remember that when I beam him up to sickbay. Forget it, it doesnít matter. Forget it, goodbye.

Roxy: Yeah, well, I'm going to miss this cute little thing hanging around here. See ya.

Marcie: Bye. Yeah. Me, too.

Paige: People keep secrets for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes itís because they care too much.

Nora: Yes, I know.

Paige: So then you'll forgive Bo?

Nora: You love him, donít you?

Paige: Yes, I do.

†Adriana: That was definitely worth the wait.

Rex: You think?

Rex: Look, what you said before -- if something ever happened to one of us -- itís not going to. I am never going to let anything happen to you, Adriana.

Adriana: What about you? Whoís going to keep you safe?

Rex: Shh. I can take care of myself. I've got too much to live for.† Much as I hate to do this, it might be about the stalker.

Adriana: Go ahead.

Rex: Hello? Yeah. No. Ok. Yeah, I understand.

Adriana: Got away?

Rex: The trail went cold.

Adriana: Did your guy get a look at him at the bayberry inn?

Rex: No. It was too dark. The guy had his head down. My guy couldnít make out his face. Damn, I -- this whole plan was a bust.

Adriana: Not totally.

Rex: I just -- I wanted to get this guy tonight. I want you to feel safe again.

Adriana: I felt safe when we were making love.

Rex: How would you like to feel safe again?

Kevin: I've heard it all before, Kelly, ok? You're sorry, you wish you could go back in time, you love me and only me, you and Duke made a mistake. Itís just --

Kelly: No, you should listen to me --

Kevin: Why? Why should I listen to you?

Kelly: What your mom said about --

Kevin: My momís got no idea, all right? Yeah, she loves Megan, I know, but she -- she didnít send her to her death, ok? Her daughter didnít screw around with her husband the way my n did with you. I'm going to have to deal with this -- with Dukeís death and the way this happened -- for the rest of my life.

Kelly: So will I.

Paige: Bo and I arenít really broadcasting the fact that we might get back together.

Nora: Because of Spencer?

Paige: Yeah, Spencer, and also it -- it could be confusing to Matthew, you know, especially if I have to go to prison.

Nora: Thank you for thinking of my son.

Paige: Heís amazing.

Nora: Heís the best.

Paige: Listen, I -- I hope that you keep trying to walk. You know, determination is -- is a huge part of the battle.

Nora: Back at you.

John: What'd you do with the gun?

David: It felt hot like it was burning. I got rid of it as fast as I could.

John: Where?

David: I donít remember.

Michael: What do you mean, you donít remember?

David: Everything that happened after I opened my eyes and saw what I did is a blur. I ran. I've been running ever since. Thatís what happened, now you know.

Natalie: Where you going?

David: I did what I came here to do.

John: What you should do is change your plea to guilty.

David: That was not part of the deal.

John: Thereís no deal! You want to clear your conscience? Stop running, be a man, and see this through to the end.

David: I'm not going back to prison.

Michael: Thatís just too damn bad, isnít it?

David: Anybody asks, this conversation never happened.

Natalie: We all heard you.

David: I'll say it was coerced.

Michael: You want coercion? I'll show you coercion.

John: Mike, I'll handle this. Because you can do this, you have to.

David: So they'll go easier on me, maybe give me life instead of a needle?

John: You'll go easier on yourself. I'll be at the courthouse tomorrow at 1:00 with a judge and the D.A. I think you should be there, too.

David: I'm not making any promises.

Natalie: Do you think he'll go?

John: If he wants to save whatís left of his soul, he will. If not, he can go to hell. Hey --

Michael: Hey.

John: You ok?

Michael: Itís all just so real, you know?

John: All over again.

Michael: I need to be with my wife.

John: Yeah. Go ahead, Mike.

Michael: I'll be at the courthouse tomorrow. I promise.

John: Ok.

Michael: A little late for vacuuming, huh? Marcie? Marcie?

Marcie: What?

Michael: What are you doing? You'll wake the baby up.

Marcie: No. Itís not going to wake him up, he likes it. It calms him down. Roxanne taught me that trick -- can you believe it?

Michael: Oh. Well, thatís cool. You should share that with child protective services tomorrow.

Marcie: Tomorrow? What are you talking about, tomorrow?

Michael: You remember -- we're meeting with them tomorrow? They found a new home for Tommy?

Marcie: Uh -- yeah. Right. Thatís -- thatís right. I -- you know, I just didnít realize that it was so soon that we were meeting with them. So -- um -- where you been? You know, I thought you were supposed to be here about an hour ago. You've been off shift for about an hour now, so --

Michael: Oh, I -- um -- I was at Johnís.

Marcie: Mm-hmm.

Michael: We just heard David Vickers admit to shooting my father.

Marcie: I'm sorry. It must've been really hard.

Michael: You canít imagine. There was one good thing about it, though, you know? It was good to be able to put a picture to what happened, you know? It sort of closed the book on it for me. I'm not so sure about John, though.

Natalie: You ok?

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Look, I know you're worried, and, you know, if David doesnít change his plea, we all three heard him confess.

John: It was inadmissible.

Natalie: I know. But now you know what happened to your dad.

John: Maybe.

Natalie: You think Davidís lying?

John: No, he was telling the truth. I'm just not sure that was all of it.

Natalie: Why do you think that David wasnít telling the whole truth?

John: A feeling, like thereís still something more.

Natalie: What could it be?

John: I wish I knew.

Natalie: Look, thereís really nothing we can do until tomorrow in court. Think maybe you could put it to bed for the night?

John: I donít know.

Natalie: Can you try? For me?

Singer: How I wish I could surrender my soul shed the clothes that become my skin see the liar that burns within my needing how I wish I'd chosen darkness from cold how I wish I had screamed out loud instead, I found no meaning I guess itís time I run far, far away find comfort in pain all pleasureís the same it just keeps me from trouble hides my true shape like Dorian gray I've heard what they say but I'm not here for trouble itís more than just words itís just tears and rain how I wish I could walk through the doors of my mind Hold memory close at hand Hold memory close at hand help me understand the years †How I wish you would How I wish I could choose between heaven and hell how I wish I would save my soul I'm so cold from fear I guess itís time I run far, far away find comfort in pain all pleasureís the same it just keeps me from trouble far, far away find comfort in pain all pleasureís the same it just keeps me from trouble itís more than just words itís just tears and rain oh, oh tears and rain oh, oh oh, oh tears and rain far, far away find comfort in pain all pleasureís the same it just keeps me from trouble itís more than just words itís just tears and rain

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