OLTL Transcript Tuesday 7/4/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 7/4/06


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[Some of this transcript is missing due to the shuttle launch.]

Kelly: Oh, God. I'm pregnant with Duke's baby.

Kevin: Look, I'm not bothering anyone. Just leave me alone, all right? I just want to be here tonight with my son.

Viki: Well, that’s just fine. So I guess I'll be here tonight with mine.

 [Phone rings]

Woman: Good evening. Bayberry Inn. This is Barbara. How may I help you?

Rex: All right, we are almost there. A few more steps. I'm opening a door. You're walking in the door. Stop right there.

Adriana: I wonder if this is why we never made love, because you're actually very kinky and you've been saving this information till now.

Rex: Damn it, you spoiled my surprise.

Adriana: Rex, what's going on?

Rex: Uh -- nothing. I'm just going to take your blindfold off.

Adriana: Good.

Rex: But keep your eyes closed and no talking.

Adriana: Can I open my eyes now?

Rex: Not just yet.

Todd: You know, I never thought I'd dance again, or do anything, for that matter.

Evangeline: Todd, what's going on?

Todd: We're dancing in the dark, what else?

Cristian: I think I'm entitled to a dance, don't you think?

Todd: Absolutely.

John: Go ahead. You got something to say, you can say it in front of her.

Blair: Can we go home now?

Todd: Hey, Blair, we haven't had our last dance yet. Come on.

Cristian: Look, I --

Evangeline: I need to apol -- ok, who should apologize first?

Cristian: Me. Listen, I think I left the painter back at the apartment and, well, the boxer got a little ticked off that you were dancing with another guy.

Evangeline: No, no, no, that's me. Once again, I -- I dropped everything for Todd and you're pissed.

Cristian: Something like that.

Evangeline: Especially after we were so close tonight, you know, and you were --

Cristian: I better come clean here.

Evangeline: Ok

Cristian: Well, I said the jealous part of me was the boxer side of me, but actually, the painter wasn't too happy, either.

Spencer: Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough, Todd, in front of your own daughter?

Todd: Let's dance.

Spencer: Hey, manning, just walk away.

Todd: Sure.

Blair: I'll dance.

David: I don't think this is a good idea.

John: Hey, I didn't start this. You came to me.

Natalie: What's going on?

John: Go ahead.

David: I was following up on your recommendation. I told John that I killed his father.

Blair: Here we are, dancing.

Todd: All right.

Blair: Right? Well, is there a point to all of this, Todd? Is there something you want to say to me?

Todd: Yeah. How could you? How could you do this to us?

Adriana: Are you going to turn the lights on?

Rex: I'm thinking maybe not.

Adriana: Why, are you worried?

Rex: No, not tonight.

Adriana: You could be in so much danger, Rex. The stalker put a knife through your picture.

Rex: So what? I have other things on my mind.

Barbara: Don't worry, Mr. Balsom. Everything's prepared for your stay here. Room 16 is among our finest accommodation. We look forward to seeing you and your guest.

Ricky: You haven't said anything tonight. I mean, you're mad at me, right?

Starr: What? Why would I be mad at you?

Ricky: Well, because I told you what Cristian said -- that no one trusts your old man.

Starr: Are you kidding me? I'm glad that you told me that.

Ricky: You don't look glad. You look upset.

Starr: I'm upset because everybody still looks at my dad as a bad person even though I know they do.

Ricky: They look good together.

Starr: Yeah, they do. They're soul mates. But I know who shouldn't be trusted. It's the one who's trying to break them up.

Blair: I want you to listen to me, please.

Todd: Ok.

Blair: I wish that you knew how much that I could go back and change the things that I've done.

Todd: Yeah?

Blair: Yes. And I want you to know that I'm doing everything I can to make things right.

Todd: Yeah? How do you mean?

Blair: Well, I mean that I know that I've made mistakes. And I also know that I want to do everything I can to -- what?

Todd: Well, that's interesting. You just looked at Spencer.

Blair: What?

Todd: You got to make sure he clears everything you say? I don't remember you doing that with me.

Blair: I wasn't doing that, Todd.

Todd: You know, you might as well stop trying to kiss up to me. Because it's never going to happen. I'm never going to forgive you. Haven't I made that clear?

Blair: Yeah, I know that, Todd, and I also know that no one holds a grudge like you do. I know that from experience.

Todd: Yeah, well, that's right. I think that I'm entitled to this one. I died, if you recall.

Blair: Why did you ask me to dance?

Todd: I don't know, maybe I'm a masochist.

Blair: No, you know what I think it is? See, I don't think you're over me yet. Yeah. And I don't care how many little tacky parties you want to throw here at the country club to prove to yourself otherwise, but you're not.

Todd: I really just wanted to get you alone so I could talk to you without your puppet master --

Blair: I'm no one's puppet, Todd – no ones.

Todd: I just want you to know that I'm going to find a way to hurt you as bad as you hurt me.

Blair: Don't you know you already have?

Spencer: Hello, Starr. Something I can do for you?

Starr: Mm-hmm. I want to talk to you.

Natalie: So does this mean you're going to change your plea to guilty?

David: Can we just dispense with the legalities for a minute? John, I stood in front of your father with a gun in my hand. I was sweating, I was scared, and I remember the look on his face. Because it's the same look that I see on your face, knowing that I'm the guy that you've wanted to kill for 25 years.

John: So you're the guy, you should have no problem telling me every detail about the night my father was killed.

Kelly: Oh, God. Oh, God. Not like this. Please, not like this. Oh, God, not like this.

Kevin: You keep saying you want to have a child with me? Well, maybe fate has done me a favor, huh? Maybe you can find someone else to experiment with, huh? Maybe someone else is willing to roll the dice with an innocent life, but not me. Better yet, why don't you run out and find Duke. What the hell, he's only my son. I'm sure he would love to give you what you want.

Hugh: Kelly? Kelly? Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself running? Why are you sitting alone on a park bench this late at night?

Kelly: I'm pregnant.

Viki: Liquor's not really going to solve this problem. It just postpones the pain.

Kevin: Oh, believe me, I am feeling no pain.

Viki: I so don't believe you.

Kevin: You're right. You're right. I came here tonight because -- because I'm so mad. I'm just -- I'm just as mad as hell at my dead son, and I don't know what to do about that.

Rex: I would do anything to make you feel safe again, anything.

Adriana: I feel safe right now, as safe as I ever have.

Rex: I'm going to make sure you always feel like that.

Kevin: What kind of a man is angry at his dead son?

Viki: Kevin, of course you're angry. Sweetheart, you were betrayed on just about every level I can think of. And then you were forced to make a horrible, untenable decision, and then you were left pretty much alone.

Kevin: Yeah, but he's my son.

Viki: He screwed up, honey, big-time. And you never had the chance to get back what you had.

Kevin: I just can't stop thinking about them together. It just --

Viki: I know. And I can understand you wanting to forget, block it out. But that -- that doesn't work.

Kevin: He said he was sorry, before -- before he died. All I can feel is anger.

Viki: Well, lots of people are angry at death.

Kevin: It's just ironic, isn't it? I mean, I had to choose Duke or Kelly, and I lost them both. I mean, it's like Duke -- it's like everything that mattered died with him. And I'm never going to have anything like that again.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I don't -- I don't know why I said that or why I told you that.

Hugh: Maybe because you had to tell somebody.

Kelly: We barely know each other.

Hugh: How long have you known?

Kelly: About a half an hour.

Hugh: No wonder why you're still reeling. Have you seen a doctor?

Kelly: No.

Hugh: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Uh -- attorneys ask a lot of questions.

Kelly: I -- I haven't seen a doctor. I took a home pregnancy test.

Hugh: Well, I -- if you want me to go, I can go. I won't tell anybody.

Kelly: Thanks.

Hugh: But I could stay.

Kelly: Please, just -- please stay for just a little while, just a little while, please.

Spencer: Hey, what'd you want to talk about?

Starr: How do you feel about my mom and dad being together?

Spencer: Oh, well, I'm not so sure that they are together, Starr.

Starr: It's just a matter of time.

Spencer: Think what you want. But did you hear what your father said to your mother? I'm sure that must be very painful for you, huh?

Starr: He's mad at her for now. So am I. We get mad a lot, but then we get over it -- always.

Spencer: Might be different this time.

Starr: I doubt it, so I think that you should start to change your plans. You know, maybe find other kids to fake parent?

Spencer: You know, it's really not helpful for a teenage girl to harbor all that resentment. It just isn't. I understand that this is a very difficult time for you, and --

Starr: What was difficult for me was thinking that you could've pulled off getting my father executed for a murder that he didn't do. But this? No, it's not too difficult, because unlike you, I'm going to get exactly what I want.

Spencer: Well, don't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out for you.

Blair: I understand your wanting to tell me off in public, Todd.

Todd: That's so big of you.

Blair: Oh, thank you. But I thought that you would be big enough to see through all of this and see that I am doing everything I can to make things right for all of us.

Todd: Does that include Spencer? You like making things right for him?

Blair: Why don't you think, Todd, just think.

Todd: I think that there's no way to fix this. I think we should just let go.

Blair: Really? Then why are you still standing here?

Cristian: There's a glass of champagne that's sitting right in front of you, about one or two hands' length.

Evangeline: Thank you. Thank you for not handing it to me.

Cristian: You're a very independent woman. Anyone can see that.

Evangeline: Yeah, anyone except me. And that's a joke. You can laugh.

Cristian: Not to me. You know, I'm dead serious about finding out everything I can about getting your sight back.

Evangeline: I know.

Cristian: And until then, making sure your life changes as little as possible.

Evangeline: Well, you've already changed my life, a lot.

Cristian: I meant your job, your independence -- stuff like that. You'll live your life exactly like you did before. Well, except for the fact that you're like, you know, crazy, head over heels for me.

Evangeline: Yeah. I don't know about that, now that I'm dealing with both a jealous boxer and a jealous painter.

Cristian: No, no, no, Manning. I mean, I know he didn't kill that woman, but -- I don't know, I just don't like him.

Evangeline: Cristian? Give me your hand. Give it to me. We were getting so close tonight, you know, before Todd paged me. This isn't how this evening was meant to end.

Cristian: Who says this is the end of the evening?

John: Start talking.

David: Not here.

John: You're playing games again?

David: I'm not playing a game, John. You want to hear about your father's death, God knows I owe you that much, but I'm not going to tell the story in a room full of people who know both of us.

John: Ok. My room, angel square hotel, one hour.

David: Fine.

Spencer: Where do you think you're going?

David: Nowhere. I'm going home.

Spencer: If you go anywhere with those people, you're a dead man. You hear me?

Rex: You know what I want?

Adriana: I think I know.

Rex: To be the guy that makes you happy, makes you feel safe.

Adriana: You are. Make love to me.

Rex: What?

Adriana: Someone's in here. No, Rex, don't!

[Transcript missing here, due to the shuttle launch.]

Cristian: Yeah. It was fun. You know, Todd could have a new career as a party planner.

Evangeline: Yeah, I had a good time, too.

Cristian: Of course you did. First, Todd praises you to the sky, and then he throws himself on you --

Evangeline: With you.

Cristian: He keeps you all night, too.

Evangeline: Cristian, I had a good time with you.

Cristian: I just wanted to hear you say that. Come on, let's get out of here.

Rex: You know, I thought I was kind of clear when I hired you. I wanted this guy caught.

Guard: He head-butted me before I knew what was going on.

Rex: Oh, but if that was too much for you, it would've been nice to find out who the hell he was.

Guard: Sir, I did the best that I could.

Rex: Yeah. You did a heck of a job. Adriana? Adriana?  Adriana!

Hugh: You just found this out. Maybe if you go home and get a good night's sleep, you'll be able to think more clearly.

Kelly: Yeah, right. Thanks for listening and for not judging me.

Hugh: I try not to judge people that I consider to be my friends.

Kelly: I could really use a friend right now. And you seem to be the only one I know that doesn't have some sort of feelings about this situation. Oh, God, when my Aunt Dorian finds out --

Hugh: Give me your cell phone.

Kelly: What?

Hugh: Your phone, give me it. All right. I'm in your memory now. All you have to do is push a button, anytime, day or night.

Kevin: Why? Why?

David: Look, Spencer, we're both tired, and I've got to get some sleep before I meet with my lawyer in the morning.

Spencer: All right, look, just promise me you won't say anything stupid. And promise me you won't have any more conversations with Michael and/or John McBain. Promise.

David: Scout's honor.

Spencer: All right.

Blair: Hello, David.

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Can we go, please?

Spencer: Yeah, what about Starr?

Blair: She's spending the night with her daddy.

Spencer: Oh, good. After tonight, I could use a little time alone.

Blair: Ok. See you.

David: Goodbye.

Ricky: Mr. Manning, I just want to say thank you for inviting me to --

Todd: To my party?

Ricky: Yeah.

Todd: Well, my pleasure, Rick. My pleasure.

Ricky: Thanks a lot.

Todd: Glad you could make it.

Ricky: I'll see you around. Soon, I hope.

Starr: Yeah, soon. Bye.

Ricky: Bye.

Todd: Look at that. He likes you.

Starr: Dad, no --

Todd: He does. He's got good taste.

Rex: Adriana!

Adriana: Rex?

Rex: Oh. I thought -- I thought --

Adriana: How about this time you put the deadbolt on?

Rex: Right.  You know, after all that, I figured you'd want to go home.

Adriana: I don't want to go anywhere.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Kevin: I will have no grandchildren to bounce on my knee. Just like me, there will be no one to carry on for him.

Kelly: Kevin, there's something I should tell you.

John: I want to hear about my dad's last day on this earth from the man who took it from him.

Adriana: I can't wait any longer, Rex. Make love to me.

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