OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/29/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/29/06


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Neely: If you want my help, you're going to have to do a whole lot better than that.

Rex: Better? I thought we had a connection.

Neely: You're not going to get me to tell you who forged your friendís signature with a tired old line like that or any line for that matter. This is going to take cash.

Rex: Well, thatís harsh.

Neely: See, you donít even know the half of it. If you donít have the cash on you right now, I'm walking out the door.

Nash: I need you.

Claudia: I'm here.

Nash: Tess, you came back to me.

Claudia: Thatís right, baby. Itís me, Tess.

Viki: You know, sweetheart, while we're still alone, thereís something else that you and I need to deal with.

Jessica: Leeds is dead, and my therapy is going fine.

Viki: Norman Leeds is not the only guilty party.

Jessica: I donít blame you for something that Niki did.

Viki: This is not about Niki or Tess, ok? Sweetheart, this is about me and what I did to you.

Clint: Antonio, do you think that you're ready to raise a child thatís not your own?

Antonio: Clint, this family that Jess and I are trying to make means everything to me.

Clint: I'm so glad to hear you say that.

Antonio: And I'd -- I'd like to think that I've learned from my mistakes.

Clint: Oh.

Antonio: One of the worst things I ever did was walk away from my mother and Cristian when I found out they werenít my first blood.

Evangeline: Whatís wrong with your right hand?

Cristian: Nothing.

Evangeline: Then why arenít you using it? And why did you hesitate before you answered me?

Cristian: Donít you cross-examine me, Counselor.

Evangeline: Donít change the subject, Cris. We're talking about your hand. Did you hurt yourself when you were fighting? I mean, is this going to keep you from painting?

Natalie: Hey!

John: Hey. How was class?

Natalie: Oh, very intense. We're learning so much so fast, I donít know if I'm going to remember it all.

John: Yeah? Do you like it?

Natalie: Love it.

John: Well, I'm glad someoneís having a good day.

Natalie: Nothing new on Vickers, huh?

John: Well, Bo still wonít tell me who came to him with the truth about Vickers and Truman.

Natalie: It just -- it doesnít seem like Uncle Bo to hold something from you.

John: It doesnít matter. I'll find out some other way.

Man: "John."

Rex: Well, hereís a pertinent question -- how much?

Neely: Ahem.

Rex: Well, thatís a freakin' lot of money.

Neely: Oh, is it a problem?

Rex: Well, it wouldnít have been except that I kind of laid down a little money on the wrong pair of hands in this boxing match, and --

Neely: And I'm kind of leaving.

Rex: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Let me be straight with you.

Neely: Oh, that'll be new and different.

Rex: Now, I -- I would've hit rock-bottom if it wasnít for this guy Bo.

Neely: The Police Commissioner?

Rex: Out of character, yes, I know. But he had my back when no one else did, and there was nothing in it for him, nothing.

Neely: Wow. What a touching story. Bye.

Rex: The reason you and I get along --

Neely: We do?† Wow. You know, itís like you know me so well. We have changed, Rex. I got hard and you got sentimental.

Rex: Ok, you know what? Um -- Neely, one way or another, you're giving me a name.

Ricky: Miss Vega? Oh, hey!

Adriana: Hey.

Ricky: Hey, have you seen Carlotta? I promised I'd scrub down the grill after closing.

Adriana: I thought she fired you.

Ricky: Hey, sheís a soft touch. She hired me back a few days later.

Adriana: That would be Tia Carlotta.†

Ricky: Hey, how was Cristianís fight last night?

Adriana: Way too close. Heís been down for the count twice now.

Ricky: Thatís part of the game.

Adriana: Maybe, but another bout like last night, I'm not so sure he'll walk away next time.

Cristian: How do you even know which hand I was using?

Evangeline: Trade secret.

Cristian: Well, itís fine, ok? Both of them are, but they do get a little sore after a match.

Evangeline: Thereís sore, and thereís permanent damage. Which one is it, Cris? Donít lie to me -- are you hurt?

Cristian: Letís just forget about my hand, and letís maybe concentrate on using some watercolors on you -- howís that?

Evangeline: What? Cris? Hold this. Pick it up. Pick it up with your right hand. Pick it up!

Cristian: This is a waste of time.

Evangeline: Will you just do it, now? Ok, this is stupid. We're going to the hospital.

Cristian: Come on, letís not be dramatic here.

Evangeline: Why wonít you let me help you after everything you've done for me?

Cristian: You already are.

Natalie: I've been working on my powers of deduction.

John: Oh, yeah?

Natalie: Yes. And by how you're staring at that file, I deduce that you're not going to be leaving here any time soon.

John: Thatís good work.

Natalie: I know. So, tell me -- what can I do to help?

John: I -- I donít know how you can help. I just -- I keep looking at these notes, trying to figure out a way to prove that Boís signature is a forgery.

Natalie: Can I see it? Donít look at me like that. This is going to be my job soon.

John: Hey, have fun. I sent it to a friend of mine at Quantico, but they canít come up with anything conclusive.

Natalie: I think I can help.

John: Yeah, I know Bo doesnít have an alibi for the day those papers were signed unless we can get the morgue attendant to crack.

Natalie: I think I can clear Boís name.

John: Huh?

Jessica: Mom, you would sacrifice yourself for any one of us if you thought that it would help.

Viki: It does not absolve me of my actions, honey.

Jessica: Why are you saying this?

Viki: Look, when -- when you were a little girl, I thought that I was cured, integrated, and I just assumed that Niki Smith was gone.

Jessica: Donít do this to yourself.

Viki: So, you see, I ignored what I knew was going on inside me. I should have known that Niki was right there just waiting.

Jessica: You couldnít have known. I know that better than anybody. You didnít want to see things that were so awful.

Viki: Honey, you are my child, and it was my job to protect you, and I failed you.

Jessica: Mom --

Viki: Just let me finish, all right? After I went to the bar and I found out about Norman Leeds and the videotapes, Niki reminded me of something, ok? And it was a memory, but it was my memory and not hers!

Jessica: Mom, itís fine. Everythingís over. Everybody knows what happened, and I donít blame you for anything.

Viki: But Tess blames me, and Tess is a part of you.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Viki: Tess has on many occasions accused me of being responsible for what happened to you, and sheís right. I did this to you, honey. I let it happen. I did this to you.

Antonio: I promise I'm not going to let Brennan go through what I went through. When sheís old enough to handle it, I'm going to tell her the truth. I'm going to -- I'm going to tell her how much I love her, that I will always take care of her, but that Nash is her father. And as much as I would like it toe different, thereís no way around that.

Claudia: Make love to me, Nash.

Nash: What the hell? Oh! What game are you playing?

Natalie: Remember that conference I went to about three weeks ago?

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Well, there was a you know, the lecture that we had was done by this Italian guy. He was a --

John: Italian guy?

Natalie: Yeah. He was a phys-- a physics professor, and he does forensics work out there, so, anyway, the whole lecture was about detecting forgeries -- you know, like fake paintings, stuff like that? Oh, shoot. Anyway, I -- I -- I donít remember the name of it. It was like a long word -- micro--

John: Micro-profilometry?

Natalie: Huh?

John: 3-D micro-profilometry?

Natalie: Oh, I guess you already heard about it.

John: Mm-hmm. I already sent copies to one of the best labs in the country.

Natalie: The ones that said that their test results came back inconclusive?

John: Yeah. They've been using that technology for a while now.

Natalie: Yeah, I just wanted to come up with something good to help Uncle Bo.

John: Well, you did. It was the right instinct. I've just -- I've been at this a little longer than you have.

Natalie: You know, this isnít about me trying to get in your business -- you know that, right? I mean, Spencer Trumanís messing with my family now, too.

John: Hey, look, I get that.

Natalie: Wait -- here it is. Ok. Were your test results, were -- were they from D.C.?

John: No, a lab in Virginia.

Natalie: Ok, because my notes here say that thereís this guy out there who -- who has the latest developments in this field.

John: You got a name?

Natalie: No, but the Italian physicist gave me his business card. I mean, I could -- I should just give him a call, find out the American guyís name.

John: Hey, knock yourself out. Phoneís right there.

Evangeline: Uh-uh, no, not again.

Cristian: I donít know what you're talking about.

Evangeline: We get on a subject you donít like and you start kissing me, and I --

Cristian: Forget what you were talking about?

Evangeline: This isnít funny. What if I just started kissing you when you were trying to help me face the fact that I canít see?

Cristian: Well, that would've been different.

Evangeline: How?

Cristian: Because itís your problem, not mine.

Evangeline: So you admit you have a problem.

Cristian: I didnít say that.

Evangeline: Cris, you havenít been able to hold a paintbrush since you won the fight last night.

Cristian: Ok, fine. Maybe itís a little sprained, thatís all. Itís no big deal.

Evangeline: We're not even talking about actually painting here. You canít wrap your fingers around a brush. This is serious.

Cristian: No matter what it is, itís nothing compared to what you're going through.

Evangeline: This is exactly like what I'm going through! This is your hand. Itís your livelihood.

Cristian: My hand will heal! Doctors are telling you that you're not going to get your sight back, which means your problem is bigger and you come first.

Evangeline: We canít do anything about my problem.

Cristian: Listen to me. What we have, this -- this isnít some kind of fling to me. This is -- when I think about you, I -- I think about helping you, being with you, a future, you know? And I'm not just talking about like a day or a week or a couple of months. I'm talking about spending as much --

Evangeline: Stop right there -- stop it. Donít say another word.†

Ricky: Well, grillís all cleaned, everythingís done. I'm out of here.

Adriana: Have a good one.

Ricky: Hey, howís Starr doing?

Adriana: How do you know Starr?

Ricky: Well, some guys from her school were hassling her and --

Adriana: Oh! You're the guy who stood up to those kids in the park when they were giving her a hard time about her dad.

Ricky: She told you?

Adriana: Starrís very impressed with what you Fdid.

Ricky: Well, we're just friends.

Adriana: She needed a friend like you.

Ricky: Listen, donít tell her mom. She doesnít want her to know that we're still friends.

Adriana: Donít worry. I could write a book about mothers who donít approve of the guy you're seeing.

Ricky: Thanks. Hey, I was pretty sure Carlotta would be back by now. But I guess I should write her a note?

Adriana: Yeah, sure. I've got some paper in my bag.

Ricky: Cool.

Adriana: Oh, my God.

Ricky: What?

Adriana: He was here. No, donít touch it!

Ricky: Wow, that is -- thatís really freaky.

Adriana: Did you see him? Did you see someone come in here?

Ricky: Well, I saw a guy leave when I came in.

Adriana: Did you see his face?

Ricky: He had a jacket on. He had the hood pulled over. I didnít see anything.

Adriana: I got to -- I got to find Rex.

Rex: Hereís a photocopy of Boís driverís license and a copy of the forged documents.

Neely: I'm no expert. Like you said, I'm just the facilitator.

Rex: Donít be modest. You know more about forgery than any lab in the country.

Neely: All right, all right. Um -- I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is authentic. Look at the Buchanan.

Rex: Look again.

Neely: You asked for my opinion -- thatís it.

Rex: I saw your face when you looked at the documents. Now you canít wait to get out of here. You recognize the work.

Neely: I canít help you.

Rex: Uh-huh. Fact this, honey -- you're not leaving here without giving me a name.

Cristian: What are you doing? Be careful.

Evangeline: I'm looking for my Jacket.

Cristian: Here. I was trying to tell you how I feel -- whatís wrong with that?

Evangeline: I didnít say anything was wrong.

Cristian: So I tell you how I feel and you want to leave?

Evangeline: Look, do you really think this is a good time for what you were about to start talking about? Can you please hand me my shoes? I mean, come on, Cris -- neither one of us are at the top of our game here.

Cristian: I disagree.

Evangeline: You just got out of a marriage.

Cristian: Thatís been over for a long time.

Evangeline: Ok, then I'm not ready, ok? I mean, I havenít even come to grips with the fact that I'm blind. I mean, I literally canít see which shoe to put on, ok? I canít see my future, and you start talking about --

Cristian: How do you know what I was talking about when you wonít even let me finish a sentence?

Evangeline: I have to go.

Cristian: I was trying to tell you that you're important to me, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Can you hand me my purse, please? Thank you. Good night.

Cristian: You're scared. And we both know why.

Natalie: Well, the professor said exactly what you said. The tests that your lab ran were the latest in technology -- itís a dead end.

John: Welcome to police work. Then again, we donít pay attention to dead ends.

Natalie: John?

John: Yeah?

Natalie: I know you donít want a partner. But you know how you said you couldnít give up, do nothing when it came to your Dad?

John: I know.

Natalie: Thatís how I feel with Uncle Bo, you know? I canít do nothing. I -- it'll kill me.

John: I'm not asking you to do nothing.

Natalie: Maybe I should just give up forensics work altogether. I mean, I canít even help him.

John: Hey --

Natalie: I donít know what I'm trying --

John: Donít give up.

Natalie: You put your arm around me. What happened to your "No P.D.A." rule?

John: To hell with it.

Clint: Cord and Natalie are my kids, but I didnít find that out, though, until they were -- well, until they were grown up. But with these three, I was there. And, by God, that makes a world of difference to me and to them because love is not who you're related to or what you say. Itís who you spend the time with and what you do.

Antonio: You know, I -- I was changing her this morning, and I could've sworn she smiled at me.

Clint: Oh, I'm sure she did. You know, god does that -- makes them cute, and then the deck is stacked against you, and you donít stand a chance.

Antonio: Nope.

Clint: Never forget, Antonio. Keeping Nash in her life and telling her the truth -- itís what a good man does. Itís what a good father does.

Antonio: Well, I appreciate you saying that, Clint, because I know how you feel.

Clint: Feel about what?

Antonio: Well, we both know that I'm not the man you want for Jessica.

Jessica: This is not your fault. Itís like Tess and me -- Niki knew things that you couldnít face.

Viki: Baby, you donít understand what I'm trying to tell you, ok? I did know. I let it happen. I knew that Niki was back, and I did absolutely nothing about it.

Cristian: Sit. Relationships that were crazy.

Evangeline: You think?

Cristian: Yeah, but you know what? I thought that all that craziness meant that -- that it had to be a good thing. You know, the real thing. But I'm over crazy because crazy gets in the way.

Evangeline: Oh, you think this isnít crazy? A blind woman and a boxer with a busted hand? Come on, Cris.

Cristian: You'd never let me get away with saying something like that.

Evangeline: You're right.

Cristian: This is a good thing we have. This -- this is real.

Evangeline: You -- you --

Cristian: Well, hey, it must be a very good thing if I can stop you from talking. Look, I'm not John Mc Bain. I think you deserve so much more than that. But I know you're dealing with a lot right now, and I ca wait. So, when you're ready, you just let me know.

Evangeline: How do you know when that is, Cris? I mean, itís not like a rational decision you make. You just wake up one day and you say "ok, this is it. I mean, bring it on."

Cristian: Did anyone ever tell you, you think too much?

Evangeline: Think too much, talk too much.

Cristian: Shut up, and let me show you how I feel.

Clint: Look, Antonio --

Antonio: I know you like Nash.

Clint: I do, yeah. Heís a good, decent man. And I admire him for backing off when it was good for his daughter. Now, he could have made things real ugly.

Antonio: Well, I donít think Nash is going to be the kind of guy whoís willing to stay in the background for long. I mean, he could -- he could come for Brennan at any time, and I'm sure he still wants to get through to Tess.

Clint: If I were in his shoes, I'd do the same thing.

Antonio: Yeah, but when he comes back, thatís what I'm afraid of -- that you might back him. Something you might want to think about, Clint -- if Nash gets his way, we may never see Jess again.

Clint: Antonio, my daughterís going to be a different person, whether you or I like it or not, a complete person, with a complete set of memory -- part Jessica, part Tess.

Antonio: I can accept that.

Clint: Are you sure?

Antonio: Ok. I guess I'm a little scared how this new person is going to feel about Nash.

Claudia: What are you doing?

Nash: I'm getting the hell out of here.

Claudia: Well, where are you going to sleep?

Nash: In a tree or a bush -- in my car if I have to!

Claudia: Nash -- Nash, look, I was sleeping, too. I donít remember how I got into the bed.

Nash: Shut up! Listen to me! I do not love you. Maybe you should have that tattooed somewhere nice and prominent, so the next time you want to pretend to be somebody else, you'll see it there.

Claudia: Well, I -- I thought you liked girls who pretend to be someone else.

Nash: What Tess and I have is real.

Claudia: Nash, she doesnít exist, not in any real sense. Sheís a symptom of a sickness.

Nash: Shut up.

Claudia: No, Nash -- Nash, look, there is nothing waiting for you back in Llanview.

Nash: My daughter is waiting for me back in Llanview.

Claudia: You go back there, and you're going to be on the outside looking in, watching Antonio and Jessica raise her.

Nash: No.

Claudia: Nash, look, I -- I donít -- I donít want to hurt you. And I donít even want a commitment. I just thought two old friends could find comfort in one another. Maybe have a little fun. Remember fun?

Jessica: You knew?

Viki: I didnít know specifics.

Jessica: But --

Viki: I knew that there was something wrong, and I refused to admit it to myself.

Jessica: How did you know?

Viki: Because those mornings always started out the same. I would wake up exhausted, as if I hadnít slept at all. I'd go to your room to get you up, and I would find you under the covers fully dressed. And I just decided that was your problem, that it had nothing to do with me. I thought that you maybe had gotten dressed while you were still asleep, or maybe you were sleepwalking. And I made you get up. I never questioned why we were both so exhausted. I never, ever asked why I was waking up with makeup on. Because that would have meant that I was losing time again.

Jessica: You were scared.

Viki: Yes, I was scared, but so what? All those mornings, baby, after you had been dragged to a bar by a -- a tramp with your motherís face -- after you had been abused, I made you get up and go to school!

Jessica: Mom -- Mom --

Viki: I canít stand this! I really cannot! I cannot stand thinking about what your life was like because, you see, if only I had spoken to the doctor and told him about the blackouts -- if I had told Clint that I didnít know what had happened the night before or that you were waking up fully dressed, he would have known. And your whole life would have been so completely different.

Jessica: Mom, I'm going to be all right.

Viki: No. You went through hell because I was falling apart, and I was too frightened to admit it. I donít know how you can ever forgive me.

Natalie: You donít have to take care of me.

John: I'm not. Look, just because you canít crack a case doesnít mean you pack it in.

Natalie: You know, itís just I feel like every time I think of something, you've already thought of it and acted on it three days before.

John: Thatís ok. We go over the same ground again and again. Thatís why itís called police procedure.

Natalie: I know, but I'm studying Forensics, and I feel like you know way more about it than I even come close to knowing. I donít even know what this 3-D micro whatever whatever whatever really means.

John: Ok. I'll try and show you. Um -- write something. Go ahead, write something.

Natalie: Ok. "John is a real big" --

John: Donít write that. All right, look. Here. "Do you feel how when I'm writing, the amount of pressure keeps changing?"

Natalie: Yes, I do.

John: All right. Feel that? Well, microofilometry makes a hologram and measures the shifting pressure points, all right? So your writing and my writing would take on distinct and very different characteristics.

Natalie: Oh. Sounds like fingerprints.

John: Hmm. Thatís exactly right, all right? Now, look, donít get mad or donít get bummed if someone gets on your case, including me, all right? Itís just how we sort of break in the new people.

Natalie: Right.

John: You know, my old man used to say "you know, just because I'm tough on you, doesnít -- doesnít mean I donít love you."

Natalie: Is that what you're telling me?

John: No. All right. Hey, look at me. You're three months on the job. We canít be partners. But that doesnít mean we canít work together once in a while.

Natalie: Yeah. You know, the forensics guys arenít going to be back till the morning. Want to just take a break, go somewhere private?

[Phone rings]

Natalie: I knew it was too good to be true.

John: Hmm. You donít know the half of it.

Neely: Look, I hook the guys up with their clients. Thereís no way I could know whose work that is.

Rex: Right, right. Well, go home, think it over. Maybe you'll remember a name, someone you used to work for, someone very high-end. And if you do remember, we'll talk terms. Very favorable terms.

Adriana: Rex --

Rex: What are you doing here?

Adriana: I -- I have to talk to you, now.

Neely: Another client?

Rex: Yeah. Real important client. Think about what I said, ok?

Neely: Donít hold your breath.

Rex: Ok, whatís wrong?

Adriana: Look. I was sitting at the diner, and he was right behind me, Rex. He could have reached out and --

Rex: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- itís ok. Itís over.

Adriana: You donít know all of it. I --

[Phone rings]

Adriana: What if thatís him? What if heís calling you right now? What does it say? What does this mean?

Evangeline: This is -- this --

Cristian: This is not a time to talk.

Evangeline: When you're right, you're right.

[Phone beeps]

Cristian: Donít answer it.

Evangeline: No. It could be important.

Cristian: You think itís your office?

Evangeline: Itís the wrong ring tone.

Cristian: Then who cares? Whoa.

Evangeline: Well, I didnít assign that ring tone to anyone.

Cristian: Do you want me to see who it is?

Evangeline: No.

Cristian: Right.

Evangeline: Well?

Cristian: Well, honestly, I -- I donít have a clue.

Viki: All I had to do was tell someone.

Jessica: Mom, please donít do this to yourself.

Viki: Honey, I could have stopped everything that happened to you.

Jessica: You are talking to maybe the one person who understands what you went through. I -- I hid my blackouts in the beginning, remember? Remember Tess going off on you when you were already sick? It almost killed you.

Viki: But she was right. I'm your mother, honey. You needed me.

Jessica: And every time that I needed you, you ran to my rescue. And you did everything that you could have done to help me. Look, I know what you were up against with Niki. And I know what it cost you to bring Niki back out again. Please, Mom, I need you to be strong, not agonizing over what might have been. We both made mistakes. And we were both victimized by horrible men that did awful things to us. They did this to us. Ok? We have to be strong. But we survived this together. I love you, Mom.

Viki: I love you. I'm so proud of you.

Clint: Is everything ok?

Jessica: Itís going to be. Right, Mom?

Viki: Oh, absolutely.

Antonio: Well, I think little Brennan here is all partied out.

Viki: Oh, dear. Well, I guess you'd better take her home, then. You know what? We'll save the presents. We'll do it a whole other day, ok?

Antonio: Clint, it was really nice talking to you.

Clint: Antonio, I meant what I said.

Jessica: Bye, Mom.

Viki: Bye, baby.

Jessica: Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your entire life?

Viki: Yes, I certainly have.

Jessica: Oh. Come on, altogether too meaningful, Mom. I'll call you tomorrow and fill you in about my 2:00 a.m. feedings. Or maybe I'll call you at 2:00 a.m. and let you in on my pain.

Antonio: I'll get your bag.

Jessica: Oh.

Antonio: All right. Have a nice evening.

Viki: Thatís a very lucky baby. She has a wonderful mother.

Clint: Her grandmotherís not too bad, either.

Viki: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Oops.

Clint: What is it, Viki?

Claudia: What do you want?

Nash: I want to make something clear. You ever talk about Tess like that or pull another move like that, and you'll be sleeping out on the porch with the other critters in the night.

Claudia: Deal. And just remember, your girlfriend is a figment of Jessica Buchananís imagination. And you arenít allowed anywhere near her.

Nash: I donít need you to remind me of that.

Claudia: And I am right here, right now, with a no-strings-attached offer. 3,000 miles away from anyone who would care what we did tonight.

Nash: I care.

Claudia: Suppose your plan against my father works. Suppose you get to raise your kid. Do you honestly think you can do it alone?

Nash: And what are you planning, on dressing up and playing mommy?

Claudia: At least I'm real.

Nash: Good night, Claudia.†

[Phone beeps]

Clint: Well, thereís no name?

Viki: Nope, no name.

Clint: Nash?

Viki: Could be.

Clint: Well, I'll go with you.

Viki: No, you will not. It says "come alone."

Clint: Viki, we donít know who itís from.

Viki: Oh, for heavenís sakes, Clint! I'm going to the country club. I'll be fine.

Clint: "I'll be fine" -- famous last words.

Evangeline: I have to go.

Cristian: I'm not going to let you go to the country club alone after a text message you get from some guy who didnít even sign his name.

Evangeline: It could be someone who knows how Spencer set up Todd.

Cristian: Thatís a stretch, donít you think?

Evangeline: Cris --

Cristian: You're not going alone.

Evangeline: The message said that I should come --

Cristian: I donít care what the message said. Look, I know you want to be the worldís best blind woman. And I'm sure you will be. But you're not going to be alone, ever again. I'm going to get my Jacket. Stay here. Donít move. All right. Come on. Come on.

Evangeline: Letís go.

Natalie: Do you think itís about the case?

John: I donít know.

Natalie: Well, maybe itís that witness that Uncle Bo and David were talking about.

John: I said I donít know.

Natalie: I know that you're edgy, but you really donít have to jump down on my case.

John: Sorry.

Natalie: Well, I donít know -- it said it was at the country club -- maybe itís from Vickers.

John: I'm going to find out.

Natalie: John --

John: You canít go.

[Phone beeps]

Natalie: Uh, actually, looks like I am.

John: Why?

Natalie: I got the same message. Maybe itís Vincent playing both of us.

John: Well, someoneís going to find out I donít like to be played.

Rex: This is not from the stalker.

Adriana: How do you know?

Rex: This is a public place.

Adriana: He stuck your picture into a seat at my Aunt Carlottaís restaurant with a knife. That was a public place, too, Rex.

Rex: Whoever itís from, we'll find out in half an hour.

Man: Everything is ready. Mm-hmm. We'll see you in half an hour.

Woman: All the text messages have been sent out, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Actually, thereís another name I want to add to the list.

Woman: You forgot someone?

Todd: No. But I want to add someone who'll make the evening complete. Blair Cramer.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: You know, I got us that room at the Bayberry Inn.

Adriana: I know. You told me.

Dorian: How in the world can you ever start over with somebody else?

Spencer: If I didnít know any better, I'd think you were spying on me.

Todd: If everything goes as planned, this should be a night you never forget.

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