OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/22/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/22/06


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Nurse: Mr. Manning, you are in no condition to get out of bed.

Todd: I got to get out of here.

Nurse: Oh, believe me, I canít wait for that.

Viki: You're wasting your breath talking to him. Oh, my God. It is so you to be just a royal pain in the you know what when somebodyís trying to help you.

Todd: Will you please get me out of here, Viki?

Viki: I'll stay with him, ok, if you want to take a break.

Nurse: Thanks. I could use one.

Viki: My goodness, nice to know that a near -- actually, very, very, very near death experience hasnít changed you one iota.

Todd: Viki, please.

Viki: You're staying here until the doctors say you can go home.

Todd: And which doctor is that? Truman? And what home?

Viki: Home. You know, Blair, you, children? Home?

Todd: Blair -- thatís what she said she wants, right? Well, it is my mission in life to make sure that bitch doesnít get anything she wants ever again.

Dorian: So I guess we're not going to be going to the P.T.A. meeting later. Whoo!

Blair: Thanks for coming.

Dorian: I'm hoping this means you're finally going to tell me whatís going on.

Blair: I have no idea what you're even talking about.

Dorian: Blair, stop it. You're playing a very dangerous game.

Blair: Dorian, I --

Dorian: Oh -- heís going to be joining us?

Blair: Shut up.

Dorian: I thought you said we were going to be alone.

Blair: Shut up.

Dorian: Shut up yourself.

Spencer: Blair --

Blair: Hi.

Spencer: You look sensational, as always.

Blair: Thank you, dear.

Natalie: Oh, wait a minute.

John: What? What was that all about?

Natalie: I know how you feel about P.D.A., so I thought I would take the opportunity while we still have it.

John: Oh. Well, this evening might turn out a lot different than we thought.

Man: Come on, Vega! Come on!

Woman: Come on! 

Layla: No!

Man: Yeah!

Evangeline: Layla, whatís happening now?

Layla: Please, let me help you.

Evangeline: I can do this, Layla.

Layla: Vange!

Evangeline: Let me do this.

Man: Come on, Vega! Get up, Vega! Come on!

Adriana: This is really fun watching you cheer for the guy whoís beating up my cousin.

Rex: Come on. Itís boxing. Itís not personal.

Adriana: Oh, no? Look.

Man: Get up! Get up, man! Get up! Come on!

Second man: Come on, Vega!

Man: Come on!

Evangeline: When I was down, you made me get up. You have to get up now. Did you hear what I said? Get up, Cristian! Cristian, get up! Get up!

Paige: Bo. Oh, my God. Oh. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Oh!

Spencer: Itís too late, Paige. Heís dead! And his blood is on your hands.

Bo: Hey. You're awake.

Paige: Oh. What? I was dreaming.

Bo: Do you remember what happened?

Paige: I -- I was driving my car. I lost control. When was that?

Bo: That was several days ago.

Paige: Oh, no!

Bo: Well, and you were awake for a little bit --

Paige: Oh! Oh, my God!

Bo: You were just out like a light. What --

Paige: Oh, no. I'm too late.

Bo: No, for what?

Paige: Oh, for Todd.

Bo: Toddís fine. Toddís ok.

Paige: They -- they didnít execute him?

Bo: No. I mean, you know, not technically. So you're not too late. Thereís still time to put Spencer Truman away.

Spencer: Itís so very nice to see you, Dorian, especially since we hardly had a chance to speak before. You had to run off so abruptly. Will you sit with us?

Natalie: We should just go.

John: We're not leaving.

Natalie: I didnít see this coming. Not at all.

Spencer: Dorian, Blair and I are so happy you agreed to join us.

Dorian: Oh, I'm sure you're thrilled.

Spencer: Well, itís just that I know you and I havenít always been on the best of terms.

Dorian: Oh, really? Really? You blackmail my fiancťe into leaving me at the altar. I'm humiliated in front of the whole town. And -- and you say we havenít always been on the best of terms? That doesnít even begin to cover it.

Spencer: Yes, but now we have so much in common. We're both very concerned about David, and we both love and care about Blair so very, very much.

Natalie: You want to go over there and mix it up a little?

John: We canít. We canít risk a harassment suit.

Natalie: Letís just not let this ruin our night, ok?

John: Thatís where you're wrong. I'm not going to let him bother me.

Natalie: Oh, God.

John: What the hell is he doing out?

Dorian: I could use a very strong drink. Waitress?

David: What a happy little gathering. Are we celebrating something? You know, Blair, when you got engaged to Todd -- again -- I thought to myself "thatís the biggest mistake sheís ever made." Apparently, I was mistaken.

Hugh: Margaret Cochran.

Nora: Alive?

Hugh: All this time.

Nora: M.E. report?

Hugh: Faked.

Nora: How?

Hugh: Thatís what everybody wants to know. The -- the local press, the network news, the ACLU.

Nora: Huh. Feel stupid?

Hugh: I was so sure that we had an airtight case.

Nora: God. Todd -- guilty. Easy. Hmm?

Hugh: I assumed the worst. And whoever set Manning up knew that I would do that, because -- because I'm arrogant. And green. And not you.

Nora: Uh-uh. Hey -- start over. Ok? Donít assume.

Hugh: Thatís what I did. The bodies, the medical examinerís report -- I mean, thatís where the whole setup started.

Nora: Good. Not good?

Hugh: All the evidence that we have now leads to someone else.

Nora: Who?

Hugh: Bo. Heís had my back since I first got this job. I am not going to be the one to take him down.

Evangeline: Get off the canvas! Stop counting! Stand up!

Man: Yeah!

Evangeline: Get up!

Man: Get up! Hey, hey!

Man: Hey!

Vincent: Ok, you tell me exactly how your sister did that.

Layla: When she loves you, she can scare you into doing anything she tells you to do.

Man: Come on! Come on!

Evangeline: Ok, Cris! Knock him on his ass!

Natalie: How is this happening? I mean, this guy killed a cop, covered it up for years, fled to Thailand. And the day after his arraignment, he --

John: Heís in a nightclub celebrating. Well, thatís justice.

Natalie: I -- what judge would turn him loose? I'm going to find out whatís going on.

John: No, no.

Natalie: I just canít believe they let him loose.

John: Obviously, he made bail, all right? So someone hooked him out. So we try to find that out without tipping anybody off.

Natalie: John, I'm sorry.

John: Donít be. Just be patient.

Blair: What a you doing here, David?

David: Doesnít everybody go clubbing after they've been arraigned on a murder charge?

Blair: Oh -- how did you get out?

David: Are you aware of the concept of bail?

Blair: Yes. They set bail for you?

David: Otherwise, I'd be drinking tap water from a tin cup instead of double vodka on the rocks with a twist of lime. So, Blair, the fact that Todd is innocent doesnít matter to you, does it? On top of that, you have persuaded Dorian to share a table with my brother, whom she hates. So whatís up with that?

Spencer: David, we all understand how much stress you must be under. I am very happy to see you fighting the charges, by the way, but that doesnít give you the right to come in here and insult my -- Blair.

David: I insulted her? I merely pointed out that sheís sitting here with you, instead of her unjustly accused, got-the-needle-in-the-arm father of her children. Was that an insult?

Dorian: David, donít.

David: Or is something else going on here?

Viki: So thatís whatís important now? Revenge and payback?

Todd: Works for me.

Viki: You and Blair went through hell. You survived, and you want --

Todd: No, no, no -- I went through hell. Me. All Blair did s turn her back on me. Told my children I was a killer and then jumped into bed with Spencer.

Viki: I was there when they put that needle in your arm, you know.

Todd: Yeah, so was I.

Viki: But you didnít see Blairís face and I did. It was killing her.

Todd: No, I donít think so. She thought I was a killer. She thought I killed Margaret and my own child.

Viki: Well, that was after months and months of you lying to her and --

Todd: I'm not going back to that.

Viki: You donít have to. Itís finally all over. And you have a happy ending. And now you're just being to be stubborn and just not enjoy it?

Todd: You obviously donít understand.

Viki: I understand one thing. You are alive. My grandson, Duke, is not. Heís dead. He will never hold a girlís hand or -- or fall in love or raise a family. Todd, you have all of that. Most people would -- would kill for a second chance. And you got it. And you're going to use it to pay back a woman who loves you?

Man: Yeah!

Referee: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven Ė

Man: Yeah!

Referee: Eight, nine, 10!

Man: Whoo-hoo!

Evangeline: Hey. I'm just glad you're all right.

Cristian: I think I'm a little better than all right.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Adriana: So, betting against my cousin -- not seeming like such a good idea now, hmm?

Rex: You know, this smug thing you do? Not attractive.

Adriana: I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tonight. Oh, that is, after I collect my winnings.

Rex: You're killing me.

Adriana: Good.

Rex: But itís good to see you smile.

Daryl: Hey? How much of the clubís take did you bet on Cates tonight, anyway?

Rex: I donít want to talk about it.

Daryl: My bad. I seem to keep tripping over my tongue tonight.

Rex: What?

Daryl: I said something that upset Adriana earlier. Again, I'm really sorry.

Adriana: Itís ok. It -- itís me. Really, donít worry about it.

Rex: What was that about?

Adriana: In the alley outside, I thought I was being followed. And I turned around, and it was Daryl.

Rex: And he said something?

Adriana: That was later. We were watching the fight, and he came up to me and he said Cristian wasnít exactly floating like a butterfly.

Rex: You're kidding.

Adriana: I wish. It really freaked me out, too. But now that I've had time to think, itís a boxing match. He was quoting Muhammad Ali. I was being paranoid. Right?

Rex: I donít know. But I'm sure as hell going to find out. Come on, letís get out of here.

Vincent: Mm-mm-hmm. My boy, way to go, champ.

Cristian: Thanks, but I donít think I could have done it if it werenít for this lady here.

Vincent: Hmm. Well, we going to have to see that she has ringside seats from now on.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Vincent: Hey, would you two do us the honor of going out for a victory celebration?

Evangeline: Uh -- Cris and I have other plans.

Vincent: Oh. Thatís no problem. Hey, champ, make it an early night, all right?

Cristian: I know.

Layla: Um -- what victory celebration?

Vincent: What? You donít like to celebrate?

Layla: What I like is to be asked.

Vincent: Ms. Layla, would you do me the honor of throwing back an alcoholic beverage or two to commemorate my boyís beating the crap out of that other guy?

Layla: Thatís more like it.

Bo: You delivered Margaretís baby?

Paige: Spencer forced me to.

Bo: But you knew that she was alive. You didnít say anything.

Paige: I kept thinking that to would get off. And when he didnít, I just -- I --

Bo: Yeah, but why didnít you tell me about this?

Paige: Oh, God, I wanted to.

Bo: No, but you understand? Todd could have died. You could have saved him.

Paige: I know. I was driving there, Bo. I --

Bo: Well, he was strapped to a gurney. He was executed. Itís -- itís pure luck that John even showed up in the nick of time.

Paige: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

Bo: But you were willing to let a man die just to keep the truth from me. I -- who are you?

Paige: You know who I am. Bo, Spencer wanted to ruin you. He falsified the M.E.ís reports on the body that was supposed to have been Margaret Cochran. He made it look like you were setting up Todd.

Bo: I know all about that.

Paige: You do?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. The report -- itís in the D.A.ís hands right now. Then thereís some attendant -- some morgue attendant down there in Kentucky who says that I was down there trying to procure a couple of bodies so that I could then, you know, pass them off as Margaret and her fetus.

Paige: Spencer must have something on him. Thatís how he operates.

Bo: Is it?

Paige: Bo, please, donít let him destroy you. Or it all will have been for nothing.

Bo: Is there anything else that he has on you? Is there anything else I donít know about?

Paige: No.

Bo: Oh.

Paige: But I have a lot on him. And I can prove it.

David: Come on Blair, shouldnít you and Todd and the rug rats be at home having a celebration of life or something?

Blair: Who paid your bail, David?

David: Excuse me?

Blair: Your bail? Capital offense? I'm sure it was mighty high, so who paid it?

David: Well, I donít like to name names, but I got a pretty good idea who that was. It wasnít you? You? Would you put up that much money to get me out of jail?

Spencer: Well, you are my brother, David, and, you know, I've already been witness to one innocent man almost being put to death for something he didnít do. And look, I know you didnít kill that man.

David: Well, thank you for your vote of confidence, Spencer. So you just happened to have million dollars lying around to spend on me?

Spencer: Yeah. I mean, I moved some things around. Sold off some property. It was no big deal.

David: Could either of you ladies produce a tissue? I'm about to start crying.

Spencer: I mean, I just couldnít stand the idea of seeing my own flesh and blood rotting away in a jail cell, thatís all.

David: Keep your emotions in check, Spencer. You're borderline sincere.

Spencer: David, I've been looking out for you for such a very long time. I mean, I promised father that I would take care of you. And I mean, I was so young, I didnít do a very good job of it, so maybe this is just my way of making it up to you.

David: Well, you did get me out of jail, didnít you?

Spencer: Yeah. And if you'll let me, I'll help you stay out of jail. What do you say?

Natalie: Looks like the Truman brothers are making nice.

John: From what I know, Trumanís never lifted a hand to help his brother before, so you got to ask yourself, why is he doing it now?

Natalie: Something tells me you're going to find out.

John: Yeah, why not?

Vincent: Hey! Itís the lieutenant.

Natalie: You two know each other?

Vincent: Yeah, sure we do, right, John?

Evangeline: Why are you being so quiet?

Cristian: Just wondering what it was like for you to find your way to the ring. And why you did it.

Evangeline: Well, believe me, I was tempted to sit tight and let all this be over.

Cristian: Well, it could have been over. I couldnít hear my coach. I donít think I heard Vincent, either. The only voice I heard was yours.

Evangeline: Yeah, well, you did what you wanted do. You know, you would have gotten up without me.

Cristian: Nah, I donít think so. I think it was your voice. I think it was knowing what it took for you to get to me. Thatís what got me on my feet.

Evangeline: Cristian?

Cristian: All showered up and ready to go. You ready?

Evangeline: If you're ready to drive me home.

Cristian: Home? I -- I thought you said we had plans.

Evangeline: Oh, I just said that to avoid celebrating with Vincent.

Cristian: Oh.

Evangeline: You donít mind, do you?

Cristian: No, no, not at all.

Evangeline: No, I shouldnít have said that. I know you -- God, you just won a big fight. I'm sure you want to go out and celebrate.

Cristian: Evangeline?

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: I didnít want to hang out with Vincent. I want to be with you. Actually, I -- I think I need your help with something.

Evangeline: Tonight?

Cristian: Yeah, tonight. Unless you're tired.

Evangeline: No.

Cristian: I could understand.

Evangeline: No, no, I'm not --

Cristian: If you're busy, itís ok.

Evangeline: No, really, if you need my help, you know, I'm here for you.

Todd: I'm really sorry you're so disappointed in me. I really am, but I was running for my life trying to avoid being put to death. And I want to see Blair one more time, and I saw her. I looked through the window, and watched her while she made it with Spencer.

Viki: Must have been awful.

Todd: Oh, yeah. So I decided right there she and I were through.

Viki: Oh. Well, I guess that was an easy decision, being the pillar of integrity you've always been.

Todd: Oh, come on.

Viki: Oh, come on, you! I have seen you through hundreds of stupid and self-destructive things. And I donít judge you because I'm t perfect. But self-righteous indignation from you? Come on!

Todd: What are you supposed to do?

Viki: What are you supposed to do? Maybe you should give at least a passing thought to all the things you did to Blair to push her away. Maybe you are supposed to remember how long she stood by you and defended you. Maybe you are supposed to think about your children and not your ego. You know what? You've just gone back to being the old Todd, havenít you? Just angry and lashing out at people. And thatís what everybody expects you to do. I cannot believe thatís what you're going to do with your second chance.

Vincent: Come on. Itís John Mc Bain. Everybody knows who John Mc Bain is in Llanview. Itís a small town. This is Layla.

John: I know Layla.

Layla: I know everybody here, Vincent.

Vincent: Like I said, itís a small town. So, are you going to introduce me to your friend, John?

Natalie: Donít play dumb, Vincent. You know damn well who I am.

Vincent: I wasnít playing dumb. I was just leaving things up to you.

Natalie: We know each other. Heís the contact. The guy who led us to David.

Vincent: And really, thereís no need to thank you.

John: Yeah, no need at all

Rex: Just keep this between you and me, ok?

Adriana: Sounds like Darylís not our guy.

Rex: Bartender who was on duty the night of the tornado remembers Daryl being at the club all night.

Adriana: I'm so sick of this, Rex. Feeling scared of my own shadow.

Rex: Come here. We're going to get through this, ok?

Adriana: Yeah. Sure. So how much money did you lose tonight?

Rex: Enough.

Adriana: Good. That'll teach you to bet against the Vega family.

Rex: Claudia Reston will make it up to me. Unless --

Adriana: What?

Rex: Never mind.

Adriana: You were going to say "Unless Bo stops me from working for her." You see? You are still mad. If I hadnít shot off my mouth about that to Bo --

Rex: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. We're going to have our conflicts of interest. You and me, right? Doesnít mean we canít get along.

Adriana: True. Anyway, I think I figured out right here and now what to do when you get hot under the collar.

Rex: Whatís that?

Adriana: Cool you off.

Rex: Well, itís not making me feel cooler.

Adriana: Well, this will.

Evangeline: You still havenít told me what I'm supposed to be helping you with.

Cristian: I need your help to paint something.

Evangeline: Cris, I canít help you with that. I couldnít paint when I could see.

Cristian: As always, counselor, you are too damn literal. I need your help to paint this, because this painting is going to be for you. I know you got a lot of my stuff already, but I want to add to your collection.

Evangeline: Well --

Cristian: Come here.

Evangeline: I appreciate that. I do, but, Cris, I wonít be able to see it.

Cristian: Well, not now. But someday you will. So you'll be with me while I work on it, talk about it, and you'll be part of it all through the process.

Evangeline: How?

Cristian: Look, we've been through this before. You got too many rules in your head, too much law. Right now, you have a blank canvas in front of you. Here. You see? Can you see it in your head? Itís a blank canvas.

Evangeline: Yeah, thatís about all I can see.

Cristian: Well, we're going to change that. The color is ochre. All right? Ready? All right, whatís the line?

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: You just made a line. What does it look like?

Evangeline: An arc.

Cristian: All right. So you can see it. You made it, and you can see it. So we'll keep working on it together, and you'll see it in your mind. And then when you can see it with your eyes, you'll remember this, and remember that we did this together.

Evangeline: Hmm. Thank you. Thank you for thinking like you do.

Cristian: Thank you for keeping my butt off that canvas.

Evangeline: Ok. So a mutual work of art --

Cristian: Hmm.

Evangeline: Whatís next?

Cristian: I think we'll move on from finger painting. All right.

Evangeline: What is it, Cristian? Whatís wrong?

Rex: Ok. The rule is, the person who throws the other person in the pool does not get the only towel.

Adriana: Not true. Actually, the rule is, the person who bets on the wrong boxer and then gets pushed into the pool has to go to the cabana and get more towels.

Rex: If I wasnít so freakin' cold, I'd stay to Duke it out with you.

Adriana: Uh -- you would only lose. Oh. Help! My God!

Rex: You son of a --

Adriana: Ah! Rex!

Paige: Spencer has to be stopped. Heís done too much, and he -- heís probably done more things that we donít even know about.

Bo: Yeah. Well, I agree with you there.

Paige: Oh, I -- I should have -- well, I -- I shouldnít have -- I should -- I shouldnít have done a lot of things. I'm sorry.

Bo: You were scared.

Paige: Spencer wanted to ruin you. And he went to some convenient scapegoat to cover up what he was doing. You were his target. He hates you. He wants to hurt you. He enjoyed telling me how he had you cornered.

Bo: Do you know why?

Paige: He has something against you, against your whole family. And heís not through with the Buchanans yet.

Spencer: The most important thing, David, is that you are not directly responsible for Thomas Mc Bainís death. Paige is.

John: You know, I could snap your neck right now, and no one would even care. You know that?

David: Easy, easy.

John: You know that? And then I'd finally be able to sleep at night for the first time since that Christmas Eve, when you left my father die in that alley.

Spencer: Have you heard a word that I've said?

David: Just know that when I shook your hand just now --

Spencer: Yeah?

David: We said that we'd start over.

Spencer: And I meant it.

David: It doesnít matter whether you did or not. I am going to. I'm not going to live like this anymore.

Vincent: I'm glad I could be of help.

John: See, the thing is, I didnít ask for your help. I didnít need it.

Vincent: You didnít need my help? See, I led you to the man who offered your old man, and heís sitting over there drinking vodka on the rocks. I mean, personally, he would be rotting in jail.

Natalie: Yeah, he made bail.

John: You donít need to explain anything to this guy.

Layla: This is fun. Maybe sometime the four of us could go miniature golfing.

Vincent: I'm sorry. You know, you hear small towns are really friendly. But there are always those guys who think that they're not nasty, they're not a man. We'll talk later.

John: No, we wonít be talking again. You donít open your mouth to me. You donít open your mouth to her.

Vincent: You know something? I'm not a big fan of anyone telling me who I can or cannot see.

Layla: Letís just go.

Vincent: No, no, this is just about over. See, you know the real important thing is that Natalie and I have an understanding.

Natalie: And that would be?

Vincent: That Mr. Macho here -- heís alive and well today because of, and only because of, me.

Evangeline: Cris, what is it? What -- whatís wrong?

Cristian: Nothing. Nothingís wrong. I just realized I forgot to pick up some supplies this morning. But we'll -- we'll definitely finish this another night.

Evangeline: Are you telling me the truth?

Cristian: No. Be careful. It just seems stupid to be working on a painting. You know, when I could be working on you.

Evangeline: Ah, yeah, right. And maybe after such a big night, you're hurting. You're exhausted, you know? Maybe I should let you go to bed and just get a cab home.

Cristian: No, no, no, no. I mean, if you want to go, I can take you, but I would love for you to stay.

Evangeline: Stay?

Cristian: Yeah. I like having you here.

Evangeline: I like being here. But, Cris, I think you're probably tired. I should go.

Cristian: Evangeline, I'm so not tired.

Bo: I always had the feeling that Spencer had it in for my family. Do you know why?

Paige: I never know why Spencer does anything. But I do know that he never gives up. So please, just be careful.

Bo: Do you trust me?

Paige: I always have.

Bo: Then I need you to do something.

Paige: Anything.

Bo: I need you to believe in me.

Paige: I do.

Bo: No, I mean really believe in me. I need you to believe that I am stronger than Spencer Truman, I'm smarter than Spencer Truman, and I will win. And you should believe that. Because thatís the truth.

Paige: That was my mistake, Bo. He was just -- he was so driven.

Bo: Well, I know what I've got to do now. And I'm going to take care of myself, I'm going to take care of my family, and I am going to take care of you.

Hugh: And the problem is that on the day Bo was supposed to have procured these bodies, he took a personal leave day. And he went up to his cabin. No witnesses can place him in Llanview.

Nora: You want to help Bo?

Hugh: You know I do.

Nora: Get him out of this?

Hugh: Yeah, right.

Nora: By the book. Ask for his badge.

Hugh:  [Phone rings] Bo?

Bo: Hugh, I need you to meet me in my office. I got something for you.

Viki: Duke is dead. Heís gone forever, and now I feel like you are, too.

Todd: I'm not.

Viki: Yes, you are. No. You donít understand something, Todd. And that is that I need you. I donít know -- maybe all this has just been too much for you, I donít know. And now I feel like I'm kicking you when you're down, and I donít want to do that. But see, you have a chance to be happy, and you are deliberately choosing not to, and I cannot deal with that.

Todd: Please -- Viki?

Blair: Dorian is going to leave, so I'm going to walk her to the car, ok?

Spencer: Dorian, thank you again so much for coming tonight. And please think about what I said.

Dorian: David, I know firsthand that being free on bail is not really free at all. You're in a very precarious position. Be careful about how you choose your friends.

Spencer: You'll be back?

Blair: You know it.

David: Sheís right, you know. I need to be very careful.

Spencer: Careful not to buy into Dorianís head games, you mean. David, listen. Whoís got your back on this? Who are you going to trust here? I'm your brother. I'm the one in your corner.

David: I wasnít talking about you, I was talking about me. As difficult as it is for me to say this, I got to grow up. I shot a man. I killed a good father who had two sons. I lied, I ran, and I am guilty. Thatís precisely how I plan to plead.

Layla: Come on, Vince, letís go.

Vincent: All right.

John: You want to explain that to me? How you think you saved my life?

Vincent: Maybe nobodyís ever told you this, but you've got this uncanny way of making people want to smash your face in. Like our mutual friend George. But given to your finesse and your charm, there was about 30 guys who would do it for free. But thanks to me, George said let bygones be bygones.

John: Well, I'll tell you what you do. You -- you go back to your friend George and you undo the favor. I take care of myself. I donít need help from no one.

Vincent: Well, if you're so good at taking care of yourself, how come you had to send your girlfriend out to do your dirty work for you?

Natalie: He didnít.

Vincent: You know, Lieutenant, you should be really careful about letting Natalie run around Llanview all by her lonesome. Because she might run into someone who really appreciates her. Like I do. Hey!

Adriana: Rex!

On the next ďOne Life to Live" --

John: Thereís something about it that still doesnít add up.

Spencer: Are you really willing to risk everything over a Crisis of conscience?

Evangeline: Stop talking, or we're going to kiss again, and if we kiss again, we'll -

Cristian: We'll make love?

Adriana: Leave him alone! Please stop it!

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