OLTL Transcript Monday 6/19/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/19/06


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Natalie: What do we do now?

Viki: We wait.

Bo: Whatís going on?

John: This guy claims you raided his morgue.

Rex: You want me to investigate Jessica Buchanan?

Claudia: Yeah. She had some weird childhood trauma thing. I thought it was bizarre that she had two names -- Tess and Jessica. And word at the hospital is that she has some kind of split personality thing. So I need you to figure out whatís really going on with her.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: Because she wants Nash Brennan for herself.

Nash: Claudia, I got your message. Whatís taking you so damn long? I'm working my tush off getting the place ready.

Nash: You should be here, Tess. We should be here together.

Clint: I'll get it.

Viki: All right, thank you.

Clint: Hello, Llanfair.

Nash: Clint, itís me, Nash.

Clint: Nash, itís good to hear from you. We've been concerned.

Nash: Well, donít worry about me. How is my Brennan?

Clint: Sheís fine. Sheís taking a nap.

Nash: And -- Jessica? Howís Jessica?

Clint: Nash, thereís something that you should know. Sheís watching the tape as we speak.

Norman: Tell everybody your name.

Young Jessica: Tess.

Antonio: Jessica, whatís wrong? Or is it Tess?

John: This knucklehead claims you picked up those bodies from him in Kentucky.

Mr. Moore: I just flew all the way here from Louisville. I'd appreciate not being insulted for my efforts.

John: Then put your glasses on, birdman. Take another look.

Mr. Moore: Donít have to. I never forget a face.

John: A living one?

Mr. Moore: I donít have to put up with this.

John: Sure you do.

Hugh: Would you rather receive a subpoena?

Mr. Moore: Your name is Buchanan?

Bo: Thatís right.

Mr. Moore: This is the guy.

Hugh: You're a liar.

Mr. Moore: No, I'm not.

Bo: So you're saying that you and I have met?

Mr. Moore: Yeah, in Kentucky.

Bo: And you personally saw me sign for those bodies?

Mr. Moore: Yes. Look, thatís what happened. Do you need me to sign something?

Bo: I want you to look at me, real good. And you take all the time that you need. And then I want you to say all of that to me again.

Claudia: How do you know Nash?

Rex: Well, I've run into him a few times. I know you guys used to go out. You never really got over him.

Adriana: Heís in love with Tess.

Claudia: Well, you two seem to have your finger on the Llanview pulse.

Adriana: I'm just saying Nash is taken.

Claudia: Yeah, Tess is M.I.A. right now, did you know that? Yeah, Jessica has the body, or however that works.

Rex: Well, that works out nicely for you, doesnít it? With Tess out of the picture, Nash may need a shoulder to cry on.

Claudia: Nash needs his friends. From what I can tell, heís not too popular around here, considering the Buchanans run this town.

Adriana: With all due respect, Claudia, where do you get your information?

Claudia: Shh. I listen. And what I donít find out that way, I get people like Rex here to find out for me. I pay very well.

Rex: And all I have to do is keep you posted as to whoís on top, Jess or Tess?

Claudia: Easy money.

Adriana: I canít believe you'd agree to spy on your own sisterís family.

Claudia: Whoa, you -- you're a Buchanan?

Rex: Oh, I wish. They're loaded. Did you hear the whole Natalie thing? Sheís Jessicaís sister, but raised by Roxy?

Claudia: I think I read that somewhere.

Rex: I'm sure you did. I'm Roxyís kid, Natalieís little brother, but not really.

Claudia: So, whose side are you on?

Rex: Well, Natalie wants Jessica back. We're close. So I want the same thing. Which means you and I are on the same side.

Claudia: Oh.

Adriana: Excuse me. This is so wrong.

Claudia: Howís $1,000?

Rex: One -- one report. But this cannot be an ongoing thing. Too awkward for Uncle Bo. Heís pro-Jessica, too, but still -- yeah -- uh -- awkward.

Claudia: Uncle Bo?

Rex: Never mind.

Claudia: So are we in business?

Nash: Jessicaís watching the tape? Are you sure thatís a good idea?

Clint: Well, it wasnít my decision. Nash, we've known for a while that the next step in Jessieís therapy was watching that tape, and Jessie says sheís ready, and Dr. Crosby agrees.

Nash: I mean, is she alone? Is somebody with her at least?

Clint: Well, sheís in the library with Dr. Crosby and Antonioís there, too.

Nash: Of course he is.

Clint: Look, I know how much you wanted to be there.

Nash: Would it make a difference?

Clint: Listen, as far as I'm concerned, you're family. And, son, I know what you're worried about.

Nash: That if sheís all right watching the tape, Tess may never come back, I'll never see her again, and Brennan will grow up without ever getting to know her mother.

Clint: That is possible. Look, Nash, I'm sorry. And I promise you, if anything happens, I'll call.

Nash: Thank you, sir. Clint, I know itís not easy for you to think about your daughter watching all those horrible things that happened to her.

Clint: No. Itís not easy at all. All right, son, you take care of yourself.

Viki: Is Nash all right?

Natalie: Tell me heís not coming back to town.

Clint: No, heís not. He -- he canít at the moment, but heís very worried, because heís concerned that watching that tape is going to destroy Tess.

Viki: Really? Gee, I was a little more concerned about what it might do to Jessica.

Jessica: She said her name was Tess. I thought this was a tape of -- of me. But if Tess was already in charge, then --

Ed: That little girl is Tess. But what happens on the tape -- it apparently wasnít the first incident. We have no idea what went on before, but we do think that this may be the first time Tess came forward.

Jessica: But I need my memories. They're what caused me to split.

Ed: No, as I said, what happens on the tape happened before, to you, Jessica, maybe more than once. And as you watch this tape, you need to try to have your own personal experience of the trauma.

Antonio: Look, honey, you donít have to do this today, all right? Everyone will understand.

Jessica: No, I have to face this. Itís been too long, for all of us. Itís ok.

Norman: But -- but last time, you said your name was Jessica.

Young Tess: I'm Tess.

Norman: Ok -- Tess. This is going to be just like the last time. We're going to make another movie.

Bo: Now, I'm a nice guy. And I'm going to give you the chance to really think about your story. And I suggest that you think twice before you start talking. Now, who picked up those bodies?

Mr. Moore: It was you.

Claudia: So, do we have a deal or not?

Rex: Yeah, we have a deal.

Adriana: I canít believe you're going to do this.

Rex: Give us a second?

Claudia: Sure, take your time.

Rex: This is my business. What did you think being a P.I. meant?

Adriana: Uh -- I didnít think it meant spying on your family.

Rex: Jessicaís not family.

Adriana: Oh, but you wanted her to be when you came into town and pretended to be her long-lost brother.

Rex: I did not tell you that so you could throw it back in my face.

Adriana: Oh, you know what? All your talk about change was just that -- talk -- wasnít it? Because as long as the moneyís good, you donít care who you turn on. Itís just money, Rex. Itís not worth selling out the people you care about.

Rex: Spoken like a true heiress.

Adriana: I didnít grow up rich, you jerk.

Rex: Well, apparently, it doesnít take too long to get used to. Especially with your mother running the show.

Adriana: Nice. Now you're bringing my mother into this.

Rex: Sometimes you sound just like her.

Adriana: You're such an ass.

Rex: And you're judgmental as hell. I donít want to fight. Ok? I am not planning on hurting anyone, ok? But if I do not take this gig, Claudia will just hire somebody else, somebody who doesnít care who gets hurt.

Adriana: So you're taking the job?

Rex: I'm thinking -- yeah.

Adriana: Well, are you going to tell Natalie about it?

Natalie: Hey, can I make -- make us some sandwiches or something? Are you hungry?

Viki: No, darling. Thank you very much. I -- I donít think I can eat.

Clint: Neither could I.

Natalie: Tea?

Viki: No, thanks.

Natalie: I just feel so useless. You know, I wish there was something I could do for you.

Viki: Darling, you're here. Thatís what matters.

Natalie: You know, Jessica is a part of me.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: You all are. And I know that I didnít feel that way before. And I wish to God I could just take back all the pain that I caused you when I first came here. You're so stupid. You think maybe God made you special, huh? God made you better? Jessicaís the same. I'm going to love seeing you and the princess go tumbling down. I donít owe you, Viki. I never got the so-called privilege. But I do know about you. I know all about you and your rich daddy, and your husbands, your lovers, your money -- everything, all of your things. I have dug up clippings going all the way back to when you were in pigtails riding on your precious ponies. I've watched you grow into this rich-bitch society queen. Get over yourself, will you? You said you wanted to hear the truth. So here it is. I'm your daughter.

Viki: Itís true, isnít it? I am your mother.

Natalie: You sound like you mean it.

Viki: I do.

Natalie: All this time, I thought that you didnít care about me, that you were just completely on Jessicaís side.

Viki: Honey, I am on Jessicaís side and I am on your side. Because you are both my daughters. And you matter to me. You really do.

Natalie: And I tried to push you away. And you wouldnít let me. And thatís what you're doing for Tess now.

Viki: Come here.

Kevin: Whatís going on? Dad?

Clint: Kevin, you should know that Jessicaís with Dr. Crosby. They're in the library. And sheís watching that videotape.

Kevin: How come no one told me about this?

Norman: Tess, you know what you have to do now.

Jessica: No, I donít want to do this!

Young Tess: I donít want to do this!

Antonio: Jessica? Are you remembering?

Nash: If I turn around, you're going to be gone. You're here.

Tess: Of course. This is our home. Where else would I be?

Mr. Moore: Go ahead, hit me. I'll slap assault charges on you so fast, your head will spin. Police brutality. I'll sue the city and buy my own island somewhere.

Bo: Get this lowlife out of my sight.

Hugh: I'll take your statement in my office. Letís go.

John: Good idea. We'll need it when we prosecute him for perjury.

Hugh: Letís go.

John: Hey, listen, do not sweat this thing. Itís just another line of crap.

Bo: And all we have to do now is prove it.

Adriana: So, will you tell Natalie that you're spying on Jessica for money?

Rex: No. But not because I think she'd be mad, because she wouldnít. I'm not going to tell her because being a P.I. Isnít worth anything if they rat out the clients.

Adriana: Well, if you ask me, your priorities are screwed up -- choosing your bank account over your family.

Rex: Do you really think I'm that stupid? I'm telling you, taking this gig in no way hurts Natty. I would not take a million-dollar fee if I thought there was even the slightest chance of hurting my sister. Ok? Do you get that? Are you cool with this?

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Ok.

Woman: Adriana, we've been waiting for you for 20 minutes.

Adriana: Oh, God -- I lost track of time. I'm so sorry.

Woman: The photographerís cursing your name, child. Get a move on.

Adriana: Ok, ok. I got to go.

Rex: Fine, I'll -- I'll be there in a second. I just need to finish up with Claudia.

Adriana: Do what you have to do.

Claudia: Your girlfriend seems pretty upset. Is everything all right?

Rex: Why donít you worry about your own relationships, ok?

Nash: I really need to talk to you.

Tess: I know.

Nash: Jessicaís watching the tape right now. I'm scared.

Tess: So am I. This could kill me, you know?

Nash: Donít let it. Tess, you got to fight. Fight like you always have.

Tess: This time, itís different.

Nash: No. You're strong enough to do this now.

Tess: It doesnít matter. Itís about Jessica being strong. If she watches that tape -- if she is able to relive it without turning to me for help, well, then, letís just say, it was fun while it lasted.

Antonio: Itís all right, I'm right here.

Ed: Ok. Jessica, what just happened? You and little Tess both said you didnít want to do something.

Jessica: It was just a coincidence. I didnít know she was going to say that. God, I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin.

Ed: It is important for you to try to stay with these feelings.

Jessica: My heart is beating so fast. I've never been so scared in my life.

Ed: Do your best.

Jessica: I am doing my best. I havenít heard from Tess at all. I'm still here. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I just couldnít.

Ed: Thatís ok. Jessica, itís perfectly all right to do this in stages, but eventually, we will have to watch the whole tape, and I will not lie to you, it is very graphic.

Jessica: I want to go through with it.

Antonio: Not today --

Jessica: All of it.

Antonio: Ok? Sheís had enough. Sheís scared to death.

Ed: What do you want to do, Jessica?

Jessica: I -- I want to watch the tape. And I'm not going to stop it this time. I just want to watch it the whole way through.

Ed: If it gets to be too much --

Norman: Every movie has a love scene.

John: Obviously, Truman got to that guy, paid him to identify you or maybe heís got something over him.

Bo: Yeah -- him and everybody else. I have to say one thing about Truman -- he is consistent, isnít he, and thorough.

John: Do you want me to bring him in for questioning? You know, maybe throw him in the interrogation room with his little boy from Kentucky, see what happens?

Bo: Not yet.

John: I could take another crack at the morgue attendant, maybe beat some sense into him before we turn him loose.

Bo: No, we got a bigger problem right now. This guy has given Hugh a statement accusing me of being a body snatcher. Now, my name -- itís tied in to this entire case. Something like this gets out, itís going to make the whole department look bad.

John: No oneís going to believe you did this.

Bo: I donít know, I've -- I've locked horns with the mayor enough.

John: Guyís an idiot.

Bo: I know, and he knows that I know. I think thereís a good chance I'm going to have to take myself out of the mix on this one.

John: Hey, you hang in there a little longer, all right? We are going to clear your name. Donít worry.

Bo: I'll worry about me later. Right now, my place is with my family.

Kevin: Am I not a part of this family anymore?

Viki: Oh, Kevin, what --

Kevin: No, no, no. I want to know why no one told me that my sisterís having the worst day of her life.

Clint: Oh, son, now calm down.

Kevin: I am calm. I just think I should be a part of things like this. I'm tired of being treated like the black sheep of the family here.

Clint: Nobody thinks of you like that.

Kevin: If Joey were in town, would he be here? There it is.

Clint: Have you been drinking?

Kevin: No, I havenít been drink-- is that what this is about? Huh? You didnít tell me about Jess because you were afraid I'd show up drunk?

Viki: No, Kevin. No. This is a very delicate situation. Jessieís very fragile, she needs calm and quiet.

Kevin: Natalieís here.

Natalie: Kevin, you're still grieving. You just lost Duke.

Kevin: We all lost him, Natalie, or maybe you're over it already. I mean, after all, you never really knew him, did you?

Natalie: That is so not fair.

Viki: Please donít do this, ok?

Kevin: Look, I will mourn the loss of my son for the rest of my life, ok, but that doesnít mean that I canít be here for the rest of you. I love Jessica. I need to be here. Does anyone have a problem with that?

Viki: No, darling, of course not. Look, I'm very glad you're here. We all are because Jessie needs all the support she can get. What she is doing today -- sheís facing her abuse. Itís probably the hardest thing she will ever have to do in her whole life.

Kevin: I'm sorry, Mom.

Viki: Hmm.

Kevin: I'm sorry.

Ed: Jessica, you all right? What you saw on the tape -- did that seem familiar to you? Do you remember going through anything like that?

Jessica: No. I felt like I was watching somebody elseís life.

Ed: Well, in a way, you were.

Jessica: Poor Tess. She went through all of that for me. God, and her little face when that man was touching her. All of these months that I've hated her, I should've been on my knees thanking her for saving me. That poor little girl --

Antonio: Honey, you canít blame yourself for what happened to Tess. You suffered just as much.

Jessica: No, Antonio, I didnít. I didnít. I ran away and I let her do it. So, what happens now? Why -- why donít I feel anything? Why donít I feel different?

Ed: You're in shock. Your psycheís trying to protect itself.

Jessica: Well, then, shouldnít Tess be here.

Ed: Well, in the past, she would be, which means you're making progress. But --

Antonio: "But" what? You said if she watched the tape, she'd be integrated.

Ed: Well, no, I think thatís a little too simplistic, Antonio. Watching the tape was a tremendous hurdle, but you're not going to be fully integrated until you fully experience the reality of your abuse.

Jessica: Ok, what does that mean?

Ed: Watching the tape isnít enough. You know that this happened to you, intellectually, but you need to remember it actually happening to you. You need to feel it.

Jessica: Well, I donít feel anything, nothing at all.

Ed: You're still too afraid to allow yourself to feel it.

Jessica: I want to watch the tape again -- alone.

Claudia: You can reach me at this number. I want a full report on Jessica Buchanan.

Rex: You wonít need details.

Claudia: Yes, I will. If you're getting squeamish, I can easily find someone else for this job, someone who can use the money.

Rex: I donít do squeamish. I know what you need and I'll get it for you. Now excuse me.

Claudia: By all means.

Man: I saw you on the cover of "Craze." It was a hot photo.

Adriana: Thanks.

Hair stylist: Hold still.

Adriana: Sorry.

Man: You know, I'm surprised that we havenít run into each other before. How long have you been modeling?

Hair stylist: Donít talk to her.

Rex: Hey. We ok?

Photographer: Whatís the holdup?

Man: Beauty takes time, not that Adriana here needs any help.

Photographer: Donít distract the models.

Rex: I'm not going anywhere, not with your stalker still on the loose.

Adriana: Would you keep your voice down? I donít want everyone knowing I have a stalker. I'll never get another job.

Rex: No one heard me. I'll go hang out over here -- so I donít distract you. Good luck with your abs.

Model: You have an eyelash.

Photographer: Ok. Letís lose the robes and try to look like you're having fun. 

Model: Whatís wrong?

Photographer: Is there a problem?

Adriana: I'm sorry. I, uh --

Rex: Adriana? Get the hell away from her, you sicko!

Photographer: Hey, whatís the matter with you? Get security out here now!

Rex: This guyís a nut case. Heís been stalking Adriana for weeks.

Model: I donít even know her.

Photographer: Call the police!

Rex: Yeah, get the police so they can arrest this nut case for stalking!

Model: I'm not a stalker!

Rex: Oh, no? Explain the tattoo.

Model: My tattoo -- itís a butterfly.

Rex: Exactly!

Model: This guy is wacked!

Rex: No, you're the one whoís wacked. The anonymous emails, the text messages, the gifts. He broke into my apartment, just put his hands all over her.

Model: I donít even know who you are.

Rex: I'm not the stalkee.

Model: Fine. When did I supposedly do this?

Rex: The night of the tornado.

Model: I was out of the country and I can prove it.

John: Thereís got to be something in here that we can use.

Natalie: Hi.

John: Hey, howís it going?

Natalie: Well, Jessicaís still in with Crosby. I donít know, I guess no news is good news, right?

John: Anything I can do to help?

Natalie: Distract me. So whatís up with this bogus evidence against uncle Bo? Did you straighten it all out?

John: It seems things have gone from bad to worse.

Clint: Hi.

Bo: Donít mean to intrude. I just wanted to stop by and see if you need anything.

Clint: Well, we are kind of in waiting mode right now. I'm glad you're here, though, brother.

Bo: Thanks.

Viki: Thank you, Bo. Look, you donít have to stay if you donít want to, you know? We're ok and I know you have a lot on your plate.

Bo: Yeah, but family comes first, and right now, we need to get Jessica back. We need her healthy again.

Viki: Yeah. I'm afraid thatís up to her, but we're all here for her.

Kevin: Yeah, well, she has to do it -- you know, whatever it takes. We need to get Tess out of our lives for good.

Nash: Tess, you hang in there. All right? Itís not over yet. Jessica has to watch the tape. We have no idea how this is going to play out.

Tess: I'm worried about her.

Nash: You're kidding me.

Tess: I know, itís weird. I've always hated her, but itís always been my job to protect her from that one horrible experience. In a way, it still is.

Nash: Yeah, but then you had to go through all that yourself.

Tess: I hate that she has to see whatís on that tape. I hate that other people saw what that monster did to me. I'm so ashamed.

Nash: You -- you have nothing to be ashamed about. You were protecting Jessica. She may not have survived without you. She certainly wouldnít become the woman she is now.

Tess: Neither would I.

Nash: Tess, is there any chance that you might come out while sheís watching the tape?

Tess: With Antonio there and Crosby, the whole Buchanan clan? I donít think so.

Nash: Oh, damn Reston for --

Tess: I need you.

Nash: Not letting me be with you.

Tess: I could die this time, Nash. I donít want to -- I donít want to lose you or our baby. I donít want to disappear.

Nash: I donít want you to disappear. I need you here. I need you here so much I'm losing it. I'm conjuring you up in the middle of an empty room! I promise you I'm coming back for you and Brennan.

Tess: There might be no me to come back to.

Antonio: Hey, you canít do this alone. Anything could happen.

Jessica: Exactly. Maybe we should let it. Maybe the reason why I'm not remembering anything is because I'm surrounding myself with people that make me feel safe. That little girl on the tape was not safe. She was completely alone and vulnerable. Maybe in order to feel and remember, I -- it has to be that way.

Antonio: But -- but itís not safe. Doc, tell her.

Ed: Antonio, you're not going to like this answer, but I have the feeling that Jessica may be right. I think we should let her do this.

Jessica: Please, let me do this, ok? I'll be ok.

Antonio: Fine. Fine, I'll respect your decision, but that doesnít mean I have to like it. I love you.

Jessica: I love you.

Antonio: And I'll be right outside if you need me. Ok? Ok.

Young Tess: I donít want to do this!

John: Look, I'll explain everything later. I'm due in court for Vickers' arraignment.

Natalie: I wish I could be there.

John: Just take care of your sister.

Natalie: Thank you for calling.

John: Keep your chin up.

Natalie: Yeah. You, too. Bye.

John: Hey, so what happened?

Hugh: Guy signed a statement.

John: Implicating Bo?

Hugh: Yeah.

John: Son of a --

Hugh: I made a few phone calls and no one can back him up, which will make him easier to impeach on the stand.

John: You're not even thinking about trying Bo for this, are you?

Hugh: Look, I donít want it to go that way any more than you do, but between this guyís accusations, Boís signature and seal on the autopsy report, and the D.N.A. results, the mayor may force me to ask Bo for his badge.

John: This is insane -- do you hear yourself?

Hugh: And thatís the best-case scenario. If this isnít cleared up soon, you may have to arrest him.

Natalie: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

Viki: Whereís Jessie?

Antonio: She wanted to watch the tape again -- alone.

Clint: Alone? Is that a good idea?

Natalie: Yeah. What if Tess comes back?

Ed: Unfortunately, thereís nothing we could do to prevent that.

Viki: She should not be doing this alone.

Antonio: And I agree, but Jess wanted to and Dr. Crosby felt we should honor her request.

Ed: I know that you're afraid for your daughter, but this is one battle you cannot fight for her. Sheís got to do this herself.

Claudia: Hey, Nash.

Nash: Claudia, whatís taking you so damn long?

Claudia: Whatís the matter with you?

Nash: I want to get this over with so I can get back to --

Claudia: To Tess? Itís all right, you can say it. I am on my way to the airport. I'll see you tonight. With any luck, there wonít be a Tess for him to get back to.

Rex: You were in Italy.

Model: Milan, for the runway shows. I just got back last night.

Rex: Ok, so you're not the stalker.

Model: No.

Photographer: Now that thatís settled, can we get back to work before ms. Divine repossesses the terrace?

Adriana: Sure.

Model: I'm sorry, but I'm finished.

Photographer: What?

Model: Her boyfriend attacked me. Now you expect me to work with her? Absolutely not. If you have a problem, you can call my agency.

Photographer: Happy now?

Adriana: I'm sorry. It was a misunderstanding.

Photographer: I'll try to talk him off the ledge.

Rex: Sorry I messed up your shoot.

Adriana: Itís ok. I know you were trying to protect me. That tattoo really freaked me out, too.

Rex: Adriana, you canít live like this. Itís over. I'm going to find this creep once and for all.

Natalie: Jess has been watching that tape a really long time.

Antonio: Too long.

Viki: I really, really do not think it was a good idea for her to watch it alone.

Natalie: Yeah, I just hope that Tess doesnít come back.

Clint: Nat, we're just going to have to wait and see.

Kevin: Yeah, but for how long? I mean, did it occur to anyone she might've gone out the back?

Jessica: No, Kevin. I'm right here.

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Bo: I'm being framed for faking Margaret Cochranís death.

Todd: Time for payback for all the people who wanted me dead.

Spencer: What are you doing?

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