OLTL Transcript Friday 6/9/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 6/9/06


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Vincent: You've got good moves, but you're too loose. You need more focus.

Cristian: Since when did you become such an expert?

Vincent: Since I bought out your contract. Maybe if you kept your head in the ring and off your sexy girlfriend --

Cristian: You keep Evangeline out of this.

Vincent: Now, see? Thatís the intensity that I'm looking for. Keep it.

Cristian: Want to show me how itís done, "boss"?

Todd: Thatís some dress. You look really -- of course, I know none of thatís for me, huh? You going on a date or --

Evangeline: I -- I had dinner plans with someone.

Todd: Someone special?

Evangeline: We're not talking about me here. I want you to focus on one thing and one thing only.

Todd: Yes, I know -- making sure that Margaret and Truman fry for what they did to me.

Spencer: Letís check her Glucose levels, run a C.B.C., and a Beta H.C.G., all right?

Nurse: Anything I can do for Todd Manning?

Spencer: No, thatís ok. I'm taking care of him personally.

Nurse: Dr. Truman, the entire staff is talking about how you saved his life when there seemed to be no hope. Itís very inspiring, to say the least.

Spencer: Well, thank you for saying so. I appreciate it. Now, would you get on this for me right away, please?

Nurse: Sure.

Doctor: Lieutenant?

John: Hmm?

Doctor: We just got Ms. Cochranís test results.

John: Oh. Thank you.

Margaret: What does it say?

John: Well, I'm not a doctor, but it says you had a baby and not long ago.

Margaret: How can that be? What kind of a person forgets their own baby?

Bo: Is the sting set up? Perfect. I'll meet you at the hospital.

Blair: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Blair: Thanks for seeing me so fast.

Bo: Well, you sounded serious on the phone. Whatís going on?

Blair: So you think Spencer set Todd up, right?

Bo: I donít know. Margaret could've faked her own death, but then how does the amnesia bit fit in? Till she remembers -- if she can -- then we wonít know the truth.

Blair: Well, if you're looking for the truth, Bo, I can help you find it.

Kevin: Yeah, well, I donít care how my father or my grandfather did business. This is the way I do it. Thanks. Well, I'm running the company now, ok? Thatís right. Mm-hmm.

Layla: Thanks for hanging out with me before my shift. You really need to get out more.

Adriana: I havenít felt that social lately.

Layla: Ok. All right, your career is taking off. This is not the time to be falling off the face of the earth.

Adriana: Thereís just been a lot going on -- I mean, Dukeís funeral, and Todd, and now Davidís in jail. Itís too much.

Layla: Tell me about it.

Adriana: Your sister, I know. and Duke was your friend, too.

Layla: I'm worried about Kevin. Duke was his only son, and to lose him like that --

Adriana: To lose him at all. I mean, it doesnít matter how it happened.

Layla: Yeah, but the point is if I'd been through what Kevin has, I donít know how I would get through the day.

Evangeline: You got a second chance at life. Blair and the kids need you, Jessica needs you, Viki, "The Sun" is waiting for you to take back control. So stop thinking about revenge and start building your future.

Todd: I think I got a couple scores to settle first.

Evangeline: Did you hear what I just said?

Todd: Huh. I wouldnít have needed a second chance if Truman hadnít set me up in the first place. And I just -- I canít let that die.

Evangeline: But you survived -- with no brain damage. And you have all five senses.

Todd: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Evangeline: You were wrong. God does care about you. Some part of you knows that. You could've lost so much more, but you have your life.

Nurse: Ms. Williamson, your cab is here, and this just arrived for Mr. Manning.

Evangeline: Oh, thank you. I'm going to go.

Todd: Ok.

Evangeline: Remember what I said. And before I forget -- yes. This -- this bag has your personal items in it. I had the prison send them over. Is this the Nelson Mandela biography that I gave you?

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: Yeah. You didnít finish it.

Todd: Well, I didnít really have much time.

Evangeline: Well, you have all the time in the world now, so finish it. You and nelson -- you both got happy endings. Can you hand me my purse, please? Thank you. Could you please take me out of here?

Nurse: Ready?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Todd: Have fun.

Evangeline: Yes.

Margaret: So tell me, Detective, if I had a baby, where would he be?

John: Yeah, well, we're trying to find that out.

Evangeline: John?

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: You ok? Everything all right?

Evangeline: Yeah. I'm just visiting Todd.

John: Oh, ok. How is he?

Evangeline: Heís coming along, but he wants answers.

John: Yeah, we all do.

Evangeline: Well, you know Todd, though. I'm afraid heís going to do something stupid.

Margaret: What do you think heís going to do?

John: Itís Margaret Cochran, sheís here with me.

Margaret: Do you think heís going to come after me?

John: Hey, look, the guyís in a bed, all right, and you're in protective custody. Look, I'll let you -- I'll let you know anything when I find out.

Evangeline: Ok.

John: You -- um -- take care of yourself.

Evangeline: I will. I'll be fine. Donít worry about me, ok?

John: I worry.

Evangeline: I'll see you.

John: See you.

Margaret: I know that woman from somewhere.

John: Yeah, Manningís lawyer.

Margaret: She seemed to know me.

John: Everybody knows you, lady, all right? You left your mark on this town.

Margaret: Is she blind because of something I did?

John: No, it wasnít you.

Margaret: Oh, God, thank goodness. Everybody keeps telling me about all these people I've hurt -- because of him.

Todd: Ah!

John: What, are you remembering something?

Blair: Spencer says that he loves me and he tells me things, and if heís hiding something, then I can help --

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa --

Blair: Find out what it is.

Bo: Where are you taking this?

Blair: I can work for you -- undercover.

Bo: Absolutely not.

Blair: What?

Bo: You're too involved already.

Blair: Bo, how much more can I take of this? Todd nearly dies, we've been through hell -- all of us have -- and you think Spencerís behind it!

Bo: So far, thatís just a theory.

Blair: But you believe it, right?

Bo: Well, my gut says I'm right.

Blair: Well, donít you think I should know that? I mean, if it is -- look, bo, I let that man into my life, I let him into my kids' life, and he stood -- he stood beside me through all of it. Through the -- through the trial, while he was on the run, when Todd was executed, and heís still standing beside me.

Bo: So you want to prove that I'm wrong.

Blair: I just want the truth, is what I want. And I hope you're wrong -- unless I've been stupid all these months. I -- I care about Spencer, and Jack -- Jack adores him. I swear to God, if he created this -- this situation --

Bo: Then what?

Blair: Then he can burn in hell, and I will personally take him there.

Bo: Not if he finds out what you're up to. Blair, listen to me. Spencer Truman is ice cold. We have to do this right or other people are going to get hurt.

Blair: Well, just -- can I help, please?

Bo: Yeah, you want to help?

Blair: Yeah.

Bo: Sure. Then you go home, you be with your kids, because they've already been through enough.

Blair: Ok, Bo -- what if I told you that I already had evidence on Spencer?

Bo: What kind of evidence?

Blair: He helped cover up John Mc Bainís fatherís murder, and I heard that from the horseís mouth.

Vincent: I donít fight -- thatís what I pay you for.

Cristian: Right. You donít want to get your hands dirty, right?

Vincent: You're a smart boy. And for your information, I have already paid my dues.

Cristian: You've been riding me all night. Why?

Vincent: Protecting my investment.

Cristian: Yeah, I'm talking about why me. First Natalie, then you buy my contract?

Vincent: Well, first off, your ex -- she came looking for me, not the other way around.

Cristian: Now you think you own me?

Vincent: Nah. Just your contract.

Cristian: Thatís right. I work for you. I'm nobodyís pawn.

Vincent: Thatís good, because I'm not looking for a pawn. [Phone rings] Hold on a minute. Yeah. Back to Capricorn? Good -- actually, thatís perfect. Vega and I will meet you there. Yeah. Why donít you hit the showers. You donít want to keep your sexy girlfriend waiting.

Spencer: Even if she does see me, she wonít remember me. Right, Margaret? I made damn sure of that.

Margaret: You canít just keep me locked up in here forever.

Spencer: I donít intend to.

Margaret: Then what? Itís not like you could just kill me.

Spencer: Actually, itís a lot like that.

Margaret: Oh, no, but, well, you're a doctor. You're not a killer.

Spencer: There are other ways to get rid of a person besides murder.

Margaret: Ah!

Bo: So Spencer admitted to you that he covered up Thomas Mc Bainís murder?

Blair: Yep. He said that he knew Paige was drunk when she botched the surgery, but she was his wife, and family came first. I mean, thatís what he said.

Bo: Yeah, but itís your word against Spencerís.

Blair: Well, what about Paigeís?

Bo: Sheís still unconscious.

Blair: But sheís going to come to, Bo, and then you'll have the backup you need.

Bo: Why didnít you tell me about this sooner?

Blair: You know -- look, bo, I'm sleeping with the man, all right, and he -- he says that he loves me.

Bo: You believe him?

Blair: Yeah, I do.

Bo: Why would he give you the ammunition to implicate him in a murder?

Blair: Because he wanted to give me the one thing that Todd never did, and that is the truth.

Bo: And heís been lying to you through the whole time.

Blair: Well, I need to find that out, donít I? I need to find out if Spencerís telling me the truth, or is he a bigger liar than Todd ever was?

John: Margaret, if you're remembering something, tell me.

Margaret: I'm -- I'm not. I'm sorry.

John: You sure?

Margaret: Donít you think that I would want to remember giving birth and being a mother?

John: You know, we can help you find your baby, but you got to give us something to go on.

John: Let her go. Let her in.

Margaret: This is all because of you. What happened to our baby?

Marcie: Well, I pulled my fair share of all-nighters in college, but I have to say taking care of a baby tops all of that.

Michael: Yeah, definitely tougher than med school -- or my first year of residency.

Kelly: Yeah, itís a lot -- a lot of commitment, thatís for sure.

Marcie: Oh, it is, but itís worth it. You know, I had no idea that you could get so attached to someone who isnít your own flesh and -- Kelly, I'm so sorry.

Kelly: It -- itís fine. Itís totally fine. You guys, heís really lucky to have you taking care of him.

Michael: Well, for the time being, anyway.

Marcie: Yeah.

Kelly: He seems happy, and thatís the most important thing, right? That heís happy and safe and secure, and you guys are doing wonderful things. You're going to be great parents.

Marcie: Thank you.

Kelly: Thanks a lot for everything.

Kevin: Thank you, my man Phil. Keep 'em coming!

Layla: Kevin?

Adriana: Oh, my God.

Layla: Do you think he heard me? Vange?

Adriana: Hey, how you doing?

Kevin: Oh, you know, for a guy whoís having problems getting through his day, I'd say I'm doing pretty damn good.

Evangeline: Donít drag me, Layla.

Layla: I'm -- I'm not.

Evangeline: Let me just take your arm, ok? Walk. Oh! Sorry.

Man: You need help?

Evangeline: No.

Layla: Yes. Ugh. But she wonít admit it.

Evangeline: Sorry about that.

Layla: What -- you're the one who took off. How did you even get here?

Evangeline: I drove. Traffic wasnít too bad -- you know, a few fender-benders, but most of the other cars just avoided me, I think.

Layla: Will you -- uh -- stop joking around?

Evangeline: Ok. Ok, I was in a limo of a sleazy wiseguy, till I ditched it for a cab.

Layla: Thatís just not funny.

Cristian: You're right, itís not funny.

Layla: Cristian.

Cristian: But itís true.

Layla: And -- um -- you are?

Vincent: I'm that sleazy wiseguy. Vincent Jones at your service.

Layla: I'm Layla, Vangeís sister.

Evangeline: You know what? I think I'd like to dance. Mr. Jones? Would you do me the honor?

Vincent: I would love to.

Spencerís voice: I'm sorry I had to tie you up like this, Margaret, but you're just a little high-strung these days. I didnít intend to do any of this when I first came to Llanview. I had another agenda. And then I met Blair, and everything changed.

Bo: Just because Spencer gave you some kind of a story about Thomas Mc Bain doesnít mean that heís going to open up to you about Todd.

Blair: Well, I think he will.

Bo: Why? After everything thatís happened, why wouldnít he think that you're going to go right back to Todd?

Blair: Well, he wonít if I wonít let him. I mean, come on, Bo.

Bo: Oh -- you --

Blair: No -- this man says that he loves me and he wants to believe me, and if you're right that he orchestrated this whole mess, look how far heís gone to be with me. Donít you think he'll continue that?

Bo: Thatís what makes him more deadly.

Blair: Look, heís not going to hurt me, Bo.

Bo: He already has. He attacked your family. He destroyed it from the inside out.

Blair: No, thatís what you think, but you donít have proof. But I can help you get it.

Bo: How far do you plan on taking this?

Blair: All the way.

Todd: I have no idea where our kid is.

Margaret: Well, but you havenít even looked for him?

Todd: As far as I knew, you were both dead. Get her the hell out of my room.

Margaret: No, that is why the jury found you guilty -- because you wanted to kill me.

Todd: Oh, yeah, you're damn right I did.

Margaret: Oh, you are a monster.

Todd: You're the monster.

Margaret: No, no, you're the monster!

Todd: John, get her the hell out of my room.

Margaret: Itís ok you can hate me, but the baby?

Todd: Get her out!

John: Letís go.

Todd: John -- we need to talk.

Hugh: Reverend, thank you for your cooperation with the exhumation of Margaret Cochranís grave.

Minister: Well, hopefully, it'll all be cleared up soon. And the dead can finally rest in peace. And maybe the living, as well.

Hugh: Kelly, arenít you supposed to be in the hospital?

Kelly: I just got released.

Hugh: Why arenít you home in bed?

Kelly: I just couldnít face my family and another round with Kevin. I just thought I'd come here, maybe find a little peace. What about you?

Hugh: I just got finished desecrating two graves. So if you find some peace, you mind sending it my way?

Kelly: Maybe we'll find it together.

Adriana: Look, Laylaís just worried about you, like everybody is.

Kevin: Everybody? Look, it doesnít matter. Sheís right. I'm a mess.

Adriana: Ah, if it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one. I canít stop thinking about Duke, how I could've done things differently.

Kevin: Like what? What, you wouldnít have dumped him? Huh? Then we all would've been one big happy family, you and Duke, me and Kelly? Come on, we both know thatís a crock. Oh.

Layla: So, whatís up with Mr. Slick?

Cristian: If you're smart, you'll stay away from him. The guyís trouble.

Layla: Then why are you letting Vange dance with him?

Vincent: You smell so nice. But you know, I really want to know, what is this all about?

Evangeline: Oh. I thought we should get to know each other, since you're crisí manager and I'm his lawyer.

Vincent: Well, it seems to me that you're taking that attorney-client relationship seriously. The two of you are joined at the hip.

Evangeline: I'm his friend. And as his friend, I donít like what I see, Mr. Jones. Yeah, see, I can still read people.

Vincent: So tell me, what is it exactly that you "see"?

Evangeline: Thatís nice fabric. Thatís expensive. This is not the kind of suit most boxing managers wear.

Vincent: Well, boxingís just a sideline. I believe in diversifying my investments.

Evangeline: Hmm. And what got you interested in the ring, Mr. Jones?

Vincent: Well --

Evangeline: No, no, no. Donít even bother. You're just going to lie to me.

Vincent: Oh, so you're a mind reader.

Evangeline: I donít have to be. Your whole body is telling on you.

Vincent: Ooh. So, Ms. Williamson, you know something? You're very -- and I mean very -- astute.

Evangeline: Thatís because you see I know the game and just donít try to pull anything over on Cristian, you get to see just how good I am.

Cristian: Mind if I cut in?

Evangeline: Mr. Jones and I are done.

Vincent: Ms. Williamson, the pleasureís all mine.

Cristian: What was that all about?

Evangeline: I just thought I'd get a feel for the guy, you know?

Cristian: And?

Evangeline: And you're right. You canít trust him.

Cristian: But I'm stuck with him. Unless I want to leave boxing, which I donít. And I donít have enough money to buy him out.

Evangeline: Well, why donít you find someone that does?

Cristian: I donít think the Buchanans or the Lords are that into the boxing scene.

Evangeline: What about your brother?

Cristian: I pay my own way. Besides, thatís Ticoís money. It wouldnít be right after what I did.

Evangeline: Well, thereís another option.

Cristian: I'm not taking your money, either.

Evangeline: No, Cristian, I'm talking about Todd Manning.

Cristian: I think I'd rather take my chances with Jones.

Bo: I mean, forget it. I'm not going to let you spy on Truman.

Blair: It'll work.

Bo: Do you have any idea what something like this entails? You know, I canít just take your word for it, all right? You would have to come up with tangible proof.

Blair: Oh, come on, I told you I will do whatever it takes, ok?

Bo: Well, you would have to wear a wire. And if you're suggesting what I think you might be suggesting, wearing a wire would be impossible.

Blair: Well, then you're just going to have to come up with something, arenít you?

Bo: You've been through a lot lately, and you're not thinking straight.

Blair: Look, I can handle Spencer.

Bo: What if you canít? Your kids just got their dad back. Donít make them lose their mother now, too. I told you, I am on this. And I'll call you as soon as I get anything. Now, what I want you to do right now, you go home. You keep a safe distance. Donít do anything until I call you.  Hey, I'm on my way. Yeah. No, if everything goes well, we're going to have the truth about Spencer before the dayís over.

John: Do me a favor. Take Ms. Cochran to this location. The commissioner will meet you. And make sure you give them these test results. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Officer: Letís go.

John: Thanks. All right. What did you want to talk about?

Todd: I understand you found Margaret.

John: Yeah. Well, forget about it. It was an accident. I went looking for something else, and -- I wasnít trying to save your hide.

Todd: Yeah, well, whether you meant to or not, I -- I owe you my life, and I just wanted to tell you I'm going to pay you back someday.

John: In a way, you already did.

Spencerís voice: Donít worry, Margaret. You'll start a new life, someplace warm and wonderful. And I'll find a good home for your son, with parents who will love him. You see? I'm not such a bad guy after all, am I? I know itís painful to love a lowlife like Todd Manning. Both you and Blair have suffered for it. But rest assured, Todd Manning will never have Blair Cramer. I will make sure of that. You see, I love her. Sheís mine now. And I'm going to make her the happiest woman in the world, happier than she ever could've thought possible. And you, too, by the way. Without Todd, you will finally be happy. Itís all for you, Blair. Everything. Itís all for you.

Blair: Boís right. Donít do this.

Michael: I'm exhausted.

Marcie: I know. Me, too. That whole 3:00 A.M. feeding thing. Oh. Not that I mind.

Michael: No.

Marcie: You know, I donít mind at all. I mean, you are a lot more fun than any sleep.

Michael: Yeah, I guess he is, isnít he? Yes, you are, arenít you?

Marcie: So, now that we're actually seeing what itís like, do you think, you know, that you still want to have kids right away?

Michael: Well, I can think of about a million reasons why not.

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: You know? I mean, we're just getting started here. We're both the babies of our own families. We're kind of just making it up as we go along, arenít we, buddy? But -- I mean, thatís really part of it, isnít it? I mean, learning what we're doing, you know? Figuring it all out together?

Marcie: Yeah. So, um -- you mean that you would --

Michael: Love to start a family as soon as possible.

Marcie: Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Oh, I -- I have to go to L.U.

Michael: You have to do what?

Marcie: Yeah, I forgot I have to go speak at a creative writing class. You remember I told you about that? But, look, I promise, I'll be back in time for your checkup.

Michael: But you're -- yeah, you're coming back --

Marcie: Yeah, I will. Yes.

Michael: Ok.

Marcie: Yes, I will be back.

Michael: Ok. All right, well, looks itís going to be just you and me tonight, buddy. Yeah. Just the boys.

Marcie: Kids. So, we're really going to do this, arenít we?

Kelly: Look, you canít blame yourself for what happened. There were bodies. There was a lot of evidence. Everyone thought Todd was guilty.

Hugh: Yeah, but "everyone" didnít put Todd on death row or go after him with a gun. I've made it personal, about the baby, because of my background, I guess.

Kelly: Well, babies can do that to you.

Hugh: Yeah, but a D.A. canít let it. I have to uphold the law of the people.

Kelly: You did.

Hugh: I was wrong.

Kelly: You were set up, just like Todd was. Whoever did that, thatís the person you should be blaming.

Hugh: Trust me, I do. And I'm going to find out who it was. You think I was obsessed with convicting Todd, you ainít seen nothing yet.  [Phone rings]  Itís Bo. I got to run.

Kelly: You going to be ok?

Hugh: Are you?

Kelly: I donít know.

Hugh: Yeah. Me, neither.

Cristian: I know Manningís your client -- friend, whatever. I donít like the guy. Never have.

Evangeline: Yeah, but, Cristian, the enemy you know is better than the enemy you donít know, right? Todd owes me a favor, and I really think heís changed.

Cristian: I've heard that before.

Evangeline: No, no. This time itís true.

Cristian: I've actually heard that, too. Well, the reason I'm telling you this is because I care about you.

Evangeline: I care about you, too. And I also care about Todd.

Cristian: Do you care enough about Manning to let him do this?

Kevin: Is that how you think you and Duke would've ended up? Me and Kelly?

Adriana: Probably not.

Kevin: You made the choice to be with someone else. Howís that going, by the way?

Adriana: Itís good.

Kevin: Yeah? How come you're here feeling sorry for yourself?

Adriana: Why are you?

Kevin: Uh -- well, letís see. Anything good I had going on in my life was blown away by the tornado. So thereís that. But you, you still have a life, so, you know, you shouldnít screw it up.

Hugh: Everything set?

Bo: Yeah. All we need now is Truman.

Hugh: I still donít know if this will even be admissible. Could be considered entrapment.

Bo: I'll take my chances as long as we can nail the S.O.B.

Hugh: Oh, we've got a problem.

Bo: We got to get Blair out of there. Sheís going to screw up the whole thing.

Todd: How did I help you?

John: Well, you bugging me about, you know, clearing your name, well, it kind of motivated me to pursue my fatherís killer.

Todd: I'd say so. While I was on death row, you were off playing Mac Beth.

John: I think that would be hamlet.

Todd: Aye. Ďtis true. Anyway, did you find who did it?

John: David Vickers.

Todd: Vickers? I didnít think he had the stones for that. So first he offs your old man, and then his ex-wife lets him die on the table. And then he sets me up for murder.

John: Yeah, now all we got to do is prove it. [Phone rings] Yeah, Mc Bain. Whatís up, Bo? I'm on my way. I've got to go.

Blair: I have to know.

John: Hey, hey. You need to come with me.

Blair: Why?

John: I'll tell you later. Come on.

Blair: Just let go of me!

Minister: Can I help you?

Kelly: Um -- I'm sorry. I didnít mean to bother you. I just -- I was looking for a quiet place to sit. Is that all right?

Minister: You can stay here as long as you like. I'm just locking up for the night, though. Will you be all right out here?

Kelly: Yeah.

Minister: Is there anything you want to talk about?

Kelly: No, thanks. I -- I know what I have to do. I'm just scared of what might happen.

Minister: God never tests us in ways we canít handle, even if it doesnít always seem that way. This test is no different.

Kevin: All right. Ooh. I'm fine.

Adriana: No, you're not, ok? Just let me get you a cab, all right?

Kevin: Just leave me alone. I'm fine.

Adriana: I did that with Duke, and now I'll never see him again.

Kevin: Look, I'm a mess, ok? Itís -- itís fine. Donít let this happen to you. Honestly, you're -- you're much too young to be this bitter, ok?

Adriana: Hey.

Kevin: Yeah?

Adriana: So are you. Come on.

Cristian: Look, I know you want to make everything right in the world. And I know that Manning is part of that. Itís this avenging angel thing you do. Protecting everyone. I'm just feeling a little protective of you right now.

Evangeline: Why? Because I'm blind?

Cristian: No. Thatís because of the way I feel about you. And I donít think you need to see my face to know that I'm not just talking about --

Evangeline: I do. I see it. I see it. Everyoneís staring at us, arenít they?

Cristian: Donít know, donít care. All I see is you.

Evangeline: Letís get out of here.

Cristian: Yeah.

Blair: Hey, come on, whatís this about?

John: I couldnít let you go in Trumanís office.

Blair: Come on, I -- what the hell?

Spencer: Well, hello there.

Blair: Margaretís wearing a wire?

Margaret: I remember.

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Adriana: I got another text message. Heís back.

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