OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/8/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/8/06


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Jessica: Antonio? Are you the babyís father?

Antonio: No. Itís Nash.

Jessica: Nash.

Antonio: Jess?

Jessica: No, Nash is the father, and that means --

Viki: Jessie?

Jessica: That Tess is the mother.

Viki: Honey?

Antonio: Jessica?

Phil: Tess?

Jessica: Oh, my God. Itís a miracle.

Claudia: Nash, you're going too fast.

Nash: You want me to slow down? Promise me you can get me past security at your fatherís penthouse.

Claudia: I'll -- I'll try, but Manhattan doormen are very tough, very protective --

Nash: Promise me that you can get me past security.

Claudia: I will. I will, ok? Just slow down. I'll do whatever you want.

Nash: There you go. That wasnít that hard, was it?

Vincent: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. I'll tell you, you better be that smooth in the ring. Otherwise, I'm going to have to rethink my investment.

Cristian: You.

Evangeline: Cris, whatís wrong?

Cristian: Nothing. Letís go.

Vincent: I'm sorry. We havenít been properly introduced. I'm Vincent Jones.

Cristian: Yeah, Vincent Jones -- the mob guy from Atlantic City. Thereís no way I'm working for you.

Blair: I turned my back on you when you needed me, Todd. Can you ever forgive me?

Todd: What?

Blair: Tell me. Tell me how you're feeling now.

Todd: Dead.

Vincent: You know, you really donít have much of a head for business, being slick to the man who cuts your checks. If I was you, I would let Ms. Williamson do the talking.

Evangeline: I'm sorry. Have we met?

Vincent: Well, not officially. See, we know some of the same people.

Cristian: Vincent put john and Natalie together with the witness to johnís fatherís murder because thatís just the kind of people he knows.

Vincent: Yeah, thatís right. You see, they needed help, so I gave it to them. You know, I could do the same for you.

Cristian: This is no coincidence.

Vincent: And whatís that supposed to mean?

Cristian: Well, God knows what Natalie had to do to get you to help her. Now you buy out my contract?

Vincent: You know, I'm really getting a bad rap around here. Natalie and I -- we're friends. See, what I'm handling here is business.

Cristian: No, itís not. Letís go.

Vincent: Ms. Williamson, will you please explain to your client what "breach of contract" means and what exactly would happen if he was to walk away?

Blair: Todd, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry that I betrayed you. I swear if we'd just go back, if we could go back to the way it was before, before -- before Margaret -- when we were happy, when it was just -- just the two of us. I love you. I still love you. And I believe in you. I guess what I -- I guess what I want to know -- do you still love me?

Phil: Whatís the miracle, Jessica? Or is it Tess?

Jessica: No. Itís Jessica -- thatís the miracle. I was so scared that if it had -- if it turned out this way, that Tess would come and take over permanently.

Phil: But she didnít.

Jessica: No. I kept on waiting for that drowning feeling to come, but I handled it myself. Tess didnít come back.

Antonio: Thank God.

Clint: So -- ahem -- what do we do now?

Phil: Legally, I donít know. But if Tess didnít take over after this news, then I donít think Jessica needs her the way she used to.

Jessica: No, I know I donít.

Phil: And it helps that Nash isnít around. Well, if you'd please excuse me.

Clint: All right.

Viki: Thank you, doctor.

Phil: Sure.

Antonio: Nash leaving not only protected the baby, he -- he helped Jessica survive.

Jessica: Antonio. Hey, Antonio? I'm so sorry.

Antonio: No.

Jessica: I didnít know it would turn out this way.

Antonio: No. No, Jess. It doesnít matter who the babyís father is. You are Brennanís mother, and -- and you're here with me and I love you, and thatís more important than any D.N.A. test.

Jessica: I just -- I need a minute, ok?

Clint: Viki, why donít you let me take care of this.

Viki: Antonio, I know how disappointed you must be.

Antonio: No, I'm ok.

Viki: No. No, you're really not, but you're trying to spare Jessie any more pain, and I'm very grateful to you for that. You always put her first.

Antonio: I canít let this be important. It -- it doesnít matter. If Jessica is a part of my life, it means Brennan is a part of my life, and Jessica and I will -- we'll raise her the same way we're raising Jamie. It doesnít matter who the biological parents are.

Viki: Well, sheís a very lucky little girl. But, Antonio, you have to realize that Nash is now a part of our lives forever.

Clint: Honey, how you doing?

Jessica: Oh, I'm fine.

Clint: Yeah, you're just peachy, huh?

Jessica: Well, it wasnít the news that I wanted to hear, but I handled it. I'm handling it.

Clint: You are. And if you're interested, I agree with you.

Jessica: What?

Clint: You think Nash deserves to hear the truth. I think so, too.

Jessica: Oh.

George: Ahh. Brennan. How the hell did you get past security?

Claudia: I helped him.

George: Why? What did he do to you?

Nash: Now, you shut up and you listen. I did everything you asked. I left llanview, I left my daughter, and I left Tess. Now you're going to keep your promise. You're going to stay the hell away from them forever.

George: Actually, your timing couldnít be better. I was just about to discuss a new business plan --

Nash: I donít give a damn what you were --

George: For Brennan Winery.

Nash: You have no control over my winery. Brucey had all of my investors very well vetted.

George: Oh, yes, and didnít he do a hell of a job. Thatís why I made him my V.P. of mergers and acquisitions.

Nash: You bastard. You sold me out.

Claudia: Nash, donít!

Evangeline: I canít give Cristian any kind of legal advice until I know whatís in this so-called contract of yours.

Vincent: Well, I'll send you a copy, but, you know, with your issues --

Evangeline: My issues are being handled, thank you. I'll expect a copy first thing in the morning.

Vincent: Well, I'll have it for you tonight. I can even bring it to your apartment.

Evangeline: Hey, Cris. I'll have my messenger service pick it up. Call my assistant.

Vincent: You know, I really, really, really love a woman with a backbone. But how about you send her home?

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Vincent: You and me -- we're heading to the gym. I own you now, so I want to see what you've got.

Cristian: Sorry. No go. I got places to be. Come on, letís go. Get your bulldog out of the way.

Vincent: Shaun, would you escort Ms. Williamson to wherever she wants to go?

Shaun: Right.

Cristian: Well, if you think I'm going to let --

Evangeline: Ok, ok. Can you just give us a minute, please? Hey. Hey, cris? Until I find out what your legal rights are, you know, maybe you should avoid getting this guy mad at you.

Cristian: Oh, you want me to go with this guy?

Evangeline: You are in a room with a mobster, a goon, and a blind woman.

Cristian: Evangeline --

Evangeline: You are outnumbered here.

Cristian: We donít have to do this right now.

Evangeline: Consider it a fact-finding mission. Just go with him, find out what he wants. Ok?

Cristian: You call me as soon as he drops you off.

Evangeline: Deal. All right. Letís go, Shaun. I need to go to the hospital. I need to check on a client. Hey, wait, wait. I'm not an invalid.

Vincent: Ms. Williamson, with all due respect, you donít know where the limoís parked.

Evangeline: All right. All right, but I'll take your arm. Please? Letís go.

Cristian: Nothing better happen to her.

Vincent: Hey. You and me -- we're going off to that gym now. I want to see if I got my moneyís worth.

Viki: Nash is now going to be a part of Jessieís life and yours, and so is Tess.

Antonio: I -- Viki, I know it can never be like it was before everything happened. How could it be? We have you.

Viki: You and Jessie have not had an easy time of it. I'm so sorry about that.

Antonio: No, but at least now we know everything we're dealing with, and we didnít for so long, and you saw Jess -- sheís getting stronger, and now we have the baby to help keep her here. I'm not going to let her go again, Viki.

Viki: Antonio, itís not up to you. I wish it were.

Antonio: We'll be fine. We're a united front now. We're a family, and thatís what we worked so hard for.

Viki: But Nash needs to know that he has a daughter.

Antonio: Oh, if he wanted to know so bad, he would've been here. Look, he'll -- he'll know soon enough. Right now we need to take care of Jess, and I need to take care of my family.

Viki: Shh, shh. Jessie all right?

Clint: Oh, yeah. Sheís doing remarkably well. Sheís making a phone call now.

Viki: To whom?

Clint: You're just going to hate this.

Nash: You're on his payroll? You were on my payroll.

Bruce: You and I were business associates, Nash, back when you were good for business.

Nash: And Reston made you an offer you couldnít refuse.

Bruce: Right.

Nash: So you didnít.

Claudia: Oh, please! Dad -- Daddy will call security.

George: Sheís right.

Nash: Oh, this is unbelievable.

[Phone rings]

Nash: What?

Jessica: Nash?

Nash: Tess. Honey, are you all right?

Jessica: No. Um -- sorry. Itís Jessica.

Nash: Jessica. Of course it is.

Blair: Will you tell me where I stand?  Please, Todd?

Starr: Dad. Oh, I thought I would never see you again.

Todd: Easy.

Starr: Is your heart ok?

Todd: Itís ok.

Blair: No, you know what? He -- heís weak, sweetie. I just meant you shouldnít push him.

Starr: Yeah, well, I want to see my dad, ok? He could've died.

Blair: Look, I'm not here to pick a fight.

Starr: I'm not the one whoís pushing it.

Blair: Ok, just be easy on him, all right? Just --

Todd: We'll have time. We'll have time.

Starr: Ok. Whatever you say. Come on.

Blair: No, I've got things to do. I'll see you back at home.

Starr: Ok. I have something for you. I saved it for you. As far as I'm concerned, you could do whatever you want with it. I love you, ok?

Nash: Jessica, would you hold on for a moment? I'm going to go somewhere a little more private.

George: Well, be my guest.

Nash: Ok. So, Tess is gone and you're back.

Jessica: Yeah. Um -- after you left, she fought really hard to stay in control, but she was afraid for Brennan. So was I. It -- it was about the baby. I know how hard it was for you to leave, and I know that it wasnít your choice.

Nash: Are you and the baby all right? Um -- no more threats, right?

Jessica: No, no.

Nash: Good. Then I did the right thing.

Jessica: I -- well, I just wanted to call -- I felt like I had to thank you -- for myself and for your daughter.

Nash: What?

Jessica: We got the test results back. Brennan -- sheís yours.

Nash: I knew it.

Jessica: I just want you to know that Antonio and I are going to take very, very good care of her. We are going to make sure that she has a wonderful life.

Nash: Ahem. Thank you for calling. Um -- I have to go now.

Jessica: Hey.

Antonio: You going to be ok?

Jessica: Yeah. I just hope that Nash is.

Antonio: Yeah. Well, I have a surprise for you.

Jessica: I donít know how many more surprises I can take today.

Viki: Sheís calling Nash?

Clint: Heís the babyís father. He deserves to know.

Viki: Oh, I know that, but now?

Jessica: Well, I called Nash.

Viki: Did you get through to him?

Jessica: Yeah, and I told him.

Clint: And how'd he take it?

Jessica: Well, he was expecting Tess, and, well, it was really hard for him -- for him hearing it from me, and, I donít know, mostly he just sounded sad. He didnít say much.

Viki: That wonít last.

Jessica: Well, I had to take control of the situation. I told him the truth. I thanked him for putting some distance between us, and I made it very clear that Antonio and I will be raising Brennan.

Viki: Which was exactly the right thing to do.

Clint: You do know heís not going to give up without a fight.

Viki: Clint.

Clint: He is the babyís father. He loves her. You're not going to keep him away from Llanview.

Jessica: Well, heís gone for now, until he deals with these people who are threatening him, and that gives me time to deal with Tess.

Antonio: Hey. You ready for your surprise?

Jessica: Yeah.

Antonio: Ok. Come on.

Jessica: Oh, my goodness. Hi, sweetie, come here. Oh.

Antonio: Mami?

Jessica: Hello, I missed you.

Antonio: Jamie, I have someone I want you guys to meet.

Jessica: Here, come here.

Viki: Ooh. Got her?

Antonio: Yeah.

Carlotta: Oh.

Antonio: This is Brennan.

Carlotta: Oh. Sheís so beautiful.

Antonio: Isnít she? Look at that. See? Come here. Yeah.

Blair: Put it back on, Todd. I love you. And I believe in you, and I'm so sorry I let you think otherwise. But I thought that we could be a family again. You, me, Jack, and Starr -- we can be a family again.

Todd: No. We canít.

Claudia: Nash?

Nash: Um -- did you know?

Claudia: About Jessica? I had no idea.

Nash: Not about Jessica -- about Brucey.

Claudia: I donít keep track of my fatherís business -- you know that. Did I hear correctly? Is Jessica back? Maybe this is a good thing.

Nash: Would you -- would you please give me a moment and go back inside?

Claudia: Tess, the vineyard -- they're all wrapped up together.

Nash: Ha-ha. Donít talk about things you know nothing about.

Claudia: I know what itís like to have the person you love the most disappear from your life. But I made it through, and so can you. Want to know how?

Nash: Canít wait to hear this.

Claudia: You face facts head on. You just do it.

Nash: Do what?

Claudia: Say goodbye to a love that was never really yours to begin with.

Jamie: Sheís so little.

Jessica: Well, you were that little once.

Antonio: Yeah. And you used to sleep just like that, too.

Carlotta: Mm-hmm. Huh.

Clint: What got to you?

Viki: Seeing how much Antonio wants that baby to be his.

Clint: Oh, I know.

Viki: You know, Clint, I think the last couple of weeks have been the definition of "horrible." We buried our grandson, I watched my brother almost get put to death for something that he didnít do and that actually didnít even happen. But I really thought that this one was going to go our way. I thought that Antonio and Jessica were owed that.

Clint: Yeah, and that would've been a cleaner, neater solution. Thatís for sure.

Viki: You know what? This is going to be such a mess. I mean, Jessica has to realize Nash is not going to back off now that he knows that that little girl is his. Heís not going to stop until he gets Tess back.

Clint: Well, Jessica found out that Nash was the babyís father and she didnít fall apart. In fact, she made the phone call to him. She didnít need Tess to do it.

Viki: Ok. All true, yes.

Clint: Viki? Come on. You got to take the good news where you can find it, ok, and the good news here is that Jessica is getting stronger because sheís got a family to fight for her.

Viki: Oh, I would so like to believe that. But you better trust me when I tell you that this is just the calm before the storm.

Vincent: I almost passed on you, you know? That injury to your hand?

Cristian: Donít you worry. Tonight, I can beat the crap out of someone and not feel a thing.

Vincent: Yeah? Whoo.

Ricky: Hey, Cris, do you need help with that?

Cristian: Hey, Rick, no. Thanks, though, man.

Ricky: I could hold the bag.

Cristian: Sure.

Ricky: So, whoís that dude in the suit?

Cristian: That dude is my new manager.

Ricky: Yeah? Well, I never saw him around here.

Cristian: Heís out of Atlantic City.

Ricky: And what does he want with you?

Cristian: I donít know. But I sure as hell intend to find out.

Shaun: You said I.C.U., Right?

Evangeline: You just help me find a seat, and then you can go.

Shaun: Ok.

Evangeline: Cristian? Itís Evangeline. I'm at the hospital and I'm fine, ok? I'll call you later. I said you can go.

Shaun: How you going to get home?

Evangeline: I'll call a cab.

Shaun: Mr. Jones said --

Evangeline: Mr. Jones said that you should take me wherever I want to go, and you have, so thank you. Excuse me? Do you work here?

Nurse: Yeah. Can I help you?

Evangeline: Yes, you can. Um -- I'm here to see a friend and I'm blind, so I was wondering if you could take me to Todd Manningís room.

Nurse: Yeah, no problem.

Evangeline: Thank you.

 Blair: Ok. Ok, if you donít want to wear your ring right now, itís -- itís all right. I can -- I can live with that.

Todd: Not now.

Blair: Ok. But someday soon, I hope.

Todd: I'm tired.

Blair: I know. I know. You get your sleep. You -- you need to get your strength, Todd. But I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not going to give up on us. I donít care how much you think you hate me right now.

Todd: I didnít say that.

Blair: Well, thatís good. Thatís good. Damn it, Todd. I just wish that you would tell me what you need to hear me say.

Todd: Oh, not some phony apology.

Blair: Ok.

Ricky: You donít know anything about this guy?

Cristian: No, just what I told you. Heís from Atlantic City, and heís connected.

Ricky: Thatís never good.

Cristian: Yeah, you donít have to tell me that. Rourke did me a real solid.

Ricky: Hey, listen, man, just watch your back, all right?

Cristian: Yeah.

Ricky: You donít want to end up back in the joint, for real this time.

Vincent: Hey. Whatís going on? Your hand bothering you?

Cristian: No, no, itís not bothering me. I just figured you didnít want to stand there and just watch me work the bag all night.

Vincent: Oh. Well, you figured right.

Cristian: Hey, Rick, give us a minute.

Ricky: Yeah, sure. If you need anything, you know where to find me, all right, Cris?

Cristian: All right.

Starr: Hi.

Nash: Well, this just works out perfectly for you, doesnít it? First, I lose my business, my daughter, and the woman I love.

Claudia: Why would I want all those things to happen to you?

Nash: Besides revenge? Maybe so that once Nash falls apart, you'll be there to pick up the pieces.

Claudia: I've learned a few things in A.A., you know.

Nash: Hmm. What?

Claudia: Doing the same thing over and over, always expecting it to turn out differently? Thatís their definition of insanity.

Nash: And you're sane?

Claudia: Yes, and sober, and I did it all without you in my life. I realized that my happiness is my responsibility. Maybe you should figure out the same thing.

Bruce: So, Nash -- we'll be in touch about the vineyard?

Nash: Go to hell.

George: Well, that didnít go well.

Claudia: That is your fault. You always go too far.

George: She'll get over it.

Clint: Clint Buchanan.

Nash: Clint, itís Nash. Jessica just called me.

Clint: Yeah, I know that. What can I do for you, son?

Nash: Sir, I'm sorry, but thatís my daughter, and you know me well enough to know I'm not going to just walk away from her.

Clint: Look, I understand how you feel, but you've got to do whatís best for this baby.

Nash: Whatís best for the baby? You think thatís Antonio? Sir, I'm going to take care of the Restons, and then I'm coming back to get my daughter. Bye.

Viki: I presume that was Nash.

Clint: Yep.

Viki: Didnít take long, did it?

Carlotta: Antonio told me about the test.

Jessica: We'll deal with it somehow.

Carlotta: Yeah, but I donít like this Nash.

Jessica: Heís not a bad person. Heís staying away for the babyís sake and for mine.

Antonio: Yeah. And at least I have my girl back -- well, my girls.

Jessica: Yeah. All three of us are your girls, forever.

Starr: My dad -- he woke up from his surgery. I just talked to him.

Ricky: Wow. So heís going to make it?

Starr: Yeah, I canít believe it.

Ricky: Thatís great. Hey, maybe things will be better with you and your mom now.

Starr: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Yeah?

Evangeline: You up for a visitor?

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Nurse: Thereís a chair right here, Ms. Williamson. If you need any help -- here you go -- just ask Mr. Manning to press his call button.

Evangeline: Thank you. How are you feeling?

Todd: Oh, not so good.

Evangeline: I wish I could see your face right now.

Todd: I wish you could see yours. We're going to get you the -- the best doctors and the best treatment --

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: No, I mean it.

Evangeline: I know you do, but the damage to my eyes -- they're saying itís permanent.

Todd: Well, they said I was a murderer. Here I am.

Evangeline: Thank God.

Todd: Hmm. Yeah, we're going to prove them wrong.

Blair: Itís not over, Todd. Itís not over by a long shot.

Viki: For the life of me, I do not understand why you are so taken with Nash.

Clint: I am not taken with him. I just appreciate the fact that he loves my daughter.

Viki: No, he doesnít. He loves Tess. He wants Tess, and believe me, he wishes Jessica had never come back to us.

Clint: Well, what did you want her to do -- lie to him?

Viki: Hey, thatís one solution, yeah.

Clint: Well, he would've found out the truth, and he would've been furious with Jess. Look, Jessie was straight with him, but she also said that they have to put Brennanís welfare first. Look, you like it or not, Nash is going to be part of that babyís life.

Viki: Right, and heís going to do his damnedest to make sure that itís Tess who shares that life with him.

Clint: Now, wait a minute. Jessie showed us that she was closer to facing what that pervert Leeds did to her, and to my mind, that means sheís closer to being whole again.

Viki: Clint, you are being so naive about Jessicaís future.

Clint: What, are we -- are we supposed to be giving up hope just because Nash turned out to be the father?

Viki: Well, of course not. But you have to realize Jessicaís battles are just beginning.

Antonio: You know, I'm going to love her as if she were my own.

Jessica: And thatís how I feel about Jamie.

Antonio: We're going to be fine.

Viki: Of course I'm going to be upbeat for Jessicaís sake. But pretty soon, she is going to have to face the demon that she has locked away her whole life. And you know what? It is going to feel like hell on earth.

Carlotta: Ok, everybody. Smile.

Claudia: I see Bruce slimed his way out of here.

George: He is reptilian, but I think he'll be useful against Nash.

Claudia: If you think heís going to crawl out of here with his tail between his legs because you took away everything he loved, you have seriously underestimated Nash Brennan.

Nash: That was some performance. You missed your calling. You should've been an actor.

Bruce: You were pretty good yourself there, tough guy. Reston doesnít have a clue we're in this together.

Nash: Reston thinks heís so smooth.

Bruce: We have a deal, right? I own 40% of the vineyard when this is all over?

Nash: Yeah, yeah. You write it up, I'll sign it.

Bruce: You really think we can con a shark like Reston?

Nash: By the time I'm done with Reston, heís not going to be able to afford a gardener, never mind a hit squad. Heís never getting near my daughter again.

Bruce: Oh. Sheís yours?

Nash: Yeah.

Bruce: Oh.

Nash: I promised Jessica I wouldnít go near her again as long as Restonís in the picture. Once heís gone, I'm going home -- to Tess and my family.

Bruce: Well, this better work because if it doesnít, you're dead, and so is your daughter.

Vincent: I tell you, man, you fight your next fight the way you handled that sparring partner, I'm going to be a happy man. Howís the hand?

Cristian: Did you see me pull any punches?

Vincent: Nah.

Cristian: Then itís fine.  

Vincent: Yeah. Yeah, thatís right. Hey, listen, I want you to put my new guy on the undercard -- Cristian Vega. Yeah. Things are going to work out -- yeah, for me, anyway, maybe not for Vega. Hey. Ok.

Starr: Why should I give my mom a break? She didnít do that for my dad.

Ricky: Yeah, well, it sounds like she was just doing what she thought was right. Now, she was taking care of you and your brother all by herself. When I see what that does to my mom --

Starr: My mom wasnít alone the whole time. My dad was, while my mom was busy shacking up with Dr. Truman.

Ricky: Thatís a pretty harsh way to talk about your mom.

Starr: Yeah, well, I donít care because my dadís back, and heís the only parent that I need.

Ricky: Yeah? And what if he decides to forgive her?

Starr: Yeah, well, he wonít. Because thatís exactly what she deserves.

Evangeline: What Anne said that helped the most was that I can still be me, you know? Just a better listener. But first I have to accept being blind.

Todd: Oh, thatís crap.

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Look, I'm going to get you the best specialist in the country, and if he says that itís permanent, ok, then we'll talk.

Evangeline: You know what? You donít have to do that. I donít need your help.

Todd: I want to pay you back.

Evangeline: Uh-huh. Speaking of payback, how are things with you and Blair?

Todd: Hmm. She turned her back on me. She slept with the man who set me up. The hell with her. I'm going to concentrate on the people who believed in me -- my kids and you.

Blair: Hey. Itís Blair. I need to meet with you, itís important. I'm going to put my family back together, and you're the one thatís going to help me do it.

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Margaret: This is all because of you. What happened to my baby?

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