OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/1/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/1/06


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Cristian: These shelves are pretty naked.

Evangeline: I'm a career man, not a gourmet chef.

Cristian: Hey, forget gourmet. Where do you keep your rice, your beans, your cheese?

Evangeline: Laylaís lactose intolerant.

Cristian: Then whatís with all this ice cream?

Evangeline: Sheís not that intolerant, ok?

Cristian: Guess thereís no point in asking "whereís the beef?"

Evangeline: If I want a burger, I go to Rodiís or to your motherís diner.

Cristian: But you do champagne.

Evangeline: When I have something to celebrate.

Cristian: This is your night, as big as it gets.

Evangeline: Toddís condition is still touch-and-go, and Spencerís still a threat. I feel like I should be doing something.

Cristian: Nobody doubts your super powers, Evangeline, but Manningís got his family with him and itís not your job to police Truman.

Evangeline: It just doesnít feel over. I'm still holding my breath.

Cristian: Well, I'm here to tell you that itís safe to breathe. And if you want to hold off celebrating your client beating a death sentence, there are other things we can drink to.

Evangeline: For instance?

Cristian: For instance -- us?

Kelly: I need you to get me a pregnancy test.

Adriana: Kelly, do you really think you're pregnant?

Kelly: I donít know. Thatís why I need the test. Itís why I need your help, and you canít tell anyone.

Bo: I want everything we have on Margaret Cochran and I want to know the minute that she or Vickers gets a visit from a lawyer, friend, or athing else, ok?

Officer: You got it.

Bo: Thank you. Hugh?

Hugh: Hey.

Bo: Donít beat yourself up. We went with the only case we had, so just let it go, all right? We got to stay focused.

Hugh: Right. So this is the theory that we're working with? Spencer faked Margaretís death and set Todd Manning up to take the fall?

Bo: We donít have any evidence that points directly to Truman, but we sure have some circumstantial evidence. When you think about Vickers, Manning -- Paige --

Officer: Commish?

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: I checked with holding. Vickers already has a visitor, and it isnít his lawyer.

Bo: Who is it?

David: Unless thatís my lawyer with four aspirin, I donít want to speak to anybody.

Dorian: Oh, I think you'll want to see me.

David: Please tell me you're here to bust me out of this hellhole.

Dorian: David, I just want to know one thing -- are you guilty?

Michael: What are you talking about, John? There is no more. We have David, heís the shooter. We have Paige -- sheís the doctor who botched the operation and killed dad on the operating table. I donít know -- sounds to me like the case is closed.

John: Thereís still one missing player, the one that connects Paige and Vickers all those years ago.

Michael: When Paige was married to Davidís -- no, John. No, John, you're not suggesting --

John: Listen to me, Mike. Thereís one person that had the motive and opportunity to protect his brother and then cover his wifeís malpractice -- Spencer Truman.

Blair: Natalie, tell me. Do you think Spencer set Todd up, put him on death row?

Natalie: Yes, I do.

Blair: What, is this just a feeling, a hunch? I mean, what -- what proof do you and John have?

Natalie: Margaret Cochran, alive and well. And when she remembers what happened, sheís going to want to know where her baby is. And if she thinks Spencer has info on that, sheís going to turn on him in a heartbeat, and then it will all come out -- Spencerís part in the Mc Bain murder cover up, what he did to Margaret and what he tried to do to Todd.

Bo: Ok. Have a seat. Walk us through this again, Margaret. How did you end up in Bangkok?

Margaret: I was an accountant at Buchanan enterprises. The job didnít suit me, a position opened up in Thailand, and I took it.

Hugh: Hey, what did you do with your baby?

Margaret: I donít know anything about a baby.

Kevin: Why didnít the job at B.E. work out, Margaret?

Margaret: It just didnít. Who are you again?

Kevin: I'm Kevin Buchanan, C.E.O. of Buchanan Enterprises.

Margaret: Oh. Well, then you already have my personnel file. You know why I left.

Bo: All right, letís get back to your time in Bangkok.

Margaret: No, I'm not going to answer any more questions until you give me some answers.

Hugh: You're in no position to make any demands.

Margaret: Look, I was kidnapped and I was held at gunpoint and -- look, I donít understand this. If i had a baby, I would not forget him. This Margaret that you want to handcuff and harass -- itís just not me.

Dorian: Well, David? Did you shoot John and Michael Mc Bainís father? Is this the murder that Spencerís been holding over you for years?

David: Testing, testing.

Dorian: What are you doing?

David: I'm just checking to see if you're wired. Do you copy, Bo?

Dorian: I am only here in my own behalf.

David: You might if I give you a little pat-down, then?

Dorian: David, the only thing I want from you is the truth -- all of it, and I donít intend to share anything you tell me with Bo or anyone else.

David: Mm-hmm. What happens in lockdown stays in lockdown?

Dorian: Oh. This is so laughable -- you not trusting me.

David: Sorry, gorgeous. Your timing just seems -- I donít know -- a little shaky. Suddenly, you want me to spill my guts?

Dorian: Let me think -- maybe, just maybe it has something to do with the fact that you're behind bars.

David: Yeah, trapped like a rat. But when I was free, when I came to you and basically begged you to listen to me for the sake of our relationship, you didnít want to hear any of the gory details then, but now you're all ears.

Dorian: Maybe if you had come to me before you stood me up at the altar.

David: We donít get to pick our moments, Dorian. Look, the point is I came to you. I sucked it up. I told you, you were right, so my question is -- what changed? Why here, why now?

Dorian: Because after everything thatís happened today, a part of me wonders if maybe I should've stood you. Hmm.

John: Mike -- Mike. Hey, hey, listen, listen. Now is not the time, all right? Show some restraint, ok?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Ok.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Come on.

Spencer: Well, I can only imagine what they were saying about me. Blair, come on, tell me. You donít believe them? 

Evangeline: You want to drink to us? There is no "us."

Cristian: I think there is.

Evangeline: We're friends.

Cristian: Friends donít kiss the way we did earlier.

Evangeline: Cris, tonight was an emotional roller coaster and we got caught up in it, and -- and the kiss was a part of that, you know? It was -- it was no big deal.

Cristian: Well, you canít undo a kiss, even if it was no big deal.

Evangeline: Which it was -- not a big deal.

Cristian: Then why are you so nervous?

Evangeline: I'm not nervous. I'm pissed.

Cristian: Pissed at what?

Evangeline: You -- for sitting here acting like that kiss meant something to you when we both know you just feel sorry for me.

Blair: Spencer, itís been a horrific, horrific day.

Spencer: I know.

Blair: And itís hard for me to make sense of any of it.

Spencer: I understand. I -- I really do. I'm just as shocked and confused as you are, really. I mean, to think that Margaret staged her own death, then was captured and then returned to Llanview? Itís just unbelievable.

Blair: You're as surprised as I am?

Spencer: Well, yeah, of course. Why wouldnít I be? You know, the thing that gets me, though, is that John Mc Bain suspects me of having something to do with her staging her death.

Blair: Staging her murder and putting Todd on death row.

Spencer: Now, Blair, I've been there for you throughout Toddís entire trial. I even testified for the man, claiming that -- that I thought that he was innocent.

Blair: You made the D.A.ís case.

Spencer: Well, Blair, I mean, for God sakes, what -- look, if I were the evil man that John Mc Bain says I am, why would I have saved Toddís life tonight, hmm? Why wouldnít I have just let him die?

Blair: You've been a good friend to me, Spencer, a good friend through all of it, and beside me. I do trust you.

Spencer: Thatís all I'm asking, is for you to trust me. Listen, I need to get back in there and check on him. Heís not out of the woods yet, all right?

Bo: Ok, letís -- letís check this out. Ok? These are your -- your victims. Ok? These first three here -- they were lucky enough to get out alive. This one? This one was not quite so lucky.

Hugh: You need to cooperate. Tell us everything you know.

Margaret: Look, I donít know anything. I donít even know these people. Look, I would not hurt someone. This -- this woman -- is she dead?

Hugh: And we have you dead to rights.

Margaret: No, no, I know what my rights are. I want a lawyer.

Bo: You will get a lawyer, and you'll get a psych evaluation, too. Yes, could you escort ms. Cochran down to holding, please?

Kevin: Oh. Wow. That was weird.

Bo: Hmm. Whatís your take on this, Kev?

Kevin: Well, she obviously doesnít know me.

Hugh: Or anyone in those photos.

Bo: So much for a familiar face jarring her memory, hmm?

Kevin: So you think sheís lying?

Bo: Either sheís had a total breakdown with reality, or sheís a world-class liar.

Kevin: Well, I'm available if you need me.

Bo: All right, appreciate it, Kev.

Kevin: Yep.

Bo: Ok, I'm going to head down, lean on Vickers a little bit. Why donít you focus on the autopsy, ok? Get an exhumation order? Letís find out whoís buried in Margaretís grave. Also, letís find out who signed off on the D.N.A. And the blood analysis that confirmed that it was her.

Hugh: Ok. I'm on it.

Bo: Ok, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Yeah. Bo Buchanan.

Nurse: Uh -- Commissioner, this is Shirley Roca. I'm an R.N. At Llanview Hospital.

Bo: Is this regarding Todd Manning?

Shirley: No, I'm calling on behalf of a patient who was just admitted to critical care and lists you as a next of kin.

Bo: Oh, God. Itís not my -- my son, Matthew, is it?

Shirley: No, the patientís name is Paige Miller.

Marcie: Hey, guys. Whatís going -- whatís wrong?

Michael: You are never going to believe it.

John: Hey, I -- I just got off the phone with the Atlantic City D.A.

Marcie: Well, could somebody please tell me whatís going on?

Michael: Yeah.

John: We got my dadís shooter in custody -- David Vickers.

Marcie: You're kidding, right? Ok, well, what else donít I know?

Michael: You may have helped David and Paige cover up the whole thing.

John: Mike, where you going?

Michael: I am going to see Truman. I want him to look me in my eye and tell me what heís done.

John: Hey -- listen to me. You're not going anywhere near him.

David: Dorian Lord wrong? Wow. Well, I guess on a day when a guy can come back from the dead, anythingís possible.

Dorian: Oh, clearly I made a mistake coming here.

David: Wait, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Old habit. I'll tell you the truth -- you deserve that and so much more.

Dorian: Ready when you are.

David: You may find this hard to believe, but I was a stupid kid.

Dorian: Oh.

David: But I wanted to be just like my old man, even though he was a petty, two-bit con artist. Spencer was his bagman.

Dorian: What is that?

David: A kind of collector. I wanted to show my dad that I could do anything Spencer could, so I offered to go on one Spencerís runs. It was a simple job -- I just had to go in and pick up a gambling debt. Go in, take the money, get out. I asked Spencer for a gun. I wanted to show that I could be a player. Everything after I picked up that gun just felt wrong. But I was 16, I was playing chicken with the world. You donít think about those things then. Anyway, I went in, and it turned out that there was a drug deal going on.

Dorian: Hmm.

David: A cop busted in. I got scared, I hightailed it out of there. The cop followed me. I heard him over my shoulder, he was shouting for me to freeze. I panicked. I shot. The cop went down. I went to the hospital. I prayed that he would live, but he didnít. He died, I killed him. Spencer covered for me. Spencer got me out of the country, and I didnít even know who this man was till a few weeks ago.

Dorian: This is what Spencerís been holding over you all these years?

David: Heís used it to make me do a whole lot of things that I regret, none more so than losing the one piece of true happiness I ever had.

Dorian: You see, what really matters here is that you caved in to Spencer. You -- um -- let your fear of what he would do to you destroy us. And, as always, you put your self-interest first.

David: Wait a second, this is not all about me. Are you aware that Margaret Cochran is still alive?

Dorian: Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?

David: Spencer set up the entire thing.

Adriana: Hereís the pregnancy test. Itís one of those ones you can find out five days early.

Kelly: Thank you.

Adriana: Do you want me to wait while you --

Kelly: No, I -- I donít even know if I'm going to take it right now. I -- I just canít wrap my head around this. I canít even think about it.

Adriana: I know. Do you want me to stay?

Kelly: No, I really just want to be alone.

Adriana: Ok. Well, get some rest, and I'll come back tomorrow, ok? And if you need anything, you just call, ok?

Kelly: Ok. Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Kelly: Come on in.

Hugh: Hey, how you feeling?

Kelly: What are you doing here so late?

Hugh: Just picking up some files. I thought I'd check on you. I brought you something.

Spencer: This isnít the way it was supposed to be, Todd. You should be dead.

Starr: Howís dad?

Blair: Hey, sweetie. Heís -- heís getting better. I thought you went home with Viki, or you're with Viki.

Starr: I was, but they had to go home for a while.

Blair: Oh.

Starr: They'll be back. I fell asleep in the sunroom. I had a really creepy nightmare.

Blair: What was it about?

Starr: All these people who hated dad came to the hospital to kill him.

Blair: Starr, your daddy is safe now. Heís going to be all right.

Starr: I know. But it wasnít just him they were after. Margaret was there. She was chasing me and Jack with a scalpel down this creepy, dark hallway, and she was screaming and singing "come out, come out, wherever you are." Then all these other people came, and they wanted to kill us, too.

Blair: You listen to me. Your daddy is going to be fine. Heís going to walk out of this hospital with you and Jack, and he is going to be as good as new, I promise you. Ok?

Spencer: I guess it would just be too easy. 10 ccís of something untraceable to induce a heart attack, and no one would be the wiser. But I just canít risk it, not right now, Todd, there are too many eyes on me. But I guarantee you one thing. You will get whatís coming to you. Just like so many others who have crossed me in my past. Huh.

Paige: I'm sorry. I tried -- I tried to stop --

Bo: Shh, shh, itís ok. Just take it easy, ok?

Paige: Huh. No, I have to tell you. Todd -- Todd -- Margaret --

Bo: No, I know, I know. I already know, ok? Margaretís alive. John found her and he brought her back, and now we're trying to figure out how she -- how she faked her own death. We think that Spencer may be connected in some way.

Paige: Look -- no, Bo, you canít --

Bo: Itís ok.

Paige: Canít go after Spencer. You canít -- you canít go, Bo. You canít -- canít. Not till you --

Bo: Ok. Itís ok, itís ok. Just -- itís ok, take it easy, ok?

Michael: Let me go, John.

John: Ok, hey -- all right. I know what this is for you, all right? You want to hurt this guy, you want to make him pay.

Michael: Thatís right. You donít?

John: Absolutely. I want to beat his face in.

Michael: Yeah, but thatís --

John: But you donít want to be like that, Mike. You donít want to be like that.

Michael: Itís ok for you to be this way?

John: Itís not ok for anyone, all right? Itís not right for any of us. Look, you go there, all right, you confront this guy, you lose it, you punch him, you feel good for about 10 seconds, but you could be throwing your whole career away. Thatís no way to get justice for the old man.

Natalie: Yeah, and a guy like Spencer, he would figure out a way to use it against you, Mike.

Marcie: Natalieís right, and he still is your boss.

John: You just got married, Mike. You donít want to go do something crazy and mess that up.

Marcie: Yes, I would still like my husband in one piece.

John: You know, itís not enough to choose your fights. You got to choose your timing, as well.

Michael: Fine. Fine. What are we supposed to do?

John: We do whatever we need to do to put Truman away.

Michael: Thatís not going to be easy, John.

John: Paige and Vickers were the easy part. Trumanís going to be a little more difficult. But they will all pay in the end, Mike. This is far from over.

Hugh: Itís a video of highlights of the D.A. Dawgzís last game. We stomped the other guys. One of the kids at the community center did the editing. Itís pretty entertaining, especially the part where I scream like a fool.

Kelly: Thanks.

Hugh: You're welcome.

Kelly: So -- uh -- Margaret Cochranís alive?

Hugh: Today I watched a man that I helped convict of double homicide get executed. And only when he'd drawn his last breath and justice was done, I find out heís innocent.

Kelly: And you feel responsible.

Hugh: I am responsible. I presented an airtight case to the jury. They had no choice but to find him guilty and to deliver a death sentence. But now what happens to Todd and his family is on me.

Kelly: Well, if anyone understands how you feel, itís me.

Cristian: So you think this is me feeling sorry for you?

Evangeline: No. And I was stupid, with a side of self-pity.

Cristian: Yeah, try "offensive."

Evangeline: Excuse me?

Cristian: Look, maybe I donít know what itís like to be you right now, but you know me. And where do you get off being so condescending? You're not my charity ca, Evangeline. Whatever I feel for you right now -- well, actually, right now, a little ticked off, yes, but pity? Come on.

Evangeline: Cris, donít make this about you.

Cristian: This thing between us has been going on for months. That kiss started way back, we've both been waiting for it. So donít go pretending it was an act of mercy when it finally showed up.

Evangeline: Yeah, you've been divorced for how long?

Cristian: Oh, come on, what do you want me to say? John? Natalie? Come on, we're done there. We've been done there. And Manningís in the clear, so you're clean out of excuses not to face it. Thereís a lot more going on here than just friendship.

Paige: Bo, promise me -- prom-- promise me you wonít go after Spencer.

Shirley: I'm sorry, Mr. Buchanan, you'll have to leave.

Bo: All right -- what is that?

Shirley: A sedative.

Bo: Ok. All right. Itís ok. You're ok. Shh.

Paige: You canít -- you -- no.

Bo: Shh.

Paige: No --

Dorian: I've been suspicious of Spencer for a long time. And I never doubted for a moment that he was behind your jilting me the day that I always faulted you -- for not trusting me, for not believing that I was worth a fight.

David: You were right. But do you understand now why I did what I did?

Dorian: Yes, maybe. I donít know. It doesnít mean you were right, and it certainly does not change anything.

David: I'm not trying to get you back. I understand that thatís over, but I need help. You're the only person who will help me. So will you?

Kevin: I thought my mom would be here.

Blair: Starr said she went home.

Kevin: You going in?

Blair: No. No, thereís something that I need to do. You know, and I really hate asking you this after everything you're going through with Kelly, but would you watch Starr while -- while I do something?

Kevin: Wait, wait, you're leaving Todd and Starr? To do what?

Blair: Ok, Kevin, my family has been put through hell for the last two years. It ends tonight. I'm going to go find Margaret Cochran, and I'm going to kill her.

Margaret: I'm nothing that they say I am. What was that? 

Dorian: A lot of people need my help right now. But I'm afraid I'm going to have to save my aid and comfort for my family. You are not my family. You could've been, but you chose to take a different path. I will get you a lawyer.

David: Thank you.

Dorian: Bo.

Bo: Dorian.

Bo: You know, Vickers, it doesnít matter how good a lawyer you get. We've still got enough against you to put you away for life.

David: I sense a "but" in there somewhere.

Bo: But we could always cut a deal with you. All you have to do is spill your guts about your brother.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Blair, Blair, look, you do not want to kill anyone.

Blair: Donít tell me what to do, Kevin.

Kevin: Look, I just saw Margaret at the police station. She doesnít remember you or Todd or -- or what happened to her.

Blair: Oh, well, thatís just really convenient. Kevin, thatís Margaret.

Kevin: Hey, look, what if something happens to Todd when you're gone, ok? I canít be here to comfort Starr, she doesnít want that. Trust me, you have to be here for your kids, ok? You have to be here to hold her hand. If anything happens, in case, I mean, God forbid, someday you canít.

Blair: You're right. I'm sorry.

Dorian: Whereís my niece?

Orderly: Sheís getting some air.

Dorian: Oh. I --

Dorian: What is this?

Kelly: Thanks for coming by. I really appreciate it. Itís nice to see a friendly face.

Dorian: Could Kelly possibly be thinking sheís pregnant with Dukeís baby?

Dorian: Hello, sweetheart!

Kelly: What are you doing?

Evangeline: Ok. Maybe there is something going on with us.

Cristian: No "maybe" about it.

Evangeline: It canít go anywhere.

Cristian: Why not?

Evangeline: Timing -- itís off.

Cristian: Because you canít see?

Evangeline: We just -- we canít be together.

Cristian: I donít see anything standing in our way.

Evangeline: Then you're even blinder than I am.

Cristian: Oh, right. This is great, this is great. I work up the nerve to show you how I feel, and you give me the "itís a bad time" line. But my feelings for you are the me even if you canít see me. So you're blind. So what? Deal with it. Deal with me.

Evangeline: I donít know how.

Cristian: Then we'll figure it out together. So we start now. Stand up. Donít you trust me? Ok, now come to me. I'm only a few steps away. Thereís nothing to stop you, Evangeline. Nothing in your way. You believe me now? I mean what I say. And what I do.

Dorian: I just sent the orderly out to get you a cotton blanket.

Kelly: The bedís fine the way it is.

Dorian: I just want you to be comfortable, sweetheart.

Hugh: Thanks for your advice, Kelly. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Kelly: All right, thanks.

Hugh: Dorian.

Dorian: Bye.

Kelly: Take care.

Hugh: You, too.

Kelly: So now you're playing chambermaid?

Dorian: Oh, no. Itís just the more comfortable you are, the quicker you'll recover.

Kelly: Whatís wrong?

Dorian: I just -- I'm really worried about you. You -- you donít seem to be getting better fast enough.

Kelly: You're not just worried about me.

Dorian: Well, to be truthful, I'm also worried about David.

Kelly: How is he?

Dorian: Not good. Not good at all.

David: So you want me to turn on my own brother?

Bo: It'd be in your best interest. You see, whoever is the first person to talk between you and Margaret wins the plea bargain lottery. And right now, you are the odds-on favorite.

David: Hmm. I'm sensing other "but."

Bo: But there are doctors who, as we speak, are talking to Margaret, and itís only a matter of time before they get her to crack. Well, just think about it, Vickers. Just donít think too long.

Spencer: I hope you're not here to throw down more baseless accusations, Lieutenant. You know, I'm not, by nature, a litigious man. I'm really not, but I will do what I have to protect my good name.

John: My suggestion to you -- donít leave town. Letís go.

Spencer: I have no intention of leaving town. Well, good news. The test results show that Todd is improving. His vital signs are stabilizing. Heís responding to medication. Doing well.

Starr: When is he going to wake up?

Spencer: Well, not -- not for a while yet, but -- Starr, I give you my word, all right? Your father will make a full and complete recovery.

Starr: Mom, did you hear that?

Blair: Yes, I did.

Starr: I'm going to go call Jack.

Blair: Ok, great. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Spencer: I'll -- I'll give you two a little privacy.

Blair: I'm -- I'm so sorry. I was so wrong. I should have never stopped believing you, Todd. And I'll always believe you from now on. Always.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Nash: Thereís something I need to tell you.

Cristian: I want to be with you and not just as a friend.

Natalie: Has anything changed? Can you finally let yourself be happy?

Starr: My mom wonít be needing you for much longer.

Blair: I need you to wake up so I can tell you I'm sorry.  

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