OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/25/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/25/06


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Reporter: We are live from Lehigh Prison, where in less than 24 hours Todd Manning is scheduled to die by lethal injection. A crowd has formed outside the prison, and inside, Manningís children pay him one last visit.

Adriana: Aiming for the TV or me?

Kelly: Sorry -- bad aim.

Adriana: Got a minute?

Kelly: Sure.

Adriana: I -- uh -- need to ask you something.

Kelly: Ok.

Adriana: Were you in love with Duke? Is that why you slept with him?

Kevin: I came to say good-bye, Son.

Marcie: Hello there.

Michael: Hey -- hey.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Didnít I just marry you a couple of days ago?

Marcie: You know, I thought you looked familiar.

Michael: Listen, I am so sorry about all of this, but they finally cut me. Yeah, they let me go. So what do you think? We go home, we get that honeymoon started?

Marcie: Oh, now, thatís why I'm here, because nothing is going to stop us this time.

Paramedic: We just found this baby in the rubble of a destroyed building.

Michael: Oh -- get me a warming isolette. We're going to need to start a line. Honey, I --

Marcie: Fine. Go ahead.

Reporter: I'm reporting live from Lehigh prison, scene of publisher and accused baby killer Todd Manningís upcoming execution. With only 24 hours left, Manningís time is running out.

Second reporter: Mrs. Davidson, any statement on your brotherís impending execution?

Viki: Yes. I will repeat what I said earlier -- I am here to do whatever I can to make sure that my brother is not executed tomorrow.

Reporter: Do you think heís innocent?

Dorian: If you do, you're as guilty as he is.

Todd: How about a hug from you, Jack?

Starr: Jack, give dad a hug.

Jack: Heís not my dad anymore -- Dr. Spencer is.

Blair: Please -- please, will you just let me in to see Todd before itís too late? Please?

Officer: The guy looked you in the eye and said no. What am I supposed to do?

Blair: Oh. But I --

Officer: Hello? Hello? Who is this?

John: Listen to me. I need to speak to someone in charge, or you're going to execute a man for something he didnít do!

Kevin: The last thing you said to me was you were sorry. Thatís what you felt in the end -- regret. Want to talk about regret? I live regret. I regret so much, so many things -- not seeing you grow up. Trying to get you out of my mind, I couldnít. I thought about you every day. I know thatís not enough, itís -- itís nothing. Not being a good father. I wasnít a good father, I know that. Maybe thatís why you slept with Kelly. You fell in love with her, trying to send me a message. Well, I got it, and it hurts every time I think about it. Your sonís not supposed to sleep with your wife -- fiancťe, whatever. It just drives me crazy. I just want to hurt something, somebody, like I hurt. When I sit here, I look at your grave, I see your name on some stick in the ground, it just seems so wrong to -- to feel all this rage. But itís there. I canít get rid of it. I donít know what to do. How do you hate your son? I did, I hated you for being everything to Kelly that I couldnít be, for betraying me. I hated Kelly for turning to you, and when I saw her at that -- at your funeral, sitting there, reminding me that I chose her to live over you, I just -- I just lost it. I mean, I just -- I was so angry. Now here I am. It just seems pointless, because you're gone, forever. And I just know that I miss you so much, and I just wish that I could hold you in my arms and tell you that I love you, and that everythingís ok. But I canít. I'm the one whoís sorry, Duke.

Kelly: I know you and Duke were close.

Adriana: We werenít, not anymore. I had moved on, and Duke was in love with you.

Kelly: Itís not that simple.

Adriana: It was for Duke. Listen, Kelly, I donít want this thing to come between us. We almost lost you, and all that matters is that we're family and we need each other, especially now. I just wanted to know if you miss Duke the way you miss someone you love, not just someone you cared about.

Kelly: Of course I miss Duke. I feel responsible for what happened to him. He was my best friend. I -- but I wasnít in love with him.

Adriana: Were they talking about Duke on the news again?

Kelly: No. They're talking about Toddís execution. God. When I think of what Blair and those kids have been through because of that murderer.

Woman: You're a total disgrace.

Viki: I do not agree with capital punishment for any reason. And itís not just because of my brother. Although, obviously, yes, this is personal for me in this particular case. I donít want my brother to die! No one should be put to death by the state. But in this particular instance, my brother is innocent, which is why I'm here and why I'm going to stay here all night along with the rest of Toddís supporters. And I'm very grateful to everyone who is standing here with me tonight to -- to protest and to try to stop this injustice.

Man: Heís a baby killer!

Layla: The two sides are shouting at each other now.

Evangeline: I'm not deaf, Layla. I can hear whatís going on.

Viki: Evangeline? Layla?

Layla: Itís Mrs. Davidson.

Evangeline: You donít have to narrate everything for me, Layla.

Viki: Did the governor grant the stay?

Evangeline: Not yet, if at all. Frankly, I'm surprised that he hasnít called.

Viki: What are we going to do? We are running out of time!

John: I need to talk to the Warden.

Officer: I still canít hear you.

John: The Warden -- about Margaret Cochran.

Officer: What about her?

John: Sheís still alive!

Officer: What are you? Are you a freak? Did -- how did you get this number?

John: Put the Warden on now.

Officer: These lines are supposed to be secure.

John: No -- do not hang -- do not hang up on me!

Natalie: Oh. John, whatís going on?

John: I donít know -- I donít know if he cut me off or not.

David: Maybe they think you're a wacko. Executions tend to bring out the nut jobs.

Natalie: If my Uncle dies, it'll be your fault. Then you'll have the blood of two innocent men on your hands.

Blair: You let me in. You better let me in to see Todd right now.

Officer: I already told you --

Blair: I donít care what you told me --

Spencer: Blair? Is there anything I can --

Blair: No, Spencer, you canít. What are you doing here, anyway? I asked you not to come here.

Spencer: I'm just trying to be helpful --

Blair: I donít want your help! I donít want it. My children are in there with your prisoner.

Officer: You think they're in any danger?

Blair: No.

Officer: Then I canít help you. Manningís going to die tomorrow. Baby killer or not, heís got the right to say who he wants to spend his time with. He doesnít want you in there, I'm not letting you in.

Blair: Did he -- did he say why he didnít want me in there?

Officer: All I know is he only wanted to see his kids after this guy talked to him.

Blair: You came to see Todd?

Starr: Spencer is not our father and he never will be, Jack.

Todd: Jack -- Jack, I'm sorry if I scare you, honey.

Jack: Those people outside called you names.

Todd: Oh, yeah? What kind of names?

Jack: I was a baby, so was Starr. Why didnít you kill us?

Starr: Because heís not a baby killer, Jack! All those people that are saying that stuff out there are stupid!

Todd: Starr -- hey!

Starr: So is he if you believes it!

Todd: Itís ok.

Starr: Itís not ok! Jack doesnít get it! Heís just as bad as mom.

Jack: Mom said I should always listen to her.

Todd: Yeah, thatís right, you should always listen to her.

Jack: Mom thinks you're bad and so do I.

Marcie: Hey, howís -- howís the baby doing?

Michael: Heís doing a lot better.

Marcie: Oh, good.

Michael: We thought he was hypothermic, so we're warming him up. He is a little dehydrated, but heís going to be fine.

Marcie: Oh, good. So has he been alone ever since the tornado hit?

Michael: Yeah, it looks that way. Itís a good thing itís been warm, you know, or I donít think he would've made it.

Marcie: Well, I mean, what about his parents? You know, I've been watching the news, and I havenít heard anything on the news about any missing child.

Michael: Um -- one of the EMTs told me that he found two other bodies in the rubble -- a man and a woman. The woman was wrapped around the child.

Marcie: So those were his parents? That was his mother?

Michael: We wonít know for certain until we get a positive ID, but thatís what we're assuming. It looks as if they died trying to save him.

Marcie: God. Can I see him?

Michael: The baby?

Marcie: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Marcie: Yeah?

Michael: I donít think thereís any problem with that.

Marcie: Ok.

Michael: Lauren?

Lauren: Yeah?

Michael: Marcie would like to see our newest little patient.

Lauren: Would you like to hold him?

Marcie: Can I? Really, itís ok?

Lauren: I think he needs to be held. Here we go.

Marcie: Hi.

Lauren: Here you go.

Marcie: Ooh. Hi there. Aw. Hi, little guy. Ok.

Todd: Hey, Jack? You know your mom loves you? And you were right when you said you should do what she says. But you can feel whatever you want. You can still love me, even if she doesnít, and you wouldnít be letting her down. I mean, I think she'd -- she'd tell you the same thing if you asked her.

Starr: Thatís right, Jack. Heís not some type of monster. He would never hurt you.

Jack: I'm not scared of him.

Todd: Oh, thatís good. I love you. I love both of you so much -- more than anything. God, you're going to be so beautiful -- Just like your mom.

Starr: I'm not like her, dad. I'm not like her at all. I know that you didnít do it.

Blair: What'd you say to Todd?

Spencer: 24 hours from now, you'll be nothing but a memory. And I'll be safe at home, comforting Blair. I just wanted to make sure that he knew that I was going to look after you and the kids.

Blair: You had no right. Why'd you do that?

Spencer: I just felt like I needed to protect you. I'm sorry, I --

Evangeline: I laid out a case for a stay of execution to governor brooks, and now we just have to wait and see what he decides.

Viki: How long are we going to wait? In less than 24 hours, Todd could be executed if something doesnít change.

Evangeline: I'm doing everything I can, Viki.

Viki: I know you are. I'm so sorry, Evangeline, and believe me, itís heroic on your part, given your injuries.

Evangeline: No! No, no, donít worry about me.

Layla: Vange has been more focused than ever, and thatís saying a lot.

Viki: Look, is there anything I could say now, a statement I could make to the press right here that would sway the governor?

Evangeline: I wish there was, but we really have done everything we can. We just -- we just have to hope that he reads through everything I left, and that something raises enough questions to convince him that thereís something that the jury missed and the court missed.

Viki: Like what?

Evangeline: Well, for one thing, the initial autopsy report was wrong.

Viki: Well, how do you prove that, short of --

Evangeline: Examining bodies -- I know. I've asked for a court order to exhume Margaretís --

Ellen: My God! I told the judge I wouldnít allow that. You're still trying to dig up my sisterís body?

Margaret: If we get out of this mess, I'm going to make sure you get what you deserve.

David: Thanks, Margaret. I'll take a cashierís check, but I prefer cash itself.

Margaret: I'm talking about ruining my life.

David: Your life was pretty much a train wreck whether you remember it or not.

John: Hey, shut it back there!

David: Hey, whatís plan b since plan a apparently hinges on getting a call through to the United States and all the lines are still down?

John: Well, maybe these house phones are working again. Yeah, front desk? Yeah -- do you speak English? Ok, thatís good. Ok, I'll talk slow. Listen, I canít get a line out. I -- I need to make a call to the United States and I cannot get a line out, so I need you to find -- get me -- can you flag down a cop? Thatís right, a policeman. Mc Bain -- yes, can you get a cop up to my room right now?

Adriana: How can you even think about whatís happening with Todd?

Kelly: Well, itís better than thinking about what happened with Duke and what I did to Kevin. I'm not just feeling sorry for myself, you know.

Adriana: I'm not lying in a hospital bed a few days out of heart surgery, so I'm not judging. But I knew Duke pretty well, and I think if the choice was his, he would've picked you to live, too. And I think you know that. So what do you say you get over this survivorís guilt and be the person that Duke fell in love with?

Kevin: I picked out Dukeís headstone today. I called Lee Ann, asked her what should be on it. Sheís his -- sheís his mom. She knows him best.

Clint: Right. What'd she say?

Kevin: She said it should say "Duke" instead of "Demerest," said he didnít like his name so much. I -- I didnít know that. I mean, I knew he went by "Duke," but I -- I didnít know he didnít like the name I'd given him.

Clint: That happens to a lot of people. The important thing is he kept your name. He was proud to be a Buchanan, he wanted to be a Buchanan.

Kevin: I was -- I was at the monument shop. I think thatís what they call it -- "the monument shop." They have models that you can see. Did you know that?

Clint: No.

Kevin: Yeah, and then you can see what your kidís grave is going to look like. I just picked the simplest one -- dark gray, not polished.

Clint: Let me drive you home.

Kevin: No, I got my car.

Clint: Thatís all right, we can pick it up tomorrow. I can drop you off at, you know, Asaís house, but then I got to go to Lehigh prison because your motherís going to be there tonight.

Kevin: Oh, thatís right. Toddís executionís tomorrow, huh?

Clint: And sheís leading this protest to keep Todd alive.

Kevin: Huh. I used to worry about that guy so much, you know, always wishing that he would get what was coming to him. Now heís going to die. Look at me -- I got nothing left to worry about. I left Kelly, my two sons are dead.

Clint: You want to go?

Kevin: No, no, not yet.

Clint: All right. Kevin, if you ever need to talk, I'll always be there for you.

Ellen: Hasnít my sister been tarnished enough? Sheís been painted in the press and the courtroom as a psychopath! Well, sheís dead now, and Todd Manning killed her and my nephew who never even got a chance to see the light of day. Let them rest in peace, and let Todd Manning pay for what he did!

Viki: Mrs. Foley -- Mrs. Foley, I understand how you must feel --

Ellen: I hope so. He was your nephew, too.

Viki: Yes, and we both lost him. But taking my brotherís life is not going to change that. Heís innocent and I donít want to lose him.

Ellen: The way I lost my sister -- because of him?

Dorian: Please excuse me for interrupting, ms. Foley, but many of us here agree with you. Anybody would who is intelligent, objective, rational-thinking. Todd Manning does deserve to die for what he did to your sister and her unborn baby. Let go of me. Let --

Viki: Can you sink any lower? You really just wonít be happy until you see every single one of my family dead and buried.

Natalie: Do you really think itís such a good idea having the Bangkok police get involved?

John: I canít get through to the prison or anyone else. Maybe the local cops can use emergency channels to get word back that Margaretís still alive.

Margaret: You have no right to keep me here. Just let me go!

John: Sorry, I'm going to bring you back home. A manís going to be executed for murdering you.  Donít say anything.

[Margaret speaking Thai]

Natalie: John, whatís she saying?

John: I have no idea --

Officer: Freeze!

Todd: Do you want to go, Jack? Ok, then you go.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Todd: Hey, listen, I -- ahem -- I donít want you to be sorry for any of this. You understand me? If this is the last time I see you, I want you to remember I said that to you. You understand? Good.

Starr: I donít know how to say goodbye to you, Dad!

Todd: Oh, no.

Blair: You ok, Jack?

Jack: I want to go home now.

Blair: Yeah, I know, but we -- we canít go. Not until Starrís finished with daddy, ok?

Spencer: I can take him and wait in the car, if itís all right with you.

Blair: Thatís a good idea.

Spencer: All right, we'll wait for you and Starr in the parking lot?

Blair: Right. Todd! Can you hear me, Todd? Please let me in! Please! I know you can hear me! I know you can hear me!

Viki: Would you excuse us, please?

Evangeline: Whatís happening?

Layla: It looks like Viki and Dorian are up to round 10.

Viki: You seem to have conveniently forgotten that that womanís sister, Margaret Cochran, tried to kill Blair -- damn near succeeded -- and tried to kill Starr!

Dorian: And Todd. Yeah. But unlike you, I am willing to let my personal feelings be put aside in order to serve what is right. And what is right is that Todd die, be executed for taking the lives of others.

Viki: When did you become an activist, what, like, five minutes ago, when you realized it would hurt me?

Dorian: Oh, it isnít all about you, Viki, even though you would like it to be.

Viki: No, no. I know that you hate Todd, you always have. I'd expect you to give him the lethal injection yourself if they'd let you.

Dorian: An eye for an eye.

Viki: "An eye for an eye." Oh, my goodness, where have I heard that recently? You are so transparent! This is all about you sucking up to Clint. But donít forget that Duke is Clintís grandson, as well. So make sure he never finds out how much you enjoy watching my family die one by one.

Dorian: Thatís right. They do seem to be dying in rapid succession, each in more disgraceful circumstances than the others.

Viki: You are beyond disgusting.

Clint: Viki, what the hellís going on?

Reporter: Have you said goodbye to your father, Jack?

Second reporter: Is it true, Dr. Truman, you plan to marry Blair Cramer after the execution?

Blair: Todd, please? Would you talk to me, please?

Todd: Hey, you tell her to back off.

Blair: Todd, please!

Todd: I'm talking to my daughter in here!

Starr: Ugh, I hate her!

Todd: Hey -- hey -- donít say that about her.

Starr: Donít you hate her, too? You donít even want to see her.

Todd: No, I just donít want her screwing this up. Hey, honey, if this is the last time.

Starr: Donít say it, Dad, please.

Todd: Well, we have to get real here, donít we? And I think that I'm needing a miracle at this point, honey.

Starr: I donít know what I'm going to do without you. I donít want to say goodbye.

Todd: I know. I donít, either. But I'm fighting and I want you to know that. I want you to know that if this thing happens tomorrow, that I went down fighting.

Starr: I'll fight, too, dad.

Todd: Oh, yeah? What are you going to do? You --

Starr: What?

Todd: Are you going to bust me out?

Starr: I did it before -- like when I got Matthew to lie down in front of the prison van. I can do that again.

Todd: Yeah, I remember that one. That was about as good as when you poisoned -- who was that? You're a piece of work, you know that?

Starr: And you always understand. Mom never does -- like when I got busted.

Todd: When did you get busted?

Starr: These kids wrote some trash about me on the wall, and this boy helped me cover it up.

Todd: Oh, so they busted you for tagging?

Starr: For stealing the spray paint. Are you going to lecture me?

Todd: Your mom probably already did that, didnít she?

Starr: Yeah, she flipped out.

Todd: She loves you, Starr. She just wants good stuff for you.

Starr: Then why wonít she take my side with you?

Todd: I donít know. But -- um -- you got to cut her some slack, ok? I think that'll be much easier for both of you.

Starr: I donít want to lose you, Dad. I love you.

Todd: And I love you.

Starr: I love you so much.

Blair: Look, I -- I know my ex-husband is really mad at me, but if you would just let me have two seconds with him and -- at least -- at least he'd die knowing that I still -- I still --

John: Donít listen to her. By any chance, do you speak more English than "freeze"?

Officer: She say you have gun. Take out.

John: All right.

Officer: Slowly.

John: Ok. See? I'm putting it down. Reason why I have a gun is because I'm a police officer from the United States. I'm going to show you my badge, all right? Thatís my badge, thatís my identification. Thatís it. Look at it. Now, your English is very good, so just listen to me, hear me out. This man right here is wanted for murder, and this woman is needed back in the United States to stop an execution. Now, we canít get through on any of the phone lines because of the monsoon, so I was hoping that the local authorities, the police might be able to get us through on a secure fax line -- anything. Look at these people, all right? They're not hurt in any way. Now, would I have brought you up here if there was a chance I was lying?

Margaret: He is a liar! He shot a man!

David: Uh -- I can vouch for her. I was there.

Officer: Timeís up.

Starr: No.

Todd: Can you guys please, please --

Officer: No, timeís up.

Todd: Let me say good-bye, please?

Officer: I'm sorry. Timeís up.

Todd: Come on, come on, come on. Hey. I want you to stay safe, ok? And I want you to -- I want you to make trouble when it matters. Right? And I love you. I love you so much.

Todd: I'll always love you.

Starr: I love -- I love you, too.

Marcie: Hello? Hey, little guy. Whatís your name? Huh?

Michael: Looks like you made a new friend.

Marcie: Yeah, I think he likes me. 

Michael: You're a natural, Marcie.

Marcie: Oh, well, I donít know about that, but he does keep looking at me. Michael, whatís going to happen to him? I mean, has any of his other family come forward yet?

Michael: Not yet. Child services is looking into it.

Marcie: So where is he going to stay tonight?

Michael: Here. We'll make sure that heís all right, and in the morning, a case worker from child services will find a nice foster home for him.

Marcie: What -- what do you mean, a foster home? But, Michael, heís --

Michael: No, no, no, no. Just for right now until they find somebody to adopt him.

Marcie: Well, huh. I would think a thousand people would want to adopt this little boy. Heís so cute.

Michael: Yeah, I donít think they're going to have a very hard time at all. Guess what, Marcie.

Marcie: What?

Michael: I am officially off-duty.

Marcie: What?

Michael: I've been cut for 96 hours.

Marcie: Oh, 96 hours -- did you hear that?

Michael: 96 hours, buddy. 96 hours.

Marcie: Well, um, I'll go home with you in a second, but can I maybe feed him first and then tuck him in? Please?

Michael: I think that'd be fine.

Marcie: Thank you. Huh? Want me to read you a story? What do you think?

Adriana: Have you seen Kevin since the --

Kelly: The funeral? No. He doesnít even want to be in the same room with me. I doubt we'll ever talk again.

Adriana: But you still love each other.

Kelly: What makes you say that?

Adriana: You do, donít you?

Kelly: None of that matters, not after what I did, not after what we've lost.

Blair: Itís ok. I know that you're upset, sweetie.

Starr: Because of you! I will never forgive you for this!

Blair: Please, Todd? Please, god, talk to me!

Reporter: Can you give us some idea of whatís happening inside?

Evangeline: Is that Spencer?

Layla: Yeah. Heís acting like Toddís kid is his.

Evangeline: Yeah, thatís been his M.O. all along.

Clint: Come on, back off a little bit. Give them some privacy, huh?

Viki: Jack. Sweetheart, are you all right?

Dorian: Jack, darling, why donít you let auntie Dorian take you home? Come on.

Jack: I want to stay here with my daddy.

Dorian: Well, you canít see your daddy anymore. Visiting hours are over.

Jack: Not him. Dr. Spencerís my daddy now.

Starr: Jack might think that, Dr. Truman. But itís not that easy.

David: Officer, that man, the one that you're pointing the bing at? He was actually trying to save my life when he shot that man. 

Margaret: Oh.

Spencer: Listen, Starr, I know how --

Starr: My mom will be out here any minute. You two can take Jack home. I'm staying here with Aunt Viki.

Dorian: No. Starr!

Viki: Donít even think about it, Dorian. I will look after Starr.

Dorian: You were listening? You see, this is what --

Layla: Spencer Truman is headed this way and looking right at you.

Spencer: Evangeline? Itís me, itís Spencer.

Evangeline: Yeah, I -- I know who you are.

Spencer: I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was to hear your prognosis.

Evangeline: You're sorry. Yeah, but you're going to be even sorrier within 24 hours.

David: Why did you do that?

John: So much for negotiating.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I think I can go down to the airfield, wave some cash, and get us a flight out of here tonight.

David: In a monsoon? Not for all the frequent-flier miles in the world.

John: Hey, it wasnít a request. Up. If we canít get through to Llanview about Margaret, we'll bring her to them.

Margaret: Oh, you put me on that plane and I will scream bloody murder.

John: Yeah? Donít make me use this, lady. I'm pretty pissed off.

Margaret: Ok, well, you're the one that says that I have to be alive.

John: Hey! A fresh body will be the next best thing. All right. By my account, we got less than 24 hours to get halfway around the world. Letís do it.

Natalie: Go.

John: Come on.

Blair: Todd? Please? I know you're just trying to punish me because I know you still love me. You still love me. I want to believe you, Todd. I -- I've wanted to believe you all along, but how could I when you always lie to me? You always lie to me. Damn it, Todd, donít do this! I donít want you to die. I donít want you to die until you hear what I have to say! Please. Please. Please.

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Todd: Have you heard from the Governor?

Evangeline: I just heard.

Starr: This is my father and I want to be with him.

Natalie: Toddís going to die for killing someone whoís very much alive.

Blair: Is there any way that this wonít happen?

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