OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/24/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/24/06


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Viki: I remember when Asa gave him this hat.

Clint: Yeah, Duke would always wear it when they went riding. I'm glad he had that time with pa.

Viki: Yeah, me, too.

Clint: How are you?

Viki: I'm ok. Did you find Kevin?

Clint: Yeah, he was in the church yard. I couldnít get him to come home with me, though, because he wanted to spend some time alone.

Viki: He needs to be with his family. Oh, Clint, I feel so awful about what happened at the funeral.

Clint: This whole thing has just been a nightmare for Kevin, Kelly -- the whole family. Dukeís death just took the wind out of everybody.

Viki: He was just a child.

Clint: He was a grandson that both of us can be proud of.

Viki: I donít know how I'm going to do this, you know. I buried my grandson today. And tomorrow, I'm going to have to bury my brother.

Blair: Whatís that?

Starr: What?

Blair: What you just hid behind the pillow, Starr.

Starr: Nothing, Mom. Stuff I ripped off from Loganís.

Blair: Ok, you know what? You can drop your attitude, because I'm not in the mood for you to push me today. What is it?

Starr: Itís pictures of dad, ok?

Blair: Why didnít you want me to see it?

Starr: Because you want us to forget dad ever existed.

Todd: Is it my lawyer?

Guard: Huh, you mean Helen Keller? We all thought she was dumb, deaf, and blind to take your case in the first place. At least we got the blind part right. Hey, play nice. Or I wonít take your order.

Todd: What order?

Guard: Your last meal. Knock yourself out. Waste of good chow, you ask me. But thatís the rules.

Todd: I donít need a last meal.

Spencer: But you donít want to die hungry, now, do you?

Cristian: Ok, here we are.

Evangeline: Wait, wait, wait. I need to ask you something. I know this might sound kind of silly, but how do I look? Do I look ok? Am I matching?

Cristian: Well, I think you look and you match mighty fine.

Evangeline: Cristian, you donít have to say things like that --

Cristian: I'm just telling you how I see it, thatís all.

Evangeline: Ok. Thank you. And thank you for driving me all the way here. I know you have better things to do than hold my hand.

Cristian: Actually, I donít.

Evangeline: Cristian, look, we need to --

Cristian: I donít want to -- I donít want to hear it. All right. So, what happens if the governor wonít let you exhume Margaret Cochranís body?

Evangeline: Then Todd is out of options. Because this is the last chance he has to get a stay of execution.

Cristian: All right. Letís go. Hi.

Receptionist: May I help you?

Evangeline: Hi. Um -- I'm Evangeline Williamson, and I need to get in to see the governor as soon as possible.

Receptionist: Oh. If you could just sign in -- it could be a while.

Cristian: I'll take that for her.

Receptionist: Oh, I'm sorry, I didnít realize --

Evangeline: No, no, itís not a problem, really.

Receptionist: I'll let you know when the governorís ready.

Evangeline: Ok. Here we go.

Cristian: Here we go. So, why do you want to dig up the body, anyway? What are you hoping to find?

Evangeline: Proof that Margaret didnít die the way the coronerís report said she did.

Natalie: God, how am -- how am I going to let anyone know that Margaretís alive if I -- if I canít get through on a cell phone or a land line?

David: Monsoons tend to do that.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you know what? A tornado didnít stop me, and I'm not going to let a monsoon get in my way, either.

David: Well, I'd help you out, but I'm a little tied up at the moment.

Natalie: As if. You were going to let my uncle Todd die for a crime he didnít even commit.

David: I didnít even know Margaret was alive until a few days ago.

Natalie: Really? And what did you do about that, huh, David? Nothing, because you were too busy covering up the fact that you murdered Johnís father.

John: So you're alive. That explains a lot.

Margaret: I recognize your voice. You were in my apartment. You shot David.

John: No. No, Davidís fine. I shot a lowlife named Denton who was there to kill Vickers.

Margaret: I got to get out of here.

John: No, I'm afraid I canít let you do that. 

Viki: I know thereís no love lost between you and Todd.

Clint: Well, I donít share your unwavering faith in him, but on the other hand, I donít want to see him executed on account of what it'd do to you and those poor kids.

Viki: You think he did it, donít you? Do you really believe that he would kill a pregnant woman? That he would murder his own child?

Clint: If you're asking me if heís capable of it, I'd have to say yeah, yeah. I mean, considering what Todd did to Marty Saybrook

Viki: Well, I'm not defending what he did to Marty.

Clint: Thatís because you canít.

Viki: No, of course I canít, but that was not murder. Which is what the death penalty is. Hello? State-sanctioned murder.

Clint: Well, Viki, thatís your opinion.

Viki: Yeah, well, I know what your opinion is. Itís frontier justice. An eye for an eye, right?

Clint: Yeah -- well, you're damn right it is. Some people deserve to die for the crimes they commit. If I could take Norman Leeds and strap him into the chair and pull the switch myself, I would and I wouldnít bat an eye, either.

Viki: Oh, please. I cannot even bear to think about that man today.

Clint: Tell me that he doesnít deserve to die after what he did to our Jessica. After what he did to our little girl, wouldnít you give him the lethal injection yourself if you had the chance?

Viki: No. No, I would not. Because I would not allow my need for revenge to rob me of every last ounce of my faith.

Clint: Donít talk to me about faith on the day I'm burying my grandson. Oh, Viki -- damn it. I just want him back.

Viki: Well, so do I!

Dorian: Please excuse me. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.               

Blair: Starr, I donít ever want you to forget your father.

Starr: Yes, you do. You already have.

Blair: I donít want him to die. How could you say something like that to me?

Starr: Because itís true.

Blair: Well, itís not. Itís the last thing that I want.

Starr: Did you even do one thing to try and stop it?

Blair: What could I have done, sweetheart?

Starr: Did you even try?

Blair: A jury convicted him. A judge sentenced him. And your father -- he gave up his right for the appeal.

Starr: Because he thought you didnít love him.

Blair: Did he say that to you?

Starr: No. He didnít, but I know dad, and I know that he didnít do this. Heís not a killer.

Blair: You donít know that, Starr.

Starr: Yes, I do. He looked me in the eye and he told me so. And he doesnít lie.

Blair: Well, you know what? He lies to me all the time.

Starr: Yeah, well, not to me.

Blair: I'm not going to stand here and badmouth your father. I'm just not going to do it.

Starr: Heís not lying about this! And you're going to figure that out, but itís going to be too late! Because -- because he'll be dead. And you'll hate yourself. Because you'll know that you could have stopped it if only you werenít so weak.

Todd: What are you doing here?

Spencer: Oh, I just thought I'd better come by and -- well, tell you that Blair and the kids will be well taken care of after you're gone.

Todd: Well, I wouldnít make any long-term plans if I were you.

Spencer: Yeah, that sounds like something I should be saying to you, Manning.

Todd: I'm not dead yet. In fact, I donít think this executionís ever going to happen.

Spencer: Oh, now I get it. Thatís what Viki was saying to Blair. You know, I really couldnít make sense of it, but now I see that it w was probably just your big sisterís wishful thinking.

Todd: No, no, itís not wishful thinking. I know what you did. I'm going to get proof.

Spencer: Well, you canít, Todd. You canít get proof if it doesnít exist.

Todd: Oh, no, somethingís got you spooked, huh? Right? Huh?

Spencer: I really just wanted to come down here and reassure you about your family, Manning. And say goodbye. I thought it would be the kind thing to do.

Todd: No, I think you're fishing. I think you want to know what I know.

Spencer: What do you know, Todd? Tell me. Thatís what I thought. Oh, the pressure must really be getting to you in here.

Todd: No, itís not pressure, man, itís anticipation. And I just canít wait to hear what they find when they exhume Margaretís body.

Margaret: Get your hands off of me!

John: Letís go.

Margaret: Where?

John: Where? Back to Llanview. To keep Todd Manning from being executed for your murder.

Margaret: Look, I donít know any Todd Manning. Just leave me out of this.

John: Itís a little late for that, donít you think? You are into this up to your neck. Now, come on.

Margaret: No, do you have a warrant? Just let me go!

John: Listen to me, lady. Listen to me good, all right? You got two choices here. You come with me quietly, or -- screw it. You got one choice -- letís go.

Natalie: Does it ever bother you that you shot someone? On Christmas, no less?

David: I didnít shoot anybody.

Natalie: David, come on. I have an eyewitness who saw you in that alley. How do you think we got the sketch? Heís going to pick you out of a lineup.

David: From an alley? From 25 years ago?

Natalie: Thereís no statute of limitations on murder.

David: Nor on stupidity. An eyewitness from 25 years ago is not going to stand up in court.

Natalie: You know, whatever. You can deny it, and you can -- you can scream about how long ago it was, but it doesnít matter to John. He is going to build a case against you that will stick.

David: Yeah, I figured that sometime after he kicked the door in, but before he threw me against the wall.

Natalie: Well, you didnít do yourself any favors by helping that nut case fake her own murder.

David: Hold on a second. I didnít help Margaret do anything. I came here looking for the kid. I was as surprised as you were to find out she was still alive.

Natalie: Whatever. You're wasting your breath. Johnís going to find Margaret. Heís going to find out the truth.

David: Johnís not looking for the truth, Natalie, heís looking for blood. My blood. Heís not going to get anything from Margaret.

Natalie: Why would you say that?

David: Amnesia, brainwashing -- whatever. Margaret doesnít even remember Todd, much less who set him up, or why.

John: Now, listen to me, and listen to me good. Play it cool and follow my lead, or you will not see the light of day. Do you understand me? Ok, now, just smile a lot.

[Margaret speaks Thai]

John: What did you say? What'd you tell them?

Margaret: I just told them you were my boyfriend and we were having a fight.

John: Ok, that was smart. That was real smart. All right? You know, you obviously picked up a few things after faking your death. How to cover your tracks and stuff like --

Margaret: I didnít fake my own death. What are you people talking about? Now, will you please just let me go?

John: I canít do that. I canít do that. You're the only shot that Manning has to stay alive. Now, come on. Come on!

Cristian: All right, why donít we sit right here? Stop. Turn around. There you go. All right, so Manning really thinks that Spencer Truman murdered Margaret and her baby just to frame him?

Evangeline: Well, thatís what we're hoping to prove by exhuming the bodies.

Cristian: But Spencer didnít have anything to do with the original autopsy, did he?

Evangeline: Spencer had access to the facility, he had access to the paperwork. We think -- we think that he might have concealed the real cause of death.

Cristian: Do you have any proof of that?

Evangeline: No, not yet, which is why this is going to be such a hard sell.

Cristian: So let me get this straight. You want to persuade the governor to allow you to dig up the bodies, over the familyís objections, to find new evidence that exonerates Todd and implicates Spencer? Without any proof of this -- of this evidence?

Evangeline: Exactly.

Cristian: Well, if anyone can sell it, itís you.

Evangeline: Um -- thank you for the vote of confidence.

Cristian: Yeah, too bad I'm not the governor, huh?

Evangeline: Yeah. Too bad.

Receptionist: Ms. Williamson, the Governor will see you now.

Cristian: All right, this is it.

Evangeline: Yeah.

Cristian: Do you want me to go with you?

Evangeline: No, no. I need to look as together as possible.

Cristian: I wouldnít worry about that.

Evangeline: Ok.

Cristian: Good luck.

Evangeline: No, no. I need more than luck. This is Toddís last hope. Letís go.

Spencer: Exhumed? Todd, thatís disgusting. You must really be getting desperate, man.

Guard: Behave yourself, Manning.

Spencer: All right. Heís fine.

Todd: You think I'm desperate?

Spencer: Well, what would you hope to find, anyway?

Todd: Why donít you tell me?

Spencer: I mean, thereís no way that Margaretís sister would ever allow you to do such a thing.

Todd: Oh, you're scared. Hmm. Ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum, ba-bum. Oh, yeah, you are. I can smell it on you. Well, I'll tell you what. Since you've been such a great guy to come down and visit me like this, I'm going to return the favor. Six months from now, when they've busted you and put you in here for killing Margaret and her baby, my son -- when you got the menu in front of you and you're choosing your last meal, I'm going to come down --

Guard: Manning?

Todd: I'm just going to pay my last respects.

Viki: What are you doing here?

Dorian: I simply had to come by to pay my respects. I would have been here sooner, but I had to look after Kelly.

Clint: Yes, how is she?

Dorian: Much better, now that sheís back in the hospital. Sheís devastated about Duke. We all are.

Clint: Well, thank you for saying that, Dorian, and thank you for stopping by.

Dorian: Words seem hollow at a time like this. I know that I'm supposed to be feeling sympathy for Duke, his family, but when I look around at all of this, I canít help myself. I'm just so grateful that it was Duke who died and not Kelly. And as if things werenít bad enough, I had to literally fight my way past a hoard of press that had camped outside. Do you know, one of them actually had the gall to bombard me with questions about what happened between Kevin and Kelly at the church?

Clint: All right, I'll take care of that. I'll have security rein them in, take them back a few feet.

Dorian: They are bottom feeders, every last one of them.

Viki: You know, Dorian, I somehow canít imagine you passing up an opportunity to speak into a microphone.

Dorian: Well, I certainly wasnít going to allow them to have the last word on poor, darling Duke. Yes, I told them what a wonderful, remarkable young man Duke was and that they really ought to show some respect toward the Buchanan family and allow them to grieve in peace.

Clint: Thank you, Dorian.

Viki: Oh, thank you, Dorian. Thank you so much -- for exploiting our grandsonís death in your ever-so-desperate attempt to maneuver your way into Clintís bed.

Clint: Viki, I know you're upset, but you're being overly harsh here.

Viki: Oh, no, I'm not being nearly harsh enough. You didnít hear what your little friend had to say at the church, did you?

Clint: Can we not do this today?

Dorian: Itís perfectly all right. If Viki in her grief needs to vent at someone, I -- itís all right. I'm happy to be the object of her abuse.

Viki: You show up here when I specifically told you not to come, to try to ingratiate yourself with Clint in my grandsonís name, and then you have the nerve to complain about the gall of the press?

Dorian: Are you forgetting all of the emotional support that you offered David when he and I were having all those problems?

Viki: Donít turn this on me, Dorian. Whatís the matter? You got sick and tired of seducing my sons? Now you're going after Clint? Heís not a naive teenager, you know.

Dorian: Joe was not naive. And thank goodness he had a father who could teach him how to be a man.

Clint: All right, thatís it. Be quiet, both of you.

Vikiís voice: I canít stop thinking about Todd, you know. Time is running out. I've done just about everything I can think of to get him a stay of execution. I'm left now just praying for a miracle.

Blairís voice: He -- he killed two people.

Vikiís voice: He says he didnít. And he says heís close to proving it.

Toddís voice: Well, I got to hand it to -- to Spencer Truman. He set me up good. He -- he got me all turned around, and he -- he set me up.

Starrís voice: Heís not lying about this! And you're going to figure that out, but itís going to be too late! Because he'll be dead. And you'll hate yourself. Because you'll know that you could have stopped it, if only you werenít so weak.

Spencer: Thereís just no way, Todd, that you or your visually impaired attorney friend can prove that I killed Margaret, because I didnít do it, you did. Thatís why I'm walking around, a free man, and you're in here waiting to die. I mean, 24 hours from now, you'll be nothing but a memory. And I'll be safe at home, comforting Blair. By the way, sheís been needing an awful lot of comforting lately. Sometimes, two, three times a night, right on through until the morning.

Todd: I donít care. Thatís fine. You go ahead, you gloat. You gloat, I donít care. I know you killed her. I'm going to prove it.

Spencer: Well, you'd better hurry up. Timeís running out.

Todd: I think you'd better -- better watch yourself, doctor. I think you'd better worry about what Evangeline finds when she has those bodies dug up.

Natalie: Ok. Well, while I'm stuck with you, why donít you enlighten me on who did frame Todd? Was it your brother?

David: My loving brother, Spencer? The brother who recently tried to have me killed?

Natalie: Yeah, whatís the deal between the two of you, anyway?

David: Forget it. I'm finished talking. I'm finished.

Natalie: Fine. Damn it! Oh, my god, you found her.

John: Yeah. Come on, over here, next to Vickers.

Margaret: You're still alive.

David: For the moment.

Margaret: What did they do to you?

John: Either get me this I'm going to do to you. Give me your hands.

Margaret: Oh, boy. Are you going to pistol-whip us next?

David: Margaret, please donít give him any ideas.

Margaret: Oh --

John: Have a seat.

Margaret: Ow.

John: You get through to the states yet?

Natalie: No, no, everything in the hotel is down. The land lines donít work, thereís no fax, and of course, the cell phones arenít working.

Margaret: If you want me to, I can call the local authorities for you.

John: Yeah, I donít think thatís going to happen.

Natalie: John, what are we going to do?

John: I donít know, but we better do it fast. With the time change, I figure we got less than 24 hours to keep Manning from the needle.

Clint: After all the tragedy we've been through lately and what both families are going to have to face tomorrow, the most constructive thing the two of you can do is tear at each other? This is not how I'm going to honor the passing of a grandson and I'm not going to allow it in this house anymore.

Dorian: I'm very sorry, Clint. I should never have allowed Viki to bait me that way. And tomorrow is going to be very, very hard for all of us. No matter what one may think of Todd, we do have to be there for Blair and the children.

Clint: You know, if the press ever got hold of the fact that you two were going after each other, it'd be a bigger circus than it is now.

Dorian: Yes. Toddís execution will definitely add fuel to the fire. They're out there now crawling all over each other trying to get the best sound bite.

Clint: Viki?

Reporters: Mrs. Davidson?

Viki: I am not going to answer any questions about my grandsonís death. I would like to make a statement about my brother, Todd Manning, and thatís it. Please come in.

Reporter: No questions? Sheís the president now?

Clint: Viki? What are you doing?

Viki: Well, I guess I'm just trying to save my brotherís life. Are you ready? As all of you know, my brother, Todd Manning, is scheduled to be executed tomorrow at Lehigh prison at 9:00 P.M. Now, itís no secret to governor brooks and to the press that I firmly believe my brother is innocent of the crime of which he was convicted. It is also no secret to any of you that I am a staunch opponent of the death penalty in general. For that reason, I'm going to join the protesters at the prison vigil as I had intended to do before the tragic events of these past few days, and I would like all of you to join me there. Everybody, every voice counts. We all have to stand together to protest this barbaric, immoral, and ineffective practice.

Dorian: You have to admire Vikiís loyalty to her brother even if Todd is finally getting what he deserves.

Blair: Jack, Starr, I want you to come down here. Get your shoes on, ok? We're going to go out.

Starr: Where are we going?

Blair: We're going to go see dad.

Starr: What? Ok, come on, letís go.

Jack: I donít want to, Mommy. Itís scary there. I hate it.

Blair: I -- I know you do, but we'll talk about it in the car. Now, this is the only time.

Starr: Come on.

Blair: We're going to get to say goodbye to dad and I -- and I think we need to take the opportunity, all right?

Starr: Hurry up, Jack. Come on.

Blair: You help Jack with his shoes. I'll get the door.

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Hey. Um --

Spencer: How you doing?

Blair: This isnít a good time. I'm going to take the kids to see their dad.

Spencer: Well, I think that would be a huge mistake, Blair.

Cristian: So what did the governor say?

Evangeline: Heís taking it under consideration, but it doesnít look good.

Cristian: Well, at least you know you've done everything you could.

Evangeline: Yeah. Tell that to Todd tomorrow.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: You want me to get that for you?

Evangeline: No, no, no. I -- I keep it in the side pocket of my purse now. I'm learning.

Cristian: Yes, you are.

Evangeline: Evangeline Williamson.

Todd: Hey, itís me. Did you get these bodies dug up?

Evangeline: Todd, Margaretís sister refused us, so I had to take it straight to the governor personally and I just left his office.

Todd: That man hates me. I'm as good as dead.

Evangeline: No, no, he didnít say no. He didnít say yes. Heís -- heís thinking about it.

Todd: They're going to kill me tomorrow, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I know. I'm sorry.

Todd: Yeah, me, too.

Jack: Itís too tight!

Spencer: I hear what you're saying, but it think itís a mistake.

Blair: Why is it a mistake for my children to see their father before heís executed?

Spencer: You've already done it, Blair. They've already said goodbye.

Blair: Spencer?

Spencer: Why do you want to put them through that again?

Blair: This isnít --

Spencer: Why do you want to put yourself through that?

Blair: Your call and itís none of your business.

Spencer: Well, you've made it my business by inviting me into your life and to your childrenís lives. Now, I think I've earned the right to an opinion.

Blair: No, actually, you havenít because this is not about you. This is about Todd.

Starr: Yeah, and we're going there whether you like it or not, so butt out.

Jack: I want to stay here with Spencer.

Blair: Ok, Jack --

Jack: Donít make me go!

Blair: No, sweetheart. Come on, let go of dr. Spencer.

Jack: No! I want to watch cartoons.

Blair: We have to go now. Jack. Jack, come on.

Jack: Look, itís Aunt Viki.

Viki: My brother is actually very close to finding the evidence that will exonerate him, and I have continued to make appeals to governor brooks. By joining this protest at the prison, we will all be sending a message directly to Harrisburg.

Spencer: You donít need to listen to any more of that garbage.

Blair: Wait a minute. I'm beginning to think itís not garbage anymore. Come on, Jack. Come on, Starr. We're going.

Viki: Thank you all very much for your time.

Cameraman: Good luck, Ms. Davidson. For what itís worth, I agree with you.

Viki: Thank you very much. Will you come to the vigil at the prison?

Cameraman: I'll be there with my camera.

Viki: See you there.

Clint: Well, thatís one way to keep them off the front steps.

Viki: Are you coming to the prison with me?

Clint: I think my time would be better spent with Kevin. I should at least be here when he arrives.

Viki: You may have a long wait.

Clint: If I have to go out and find him, I will.

Viki: Thank you.

Dorian: Vikiís nothing if not determined.

Clint: This time, a candlelight vigil. I donít think itís going to be enough to save Todd, and I donít know how much heartbreak Viki can take.

Guard: Be on your best behavior, Manning. Your ex-wife is here with your kids for your final visit. Come on, guys.

Todd: Hey! Hey, sweetheart. Hi. Hey, Jack.

Blair: We need to talk, Todd. Itís important.

Spencerís voice: I'll be safe at home, comforting Blair. By the way, sheís been needing an awful lot of comforting lately -- sometimes two, three times a night, right on through until the morning.

Todd: Uh, I got nothing to say to her. Get her out of here. I want to be alone with my kids.

Guard: All right. You stay here. Letís go.

Blair: Todd, no.

Guard: Come on.

Blair: No, this could be the last time --

Todd: I said get her out of here!

Guard: Letís go, come on.

Blair: Todd!

Guard: Letís go.

Blair: Please.

Guard: Letís go, come on.

Todd: Hey.

Natalie: What about the American consulate? I mean, we could take them there.

John: We do that, this guy will be stringing along a line of bull that will takes us weeks to sort out.

Natalie: What are we going to do, John? How are we going to get them back to Llanview? We canít go on a commercial airliner with Margaret kicking and screaming here. They'd arrest us.

David: Hold on, I have an idea. Drug Margaret, ship her in luggage. I'll wait here till you get back.

Margaret: Whose side are you on?

John: You know, Vickers, if anyoneís going home in a box, itís going to be you, so donít tempt me.

Natalie: You know what? With this monsoon, I'm sure the planes are grounded anyway.

John: You know what? For the right price, we might be able to find a private pilot thatís willing to risk it.

David: Didnít you recently survive a plane crash? I'm not getting in some flying steel deathtrap with a guy who wants me dead anyway.

John: If you want to know the biggest threat to your existence right now, you're looking at it, all right? Now that we have her, you're expendable, so donít push me!

Natalie: All right, letís -- letís just keep thinking what we've got to do. Letís make one more call.

John: All right.

Natalie: Letís try to get one more call before we get out of here.

John: I'll try the prison directly.

Natalie: I'll try my mom.

John: Whatís that number Lehigh prison -- 633--

Natalie: Itís ringing. Uh, itís staticky, but -- oh. I got disconnected.

John: I got through. Itís ringing.

Cristian: All right, I'll take you home.

Evangeline: No, thereís got to be something else I can do, Cristian.

Cristian: You tried, Evangeline. You did everything you could. Itís up to the governor now.

Evangeline: What if there was a way I could -- I could force Spencer to confess?

Spencer: I did not come this far just to lose you now, Blair.

Clint: Louis L'amour -- nobody wrote about the American west better than he did and I've read every one of his novels. And you know, just after we -- after we lost Duke, I went into his room, found this entire bookcase, and it was just filled with L'amour novels, and I didnít know that Duke even knew who he was because we just never talked about it. And I should've known. Dorian, I just should've known about that. Why didnít I?

Dorian: You're being too hard on yourself.

Clint: Wasted, wasted moments. How come we -- we never realize that until somebody -- you know, I had the opportunity to get close to my grandson, to connect with him, and I just blew it.

Dorian: You and Duke were very close, and you had a very strong connection.

Clint: Then why didnít I know we had the same taste in books? You know, earlier you told Viki and -- told Viki and myself that you were going to let us grieve in peace. Well, I'm here to tell you that there is no peace in grieving, at least not for me.

Dorian: Clint, I'm so sorry.

Clint: The thing is we were going to take this -- this trip, Duke and Kevin, myself.

Dorian: And of course, you thought you had all the time in the world.

Clint: Yeah, we were going to drive through the Shenandoah Valley and we were going to stop whenever we wanted to and we were going to camp out and -- and if we had just done that, maybe --

Dorian: Duke loved you very much, and you loved him very, very much. Just take comfort in that.

Clint: I have got to stop this "what might have been" thing because I can feel it. Itís turning into self-pity and this is not about me.

Dorian: I'm just so grateful that you feel comfortable enough with me to share your feelings. Clint, you are going to get through this.

Clint: Kevin is the one thatís going to have to get through this. And Viki, with, you know -- sheís holding it together with the hell that sheís going through? Thatís incredible. Sheís just an incredible woman.

Dorian: Thatís certainly the way the press are portraying her.

Todd: Hey, Jack. Looking good. How you doing? Hey, come on, now. Since when do we have a hard time talking to each other?

Blair: You got to let me back in there. I need to see Todd.

Guard: I donít care, lady. Believe it or not, the guyís still got rights.

Blair: I need to get in there to talk to him!

Guard: Well, he doesnít want to talk to you. Until I hear different, thatís the way itís going to be.

John: Yeah -- hey -- Lehigh prison? Yeah, ok -- can you hear me? Hello? Yeah, hey -- listen to me. I need to speak to the warden. Yes, the warden. I need to speak to him about Todd Manning. Manning -- heís a prisoner thatís on death row. That -- yes, thatís right. Death row. Sheís transferring me.

Natalie: Good.

Blair: Please, you donít understand. I really -- I really need to get in there and talk to Todd.

Guard: Lady, you have to get an ok from the prisoner.

Blair: I need to talk to him, all right?

Guard: Look, thatís not my problem.

Blair: Oh.

[Phone rings]

Guard: Hello? Yeah, Lehigh. Hello? Hello?

John: Warden, is that you?

Guard: The warden? Nah, you got the wrong extension. Call back.

John: Donít -- donít hang up. Donít hang up. Who is this?

Guard: What? This is the visiting room. The wardenís not here.

John: I'm Lieutenant John Mc Bain with the Llanview police department, all right? You have to stop the Todd Manning execution. The woman he supposedly killed is still alive.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Reporter: Do you think heís innocent?

Dorian: If you do, you're as guilty as he is.

Starr: Jack, give dad a hug.

Jack: Heís not my dad anymore. Dr. Spencer is.

Blair: You came to see Todd?

John: You're going to execute a man for something

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