OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/23/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/23/06


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Cristian: What are you doing?

Antonio: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm getting dressed.

Cristian: Yeah, that I can see.

Antonio: Doctorís checked me out.

Cristian: How smart is that, Antonio? Look at you. You can barely put your clothes back on.

Antonio: I'll manage.

Cristian: Yeah, you're going to manage to put yourself right back into the emergency room. How many volts went through your body again during that tornado?

Antonio: Look, more than I'd like to count, all right? But I told the doctor I'd be ck in a week and he can check me over again.

Cristian: And heís ok with that?

Antonio: No. No, but I canít stay in here another minute. And I missed Duke Buchananís funeral.

Cristian: Right.

Antonio: I should have been there for Jessica.

Cristian: Antonio --

Antonio: Cristian, I know. Ok, I know -- itís Tess.

Cristian: Itís been Tess for a long time.

Antonio: Yes, yes -- since the baby was born. But I swear to you it was Jessica helping me when I was hurt. Look, I miss her. And I want her back. And I donít --

Cristian: What? You donít what?

Antonio: I'm getting desperate, Cristian. And -- and I'm afraid to even think about what I might do if I never get to hold her hand again.

Kevin: Get out! You have no right to be here. You're the reason that my son is lying in that casket. Get out!

Clint: Kevin, come on, son.

Viki: Honey, leave it alone, just for today, please.

Kevin: No!

Dorian: Come on, sweetheart, I'm going to take you back to the hospital.

Kelly: No, no. I know I probably donít belong here. But I had to come. I donít want to start a fight. I just want to say goodbye to my friend.

Kevin: What? Your friend? Oh, really? Is that what they're calling it now, a friend? Huh?

Kelly: Yes. Duke was my friend.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, well, it killed him.

Viki: Kevin, this is not the time or the place, please.

Kelly: No. Kevinís right. Itís my fault that Duke is dead. And I will live with that regret for the rest of my life. Why did you choose me? You had a chance to try and save your son. Why did you choose me?

Evangeline: Knock-knock.

Hugh: Evangeline. Itís nice to see you.

Evangeline: Uh, yeah, I wish I could say the same.

Hugh: Oh, I'm sorry. I -- I didnít mean to --

Evangeline: Itís all right, really. Itís ok. You donít think I've heard that before? Come on, Hugh.

Hugh: I donít know. Uh -- well, you look good. Ok, I'll take it from here. I'll take it from here, thank you. Ok, come on in. Um -- chair, here.

Evangeline: Hugh?

Hugh: Right here, chair.

Evangeline: Thank you. I know what a chair is. I havenít lost all my senses.

Hugh: I know. I just -- I donít know --

Evangeline: You donít know what? You donít know what to say? Thatís a first. Ok, why donít we do this? You just treat me like an attorney and everything will be fine.

Hugh: Ok, counselor. Can I get you anything? Do you want water or coffee or --

Evangeline: Yes, thank you.

Hugh: What? What can I get you? Water?

Evangeline: Court order.

Hugh: Pardon me?

Evangeline: I need to get the bodies of Margaret Cochran and her baby exhumed.

John: I feel like I've been to every accounting firm in Southeast Asia. I sure hope she works here.

Woman: She sounds very much like Marge Smith.

John: Ah. Is she here today?

Woman: She has not been to work for several days.

John: Is this her desk?

Woman: Yes.

John: Uh -- I think I'm going to have to take a look around.

Woman: Forgive me. I do not think your American badge works here in Thailand.

John: Well, in this situation, it does.

Woman: What is the situation?

John: Perhaps I should speak to your supervisor.

Woman: Yes. I think that would be better.

John: Ok.

Woman: I will get him.

John: Thank you.

David: Natalie, thank you for at least having the decency to move me to the couch.

Natalie: David, I'm not doing you any more favors, not while we have Margaret thrashing about.

David: Sheís not thrashing anymore, but sheís definitely about.

Natalie: Johnís still not answering his phone.

David: I wouldnít exactly callous your fingers dialing out. When the phone lines go down around here, they stay down.

Natalie: Well, I donít want to sit around here and just do nothing. We have to get Margaret back to Llanview.

David: Thatís what I was trying to do before you guys got here. No Margaret, no more Todd.

Natalie: Yeah, well, John will find her. He found you, didnít he?

David: Are you actually going to leave me handcuffed until he gets back here?

Natalie: And why shouldnít I? After all, you are the one who killed his father.

David: When he gets back here, Natalie, heís going to kill me unless you stop him.

Kelly: You should've let me die because I donít know how I'm going to live with this. Why didnít you give Duke a chance? Maybe we both could've survived -- I donít know.

Blair: Is it true?

Spencer: They were -- they were both in critical condition. Kevin chose to take Kelly first -- how could I know?

Viki: Both of you, please, please remember why we're here. This is no way to honor Dukeís memory.

Kevin: I am not honoring my son with her here.

Dorian: This coming from a man who broke off his engagement with Kelly and then pushed her into another manís arms?

Kelly: Stop it!

Dorian: Really. You should've broken off with Kevin when you found out he was sterile.

Kelly: Dorian, stop it!

Viki: How dare you -- you insult my son like that!

Clint: All right. I want you to stop this fighting and I want it stopped now. I think you should finish saying what you were about Duke, all right?

Kevin: I am not finishing anything while sheís here!

Kelly: I loved him, too. And donít you try and make it something disgusting. Because it wasnít. He was my best friend and thereís nothing you can say to me thatís worse than what I've already said to myself. I hate it that he is dead and I'm alive. I hate it! Well, maybe this is my punishment, right? Maybe I deserve nothing less.

Kevin: Well we agree on something.

Kelly: Is this what you wanted? Is this what you wanted? Just to keep me alive so you could watch me suffer?

David: Natalie, John would've killed me if denton hadnít shown up and distracted him -- that and the fact that Margaretís still alive.

Natalie: You really think that John can murder someone?

David: John has two agendas and the clock is ticking on the first one. When he finds Margaret, heís going to send her back to the states before they can execute Todd.

Natalie: And the second one is you?

David: Thatís why he came to Thailand in the first place, isnít it -- to kill me?

Natalie: David, John is a cop. All he wants is to put his fatherís killer behind bars. Heís not an animal. He believes in the law. You're as safe with him as you would be with any other police officer.

David: Thatís supposed to make me feel better? He wanted to get rid of me right then and there, no trial, no jury, no tricky justice system. Just neat and tidy.

Natalie: Look, John was a little boy when his father was killed. Itís haunted him for years.

David: Tell me about it.

Natalie: And now, he finally sees his fatherís killer eye to eye.

David: He wants revenge for what happened to his dad. You know, it doesnít matter whether I confess or not. I'm living on borrowed time as it is -- unless you can calm him down.

Natalie: And what makes you think I have any influence over him?

David: Oh, come on, Natalie. You limped halfway across the planet just to be with him. You mean the world to him. He'll listen to you.

Natalie: Yeah. There was a time I used to believe that. Now I'm not so sure.

Margaretís voice: "Went to dinner at Tup-Tim restaurant. Went shopping at central plaza. Had a stressful day, so I went to my secret place."

Margaretís voice: "Oh, I love my secret place because no one can find me and I can close my eyes and not have to worry about any of the worldís problems."

John: All right, Margaret. Where the hell is your secret place?

Kelly: Is that why you wanted Spencer to operate on me first? So you could make me pay for this? I know you hate me. Why didnít you just let me die?

Blair: Hey, sweetie, come on, come on. You need your rest. You need to get back into the hospital, ok? Kevin, sheís on medication. This is not helping.

Kevin: I didnít ask her to come here.

Spencer: Listen, Kelly, Blair is right. You are in no condition to handle this much stress after heart surgery, you hear me?

Kelly: Dukeís death will haunt me for the rest of my life. But I guess I just have to live with it. I guess the same goes for you.

Viki: Both of you, really, donít do this, ok? This is not about you, not today and not here. Whatever guilt you feel has to be dealt with at another time.

Kevin: Fine. Kelly, leave.

Adriana: Do either of you think that this is what Duke would've wanted? The two people he cares about most in the world fighting over whose fault it was that he died? What are you hoping to accomplish? Itís not going to bring Duke back.

Tess: I want to go.

Nash: That might be awkward.

Tess: Please, Nash, I want to go.

Nash: Itís ok.

Jessicaís voice: My family needs me. We're best when we stick together. Please, let me take care of them.

Tess: No. God. What, do you think being a Buchanan is a blessing?

Nash: Tess? Hey --

Tess: No. Being a Buchanan is a curse.

Cristian: What do you mean, you're desperate? What are you thinking?

Antonio: No, donít worry. I'm not going to do something stupid or illegal.

Cristian: Glad to hear that.

Antonio: But itís not because I havenít thought about locking Tess up in a room by myself. I could talk to her and I could talk to Jessica.

Cristian: I hate to break it to you, man, but kidnapping is both illegal and stupid.

Antonio: I just need to remind her of our time together, the secrets we shared, and how much I love her, all right? And once she hears that, then Jessica wonít have a choice but to come back. But I guess it really doesnít matter until we find out --

Cristian: Right, who the mother and the father are.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah.

Cristian: Do you know when you get the results back?

Antonio: No. The tornado screwed everything up. The labís extremely short on staff. Itís going to be a few weeks before we get the results.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, the tornado scared up a lot more than that.

Antonio: Howís Evangeline doing?

Cristian: Sheís holding on to hope, I guess.

Antonio: And you?

Cristian: I am, too. But, you know, thereís a chance she may never see again.

Antonio: I'm sorry.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, it sucks. You know, I'm trying to do everything I can for her, but it doesnít seem to be enough.

Antonio: Well, except for getting her eyesight back, I doubt anythingís going to be enough.

Cristian: Hmm.

Antonio: All right? But I will tell you this -- I mean, sheís lucky to have you as a friend. Or is it more?

Evangeline: We need the bodies dug up immediately.

Hugh: Are you trying to suggest that they werenít murdered?

Evangeline: Oh, no. They were murdered, all right.

Hugh: Then the case is closed, isnít it?

Evangeline: No, it shouldnít be. Todd didnít kill them. When we exhume the bodies, we can prove it.

John: Hey. Vickers give you any trouble?

Natalie: No, everything is fine here. Did you find anything on Margaret?

John: Well, where she worked. I went through her desk there, I found this. I think itís some sort of diary or something.

Natalie: Did you read it? Is there anything we could use?

John: I skimmed it, I skimmed it. She writes a lot about a secret place. She ever mention this secret place to you?

David: Wouldnít be a secret if she told me, now, would it? You know, why donít you just go ahead and shoot me? I'd just as soon be killed for being a smart-ass. You're going to put a bullet in me one way or the other.

Natalie: Whatís in the diary, John?

John: Um, she must be some sort of math freak. The thing is covered in what looks like math problems or something.

David: Sheís an accountant. Does it really surprise you that sheís a math nerd?

John: See, everywhere thereís a passage. Where she talks about a secret place, thereís a bunch of numbers after it.

Natalie: They're equations.

John: Yeah, maybe a cryptogram or something like that. You know, if we can solve this thing --

Natalie: We can find Margaret.

John: We find her, maybe we can save Manning.

Nash: I'm sorry, that was my fault. I was -- I was egging her on. I donít think she quite meant that the way that it came out.

Kevin: I think she said exactly what she meant. I think maybe sheís the only one here whoís telling the truth.

Clint: Our family has had more than its share of tragedy. But make no mistake about it -- Dukeís life was not a tragedy. It was a blessing, and I thank god for all the happiness that he brought to me and everybody that he knew. And, Adriana, you were right when you said that Duke deserves better than this. He does, and I just hope that Kevin and Kelly will accept and forgive the accidents and the choices that led to his death and that you can come to some sort of peace. But at this moment, in this church, the peace that we should be seeking is for Duke, whose bright future was tragically ended, leaving us with a hole in our hearts. And as time goes on, I'm sure we will be distracted enough to forget about it for just a while. But it will always be there, that empty spot in our hearts. Young man, thank you for all the joy that you've brought to everybody here. And now I'd like all of us to take a moment to pray for his everlasting soul.

Clint: Thank you, all.

Dorian: Would you like me to take you back to the hospital now?

Kelly: Yes, letís go.

Hugh: What time is it? Oh, thatís right -- itís the 11th hour, and of all the 11th-hour maneuvers, this has got to be right up there with the best of them.

Evangeline: This isnít some trick to buy Todd time, this is the truth. I mean, you still care about the truth, donít you? Or -- or can you live with executing an innocent man?

Hugh: Heís guilty! Manning was the last person to see Margaret alive. She was dead before she was dumped into the lake. You read the autopsy report. Dr. Truman testified about it at the trial.

Evangeline: Yes, exactly -- Spencer Truman. Heís the one thatís been setting Todd up from the beginning. Ok, he had access to the morgue, he manipulated the autopsy results along with Dr. Paige Miller, his ex-wife and chief of staff who, by the way, has a history of covering up medical negligence. That incident, surprisingly enough, happened when she was married to Dr. Truman.

Hugh: Why -- why would Paige Miller want to help her ex-husband with something like this?

Evangeline: Blackmail.

Hugh: Oh. Hmm, blackmail. Yes. Blackmail. Ok. All right, so letís just say hypothetically Dr. Truman had the means. What would be his motive?

Evangeline: Have you seen Blair Cramer? She has a certain effect on men. Spencer wanted Todd out of the way.

Hugh: Who doesnít want Todd out of the way?

Evangeline: Look, Spencer got to that lake somehow, Hugh. He got there and he killed Margaret, probably with some drug that couldnít be detected unless you were looking for it.

Hugh: Then thatís it, then.

Evangeline: It all makes sense. Margaret lied about being an excellent swimmer, she lured Todd out into that lake.

Hugh: Right, itís that simple. Well, then I'll -- I'll just have the warden let him out this afternoon.

Evangeline: This isnít a joke!

Hugh: You're right, you're right.

Evangeline: Hugh, a manís life is on the line.

Hugh: You're right, I'm sorry. But you do have proof to back all this up, donít you?

Natalie: The answerís four. The second oneís going to be a little tough. Itís a binomial formula. Yeah. 15 -- 15. The answerís 15.

John: You sure? How'd you know that?

Natalie: Well, I didnít learn it in a bar.

John: Oh, I just -- I didnít know you knew a lot about math.

Natalie: See? Thereís a lot we can still learn about each other.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Ok, so, well, we figured out the first two problems, but it still doesnít tell us where Margaret is.

John: No, it hasnít. So what do we know so far?

Natalie: Just that she keeps going back to the same problems in here.

John: Ok, so itís got to mean something, right?

Natalie: Yeah, four and 15.

John: Right, so what is it? Maybe -- maybe a building number or an intersection?

Natalie: Oh, it could be anywhere --

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Anything in Bangkok.

John: Well, someone said something about the internet being down because of the monsoon, so that means we canít use a computer. Ah. Hmm.

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hmm?

Natalie: Let me do that.

John: What?

Natalie: Your shoulders.

John: Ok. Ok, thatís enough. Letís get back to work.

Natalie: Ah.

John: What?

Natalie: You know, you told me that when you finally came face to face with your fatherís killer that you didnít know what you were going to do. I guess I just thought that I got through to you, but it looks like you've already made up your mind.

John: Have I?

Natalie: He told me that you were planning to kill him, and that you're going to.

John: Yeah, I was close. I was going to make him pay for the life he took.

Natalie: It wasnít just any life.

John: No, it wasnít.

Natalie: Fate intervened?

John: I donít know if it was fate. Thereís a lot of stuff going on in my head. You even had something to do with it.

Natalie: I wasnít even there.

John: No, but I kept hearing your voice, you know? I heard you saying that you thought I'd do the right thing, that I'd make the right choice when the time came.

Natalie: You didnít disappoint me.

John: Vickers doesnít need to know that I changed my mind. What?

Natalie: The equation.

John: The equation, what?

Natalie: The numbers, the exponents. Itís -- itís -- I -- I keep trying to think of why she kept using the variable W. You know, most people, they use X, Y, Z, maybe A or B, but not W. Why? Why W? Thatís got to mean something.

John: I think I know how to find her.

Cristian: Evangeline saved my life.

Antonio: Right.

Cristian: Come on, letís go.

Antonio: And you saved hers back at the church, so you guys should be even, right?

Cristian: Thereís more to it than that.

Antonio: That would be my guess.

Cristian: Look, even if I did have feelings for her, thereís nothing I can do about them now.

Antonio: Why not?

Cristian: Itís just, the timing is bad. And she'd probably think I was doing it out of pity or something. I know her. Look, her world has turned completely upside down right now. She has a lot more important things to concentrate on until her sight comes back.

Antonio: I -- I see.

Cristian: If it ever does.

Antonio: So -- so now you're thinking for her, too? All right. You know, sheís got a mind of her own. And if you feel something for her, you should probably tell her.

Cristian: I think I liked you better when you couldnít speak.

Antonio: Hmm.

Evangeline: Ok, I donít exactly have the evidence to refute the autopsy report yet, but you canít deny thereís reasonable doubt.

Hugh: That is for the jury to decide, and they have already decided.

Evangeline: Look, Todd and I just figured this out, ok? But I will get you the proof.

Hugh: My job is to convict criminals, not to give them second or third chances.

Evangeline: No, your job is to see that justice is served. Look, you donít have anything to lose here, Hugh. If a new autopsy report done by somebody else doesnít reveal anything new, then -- then Todd is still executed. But Todd has everything to lose -- his life. Look, if we're right and we donít pursue this, then Spencer will never pay for this awful thing that heís done.

John: Hey, wake up.

David: I didnít do it.

John: You got a local map?

David: What?

John: Do you have a map? A map of the city?

David: In my raincoat. Uncuff me. I'll get it for you.

John: You got it?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Here?

Natalie: Right here.

John: Good.

Natalie: Right here. 115 Pranburi Park.

Dorian: Ok. As soon as we finish getting you settled in here, I'm going to find the nurse that let you out and get her fired.

Kelly: Itís not her fault. Hugh pulled rank.

Dorian: Oh, I see. Mr. Hughes is now a doctor?

Kelly: Nothing could have kept me away from that church. I needed to say goodbye to Duke. His only mistake was thinking he was in love with me.

Dorian: Do not blame yourself. If anyone is to blame, itís Kevin. I mean, itís his arrogance and his stupidity that pushed the two of you together.

Kelly: Please, stop it, Dorian. I feel terrible about what happened at the church.

Dorian: Well, he attacked you!

Kelly: Heís lost everything. Heís lost the only child he'll ever have. Heís suffering right now, and thereís nothing I can do about it.

Dorian: I canít believe what you're saying. After all the ghastly things heís done, you're actually sympathizing with him?

Adriana: Are you still in love with him, Kelly?

Tess: Well, I suppose you're going to jump all over me over what I said in there.

Bo: No. No, you -- you havenít been through too many situations like this. Unfortunately, death comes with life.

Tess: Yeah, well, I'm going to go home to my baby.

Bo: I donít blame you. You sure love her.

Tess: Of course I do.

Bo: Well, sheís my grandniece, you know.

Tess: Whatís your point?

Bo: My point is that sheís part Buchanan. So when you kiss that adorable little girl good night, just think whether being a Buchanan is a curse or a blessing.

Spencer: Listen, why did you need to talk to the reverend?

Blair: I need to make arrangements for Toddís funeral.

Spencer: No, I'm sure that arrangements are being made.

Blair: You think the state of Pennsylvania is going to provide a -- a proper burial for Todd? I donít think so. Look, I need to write a -- an obituary, I need to pick out a casket, and make sure itís -- itís proper. He deserves that. And I need to pick a place where people that loved him can come and send flowers and -- and pay their respects. I -- I'm sorry.

Spencer: No, itís all right.

Blair: I'm sorry, I --

Spencer: Itís understandable. You just attended a funeral service for someone you knew. Itís no wonder you're thinking about it.

Viki: You're talking about arrangements for Todd. I -- I heard. I'm sorry.

Blair: Viki, I'm sorry. I know this is not the right time.

Viki: Well, today is for Duke, but I canít stop thinking about Todd. You know, time is running out, and I've done just about everything I can think of to get him a stay of execution. I'm left now just praying for a miracle.

Blair: Viki, he killed two people.

Viki: He says he didnít. And he says heís close to proving it.

Evangeline: You can do this, Hugh. You can help me prove Todd didnít kill Margaret.

Hugh: I wouldnít even be able to schedule an ex parte hearing for a few days.

Evangeline: We donít have a few days. Toddís execution is tomorrow.

Hugh: Need a hand?

Evangeline: No.

Huge: Let me help.

Evangeline: No, I can get it.

Hugh: Let me help you. Evangeline --

Evangeline: I can get it.

Hugh: Itís Ellen Foley. Here.

Evangeline: Ms. Foley? Hi, itís Evangeline Williamson. Thank you so much for calling me back. Um -- listen, I have reason to believe that someone other than Todd Manning killed your sister, and I would like your permission to -- can -- wait, ms. Foley, please, if you can just listen to me. Itís really crucial that you --

Hugh: She didnít buy your theory?

Evangeline: We can still move ahead without her permission.

Hugh: But it takes time. Even if a judge agreed, Margaretís family has 24 hours to fight the order. And the exhumation process takes time. And on top of it all, no judge going to grant that on a -- on a hunch. I'm sorry, Evangeline. Can I have someone help you out? I'm due in court.

Evangeline: I would like to just sit here for a few minutes, if thatís ok. I can find my own way out.

Hugh: I'm really sorry. Thereís nothing I can do. I'll have Joyce come in a -- in a minute and help you out. Sorry.

Evangeline: Layla, itís Evangeline. I need you to take me somewhere right away.

Cristian: I'd love to drive you, Evangeline, but this isnít your sister.

Evangeline: Cristian?

Cristian: Yeah, itís me.

Evangeline: I am so sorry. I must have hit the wrong speed dial by mistake.

Cristian: Where do you want to go?

Evangeline: Itís all right. I'll call Layla. I'll have her pick me up.

Cristian: No. No, I want to take you.

Evangeline: Ok. Look, I'm going to Harrisburg to see the Governor. I donít care what I have to do to get in to see him. I need to make him understand why Todd canít be executed.

Dorian: Adriana, how can you ask such a thing? Of course she has no feelings for that man.

Kelly: How could I not? Kevinís lost everything.

Clint: You must be exhausted, son. Why donít you let me take you home?

Kevin: I donít want to go home.

Clint: Well, where to, then?

Kevin: I just want to be alone, dad.

Clint: Son, where are you going to go?

Viki: I believe that Todd is telling the truth. And I believe that given some more time, he can prove his innocence.

Spencer: Look, excuse me, I really do have to get back to the hospital. Um -- Mrs. Davidson, once again, I am truly very sorry for your loss.

Viki: Thank you.

Blair: So you think Todd will be released?

Viki: Well, I pray he will, but no, I'm not sure. So, arrangements have to be made, just in case, you know. Toddís made an awful lot of mistakes in his life, but he also has a huge capacity for love, and I think that that can be honored.

Bo: How are you holding up?

Viki: Uh -- you know what? Not all that well, no.

Bo: Can I do anything for you, Blair?

Blair: No, itís all right.

Viki: I wish Natalie had been here. I've been trying to call her. I canít get through. Have you heard anything at all from John?

Bo: No, he hasnít called.

Viki: Do you have any idea when they'll be back?

Bo: None. It seems you and Spencer Truman are getting pretty close.

Blair: Thatís no secret.

Bo: Hmm. How well do you know him?

Blair: Oh, like I said, Bo, itís no secret.

Bo: Hmm.

Blair: Whatís this all about?

Bo: I'm just asking.

Spencer: David, you damn well better get this message, and you damn well better have gotten the cash that I wired to you to get Margaret out of Thailand before John finds her. Do you hear me? I do not lose, Davey. And I donít intend to start now. And I will not lose Blair.

Natalie: So what happened to Margaretís baby, anyway?

David: I donít know. And apparently, neither does she. She doesnít even remember Todd or the baby. Thatís why I came here to Thailand in the first place, you know. To find the kid.

Natalie: Give it up, David.

David: Give what up?

Natalie: Squirming out of those cuffs.

David: Can you blame me? They're too tight. I was unsuccessful.

Natalie: Well, it wouldnít matter if you got out of the cuffs, anyway, because I'm armed. And I'm dangerous. Now, sit back and wait for John.

David: Then what?

Natalie: Then heís going to make you pay for what you did.

John: Margaret Cochran?

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Starr: Heís not lying about this! And you're going to figure that out, but itís going to be too late!

Todd: I know what you did. I'm going to get proof.

Evangeline: This is the last chance he has to get a stay of execution.

John: We got less than 24 hours to keep Manning from the needle.

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