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One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/22/06


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TV newscaster: The heir apparent of Llanviewís most prominent family will be laid to rest today. Demerest Buchanan, known as Duke, was killed in the collapse of St. Judeís rectory following last weekís tornado. Mr. Buchananís surgeon, Spencer Truman, had this to say.

Spencer: Duke Buchanan passed away at 12:36 this afternoon, but the hospital will have no further statement.

Blair: Todd is going to die tomorrow. Do you think the kids and me will be able to pack up and move on just like that, Spencer?

Spencer: No, no, no. I'm sorry. Of course not. I'm just -- I'm just not thinking clearly. I mean, that boy died on my watch, my brotherís missing. You know, I'm -- I'm starting to become just as overwhelmed as you are.

Blair: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Duke, and as far as David is concerned, he always, always lands on his feet. You know that.

David: Margaret Cochran is alive. She was in the bathroom, that bathroom when you got here.

John: You'd say anything to save your own skin.

David: You just shot Denton. You killed Denton. You're pointing the gun at me. I'm not lying.

John: You're saying Margaret was here?

David: Big as life.

John: Then where is she now?

Natalie: Oh, my God. Margaretís alive. Margaret? Margaret Cochran? It is you, isnít it?

Spencer: Thanks for understanding. The last thing I want to do is make today about me, you know?

Dorian: Hello, sweetheart.

Blair: Hello.

Dorian: Dr. Truman.

Spencer: Dorian.

Adriana: How you doing, Blair?

Blair: I'm holding up. How about you, Adriana?

Adriana: Just worried about Kelly.

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: I gave her a mild sedative. Sheís resting comfortably.

Blair: Like thatís going to help. She lost Kevin, she lost Duke. She blames herself for it all. Itís like a little pillís going to take that kind of pain away?

Andrew: Did you hear me, Todd? I'm trying to help you deal with the reality of your death.

Todd: You mean I'm some kind of charity case? You think you can just volunteer to come on down to death row and see me off to my great reward -- is that it? Give me a break.

Andrew: Actually, I didnít volunteer. Um -- I was asked to come here by an old friend.

Todd: Oh, yeah? Whoís that?

Andrew: Your sister, Viki.

Viki: My sweet boy. I remember the first time you ever called me "Grandma." It was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard.

Nash: You all right?

Tess: I've just never been to a funeral before. Itís kind of creeping of me out. I just want it to be over.

Bo: I've got some officers posted around just in case the press gets out of line.

Clint: All right, thank you, Bo. I'm hoping that we can avoid any complications today for Kevinís sake.

Kevin: Take Kelly into surgery.

[Reporters ask questions]

Layla: Hey.

Adriana: Hi.

Layla: Thanks for asking me to meet you. I really didnít want to face that church alone.

Adriana: I know how you feel. God, I remember being here when Ginger Foley died. Duke and I had been fighting and it scared us both. And he made a point of telling me he loved me, in case anything were to happen. Nothing was supposed to happen, Layla. I mean, I know I'm the one who broke up with him, but if I knew that all of this was going to happen, that he'd end up turning to Kelly, that so many people would get hurt --

Layla: Come here. What would you have done? Stayed with him? You and I both know thatís a load of bull, not to mention not fair to anyone.

Dorian: All right. How about a glass of water? Maybe a different blanket?

Blair: Stop fussing over Kelly.

Dorian: What do you mean? Sheís lived through hell. She -- she needs her comfort.

Kelly: You canít help. Nobody can.

Dorian: Kelly, come on, darling. You've been through an ordeal --

Kelly: I want to go to the funeral.

Dorian: Absolutely not!

Kelly: I owe it to Duke, I owe it to Kevin.

Dorian: I am -- there is no way. Kevin will be just fine and his family will take care of him.

[Photographers yell questions]

Tess: Hey, hey! The police Commissioner is right inside. You guys donít want to play by the rules, I'm sure he would love to kick a little paparazzi ass today, ok? Got it? Come on.

Kevin: Tess, I --

Tess: Expecting somebody else?

Kevin: I'm just a little surprised, I guess.

Tess: Duke was a cool kid. He got me. He was the only Buchanan that did. Excuse me.

Viki: Oh, Clint, is this really happening?

Clint: I'm afraid it is. Viki, why donít you come sit down?

Viki: Whereís Kevin?

Clint: Heís in the back. Heís having a hard time facing this.

Viki: Yeah, well, who can blame him? I feel the same way. All I want to do is just fall apart.

Clint: People would understand.

Viki: No, I canít do that, not today. Kevin needs me to be really strong for him, and thatís exactly what I'm going to do.

Clint: We'll both do that. No matter the cost, we'll be there for our son together.

Bo: Itís the toughest walk that you'll ever make, Kev. But you can do it.

Kevin: I thought the next time I walked down this aisle, it would be on my wedding day with Kelly. And Duke would be up there beside me right where his picture is now. He should be alive, Bo. He should be here.

Bo: He is, Kev. Heís here.

Kevin: Uh-huh, you're right about that -- I can feel his hatred.

Todd: I really donít need what you're selling. My lawyer is out there right now trying to get me a stay of execution.

Andrew: Well, thatís -- thatís good. Itís good.

Todd: Yeah, yeah. I can see you're thrilled.

Andrew: Todd -- Todd, I donít believe in the death penalty. I donít care who the person is, I donít care how horrific their crime. I truly hope that your lawyer finds a way to -- to keep that awful machine from kicking into gear, but you got to face the truth that if she isnít able to do that, you're facing the end of your life tomorrow.

David: I donít know where Margaret went, but she was here, I swear it on my life.

John: Yeah, well, thatís not worth much. All right. We're going back to the hotel, we'll book a flight to Llanview. Letís go.

David: What about Denton?

John: I'll call the local authorities from the hotel.

David: Wait, wait. Maybe we should wait until we skip town, just in case murderís illegal in Thailand?

John: You know what they say -- what happens here stays here. Move.

Natalie: Margaret, wait. Ow! Oh!

Concierge: Oh, donít move.

Natalie: Ah!

Concierge: You could be hurt.

Natalie: Oh! Margaret!

Concierge: No, no. You need some ice.

Natalie: I have to go after her!

Blair: You get some rest, ok, beautiful?

Dorian: I'll be out in a minute.

Blair: Ok. How much more can our family take, huh?

Layla: Listen, I know you feel guilty about Duke, but heís known Kelly practically all his life. Itís not like she was some girl he hooked up with in a bar. There had to be feelings there already.

Adriana: But if I had just talked to him, been there for him, instead of pretending like our entire relationship never existed, I donít know -- maybe I could've found a way to keep him from going to the rectory that night.

Layla: No. I talked to Duke at the wedding. Head feelings for Kelly -- at least, thatís what he thought. Something tells me nothing could've kept him away from her that night.

Kelly: Dorian, please. You still have some influence around here. You've got to get me out of here.

Dorian: Absolutely not.

Kelly: Itís not just for Kevin and his family. Itís for me. I need to say goodbye.

Dorian: No! All right? And thereís just no way you're leaving this hospital. Iím your aunt. What am I talking about? I'm a medical doctor, for heavenís sake. You canít go gallivanting around when you've had your chest cut open a few days ago, besides which I -- I'm not going to let you face the onslaught of that vermin that calls themselves the press. No, no, no. I will go to the funeral. I will represent you. You stay here and you concentrate on getting better. I love you.

Dorian: Are you ready to go?

Adriana: As ready as I'll ever be.

Nash: I was thinking we could take the baby for a walk in the park tomorrow if the weatherís nice.

[Tess sighs]

Nash: Tess, are you all right?

Jessicaís voice: My brother needs me, Tess. Please, I have to be there for my family.

Tess: No. Shut up!

Viki: Tess, are you all right? Whatís going on?

Nash: I -- I donít know. She was fine one moment and then she just --

Viki: Jessica?

Tess: No, Jessica has left the building. Sorry to disappoint you, Viki. Whew.

Viki: She wanted to come out, didnít she? She loved Duke. She wants to be here.

Tess: Yeah? Well, Duke meant something to me, too.

Clint: Son, Joey asked me to send you his love. He had left London. By the time they found him, it was too late for him to come.

Kevin: Oh. Itís -- itís ok. I donít think I could handle any more support today anyway. Did you tell Grandpa?

Bo: No. Heís just in too bad of shape, Kev. Renee is with him just to make sure he doesnít turn to the wrong channel or pick up a newspaper or something. She wanted to be here.

Clint: Listen, are we waiting for Lee Ann, or what?

Kevin: No. Sheís not coming.

Clint: Not coming to her own sonís funeral?

Kevin: She said she might kill me if she looks at me right now. Can you blame her, huh? She put her son on a plane two years ago to Llanview to get to know his father, and because of me, heís dead.

Clint: Son, itís not your fault.

Kevin: You donít know how wrong you are. Itís time.

[Knock on door]

Hugh: Hey.

Kelly: Hey.

Hugh: I hope I'm not bothering you. I just wanted to see how you're holding up today. Itís got to be tough with the funeral and all.

Kelly: Yeah, it is.

Hugh: Is there anything I can do?

Kelly: You really mean that?

Hugh: Of course.

Kelly: Get me out of here. I want to go to that funeral.

Starr: Shouldnít you be inside with your family?

Matthew: My dad said it was ok for me to leave. Marianneís waiting for me outside in the parking lot. What are you doing here? You didnít know my cousin Duke, did you?

Starr: Not really.

Matthew: Why would you come to a funeral for someone you barely knew?

Starr: I figured I'd get an idea of how it all works since I'll probably be at my dadís funeral in a few days.

Layla: Hey. You all right?

Adriana: Yeah.

Layla: Whereís Rex?

Adriana: Heís taking his licensing exam today, becoming a P.I. I told him he should go. I mean, he and Duke -- it'd be weird for him to be here. They didnít exactly like each other.

Layla: Donít worry. I've got your back the whole way. Come on.

Michael: Hey.

Spencer: Hey, Michael, Marcie. How are you? Good to see you.

Marcie: Hi.

Spencer: Hi.

Michael: I was able to snag an hour off from the hospital, but I got to run back there as soon as this thingís over. Itís still a madhouse from the tornado.

Spencer: I guess you were given a crash course in what itís like to be married to a doctor, right? You two should be on your honeymoon right now.

Marcie: Oh, itís ok. Besides, I think we'd feel too guilty to enjoy it anyway.

Spencer: I understand. Unfortunately, I do know the drill. You're a very understanding woman.

Marcie: Well, itís just a few days and I have nothing but a lifetime of honeymoons to look forward to with this big guy, right?

Michael: How are you? Now, I want you to remember that if it wasnít for you, we'd be attending a double funeral.

Spencer: Yeah -- no. I -- I know. I just -- I wish I could've saved them both, thatís all.

Blair: What is wrong with you?

Dorian: Nothing. Itís just I know that I'm supposed to be feeling sympathy for Duke, his family, but when I look around at all of this, I canít help myself. I'm just so grateful that it was Duke who died and not Kelly. Viki, I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

Viki: Oh, I sincerely doubt that. Dorian, I would ask you to leave right this second except it would cause a scene and the reporters would just love that. So instead, I'm going to tell you to sit down and keep your mouth shut. And when this service is over, go home. You are not invited back to the house. And frankly, I donít want to see your face again for a very long time if ever.

Clint: The minister is ready.

Viki: Thank you.

Dorian: Clint? My heart is breaking for you.

Clint: Thank you for coming, Dorian.

Blair: Keep your mouth shut.

Minister: Today, we come together in the midst of our mourning to celebrate the life of Duke Buchanan. The service will be opened by Dukeís grandmother, Victoria Lord Davidson.

Viki: Duke was my very, very sweet grandson. When he was growing up in Texas, we never really had a chance to spend much time together. And then when he moved here to Llanview, I was frightened for him. Duke was a kind, gentle, and brilliant young man who grew up with open skies and endless horizons, and I was so afraid that the responsibilities of the world and the pain and the frustrations of adulthood would destroy the light in his eyes. But it never did. I'm proud to say that right up until the day he died, that light never dimmed. He was a very, very special young man of whom we were very proud and we will miss him terribly. Until we meet again in heaven. Goodbye.

Todd: God, have mercy on my soul and all that kind of crap. Yeah, I've done a lot of bad things to a lot of people, people who didnít deserve them, and I've paid for those sins. I'm not paying for any sins now. I didnít do this. And I donít care -- I donít care if you donít believe me. You and the entire state of Pennsylvania -- I donít care.

Andrew: I'll tell you what I believe. I believe that you donít think you did anything wrong and if you're at peace with that, Todd, who am I to argue with you? But you got to face the truth. There are aspects of this tragedy that you've got to deal with right now before itís too late.

Todd: Yeah, like how many "our fathers" I need to say before I get into heaven?

Andrew: No, Todd. Like your children, like your last will and testament, like the trusts you have in jack and Starrís names. I donít -- I donít care. I donít care what you think of me, I donít care what you think of Blair or anybody else, for that matter. You got two kids, two kids who you love more than anything in the world and you are going to leave them nothing, nothing but pain, nothing but grief, nothing but unfinished business their father should've taken care of, but he was too selfish in his final days on earth.

Natalie: David, you're all right.

John: Hey, you ok? What happened?

Natalie: John, sheís alive.

John: Who?

Natalie: Margaret Cochran. I swear to God, I saw her here in this hotel. Sheís alive.

David: I told you.

Clint: Itís tradition that when a Buchanan boy is born, my pa buys him a cowboy hat. Not the kind for kids. Certainly not the cheap kind, but the real deal. My father canít be here today. And thatís both a shame and a blessing. Duke was the next great generation of Buchanans. A Buchanan man bears not only our name but our legacy. Our family has been blessed with great wealth. But we have never believed that our strength came from money. Buchanan power is not oil, stocks. Got nothing to do with whatís written in our ledger. It is love and unity. And we draw strength from each other. And we have never been stronger than we are today. Because Duke Buchanan unites us in death, as he did in life. Duke was a bright and shining Buchanan. Now he is a bright and shining star in the heavens. He was a wonderful man. He'll be with us always. Always.

Natalie: Oh --

John: Easy.

Natalie: You knew that Margaret was alive?

John: Yeah. Vickers claims heís been hanging out with her here in Bangkok.

Natalie: Sheís the one who bailed you out.

David: You know about that?

John: Yeah, we know.

Natalie: You've got to find her.

John: Oh, yeah? What am I supposed to do with him in the meantime?

Natalie: Leave him with me, John.

John: No, no.

Natalie: Look, you have no other choice. I know that Toddís a dirtbag, but now that we know Margaretís alive, we canít let Todd die. We canít let an innocent man die. Look, David will be fine with me. I can do this.

John: We'll talk about this upstairs. Letís go.

Adriana: I'll be right back.

Layla: Ok.

Marcie: Whatís wrong?

Michael: All this talk about family is really starting to get to me. The only family I have is John.

Marcie: Michael, thatís not true. I'm your family now. You know that.

Michael: I know. I'm just worried about John. I hope heís ok. Wherever he is.

Minister: At this time, Marcie Mc Bain would like to honor Dukeís life with one of his favorite songs.

Marcie: All alone i didnít like the feeling all alone i sat and cried all alone i had to find some meaning in the center of the pain I felt inside all alone i came into this world all alone I will surely die solid stone is jus sand and water, baby sand and water and a million years gone by I will see you in the light of 1,000 suns I will hear you in the sound

Adriana: Hey, Rex. I know you're busy with your test, but I'm at Dukeís service, and itís horrible. This is so much harder than I thought it would be.

Marcie: As we all will come through the doors beyond the grave all alone i heal this heart of sorrow all alone i raised this child flesh and bone, he was just bursting toward tomorrow and his laughter filled my world and wore your smile I will see you in the light of 1,000 suns I will hear you in the sound of the waves I will know you when I come as we all will come through the doors beyond the grave all alone i came into this world all alone I will surely die solid stone is just sand and water, baby sand and water and a million years gone by.

Kevin: I thank you, Mom and Dad, for that beautiful eulogy. I -- you're -- you're amazing people. Amazing parents. Every-- everybody knows that you -- no matter what was going on in your lives, you were there for me. You -- you always supported me. And you -- and you'd think that with parents like that, you know, that I'd -- I learned something. When Duke was a little boy, he -- he went missing. And I was so scared that I'd never see him again. I was. And I went all the way My -- my little boy. And I -- I wanted so bad to be a good dad like you. And to be a man that he could look up to. And I just -- I donít know what happened. I mean, I donít know why I stopped looking for him. I -- I mean, I donít know when -- I thought it would be easier to turn my back on my son. On my -- on my little boy. On my -- on my -- on my son! My son! Oh!

Todd: Look, I got a will. The kids got trust funds. Blairís the executor of those. Nothing has changed.

Andrew: And are you at peace with that particular arrangement?

Todd: What does that mean?

Andrew: To, maybe you need to stop thinking about spewing out conspiracy theories. Start thinking about what a man should focus on when heís got 24 hours left to live. Now, I know something. I know that underneath all those years of crime and -- and revenge and sin, there is a man capable of deep love.

Todd: Hmm.

Andrew: I think the people who were lucky enough to receive that love deserve to be well taken care of.

Todd: Ok. 10-4, padre. I'll make sure that I'm at peace with those arrangements. Now, you go to hell.

John: Get your ass in there. Sit down.

David: Can I ask a question?

John: Shut up.

David: May I make a statement?

John: Shut up!

John: You sure you're ok?

Natalie: I can handle this.

John: Ok. You mess with her, your death will be the least of your problems.

David: Ow.

Kevin: Donít! I deserve to feel like this. After what I've done.

Kelly: Please, help me. I -- I've got to, please. No, I -- I've got to get out of here. Please, donít. Please, stop it! I have to go. Please, I --

Kevin: Why are you here? What are you doing here?

Natalie: Well, well, well. Looks like itís just the two of us. Oh. Forgot about the gun.

David: Natalie, you're no more a murderer than I am.

Natalie: Oh. I guess that makes me pretty deadly, since we both know that you are a murderer. Look, I may not know everything thatís going on here with Johnís father, this Todd/Margaret thing. But I know somehow, itís all your fault. And we're going to make sure that everybody knows it.

John: Yes, I realize the connection is bad. Have you looked outside? Well, look, now that you've confirmed my credentials, I need everything the embassyís got on an American citizen living here in Bangkok. Her name is Margaret Cochran. So a list of banks and financial institutions would be a good place to start.

[Margaret speaks Thai]

Margaret: No, you're not understanding me. I need someplace to hide! Hello?

Andrew: If you change your mind -- you want me to talk to you about some of that stuff, you know, the -- you know, peace -- all that crap, as you so reverently put it, well, I'll come back. You know, Todd, no man should die alone. Not even you.

Kevin: Get out! You have no right to be here. You were the reason my son is in that casket. You get out!

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Kelly: You had a chance to try and save your son. Why did you choose me?

Antonio: If you feel something for her, you should probably tell her.

Evangeline: I need to get the bodies of Margaret Cochran and her baby exhumed.

John: I know how to find her.

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