OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/9/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/9/06


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Rex: I cannot believe that nut job had the stones to walk in here and put his hands on you.

Adriana: Can we not talk about it anymore?

Rex: Yeah, well, we're getting out of here. We're going back to Bo tonight.

Adriana: No! You heard the radio report. A tornado tore through downtown after we left the church and there could be more on the way. If -- if something happened to you out there --

Rex: I thought you didn't care what happens to me.

Adriana: You know that isn't true. Can I stay here for tonight?

Rex: Yeah, of course you can. Take the bed, I'll sleep on the couch.

Adriana: No. Please stay with me.

Radio announcer: Only moments after a powerful tornado sliced through downtown Llanview, funnel clouds and severe weather are threatening the area again. Stay tuned for fur--

[Radio turns off]

Blair: I -- I want to save the battery. Starr, would you move away from the window, please?

Starr: Mom, we're all the way uptown, we're safe.

Blair: Could you just please do what I ask?

Starr: Fine. Whatever. Are the phones working yet?

Blair: No, they're -- they're still dead.

Starr: How we going to know if dad's ok?

Blair: Listen, your dad is in a big concrete building. He's nowhere near the tornado, ok? He's going to be fine.

Starr: Yeah -- as fine as a man on death row can be. You donít even care about him.

Blair: Starr, donít say that!

[Door slams]

Starr: What --

Kevin: Blair, where is she?

Blair: Kevin --

Kevin: Donít pretend you donít know. I want you to tell me right now, damn it.

Starr: Mom, is he drunk?

Kevin: I want to know where Kelly is and I want to know right now.

John: Stay with me, Natalie. Stay with me! I'm still here.

Natalie: So am I.

John: You're going to be all right, Natalie.

Natalie: I know.

[Natalie shivers]

John: We're calling the paramedics. I'm going to keep -- keep pressure on your -- on your wound till they get here. I'm not going anywhere, all right? All right? Cris, did you get through to 911?

Cristian: No, not yet! Cell service must be down, but I'll keep trying! Are you ok?

Evangeline: I can't see, Cristian.

Cristian: Do you have any pain?

[Wind blows]

Evangeline: Sounds like the wind is picking up. Oh, my God. There couldn't be another tornado coming, could there?

Cristian: No, no, no more tornados, but donít you worry, I'm going to keep you safe.

Evangeline: Where are you?

Cristian: Right here.

Evangeline: Where are you?

Cristian: I'm right here, I'm not leaving, I'm not going anywhere.

Evangeline: What is it? What's wrong?

Cristian: Nothing, everything's fine.

Evangeline: Donít lie to me, please!

Cristian: I'm not. Everything's going to be fine, and help's on the way.

Evangeline: No -- no, it isn't. You can't get through to anybody, and -- and nobody knows we're here!

Cristian: I will, and they will come. You just hang tight.

Nash: Clint, you're going to have to speak up. It's -- it's still blowing a gale out here. Yeah, yeah -- no, we had to take a tour. The visibility on the highway was close to nil. Yeah, we're heading back to the hospital now, we're taking a back road. What? I lost the signal.

Antonio: We were lucky to get one. I knew we should've stayed put.

Nash: No, I think we all agreed that we should go as soon as the twister passed.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah.

Tess: Yeah, well, the radio said another one could hit at any point, so can we pick up the pace here, Antonio?

Antonio: I can't go any faster, not if I'm going to keep the car on the road.

Tess: Oh -- it's ok. Shh. I'll get you your bottle, that'll help. Great. Nash, I -- I dropped it on the floor. Could you please get it?

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Thank you.

[Tires screech]

Tess: Nash!

Rex: You donít mean -- no -- you donít want me in the same bed as you because then it'll look like I took advantage of the whole situation, you know?

Adriana: Just stay until I fall asleep. Please, that creep was in here. He had his hands on me.

Rex: You -- lie down. Ok, I'll be here at the foot of the bed. Nobody's getting back in here tonight. I'm all out of fresh, silk P.J.s, so these will have to do.

Adriana: As long as I'm warm.

Rex: You'll be toasty, I promise.

Michael: Whatever space you can find! If you can walk, please, find a seat! The triage nurse will be with you as soon as possible! Every member of the staff has been called in! Thank you for your cooperation!

[Phone rings]

Michael: What? Dr. Truman is in the burn unit. What's going on in I.C.U.? I'm on my way. What?

Nurse: Two victims from the nursing home -- a wall collapsed.

Michael: Well, get Anderson, Kudalak is on his way. I have to go to I.C.U.

Nurse: Yeah, at least you're a happily married man.

Michael: I'll be a lot happier when this whole thing is over, but, yes, thank you for asking. We made it through the ceremony. John! John -- I'm -- sorry. I thought -- I'm sorry. Get this man in a room, please? Damn it, John, where are you?

Natalie: How are -- how are they doing? Cris and --

John: Evangeline. I think they're good. They're fine. You know what? Everybody's going to be fine.

Natalie: Help is on the way, right?

John: Paramedics will be here any minute, you hear me? Hey -- you hear me?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Listen, has the pain eased up any?

Natalie: A little. It must have been that "anesthesia" you used -- pretty strong stuff.

John: And let me know when you need another dose.

Natalie: You're always going to take care of me, aren't you?

John: Not so much lately. I'm working on changing that.

Cristian: You probably just -- just have a little glass in your eye.

Evangeline: Glass?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, glass from the windows -- they shattered when the tornado hit. There's glass everywhere. So just -- just try to stay still, ok, till we get some help.

Evangeline: If I have glass in my eye, that -- that could mean that I --

Cristian: Evangeline, look, the paramedics are going to take you to the hospital, and then an eye doctor's going to wash them out and it's going to be fine.

Evangeline: How do you know the paramedics are even coming here?

Cristian: Because I'm going to get -- I'm going to get through to somebody, ok? And if not, I'll carry you out of here myself. Hey, I did it before, remember?

Evangeline: Yeah -- like I could ever forget that.

Cristian: Ok, listen, we're going to be ok, we're going to make it. Everything's going to be fine.

Evangeline: Then why am I so scared?

Cristian: I'm scared, too, so you know what? We'll be scared together. Everything's going to be ok.

Evangeline: Ok.

Cristian: I'm not going to leave you.

Evangeline: Ok.

Cristian: Ok. Hey, how you two doing?

John: She's good. Natalie's doing good.

Natalie: Lousy liar, Mc Bain.

Cristian: It's ringing, I'm through! Yeah, I need an ambulance right away, St. Jude's church. Four of us. Hurry, we're trapped!

John: You hear that? You hear that?

Natalie: Hmm.

John: Thank you.

Antonio: Tess? Tess, say something. How's the baby?

Tess: Oh, I donít know. Oh, I think she's ok. Yeah, she -- she just opened her eyes. Nash -- Nash!

Antonio: What?

Tess: He got thrown from the car! Nash!

Antonio: Look, you just concentrate on the baby, ok? And donít -- donít move until I see what the situation is, all right? Ok.

Tess: What? What, Antonio? What do you see? Oh, my God! Nash! Nash! Nash! Nash, wake up!

Rex: I know nothing's changed between us. You know, there's still a lot we need to work out. But -- uh -- you know, we're going to get through this. We're going to -- we're going to find this creep. We're going to find him, we're going to make him pay, and things will be back, you know, to the way they were. Um --

Adriana: I believe you. I'm ready.

Rex: I'll be here if you need anything.

Kevin: She's hiding upstairs, isn't she? Kelly?

Blair: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, there, cowboy. You're not going upstairs. My son's asleep, and so help me, if you wake him up, Kevin -- now, just --

Kevin: Kelly!

Blair: Kevin, I mean it!

Kevin: What --

Blair: Keep your voice down, you got it? Do you have it? Good. Starr, can you give me a moment with Kevin, please, and no arguments?

Starr: "Arguments?" Are you kidding me? Like I want to be down here with you two?

Blair: What's your problem here? What's going on?

Kevin: I just -- I need to speak with Kelly.

Blair: Yeah, I got that much.

Kevin: We had an argument at the wedding, and I've been calling her cell phone and she's not answering. I just -- I have to see her.

Blair: Kevin, are you aware that a tornado has touched down and completely destroyed St. Jude's here in Llanview?

Kevin: What -- St. Jude's?

Blair: Yeah.

Kevin: I just left Kelly at the -- Kelly at the rectory.

Blair: The rectory?

Kevin: Yeah, like an hour ago. I --

Blair: You -- you just left her there?

Kevin: Oh, no, there's not -- there's no way --

Blair: What?

Kevin: That she would've stayed there. That's --

Blair: Wait -- I can't believe this. A tornado's touched down, and all you care about is getting plastered, not even worrying about your fiancťe that could be hurt in a tornado?

Kevin: Ex-fiancťe -- we -- we called off the engagement.

Blair: No.

Kevin: Kelly --

Blair: Kevin?

Kevin: I'm sure she's fine. I mean, there's no reason that she would stay there, right?


Cristian: It shouldn't be long -- the ambulance!

John: That's good.

Evangeline: Oh, God!

Cristian: Evangeline --

Evangeline: It hurts! Cris, it stings!

Cristian: I know -- I know it hurts, but you can't touch your eyes. You donít want to make it worse. Hold on a second, wait, stay still.

Evangeline: Wait, what are you doing?

Cristian: I -- I just want to clean you up a little bit, ok?

Evangeline: The paramedics better get here soon, Cris.

Cristian: They will.

Evangeline: There's a lot of people that need help, you know? The longer I'm like this -- what if --

Cristian: Evangeline --

Evangeline: What if I can't see?

Cristian: Evangeline, listen to me. You just got a little scratch in your eye, that's it. Donít imagine anything else.


Natalie: This is a record for you.

John: How's that?

Natalie: Sitting still for so long -- you must be going out of your mind.

John: I was earlier when I thought you weren't going to wake up again. You know, you said it -- you said it a lot of times before, but I guess I was too stubborn to listen.

Natalie: What d I say?

John: You and me, we're -- we're pretty good together, you know? I guess -- I guess what I'm asking for is a chance to prove it, and, I promise, this time I'll come through.

Paramedic: Anybody here? Can you hear us?

John: Yeah!

Cristian: Over here, four of us!

John: We're in here!

Paramedic: We're coming.

John: We're going to be all right. It's going to be all right.

Paramedic: Hang on, we're on the way.

Cristian: It's going to be ok.


Adriana: Rex?

Rex: Yeah, I know -- somehow the heat got cranked way up.

Adriana: Who would've done that?

Rex: I donít know. It's probably just a problem with the boiler. I'll check it out.

Adriana: Downstairs?

Rex: That's where the boiler is.

Adriana: What if it's the stalker?

Rex: Oh, donít worry -- I can take care of myself.

Adriana: You're going to leave me here all alone?

Rex: Two minutes, five max. Dead-bolt the door behind me. Everything's locked up. Nobody's getting back in here tonight. When I come back, I'll knock three times and say -- I donít know -- "the fire's out,

Rex: Riana, the fire's out, let me in. Adriana, the fire's out, let me in! Adriana!

[Adriana screams]

Adriana: No -- no! No! Rex! Rex!

[Adriana screams]

Tess: Nash! Nash! No! Wake up!

Antonio: Tess --

Tess: Please wake up!

Antonio: Tess, I want you to listen to me. Tess, this is important! Tess, I want you to calm down.

Tess: Calm? How can you ask me to stay calm?

Antonio: Our baby -- your baby needs you. The most important thing you could do right now is to be a mom. We're in this one together. I'm not the enemy. Ok?

Tess: What if he doesn't wake up?

Antonio: He will. I promise.

Tess: Are you sure?

Antonio: We're getting out of this -- all of us. Ok?

Antonio: All right, little one. I'll be back. It's ok.

[Baby cries]

Antonio: I know, I know. Keep reassuring her.

Tess: Ok -- ok, that was scary, wasn't it? It's ok, it's over now. I promise I'm going to get you back to the hospital and everything's going to be ok, I promise.

[Baby cries]

Tess: I donít know what to do! She won't stop crying!

Antonio: Sing to her, ok? It always worked with Jamie.

[Baby fusses]

Tess: Ok, sing. I donít know what to sing. Let me think. Ok -- rock-- rock-a-bye, lady up in the trees I'll get you out of here just stop crying, please um -- I donít know! I donít know!

Antonio: All right, Tess. Just keep singing, honey. Just keep singing, all right?

[Antonio grunts]

Antonio: It's ok. It's ok, all right? The door's jammed. Look, we're going to have to go out the front window. There we are.

Tess: Um --

Antonio: All right?

Tess: It's ok, it's ok, little one. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Antonio: Nash?

[Nash groans]

Nash: What?

Tess: Oh, thank God!

Antonio: All right, I'm coming down.

Nash: Why?

Tess: Are you hurt?

Antonio: Just -- just stay where you are, ok? Donít move.

Nash: What happened?

Antonio: The car was hit by a tree, you were thrown from the car.

Nash: Oh -- Tess!

Antonio: She's fine.

Tess: And so's the baby.

Antonio: All right, I'll be down in a second.

Nash: Antonio, no! No!

Tess: Antonio!

Nash: Antonio!

Tess: Antonio! My God, Antonio, are you ok? Antonio?

John: Come on in, guys! Lieutenant John Mc Bain, Llanview, Pennsylvania. Evangeline Williamson and Cristian Vega are over there, they need immediate medical attention. Right here, Natalie Buchanan. The glass made a gash in her right leg. I donít think it's arterial, but she's bleeding real bad. I tried to keep pressure on it.

Paramedic: Good work. We'll take it from here.

John: You do what you got to do, but I'm not leaving her side.

Evangeline: How bad is it?

Paramedic: I can't really tell in this light, but there's an ophthalmologist on duty at the hospital.


Evangeline: Cristian?

Cristian: I'm right here. I'm right here.

Evangeline: You coming with me?

Cristian: All the way. I'm going to be with you all the way.

Paramedic: Got to hurry -- wind's picking up again, dark clouds.

Cristian: What are you saying?

Paramedic: It could be another tornado's going to touch down.

Adriana: Rex! Rex!

Tess: Antonio?

Nash: Stay in the car!

Tess: What happened?

Nash: It's not -- it's not a tree that fell, it's a downed power line!

Tess: Oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh, my God, we got to get out of here. Come on, baby --

Nash: No, stay in the car!

Tess: Why?

Nash: You and the baby are safe as long as you stay in the car!

Tess: I donít understand.

Nash: Look, the minute your feet hit the ground, the electricity is going to go through your body the same way it did with Antonio's, all right? Just stay in the car.

Tess: Oh, my God -- is Antonio -- is -- is he --

Nash: I donít know, I -- I can't get close enough to check on him.

Tess: Well, I can't just sit in here all night, Nash. What if a storm comes? What if another tornado comes?

Nash: Ok, I'll figure something out.

Tess: How?

Nash: There's got to be a highway patrol around here somewhere. I'll call. Damn it.

Tess: What's wrong?

Nash: My phone -- I -- I must have lost phone in the crash.

Tess: Nash, I'm really scared.

Nash: All right. I know, baby. Donít worry. I'm not going to let anything happen to you or the baby, I promise. Never.

Evangeline: Where are John and Natalie?

Cristian: They're in the ambulance. You're next.

Evangeline: Just donít leave me.

Cristian: All the way, just like I told you.

Paramedic: Good thing you got through on the cell when you did.

Cristian: You really think another storm is coming?

Paramedic: And a twister, more than likely.

Evangeline: Cristian?

Cristian: Well, we'd better roll, then, huh? Come on.


Radio announcer: And this just in -- the following structures were hit by the twister. Llanview public library on Spring Street, two homes on evergreen, 29 and 31. St. Jude's church on main suffered extensive damage, but apparently the nearby rectory has been spared.

Kevin: Thank God.

Blair: Where would she have gone?

Kevin: If I knew that, I wouldn't be here. I need a phone.

Blair: Well, it's dead. Kevin, what did the two of you fight about?

Kevin: Oh -- she wants to have a baby, and I can't give her one, so it's over.

Blair: Over? That's not like Kelly. She wouldn't just give up just because the two of you can't have children together.

Kevin: "Just because?"

Blair: Yeah.

Kevin: Come on. I mean, the woman has been obsessing about getting pregnant for years.

Blair: Because she wants a family, Kevin. She wants to raise a child with you.

Kevin: Yeah, she wants our child.

Blair: That's right.

Kevin: I obviously can't give her that, Blair. Come on. You know, I -- I tried to suggest that we -- we look into a sperm donor, but that completely turned her off. I mean, she didn't want anything to do with that.

Blair: Well, I -- it doesn't mean --

Kevin: Oh, God -- yes, it means -- I'll tell you what it means. It means that it's over. It's finished.

Blair: Oh --

Kevin: All right? It means that -- that she is now free to go out there and have a life with another guy.

Blair: Ah. And, what, are you free to wallow in self-pity and drink yourself into oblivion?

Kevin: Works for me.

Blair: Oh, it does not. Because it's not who you are, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, like you know who I am?

Blair: Yeah. You know what? As a matter of fact, I do. A couple of years back, I think I got to know you pretty well.

Kevin: Oh, come on. It was just because we were so angry at Todd and Kelly. And it's just all out commiserating.

Blair: Yeah, I agree. It's probably a good thing that we came to our senses.

Kevin: Oh -- well, we're doing a hell of a job. I'll tell you what -- Todd's going to be executed in a couple of weeks, and Kelly and I can't even have a civilized conversation.

Blair: Kelly is desperately trying to hold on to a man that she loves.

Kevin: Well, she's --

Blair: And that's it.

Kevin: She's got a strange way of showing it, I'll tell you that.

Blair: I think you told me that you walked out on her. I donít believe it was the other way around, right?

Kevin: Give me the ring back!

Kelly: This is not you! Just stop it!

Kevin: It is me now! Give me the ring.

Kelly: No, no! Kevin, stop it!

Kevin: Give me the ring.

Kelly: Stop it! Stop it! Kevin -- God, you're hurting me! Stop it! Oh! Why are you doing this?

Kevin: There. You're free! Ok? Now you can go have a baby with a man who can give you one.

Radio announcer: And we have late breaking news on the situation in Llanview. Meteorologists report that a second tornado is headed for the downtown area. Anyone remaining in the vicinity of St. Jude's Church and the surrounding area is urged to take cover immediately.


Kelly: Oh, my God. What have we done?

Duke: Kelly --

Kelly: What happened was so wrong.

Duke: No, no, how could you say that?

Kelly: We've destroyed everything.

Blair: Damn it, it's -- it's gone.

Kevin: All right, let me try.

Blair: Kevin, how -- how could you just leave her like that?

Kevin: For God's sakes, donít you think I feel bad enough?

Blair: No, actually, I donít. You're the one that walked out on her in the middle of this nightmare. And you walked out because you were hurt, you were angry. Did you think for a minute -- one minute about Kelly?

Kevin: Look, I'm sure she's not still at the rectory, ok? She was too upset. She wouldn't want to be alone.

Blair: And what does that me?

Kevin: You know what that means.

Blair: No, I donít. What --

Kevin: She's going to do what she always does when she's upset. She's going to look for sympathy. She's going to try and find someone who tells her how great she is and what a loser I am.

Blair: Oh, and you're doing what you always do, aren't you? You're turning this all around and making her the bad guy, aren't you?

Kevin: That's what she does. It's a pattern. Come on.

Blair: Oh, come on! Why donít you just dredge up a bunch of stuff that's happened 100 years ago? That just real mature, Kevin.

Kevin: It's fresh in my mind.

Blair: Yeah, and you're pathetic.

Kevin: People donít change that much.

Blair: Kelly loves you, Kevin. Huh, God only knows why. But you -- you have her heart. And you know what the saddest part about this whole thing is, is that it doesn't mean anything to you. It's like a big waste, because all you have ever done is make a mockery of her love for you. And her loyalty to you.

Kevin: Oh, come on --

Blair: She's always been loyal to you.

Kevin: What would you know about her feelings for me? You guys donít even talk anymore.

Blair: And I wonder why that is, Kevin. I'll tell you why. Because she's so busy loving you, you big idiot, that she would lie to me, her own family, about Todd, just to protect your sorry butt. And you have the gall to sit there and tell me that -- that Kelly could go off and -- and sleep with somebody just because she's pissed at you? How dare you talk about my cousin like that?

Kevin: I -- I didn't mean, you know -- I just --

Blair: What? You didn't mean -- you didn't mean --

Kevin: I'm -- I'm confused, ok?

Blair: Oh, really? Yeah. I wonder why that is, Kevin, huh? Because when things donít go Kevin Buchanan's way, the big, spoiled baby, he goes off and gets drunk. Gee, maybe that's why things are fuzzy in your head. Things get all fuzzy in your head because you want to go off and screw your life up even more than it already is!

Michael: I need these rooms prepped Stat. We have victims coming in from the church collapse.

John: You ok, Mike? You hear what happened?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The paramedics radioed ahead.

John: Great.

Michael: Listen, get ms. Williamson into cubicle four now! Move it. Dr. Landaw is on his way down here to take a look at her. Come on, hurry up!

Cristian: I'm with you, ok? I'm right by your side.

Evangeline: I know, I know. I can feel you.

Michael: You ok?

John: Yeah, never mind me, Mike. All right, you got to help all these people.

Michael: Ok, ok, ok. Cubicle two, come on. Move it, Stat! Let's go!

John: I'm still here, all right? I'm going to be here.

Michael: Everything is going to be ok.

Adriana: Rex! No, please! No! Rex! Rex!

Rex: Adriana!

Adriana: Oh

Rex: I'm so sorry.

Adriana: Oh, God! He's real, Rex! He had me!

Rex: You're safe now, you're safe now.

Adriana: I fought him. He ran.

Rex: I'm never going to let him put his hands on you again, ok? I'm never going to leave you again. I can't imagine not having you. I care about you so much. I love you.

Tess: What? What happened?

Nash: I can't -- I can't find my cell phone anywhere.

Tess: Well, I'm sure Antonio has one. Maybe I --

Nash: No, no. We can't go near Antonio.

Tess: Nash, we need something. We need a phone. We're out here in the middle of nowhere. And those sparks are getting closer to the gas tank. What if the car blows up or something? We have to do something.

Nash: Ok, ok. I got an idea.

Tess: Ok, tell me.

Nash: You're not going to like it.

Blair: Get up, Kevin! Get up! Get up. And you sober up. And you go find Kelly. And you make sure she's safe. Make sure she's all right. Because if something's happened to her, you -- you're not going to be able to live with yourself, all right?

Kevin: Blair, thanks. I mean, I needed somebody to get my head straight.

Blair: Yeah. Have a little faith, Kevin. Kelly knows where she belongs, and it's with you. She's not going to just make the same mistakes we did.

Michael: She's lost a lot of blood, John. But she's going to be ok. You need to get yourself checked out.

John: Let me have one minute with her?

Michael: That's fine. But right afterwards, you're getting checked out.

John: You were right all along.

Michael: Dr. Landaw called in a surgeon. He's on his way.

Evangeline: Is it all right if Cristian stays with me?

Michael: Absolutely.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Cristian: I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Adriana: Rex --

Rex: I need you, Adriana. I love you.

Adriana: I love you, too. 

Tess: Nash, I will do anything -- anything to get me and this baby out of the car and Antonio to a hospital.

Nash: Ok, the only way we can do that is to get you and the baby away from the ground.

Tess: How am I going to do that, fly?

Nash: You're going to have to give me the baby.

Tess: Give you the baby? You're all the way down there!

Nash: Tess, listen to me.

Tess: You said it wasn't safe for you to get close to the car.

Nash: It's not. I didn't say for you to hand me the baby.

Tess: No. No, Nash, I can't -- I can't do that. I'm sorry, I can't do that.

Nash: Tess, it's the only way.

Tess: No, there's got to be some other way! I can't do that.

Nash: There isn't. Now, Tess, I love you. You got to trust me. I love you and I love our baby. But if you donít trust me, then we're not going to get through this. Give me the baby.

Tess: Ok, I trust you. I trust you with my life.

Nash: Ok, then trust me with our baby's life. Come on, drop me the baby. I'm not going to drop her.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: Now that we know David Vickers shot your father, what are we going to do?

Evangeline: Tell me the truth. Am I ever going to be able to see again?

Nash: You've got to drop me the baby!

Tess: I love you.

Nash: One, two, three.

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