OLTL Transcript Monday 5/1/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 5/1/06


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Clint: Viki, it's going to be all right. The baby's going to be fine.

Viki: Yeah, well, it's the mother I'm worried about.

Nash: That's it, just like that.

Tess: Please don't leave me.

Jessica: I'm not going anywhere, Tess, I promise. We're going to do this together.

Natalie: Hey, Mom. Any news?

Viki: No, darling, not yet, but -- but her labor is very, very intense, so it -- it could be any minute.

Natalie: Oh, well, I don't even know why I came home first. I'll -- I'll be right there.

Vincent: Oh. Now, that's what I call service. Hmm, hmm, hmm.

Natalie: I'm on my way out, Vincent. What do you want?

Vincent: I thought we had a deal, an understanding? No cops? But you had to go involve that damn lieutenant, so now Mc Bain's death is on your head.

Natalie: What are you talking about? What did you do to John?

Michael: Where is John? You know, he should be here by now.

Marcie: He probably just got held up at the station house, Michael. He'll probably be here any minute.

Lindsay: Maybe even sooner.

Priest: It is now officially a wedding party.

John: Sorry I'm late, father.

Michael: Where the hell have you been?

John: Can I speak to you for a minute, alone?

Michael: Oh, we kind of have to get on with the rehearsal.

Marcie: Really, it's ok. Go talk.

John: Listen to your wife.

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: Who's that?

John: That's the guy that shot dad.

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Hello? Yeah, it's me. Oh, you're canceling? No, no, no, that's fine. You know, just call my secretary to reschedule. All right.

Spencer: You know, if you're going to run a background check on me, you could be just a little more discreet, don't you think, counselor? I mean, you really don't think that you're going to find any evidence tying me to Margaret Cochran's murder in a bunch of old newspapers, now, do you?

David: Oh, my God. Margaret, you're alive?

Margaret: Well, of course I'm alive. Now, would you mind telling me who you are and why you're calling me Margaret?

Todd: Would it kill you to tell me who the visitor is?

Guard: What do I look like, a social director?

Vincent: You know, this place is so -- it sure is white.

Natalie: What did you do to John?

Vincent: Me? Hmm -- nothing.

Natalie: The truth, Vincent. What did you mean when you said that John's deh would be on my head?

Vincent: Well, our friend the witness, George -- you know, he was real unhappy the way things went down, and he may be retired, but he can get really mean and I mean old-school mean. It took heavy-duty damage control to cool this guy down. I mean, he was like trying to fit Mc Bain with cement shoes.

Natalie: You got through to him, right? He -- he's not going to do anything?

Vincent: Let's just say my hand trumped his.

Natalie: John's safe.

Vincent: You're welcome.

Natalie: Uh -- what?

Vincent: You know, that was your cue to say "thank you."

Natalie: Oh -- um -- right -- thanks. You know that I had nothing to do with John showing up, right? I mean, he put a tracking device in my purse and followed me.

Vincent: Yeah. Then he tied up my bodyguard.

Natalie: Yeah -- again, I had nothing to do with that.

Vincent: Yeah. You know, it seems like this lieutenant Mc Bain -- he goes beyond the call to help you, you know?

Natalie: Yeah, that's what he does.

Vincent: You know, he's not your boyfriend, but you went into debt with me to help him out. You know, women only really do that for men that they're really digging.

Natalie: Uh -- what debt? What -- what happened to the eternal gratitude?

Vincent: That was for me bringing you to George. Now, cleaning up the mess that you and your non-boyfriend made -- that upped the ante, so now you owe me double.

Michael: This is the guy that killed dad?

John: Yeah.

Michael: Who is he?

John: I don't know yet. I'm waiting for a computer enhancement. When I get it, I'm going to find him and make sure he pays for what he did.

Michael: How are you going to do that John?

Marcie: I hope everything's ok. I mean, do you think everything's ok?

Lindsay: It's probably just grim best man stuff -- you know, like how many strippers to order for the bachelor party.

Marcie: Thank you, because that is exactly what I needed to hear right now.

[Lindsay laughs]

Lindsay: Come on. Where's your sense of humor? Anybody can see that the only thing on Michael's mind is you.

Michael: What are you going to do when you find this guy, John?

John: He killed our father. What do you think I'm going to do?

Spencer: You must be pretty desperate, Counselor, if you think you're going to find any evidence on me in a bunch of old newspaper clippings. I mean, give me more credit, please.

Evangeline: Is that a confession?

Spencer: If I were you, I would just go ahead and resign because sending clients to their death -- I mean, it's got to be bad for business, don't you think?

Evangeline: This is far from over and that must be why you're acting so worried.

Spencer: Worried? Am I worried? I didn't notice, you know? Blair and I are just closer than ever and Jack, he just loves me to death, and, well, Starr -- you know, she's kind of a typical teenager, but she'll come around in time.

Evangeline: You actually think you're going to take Todd's place.

Spencer: Mm-hmm, and then some.

Evangeline: His children love him, and so does Blair.

Spencer: Oh, Blair could never love a baby killer.

Evangeline: You're right. She couldn't. And Todd didn't kill anyone.

Spencer: You mean not lately. Look, the truth is beside the point anyway. Blair thinks he's guilty, so did a jury of his peers. I mean, his days are literally numbered.

Evangeline: I'm going to get him exonerated.

Spencer: You mean executed, exactly three weeks from Friday as a matter of fact, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Evangeline: Don't underestimate me, dr. Truman.

Spencer: Game's over, Counselor.

Evangeline: Not if I find out what really happened to Margaret Cochran.

David: Margaret bloody Cochran, alive and well and living in Thailand.

Margaret: My name is not Margaret.

David: Spencer didn't really kill you. He wanted Paige and me to believe that he killed you so we'd be scared enough to keep our mouths shut and then he stashed you and the baby here in Bangkok.

Margaret: What baby? I don't have a baby.

Todd: Come on, Ed. Who wants to see me? I think I have a right to know.

Ed: As far as I'm concerned, you got no rights. Here's the calendar you asked for.

Bo: What are you doing?

Paige: I'm moving out.

Bo: Just like that?

Paige: Well, you slept on the couch last night. It's obvious you don't want to be near me.

Bo: I didn't sleep. Paige, listen, I'm confused. All this time that we've been together, you never told me what you did to John's dad.

Paige: I didn't know it was John's dad.

Bo: Well, ok, whoever. You know, I should've known.

Paige: Have you told me every terrible thing that you've done in the past?

Bo: If I had been responsible for someone's death outside the line of duty, yes, I would've told you.

Paige: Right, because you're a standup person and I'm not. Look, this is just pointless. I love you, but I -- I'll never be good enough. I'll just pick up the rest of my stuff tomorrow.

Bo: Wait. Come on, just -- Paige, Paige, Paige, please. Just wait! Wait!

Paige: What more is there to say?

Bo: Well, I'll tell you what -- you can tell me the rest of the story, ok? Tell me who you're protecting. Tell me why.

David: Oh. Ok, so your name's not Margaret, you don't have a baby. Well, in that case, maybe the world is flat, Elvis is alive, and Kevin Buchanan is taller than me.

Margaret: Now you are being rude.

David: There's the Margaret I remember. Are you going to go crazy on me? You know what? This is working out better than I even imagined. So what that I don't have the baby. I got the corpse right here in front of me. If that doesn't prove that Spencer framed Todd for your murder -- oh, this is working out so well. This is exactly where I wanted to be. I finally t the goods on my brother. I'm going to be off the hook for Thomas Mc Bain!

Margaret: Look, I don't know who you are or what you're yammering about, but you better get out of here before I call the cops.

David: Be my guest.

Michael: John, you kill this guy, you're no better than he is.

John: Did I say anything about killing him?

Michael: I know you, John. You're thinking about it.

John: Look, I get enough analysis from Crosby. I just -- I thought I'd keep you in the loop.

Michael: Look, I want this guy caught just as much as you do, but I'm not willing to risk my brother in the process.

John: I'm not going anywhere.

Michael: Yeah, that's what dad thought -- till the night he didn't come home. Listen, I want tomorrow to be about Marcie, about hope, about the future.

John: I'm here, aren't I?

Michael: My best man.

John: Yeah, I don't know about "best."

Michael: It's like we always talked about.

John: You're a lucky man, Bro.

Michael: Don't I know it.

Priest: I really enjoyed talking to you and Michael.

Marcie: Me, too.

Priest: Although, I did get the impression that you and your fiancée are not totally in sync when it comes to the subject of children.

Marcie: Yeah, we're not. Uh -- I mean, we both want children. Michael just -- well, he doesn't want to have them right away and I guess I have to be ok with that, right?

Lindsay: I was already pregnant with will when his father and I got married. Oh -- sorry. It wasn't planned, but you know what? I think having a baby so soon after the wedding really bonded us. The minute will was born, it was pure joy. Sam and I were so happy we practically shouted it from the rooftops.

 [Tess screams]

Dr. Jacobs: You're doing great. Just a little longer.

Tess: How much longer?

Jessica: Don't worry, Tess. I'm here. I'm with you.

Dr. Jacobs: You need to push again, ok? Just a couple more and your baby's going to be born.

Tess: I'm trying! I'm trying really hard.

Jessica: Antonio, I'm here. I'm here for our baby.

Nash: You're close, Tess. You're so close. Come on.

Clint: Viki, you did an amazing thing convincing Tess to allow Jessica to help her. And for one thing, Jessica's not going to miss out on the birth of her baby.

Viki: I know, but what happens after the baby is born? Jessica and Tess can't coexist forever. Eventually, one of them has to give in and recede.

Clint: Maybe it will be Tess that recedes. Maybe Jessica seeing that baby will give her the strength to come back to us.

Viki: Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.

Clint: We're going to get our daughter back. It will happen. Right now, we should concentrate on our new grandchild.

Viki: Yeah.

Dr. Jacobs: I can see the head.

Nash: Do you hear that, Tess? You're there. You're almost there!

Dr. Jacobs: One last push.

Tess: No --

Dr. Jacobs: Come on. You can do it. Just one more.

Nash: Come on.

Jessica: Ok, Tess, you and me together on the count of three, ok?

Tess: Ok.

Jessica: One, two, three -- push.

Tess: Ah!

Dr. Jacobs: Yes! Good work, Tess. Your baby's here. Tess, would you like to meet your daughter?

Nash: Daughter? It's a girl!

Tess: Let me hold her. Give my baby to me.

Antonio: She's beautiful.

Tess: Oh. Hello.

Nash: She's perfect.

Antonio: Just like you, Jessica.

Natalie: Great. How do you want me to repay you, huh, Vincent? What do you want from me?

Vincent: I'll think of something.

Natalie: I have to go. My sister's in labor.

Vincent: You know, we're in business, Natalie Buchanan. Partners.

Natalie: I'm not afraid of you.

Vincent: That's good. That's so good. That's what I love about you. You know, you got spunk. You know what'll be real interesting? To see if the next time we meet, you have as much.

Natalie: I got to go. Now, goodbye.

Vincent: Let me walk you to your car.

Natalie: Suit yourself.

Vincent: Oh. I always do, miss forensics.

[Vincent chuckles]

Vincent: I always do.

Bo: All right. John's father's death -- you admitted to me that there's more to the story, so instead of running out of here, why don't you just tell me what it is? You're protecting someone. Is it Spencer?

Spencer's voice: I didn't frame anybody, Paige. You and Bo did and I've got the documents to prove it --

Paige: Fake documents.

Spencer: Which will stand up to scrutiny. And given Bo Buchanan's long history of hating Todd Manning, no one is going to wonder. So unless you want to see your boyfriend stripped of his badge and sent to prison for a very, very long time, you will keep your mouth shut.

Paige: I'm sorry.

Bo: If that's the way you want it.

Paige: No. Huh. It's the way it has to be. Could you -- could you say goodbye to Matthew for me and tell him that I love him very much?

Bo: You can -- you can see him anytime you want. Don't you want to stick around right now -- no. Stick around right now so at least you can tell him goodbye?

Paige: Oh. I can't. I'll -- I'll tell him later. And I'll tell him that -- that none of this was your fault, it was all me. You have to know I'll miss you both very much. I -- I know that you'll be better off without me.

Bo: So it's goodbye, then?

Paige: Goodbye.

Evangeline: You made a mistake. Somewhere along the way, you slipped up, you left a clue. Could be a fingerprint, a single strand of hair -- whatever. I'm going to find it and I'm going to find it before Todd is executed.

Spencer: You know, what is it about him exactly? I mean, why do you care so much about him?

Evangeline: Let's just say I don't like losing.

Spencer: Well, I thought you had a considerable amount of experience losing. I mean, it must've been really painful to watch Natalie Buchanan come in and just steal John Mc Bain right out from underneath you.

Michael: Hey, sorry about that, guys.

Marcie: Is everything ok?

John: Yeah, we're just organizing strippers. Sorry, father.

Michael: Yeah. Everything is good.

Lindsay: See? Told you so.

Priest: Ok, folks, let's take our places.

Michael: Um -- where are our places?

Marcie: Michael.

Michael: What?

Marcie: You --

Priest: The groom and the best man are up to the left of the altar.

John: Over there, ok.

Priest: Then the matron of honor will proceed down the aisle --

Lindsay: Oh, ok.

Priest: Followed by the bride.

Marcie: Yes.

Priest: Who will be walking you down the aisle, Marcie?

Marcie: My dad, but he had to work, so he'll be here tomorrow.

Priest: Ok. Lindsay, will you step in for rehearsal, just play dad?

Lindsay: I will be happy to be the father of the bride.

[Marcie chuckles]

Lindsay: Shall we?

Marcie: We shall.

Lindsay: Ok.

Marcie: You're a lot cuter.

Priest: Mr. Walsh, if you please.

Lindsay: Oh.

Marcie: What?

Thomas' voice: Big day for the Mc Bain family. Big day, huh, John?

Tess: Thank you all for helping me, but I'd like a moment alone with my daughter.

Nash: Tess --

Tess: No, it's ok. I'm ok.

Antonio: I'll be outside if you need me.

Jessica: We did it.

Tess: Yes, we did. Now, go away and leave me and my daughter alone.

Bo: Thanks again, Marianne, for dropping him off.

Matthew: Yeah, I'm hungry.

Bo: Better eat.

Matthew: Hey, dad, is Paige home? She's supposed to help me with my science project.

Bo: Uh -- no, Matthew, she had to go to the hospital.

Matthew: She did?

Bo: Yeah.

Matthew: But she told me she had off today. Did she go check on mom?

Bo: No. No, but she probably will.

Matthew: Well, when will she be back? The project's due tomorrow.

Bo: Ok. Well, look, why don't I help you?

Matthew: No offense, dad, but you're no good at science. I'll just wait for Paige to get home.

John: You know, you can make things a whole lot easier if you just told me who this guy is.

Thomas: Sorry, John. Doesn't work that way.

John: Ok. How does it work?

Thomas: Be a cop. Look for clues and follow them wherever they take you

John: I need your help, dad. Give me something.

Thomas: . One piece of advice.

John: Ok.

Thomas: Don't lose the rings. Your little brother's counting on you.

John: I don't know what that means.

Michael: John -- John? Hello? Johnny?

John: What?

Michael: This is where you're supposed to give me the rings.

John: The rings --

Michael: The rings, yes.

John: Oh, e rings -- uh -- I'm sorry.

Michael: John, I'm counting on you. Please, don't screw this up for me.

David: So how much did he pay you, huh?

Margaret: Pay me? Who?

David: Spencer, to play dead. Ok, then tell me how much he paid you to set Todd up.

Margaret: But I don't know any Spencer, or Todd, for that matter.

David: Todd Manning! The guy that you shot in both of his legs on his wedding day, held him captive in a mountain cabin until you tried to blow him up. That Todd Manning?

Margaret: Look, you're crazy. Now, get out of here before the cops show up.

David: Oh, right.

[Officer speaks Thai]

[Margaret speaks Thai]

[Officer speaks Thai]

David: I don't know if either of you speak English, but whatever she just said is a lie.

[Officer speaks Thai]

David: Wait a second. No, no, don't take me. She's the one you want to be taking. Don't -- let me go! Hey, ask her where her baby is. Ask her where Todd Manning is, huh? Let go of -- let go of me!

Todd: 25 days -- 25 days to prove I'm innocent.

Viki: It's a girl? Clint, it's a girl!

Clint: Yeah, I heard!

Nash: Healthy, beautiful -- she's --

Antonio: She's perfect.

Viki: Oh, bless her heart. I can't wait to hold her. We have a granddaughter!

Clint: We do, we do, we do!

Viki: Wait a minute. Why are you out here?

Nash: Oh -- Tess wanted a minute alone --

Antonio: Yeah.

Nash: With the baby, I guess, I know.

Viki: No. She wanted a minute alone with Jessie.

Tess: Didn't you hear me? The baby's here. She's fine. You can go now.

Jessica: Oh, no. No, that's my baby. I want to hold her. Please?

Tess: That wasn't part of the deal. This is my baby, mine and Nash's. And nothing is ever going to make me let her go. I'm not going to let her go. Hello, my flower.

Bo: Um -- would you come on over here and sit down, son?

Matthew: You have bad news, don't you?

Bo: Matthew, Paige isn't going to be coming home tonight. Or any other night. She -- she moved out.

Matthew: What? Why?

Bo: Because it's her decision. But she did tell me that she wants to get together with you. You know, soon, so she can explain. And e told me over and over again just how much she loves you, and -- and how she wants to spend as much time with you as she possibly can.

Matthew: I don't understand. What happened? Did you have a fight or something?

Bo: No. No, it wasn't a fight. We just realized that we can't be together anymore.

Matthew: What happened? Did Paige do something wrong?

Priest: And then the bride and groom happily skip down the aisle toward the awaiting shower of birdseed.

Marcie: We skip? I don't remember anything about being -- there being skipping in pre-cana.

Michael: I do. I remember Father Gregory talking about the skipping during our first meeting.

Father Gregory: All my couples skip.

Lindsay: Well, do you want to rehearse it?

Marcie: No, I think we'll wing it.

Michael: Yeah, now and for the rest of our lives.

[Marcie giggles]

John: Hey, Mike -- Mike, I'm sorry, I got to take off.

Michael: Yeah. No problem. I'll -- I'll walk you out. I'll be right back.

Marcie: Ok.

John: You sure you want to marry this clown? You know he doesn't chew his food properly.

Marcie: Well, I really don't have anything better to do, so --

John: I understand.

[Marcie laughs]

Marcie: Thank you. Thank you very much, father. I appreciate it.

Father Gregory: No problem.

Lindsay: You know what? There -- there's something that we're -- I know what it is! We're forgetting the -- the flowers. We haven't, you know, set anything with the florist.

Marcie: Well, my brother Eric actually hooked me up with a really amazing designer, and we have it all settled.

Lindsay: Oh. You don't need me.

Marcie: No, of course I need you.

Lindsay: Oh --

John: My kid brother, a married man.

Michael: Yeah. Well, you're next.

John: Never going to happen. Look, I got to get back to work. Take care of yourself.

Michael: Hey, John -- um -- I just want to thank you for keeping me up to speed, you know, as far as the investigation goes.

John: We're getting close.

Michael: I want you to remember something. What's really important in life, John, is the love of a good woman.

John: Sure, Mike.

Evangeline: Come on! Spencer, I'm disappointed. I mean, I expected more from you than that. I just accused you of murder in a public place, and that's the best you can do? Respond with some jab about my past relationship?

Spencer: Merely an observation. I mean, you two were the talk of the town a few months ago, were you not?

Evangeline: Old news. Old news, and see, that's the funny thing about gossip. People get tired of it really quickly. And then they're on to the next big thing. And I can guarantee you, I know what that is. Prominent surgeon has to murder a pregnant woman just to get some woman to notice him.

Spencer: Don't you think it's a little late to start fabricating misleading evidence for the jury, Counselor? Case is over. You lost.

Natalie: Dad.

Clint: Well, there she is -- Aunt Natalie.

[Natalie gasps]

Natalie: Aunt Nat-- so she had the baby!

Clint: And Jessica is fine, and so is your little niece.

Natalie: Oh! Oh, my God! A girl -- that's great news! Oh-oh. Oh. So who should I congratulate, Antonio or Nash?

Antonio: I know it was Tess in there giving birth. But Jessica was there, too. Our love is part of that baby being born.

Nash: I'm just glad it's over.

Antonio: Not quite. It's time.

Nash: "Time?"

Antonio: Time to do the paternity test and find out once and for all who the baby's father is.

Viki: She's absolutely beautiful.

Tess: Yeah, my little angel. And I'm never going to give her up.

Viki: Tess -- Jessie -- I -- I know you're both there. And I want you to know that I am so proud of you for doing this together. You did a wonderful, wonderful thing bringing this child into the world.

Tess: I didn't think we could do it.

Viki: Oh. I never had a moment's doubt. Look, I know that neither one of you wants to leave your daughter right now, but this child needs one mother who's focused on her and her alone. And if you two insist on fighting, this little girl will be the loser.

Tess: No. This is my baby. Do you hear me? I am not going to let you take her away.

Jessica: It's ok, Tess. You can stay. But it's not over. I missed out on being a mother once, and I won't let it happen again. That little girl is a piece of my heart. That is never going to change. Just take good care of her.

Viki: What is happening?

Tess: Jessica's gone.

Marcie: You're looking kind of serious there, Doc. Something on your mind?

Michael: Just you.

Marcie: Hmm --

[Marcie giggles]

Marcie: No, no, no, no. Something is wrong. Come on, I can tell.

Michael: It's about my dad's case. My brother has a new lead and -- and you know what? I don't want to burden you with this, the day before your wedding.

Marcie: Michael, your burdens are my burdens. Come on, tell me.

Michael: No.

Marcie: Yes.

Michael: Some other time. The only thing I want to think about is you and how beautiful you're going to look coming down this aisle in your dress.

[Marcie chuckles]

Marcie: Mrs. Michael Mc Bain -- that sounds good, doesn't it?

Michael: You know what I think?

Marcie: Hmm?

Michael: I think I love you.

Marcie: Yeah? I think I love you, too. And you know, whenever you want to talk about your dad or anything else, that I am going to be right here. I'm going to be right here, right beside you, forever and always.

Bo: Matthew, what happened with Paige and me -- it's -- it's complicated.

Matthew: Meaning it's none of my business?

Bo: No. No, that's not what it means at all, because this is certainly your business. I mean, Paige has en part of your life for a while now.

Matthew: I thought you loved each other.

Bo: We did. And -- and we still do.

Matthew: Great, you love each other, but you break up, anyway. It makes a lot of sense, dad.

Bo: I know, I know, and you're absolutely right. It makes no sense at all, but it's just the way that things have to be for right now.

Matthew: I still don't get it.

Bo: I know. I don't, either. And I -- I hate that this is hurting you. That's the worst part of it for me.

Matthew: You don't feel bad for you?

Bo: Sure I do. But you, you know -- you've already been through so much with what's going on with your mom right now. And then have to deal with this, too. You don't deserve that.

Matthew: It's going to be so weird n having Paige around.

Bo: I know. For me, too. But we still have each other, don't we? Come here. Ah. I'm so sorry, Matthew, because I know how much you love Paige, and I know how much she loves you, too. She's always telling me over and over just how much you mean to her. But now things are going to be different around here. It won't be easy. So I think what we have to do is we have to focus our energy on your mom and -- and her recovery now. Ok. Can you do that?

Matthew: I have been doing that.

Bo: Yeah, of course.

Matthew: I'm going to go start my homework.

Bo: You know, Matthew, you can call Paige if you want to.

Matthew: No. If I mean so much to her, then she can call me.

Nash: Oh, for God's sakes, the baby's less than a couple minutes old! You already want to run a paternity test?

Antonio: You know, I figured you would want to resolve this as much as I do, right?

Nash: Even more. You know why?

Clint: All right, all right --

Nash: So I can finally get you out of our lives forever.

Antonio: Feelings are mutual.

Clint: Cut it out! Now is not the time to be arguing, or talking about paternity tests. The only thing that you should be concentrating on right now is that baby. Now, do you both understand what I'm saying?

Nash: Yes.

Viki: She's Tess, and she wants to see Nash.

Nash: Excuse me.

Antonio: Tomorrow.

Tess: Isn't she something?

Nash: Yeah, she's amazing. You did it.

Tess: Yeah, little old me. Can you believe it?

Nash: I sure can.

Tess: I did it because you were with me. And I felt your love even through the worst parts.

Nash: Tess, you and that baby -- our baby -- you're my life.

Viki: I'm sorry, Antonio. I wish it could be some other way.

Antonio: Well, it will be. Because I'm going to prove once and for all what I already know in my heart and soul -- that baby in there is mine.

Paige: Ow!

Spencer: Where in the hell is David?

Paige: What are you --

Spencer: Where is David?

David: See, woman, dead. Should be dead. But she's not. No, she's not. She's alive. She's very alive.

Margaret: They don't understand a word you're saying.

David: Ok, listen to me. Woman, bad! Bad! In coots with bad, horrible man.

[Margaret speaks Thai]

[Officer speaks Thai]

David: What?

[Officer speaks Thai]

David: What did they say?

Margaret: "You're under arrest."

John: Come here often?

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Hey.

Evangeline: One of those days?

John: One of those years.

Evangeline: Yeah, me, too. Anything I can do?

John: Not really. Anything I can do for you?

Evangeline: Not really. Thanks for asking.

John: Anytime.

David: Let go of me. I -- she's the one you ought to be arresting. Take her downtown. I have been arrested all over the world. I have never been treated like this. Call my lawyer. Evangeline Williamson. She's in Pennsylvania. You know Pennsylvania?

Todd: What is the delay? Where is this mystery guest?

Ed: They're right here.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Rex: There wasn't even a little part of you that remembered all the good times we had?

David: Paige, you've got to help me.

Todd: Evangeline was here earlier, said she gave you the D.V.D. I hope it got through to you.

John: This is real, and it's dangerous, and I don't want to lose you! I can't lose you.

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