OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/26/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/26/06


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Natalie: All right. So no baby yet, huh? So how's -- how's Tess doing? Any sign of Jess? Oh. Look, Dad, I'm going to be at the hospital as soon as I can, but I've got to take care of something first. No. No, it shouldn't take long. Piece of cake, really. Ok. Ok, see you soon.

Vincent: Seems like the rich and powerful Buchanans have their own problems. Anything I can take care of?

Kevin: Look, I don't want to hear it, ok? Just strike it from my record so I can go home.

Bo: You think that's the way it works, Kev? You think I just snap my fingers and it all just goes away? No, that's not the way it works, even if you're a Buchanan. You commit a crime, you deal with the fallout.

Blair: Starr, I know you only have a half-day, and I want you to come straight home. No detours, all right? And don't tell me you did not get this message, you hear me? Bye-bye.

Todd's voice: I've got to hand it to -- to Spencer Truman.

Jack: Mommy, look. It's Daddy.

Blair: Jack -- sweetheart, where did you find that D.V.D.?

Jack: It was by the TV. Daddy said some bad stuff about Dr. Spencer. Why doesn't he like him?

Spencer: Yeah, that's a fairly lengthy recovery period. Cristian Vega, this is Dr. Hinson. She's going to be doing the follow up x-rays and consult on your hand.

Cristian: I thought I was supposed to see Paige Miller.

Spencer: Dr. Miller's schedule has become unexpectedly busy, but Dr. Hinson here is topnotch. Couldn't be in better hands.

Dr. Hinson: Follow me, Mr. Vega.

Evangeline: Hello, Cristian.

Cristian: Evangeline. What are you doing here?

Evangeline: I came to see Dr. Truman.

Cristian: We'll talk later.

Spencer: Now, I just wanted to touch base in case this thing became unduly complicated. Well, certain parties are trying to implicate me in a malpractice wrongful death suit. It's -- oh, no, they have no proof whatsoever. Just wanted to touch base with my legal team. Mm-hmm, make sure you have my back. I don't want to be accused of a murder I didn't commit.

[Door closes] Evangeline: And we both know what murder you're referring to.

[Knock on door]

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: Of course.

Marcie: Oh. I'll get it.


Marcie: I'm coming! Come on in.

John: Hey.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: Hey. Johnny -- what's going on?

John: It's about dad.

Hugh: Is this the background?

Officer: Yes, it is.

Hugh: Excellent. Thanks, officer. Good work.

Officer: You bet.

Hugh: My day just got a whole lot better.

Kelly: Yeah, well, my day sucks.

Hugh: Why, what's wrong?

Kelly: Kevin was arrested last night at Ultra Violet. I've get to get the charges dropped. I need your help. Bo: I'm sick of people thinking that I should be so understanding. You want to know the truth? I don't understand a damn thing!

Kevin: Look, I'm sorry that I hit Duke last night, all right? I was -- I was acting on impulse.

Bo: No, no, you were acting under the influence. Blood alcohol, twice the legal limit. Look, I know you and Kelly are having problems right now, but you get in a brawl, with you own son? You know what? I canít play favorites, Kev, even if you're my nephew. We shouldn't even be having this conversation. Jessica's having a baby right now. We should be at the hospital with her -- with your folks, not standing around here wondering if I'm going to find some way that I can pull the strings and let you walk!

Kevin: All right, all right. You're right, all right? I don't want to be one more problem for my family. So you know what? Just do what you have to do. All right? I'll handle it on my own.

Kelly: Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea, given the way you've handled things so far.

Spencer: I'll have to call you back. Eavesdropping, Counselor? And here I thought you were such a class act.

Evangeline: I just came to see you. Not my fault you left the door open.

Spencer: Well, you're here, so -- have a seat. I'm sure you're here to confront me about the lies and accusations flying around the hospital regarding Paige and John Mc Bain.

Evangeline: Last time I saw John, he wasn't exactly celebrating.

Spencer: Now, why would he? Would you be if it was your father?

Evangeline: John thinks you had something to do with his father's murder?

Spencer: Score one for the defense attorney. This is news to you.

Natalie: Our business concerns Thomas Mc Bain's shooting. Anything else -- my shoe size, my eye color, my family especially, off-limits.

Vincent: Would you consider it trespassing if I asked you how you take your coffee?

Natalie: Black.

Vincent: I don't do business in doorways. Not that I thought we had any business left to discuss. Until I got your call. So if you don't mind --

Natalie: Well, what can I say? I'm full of surprises. Thank you.

Vincent: You were pretty clear yesterday. Nobody owns you. You don't want to owe me. So what changed your mind?

Natalie: The stakes are too high for me to walk away. So I'm in, for whatever's out there.

Vincent: Because you want to see this murderer brought to justice? Or is it because you want the man that you love to come home to you?

Natalie: If we don't find this killer, John won't be coming home to anyone again.

John: Would you mind giving us a minute, Marcie?

Marcie: Uh -- yeah, I have to go to the D.J. anyway, so -- no cheesy wedding line dances, I promise, ok?

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: All right.

Michael: So what -- what's up, John? You find dad's shooter?

John: It's about the drunk doctor.

Michael: Snyder?

John: Snyder dug the bullet out of dad. Someone else botched the surgery.

Michael: Well, are you going to tell me who?

John: You remember that list I showed you about the team that was in the O.R. the night the old man --

Michael: Yeah, yeah, there were five. There should have been six.

John: There were. The blank space, the one that got erased --

Michael: Yeah.

John: The name that should have been there is Paige Miller.

Michael: Come on, John, what are you talking about?

John: It's true, Mike.

Michael: Come on, John, Paige Miller is the chief of staff at the hospital. What are you talking about?

John: Look, I realize it's your boss, Mike. I get it.

Michael: Oh, this is crazy. This is crazy, John, this is crazy, and it's -- and it's impossible, ok? This woman has a wall full of -- full of awards --

John: It's not crazy, Mike! She admitted it, all right? She did it! She killed the old man!

Kevin: I don't need your help. I can take care of myself.

Kelly: Yeah, you've done such a good job, you got to spend the night in jail.

Kevin: Are you done?

Kelly: Are you? Are you still drunk? You need help. You're in trouble.

Bo: Especially with "give 'em hell" Hughes sitting in the D.A.'s seat.

Hugh: Just because I chased Todd Manning down doesn't mean I'm a hard-ass.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, you're a super guy.

Kelly: He's trying to help, Kevin.

Hugh: I am, Kevin. It's true, I am trying to help, which is why I recommend that all charges be dropped.

Bo: No -- ahem -- you serious?

Hugh: Yeah. Kevin spent the night in the tank, and -- and more jail time will just cost the taxpayers, so --

Bo: Yeah, I -- well -- but I didn't expect you to see it that way. What about Duke? I mean, if he decides he's going to pursue this --

Kelly: I'll handle Duke.

Kevin: Oh. I'm sure you will.

Kelly: Thank you. Hey -- hey, hey! Don't you walk away from me. We are not done. I just saved you from more jail time.

Kevin: What do you want from me?

Kelly: I want a little respect. I want the kind of respect that two people have for one another who are supposed to be getting married.

Kevin: Are you sure about that? Huh? I mean, how could you still possibly want to marry me? It's ok, man, just give me the ring back right now. You know, better yet, wait till we get home, and then you can just throw it in my face.

Blair: You really shouldn't play a D.V.D. unless you know what's on it, and if you don't know, why don't you ask me first, ok?

Jack: It was just Daddy. Did I do something bad?

Blair: No. No, you didn't.

Jack: You mean, you're not mad at me?

Blair: No, I'm not mad, not even a speck. Sweetie, I know that this time right now is very confusing. And I know that your daddy misses you very, very much.

Jack: I miss him, too. But why doesn't he like Dr. Spencer?

Blair: I think maybe he's afraid that you're going to start thinking that Dr. Spencer is your daddy.

Jack: I like Dr. Spencer a lot. I'm glad he's around so much.

Blair: Yeah.

Spencer: Paige Miller was the drunk doctor who operated on Thomas Mc Bain the night he was shot, the night he died.

Evangeline: No, that canít be. John already spoke to that doctor.

Spencer: Yes. Eugene Snyder? Hmm. Yeah, he's the one who took the fall, got stripped of his license.

Evangeline: Why would Snyder take such a huge hit for something he didn't do?

Spencer: Well, that seems to be the million-dollar question, doesn't it? However, the intrepid John Mc Bain seems hell-bent on pinning the whole thing on me.

Evangeline: Gee, I canít imagine why.

Spencer: I'm sorry?

Evangeline: I would bet my law degree that John is right. This has your bloody fingerprints all over it.

Dr. Hinson: I want you to continue your P.T. and don't get in the ring with any heavyweights anytime soon.

Cristian: Thanks.

Evangeline: You know what, Dr. Truman? Todd is convinced that you're the one that killed Margaret and her baby. And I'll bet he's right, too.

Spencer: That murder -- that's the one you are referring to when you --

Evangeline: What, this is funny to you?

Spencer: No, no, it's -- you nailed it, counselor. Dr. Spencer Truman, wanted in two states for covering up a murder and double homicide. What can I say? I guess I got tired of golf, huh?

Evangeline: You arrogant son of a bitch.

Spencer: Just out of curiosity, counselor, what motive could I have possibly had for wanting to kill that poor mad Margaret woman, anyway?

Evangeline: You wanted Todd out of the way so you could zero in on Blair.

Spencer: I believe that's what they would call speculation, counselor, and it doesn't even warrant a response.

Evangeline: On the record? I think you're an amazing surgeon, a philanthropist with way too much influence. A meticulous manipulator.

Spencer: And off the record?

Evangeline: I think you're guilty as sin, a sociopath. And I will not rest until everyone sees you as the big piece of scary you are.

Michael: Ok, John, why don't you just -- why don't you just calm down and let --

John: It's way too late for that, Mike.

Michael: Listen! Will you just -- will you just relax and explain to me what you're talking about?

John: There is nothing to explain! She did it, Mike! She cut up the old man under the influence. I confronted her. She confessed! What more do you want?

[John sighs]

Michael: Why -- why would -- why would Snyder -- why would he cop to it? Why would he -- why would he shoot his career right down the tubes?

John: I don't know. I don't know that, all right? But I'm betting there's a lot more to this than -- than Paige and a drunken slip of her scalpel.

Michael: Well, what -- what is that supposed to mean?

John: I don't know for sure. I -- I don't want to say any more until -- until I know for sure.

Michael: No, John. I'm sorry, you don't get to shut me down like that.

John: Mike, I came by here because I thought you should hear it from me and not somebody else. I got to get out of here.

Michael: Hey, John, what is wrong with you? You don't just come in here, you don't come in here and drop a bomb like that about my boss and just -- just take off. What are you going to do, John? You going to storm down to the hospital? You going to put three more bullets into somebody else, huh?

Kelly: I didn't come here

Kelly: I didn't come here to break our engagement, and you know it.

Kevin: Then why are you here?

Kelly: You're such an idiot. I'm here to help. I got Hugh to drop the charges.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? How'd you do that? Did you flirt with him the way you flirt with Duke, huh? I bet that got his motor running, huh?

Kelly: I want you to stop this right now. I know you don't mean a word of it. I know you love me.

Kevin: That's right, I do, I love you. Look what it got me. Hmm? My whole life's falling apart. I lost you, I lost my son, I lost everything -- hope for the future. So you know what? Why don't you go ahead and sleep with Duke or Hugh or whoever you damn well please, because I don't care anymore.

Bo: Ok, Kev, that's it. That's it. Goodbye, get out of here. You go home. Excuse me.

Hugh: You ok?

Vincent: I'm going to take you to the man who saw what went down when officer Mc Bain was shot. You, alone. No backup.

Natalie: I just don't understand why you canít give me the guy's name and number.

Vincent: Oh, well, he's retired. He keeps a low profile.

Natalie: So do tarantulas.

Vincent: So, Natalie, we cool?

Natalie: You know, I know what's in it for me. I just don't understand what's in it for you.

Vincent: Do we have a deal? Or do I leave here alone?

Natalie: We have a deal.

Natalie: Wait! Uh-uh.

Vincent: What? Remember my terms. Unless you're having second thoughts.

Michael: John, if you could see what I'm seeing right now, it would scare the living crap out of you.

John: Then do yourself a favor, bro -- don't look.

Michael: And do what? Let you go racing off for another showdown? Let you run down to the hospital, guns blazing?

John: It was a mistake to come here.

Michael: John! This has gone way wrong. Looking into dad's death was supposed to help you put your demons to rest, but I am telling you, John, it has -- it has driven you deeper into the pit. You are -- you are starting to come undone. You are losing it, brother.

John: Gee, you think? You tell me something. How is it that you're not coming undone? How are you not as mad as me?

Michael: John, I am mad!

John: How are you not mad at this person that did this to your father?

Michael: I am mad, ok? I am mad as hell. I am upset, I am confused. I went to sleep last night, and the world was one way. I woke up this morning, and it's a completely different way. The person -- the doctor who -- who has supported me, who has mentored me, who has been a damn good friend to me -- I find out that this person killed my father? Do you think, John -- do you think that you could be my big brother for just five minutes? Not some blood-driven maniac? No, you canít do it, can you? Par for the family course. Big bad John is off to slay his demons. And what's he going to do? He's going to leave his little brother, Michael, out there all alone to fend for himself once again

John: I came here to tell you because I didn't want you to hear it from somebody else. I love you. When you're ready for a reckoning, you know where to find me.

Michael: John? John! What are you going to do?

Cristian: You could have held the elevator.

Evangeline: Cristian, what are you doing? Are you following me?

Cristian: Don't make me do this again.

Evangeline: Do what?

Cristian: You know what. Look, my hand may be injured, but I'll throw you over my shoulder in a second.

Evangeline: I don't have time to fight with you. I have to find John.

Cristian: You don't need John. You don't need a cop, you need a bodyguard, especially since you just threatened a guy you think is a cold-blooded killer.

Blair: Hey.

Spencer: Something's happened. I -- I know I should have called first, but I need to -- I really need to talk to you.

Blair: Well, what's wrong?

Spencer: You know, in a way, I supposed it makes me not all that different from Todd. I -- listen, I don't know how to say this. I'm responsible for the death of an innocent man.

Kelly: You do not want to drink that beer right now.

Kevin: I don't?

Kelly: No. And I think it's time we got something perfectly clear. I love you and I am trying to be supportive, but you are not allowed to verbally abuse me. You are not allowed to talk to me like that. I am doing everything I can to make this better and I will not tolerate you disrespecting me and my love for you.

Kevin: It's just not enough.

Kelly: Why not?

Kevin: Because I don't know what to do.

Kelly: Then talk to me, Kevin. Please, please just talk to me. If you do, we can make this work.

Kevin: I don't know what to say!

Kelly: Kevin --

Kevin: Do you understand that? Look, I don't --

Spencer: Do you remember when I -- when I told you, I admitted to you that I had done some things? Some things that I wasn't really particularly proud of and you said you were ok with that?

Blair: What are you trying to tell me?

Spencer: Years ago, ok, years ago when Paige and I were working together at a hospital in New Jersey --

Blair: Back when you two were married?

Spencer: Something really terrible happened.

Blair: Well, what?

Spencer: You know, I -- I'd just finished my shift and I was going to meet Paige at a holiday party.

Blair: Yeah?

Spencer: And I was changing out of my scrubs and she just came bursting into the locker room and she was completely destroyed, just upset and, I mean, I couldn't even talk to her, you know? She was just -- I -- this was my wife, I'm asking her, you know, "honey, what's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?" And she was just sobbing and crying and over and over again saying how sorry she was -- "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry."

Blair: Sorry about what?

Spencer: Well, she was involved in a surgery that evening and the surgeon had asked her to close and, I don't know -- something happened. The patient just died, Blair, I mean, just like that and -- and in an instant, everything, everything changed, and here she was asking me, begging me, to help her to make sure that no one ever found out about this. Paige is responsible for the death of a -- an innocent man, a police officer.

Bo: Yeah?

Hugh: Bo, are you up for talking to that witness from the liquor store robbery?

Bo: Not cooperating?

Hugh: Well, we brought her down to talk to the sketch artist and -- instant amnesia.

Bo: Yeah. Happens too often. Uh -- Hugh, if you got a minute, I'd like to talk to you about something.

Natalie: Let me get this straight -- you expect me just to get into the back of a limo right now, no questions asked, to go off to God knows where?

Vincent: That was our deal.

Natalie: All right, then the deal's off. Look, I -- I don't know zip about you, except for some guy who did some time in Statesville thinks you're a really scary dude.

Vincent: I'm a man of my word and my word is my bond. And without that, I'd be no one.

Natalie: Ok, so you pick up some line from a Hughes brothers movie and expect me to trust you?

Vincent: Listen close, baby girl. I hate the police, but I know what it's like to hunger for justice, to allow it to swallow you whole. It possesses you, because I've been where Mc Bain is now. He's so lucky to have someone like you on his side. If I would've had somebody like you looking out for me, who knows where life would have taken me? But then again, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of taking care of my new friend, Natalie Buchanan. So I guess it's true what they say -- everything happens for a reason.

Evangeline: You are way out of line. First you go behind my back to tell Todd to fire me?

Cristian: The guy is dragging you down.

Evangeline: Now you're threatening to stop me from pursuing a lead that could save his life.

Cristian: Unless you end up on a slab first.

Evangeline: What, better him than me -- is that it? No, that's not acceptable. Look, Spencer -- he's not only trying to destroy Todd and his family, he could be responsible for covering up the details surrounding the murder of John's father.

John: Who told you about that? Never mind, I don't want to know. I'm just going to say one thing -- stay out of it.

Kevin: Yeah, you're -- you're the only woman that I want to be with. All right? And I want -- more than anything in the world, I want to give you a child -- and a future. But I canít give you any of that now.

Kelly: Kevin, we have been over all of that.

Kevin: No, no, but you don't understand. This is just -- it's killing me that I canít be that man for you. Do you understand? And every time that I -- that I reach for that drink, it's because I don't want to feel anything. I don't want to feel pain, I don't want to feel love. I -- loving you is -- it's too painful.

Kelly: No, no, you don't -- you don't get to do this. I will not let you push me away. You do not get to do this to us, Kevin. I will never, ever let you go, never.

Kevin: God, I just -- I canít. I canít get this right. I --

Kelly: We will. Look at me. We will, I promise. I promise.

Marcie: Michael? Michael? Hey. Hey, what happened with John?

Michael: We know. We know who killed my father. It's way worse than I ever could've imagined.

Blair: Doctors make mistakes. I mean, it's tragic, but it's not like she set out to commit murder.

Spencer: No, I know. I -- you don't know the whole story.

Blair: Well, what?

Spencer: She -- she had a few drinks in her and --

Blair: Oh, man.

Spencer: Yeah. It wasn't really enough for anybody to notice or -- but, I mean, it was certainly enough to impair her judgment and her motor skills.

Blair: That's not good.

Spencer: I mean, you can imagine how terrified she was and, I mean, she told me what was happening and, I mean, and our whole future and everything -- I mean, it just fled right before me. My wife, my beautiful little wife -- I mean, the girl that I had promised to take care of for the rest of our lives was facing either a hospital board or a judge and a jury and, oh, God, Blair, we were so young, you know? We had our futures ahead of us and -- and our dreams were just still so fresh and it was just going to vanish all because of a couple of glasses of champagne, you know, and I just couldn't give up. You do not give up on love, not that easily. I -- I don't anyway.

Blair: Oh, Spencer, what'd you do?

Spencer: Man, I -- I was pretty well off at the time, you know?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Spencer: I gathered together the money and I paid off the head surgeon.

Blair: Really?

Spencer: Yes, I did. I mean, you know, he was to take the blame and disappear, never to be heard from again. Look, he was going to retire anyway, you know. It's -- I'm not proud of it, I'm not. My wife meant the world to me at that time. Paige meant everything to me, and if I could erase the fear in her eyes, then I was going to do it. It was worth it.

Blair: Well, it happened a long time ago.

[Spencer sighs]

Blair: Why are you telling me now?

Spencer: Because the son of the police officer that died on the operating table that night -- yeah. I mean, he's this close to finding out about my involvement and he's out for blood.

Blair: Does he live in Llanview or something?

Spencer: Yeah.

Blair: Well, who is it?

Spencer: John Mc Bain.

 Hugh: What's on your mind?

Bo: Um -- I'm going to take the rest of the day off, ok, and go by the hospital.

Hugh: Ok. Uh -- give Paige my best while you're there.

Bo: Well, I'm going by to see my niece. She's having a baby, but if I, you know -- if I see Paige, I'll -- I'll pass that along.

Evangeline: I'm talking to Paige. I'm going to see if I can get her to open up.

John: You don't listen. You never listened before and you're not listening now.

Cristian: Don't look now, John, but I think she's on your side.

Evangeline: Thank you, Cristian. I can speak for myself. Look, we always knew that Spencer had something he was holding over Paige. That's why she wouldn't help us clear Todd.

John: I canít even think about Manning right now.

Evangeline: No, John, you don't think at all.

John: I'm not going to get into this with you, all right? It's between me and my father and that's it.

Cristian: What about Natalie? She's playing with fire because of you.

John: Why? What's Natalie up to now?

Cristian: Look, you got enough going on in your life, but I will tell you this -- I'm not about to watch the two women I care about get out of control along with you.

Evangeline: John- you know what, Cristian? I think you should just go, you know, before I say something I regret.

Natalie: I'm not trading my body for info, not even to catch this killer.

Vincent: Who needs favors? I thought we were simpatico, friends. That's what friends do for each other.

Natalie: Ok, then. Why don't you meet your friend outside and let's get this show on the road?

[Phone rings]

Billy: Rodi's.

John: Yeah, Billy. By any chance, is Natalie Buchanan there? It's -- it's John Mc Bain.

Billy: Yeah, she just left with some smooth-looking guy and his bouncer.

John: You know who he is?

Billy: Never seen him before. He rolled up in a limo.

John: Thanks. Damn it, Natalie.

Kevin: I'm going to find a way to make this work. All right? I mean, I'm not sure how, but I will.

Cristian: Look, you can fight me all you want, but I meant what I said to John. I'm not going to let you and Natalie get taken down in Mc Bain's latest grudge match.

Evangeline: Fine. Then why don't you go find Natalie -- you know, give her some of this grief.

Cristian: Well, because right now, I'm way more worried about you.

Evangeline: Cristian, you don't owe me all of this protection. I'm not Natalie, and I never will be.

Cristian: You can say that again.

Blair: Ok, let me get this straight. Paige lets a man die on the operating table, you knew about it, and you let another man take the fall.

Spencer: Look, look, Paige would never intentionally hurt anybody. I mean, that's -- she didn't even want to be there, you know? The attending called her in, called her at the party, threatened her internship if she didn't show up. I had to protect my wife, but that's -- that's not the worst part of it. On top of that, I -- I lied to John Mc Bain yesterday about my involvement. I denied having any involvement in the matter whatsoever.

Blair: Why are you telling me this now?

Spencer: Because I promised you I wouldn't lie to you. And I have to accept responsibility for what I did, for what happened to me all those years ago, and I don't think it would be fair to you to keep you in the dark, not like Todd did. Now, listen, I need to know that you're with me on this, that -- that you will stand up for me no matter what the outcome. Blair, I need to know that you will not turn me in.

Michael: I canít even think about confronting Paige. She's my boss. We've worked together, saved lives together in the O.R. of all people, how could it be her that killed my dad?

Marcie: I -- it's -- it's unreal to me. Maybe -- maybe we should think about postponing the wedding, you know?

Michael: No. No. No, I need this -- I need this wedding more than I ever did. I don't know how I would face any of this if it wasn't for you.

Marcie: Well, you know I'm here. I'm always here for you -- you know that.

Michael: I'm worried about John. I mean, if there was ever a time that he needed somebody, now is the time. But he's pushed everybody who ever cared about him out of his life.

Natalie: Wow. Now that's what I call a stretch limo. How many clowns can fit in that tank?

[Vincent chuckles]

Shaun: We're all set here, sir.

Vincent: You ready?

Natalie: As I'll ever be.

John: Billy, where's Natalie?

Billy: She went out the back.

John: Out the back?

[Limo pulls away]

John: Natalie!

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Man: I understand you want to talk murder.

Todd: Truman already killed two people to get to me. I wonder what he'd do to her if she turned on him.

Man: I remember your brother. He was with a woman.

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