OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/18/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/18/06


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[Dorian sighs and hums]

[Phone rings]

Dorian: La Boulaie.

Daryl: Mama bear, baby bear here. Clay duck is in sight. I'm taking aim and ready to fire.

Dorian: I'll have you know that this call is not only lewd and offensive, it's illegal.

Daryl: Boss, it's Daryl.

Dorian: I thought it was an obscene phone call.

Daryl: I said "duck" as in "quack, quack?" You were the one who wanted to use this code. Look, I'm meeting Rex in a few minutes to set up a D.J. gig at his club.

Dorian: And you're certain he doesn't know you work for me?

Daryl: Positive.

Dorian: Wonderful. As long as no one can identify you, we're in the clear.

Kelly: Identify whom?

Clint: Good morning, Kevin.

Kevin: Pa.

Clint: I hope you're ready to go because the Lenox people are going to be here very soon.

Kevin: Yeah, hey, I've been over the figures and I can sell the proposal, so if you, you know, need to be at home with Jess today, that's -- that's fine. Ahem.

Clint: I can't believe I have to ask this, but have you been drinking?

Dorian: Sweetheart. Well, my goodness. You're here in time for brunch.

Kelly: Oh. I can't stay. I have to get to B.E. for an early client meeting. I'm sorry.

Dorian: What? You mean, you donít even want to break a brioche or croissant together?

Kelly: Oh. No, and even if I could stay, I'm not hungry. I donít feel very well.

Dorian: Kelly, are you pregnant?

Kelly: No, not even close.

Dorian: Oh.

Kelly: Kevin didn't come home last night. I saw him for about five seconds at Rodi's and apparently he spent the night at the office.

Dorian: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Kelly: No, you're not. Every single one of your girls is separated from the man she loves and you couldn't be more thrilled. How can you be so happy when we're so miserable?

Hugh: This seat taken?

Adriana: No, and it probably shouldn't be.

Hugh: Well, I'm just here to talk to you about your boyfriend and Todd Manning.

Adriana: Rex isn't my Boyfriend.

Hugh: Yeah, I know -- I know you broke up. I saw you arguing here last night.

Adriana: Then why are you questioning me?

Hugh: Because I was there the night Balsom and Duke Buchanan got hauled in for fighting over you.

Adriana: Donít remind me.

Hugh: You're crazy about Rex. You told me so yourself.

Rex: You Daryl?

Daryl: Rex -- what's good, man? I appreciate you meeting me. I brought along a couple of mixes. You going to like my work, I promise.

Rex: Yeah, sure. You can have Thursdays and Fridays through June. Let's talk salary.

Adriana: I know what you're doing, Mr. Hughes. You're using information you picked up on my personal life to get a lead on your case. Sorry, but it's not going to work. You already have Rex's statement, and I have nothing else to add.

Duke: Whoa. I surrender.

Tess: God.

Duke: Yow.

Tess: I'm sorry. I wasn't aiming for you.

[Tess sighs]

Duke: So -- so what'd this shoe ever do to deserve that?

Tess: It doesn't fit. Ok, none of Jessica's shoes fit, but look at my ankles. Look at them -- they're like footballs. If somebody had told me that I would literally be barefoot and pregnant, I -- oh, yeah, I know, I know. I'm hormonal. One second, I'm crying, the next second, I'm throwing shoes around the room, but I have no idea why I'm discussing this with you.

Duke: Well, I am your nephew, or Jessica's, anyway.

Tess: Yeah, and you want me and Nash gone just like everybody else in this family.

Duke: Yeah, I've gotten to know Nash pretty well since he moved into Asa's, and believe me, I understand what it's like to be told you can't love somebody. It sucks.

Nash: Yes, Mrs. Davidson, the clothes were exactly where you said they'd be -- up in the attic. Well, I'm just hoping that these things will help her focus on the baby and lessen all of this that's going on. No, I haven't heard from Antonio and I have no idea where he is.

Jill: Mr. Leeds' room is right down the hall. It's funny -- Norman hasn't had a visitor for years until just last week. A young woman came and her Boyfriend. One of the other nurses said they looked very much in love. You know, to tell you the truth, the Boyfriend was in a state until he saw her and then he just calmed right down. So, how do you know him?

Antonio: Uh -- a friend of the family's.

Jill: Well, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see you.

Antonio: Well, I just -- I'm hoping he can sort a few things out.

Jill: Good morning, Norman. There's someone here to see you.

Kevin: Drinking? Come on, where are you getting this from?

Clint: Kevin, I can smell the alcohol on you.

Kevin: Smell the alcohol? Dad, come on. Ok, you know what it is? It's my jacket -- yeah. I took the staff out last night, Bought them a few rounds to celebrate their work on the Lenox deal, and this guy got a little tanked and he spilled his drink on me. So you know what? I'll -- I'll change before the meeting, all right?

Clint: You know, son, since I came back to Llanview, I have been preoccupied with the situation with Jessica. And with pa out of commission, you've had an awful lot of extra responsibility.

Kevin: Yeah, that's true, and I think I've done a pretty damn good job with it.

Clint: Kevin, I donít know what you think you're doing, but this meeting is important and I need you on top of your game this morning!

Kevin: I -- I know the meeting's important! I am on top of my game. I'm on top of everything! Matter of fact, I'm going to go to the meeting, I'm going to do my job. Just get out of my way, get off my back!

Clint: What in hell has gotten into you, boy?

Duke: Uh -- I'm looking for dad -- Kevin?

Tess: Yeah, I know who your dad is, Duke.

Duke: Right. Um -- well, we have a client meeting this morning, so I was hoping to go through a few things with him.

Tess: Whoo. But instead -- oh, God -- you're here bitching about your love life to me. Sounds like I have an ally.

Duke: Yeah, well, donít get too excited because I donít pull much weight around here. See, I am three generations removed from Asa, which means I'm on the Bottom of the food chain.

Tess: Aw.

Duke: Yeah.

Tess: Well, donít feel too bad. It's not like you're considered a problem child.

Duke: I think my dad would tend to disagree.

Tess: Ooh. Sounds interesting. Have a seat, string bean.

Duke: Well, I wish it wasn't so interesting, actually. No, but I get, you know, what you and Nash are going through. And I donít know about the rest of the family, but there's something about you two that I find a little inspiring.

Tess: Really?

Duke: Yeah. And to completely misquote a saying, "you can't pick your family, but you can fight like hell for the woman you love."

Tess: Wow. You sound like you really mean that.

Duke: You know, I should probably get to work. Best of luck.

Tess: Yeah, you, too.

Nash: Duke --

Duke: Hey.

Nash: Hey.

Duke:  Ah.

Nash: Ah. What are you doing here?

Duke: Ah, just leaving.

Nash: Oh.

Duke: I'll see you later.

Nash: Ok, bye. Hmm.

Tess: I think I found a cool Buchanan.

Nash: Wow.

Tess: Yeah.

Nash: What'd you talk about?

Tess: Love, and what you have to do to hang on to it.

Nash: Come up with any good ideas?

Tess: Yes, I did.

Nash: Oh.

Jill: Norman, you have a visitor. He kind of comes and goes.

Antonio: How long has he got?

Jill: A few weeks, probably. His kidneys are failing and he's losing liver function.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Jill: And the poor man has no family. It's one of the saddest cases I've ever seen.

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, it's heartbreaking. Can he talk?

Jill: He hasn't spoken a word in over a year. All we can do is try and keep him comfortable and give him some peace.

Antonio: Yeah. That's about all any of us can ask for. Would you mind if I had a minute alone with him?

Jill: Of course. If you need anything at all, just ask.

Antonio: Thank you.

Jill: Enjoy your visit, Norman.

Antonio: You donít know me, Norman. I never met you before today. But you're the reason why I haven't seen the woman I love in months, why I may never see her again. So, if you were in my shoes, what would you do if you had a minute alone with a pathetic pervert like yourself?

Tess: I think that I have found a way that we can get rid of Jessica, Antonio, and your pill-popping girlfriend. You just have to do one little thing.

Nash: What's that?

Tess: Have sex with me.

Jill: Hi, can I help you?

Claudia: Yeah, I'm here to see a patient -- Norman Leeds?

Jill: Norman sure is popular lately. He has a visitor in with him now.

Claudia: Really? May I ask who?

Jill: His name is Antonio -- Antonio Vega.

Daryl: Yo, I'm sorry, man.

Daryl: Yo, I'm sorry, man. I forgot I had an appointment, like, 10inutes ago. You mind if we finish this later?

Rex: Fine. Give me a call.

Daryl: Cool.

Rex: Yeah.

Hugh: Change of heart?

Adriana: I'm not telling you anything.

Hugh: Oh, it's too late, anyway. Rex is on his way.

Adriana: I thought we went through this last night.

Rex: Yeah. We did and here we are again this morning -- doesn't that count for something?

Adriana: Not to me.

Rex: That's right. Just put up the wall and play Ice Duchess. Take the easy way out. Why bother listening to my side of things, right? Problem?

Hugh: Uh -- you aided and abetted an escaped criminal. I'd love to hear your side of that.

Adriana: So would I.

Dorian: Kelly, whatever problems you may be having with Kevin, trust me, they are -- they are not making me happy.

Kelly: Oh, since when?

Dorian: I donít like to see you in pain. And, ok, I -- I admit I -- may be overzealous at times in my attempts at intervention.

Kelly: You just made meddling sound good.

Dorian: Have I even mentioned Kevin's name?

Kelly: No, but you will. I can read your mind.

Dorian: No, you can't. Otherwise, you would know that I am solely concerned about you. Now, do I need to remind you how many times you told me that David was wrong for me?

Kelly: Yeah, well, he grew on me eventually.

Dorian: Yeah, fungus grows faster.

Kelly: Hmm.

Dorian but even -- even when we hit that nightmare episode, did you say to me, "I told you so?" No, you did not, not a word of that, and I won't do that to you, uh-uh.

Kelly: Thank you.

Dorian: You're welcome. And now, especially since Clint Buchanan and I are spending so much time together, I really can't continue to preach against the Buchanans, now, can I?

Kelly: I just donít know what to do. I -- I donít know how Kevin and I got to this place. I mean, we are so far apart. He won't talk about the problem. Ever since he found out that he can't have any more children, all he does is pick fights with me.

Dorian: And I'm sure this situation -- well, ahem -- with Duke can't be making things easier.

Kelly: How do you know about that?

Dorian: Honey, please donít get upset.

Kelly: Whoa! Wait a minute. Are you spending time with Clint Buchanan to spy on us?

Clint: Kevin, you're acting like a petulant child, but worse than that, you're drunk.

Kevin: Oh, come on. For the last time, I'm not drunk.

Clint: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're not falling-down drunk, you're not slurring your words, but you're in no condition to face a client. I want you to drink a cup of coffee, and when you're done, I want you to drink another cup. You know something? I barely recognize you, son.

Kevin: Oh, really? Well, when was the last time you took a good look, dad?

Clint: I'm taking a good look right now. And I donít like what I see.

Nash: You know, not that I'm complaining at all, but how exactly -- besides the obvious -- is sex going to help us?

Tess: Sex induces labor.

Nash: Ah. Hmm. You -- ahem. You know, you're -- you're a couple of weeks away from -- are you sure it's safe?

Tess: Oh, it's perfectly safe. It says so in all the books, the books that you bought me.

Nash: I donít know.

Tess: What? Nash, honey, donít you remember six months ago, every time I brought up the baby or the baby was brought up, Jessica would, Boom, pop out and take over? But now, since, you know -- since now I love this baby like it's my own, things are different. And if I'm out when I give birth to the baby, it's always going to be connected to me and it's always going to be connected to you.

Nash: Yeah. I -- I'm just not so sure that --

Tess: Well --

Nash: It works that way.

Tess: It's worth a try. I mean, we cannot let Jessica come out before the due date. Hey -- hey.

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Make love to me. We can have the life we always wanted, a future.

Nash: Ok. You know that if it was up to me, we would spend every moment of every waking day making love, but this isn't the way. This is not the way.

Claudia: Yeah, Daddy? Everything is fine. I was just reading the paper and something popped out at me. Do you know the name Antonio Vega? Uh-huh. I knew I heard of it somewhere. Thanks, daddy. Ok, bye. So Antonio Vega is Tess' ex-boyfriend.

Jill: Are you ready to see Norman or would you rather wait for Mr. Vega to leave?

Dorian: No, I am not spending time with Clint so that I can spy on you. Clint and I enjoy each other's company -- that's all and that is why we are spending so much time together.

Kelly: Well, then how do you know about Duke?

Dorian: Because I overheard an argument between Duke and Kevin -- mm-hmm -- and it was about you.

Kelly: Did you tell anyone about this?

Dorian: No, I didn't because Clint has got more than his share of problems right now. Orange juice?

Kelly: Oh, sure.

Dorian: Besides which, I know how determined you are to make things work between you and Kevin and I didn't want to make you feel even worse.

Kelly: That's actually really sweet of you.

Dorian: I'm not the enemy. I do have to ask you one thing, though. Now that Duke has made his feelings for you known, has there been any reciprocation?

Kevin: All right. Now, you listen to me for a minute --

Clint: No, Kevin, you listen to me. I know I haven't been around as much as I should've been, and now my children are paying the price. I know I made a lot of mistakes, but I'm trying to make up for that. I'm trying to do what's right by my kids. But you have to do what's right for yourself. Now, I know for a fact this is not the first time that you've tied one on recently.

Kevin: Oh, come on, dad.

Clint: And people are worried about you, God knows I'm worried about you.

Kevin: So you're worried about me. What are you going to do, make me sit in the corner the rest of the day?

Clint: If you donít want me to treat you like a child, stop acting like one. Now, forget what this does to me or the company. But what would your mother say if she knew that you were drunk at 11:00 in the morning? She doesn't have enough to deal with right now? And what about Kelly? What about your son?

Kevin: Kelly and Duke -- you know what? You wouldn't say that if you had seen them last night.

Duke: Go ahead, Dad. Put it all on Kelly and me. The truth is you've got no one but yourself to blame for the mess you're in.

Tess: Wow. You just turned me down. I mean, I know I'm a hippo, but I can't believe that you --

Nash: You are beautiful. You are beautiful, but Jessica is not going to just pop out. She can't handle what's going on right now and you can -- we saw that in Dr. Crosby's session.

Tess: Oh. I guess so, yeah.

Nash: All right. Now, you listen to me. This baby, this child of ours -- it was created in a moment of love. We didn't even mean to, all right? It hasn't been corrupted by what you went through or by my past indiscretions. It's pure. Let's not ruin that by using him or her as a weapon against Jessica. All right? It'll come out when the time is right, when he or she decides to take its first breath. And you know what? If you want to find a way to make us permanent before it comes, I got a better idea -- let's get married.

Antonio: This what you want, Norman? I'm going to let you in on a secret -- I've been here before, standing over the bed of a dying man who almost destroyed Jessica. Yeah, I could've killed him just like I could destroy you right now. You know, I have a daughter about the same age as Jessica was when you humiliated her and you stole her innocence and you put her on film in front of all those freaks. And I swear to God, if that had been my daughter, they'd have to use dental records to identify you when I was through with you. But I'm not that man, not anymore, and killing you won't bring Jessica back. But I came here to tell you that I will be back to spit on your grave.

Antonio: Who are you?

Rex: It never occurs to you that just because the whole world is against somebody, he might be the guy telling the truth?

Adriana: Are you talking about yourself or Todd? Because at the rate you're going, you're going to be sharing a cell with him pretty soon.

Rex: No. Because he'll be executed -- for something he didn't do. And by the time they realize he's innocent, it'll be too late.

Hugh: Huh.

Rex: What are you still doing here?

Hugh: I was here first, Balsom. And from the looks of it, the lady doesn't want to talk to you.

Adriana: It's ok. I can handle him.

Rex: Donít you mean file him away under "dirtbag not worth my time"?

Adriana: I stood up for you when everyone else told me to run the other way.

Rex: I should have read the fine print, though. The one-strike-and-you're-out clause.

Adriana: One strike? I caught you screwing around with your assistant manager, and I forgave you. Then there were the drugs in New York, the drugs in your arm. And I stayed up all night in the middle of central park to keep you safe, because I believed in you. This thing with Todd is not about me trusting or believing in you. You didn't trust me, Rex. You put Todd's needs ahead of mine.

Rex: Yeah, I did. Because I've already seen one person get framed for a murder they didn't commit and I was too late to save her life. So, yeah, I put Todd ahead of you for a couple of minutes, because I can't live with another death on my conscience.

Kelly: When I look at Duke, I see Kevin when I first fell in love with him. I see the Kevin before politics, before ace, before everything got so bad between us that at the first sign of trouble, one of us goes running.

Kelly: I donít have any romantic feelings for Duke. But Kevin is so paranoid that no matter what I say, he just doesn't want to hear it.

Dorian: Oh, I know all about that. And of course, he's drinking to make the pictures in his head go away.

Kelly: Yeah, well, Kevin isn't Mel.

Dorian: No, he certainly is not. Truer words were never spoken.

Kelly: All right. This has been lovely, as always.

Dorian: No, no, no, no. Please, please, please. Darling, I know how important it is for you to make things work with Kevin. But -- ugh -- sometimes the Cramer stubbornness, you know, can be our downfall. Sometimes, you know, it's just better -- well, to cut your losses and run.

Kelly: I'm not running from Kevin. That's not what love is. That's not what marriage is. It's not just about the good times.

[Phone rings]

Kelly: Oh, oh, you're going to answer that. Please, please, please answer it.

Dorian: La Boulaie.

Daryl: The duck is swimming with the swan. I had to abort.

Dorian: Ok, forget the code.

Daryl: Adriana almost saw me with Rex. I had to cut our meeting short. No worries, though. It's all good. Looks like they're still fighting.

Dorian: Good. Stop by the house and you can give me a full report.

Daryl: I thought you wanted me to keep a low profile -- stay away from the house?

Dorian: If I tell you to get over here, get.

Daryl: All right, all right. I'm on my way.

Kelly: Hmm -- I'm not going to ask what that was about. I'm just going to go to the office.

Dorian: Oh, honey, please d leave if you're upset with me.

Kelly: No, I'm not. This was nice. It went a lot better than I expected. I just hope that Kevin and I can put our personal problems aside, at least for a couple of hours, because B.E. does not need to suffer because of our issues.

Duke: I thought you should know, word around the water cooler is you're not up for the meeting.

Kevin: All right, that's it, I've had enough of this crap.

Duke: I put Lenox off another hour. That should give everyone enough time to cool down.

Clint: Thank you, Duke. Good work.

Kevin: What is it with you people? I'm fine!

Duke: Have you seen yourself? You donít look good.

Kevin: Well, gee, that works out good for you, doesn't it?

Clint: All right, that's enough of this. I want to talk to you out in the hall, all right?

Kevin: All right.

Clint: You -- pull yourself together.

Duke: Look, I hope it was ok that I put the meeting off.

Clint: It was more than ok. I appreciate that. It -- your dad's not in any condition to do any business. We may have to improvise.

Duke: Yeah. Well, I stopped by Llanfair on the way over here, talked to Tess.

Clint: How'd she look to you?

Duke: She's sick of sitting around the house. But other than that, she seemed fine. Nash is with her.

Clint: Good. Good, because I have to take care of things here this morning. Duke, what happened between you and your dad last night?

Tess: Um -- ok, you want me to marry you?

Nash: Yes.

Tess: I --

Nash: Right now, today.

Tess: Are you serious?

Nash: Yes. I should probably be on one knee with some amazing ring, but -- well, I'm broke, and that's not us. Look, come on, we -- we'll go down to the courts, we'll sign the papers, we'll find a judge to get us married, we'll be back here before dinner. Your family will be able to do nothing about it, and our baby will be born into our family.

Tess: Nash, I --

Nash: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me.

Tess: Nash --

Nash: Say yes.

Tess: I'm sorry, I can't.

Claudia: I was looking for Norman Leeds.

Antonio: Oh. Well, you found him.

Claudia: Oh. My grandmother was a friend of his. I'm named after her. Frances.

Antonio: Oh. Does she live here?

Claudia: She used to. She passed away a few months ago.

Antonio: I'm sorry.

Claudia: Oh, it's all right. Nana's in a better place now.

They used to play bridge together. She always spoke so highly of mr. Leeds.

Antonio: Yeah, well, I -- I have a different perspective on the man.

Claudia: Oh. Oh, really? You donít like him? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have -- you know, the only reason I'm here is because I wasn't very close to my grandmother and I thought maybe Mr. Leeds could tell me more about her, but doesn't look like he's in any shape to talk.

Jill: Excuse me, Norman is scheduled for an x-ray.

Antonio: Oh.

Antonio: So, you weren't close to your nana, but -- but she told you so many great stories about this guy that you came to see him?

Claudia: Excuse me?

Antonio: You can stop lying. I know who you really are.

Adriana: All right, look, I didn't realize that this thing was about Jen. This thing with Todd is bringing up a lot of ghosts for you. You always rooted for the underdog, and that is one of the things that I like so much about you. But Blair is family. She trusts me with her kids, her magazine, her life. And Todd broke her heart. He destroyed her family, my family. It's a huge thing, Rex. And if I can't trust you to respect the people that I love, how can I ever trust you enough to give you my heart?

Girl: Oh, my God!

Second girl: It's her.

First girl: I saw you on the cover of "Belle."

Second girl: How do you do it? I mean, you live here, not New York. So how do you get started?

Rex: Somebody believed in her. Sometimes that's all it takes.

Duke: Look, I donít -- I donít know what my dad told you, but -- but really, it's nothing you need to be concerned about. It's just family stuff.

Clint: Yeah. Well, at the moment, I'm head of this family. Donít make me pull rank.

Kelly: So I just heard the Lenox meeting has been postponed. What's going on?

Duke: Ask dad.

Kelly: Why? What happened now?

Duke: He drank himself into a stupor last night, and he still hasn't slept it off.

Clint: All right, I have to do some damage control. Duke, I'll talk to you later.

Duke: All right. Hey, Kelly -- hey, we need to talk.

Kelly: Yeah, I donít thin so.

Duke: That man is falling apart in there, because he sees the same thing I do. How can you keep denying it?

Kelly: That man is your father. And he's in trouble. Or donít you give a damn?

Duke: Hey. Tell my grandfather that I'll be back in time for the meeting.

Kelly: What are you doing?

Kevin: Proving a point. Care to join me?

Nash: You donít want to marry me?

Tess: I can't.

Nash: Why not?

Tess: Nash, I donít have any I.D. I donít have a driver's license, a birth certificate -- anything. According to the state, I donít exist.

Nash: Oh, come on, there's got to be a way.

Tess: Look, the only person you can legally marry is Jessica, and there's no way I'm going to let that happen.

Nash: There's got to be a way.

Tess: Look, I love you for wanting to do this, for wanting to make our family secure, for wanting to build a life for us, for wanting to prove to everybody that it doesn't matter how many shrinks they bring in, I am not -- we are not going to give up.

Nash: This isn't about proving something to anyone. This is about what I want for us. You, me, and our baby. You know what? You donít need an I.D. for everything.

Tess: What?

Nash: Hold this. Donít go anywhere. I'll be right back. I love you.

Dorian: Daryl, if you keep calling me at all hours of the day and night, people are going to get suspicious.

Daryl: You told me to keep you in the loop, you donít know how to use email, and telepathy is beyond both of us. How are you at smoke signals?

Dorian: Are you making jokes at my expense?

Daryl: Before you get too mad, I'm in.

Dorian: More code?

Daryl: At Ultra Violet. I'm working Thursdays and Fridays. So, if the lovers should decide to get back together, I'll have a front-row seat. And you will be the first to know.

Dorian: Mama bear is very, very pleased.

Hugh: Hey. If it makes any difference, I understand why you're helping Manning. Why you helped him.

Rex: You do?

Hugh: Yeah. Sometimes, you need justice in the present to right the injustices of the past. No one's guiltier of that than I am.

Rex: Too bad you're on the other side.

Hugh: Well, you never know. Someday we might be on the same side.

Girl: Oh!

Second girl: Did you see her boyfriend? He was so hot!

First girl: I know. And the way he looks at her?

Kelly: That Bottle was so we could celebrate after we closed the deal. Why are you opening it now?

Kevin: I'm trying to prove to you and my father and everyone else that you're overreacting.

Kelly: So you're trying to kill the plant?

Kevin: No, I'm dealing with my problems. Ok? I've got problems that I'm dealing with. I'm dealing with the fact that my grandfather has been forced into an early retirement. Ok? I'm dealing with the fact that my whole family is dealing with the fact that my kid sister was abused because we weren't watching. I'm dealing with the fact that my mother may lose her mind at any moment. Oh, and the creme de la creme is I'm dealing with the fact that my son is in love with my fiancee, who I thought was the love of my life. And to top it all off, I can never, ever have another child. That's what I'm dealing with. See, I got a lot of problems. But what I donít need is you and everyone else giving me a problem that I donít have.

Kelly: The meeting's going to start soon. I think it's better if you sit this one out.

Tess: Come on, Nash, what are you doing?

Nash: Ok, ok. I got everything we needed from the attic. It's all outside. Let's go.

Tess: What?

Nash: Let's go.

Tess: Where are we going? Oh --

Nash: We're going --

Tess: Oh.

Nash: To make all of our dreams come true.

Tess: This is so cute.

Nash: Yeah. Come on. Grab it, let's go.

Tess: Oh, look at this one!

Claudia: I already told you who I am.

Antonio: So you donít know Leeds?

Claudia: I told you I donít.

Antonio: How old are you?

Claudia: That's rude. What's the matter with you?

Antonio: Look, I'm sorry. It's just that this man has -- has done some horrible things to people I care about. I just thought that maybe he hurt you, too.

Claudia: I never laid eyes on him before today.

Antonio: All right.

Claudia: You hate Norman.

Antonio: He doesn't deserve to live.

Claudia: I'm going to go speak to the nurse. Well, what -- give me that! Give it -- give me that -- give it -- ah! What --

Antonio: No, it's nice to meet you, Claudia Reston.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Tess: Think about where we both came from. How are we going to keep our baby from getting hurt?

Claudia: I want to break up Nash and Tess.

Natalie: What are you going to do if you never find the people who are responsible for your father's death?

Todd: You still love me. You'll always love me.

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