OLTL Transcript Friday 4/7/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/7/06


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Natalie: No, I'm covered. A temp is taking my shift tonight. Yeah. Yeah, I'll see you tonight.

Rex: Heavy date?

Natalie: Yeah, with five other wannabe forensics. Got fieldwork tonight.

Rex: I guess my contact info will have to wait.

Natalie: Contact? You found Vincent Jones?

Rex: Not so fast. I'll let you have it when I get the whole story.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Rex: What happened with Lasardo?

Natalie: I told you, he gave me Jones' name.

Rex: From what I hear, things got pretty dicey. Distracted Cristian -- almost got him K.O.'d. What if next time, you're the one who gets hurt?

John: Get hurt doing what?

Cristian: But it's going to heal, right? And I'll be able to box again?

Doctor: Maybe in a couple of months, but only if --

Cristian: Right. Donít worry, it'll stay on.

Doctor: And keep up the physical therapy, or your recovery time could double.

Cristian: Ok.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello? Hey, Rourke. The Washburn fight? Let me get back to you.

Spencer: This is Nora Buchanan's chart. I'm going to take off for the evening, all right? If there's any change in her condition --

Doctor: I'll page you.

Spencer: Thank you very much. Emergencies only. Got a very special evening planned.

David: Thailand -- Thailand -- where would it be? Where would it be, Spencer?

Blair: David?

David: What?

Blair: What in the world are you doing in Spencer's room? And why are you going through his desk?

Evangeline: Who else knows where you are?

Todd: Besides you, two other people.

Evangeline: Yeah, that's me and two con artists who Both tried to swindle you and your family out of money. Where did David go anyway?

Todd: Uh -- I donít know -- probably the hospital to try to find something on Spencer.

Evangeline: Or to sell you out. You know what? I'm going to go find him. You still have that phone I gave you?

Todd: Yeah, I donít know how many minutes I have left, but --

Evangeline: Then quit using it. And donít run off while I'm gone. You should be safe here for, like, an hour or so. At least I hope so.

Bo: And I want the three doors covered. Every window on the first floor. There's a coal chute in the back. I want that covered. Also, the cellar doors in the back. Is that clear?

Officer: Clear.

Bo: Who's my sniper?

Officer: That would be me, commissioner.

Bo: All right, I want you in the high ground in the back. You should have 3/4 of the perimeter covered.

Officer: Um -- is Manning alone?

Bo: We donít know that. Just keep your eyes open. Maintain radio contact.

Officer: What about the shoot-to-kill order?

Second officer: Commissioner, does shoot-to-kill still stand? 

Evangeline: We're getting closer.

Todd: I hope you're right.

Evangeline: I am. I can feel it. Just stay put, ok? Donít do anything crazy. Everything will be fine as long as David, you know, didn't -- you know, I'm going to go to the hospital. I'm going to see if I can find Spencer myself and see if I can feel him out or something, ok? All right. Hang tight. Donít use the phone.

Blair: Answer my question, David.

David: I have a question for you myself.

Blair: Actually, my first question is, what are you doing in rubber gloves?

David: And my first question is, since when do you have a key to my brother's hotel room?

Blair: Since Spencer and I are friends.

David: Friends with benefits, it would appear.

Blair: Oh, what are you doing here?

David: I'm here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Blair: Oh -- why donít you go? Spencer's on his way here. And if he finds you here, David, he'll kill you.

David: What was that? You think Spencer's a killer?

Blair: Oh, God -- would you just go, you idiot?

David: Because he's already threatened me, Blair. He is a cold-hearted son of a bitch and he will destroy anything that gets between him and his object of desire, and his current object of desire is you.

Blair: I'm calling security.

David: Wait.

Blair: What?

David: Just listen to me. Do you really want to rebound from Todd to a guy who wants nothing more than to kill his own little brother?

Spencer: Starr? What a nice surprise. What -- what brings you down to the hospital?

Starr: I came to see Nora.

Spencer: That's very good of you.

Starr: And Matthew was there, too. He was ranting on and on about how you were his hero.

Spencer: Really? Hmm, that's nice. What about you? You -- you donít seem too convinced. Are you mad at me about something, or --

Starr: No.

Spencer: You're sure --

Starr: Not really.

Spencer: I haven't done anything wrong?

Starr: Jack really likes you, and my mom -- you're good to her.

Spencer: You miss your dad, donít you? Listen, Starr, I am not trying to take Todd's place. I would never do that.

Starr: He'll come back, just like he always does.

Spencer: Well, I hope so. I do. I really want that for you. But right now, I think your mother really needs a friend, too, right?

Starr: She had me.

Spencer: And you and Jack will always be her first top priority, but, Starr, she is going through such a hard time right now, and I want to be there for her, too. Listen, if you have anything else on your mind -- you want to talk -- anything at all, you can always come to me, all right?

Ricky: Oh, come on, man!

Doctor: I'm not your "man," I'm a doctor.

Ricky: Ok, doc, would you do me this one favor? Refill the prescription. Just this once. That's all I'm asking.

Doctor: It's out of my hands. You have to talk to your insurance company.

Ricky: But my family doesn't have insurance!

Doctor: I'm sorry, but as I said, there's nothing I can do.

Ricky: You could help if you wanted to. Fine, but if anything happens to my sister, it's all on you! Ooh!

Rex: "Hurt?" Who -- who said "hurt?"

John: You did. You said "hurt."

Natalie: We -- we were just talking about --

Rex: Oh, right, right -- Natty's field work.

Natalie: Yeah, I've got class tonight.

Rex: Yeah, she's going to go dig around in the Boonies. And I got worried. You know, the dark.

Natalie: So overprotective.

Rex: Got to look out for my sister, right?

John: I think Natalie can probably handle herself.

Natalie: Really? I -- I thought you were against my doing this job.

John: Well, you know, I'm just -- just be careful, all right? If it's your dream to be a forensic tech, I'm not going to stand in your way.

Rex: Ok! That's all, folks.

Natalie: Well, where are you going?

Rex: I need to wash some of this dark and brooding off. Could be contagious.

Cristian: All right, I got a week. I can do this.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: There could be civilians inside, so nobody fires without word from me, understood?

Officer: Manning's got nothing to lose. Kill shot might be the only way to take him down.

Second officer: Is that an option, Commissioner?

Todd: I'm not asking you to take my place or anything. I just thought maybe you could check in, and maybe you could -- maybe you could take Jack fishing or something, you know? I think he'd like that. I -- would you do that for me? That'd mean a lot to me.

Bo: There have been too many corpses in this case already. Kill shot -- it's only as a last resort, and word will come directly from me. Clear? One way or another, Todd Manning is going to get the justice that he deserves.

Evangeline: What happened to your hand?

Cristian: What are you doing here?

Evangeline: Looking for Dr. Truman. Have you seen him?

Cristian: Yeah, I think I saw him in the hallway a little while ago.

Evangeline: Ok. I hope you feel better.

Cristian: Wait. Look, I donít know much about Truman. Well, except that he and Blair Cramer seem to be a little close these days. And if Blair's involved, that means --

Evangeline: Cris, donít.

Cristian: This is about Todd, isn't it? What, a night in jail wasn't enough for you?

Evangeline: Please, donít do this.

Cristian: You want to toss the next five to 10 years of your life away just to help that son of a --

Evangeline: What if I do? Hypothetically speaking, what if I am hiding Todd? Keeping him under the kitchen table, feeding him table scraps when Layla isn't looking? What the hell business is it of yours?

Ricky: So how long have you been sitting there?

Starr: Long enough to hear what you were saying to that doctor.

Ricky: I need a prescription refill. It's for my little sister. Everything's really screwed up, but I'll fix it.

Starr: It's ok, Ricky. You donít --

Ricky: It's not ok.

Starr: I meant, I heard what you said about not having any money.

Ricky: Well, you heard wrong. And donít even think about starting any rumors in school.

Blair: Do you think that I would believe a black-market baby smuggler like you, David?

David: I didn't do that.

Blair: You did, too!

David: You're right, I did, but it was a long time ago, and I've changed since then.

Blair: Oh, right. Right, right -- you must have changed into that, like, jerk that wrote the article about Todd in "Craze." That's right, that's the man -- practically killed Todd! Oh, and now -- oh, that's right -- you want me to believe that you've sided with Todd, right?

David: You just donít get it, do you?

Blair: No, I donít, David. Why donít you explain it to me?

David: I will. Spencer has moved heaven and earth to get you exactly here, to this point, this particular frame of mind.

Blair: Ok, David. See the door? See my hand? I'm going to count to three. Can you count to three? One, two, three. If you aren't out the door, I am going to call security. Ready? One --

David: And then what are you going to do? What are you going to do then, Blair?

Blair: Two --

David: Are you going to wait here --

Blair: Three.

David: For Spencer to show up so he can charm you into his bed? Dinner.

Blair: Yeah, dinner. Jerk.

David: Blair, I want you to do me a favor. If anything I just said sunk in -- if any of it at all struck a chord, donít tell Spencer I was here.

Blair: Goodbye, David.

David: Are you going to tell him?

Blair: Well, you want to wait around and find out? Stay, come on. Sure.

David: For both of our sakes, donít tell him.

[Blair sighs]

Blair: How can they possibly be family? I swear --

David: I'll be back.

Blair: Well, I -- I told you that --

Spencer: Was that -- David?

John: I've been meaning to ask you -- how's Jess doing?

Natalie: Oh. Not so good. I mean, she's the one who has to go through it, but -- for my mom and dad and me, I just -- we feel like there's this sense of hopelessness. There's nothing we can do.

John: Just love her.

Natalie: Yeah. And Tess -- it seems impossible.

John: Well, you know, I'm hoping you get your sister back.

Natalie: Thank you.

Natalie: John? Thank you for asking about Jessica. I know you've got a lot of other things on your mind.

John: That doesn't mean I donít still care about your family. And you. Good luck tonight.

Rex: What's with the toothpaste grin? You two have a heart-to-heart?

Natalie: We actually talked without fighting for once.

Rex: Did you tell him you're going to chat with the guy who probably has his own line of concrete footwear?

Natalie: No.

Rex: No. You just neglected to tell him that you're going behind his back to help him.

Natalie: Is any of this any of your business?

Rex: I just want you to admit what the real deal is.

Natalie: Enlighten me, little brother. What is the real deal?

Rex: Well, you keep saying that you owe John, but all I'm seeing is you being too stubborn to admit you still love the jerk.

Officer: The  Commissioner's got to be tougher on those guys.

Rex: What's going on?

Officer: We found Manning.

Second officer: Let's go.

Rex: You found Todd?

Bo: Didn't we agree that you would stay off this case?

Rex: Can't I be curious?

Bo: Well, no, let's stick with our agreement. That's what you can do, all right? Good luck tonight, Nat.

Natalie: Thanks, Uncle Bo. You are so full of it.

Rex: Huh?

Natalie: You just lied to Uncle Bo. You're in this mess with Todd Manning up to your eyeballs, aren't you?

Blair: Um -- David was -- was here.

Spencer: Doing what?

Blair: In the room when I walked in.

Spencer: What, he broke in?

Blair: Well, he -- look --

Spencer: I'm going to tell security.

Blair: No, donít call --

Spencer: I donít believe it -- no, anybody can just waltz in here and come up the elevator and come into my room, right? Unbelievable. You know, David's life is just kind of spiraling around the drain. He's got to manufacture something to take me down with him?

Blair: Well, he didn't seem to have anything in his hands --

Spencer: What was he doing here, then, Blair?

Blair: I donít know. I --

Spencer: I'll tell you what he was doing. He was trying to poison you against me. That's what he was doing. I mean, that's what David does, right?

Blair: He just -- you know, he said that I shouldn't trust you, and that -- that you threatened him.

Spencer: He got to you, didn't he? Oh, my God. You're starting to believe him.

Rex: No time to explain. I got to make a call.

Natalie: Who are you calling? Who else is involved in this?

Rex: Better you donít know.

Natalie: Oh -- it's Evangeline, isn't it? Oh, my goodness. It's not enough that she got herself arrested once by helping Todd. But, what, it was so much fun, she decided she'd go back? You know what? Maybe -- maybe she could just humiliate my family once more, because it seems to be so satisfying for her.

Rex: Oh, go on. Trash the woman. So what if she helped save your life? That was a whole year ago. Who can remember back that far?

Natalie: Ok. All right, I admit, she does bring out the worst in me. You're right. It makes sense for Evangeline to help Todd. I mean, you know, she probably feels pretty guilty for being such a lousy lawyer.

Rex: Oh, great, that's much nicer.

Natalie: But what's your excuse, huh, Rex? Wait, wait -- let's apply your logic. The only rational reason that you would want to help out Todd must be because you're too stubborn to admit that you're in love with the jerk.

Rex: Hilarious.

Natalie: No, it isn't.

Rex: Fine, whatever. You know what? You help your lost cause, and I'll help mine. And we'll Both keep our two cents to ourselves.

Cristian: Forget it.

Evangeline: What, you're mad at me?

Cristian: You just told me to take a hike, didn't you?

Evangeline: No, I didn't tell you to take a hike, I asked you what business is it of yours what I do.

Cristian: It's my business because I care about you. How could you even ask?

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Yeah, Rex, what's going on?

Rex: Big problem. Bo knows about Todd. He's on his way up to lion's heart right now.

Evangeline: I'm on it. We're going to have to continue this little debate later.

Cristian: Rex, huh? Are you both helping Todd?

Starr: What are you talking about? Why would I start a rumor?

Ricky: Look, I got to go, ok?

Starr: No, you donít get to insult me and then just walk away.

Ricky: How did I --

Starr: I'm the last person that would start rumors. After what all those kids said about my dad?

[Starr sighs]

Ricky: I'm sorry.

Starr: Yeah, well, you should be.

Ricky: It's just, my little sister -- she needs those pills. And -- I got the money, you know? I got the money in savings, stuff. See you.

Starr: Wait.

Ricky: What now?

Starr: Ricky, it's ok to admit that your family can't afford it.

Ricky: But I never said that.

Starr: No, really, it's cool, because you're talking to the right person. You see, I didn't ask for your help with those preppy kids. But you did, anyway. And it turned out to be a good thing.

Cristian: You can't keep doing this.

Evangeline: Give me back my phone!

Cristian: You have any idea what life is like in prison?

Evangeline: Give me back my phone, Cristian.

Cristian: That night you spent in the holding cell at the L.P.D. was a walk in the park compared to doing hard time.

Evangeline: If you donít give me back my --

Cristian: No -- ow!

Evangeline: Phone -- sorry. Look, do you see that little girl out there? If I donít continue doing what I'm doing, her father is going to be shot like a dog for a crime he didn't commit. Is that what you want? Are you the only one that gets a second chance at proving he's innocent?

[Phone rings]

Blair's voice: Hi, you've reached Blair, Starr, and Jack. Leave it at the beep.

[Answering machine beeps]

Todd: Oh. Excellent.

Natalie: May I remind you --

Rex: I donít like it when people preface what they're about to say --

Natalie: This is different --

Rex: With that particular little phrase.

Natalie: Because I am trying to help catch a killer.

Rex: Whereas I'm helping somebody get away with it? I donít want to argue semantics with you, Natty, ok? I know you can't stand Todd. He's not my favorite person, I cut you slack with the Vincent Jones info. Can't you do the same for me?

Natalie: Ok, so what are you going to do now?

Rex: I -- I donít know. I can't stand around here waiting for them to bring Todd in.

Natalie: Or not, thanks to you.

Rex: You're going to Atlantic City, right? Tonight?

Natalie: Yes, yes. I mean, John cannot go down there by himself. This guy, jones -- he would smell cop all over him. You know, this is my home turf. I can handle it.

Rex: Be careful.

Natalie: You, too.

Ed: Oh, showed up on your own. Should I feel flattered?

John: No. It's just that, you know, you helped me get my badge back and I figured at the very least I owed you a couple of sessions without being too difficult.

Ed: Oh, I see. So really, this is about you feeling obligated.

John: Oh. I hate to admit this, but I actually think that maybe I could use your help, Doc.

Ed: Well, there's a turnaround.

John: Yeah. You know, I need someone to bounce a few ideas off of, and since I had to be here anyway --

Ed: Yeah. Have a seat.

John: Yeah? Here?

Ed: Yeah. So, what happened?

John: So I went and saw the doctor that botched my dad's surgery.

Ed: And?

John: And he's an old drunk and pretty much confirmed everything I already knew.

Ed: I guess you're back to square one, huh?

John: Not exactly. There's something that this doctor is not saying and I think my brother, Mike, would confirm that.

Ed: You brought him along with you?

John: Well, I figured it couldn't hurt to have another doctor in the house.

Ed: A doctor or a brother?

John: I guess Both. But you know, the thing is Mike -- he's getting married in a couple of weeks, you know, and he should be focusing on that, you know? He should be dealing with that, not the past, not death.

Ed: All this is up to him. It's a good thing you gave him a choice. It's also a good thing you're not trying to do this alone.

John: Thing is, the more I keep digging, the more I keep pulling people into this and I donít know if that's fair to Mike or anybody else.

Ed: What about it isn't fair? Donít you have a right to know why you and your brother grew up without a father?

John: I know why. And this ain't a right. It's -- it's some sort of obligation. I guess it comes with being a cop.

Ed: Uh-oh, I thought we had worked through this.

[John sighs]

John: Donít you get it? This ain't going to be over till I find out who did this to my dad. Maybe then he'll get some peace.

Ed: I'm sorry, but are we talking about him now, or yourself?

Blair: How can you say that to me?

Spencer: I can see it in your face. It's obvious.

Blair: I donít give a damn what David says about you. I donít give a damn what anybody says about you, Spencer. I can tell you this -- that no man -- and I'm telling you right here, no man -- has ever set aside as much as you have for me. You were there when I needed space and you gave it to me without any questions. And when my children were upset and I told you that I thought it would be best if we left our relationship a secret, you understood. I'm with you not because I'm trying to forget Todd or trying to get over him. I'm with you because I choose to be with you. I have chosen you.

Ricky: That's nice -- that's very nice, but really --

Starr: Really -- it's cool. Just because my family ended up with money, it doesn't mean that I donít feel lonely. I've been feeling that a lot lately. Everybody's talking about video games or the spring dance and I'm wondering if I'll ever see my dad again.

Ricky: I'm sorry. My father's not around, either. I mean, it's not the same as what you're going through. It's just --

Starr: But it's still hard.

Ricky: Because, you know, I mean, it's fine. It's all good.

Starr: No, it sucks. Just look. My mom knows a doctor here and he says any time I need anything --

Ricky: No. No. Forget it. Oh.

Starr: How come you get to do something nice for me, but I can't do something nice for you?

Ricky: Because -- I'll find the money. Thanks.

Evangeline: Come on. Who could you possibly be talking to? I have to go somewhere.

Cristian: No, you donít.

Evangeline: I have no choice.

Cristian: Stay out of this, Evangeline.

Bo: Get the lights set up, have the A.T.F. guys cover the house, ok? Maintain radio silence until I say "go."

Bo: I've lost visual. Is the back secure? We go on my order. I say again, go on my order.

Ed: John, you were a kid when your father was shot. It wasn't your job to find his murderer and he would never have asked that of you.

John: Did you know I was at the hospital when he was brought in?

Young John: No! Dad?

John: Yeah, I was there. I saw him come in on that gurney and his shirt was covered in blood and he was -- he was so upset and I remember he saw me and he -- he pointed.

Young John: No! Dad!

Orderly: Get the kid out of here, Nurse.

Young John: No, Dad, I'm sorry! Please let me --

Nurse: Do not go in there.

Ed: He had just been shot. He was being wheeled into the emergency room. How could he possibly have not been upset?

John: You weren't there. You weren't there. You didn't see the look on his face.

Ed: I donít think you did, either. All children think that they are the center of the universe, meaning that when we're young, we assume that anything that happens, whether it be our mother's smile, an illness, even death, must be because of something that we did.

John: Oh. So all these years, I've just been self-absorbed? I get it now. I feel cured.

Ed: All these years, you have been living with terrible guilt and your subconscious has distorted the memory of what actually happened to validate the self-hatred.

John: Ok, I donít understand all those words, but what -- what are you saying? You're saying I imagined this?

Ed: No, misinterpreted it. John, think about it for a second. Your father, he's -- he's upset, agitated, pointing. Couldn't that just simply be a man trying to keep his child from seeing him in that condition? Protecting you from the horror of what was happening because he loved you?

John: Doesn't matter.

Ed: What do you mean, it doesn't matter? You watched your father die.

John: I've watched a lot of people die -- the old man, Caitlin. I almost lost Natalie once.

Ed: Are you afraid that she's getting mixed up in all this?

John: She says that she's not going to get involved.

Ed: And you believe her?

John: You've met Natalie, doc. What do you think?

Ed: Doesn't seem like the kind to give up easily.

John: You know, it wouldn't be the first time that she has gotten herself in trouble trying to help me. I -- I just donít want it to be the last.

Natalie: Hi, is this -- is this Vincent Jones? Ok. Is he there? Yes, I'm Natalie Buchanan. You can tell your boss that I could really use his help.

Evangeline: I am walking out that door or we're Both going to have Todd's blood on our hands. You've got to be kidding me!

Cristian: I'm not letting you put your life on the line for scum like Manning.

Evangeline: Get out of my way!

Cristian: Listen -- listen. You came through for me when I was in Statesville, even when I told you to back off because you knew it would be best for me in the long run. Now I'm doing the same for you.

Evangeline: Damn it! Damn it, Cristian!

David: Have Dr. Truman and his lady friend left the hotel? Hmm. This is his pharmacist, Dr. Charles Dilman. He had requested an ointment for a rather urgent and personal matter, if you know what I mean. I can't seem to reach him on his cell phone. Oh, he is? He's still there? Well, maybe the problem has cleared up on its own, although that's very unlikely. Thank you. Great. He's still there, and miracle doctor is good at you-know-what. Excuse me. Ahem. My name is David Truman. I'm Dr. Truman's younger yet taller brother. I wonder if I could have a moment of your time, Dr. "Shap-a-ro"?

Dr. Shapiro: "Sha-peer-O." Oh, sure, I'm on a break, in fact.

David: Oh, great. See, here's the deal -- Spencer is about to receive an award. They've asked me to say a few things about his accomplishments. There are so many accomplishments to cover. I'm very proud of my brother, and my parents thought that his chronic bed-wetting as a teen would lead to nothing but embarrassment for our entire family. He sure showed them, didn't he? You know what I'm really interested in is the time that he apparently spent with the world medical alliance in Thailand.

Dr. Shapiro: Yeah, well, I've heard quite a bit about that.

David: Oh, you have? That's great. Do you think that there's someone here at the hospital who could give me some information about the time that he spent there, keeping in mind this is a surprise?

Dr. Shapiro: Well, I can probably get you in touch with the right people. Come to my office. I'll see what I can find.

David: Thank you.

Ed: I understand that you're protective of Natalie, John, but --

John: But what? We're talking about a cold-blooded killer here.

Ed: That was a very long time ago. Your father's murderer would be a very old man now, that's even if he was still alive.

John: We donít know that. We donít know that. There was a teenager hanging around the hospital that day. We donít know his name, we donít know how he's connected, but I think there's a lot more to this than some old street thug with an itchy trigger finger. Now, the A.C. Cops -- they rounded up the usual suspects, they asked all the questions. They came up with nothing.

Ed: But you could do a better job?

John: Fresh perspective, maybe. Natalie, she thinks she knows Atlantic City and that she can --

Ed: Help? The way you've helped her?

John: Yeah. The thing is, you see, she doesn't think things through and she gets in over her head. I've been able to pull her out of the fire a couple of times, but I'm starting to think that -- I think we're pushing faith.

Ed: You donít want to lose her. That would destroy you, wouldn't it, Lieutenant, if Natalie died? That would be the one loss you would never recover from.

Woman: Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: Oh, Stacy, thank you so much for covering my shift.

Stacy: Oh, no problem. Good luck in the field tonight.

Natalie: Actually, there's been a small change in plans. I had to call C.S.U. and reschedule my field work.

Stacy: Oh. I hope everything's ok.

Natalie: Yes, I'm going to see a friend. It'll be a little fact-finding mission. Hmm. See you.

Stacy: Bye.

Bo: Hold your positions, stand by with the lights.

Rex: Damn it, Vange, where are you?

Evangeline: Let me --

Cristian: Uh-uh.

Evangeline: Go!

Cristian: Oh! God.

Evangeline: You can't stop me.

Cristian: Want to bet?

Evangeline: Cristian! Put me down! Put me down, Cristian!

Cristian: Nope.

Evangeline: Stop it! Put me down! God!

Starr: Dr. Truman? Oh, good. Dr. Truman, I need your --

Blair: Starr! My God, what are you doing here?

Bo: Stand by with the three, two, one -- go.

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