OLTL Transcript Thursday 4/6/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/6/06


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Rex: How are you doing?

Bo: Doing fine. How does it look like I'm doing?

Rex: Still looking for Todd?

Bo: Yeah, Balsom, we're still looking. What can I do for you?

Rex: Well, I'm worried about Natty.

Evangeline: I brought you some clean clothes. And I have news.

Todd: So do I. Spencer Truman killed Margaret.

Evangeline: Yeah. That's just a theory until we have proof.

Todd: Vickers confirmed it.

Evangeline: When did you talk to David Vickers?

Todd: When I brought him here to ask for his help.

Evangeline: Are you out of your mind?

David: Spencer Truman, please. Room 2131. Oh, he's not there? No. No, thank you, no message.

Spencer: Well, that is good news, Asa. Dr. Drummond told me you were making excellent progress, which is exactly what I needed to hear.

Blair: Oh, excuse me, I'm looking for Dr. Spencer Truman. Have you seen him?

Nurse: Oh, I just saw him with Dr. Drummond in cardiology.

Blair: Ok.

Nurse: Right down the hall.

Blair: Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Spencer: You see, I need you alive, old man, so that you can pay for what you did to my mother.

Spencer: I want you to know who I really am.

Ed: Jessica, is this the first time you've remembered that night since it happened?

Jessica: Yes. And that night was just the beginning.

Ed: Ok. I need you to go back to the house now, back to the room where the man took you what else do you see?

Jessica: There's stuffed animals. They're all over. And they're filthy and old. It looks like other kids have played with them and just left them. And there's flowers on the walls. It's wallpaper. It's peeling everywhere. The floors -- the floors are filthy. Looks like nobody -- nobody takes care of it.

Ed: What else, Jessica? What else do you see?

Jessica: I'm scared. I want my mom.

Ed: Oh, you're going to be just fine. Nothing's going to happen to you. I really need you to try to stay in the room now, if you can. Do you see anyone else in the room?

Jessica: No. Not that time. It was later. It was the next time.

Ed: The next time? The -- the next time the man brought you to the room, there was someone else with you there, too?

Jessica: Yes.

Ed: Are they there with you now? Who is it, Jessica? Who else is in the room with you?

Jessica: It's another little girl. She's not scared, though. She says her name's Tess.

Bo: Is Natalie in some kind of trouble?

Rex: Well, you know her. She's always getting into something.

Bo: Can we talk in specifics here, Balsom? Look, I'm not in the mood to play word games with you. I donít have time to try to pull it out of you. Natalie is my niece. Our whole family's going through it right now. If you know something --

Rex: No, I --

Bo: Tell me.

Rex: I donít. She's just, you know, getting into this forensics thing.

Bo: Yeah. Because that's what she wants to do. She's working real hard.

Rex: Maybe too hard.

Bo: Some people aren't allergic to work.

[Rex gasps]

Rex: I work! I run my own business, and I'm going to school, in case you forgot. But, you know, Natalie's got all this Jessica stuff on her mind and her job here. Not to mention the Mc Bain factor.

Bo: Yeah, well, I think that's why it is a good idea that she goes to school, you know? It's going to give her something that she has control over, something she can focus on.

Rex: A future -- I -- I get that, I guess. Just so as long as you think she can handle it without imploding.

Bo: You're a good brother.

Rex: Even if I'm just technically a former roommate?

Bo: No, you're a good brother in all the ways that really count. But you donít have to worry about her, ok? She's going to be just fine. My advice to you --

Rex: Shoot.

Bo: Donít accuse her of going to school just so she can be near Mc Bain. Now, she a I talked about this before I signed off on her application. And this is something she really wants. She understands just how hard it is, and she wants to make a difference.

Rex: All right, just keep an eye on her caffeine intake. She has a tendency to rip people's heads off.

Bo: Thanks for the heads-up. Now, is there anything else I can do for you?

Rex: No. Thanks, Bo.

Bo: No problem. You Balsom kids have really come a long way since you hit Llanview.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in. Take care of yourself, Balsom.

Rex: Yep.

Bo: Hey.

Hugh: Hey, Rex.

Rex: Hey.

Hugh: I talked to your desk sergeant. He said you were at the hospital this morning. How is Nora doing?

Bo: Well, when Matthew and I were there, she was sleeping, and they still have to do more tests, but things are -- it's looking good. There's signs that -- that she is going to recover.

Hugh: That's great. That's great news. I've been trying to fill her shoes, but it hasn't been easy. I feel -- I still feel like I let her down.

Bo: Well, you won the Manning case.

Hugh: Yeah, but he's still out there. He's probably in a different country by now. What good is an empty conviction?

Bo: Donít give up, Hugh. Because I think -- I'll bet Manning is close by and he's got an agenda, and now he's got somebody helping him.

Evangeline: How could you bring somebody else into this mess?

Todd: I didn't tell him you were helping me.

Evangeline: Oh, well, thank you for the courtesy.

Todd: We're cool.

Evangeline: No, we're not cool. We're not cool. How many times do I have to remind you that you're an escaped convict? You can't afford to broadcast your hideout to the world. What if David goes to the police?

Todd: I took precautions.

Evangeline: What kind of precautions?

Todd: Well, I had him meet me a couple miles from here. And when I got there, I -- I hit him in the head with a rock, knocked him out. Scared the hell out of him.

Evangeline: Oh. This just gets better and better.

Todd: Well, you said we need an ally.

Evangeline: Yeah. I'm in a den of thieves. This is a den of thieves that I'm in. We now have a known con artist for an ally. This is going to do wonders for your case. I thought David hated you.

Todd: He doesn't hate me.

Evangeline: Not to mention, he's the brother of the guy who set you up.

Todd: Yeah, but I think he hates Spencer more than he hates me.

Evangeline: Why?

Todd: Uh -- well, I didn't really get any details, but I think that Spencer's got him over a barrel in some way, same way he's got Paige miller.

Evangeline: Does David have proof?

Todd: No, but he's going to get it.

Evangeline: How?

Todd: Any means necessary.

David: Damn you, Renee. Why'd you get these fancy-schmancy new locks? Useless piece of maxed-out plastic.

David: The fortune cookie was right. My luck is turning around.

David: These things never work.

Spencer: Get well soon, Asa. You and I have some unfinished business. Hello, Blair.

Blair: Hello.

Spencer: Hi. What are -- what are you doing?

Blair: Oh, what are you doing? You're not Asa's doctor, are you?

Spencer: No, no, no. Dr. Drummond, his radiologist -- he consults with me. Right now we're trying to determine the best course of medication for Mr. Buchanan. He -- he consults with me on cases throughout the hospital from time to time. You didn't stop by here to talk about Asa, though, did you?

Blair: No, I actually stopped by here to surprise you. I guess it was kind of the other way around.

Spencer: What do you mean?

Blair: Why do you want Asa to know who you ally are? What's this unfinished business that you have with Asa?

Ed: Jessica, is Tess there in the room with you now?

Jessica: Yeah, she's here.

Ed: And you're still there, too. Am I right?

Jessica: Yeah.

Ed: Ok. What's happening now?

Jessica: No, I can't. I want my mommy.

Viki: Baby, I'm here, I'm --

Ed: Jessica, i really need you to stay in the room now, if you can. The room with the peeling wallpaper and the dirty floor and the stuffed animals and the man. You and Tess are there together. Can you tell me what's happening now?

Jessica: No, no, I can't. I can't, I can't, I can't. It -- it all goes dark. I can't --

Ed: Ok, ok, it's all right, it's all right.

Jessica: I can't see anything, I'm sorry.

Ed: We're taking you out of the room now. You're out of the room. You're back here. You're in your own home. You're safe and sound. Your mother and father are here, too. It's all right. Jessica -- do you remember what you just told me? Do you remember what happened when you were a child?

Ed: Jessica?

Jessica: There's someone else in the room. Someone else I need to talk to. 

Ed: Who is it, Jessica? Who do you need to talk to?

Jessica: Tess. I need to talk to Tess.

Ed: Ok. Tess is right here with us. You can talk to Tess anytime.

Jessica: Tess, I need your help.

Ed: Go on, Jessica, talk to Tess.

Jessica: You protected me before. I know that now. You protected me when I needed it. But I need to do this myself. I need to be strong now. Please, Tess, please, let me do this myself. Let me see the things that I -- I couldn't see before. Please.

Evangeline: Stranger things have happened in this town. But I find it hard to believe that Spencer would kill a mother and an innocent child. I mean, the man is a world-famous surgeon. He saves people, and he had everything.

Todd: Everything except what he really wanted -- Blair.

Evangeline: Doesn't make any sense. That's not a strong enough motive. I mean, Spencer didn't have anything against Margaret that we know of, and Margaret wasn't coming aft him, so it's not like it would be self-defense or a crime of passion. No, it's cold-blooded, premeditated murder. Eat. And even if the man is evil, he's not stupid. He knows there's no such thing as a perfect crime.

Todd: There's a first time for everything. And with Spencer's luck --

Evangeline: Uh-uh, no. Not even Spencer could pull this off without making a mistake.

Todd: He did. That's why I'm here.

Evangeline: I find it hard to believe that he would take a risk like that for a woman.

Todd: Yeah, not just any woman -- Blair. Of course he wanted her. Did you get bread? I mean, he's not the kind of guy that gives up when he wants something. He would do anything. Anything -- lie, cheat, steal, manipulate -- to get her to trust him. And I'm sure he would just -- he would kill, do anything to get her to look at him deeply into his eyes, like no one has ever looked at him before. I donít think he'd care who he had to hurt to be with her.

Evangeline: Seem to know an awful lot about how Spencer feels.

Todd: Yeah, I do.

Evangeline: Hmm. Well, now that we get David on our team, I suppose we just have to hope that he turns up something.

Todd: He will. He's motivated.

Evangeline: By what, exactly?

Todd: Hatred, sibling rivalry, and a little bit of cash.

Evangeline: Oh, yeah, of course. From what I've heard about David, he would sell his mother out if the price was right.

Todd: No doubt.

Evangeline: And he would stop at nothing to save his own neck, which means if Spencer finds out that David's onto him, David's going to sell you out without looking back.

David: How many custom-made Italian shirts does one guy need?

Bo: Hi. I'm commissioner Buchanan. Thanks for coming in. I understand you might have some information on one of our cases.

Woman: That killer you're looking for, the one who escaped -- Todd Manning.

Bo: What about him?

Woman: I -- I saw him yesterday.

Hugh: Where did you see Todd Manning?

Woman: I --

Bo: No, it's ok. This is district attorney Hughes. Why donít you just start at the beginning and tell us what you did see?

Woman: I'm a photographer. I was taking pictures yesterday. I was out by old Route 11.

Hugh: All right. There's nothing but woods out there.

Woman: I figured no one would be around, but then I saw these two men. One of them drove off in a car, and the other one took off into the woods on foot.

Bo: Can you describe these men?

Woman: One of them. I didn't get a good look at the one in the car, but the one that walked off -- I got his picture. I think he's the one you're looking for.

Todd: So anyway, you said you had news. How'd you do in Chicago?

Evangeline: By the time I got there, Denton was gone. But I have a P.I. searching for him as we speak.

Todd: That's the news?

Evangeline: Well, there's more. I went to Denton's last known address. And guess where it was. A suite at the Mc Clintock.

Todd: Oh, of course, the most expensive hotel in town.

Evangeline: Yeah. And Denton paid cash the entire time he was there. And there's no record of any credit card transactions the whole time he was in Chicago.

Todd: So Spencer obviously paid him off.

Evangeline: Yeah, but that's only obvious to me and you. And everyone in the world, except for Paige and David, thinks Spencer can do no wrong.

Spencer: We'll talk in here, all right?

Blair: I donít care where we talk, I just want you to answer the question. What is going on with you  Asa?

[Spencer sighs]

Blair: What?

Spencer: It's complicated. It's hard to explain. Um --

Blair: Why donít you try me?

Spencer: Well, there's this bad blood, all right, that exists -- I donít even know how it got started between the Trumans and the Buchanans. And I suppose in Asa's mind, I'm guilty by association with my brother, somewhat.

Blair: David -- well, yeah. Well, it makes sense. He's probably conned half of Asa's family. You know how those stupid Buchanans stick together.

Spencer: Yeah, although, it's not entirely David's fault entirely. I mean --

Blair: What?

Spencer: I haven't exactly helped the situation.

Blair: Well, what did you do?

Spencer: When I first got to town -- um -- I mean, you know, she was unattached, mind you. I had a mild interest --

Blair: Who?

Spencer: In Kelly. And -- and, you know, Kevin has just never forgiven me for that. I think he really holds a -- a grudge. And then there's Bo, of course.

Blair: What about Bo?

Spencer: I'm his girlfriend's ex-husband, Blair.

Blair: Oh.

Spencer: And our divorce was nothing if not contentious. So admit, you know, I've handled the whole situation -- I mean, I've just responded in a very human way, and I just can't let the Buchanans get under my skin. I really can't. I just want Asa to know that I feel like he's misjudged me, that's all.

Blair: Well, that explains why you said you wanted Asa to know who you really are, but what's the unfinished business?

Ed: What's happening, Jessica?

Jessica: I'm ready. I'm ready now. I'm ready to remember all of it.

Ed: Ok. Then I need you to go back to the house. Back to the room. The flowered wallpaper and the dirty floor and the man who asked you to give him a hug. Do you remember that?

Jessica: Yes, I remember.

Jessica: I sat on the bed.

Norman: See? I told you I had cats. Can I have a hug?

Ed: What happened next, Jessica? What did the man ask you to do? My life is more than I expected.

Ed: Jessica, are you still in the room? What's happening now?

Jessica: The -- the man -- he -- he has a -- a camera. It's on a stand. He wants me to look into the lens.

Ed: Yes, go on.

Jessica: And he -- he's taking the stuffed animal out of my hands, and he -- he -- he -- no, no, I can't! I can't! No, help! Mommy! Mom! Mom! I can't!

Ed: Jessica --

Jessica: Oh!

Ed: Jessica, are you all right? Can you stay with me?

Jessica: Oh --


Tess: I told you. I told you she couldn't handle it.

Ed: Tess, is that you?

Tess: Yeah, it is me. You catch on real quick, Doc. And I'm here to stay this time.

Spencer: You know, this feud between the Buchanans and my family -- I just want it to be over, I really do. And as soon as Asa's well enough, then I intend to put an end to it. I intend to do just that. And that's what I meant by unfinished business. Ok?

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: And I hope you didn't think that I had some sort of darker meaning behind it. I really didn't.

Blair: I donít think so. I mean -- well, I donít even care. You probably donít know this, but I can't stand Asa Buchanan. So let me tell you something. If you have some evil plan to take down Asa Buchanan, you count me in. I'm right with you. I'll help you any way you want.

Spencer: I appreciate that --

Blair: I mean it.

Spencer: But it's all right, Blair. It's completely unnecessary, though.

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: All right, thank you.

Blair: Ok. Mm-hmm.

Spencer: Now, you said you came to see me.

Blair: Well, I did. I -- I've been doing a lot of thinking, and --

Spencer: Uh-oh.

Blair: No -- and I just realized something.

Spencer: Well, should I sit back down?

Blair: No, no. Actually, I think you might like this. I mean, you know probably better than anyone what I've been through the last few months. And you know that I've been just a little confused -- well, very confused, and full of self-doubt. Especially about men. And I -- I realized something.

Spencer: What's that?

Blair: Well, that that's been my pattern. That basically, all the men that I've been with have been the same. I mean, they're all, like, full of big dreams and big plans. I mean, even Asa. I mean, he fits the profile, although I do not, and did not ever, ever care about him. He -- he still fits that profile. And -- well, they've all been dangerous. And I donít know, I think maybe that's my addiction. I seem to be attracted to men that always seem to end up hurting me.

Spencer: When are you going to quit being so hd on yourself? You deserve so much, Blair, right?

Blair: I know, I know. I do. I do. And that's what I came to tell you.

Spencer: Oh.

Blair: Because you -- you helped me see that. Thank you.

[Answering machine beeps]

Man's voice: Spencer, hi, it's Chet Metananda. I just got into Llanview and was hoping we could get together. Hey, it was great seeing you in Thailand. Hope you plan to do some more work with the world medical alliance soon. Cheryl and the kids send their best.

[Answering machine beeps]

David: Spencer loves to toot his own horn very loudly. So why didn't he mention this humanitarian trip to Thailand with Chet Metananda?

Margaret's voice: "Bangkok is such a fascinating city. Every day, there's something new to do and see here. And the people are so friendly. It seems like a wonderful place to raise a child."

Spencer: Well, since you're so much happier when you're with me, then I just think we should start spending a whole lot more time together.

Blair: Well, you know what? I'd like that.

Spencer: You would?

Blair: But you know, I have kids, and I -- it's not going to be easy. You know, they're just not ready to accept me with another man, especially Starr.

Spencer: We're running around behind their backs anyway. Aren't we? So I say we just really go for it.

Blair: Oh, really?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Yeah? Now, what do you have in mind?

Spencer: Well, my place. A little quality time together, just the two of us.

Blair: Oh, yeah?

Spencer: Mm-hmm.

Blair: When?

Spencer: How about right now?

Blair: Excuse me, Dr. Truman?

Spencer: Well, yes, I know. I think I can get off in about an hour.

Blair: Oh, you can? Uh-huh, well, all right. Well, ok.

Spencer: All right, I'll tell you what. I want you to go to the hotel room --

Blair: Right.

Spencer: Wait for me there.

Blair: Your room?

Spencer: Yes. Order room service. Um -- I mean, you know, just whatever you want, and I'll be there as soon as I can.

Blair: Ok. Well, I'll tell you what. You'd better hurry. Or I might have to call and say I got a big, bad emergency.

Spencer: I know better.

Blair: What?

Spencer: Than to keep the most beautiful woman in the world waiting.

Blair: I'll be waiting.

Todd: What are you writing?

Evangeline: "David --" it's something I do for all my cases. Three columns. "What I know," "what I believe," and "what I need."

Todd: And how's it going?

Evangeline: Not so good. Right now, "what I believe" and "what I need" are kicking "what I knows" butt.

Todd: Ok, lay it on me.

Evangeline: All right. Uh -- well, Paige believes you're innocent. And she implied she knows who the killer is. David came right out and accused Spencer of killing Margaret. Your former employee Denton is living in luxury, thanks to a windfall that did not come from you. And Spencer rented an empty warehouse at a conspicuous time. And right now, that warehouse has been scrubbed to within an inch of its life.

Todd: Hmm. That's more than you had when you took the case.

Evangeline: Yeah, but it's not enough to get a judge to reopen it.

Todd: Is there more bad news? What is it?

Evangeline: I can't come back here again.

Hugh: I -- I donít know. What do you think?

Bo: Well, I'm not sure. This witness said that she took this picture in a hurry, but even with this, you know, enhanced magnification whatever, we can't really tell who it is. It's just a picture from his back.

Hugh: Yeah, yeah, but it doesn't mean it's not Manning. I mean, the guy's got the right build, he's got the right hair color.

Bo: I'd like to know who the guy was in the car.

Hugh: Uh -- maybe Todd was hitchhiking, and he asked for a lift out of town.

Bo: Yeah, but why would he head back in the woods then, away from the traffic?

Hugh: I donít know, maybe -- maybe he saw the witness.

Officer: Here's an enhanced map.

Bo: Ok, thank you. All right. Right -- all right, right here. That's where the -- the witness took the picture. So I want to set up a five-mile radius around here. Sweep this entire area around mile marker 28.

Hugh: Ok. Better make sure your people are prepared. The woods are pretty thick up there.

Bo: Yeah. You know, there's something else out there, but it's not on the map.

Hugh: What's that?

Bo: It's an old mansion. It belonged to Victor Lord. That's Todd Manning's father.

Ed: Ok, Tess. I'm going to count to five now, and when I'm finished, you're going to be back in the present, and you will remember everything that happened here day. One, two, three, four, five.

Tess: You can stop with the puppy dog eyes, Antonio. I'm not Jessica. Hey.

Nash: Hey.

Tess: Are we done here?

Ed: For now.

Tess: Great, then I'm out of here.

Nash: All right, we're not going to leave. I'll make sure that she gets her rest upstairs.

Antonio: You got through to Jessica. She was here. How could you let her go like that? How could you let Tess back out?

Ed: I could not have handled things any differently, Antonio. Hypnosis is only an opportunity for the subject to do or say whatever the subconscious wants. And in a case like Jessica's, whatever personality emerges is the one she's going to need most at the time.

Antonio: So this whole thing was a failure?

Viki: No! Absolutely not. What happened here today was actually an enormous success.

Nash: That was pretty nerve-racking in there.

Tess: Yeah, I'm glad it's just finally over.

Nash: You did great. You're even stronger than I thought you were. We are going to make it. I know that. We're going to make it.

Nash: Hey. You all right? What's wrong?

Tess: Oh, I'm just -- oh, I'm just tired. I'm -- I'm tired of always being the strong one. I'm tired of always protecting Jessica. I'm just plain tired.

Clint: Jessica remembered an awful lot during that session, more than she ever has before.

Viki: And she was able to talk to Tess, which is critical to integration. The personalities have to be able to communicate with each other so that they can share the secrets and the knowledge that they each hold separately. And then they can unify.

Ed: You are absolutely right, and I completely agree. I think we made a great deal of progress today.

Clint: Well, now what? When -- when can you try again?

Ed: Well, that's actually up to Tess. She's feeling very empowered right now, so I wouldn't try to force her to do anything. I will, of course, continue to see her in session, when she'll allow it, informally if not.

Viki: Well, thank you very much, Dr. Crosby.

Ed: I think there is very good reason for hope. Tess is going to need Jessica again. When she does, it'll be our opportunity to reach her.

Spencer: Well, well, well, Asa. It appears that Blair hates you just as much as I do. Yet another thing that she and I have in common. But donít worry. I'm not going to take her up on her offer to help me destroy you. I donít need any help for that. I have been planning this for a very, very long time. You are going to feel the same pain and heartache that you caused so many other people -- at my hands, and at Todd's hands. But, hey, why spoil the ending, huh?

Spencer: Chet? What -- Chet, what are you doing here? I didn't know you were in from Thailand? Hey.

Chet: I left a message at your hotel. It was a last-minute thing. A conference in Philadelphia.

Spencer: Oh, Philly, huh? So this is more than just a casual drop by.

Chet: I came to see if I can talk you into signing up for another stint with the world medical alliance. Get you back to Bangkok.

Spencer: Oh, man, I would love that. I really would. I am so swamped here. I've got so much going on. I mean, you know, I found my time in Thailand very rewarding, of course. As a matter of fact, I can't really tell you just exactly how much I really got out of it.

Margaret's voice: "I do love it here in Thailand. But then again, I can't really see myself staying here forever."

David: Come on, Spencer. If you were in Thailand, there's got to be a boarding pass stub, passport stamp -- something.

Evangeline: I hate to leave you here alone, but I have no choice. I donít want to lead the police back to you. We've been lucky so far. But once the police know I'm back in town, they're going to start tailing me again.

Todd: How am I going to get in touch with you?

Evangeline: You donít. I'll get in touch with you when it's safe. Ok? I just -- I donít really think you should stay here much longer.

Todd: I -- I donít want to stay here at all. I want to be out there giving hell to Spencer Truman. I want to make sure he's the one that gets put on death row. He's the killer. It seems like I'm the only one that realizes it.

Evangeline: You're not the only one that realizes it. You're not alone in this, remember? And going after Spencer -- it's only going to get you killEd. Look, I know how hard this is for you. At least, I have some idea. But we've gotten this far, so we're going to see this through. We have no choice. But you can't stay here anymore. I just donít have a good feeling about it. Especially now that vid knows that you're here. I mean, even if he leads the police to within a mile of this place, how long do you think it's going to take them to find it?

Todd: Yeah. There's something else I think you should know. Vickers isn't the only person who knows I'm here.

Evangeline: Who else knows you're here, Todd?

Todd: Rex. It -- it's not my fault. He showed up. Out of the blue. There was nothing I could do.

Evangeline: I thought you chose this place because no one ever comes here.

Todd: There's nothing to worry about. There's no way he's going to say anything. Besides you and me, Rex and Vickers are the only people that know I'm here.

Bo: I want a 20 on all units.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Bo: I'm sending everybody we've got out to lion's heart.

Hugh: Good. This is it, Manning. Your last day of freedom.

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Officer: Commissioner, does "shoot to kill" still stand?

Natalie: You're in this mess with Todd Manning up to your eyeballs, aren't you?

Evangeline: What if I am hiding Todd? What business is it of yours?

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