OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/5/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/5/06


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[Knock on door]

Cristian: Hey.

Adriana: Hey.

Cristian: I was going to call, but --

Adriana: You were too busy getting famous?

Cristian: I donít think I'm the one that's famous.

Adriana: Oh --

Cristian: You look good enough to paint.

Adriana: Well, I just want you to know that, you know, as I climb up the ladder of fame and fortune that -- hmm -- I'll never forget you, good old Christopher.

Natalie: Could you hold your horses? I told you I had to look for it, ok?

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Could somebody answer the damn phone?

Rex: I'm sorry, Ms. Buchanan has been called away to a crime scene. She'll get back to you ASAP.

Natalie: Are you trying to get me fired?

Rex: No, I'm trying to watch your back. On the phone you sound like mommy dearest, not a -- [Lowers voice] Seasoned forensic professional.

Natalie: Ok, well, I'm so sorry. You know, I have my forensics classes, I have my job here, and a brother who thinks he's been appointed king, so I'm sorry if my voice doesn't sound sexy on the phone.

Rex: [Normal voice] Oh, knock it off. This isn't about work or school or me. You're a mess because of John and we both know it.

John: Hey.

Michael: Hey. Doughnuts.

John: Good.

Michael: You get any sleep last night?

John: A little.

Michael: Then you did better than I did.

John: Because of Snyder?

Michael: Because of Snyder.

John: I shouldn't have dragged you into this, Mike.

Michael: My dad, too.

John: Yeah, I know, but, you know, seeing the guy --

Michael: Listen, seeing the alcoholic doctor that let my dad die wasn't the problem -- I almost felt sorry for that guy. No, it's what you said about them covering something up in the O.R. That happened that night. They covered something up, John.

John: You think cops are the only ones that can close ranks?

Michael: Unfortunately, I know they're not, and my gut is telling me that there was a cover up. But why? Now, that's what kept me up last night. Why would somebody do that?

Nash: Whew. How are you feeling?

Tess: I'm nervous.

Nash: Yeah. Well, everything's going to be ok. Clint promised us last night from now on he's going to tell us everything that's going on.

Tess: Yeah, well, I'm just happy I have you on my side.

Nash: Yeah. And I am. I'm on your side, and only on your side. Remember that.

Tess: Yeah, ok. Well, let's get some juice before they strap me down.

Tess: If you really are on my side, you'll get me out of here right now.

Lindsay: Marcie!

Marcie: Hi!

Lindsay: Hey! What are you doing here?

Marcie: Well, I came to see Nora. It's great new isn't it?

Lindsay: Oh, it is great news, especially for Matthew.

Marcie: I know.

Lindsay: That kid has been through enough already.

Marcie: He must be flying.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Marcie: You know, I think we can actually go in in a couple of minutes.

Lindsay: No, I'm -- I'm actually just here for a progress report.

Marcie: No, you have to go in and see her. You and R.J. Spent all that time with her.

Lindsay: Yeah, when she was unconscious. I think now that she's fighting her way back to the real world, she should only have to wake up to truly friendly faces. I wouldn't want to risk a relapse.

Marcie: Lindsay.

Lindsay: I'm just kidding! Hey! Isn't it really fun to read a bride's magazine when you actually need to read a bride's magazine? You must be having the time of your life planning that wedding.

Marcie: Yeah, actually, I'd rather have a root canal.

Michael: Whatever happened that night, Snyder's still scared.

John: Yeah, I got that.

Michael: But of what? Everybody knows he was drunk on duty. He lost his job, he lost his license, he lost everything. So why is he still keeping quiet?

John: You can't let it get under your skin, Mike.

Michael: I'll just let it brew under yours.

John: Now, look, you got a lot going on right now, all right? You got a wedding coming up. You should be concentrating on that.

Michael: No, that's why I can't let this go. You were there, John. I got a free ride. I thought that I put dad's death behind me.

John: Yeah, well, that's the difference between you and me.

Michael: There is no difference between you and me, John. The only thing is I -- I learned to push my feelings down further.

John: Well, the shrink would probably tell you that's not possible.

Michael: Look, I'm trying to tell you that I get it, John.

John: Because of Snyder?

Michael: Because I'm getting married, and our dad should be there. You and he should be making stupid toasts, and mom should be around driving me crazy, not living some half of a life out of a suitcase like she has since dad died.

John: You're right. You're absolutely right, Mike. You know, look, from now on, why donít you let me handle this?

Michael: And do what? Pick out tuxes while my brother tracks down our father's killer?

John: No, look, all I'm trying to say is --

Michael: Look, I'm trying to say that I understand. I get it. I know why you are the way you are. This wasn't a simple street shooting or -- or a screwed-up doctor. There is something else, something bigger. There is something very wrong about this, John, and my life is on hold until I find out what it is -- just like yours.

Lindsay: This is supposed to be a fun and exciting time for you.

Marcie: Yeah, well, it's not fun to argue about everything from hors d'oeuvres to when are we going to have kids.

Lindsay: Par for the course.

Marcie: Well, then how -- how does anybody ever make it to the altar? I mean, Lindsay, at the rate we're going, the wedding is going to ruin the marriage.

Lindsay: Are you having second thoughts about Michael?

Marcie: Not Michael, marriage.

John: Hey, look,

John: Hey, look, Mike, it means a lot to me that we're on the same side on this one.

Michael: But stay out of your way, right?

John: Just donít go putting your life on hold. I mean, a lot of things are going right for you right now. Me, not so much.

Michael: John --

John: What?

Michael: Last night we looked right into the face of the man who let our father die. Ok, "first, do no harm." You can't become a doctor without swearing that, and this guy did some harm. He did a lot of harm, and not just to dad, to you, to me, to everybody. And then the part of the surgery that should've been a cinch for a guy with his experience, and how about the way he just sort of threw it out there, you know? "Well, I lost a patient, I was drunk. Sorry about your dad, but not really." No, I just donít buy it. Hey, this guy isn't this far gone, at least not yet.

John: Ok. We got two leads we can follow up on.

Michael: "We" do?

John: Yeah, Mike, we do. And you're right about something else -- this ain't no normal cold case. There's something about this that's still going on today.

Natalie: You know, if I wanted to have my life judged by someone, I would want it to be by someone who was smart enough not to get injected with heroin.

Rex: It's when you're really, really nasty that I know I'm right.

Natalie: You know, why donít you go drool over Adriana, ok? I have got work to do.

Rex: Work that keeps you tied to John, taking classes that keeps you tied to John.

Natalie: Leave me alone!

Rex: Never!

Natalie: Rex, what do you want me to do? You want me to marry some guy who sells aluminum siding and live in suburbia the rest of my life?

Rex: I'd rather you do that then be hung up on John Mc Bain forever.

Michael: So, what are these two clues?

John: Leads, Mike, they're leads.

Michael: Yeah, leads -- I'm not a cop, John.

John: All right. First lead -- I went and talked to the old man's partner and he remembered something about that night, when all the cops were at the hospital, you know, and they're waiting word on the old man. But there was a kid there who was hanging around, too. A little nervous tyke, like a teenager, and he kept asking these questions about it, if the cop that got shot was going to make it or not. When the word came down that dad didn't make it, that he had died, this kid just took off. No one ever saw him again.

Michael: And that didn't raise any suspicions?

John: I donít know, Mike, I put it down to the fact that they were upset about losing one of their own. But no matter what, we got to try and find this kid.

Michael: The second lead is Dr. Snyder, right?

John: Dr. Snyder, absolutely. Once again, you're right about something -- he's covering, and yet he's lost everything.

Michael: You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to try and cut through some of the hospital red tape, you know? I am going to talk to anyone who knows anything about Snyder from back then.

John: Ok. I'm going to go looking for this kid. Between the two of us, we're going to find something.

Natalie: You know, what? Thanks a million, Doc. You diagnosed me as being stressed out, and then you come at me swinging.

Rex: I'm just pointing out what you won't admit to yourself. All I want is for you to be happy, like me.

Natalie: Happy like you?

Rex: That's right, Sis. You are looking at the happiest dude on the planet.

Adriana: "New to the local boxing scene, middleweight Cristian Vega is making his presence known with his devastating right cross and his punishing body blows."

Cristian: Yeah, but you're, like, hot.

Adriana: They airbrushed my forehead.

Cristian: Thank goodness.

Adriana: Hmm. Hey, how'd you get the magazine? Are you a closet "belle" subscriber?

Cristian: Yeah, right. My mom got it. You should hear her tell her customers about you.

Adriana: Carlotta wouldn't buy 50 copies, would she?

Cristian: Wouldn't surprise me. Why?

Adriana: Well, when Rex and I went to the newsstand last night to get it, they were all sold out.

Cristian: How are you and Rex doing?

Adriana: Great. Really, really great. You and Natalie?

Cristian: We're ok. If "ok" means "non-existent."

Tess: I can't do this. I can't do this. I know I said that I could, but I can't.

Nash: Stop, hey --

Tess: I can't do this.

Nash: Well, we can't run away.

Tess: So, what --

Nash: That's what you always do and they always find you.

Tess: Are you just going to hand me over to them?

Nash: No. No way. All right, they're not going to get away with this. Do you trust me? Trust me. All right, come on. Come on. Oh, Clint, did you know you were going to be staging this little ambush this morning?

Antonio: Now, wait a minute. Ok, you knew we were going to do this as soon as Dr. Crosby could arrange it.

Nash: Yeah.

Viki: This is not an ambush.

Tess: Well, it feels like one, but what would I know? I'm not fixed yet, right?

Viki: I'm sorry it feels that way. We just want you to talk to Dr. Crosby.

Tess: Yeah, and disappear so you can have your Jessie back.

Ed: No one wants you to disappear.

Clint: Tess, you can't go on like this, any more than Jessica can.

Tess: It's for my own good, right?

Clint: No, you know what's best. And you're going to do it because you donít want your baby to grow up the way that you did, right?

Marcie: It's not that I donít want to marry Michael. I want to marry Michael. It's -- it's --

Lindsay: Ok, well, what -- what is it, then?

Marcie: I wish there was a genie, and he would clap his hands, and we would just be married like that -- poof.

Lindsay: And you would just like to give up being the center of attention for the whole day?

Marcie: I'm not comfortable being the center of attention, Lindsay. It's overwhelming. The other day, I was trying to decide on a photographer, right? And he was showing me all these pictures of all the weddings that he's done, and in every single wedding that he's done, there has been a picture of the mother of the bride fixing the daughter's veil --

Lindsay: Oh, ok, all right. I think I see what this is about. You wish that you were planning this with your mother, right?

Marcie: Yeah. But I mean, it's not just her, you know? It's --

Lindsay: Ok, what is it, then?

Marcie: Well -- nothing, nothing. I donít -- I donít want to talk about this anymore.

Lindsay: Donít you know that there's nothing you can't talk to me about? I mean, I know it's not the same as your mom, but --

Marcie: It's not -- it's not that I -- it's not the same, I just never knew her.

Lindsay: Well, maybe you just need a point person, you know? Someone to do the legwork. Someone to lean on the caterers and the florist, and, hey, guess what -- I'm your girl.

Marcie: No. I -- I just can't ask you to do that.

Lindsay: Why?

Marcie: Because every time you'd put yourself out for me like that, I would just be thinking about --

Lindsay: Jen.

Marcie: We promised each other that we'd be, you know, each other's maid of honor, and I -- I just donít know how to do this without her.

John: You getting married would have been real important to the old man. And he wouldn't want you jeopardizing your wedding or Marcie for this.

Michael: Ok. So what do we have to do to get started?

John: All right. Well, first -- first thing is, we got to figure out a time frame, all right? Have you and Marcie set a date?

Michael: We talked about may.

John: May? Next may? That's next month.

Michael: I know, John.

John: All right, Mike, you know, I know less about this than, say, anybody on the planet. But I do know weddings take a long time to plan.

Michael: Oh, Marcie's got it covered, man. She's -- she's got a book and everything.

John: Oh, she's got a book? Donít you have to be part of that?

Michael: John, I'm the groom. All I have to do is shave and show up.

John: Oh. I guess even you can handle that.

Michael: Very funny, John. You should take it on the road.

John: I'm serious, Mike. You know, you're not going to screw this one up, not if I can help it.

Michael: You know, if we could solve this thing before the wedding, you know, it would almost be like --

John: Almost be like maybe the old man was there. Yeah. And at the very least, we could know he was proud of us.

Michael: Exactly.

John: I'm proud of you, anyway, you know. I mean, my brother -- my little brother, the doctor, the married man --

Michael: Cut it out, John.

John: No, I'm serious. You know, sometimes, I -- I think about what he would think. You know? And when I was going through that suspension, the whole time, I was going, "what would the old man say about this?"

Michael: I know what the old man would say about it. He would have told you that you were working too hard, that you had too much on your shoulders, and, John, he would have been telling you the truth.

John: Ah, donít go cutting me any slack.

Michael: Oh, somebody's got to cut you some slack, John. You won't be doing it anytime soon.

John: The one thing we've got to get straight -- at the end of the day, I call the shots, all right? You're in. But your end is the medical side of things. I donít want you doing nothing dangerous, you got it?

Michael: I got it. You ready?

John: Yeah, I'm ready. I got to do this, or I won't be able to live with myself. If I can't live with myself, how would I expect anybody else to?

Natalie: You know, Rex, I'm so glad that you and Adriana are so happy, but that does not give you the right to preach to me.

Rex: What's got you in such a bad mood?

Natalie: I'm dead tired, ok? I was up all night studying for my classes. I've -- working here all day, had class this morning.

Rex: You donít have to put in any time here. You're a Buchanan, remember?

Natalie: I'd miss it.

Rex: Miss it, or miss John?

Natalie: Rex!

Rex: Sorry. I'll back off.

Natalie: You want to know why I'm in a bad mood? The whole time John and I were together, he was agonized over his father's death. They had never caught the killer. And now, he's actually doing something about it. And he won't --

Rex: Let you help him.

Natalie: Turned me down flat you know? And I actually have a lead on somebody who might be able to help John find out who his father's killer is and I'd like to give it to him, you know, after everything he's done for me.

Rex: So find the guy yourself.

Natalie: I -- I donít know how to do that. I mean, if I was working with John, then --

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- what am I, chopped salad?

Natalie: You donít even have your P.I. license.

Rex: I'm taking classes, just like you. And I passed "looking for people who donít want to be found" with flying colors.

Natalie: You'd really help me do something that John doesn't want me to do?

Rex: Donít I always?

Natalie: You really are the best brother.

Rex: What?

Rex: What?

Natalie: Uh -- I have -- I have been so caught up in myself, I totally forgot that my sister's going through something big right about now.

Tess: I donít believe this. You're using my pregnancy and the fact that my baby is due soon as the reason that should kill who I am?

Antonio: Nobody wants to kill you, Tess.

Nash: Oh, give her a break. You just blindsided her.

Viki: Tess, you know that I understand what you're going through. But do you really want to go on living like this?

Tess: I donít want to die.

Ed: This is the beginning of an integration, not an execution.

Tess: There is no such thing as integration, only annihilation. The host always wins. So you guys can sugarcoat this little event as much as you like, but we all know the real truth. When you integrate me into Jessica, I'll be gone forever.

Ed: Tess, your feelings are completely understandable. But I want to assure you that this is going to be a very gradual process, one that you're going to participate in every step of the way.

Tess: I'm -- I'm afraid.

Marcie: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: Why?

Marcie: Because I know how hard it is to talk about Jen.

Lindsay: Are you kidding? You know what bothers me? People are afraid to talk about her. Sometimes it feels like she didn't even exist.

Marcie: I was in the bridal shop the other day. And this saleslady came swooping down on me, you know, because she started taking to me about foundation garments, which is just a nice word to say "girdle." And I ran out because I couldn't handle it. But you know what? If Jen was there --

Lindsay: Oh, if she had been there, she would have gone to the store with you and handled that saleslady.

Marcie: Yeah, exactly.

Lindsay: I wish I could do something to make you know that she's here with you, because I know that she is.

Marcie: You know what? Maybe -- maybe you could be my maid of honor.

Lindsay: Me?

Marcie: Yeah!

Lindsay: Are you serious?

Marcie: Yes! I mean, it's kind of perfect. You know, I donít have a mom, and -- and I donít have my best friend anymore. And, you know, you're my best friend's mom. So what do you think?

Lindsay: Oh, Marcie --

Marcie: Please, if you did this for me, I think that I could be happy the way that I'm supposed to be about this. Please say you will.

Lindsay: I would be honored.

Marcie: You know what? I think Jen -- I think she sent you here for me this morning. In fact, I know she did. I think she's watching over both of us.

John: You guys set an actual date yet?

Michael: Um -- no. No, we haven't actually nailed down a date.

John: You haven't nailed down a date? Well, how the hell are you going to book a church or a hall or something like that?

Michael: What the hell are you? What, are you Emily Post?

John: Sit down. Look at me. You just seem kind of vague about all this, Mike, so between you and me -- you sure you're up for this?

Michael: Up for it? Man, I'm the one who's pushing for it.

John: Ok.

Michael: There is one thing.

John: What?

Michael: Well, when you're planning a wedding, you start to see all the differences between you.

John: Big differences or little differences?

Michael: Both, you know? Roast beef or salmon. Kids or no kids.

John: Yeah, roast beef -- that's a tough one. You might want to talk about the kids thing, too.

Michael: Hey, do you think that mom and dad planned all that out in advance?

John: You know, mom once told me that, you know, right after her wedding at the reception, she looked over at the old man, and he was talking to somebody. You know how he was at weddings -- nonstop, you know --

Michael: I do, yeah.

John: And she just -- she looked at him, and she goes, "what the hell have I done? I donít even know this man."

[Michael laughs]

John: And yet, you know, they still went ahead and -- and had me.

Michael: Yeah, and then they had enough courage to go and have me.

John: Talk about courageous.

Michael: I think I see what you're saying here, John. You're saying that I should probably stop fooling around and just jump in.

John: I'm just talking, Mike. I shouldn't be giving anyone advice.

Michael: Hmm. How come I feel so much better, then?

John: Get out of here.

Michael: No, I'm serious, John. You helped me to see things in a different way, you know? About -- about dad, about my wedding. I'm really fortunate, man. I'm very lucky to have you as my brother.

John: Knock it off before I kick your ass.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, it's getting a little sappy, huh?

John: Exactly.

Michael: Oh.

John: And, look, hey, hurry up and pick a date, all right? Because I got a very busy social calendar. I got to make sure I can make this thing.

Michael: Yeah, well, you'd better make this thing.

Rex: Maybe you should go to this big shrink session.

Natalie: Eh -- Tess knows how to push my buttons, so I'm not so sure I could keep my mouth shut. I might actually make it worse.

Rex: Good call.

Natalie: Thanks.

Rex: Look, your mom got through this, right? Jessica will, too.

Natalie: Yeah. If Tess will let them get to her.

Antonio: She said last night that she was going to do this. What did you say to make her change her mind?

Tess: I'm aware of what I said last night, Antonio. And nobody said anything to change my mind. I just -- I just can't do this.

Nash: You know that if I could do anything to change this, I would. But we agreed last night that we were going to stand and fight. Right? This is it, kiddo. It's the big battle. There's no going back.

Adriana: Mmm, this coffee's good.

Cristian: Mom taught me well.

Adriana: Here you are, free with good coffee, great reviews --

Cristian: Yup.

Adriana: And no Natalie.

Cristian: I thought we were listing good things.

Adriana: It's just not right, Cristian. After everything you've been through, you should be riding into the sunset and happily ever after.

Cristian: Yeah, well, Natalie's made it pretty clear that's not her game plan.

Adriana: Well, that's stupid. She loves you.

Cristian: And you know this how?

Adriana: It's obvious. Look, I understand she's been through a lot, but seriously, she should get over herself.

Cristian: Adriana, thanks for caring -- really, I mean that. But if I'm going to keep going -- and I am going to keep going -- I have to stop painting pretty pictures that might never happen. If I have to go at this alone, I will. Otherwise, I might as well have stayed in prison.

Natalie: Why do you got to tick me off so much, because you really are a decent brother.

Rex: A decent brother? I'm a decent brother. Look, Natty, I didn't know about Jess or I wouldn't have been so rough on you.

Natalie: I know that. Ok, let's talk about something that I can actually do something about.

Rex: This guy you want to find?

Natalie: His name is Vincent Jones.

Rex: Uh -- "Vincent Jones" as in I didn't really hear you say that.

Natalie: Why?

Rex: Ok, that dude is majorly connected, as in mobbed-up to the eyeballs, as in guys who hurt people for fun.

Natalie: Ok. I mean, you know, 's not like I expected this guy who was going to help us find John's father's killer be a nun or a mime or something, and what are you, chicken?

Rex: Uh -- yeah, and with good reason. So, your work here's done, ok? Over, finished, so dust your desk for fingerprints, do your homework. You are done with this case.

Natalie: Are you channeling John now?

Rex: No, I'm taking care of my sister. All right, I will look into this carefully. You keep your head down and your mouth shut.

Natalie: Ok, well, I'm not letting this go, Rex.

Rex: Nag me all you want, but let me do it.

Natalie: Ok, ok, but I want everything on this guy. I want to know what color his shoes are, what color his socks are, what color his sheets are, all right? Everything. Clear?

Rex: What? Yeah, I'm sorry, I can't do lunch. I have to go pick Adriana up over at Cristian's.

Natalie: Yeah, well, good. I'm glad she's spending time with him.

Rex: Yeah, she's probably helping him, you know, with his uppercuts.

Natalie: Yeah.

Rex: See you.

Natalie: See you. All right. All right. I know what you heard, so ask me already.

Nash: How about we talk about this alone? Yeah? All right. We're going to talk about this alone in the foyer -- in private.

Viki: That's -- that's fine. That's fine.

Antonio: All right, well, you may understand this, but I donít.

Clint: Antonio, just leave them alone.

Antonio: No, I am not going to let this happen.

Clint: You're going to let it happen or I'll throw you out of the house.

Tess: You know I'm right. There is a room full of people that want me gone and all they care about is their precious Jessica.

Nash: May I remind you of something? It is Jessica who needs you, not vice versa. All right, Jessica is the one who thinks that the people in that room are the ones with control, not you.

Tess: Well, then why donít we just take off?

Nash: You know why.

Tess: Oh.

Nash: Because of our child.

Tess: Well, if we go back in there, it'll be Jessica's baby. And I'll just be an unpleasant memory.

Nash: Do you really think that I would go along with anything that would get rid of you? You even think anything could get rid of you? Hmm?

Tess: Nice try, but I know you're scared.

Nash: Oh, absolutely. But if we are ever going to have a real life together with our child, we got to go in there and face them.

Ed: I know this must be very difficult for you to witness, but Tess' resistance is to be expected. The important thing is that well remain on the same page and that is calm.

Nash: Come on. Let's go.

Tess: No matter what happens, if we lose, donít think it's because I didn't love you enough.

Nash: I would never think that. Not ever. Ok. Chin up, come on. Let's go.

Tess: Ok.

Nash: All right.

Tess: Whoa.

Nash: Hey.

Lindsay: All right. So I'm going to handle the florist.

Marcie: The florist, ok.

Lindsay: I'm going to get you a list of caterers.

Marcie: Ok.

Lindsay: And -- oh. You know, if you and Michael could come up with some wording for the invitation, I can probably handle the printer.

Marcie: Oh, no, no, no. I donít want you doing everything.

Lindsay: I've got nothing but time on my hands right now. And one of the many things that I thought I was going to get cheated out of was planning a wedding for a girl that I love very much.

Marcie: You mean a wedding that actually came off.

Lindsay: Yeah. Well, yeah. She -- Jen did try, didn't she?

Marcie: Yeah. That was the old Jen. She changed a lot, though, didn't she? Towards the end?

Lindsay: So, if I'm going to take care of all these things and call these people, I'm -- I'm going to need a date.

Marcie: Yeah, you know, that's -- that's kind of a problem.

Lindsay: You haven't set a date?

Marcie: Oh, no. We have a month.

Lindsay: What month?

Marcie: Next month. Huh.

Lindsay: "Next month" like next month, next month?

Marcie: Yeah. You know, Michael and I -- we just can't seem to agree on anything and, you know, honestly, I think that he's kind of having second thoughts.

Michael: Oh. Marcie --

Marcie: Hey!

Michael: Good.

Marcie: Hi.

Michael: I caught you. Lindsay, hi.

Lindsay: Hi.

Marcie: Are you ok?

Michael: Yeah. I'm fine. I -- I ran over here.

Marcie: Why?

Michael: I was at John's house and my car died and I knew you were coming to see Nora and I wanted to catch you before you left.

Marcie: Ok, ok. Is something wrong?

Lindsay: Wait, wait -- you know what? I'm going to -- I'm going to go.

Marcie: No, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere because he's making me very nervous. Lindsay's going to be my maid of honor.

Michael: Ok. Ok, then she should definitely stay and hear what I have to say.

Marcie: Why? Why? Michael?

Michael: I want you to marry me.

Marcie: I know, and I -- I've already said that I would marry you, so --

Michael: Ok, but I want to nail this down.

Marcie: He's so romantic.

Michael: Will you marry me may 4th?

Marcie: That's my mom's birthday.

Michael: Yeah.

Marcie: Did you remember that?

Michael: So will you -- will you marry me? May 4th? Please?

Marcie: It's perfect. You're -- you're perfect.

[Marcie chuckles]

Adriana: I'm sorry I brought Natalie up.

Cristian: No, come on. Why shouldn't you mention her? She was my wife. All I wanted when I got out of prison was to be married to her again. Unfortunately, she doesn't want the same thing, but, hey, that's life.

[Knock on door]

Rex: Hi. Adriana still here?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, come in.

Adriana: Hey. I thought that was you.

Natalie: Ok, I know that you're mad at me, but instead of brooding about it, can we just talk? I know that you heard what Rex and I were talking about.

John: After what happened at rourke's, I'm hoping you were just having a friendly conversation with your brother. I mean, what else would it be, right?

Natalie: Right. Yeah, it was nothing. I'm -- we were just talking about how stressed out I am. I was -- doesn't make a difference.

John: Wait, wait. Why are you so stressed?

Natalie: Oh, well, you know, I -- I started my classes, and Jess is still a mess, Cristian hurt his hand -- stuff like that.

John: I'm sorry.

Natalie: Thanks.

John: Well, if anybody can handle it, it's you.

Antonio: I am not going to allow those two to decide Jessica's fate.

Tess: Let's get this over with.

Ed: I'd like to speak with Jessica, please.

Jessica: I'm here.

Ed: Hello, Jessica. Are you comfortable?

Jessica: Yes, I'm fine.

Ed: You know what we're going to talk about, donít you?

Jessica: Yes -- when I was little.

Ed: Right. I want you to go back in time to when you were a little girl and your mother would take you to the --

Jessica: She's not my mommy.

Ed: That's right. When Niki Smith would take you to that place outside of town -- can you see it? What does it look like?

Jessica: There's smoke, there's lots of smoke.

Ed: What else do you see?

Jessica: Grownups. Everybody's a grownup and it smells funny.

Ed: Did you know the man who gave you the lollipop?

Jessica: Not then -- later.

Viki: This is Jessica remembering. It's not Tess.

Ed: Have you remembered this before?

Jessica: No.

Ed: What happened then?

Jessica: He asked me the names of my dolls, so I told him. No one there ever talks to me.

Ed: Can you remember what happened next?

Jessica: No.

Ed: Oh, Jessica. You're very strong now. Nothing's going to happen to you. It's all right for you to remember.

Jessica: I told him that I wanted a kitty of my own and he said that he had kitties back at his house I could play with. Norman: Go ahead. You can play with them.

Norman: See? I told you I had cats. Can I have a hug?

Ed: Jessica?

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Yeah, it's still me.

Ed: Jessica, is this the first time that you've remembered that night since it happened?

Jessica: Yes. And that night was just the beginning.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Spencer: I need you alive, old man, so that you can pay for what you did to my mother.

Evangeline: Does David have proof?

Todd: No, but he's going to get it.

Evangeline: How?

Jessica: I'm ready now. I'm ready to remember all of it.

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