OLTL Transcript Friday 3/31/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/31/06


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Bo: Hey, you'd better hop right into your P.J.s, bud. It's late.

Matthew: I can't go to bed now.

Bo: Well, it's been a long day. You know, it's a great day, but you do have school tomorrow.

Paige: Yeah, you can tell your friends how much better your mom's doing.

Bo: Yeah.

Matthew: Yeah, but I'm not tired. I want to get started on the movie.

Bo: The movie?

Matthew: Yeah, my camcorder. So mom can catch up on everything she missed while she was sleeping.

Bo: But you donít have to do that right now.

Matthew: She did for you when you found out you were my dad.

Bo: Yeah. Look, I know that you're anxious for everything to get back to normal. It will, but it can't happen overnight.

Paige: Yeah, your mom still has a lot of healing to do.

Matthew: Yeah, but the movie will help.

Bo: Yeah, but it's so late.

Matthew: You act like you donít even care if she gets better.

Dorian: You have someone new in your life. That's it, isn't it?

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Donít answer it! I said donít -- it's her, isn't it?

David: Hello?

Todd: It's Todd.

David: What do you want?

Dorian: Aw, is there something wrong?

Todd: Are you alone?

David: As a matter ofact, I'm not happy with my long-distance company, but I'm in the middle of something. I'll hear you out later.

Dorian: Oh, you're making a date with a telemarketer?

Todd: Listen up, Vickers. We're going to destroy your brother before he destroys us.

David: I'm interested, but I need to hear you out just a little bit later.

Todd: I want you to meet me at mile marker 28 off old route 11 in one hour. If you give me up, I really will be guilty of murder.

Dorian: Give that to me. Hello? Hmm, they hung up.

David: Hmm.

Natalie: John, stop it!

Ricky: Cris!


Natalie: Cristian!

Rourke: Come on! Get up, get up! Get on your feet!

Natalie: Cristian, stay down. Come on, stay down!

Bo: Son, there's nothing that I want more than to see your mom up and around. You know? Stealing french fries off everybody's plates, and giving me a hard time all the time.

Matthew: Why?

Bo: Why what? Hard time? Because it's who she is, you know. It's who we are. We haven't always gotten along, but I -- I can't imagine what my life would be like without your mom in it.

Matthew: Then why won't you let me help her?

Bo: You can, just, you know, not tonight, ok? Come on.

Matthew: But if I donít get started, she might go back to sleep, and then never wake up again.

Paige: "Get started?" Well, you have never stopped. You know, you sat by her bed every single day. You read to her, you talked to her, you told her how much you needed her to come back.

Matthew: And you think that's why she opened her eyes?

Paige: Sweetie, I am sure of it. You know, as a doctor, I was beginning to lose hope. There is no medical reason why your mom would come back so suddenly.

Matthew: Really?

Paige: I would never lie to you. I think that Nora wanted her boy. I think she heard you. And she fought her way back to you. Now, that doesn't mean everything's just fine. I mean, she's got a long, really hard recovery in front of her, and we have to be careful not to overload her.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Paige: Well, she was in a coma a really long time, and her muscles got really weak. So that's called atrophy.

Matthew: Ok.

Paige: And I told you before, we have to take a look at her brain and see if there's any damage from the stroke. You know, sometimes people have to learn to walk and talk all over again.

Matthew: You mean, she won't be able to talk? Mom?

Bo: Well, I think your mom will find a way.

Matthew: But I donít understand. Is she ever going to be her old self again?

Paige: Well, it's -- it's a little soon to S.

Matthew: So I can't make the movie?

Bo: Sure you can make the movie. Come here. Just not tonight, ok? And if you're going to go the distance, you got to take good care of yourself.

Matthew: I'm going to bed, aren't I?

Bo: Oh, I think so.

Matthew: Can I go to the hospital before I go to school?

Bo absolutely.

Matthew: Good night, dad.

Bo: Good night.

Paige: Good night, Matthew.

Matthew: Good night.

Paige: Hmm.

Bo: You're a natural.

Paige: Well, I donít know.

Bo: Oh, come on. You got him to listen to reason without treating him like he's a baby, and -- and you told some -- told some hard trust about his mom's health, but you didn't scare him. See, I think that's parent talent. I donít think you should waste talent like that.

Paige: Bo --

Bo: Now, you've got a son of your own out there, honey. So maybe he'd like for you to do the same thing for him that you just did for Matthew.

Paige: I donít know what my son would like me to do.

Bo: Maybe it's time to find out.

Girl: You can have them. That band plays unbelievably bad techno.

Boy: The Asian girl on keyboard's hot.

Girl: Huh.

Starr: What are you guys doing?

Boy: Getting interrupted.

Starr: I meant, what are you doing here? I didn't know this was your neighborhood.

Boy: Our neighborhood? You think we live here?

Second Boy: We're slumming. Observing the natives in their natural habitat.

Starr: Give me a break.

Girl: How about you? House hunting?

Starr: What?

Girl: After your dad does the whole dead-man-walking thing, this is about what your family could afford.

Adriana: Oh, we're supposed to be taking pictures.

Rex: Ok, fine by me.

Adriana: Pictures of the house. See if we can use it for a shoot.

Rex: You know, if you wanted people to be able to see what their pictures are a picture of, maybe we should take them during the day.

Adriana: Well, what would be the fun in that?

Rex: You're right. Haunted house, attractive young couple -- I've seen this movie.

Adriana: This house is not haunted. It has -- what did the art director call it? -- Ambiance.

Rex: Now, what is it the young couple does first? Oh, I remember. They have wild, passionate sex, oblivious to the serial killer watching in the shadows.

Adriana: Did you hear that?

Rex: That's just what she said. But they donít pay any attention. Then they have sex, then they get slaughtered by whoever made that noise. And I thought tonight might be dull.

Dorian: She hung up.

David: "She" hung up, huh? Well, good. Those kinds of calls can be very maddening.

Dorian: Oh? After-hours calls from the D.A.'s secretary getting maddening, huh? That ditzy little blond who just loves pink martinis.

David: You mean Joyce? Donít you know what "one-night stand" means?

Dorian: Oh --

David: You thought that was Joyce?

Dorian: Of course it was Joyce, trying to arrange for you to give her a little private dictation.

David: Why do you care?

Dorian: Because it's pathetic. You trying to make me jealous, and -- I mean, it's pathetic.

David: What?

Dorian: I mean, really, these games, David -- you embarrass yourself.

David: So you think I planned this? You think that I came over here, laid out my soul on the floor so you could stamp on it with your italian heels, and then arrange for a girl to call me so you could swipe the phone out of my hand and then get jealous?

Dorian: Mm-hmm. And isn't that what happened?

David: You can be so thick.

Dorian: How dare you!

David: Dorian, you donít need a reason to --

Dorian: A reason to what?

David: To want to see your friend. I miss my friend. And you're right -- it is pathetic. It is pathetic to think that you and I, after all this time, could actually act like two adults at the same time, especially you. You can be so selfish and self-centered and elitist.

Dorian: You stop! Donít dare talk to me that way!

David: I am not leaving here until you let me finish. Not only do I love you, I like you. And you and I, after all these years, we've had plenty of lovers. We've had lovers coming out of our ears. But the one thing we've been in short supply of is friends. And right now, I could really use a friend.

Rocco: Agh!

John: You listening now?

Rocco: What do you want?

John: I want you to stay away from the girl, you got it?

Rocco: Ok, ok!

John: Get out of here.

Rocco: Not a good idea to make enemies in Atlantic City.

John: You forgot your wallet. "Rocco Lasardo."


Referee: Six, seven --

Natalie: Stay down!

Referee: Eight, nine --


Ricky: That's right, Cris.

Rourke: Good Boy!

Man: Whoo!


Natalie: Yeah! Come on, Cris!

Referee: Three, four, five, six --

Ricky: Great.

Natalie: All right!

[Bell rings]

Dorian: You want me to be your friend?

David: Yes.

Dorian: People in hell want water.

David: You miss me. You're just too proud to admit it.

Dorian: How could I possibly miss somebody who betrayed me, who humiliated me?

David: That is the unforgivable sin, isn't it? That I humiliated you. Well, you're right. I did. I got in trouble, and I made the wrong choice. I am taking responsibility for that choice. You have every reason not to like me. But you know what? I'm in trouble again. And when I get in trouble, I look for you.

Dorian: Sometimes you only get one chance. I'm sorry, David.

David: I'm sorry, too. Sorry to have bothered you.

David: Spencer or Todd? Pick your poison.

Rex: You can't go up there alone.

Adriana: Why not?

Rex: Have you never seen a horror movie? I have to come with you.

Adriana: If you come with me, I'll be fending you off the whole time instead of taking pictures -- which is why we're he.

Rex: Why you're here.

Adriana: So, while I'm up here, why donít you check out the first floor? But donít go into the servants' quarters. Not if you want to see the dawn.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Where's my wooden stake when I need it?

[Phone rings]

Rex: Oh -- well, psychokillers donít usually call first. Ahem -- hello?

David: Who -- who is this?

Rex: What the hell's going on here?

David: Hello? Hello?

Paige: If I thought there was a good reason to go to my son and to tell him everything, I would. But -- but there isn't. And so I'm doing what's best for him.

Bo: This has nothing to do with being scared?

Paige: What? No, of course I'm scared, but I -- that's -- that's not it.

Bo: Because keeping quiet, and then thinking it's because it's the best thing for him -- I donít think that's true, honey. I -- I see you with Matthew.

Paige: Well, yeah, but Matthew is a little Boy, Bo, and my son is a grown man. He's -- he's had to live his whole life without me. He's had to do all of his growing without me. What am I supposed to do? I'm just going to show up and say, "guess what, mommy's here?"

Bo: Well, yeah, maybe that's something that he's always wanted. It could be great.

Paige: Well, yeah, you think it could be great. I -- I can't afford to be that naive.

Bo: Honey, I donít like being conned.

Paige: What?

Bo: I know you, and I love you, ok? But I'm not blind. Now, there's something else eating you, and you won't tell me what it is. And how am I supposed to help you out if you won't tell me what you're afraid of?

Paige: You know, I -- I shouldn't inflict myself on you right now. Really, I -- this is one of those times that I -- I should just be alone. I -- I need to go.

Bo: I --

Paige: I need to go right now.

Bo: No, Paige --

Paige: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Bo: "Sorry." What for?

Starr: What did you just say to me?

Girl: I was just expressing concern.

Starr: Well, the next time you want to express your concern, think about your pretty little nose job all messed up for prom.

Boy: Shouldn't go around making threats you can't make good on.

Starr: Who says I can't?

Boy: Me. And a bit of advice -- when your dad offs your baby brother and the whole world knows about it, better to keep a low profile.

Second Boy: Yeah, like stay at home and donít bother people.

Starr: What a surprise. You guys donít know what you're talking about, because he didn't kill anyone.

Boy: Right. And your mom's not the biggest whore in Llanview, either.

David: Oh, Boy. Crying again. What did Spencer do this time?

Paige: Oh -- I just -- I donít know how much longer I can live like this.

David: Under Spencer's thumb is not a good place to be.

Paige: He just -- he wants to destroy everything -- you know, Bo, my job -- everything.

David: Paige, it's never going to stop. Unless we stop him first.

Paige: Yeah, right. How are we going to do that?

David: We want to stop Spencer, we throw in with Todd Manning.

Rex: Why aren't you in Canada or Mexico? Anywhere but Llanview? Every cop in three states is looking for you.

Todd: They're not going to look here.

Rex: I'm here. Man, if Bo finds out that I covered for you, my life as I know it is over.

Todd: I know who set me up.

Adriana: Hey, there's a guy up here with a ski mask and a machete. Is he a friend of yours?

[Adriana giggles]

Adriana: Oh, upstairs was great. Lots of possibilities. Um -- how is this floor?

Rex: Oh, I haven't really seen it all yet.

Adriana: I know. You going to tell me who you were talking to?

Ricky: Hey, man, that was great. I mean, the way you faked him out. You know, he was expecting a left. Out of nowhere --

Rourke: Beat it.

Ricky: Bam!

Cristian: Hey, Rick, why donít you give me a call later, huh? We'll go over stuff.

Ricky: Yeah, great. Thanks. Hey, by the way, man, great fight.

Cristian: Thanks. You got a real way with kids, donít you?

Rourke: Let's talk about your faults. Like stupidity. You donít take your eyes off the fight. I donít care if Marilyn Monroe herself is out there.

Cristian: Ow!

Rourke: You still say there's nothing wrong with your hand?

Cristian: There's nothing wrong with this hand.

[Rourke chuckles]

John: Ok, now that the fight's over, you want to tell me what the hell you're up to?

Natalie: I'm not up to anything.

John: Yeah? All right, who was the guy that couldn't keep his hands to himself?

Natalie: I -- just -- a guy that I hustled in pool once, you know? I was trying to be friendly, and he read too much into it.

John: Yeah, that happens sometimes.

Cristian: Hey, what's going on?

Bo: Honey, if I pushed too hard, I'm sorry. So why donít you just come home and we'll talk about it, ok? Or maybe we won't talk about it -- I donít -- I love you.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Wonderful.

Dorian: Bo, I need to talk to you. It's really important.

Bo: Yeah, come on in, Dorian.

Dorian: Thank you.

Bo: What's going on?

Dorian: I'm looking for Adriana. I understand she's -- she and Rex have been seeing an awful lot of each other lately.

Bo: Hmm. And?

Dorian: And since Rex is your ward --

Bo: You thought maybe he would just bring his date over here, hang out, you know? Be an exciting evening, wouldn't it?

Dorian: Donít make fun of me.

[Bo sighs]

Bo: Why donít you try ultra violet or the diner or maybe Rex's loft.

Dorian: Oh, heaven forbid.

Bo: Look, Dorian, I donít have the time or patience for this tonight.

Dorian: You are a parent. What would you do if Matthew was missing?

Bo: When he's 20 years old?

Dorian: Believe me, that doesn't change anything. I want to find my daughter. She is not answering her cell phone.

Bo: And does that surprise you? Look, if she's with Balsom, she's fine.

Dorian: I know that you want to believe that Rex has changed, that he's put his past behind him.

Bo: I do believe it.

Dorian: Yes. Well, I donít. My daughter has led a very sheltered life, all right, maybe too sheltered. She's vulnerable, she's susceptible, and it makes her feel oh-so-grownup to defy me.

Bo: You know, Dorian, with everything that I've got going on in my own life right now, the last thing I need is to hear you being you.

Dorian: Rex takes drugs. My daughter's infatuated with a Boy who shoots heroin. Now, you tell me I'm overreacting.

Adriana: So, who were you talking to?

Rex: I was on the phone.

Adriana: With who?

Rex: I donít know. I didn't recognize the number and then the service cut out.

Adriana: You mean like, "Rex, get out. The call came from inside the house?Ē

Rex: I remember when I thought you were too shy.

Adriana: Look what you've done to me. All right, let's get some shots of the main floor.

Rex: No, donít have to. I got plenty.

Adriana: But you just said --

Rex: And we're late.

Adriana: For what?

Rex: The surprise -- the surprise you can't be late for.

Adriana: I know you're playing me. I donít really mind. I just want you to know that I know.

Rex: Oh, damn! Go get the car warmed up. I left my camera in there.

Adriana: You sure you're not afraid to be alone?

Todd: Thanks.

Rex: Donít thank me yet until you hear the deal. I keep quiet about this for 12 hours. After that, I donít promise anything.

Paige: You -- you talked to Todd? When?

David: A few minutes ago. He wanted to set up a meeting.

Paige: He's in Llanview?

David: Apparently so.

Paige: Bo has been going crazy looking for him. Meeting him could be really dangerous.

David: So could sitting around waiting for Spencer to hatch his next plan. You know, maybe I should talk to Bo.

Paige: No, no, please donít. Bo doesn't deserve to pay for my mistakes.

David: Well, I guess there's only one option -- I join up with an erratic, possibly homicidal lunatic with authority issues.

Paige: You donít think you can trust him?

David: Oh, no, absolutely not. He'd annihilate anyone that came between him and Blair.

Paige: Yeah, and thanks to me, he knows that's what Spencer wants to do.

David: Well, that hasn't exactly been a secret. So I guess my mission is to try to get Todd to annihilate Spencer without getting caught in the crosshairs. If I make it out of this alive, I'm going to change careers. I've been considering library science.

Paige: You're right -- I can't help Todd anymore. I mean, I'm still dealing with the consequences.

David: No, I think this is a solo venture. Maybe -- maybe Todd and I could work together to bring down Spencer. That way, you and I get our lives back.

Paige: That would be incredible.

David: Hmm.

Paige: You're very brave.

David: Who, me?

Paige: I'm going to try to be more like you.

David: No one's ever said that to me before. In fact, that's the first compliment I've gotten in six months. So where are you going now?

Paige: Home.

Cristian: Who was that guy, Natalie?

Natalie: You know, that's your problem. That's why you got hit, you know? You got to stop watching me and watch the other guy's fists.

John: Apparently they played pool together back in the day. Coincidence, huh? Two pool players from jersey running into each other in a little, tiny gym in Pennsylvania?

Cristian: Yeah, I remember him.

Natalie: See?

Cristian: Still doesn't take no for an answer, huh?

Natalie: Yeah. Real pushy.

John: Annoying, isn't it? Look, all I'm trying to say is watch your back, Natalie. Hey. Good job tonight, Cris. Next time, pick on someone your own size.

Cristian: Yeah, thanks.

Natalie: Thanks for backing me.

Cristian: Why did I have to?

Rourke: So have you had your nice little chat with your nice little friends? Now can we go to the E.R.?

Natalie: What?

Rourke: Well, you were too busy. I'm sure you didn't notice your friend fall on his wrist all because he was watching you going toe to toe with some Bookie.

Natalie: Well, what -- what happened to your wrist, Cristian?

Rourke: What happened was he was watching you, not the guy paid to beat his brains out!

Cristian: All right, all right. That's enough. Come on, let's go. I'll see you later.

Rourke: Fine. Donít get your hand fixed. Then you'll quit fighting and I'll be done with all this aggravation.

Cristian: Sorry about that.

Cristian: Sorry about that. He's a good guy, he means well. It's just --

Natalie: This is terrific, swell. You're hurt and it's all my fault.

Dorian: You donít seem very shocked.

Bo: I'm waiting to hear the rest of it.

Dorian: How much more do you need to hear? Your protege, your whatever, uses hard drugs. Doesn't that Bother you?

Bo: Now you're talking about what happened in New York, right?

Dorian: He told you?

Bo: Well, no, but I heard about it and, yes, I am taking it very seriously.

Dorian: Then why isnít the little dope fiend behind bars?

Bo: Because I donít think he's into drugs.

Dorian: You sound so sure.

Bo: Dorian, in my line of work, I come across a lot of addicts, even some people who were just recreational users, and Balsom is not one of them.

Dorian: He ended up in the hospital shot full of heroin by accident?

Bo: From what I understand, he was forcibly injected and then dumped in an alley.

Dorian: Oh-oh! Right. Bo, did you really buy that story?

Bo: It makes a lot more sense than a kid that I really know turning into a junkie overnight.

Dorian: Well, this is hopeless. I'll have to handle it myself.

Bo: No, no. Think about this, Dorian, all right? Why donít you just leave those two kids alone?

Dorian: I know that you've been taken in by Rex because, really, you want to believe that you have redeemed him. Well, I know better.

Bo: Well, I'll tell you something -- I am going to look into what happened to Balsom in New York, and when I find the person that's responsible for it, they're going to pay.

Adriana: This is my surprise?

Rex: Huh?

Adriana: What's going on? You tell me you have a surprise for me and then you barely talk to me the whole way here.

Rex: Sorry.

Adriana: Is something wrong?

Rex: I just popped an antihistamine back there. Allergies -- ahem. Makes me kind of dopey. Follow me.

Adriana: Ok, Dopey. Why are we here?

[Adriana sighs]

Adriana: When did you become such a news hound?

Rex: The only news I'm interested in is the three-step secret to rock-hard abs.

Adriana: You've lost your mind.

Rex: It's in the new issue of "Belle." You remember "Belle," donít you? It's got a very hot new model on the cover.

Adriana: It's out tonight? Are you kidding me?

Rex: Yeah, except I can't find it. We need two issues of "Belle."

Clerk: Sorry. I'm all sold out.

Starr: I am so not afraid of you.

Boy: Yeah, well, you should be. How about now?

Starr: Better be careful not to get in trouble or else your dad will take back your trust fund.

Boy: Daddy doesn't like mouthy little bitches any more than I do.

Starr: What's wrong, Neil? You look like you're going to cry.

Neil: This isn't algebra class. You donít have a prayer.

Starr: I'm out of here.

Neil: Oh, got your purse.

Starr: No, just give it back to me!

Neil: You got to pay your toll. Right, Adam?

Starr: Guys, you're really immature. I just want my bag, ok? I'm just going to go. I won't --

Girl: Donít cry, Starr.

Starr: I'm not going to cry! I just want my bag back.

Neil: Let's see what's inside.

Starr: No! You're not allowed --

Neil: Just can't seem to get it, huh? Aw.

Natalie: You're injured.

Cristian: It's just a sprain.

Natalie: Yeah, but you were looking at me. That's why you took the punch.

Cristian: The guy caught me off-guard.

Natalie: Oh, Cristian, that bum wasn't even getting close to you.

Cristian: Look, it's my life, my hand. I'm not going to let you put this on yourself.

Natalie: Where have I heard that one before?

Cristian: We're Both taking chances, right? Like you did with your old pool-playing friend? Trying to start new lives together?

Natalie: Let me see ur wrist. Is it swollen?

Cristian: It's ok, it's fine. Look, I can wiggle it. I can do this. 

Paige: Is there a check in that mail?

Bo: No. It's a whole lot of catalogues to read, though, while we're waiting for one. Oh, here's something from Matthew's school.

Bo: Ah, the parent/teachers' conference.

Paige: Hmm. What's that all about?

Bo: Well, you go to school at night and you sit in these little chairs and tables and somebody tells you a lot about your own kid that he knows in a whole different way than what you do. Hmm.

Paige: That sounds interesting.

Bo: Want to come? No. Nah, forget I even said that. I -- I promised myself I wasn't going to get pushy.

Paige: No, hey. I do. I want to come. And I'm -- I'm really sorry that I ran out before.

Bo: Ok.

Paige: I want to tell you something. You guys, you and Matthew -- you are everything to me. You're my family and -- and this is my home and it's -- it's great. It's the first real home I've had in a really long time. And I'm -- I'm never, ever going to walk out on you again.

Rex: But that issue just hit the stands tonight. What's up with that?

Clerk: I donít know. I got my 50 copies. Two minutes later, somebody bought every one of them.

Rex: That's weird.

Adriana: Who would buy 50 copies of the same magazine?

Starr: Adam, give me back my bag.

Neil: Ah. What the hell?

Ricky: Is this yours?

David: Manning? Where are you Todd? I can't believe you got me out here --

Natalie: Are you going to be ok to get your stuff by yourself?

Cristian: Yeah, sure.

Natalie: Ok. I'll get my car.

Cristian: Ok.

Rocco: Hey. What are you doing with my wallet? Your friend the cop give it to you?

Natalie: That's funny. You think he's my friend?

Rocco: How come I'm not laughing?

Natalie: He's my parole officer.

Rocco: What?

Natalie: Yeah, you know, he's always following me around, trying to save my soul.

Rocco: That why he was up in my face?

Natalie: Well, he went through this to find out who you are. He says I'm violating my parole.

Rocco: Where is he now?

Natalie: Gone. Yeah, I told him if he didn't stop stalking me, I was going to report him for sexual harassment. I'm glad you're back.

Rocco: Yeah?

Natalie: Yeah. How else would I be able to give you this?

Rocco: I owe you. How about we go get that drink we talked about? Hmm?

Natalie: Yeah, well, you know, my P.O. -- he's going to be watching me now.

Rocco: Here's that name you wanted. Look him up in Atlantic City. Tell him I sent you. He'll help you find out what you want to know.

Natalie: Thank you. Really. It's too late, John. I'm in this now.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: Will I still be able to fight?

Natalie: More importantly, will he be able to paint again?

David: I know you didn't kill Margaret Cochran.

Todd: How?

Tess: Do your worst. You're not going to see Jessica again. She's gone and she's not coming back.

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