OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/29/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/29/06


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Cristian: Roxy.

Roxy: And in this corner, weighing in at 180 pounds of solid flesh, Llanview's own -- Llanview's own --

Cristian: Uh --

Roxy: Llanview's own. Huh, huh -- come on, you got to come up with a name, man, something down and dirty!

Cristian: What are you doing here, Roxy?

Roxy: Something like "The Bone Cruncher," "tThe Brawler," "The Mauler." Um -- you know, we got to play up this jixtaposition between the artist/boxer thing --

Cristian: Well, wait a minute -- "we?"

Roxy: Yeah. Well, you know, I got a lot of Benjamins on this one. Come on.

Cristian: All right.

Roxy: Who was that artist, he was really into Boxing? Um -- with a P -- P -- P.

Cristian: Picasso?

Roxy: No, I think it was Jackson Pollock. Anyway --

Cristian: Jackson --

Roxy: No, look, I'm -- I'm good at coming -- you know, calling people names, ok?

Cristian: Right.

Roxy: So -- so, hey. How you feeling, champ?

Cristian: Good, good.

Roxy: Huh, huh, huh?

Cristian: Good, good. I'm feeling good.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Good, good. That's the stuff that I like to hear, man, because I placed the biggest bet on you ever since I moved out of A.C. and I'm telling you right now -- I've been talking to my old buddies. Oh, yeah, they're the ones that Natalie is using to help Johnny find out that thing about his dead dad. Ooh.

Cristian: Sit. Please. Keep talking.

Natalie: John, come on. I know that you hate this, but these guys -- they know me, ok? They would totally throw themselves in front of a casino bus full of Philly retirees for Roxy, ok? And they ran the place and probably still do. All I'm saying is that somebody's got to know something about your dad.

John: Natalie?

Natalie: Yeah?

John: Please get out.

[Monitor beeps]

Matthew: "The end." That was the last book. Mom? You know, they made a movie of it. If you wake up, we can go see it together.

Paige: He finished that whole book.

Bo: I know, it's what he does. He comes here every day after school, you know? He never complains, never wants to go anyplace else. At least when Nora wakes up, she'll be up to speed on what Matthew's been doing. Reading-wise, anyway.

Paige: Oh. He's wonderful.

Bo: You thinking about your son?

Paige: Oh, well, always.

Bo: It's even harder on you now because you know who he is.

Paige: Everything's harder on me now.

Spencer: Curious thing to say. Well, if you'll excuse me, I need to check on Nora.

Tess: This is good, Dorian. It's all good -- for both of us.

Dorian: You're very persuasive, Tess, especially that part about me getting Clint and getting at Viki. Mm-hmm. Yes, that appeals to my nature.

Tess: So, you're in?

Dorian: Yes.

Tess: I'm sorry, what? Excuse me? What was that?

Dorian: Yes, Iíll help hide you.

Tess: Oh. You're going to be doing a lot more than that.

Clint: Viki.

Niki: You just remember you did this to her. You are responsible for every single thing that happened to your little Jessica.

Viki: No. No, Niki, you did it. You did this to my daughter.

Clint: Niki?

Niki: He's calling us, so which one of us is going to answer him, huh?

Clint: Niki, stay away from her. Do you understand? Stay away from Viki!

Roxy: Well, I guess I deserve the three degrees. I shouldn't have shot off my big mouth.

Cristian: Too late. What's Natalie mixed up in?

Roxy: Natalie's going to kill me.

Cristian: Roxy.

Roxy: She's working undercover with Johnny.

Cristian: All right. Tell me everything you know.

Roxy: I already told you.

Cristian: I want to know everything and don't try to lie because I'll know.

Roxy: All right. You got to swear -- you got to swear on something big that really matters to you that you'll never tell anyone where you got this info from. Swear to me.

Cristian: Ok. I swear.

Roxy: Well, swear on your daddy's life.

Cristian: Well, that wouldn't mean so much seeing as how he's dead.

Roxy: Oh, sorry, man. Umum -swear on Natalie's life.

Cristian: Will you quit stalling?

Roxy: If Natty and Johnny find out, I'm going to be in big trouble.

Cristian: Look, I'm not going to rat you out. I just want to know what happenEd.

[Roxy sighs]

Roxy: Ok. All's I know is that Natty and Johnny went to A.C. To see some old buddies of mine and these guys are going to tell them what they knew or what they didn't know about the day that Johnny's daddy got popped. He was a cop, you know.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I know. So tell me about your friends. What are they like?

Roxy: Oh, man, they're great people. I mean, they're just decent people, real solid. Needles runs numbers and Howie -- well, Howie's a fence, and Ernie the eel? Well, he's into waste management, but they are good people, really, really, solid. I would never hook Natalie up with them if I didn't think that they were.

Cristian: So did John make Natalie do this?

Roxy: Hey, honey, you weren't Born yesterday. Come on. You know Natty did this on her own. Come on, man, you were married to her. You should know.

Cristian: Lock the door when you leave.

Roxy: Ok.

Cristian: Don't touch anything.

Roxy: Yeah, right.

[Door closes]

Roxy: What are these people doing?

Natalie: You're really throwing me out?

John: Not bodily, but if you keep this up --

Natalie: Keep what up?

John: This, this playing detective.

Natalie: John. I am a woman, ok? I have been through enough. All I'm trying to do here is help you solve a case that's been torturing you for 25 years. You're going to say "let the men do men's work?"

John: What?

Natalie: That's all you're going to say?

John: Well, you've been talking for the last 10 minutes.

Natalie: Ok, it's your turn. Talk.

John: It's a dead issue.

Natalie: God. Could you be any more infuriating?

John: Yes.

Natalie: Damn it, John --

John: Out. I mean it.

Natalie: I mean it, too, John.

Tess: Jessica's family has a big, ugly secret that they want to use to throw in my face to get to Jessica.

Dorian: And then Jessica will react, she'll come out and throw you off a cliff.

Tess: Yeah, headfirst, and I can't let that happen. I have to destroy the evidence.

Dorian: If I'm going to be your ally, why don't you tell me what this --

Tess: Forget it, Dorian. I am never going to tell you.

Dorian: Oh? Well, then, I want you out of my house. You're just going to have to take your chances.

[Tess snickers]

Tess: I'm sorry, lady. It doesn't work that way.

Dorian: You listen to me, little girl. You're the one who came to me and you stand to lose far more than I do if this whole collaboration blows up in your face, so when you speak to me, speak with respect, because I have a black belt in manipulation and in plotting, ok? I was at it way before you were a gleam in your mommy and daddy's eyes.

Tess: Fine.

Dorian: "Fine" -- ok. I guess I'll just have to accept that. Now, then, my dear, what is this big secret that you want me to help destroy?

Tess: When Jessica was a little girl, she created me to deal with things that she couldn't, and if she finds out exactly why, then I'm dead, for good.

Clint: Niki, go away. If you understand, answer me.

Niki's voice: Move your lips, Viki. He can't hear me unless you do.

Viki: I told you to shut up.

Nash: Yes, I need to speak with Dr. Jamison immediately, please.

Clint: Who am I dealing with? Is that you, Niki?

Viki: No. But she's here.

Clint: Don't let her win, Viki.

Niki: Don't listen to that yahoo. I'm here and I'm talking to you. You can't handle the truth any better than your brat can. You know I'm right!

Clint: Look at me, Viki. I said look at me right now.

Viki: What --

Clint: I love you.

Spencer: Hello, Matthew.

Matthew: Hey.

Spencer: You know, I've -- I've been meaning to tell you how much I admired you for reading to your mother every day the way you have been.

Matthew: It doesn't really make any difference.

Spencer: Well, I think it does to you, doesn't it? And I think it would to her, as well.

Bo: Matthew.

Matthew: Hey, Dad.

Bo: Hey, bud.

Paige: So have you finished your examination?

Spencer: Oh, I was just telling Matthew how much I admired his dedication. I think his mother would, too.

Lindsay: Every time I see Matthew -- I think, you know, if it was me in there, yeah, I would want Jen to be there, but I -- I wouldn't want her to be there forever. I would want her to move on with her life.

R.J.: Lindsay, you don't have to worry because I will always be here to take care of you. Hey.

Bo: You two, it's great you're here. Why don't you go on in and I'll be in in a second, ok?

Lindsay: All right.

R.J.: See you in a minute.

 Bo: Yeah. Dr. Truman?

Spencer: Yeah?

Bo: I think it's time that you and I had a little talk.

Dorian: Oh, good. Kimi baked chocolate chip cookies. I've got it.

Tess: Got what?

Dorian: I know a lot about D.I.D. I'm a trained physician. It's invariably triggered by childhood sexual abuse, and you don't need to go into details.

Tess: Good, because I wasn't going to.

Dorian: I have your car hidden in my garage. I will keep it there as long as you keep your end of the deal.

Tess: All I want to do is bury the truth.

Dorian: Oh. Well, you know, I've- I've been there once or twice myself. Bon appetit. So, what is it that you want me to do?

Tess: I want -- to think. I just need some privacy for a little bit. I just need to think. I need to figure things out.

Dorian: Oh, really?

Tess: Yeah.

Dorian: Ok. How about 15 minutes?

Tess: Yeah, great. Fine.

Dorian: Good.

Tess: Ok. Now, where are you, Norman Leeds, you filthy perv?

Viki: Clint.

Viki: Clint.

Clint: It's all right. Niki's gone. And we're going to take care of our daughter, I promise you.

Viki: Clint --

Clint: I love you, Viki. You're in my heart. And no matter what happens, I won't abandon you. You're my family, my blood. You will never be alone, and Niki can never beat you. That monster can't take away our little girl. -

Matthew: No, I had this dream last night that all this stuff was happening. Then, like, out of nowhere, my mom just woke up.

R.J.: Now, there's a special dream.

Matthew: Yeah. It was so cool that it took me a while to realize that I was still at dad and Paige's and not at my mom's and that my mom wasn't downstairs burning the toast. Sometimes I wish I didn't dream so much.

Lindsay: Paige, does he come here every day?

Paige: But it's spring now, so he has baseball practice after school, which is good. He gets to be a kid.

Lindsay: Do you think Nora's ever going to come out of this?

Paige: Well, that's what we're all hoping for. But --

Lindsay: But you're a doctor and you know better.

Paige: Well, it's just that time is against her. Every day that goes by makes her chance of waking up a little less.

Spencer: Sure. What'd you want to talk about?

Bo: Paige.

Spencer: All right, I'm listening.

Bo: Good, you better, because I'm only going to say this once. Stop trying to find ways to get on Paige's nerves.

Spencer: Oh, listen, Bo, Paige has nerves of steel. I mean --

Bo: You make her feel like she's being scrutinized all the time.

Spencer: And she told you this?

Bo: No, she doesn't have to. Don't bait her.

Spencer: Listen, you know, Bo, we work together at the hospital here. Our interaction, it's strictly professional, I assure --

Bo: I'm not going to stand here and argue with you. Just keep your smug mouth shut around Paige. Now, I know she's told you. Now I'm telling you. You're not married anymore and I'm not going to stand around and watch you abuse her. I don't care how many secrets you have between you.

Spencer: You mean Paige has told you that we have secrets?

John: Ok, thanks.

[Knock on door]

Cristian: Got a minute?

John: Yeah. Come on in.

Cristian: I hear you're working on a cold case.

John: Now, who told you that?

Cristian: The grapevine. Is it your dad's murder?

John: It's not really any of your business, Cris.

Cristian: He was a cop in Atlantic City, right? You know, Natalie's from Atlantic City.

John: I know. So?

Cristian: Maybe she can help.

John: She's not a cop, Cris.

Cristian: She's in that new program. She wants to get her feet wet. I'm just saying since she's from Jersey that --

John: I'm -- I'm from there, too, and I'll be fine, thank you.

Cristian: You know, she's taking all these classes so she can fix you. And she thinks she can do that by helping you solve this case.

John: "Fix me."

Cristian: Yeah, and I don't like it.

John: For once, we agree on something.

Natalie: On what? How to run my life -- again?

Tess: Come on. Come on. Isn't there some master list of these freaks once they get out of jail? If he ever went to jail. Enter. She shoots, she scores.

Clint: Come on, sit down.

Nash: I -- I brought you some water, ma'am.

Viki: Thank you so much. I'm truly sorry that you had to see that, Nash.

Nash: Don't apologize. Um -- no, ma'am. It's something I'll never forget.

Viki: Yeah.

Nash: No. Seeing two people who aren't even really together sharing such feelings -- well, it's -- I'm sorry. It's made me realize that it is love like that that makes for strong families, sir.

Clint: You're right, it is.

Nash: Ma'am, I've never had love like that. I really want this baby to be mine. If this baby is Jessica and Antonio's, well, I may never have that chance.

[Doorbell rings]

Nash: Oh. Saved by the bell. I'll get that.

Viki: Thank you.

Clint: How you doing?

Viki: I'm a lot better, thank you. A lot better.

Ed: Hi. I'm Dr. Crosby. I'm a colleague of Dr. Jamison's. He was called out of town on a family emergency, but the call sounded urgent. Perhaps I can be of help?

Nash: I -- I called Dr. Jamison before when it seemed like things may not resolve themselves. I hope that was ok.

Clint: Yeah, of course it was.

Nash: Ok.

Viki: I'm Victoria Davidson.

Ed: Hi.

Clint: I'm Clint Buchanan.

Ed: Nice to meet you both.

[Phone rings]

Clint: Um -- that's my cell phone. I got to take it. Excuse me.

Viki: I'll fill Dr. Crosby in.

Clint: Hello?

Dorian: Clint, it's Dorian.

Clint: Dorian, I can't talk now.

Dorian: This isn't a social call. It's about Jessica.

Clint: Is she with you?

Dorian: No. But Tess is.

Tess: Ok -- oh. I sure hope this place is a rat hole. It's the only place someone as sick as you deserves to go to die. It ends today, old man.

Natalie: Well, since neither one of you is saying anything, I guess I'm right.

Cristian: Look, all --

Natalie: Oh, come on, stop! I saw the look on both of your faces. It was obvious what you were talking about.

Cristian: I heard you were hanging out with the wrong crowd, looking for tips on a shooting that happened 25 years ago.

Natalie: So?

Cristian: So, I came here to see if you were working for John.

John: Definitely not.

Natalie: I don't need your permission.

Cristian: And that's not at all hypocritical?

Natalie: What are you talking about?

Cristian: Well, when I told you I was thinking about boxing, you said I was crazy.

Natalie: I -- I was worried about you hurting yourself or someone else with this boxing sport -- if you can call it that.

Cristian: Well, you can, because it is a sport. It's my sport, and I'm good at it. But the point is you're saying you can weigh in on anything that's going on in my life. But what you're doing is off-limits.

Natalie: Wait, no, the point is, is that I am trying really hard to do a good job at a career that I know I would be good at.

Cristian: Really?

Natalie: You know, I don't want to talk about this anymore, not with either one of you. I see you've got your gym bag. Heading over to Rourke's? Getting ready for the fight?

Cristian: Yep. And you're not coming because you have to study. Isn't that what you told me?

Natalie: But you don't believe me?

Cristian: I'm just trying to point out that you want everyone to support you, but when it comes to supporting me, you check out.

Paige: Bo, Lindsay and R.J. are here.

Spencer: You know, Paige, if you really want to know what we're talking about, all you have to do is ask.

Bo: I'm warning you, Truman.

Spencer: Yeah, Bo here seems to think that you and I are harboring some secrets.

Paige: I wish that you had stayed a secret and never come to Llanview.

Spencer: Well, be that as it may, I am here. Yeah, you're here, and Bo is here, as well. And -- although he is a little bit perturbed with the tone of our interactions, I must say, so let me put it to you, Paige -- as an ex-couple, what can we possibly do to alleviate the commissioner's jealousies?

Bo: I meant what I said. Don't antagonize her.

Spencer: Well, I'm afraid my very existence antagonizes her, Bo, so short of her killing me -- which we all know, being the great healer that Paige is, she would never do -- you're stuck with me. The good news is Nora's vital signs are improving. And I don't think that heart of hers is going to give out for a very, very long time.

Bo: Ahem -- I'm going to take a minute, and I'm going to try to cool off.

Lindsay: How does it turn out?

Matthew: What?

Lindsay: The story -- how does it end?

Matthew: It's hard to explain. You have to read the whole series.

Lindsay: Are you ok, baby?

Matthew: I don't know what else to read to her.

Lindsay: Well, there's a lot of Books out there. I'm sure she'd like any one of them.

Matthew: Yeah, but when I started, I told myself that before I was finished, she'd be awake. And now I'm done, and she's still --

Lindsay: Come here. Come on. Come here.

Viki: My daughter and I both suffer from D.I.D.

Ed: Yes, I am aware of your condition.

Viki: How?

Ed: Well, I'm the psychiatrist for the L.P.D. I heard about your testimony during your brother's trial.

Viki: Wait a minute. I thought you said you were a colleague of Dr. Jamison's.

Ed: We share offices at the hospital. Phil did his internship at my practice when he was right out of medical school. We do have a great deal of respect for each other.

Viki: And this case -- I mean, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, isn't it?

Ed: Yes. Your case is very interesting to me, but only if I can help. Now, I can tell you, the one thing that I have observed in my short time I've been here -- you are a powerful life force all on your own.

Clint: Dorian, what does Tess want from you?

Dorian: A place to hide. She tried to bribe me with an offer to help me work Viki over.

Clint: Go on.

Dorian: In exchange for me helping her destroy a secret. It's all very cryptic, but I get the gist of it.

Clint: Dorian, keep her there.

Dorian: Don't worry, Tess isn't going anywhere. Not without her car keys. Hmm.

Tess: That lady took my car keys. God. That's ok. It's ok. Last time I borrowed someone's car, it worked out just fine. Thank you.

Dorian: Going somewhere, Tess?

Lindsay: Oh, my God, that poor kid.

R.J.: But you know, I think what you said in there cheered him up a little.

Lindsay: Such a good Boy. Jen was always so crazy about him. And no matter how much Nora and I went at each other, our kids always managed to -- to be close and -- I just really admired her for that.

R.J.: Well, I'm sure she feels the same way about you. Now, come on, let's go. Right down there.

Bo: You know, Paige --

Matthew: Mom?

Bo: I --

Matthew: Mom!

Natalie: "Check out?" I thought we went over why I thought Boxing was a bad idea.

Cristian: Thanks for your support.

Natalie: You know what? Do what you want. Your life is none of my concern, just like my life is none of your concern.

John: Could you two maybe take this outside? I kind of have some work to do.

Natalie: Really?

John: Yeah. Have a good day, Natalie.

Natalie: Thanks.

Cristian: So you're not coming to my fight? That's definite?

Natalie: You're not painting anymore. That's definite.

Cristian: That makes absolutely no sense.

Natalie: Well, it does to me.

Cristian: Painting is a hobby. If some of my paintings sold, then maybe I'd get serious about it again, but they don't. I'm a boxer now. Get used to it.

[Cristian sighs]

Cristian: Good luck keeping her away from your case.

John: Good luck getting her at ringside again.

Cristian: Yeah.

Nash: Dorian won't let Tess go, will she?

Clint: Nash, wait a minute. I'm going to go with you. Um -- I have to tell -- I have to tell Viki that we're leaving, but I won't tell her where Tess is, all right?

Nash: All right.

Viki: Since I learned about my daughter's D.I.D., I've actually been able to summon Niki to the surface. You know, every once in a while. But most of the time, I have no control over her whatsoever. I have no idea when she's going to show up. Today, however, I was asking for it.

Ed: She came out today?

Viki: Yes -- no, no. She tried. But Clint was there, so I was able to really control her, you know.

Ed: Really?

Viki: Well, yes. I mean -- Clint makes me, I guess, feel safe enough that I don't have to hide. See, we were married for a very long time. We're not married anymore. But his devotion to -- to me and to his family -- it's phenomenal. It's really kind of lifesaving.

Clint: I'm sorry to interrupt. Dr. Crosby, could you do me a favor and stay here until I get back?

Viki: Why? Where are you going? Did you find Jessie?

Clint: No, but we're hoping.

Viki: Why? What have you heard?

Clint: Viki, I'm going to try and bring our baby back. You trust me on this, all right?

Viki: Well, of course I trust you.

Clint: All right. Doctor, thank you.

Nash: Ok.

Tess: Sorry, change of plans.

Dorian: You're not going to get very far -- that far along and no car.

Tess: Oh, yeah, I was thinking about that, because a sports car -- not enough room for me anymore. That's why I'm happy that I have your roomy little wagon.

Dorian: Wait a minute -- you're going to steal one of my cars?

Tess: Call it payback r the double cross I caught a whiff of just in time. And as for stealing your car -- let's call it an extended borrowing. But we'll work out the details later.

Dorian: What happened to all that talk about getting revenge on your parents?

Tess: They're the least of my problems right now. Thanks.

Dorian: Wait a minute! You -- hey, wait! I'm not -- never mind.

Matthew: She moved, dad! She moved! Not the way she usually does, that involuntary thing.

Bo: I know, I understand that, son, but it's just --

Matthew: Look! Paige knows! Tell him, Paige! Tell him this is different!

Paige: Well, her heart rate is elevated, but --

Matthew: See, dad, you have to believe me.

Bo: No, son, look, I do believe you. It's just -- oh, my God.

Matthew: Mom?

Cristian: For what it's worth, I hope you get what you're looking for.

John: You know, sometimes I wonder if I find out who killed my father, if it'll be easier to accept, or if it becomes one of the -- sorry.

Cristian: For what? You know, I usually work my stuff out with a paintbrush. And I guess you could say now, boxing. How do you work yours out? Bad location, man.

Natalie: Roxy, what are you doing here?

Roxy: There's my girl.

Natalie: What is -- are you, like, moonlighting as a fumigator or something?

Roxy: I'm getting my mojo working.

Natalie: Oh --

[Natalie coughs]

Natalie: To get the paint smell out? Because -- whew --

Roxy: No, baby, these are smudge sticks. You use them to cleanse a room and get rid of the bad vibes. You know, bad stuff like that. Because our boy -- he's going to knock that sucker into Tuesday.

Natalie: "Sucker?"

Roxy: Oh, the chump that he's fighting tonight. Oh.

Natalie: You know, Roxy, that -- that's really -- that's weird for you.

Roxy: Well, it won't be weird when I'm betting five to one.

Natalie: You bet on Cristian's fight?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. 500 big ones, baby.

Natalie: You're crazy.

Roxy: I'm crazy? What's crazy is not to bet on the Boy wonder. That's what's crazy. Except that I'm not going to be able to go, so, you know, I was thinking -- well, maybe you could go. You know, be my lucky charm. And Cristian's.

Natalie: You've got the wrong girl.

Roxy: Are you sure?

Natalie: Positive.

Roxy: Then what the hell are you doing here?

Natalie: Well, I -- I talked with Cristian earlier, and I got the impression that he wouldn't be so into Boxing if he could sell some of his paintings. So I thought I'd come by here, check out some of his new work. Maybe I can help sell.

Roxy: You know, I think he's got one. Here, come on over, honey. It's over here.

[Natalie coughs]

Roxy: You know, I don't know exactly what it is, but I like the colors.

Natalie: Wow. I mean, it's very intense, but it's amazing.

Roxy: You know, I used to like it better when he used to paint faces. Like mine.

[Phone rings]

Natalie: Hello? Yes, this is Natalie Buchanan. Great. Thank you.

Roxy: Good news?

Natalie: Yeah, that -- that was my contact in A.C. You know, the one that's going to help get some information for John's father's death? Well, I'm going to go meet him. Roxy, John cannot know any-- I mean it, Roxy.

Roxy: Ok, ok --

Natalie: I have to fly under the radar with this, ok?

Roxy: Ok, ok. You know, but it just seems like, you know, you're brewing up more trouble, you know. Your love life is confusing enough as it is. Good going, baby.

Natalie: Keep -- smudging.

Viki: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Ed: Like what? I'm -- I'm writing.

Viki: No, that look you just gave me. Mean, it was so disapproving.

Ed: Concerned. Because what you're doing, Mrs. Davidson -- it -- it's very dangerous.

Viki: Oh --

Ed: Calling out your alter -- that should only be done under hypnosis.

Viki: I know that.

Ed: Well, then why are you doing it?

Viki: Because this is my child! Because I would do anything to save her. Because I was not there for her when she needed me. So it's the least I can do for her now.

Clint: Dorian, what the hell happened? How could you let Tess go?

Dorian: Look, she -- she caught me by surprise. I didn't know she was going to run out of here. I couldn't stop her.

Clint: Why not?

Dorian: Well, she was so determined, I was stunned.

Clint: You know, I knew it. I knew it. I should have left the moment that you called, but I didn't want Viki to worry, so I went in there -- I told you not to let Tess go.

Dorian: Clint, do you think I purposely let her steal one of my cars? I mean, why I do that?

Clint: No, you wouldn't do that. And I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate the fact that you called me.

Nash: Oh, Tess, no.

Dorian: Well, thank you. Apparently, I underestimated Tess. If I had known how devious she was, I would have locked her up in a room somewhere.

Clint: Oh, no. You wouldn't have done that without great bodily harm, I assure you of that. Nash? Nash!

Tess: You son of a bitch, where are you?

Nurse: Hi. Can I help you?

Tess: Um -- I'm looking for someone I used to know.

Nurse: Anyone in particular?

Tess: Is that supposed to be funny?

Nurse: Sorry. No, it's just the way you said it. Ahem -- what's the name?

Tess: What?

Nurse: The resident you're looking for?

Tess: Oh -- um -- Leeds. Norman Leeds. He's not dead, is he?

Nurse: No --

Second nurse: Jill, can you sign off on this? Oh, am I interrupting?

Tess: What do you think?

Jill: This young lady is here to see Norman.

Nurse: Norman Leeds?

Tess: Look, girls, is there a problem here?

Jill: We're just surprised, that's all. Norman's been with us for years. And in all that time, I can't remember one single visitor. Can you?

Nurse: Not even at Christmas. It's very sad.

Tess: Yeah, it's heartbreaking. Well, I'm here now, so where is the dear old man?

Jill: Um -- are you family?

Nurse: Norman never mentioned having any family.

Jill: Uh -- ahem -- so, are you related?

Tess: Let's just say if it wasn't for Norman, I wouldn't be who I am today.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Matthew: She's awake. She's back.

David: I know your dirty little secret.

Clint: If Nash doesn't find her, I could very well lose my daughter.

Nash: She's here somewhere, I know it.

Tess: I'd recognize your face anywhere.

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