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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 3/28/06


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Evangeline: Oh, please, God. Tell me you're not thinking about going out, because I just broke about 50 traffic laws trying to make sure I wasn't followed.

Todd: I know. I know the speech -- "Todd, you're a fugitive. They'll shoot you on sight" -- all the more reason I should get busy and kill the man I really want to kill.

Evangeline: No, no, no. You're not "getting busy" and you're not killing anybody.

Todd: Well, I can't just sit around here and wait while -- while the man who's having sex with my wife steals everything else in my life that's important to me.

Spencer: You're still thinking about Todd, aren't you?

Blair: Well, I'm just -- he saw us, Spencer. He saw us making love and, you know, you might not be aware of this, but Todd is a very jealous man and you really don't know what he's capable of.

Spencer: He doesn't know what I'm capable of, either.

Kelly: Duke! What the hell do you think you're doing?

Duke: What we've both wanted for a long time.

Viki: Nash, think, please. You must have some idea where she might've gone, where Tess might've gone.

Nash: I don't. And I have never seen her that upset, so what the hell is on that tape?

Clint: Viki? He's got a right to know what's on that tape.

Viki: Ok, that -- that tape. Look, it explains why Jessica needed Tess and it is the key to her integration. The problem is now that Tess knows that we have the tape and that we know her secret, she will do anything, anything, anything at all not to let Jessica out.

Clint: Nash, she's fighting for her life.

Viki: She's desperate, and believe me, with good reason.

Dorian: You're Tess -- the other one, right?

Tess: The smart one. The one that knows how to get what she wants -- kind of like you, Dorian.

Dorian: And what do you want?

Tess: I want you to help me make Jessica disappear for good.

Dorian: That's absurd. It would destroy Viki.

Tess: Exactly. You in or you out?

Tess: You hate Viki. The way she kicked you to the curb before -- are you going to let her get away with that?

Dorian: Whatever I may feel about Viki, Clint and I have become very close lately. I don't want to do anything to mess that up even though Viki is trying her best to keep him in her clutches. What makes you think that I can keep Jessica from coming out again?

Tess: Well, let me worry about that. I just need you to hide me from her parents.

Dorian: Hide you?

Tess: Yeah. I stashed my car in your garage. I just need time to think. I need to figure out how I'm going to blow this town.

Dorian: So that's your big plan -- running away?

Tess: I am fighting for my life here, Dorian. I just need some time to figure out how to do it, and you're going to give me the place to do it in.

Dorian: What's in it for me?

Tess: Isn't destroying Viki enough?

Clint: Thanks. Bo's men are looking for Jessica's car, but no word yet.

Viki: Well, I mean, her purse is right there, which means she has no money with her. How -- where could she have gone?

Nash: Well, she didnít run away from me. She ran away from you, didnít she? So as soon as she calms down, she'll reach out to me.

Clint: If she thinks that we told you her secret, she might not want to see you, either.

Nash: Well, I don't know her secret, do I? I'm just the fool who keeps bringing her back here for an ambush.

Viki: I'm going to go upstairs and see if Jessica's credit cards are there, because if Tess uses them, at least we'll know where she's been.

Clint: Yeah.

Nash: Oh, damn.

Viki: I mean, if her credit cards are still there and she doesn't have any money, then how far can she go? Just as much gas as is in the tank, right?

Clint: Right. Viki, I'm going to find Tess and we'll get Jessica back, I promise.

Viki: There's something that I have to do. Excuse me.

Man: Tell everybody your name. What's your name?

Young Jessica: Tess.

Man: But the last time you said your name was Jessica.

Young Jessica: I'm Tess.

[Stops videotape]

Nash: She was molested.

Evangeline: He stole your wife, he set you up for murder. But if you do something crazy and get caught, Spencer wins. And if you succeed in actually killing him, Spencer still wins.

Todd: Yeah, but at least he'd be dead.

Evangeline: Yeah, and so would you. You know, if you lay one hand on Spencer, I might as well -- I don't know -- forget about clearing your name, because you will prove to everyone -- Blair, your kids, this entire world -- that you are exactly what they think you are -- a stone-cold killer.

Todd: What the hell am I supposed to do?

Evangeline: We've already been through this.

Todd: Yeah, but that was before I saw the woman I loved --

Evangeline: And that was before I got a lead that could help us prove you're innocent.

Blair: So what are you capable of, Doctor?

Spencer: Capable of fending off anyone or anything that poses a threat to the people that I care about. And I care about you and your children a great deal. Listen, don't let him ruin this time for us, ok? I mean, we took a big step towards each other last night and I just -- well, I don't feel like he's in the room with us anymore. I really don't. Or is that just me?

Blair: No. Last night, the only two people in the world were you and me.

Spencer: Mm-hmm, and it's only going to get better. I mean, pretty soon, all of your problems will be over.

Blair: Now, is that a promise?

Spencer: Mm-hmm. It is. You see, I have this talent for making problems disappear.

Margaret: Oh. Excuse me. Are you finished with that newspaper? It is the international edition, isn't it?

Woman: Uh-huh. I like to keep up on what's happening back in the states.

Margaret: Oh.

Kelly: I don't know what is more insulting -- you grabbing me and kissing me or suggesting that it's something that i wanted. What is wrong with you? Now, I could understand how you might get drunk and say some really stupid things. You were bummed about Adriana, the alcohol was talking.

Duke: I'm stone sober now.

Kelly: Yeah, I know, so what's your excuse?

Duke: I don't need an excuse. I want you. I mean, you had -- you had to know that I was serious or else you wouldn't have written that letter.

Kelly: What did you tell your father?

Duke: That I have strong feelings for you, ok? And if you tell the truth, you'll admit you have feelings for me, too.

Paige: Kevin. Are you ok?

Kevin: I need to see Spencer.

Paige: Well, his door is shut, so that means he's probably with a patient. Is there something I can help you with?

Kevin: Uh -- no, it's personal.

Paige: Oh.

Kevin: What do you mean, "oh?" What, do you know what my problem is, too? It's unbelievable. What is it with you people? Do you have a -- a flier up in the cafeteria that says "Kevin Buchanan's shooting blanks"?

Paige: Look, I -- I understand your frustration.

Kevin: Oh. No, you don't. Trust me. Now, I need to see Spencer, ok? He's the one responsible for all of this.

Paige: What do you mean?

Kevin: He operated on Kelly, remember?

Paige: Well, yeah, I remember.

Kevin: Yeah, well, that allowed us to have the baby we always wanted, ok? He gave us hope until, of course, one day I catch this freakish tropical disease in the middle of winter, ok, that takes it all away.

[Kevin sighs]

Dorian: The chance to even the score with Viki is very tempting. But something like this could come back at me and bite me on the derriere.

Tess: You don't have the nerve.

Dorian: Ok. That's it. You're going to have to seek sanctuary elsewhere.

Tess: I thought that you were this bitch on heels, someone who's smart enough to see the bigger picture, someone who's not afraid to take what she wants.

Dorian: And what do you have that I want?

Tess: Well, I know that you want to be knocking boots with Cowboy Clint sometime soon. And if you help me take down Queen Victoria, I will hand daddy Clint to you on a silver platter. Interested now?

Clint: Now you know.

Nash: What kind of an animal does something like that?

Clint: Now you understand what Jessica endured --

Nash: Tess!

Clint: And why she's so emotionally fragile.

Nash: It was Tess. That little girl is Tess, my Tess. Makes total sense. That's why she can't trust anybody. Her own family let her go with that sick, perverted -- where the hell were you? Son of a bitch!

Clint: You think I had any idea this was going on?

Nash: You should've. You were her daddy. It was your job to know. Here I've been afraid that I'm not ready to be a parent. Oh, I know -- I can do better than this, buddy.

Clint: Nash? You're not going to get a fight from me --

Nash: Huh.

Clint: Because what you're saying -- it's nothing compared to what I have been thinking about myself.

Nash: Well, that's a good thing. You know, I was brought up in the system -- fabulous place. Bounced from one foster home to the other -- it was wonderful. They weren't exactly the perfect parents, but at least they gave me a safe place to grow up.

Clint: Viki and I take full responsibility for this.

Nash: Good.

Clint: But at the time, Viki was under --

Nash: Oh, stop.

Clint: The influence of Niki.

Nash: That is a pathetic excuse, selfish.

Clint: We were in a situation that was far more dangerous than we'd ever imagined. I know how you felt looking at this little girl on the tape. Jessica was so alone. She --

Nash: Tess. It's Tess.

Clint: Nash, this was Jessica in retreat. She was retreating into a world where she created Tess in order to bear the unbearable.

Nash: I got to go find her.

Clint: Nash, what are you going to do?

Nash: I'm going to do what it would seem that nobody's done -- I'm going to be there for her. I'm going to tell her that i know and I'm going to assure her that we can face this together.

Clint: Jessica is the one who has to face this.

Nash: Clint, you betrayed me. I trusted you. I trusted you, and you sold me out. Worse, you sold out your own daughter, Tess. You watched that tape and then you called me up and you lured me here under the pretense that it was safer and more secure for my child, the whole time holding on to the weapon -- this tape! -- That could destroy the mother of my child, Tess. Wait -- your little plan kind of messed up, didnít it? Because now Tess is gone, and once again she's alone and she's scared and she's got Jessica with her, and maybe you and I are never going to see either of them again. You fool.

Viki: Jessie, I'm so sorry. I need to make things right for you, so I'm not going to hide from the truth anymore.

Kevin: Excuse me, Dr. Truman, this -- Blair. Uh -- if you don't mind, I need to talk to Dr. Truman.

Blair: Uh -- sure.

Spencer: You know, my secretary keeps my calendar.

Kevin: No, listen, this can't wait. You have to reverse my condition.

Spencer: Oh, gee, Kevin, I don't know if there's anything I can do for you.

Kevin: Well, you got to find something, all right?

Paige: Have they --

Blair: Hi, Paige.

Paige: Found Todd?

Blair: No. No one's seen him since last night up at the mountains. Um -- Spencer and I just got back.

Paige: You spent the night with Spencer?

Blair: Yeah. You have a problem with that?

Paige: Actually, I do.

Evangeline: The way I see it, there's no obvious reason Denton turned on you. I mean, lying on the stand? No. Whoever put him up to it obviously made it worth his while.

Todd: It was Truman, of course.

Evangeline: Yeah, which means we have to get Denton to give Truman up. And I know where he is.

Todd: Where is he?

Evangeline: Chicago. At least that's what my P.I. says. So I'm going to head there right now, myself.

Todd: What makes you think he's going to tell you anything?

Evangeline: I'll speak his language. I mean, I might as well add bribery to the long list of felonies I've committed this week, right?

Todd: You're getting pretty comfortable over here on the dark side, aren't you?

Evangeline: Yeah, well, I charge double if I have to do hard time.

Todd: Right. Look, you get me free, you name your price.

Evangeline: Well, let's just pray that Denton gives me something, some piece that's missing so we can connect the dots here.

Todd: Hmm.

Evangeline: There's got to be something that proves beyond a doubt that you didnít kill Margaret.

Woman: You're very serious.

Margaret: Oh. This Sudoku has got me stumped. You know, I've always been so good with numbers. Huh.

Clint: I trusted you with my daughter and you never betrayed that trust.

Nash: No, I didnít, did I? Every time Tess took off, I dutifully brought her back to you. And when Jessica was in control, I played by your rules.

Clint: All of which helped Jessica.

Nash: But hurt Tess. You know, I've always had this little problem trusting people. I -- but now that I see how you and Viki have played us, treated your daughters, how you guys handle your family, I'm starting to understand why.

Clint: Nash, I never meant to betray you. And the way you were brought up, I'm sure that you find it hard to trust people.

[Nash laughs]

Nash: I'll get over it.

Clint: But you may be a father soon, so you should understand how strong families work.

Nash: You know, I've -- I've seen how your strong family works. Clint, I'm not impressed.

Clint: What you see as betrayal is the act of a father who failed his daughter completely.

Nash: Yeah, you did.

Clint: I didnít do my job and I'm trying to fix that, if that's possible.

Nash: I see. And lying to me was a necessary evil?

Clint: If I had told you that we had the means to make our daughter whole again, would you have brought her back?

Nash: No.

Clint: If you are the father of this baby, someday you will understand why I did what I did. A father will do anything for the sake of his child. Viki and I let this atrocity happen to our little girl. And if we ever get her back, we're going to have to find a way to live with it.

Viki: Ok. So you say good night to daddy, sweetheart.

Young Jessica: When are you coming home? I love you, too, daddy. Good night. Why does he always have to work so late?

Viki: Well, daddy's the big Boss at the newspaper and they print the newspaper at night so that everybody can read it in the morning.

Young Jessica: I want to be an important gerbilist just like daddy.

Viki: A "journalist." And you will be if you study hard. Do you have any idea how much I love you?

Young Jessica: Up to the sky and back again.

Both: Times infinity!

Viki: Oh, my baby. Oh! Good night, my sweetheart.

Viki's voice: Scoot down now. There you go. Sweet dreams.

Viki: I have all the good memories. I need the bad ones. Niki, I know you're there. I need -- I need your memories. I need to know how I could've allowed such a thing to happen.

Niki: Ok, kid. It's your funeral.

Dorian: What makes you think I want daddy Clint handed to me?

Tess: Come on, Dorian. The idea of you stealing Clint from Viki turns you on and we both know it. Besides, you and Clint being together works for me, too.

Dorian: Oh?

Tess: "Oh." Jessica is daddy's little girl and, Dorian, you killed her baby.

Dorian: That was a dreadful, horrible accident.

Tess: Yeah. Whatever, Dorian. How do you think it's going to make Jessica feel -- you taking mommy's place with daddy Clint? She's going to run and hide, hopefully for good this time.

Dorian: And why should I pick you over Jessica?

Tess: Because if Jessica splits -- mind the pun -- daddy Clint is going to fall apart and he's going to need someone, someone savvy and beautiful to help put him back together again.

Dorian: That does sound tempting. Though, of course, I would have to help in the search for Jessica.

Tess: Of course. That's why I'd give you a piece of jewelry to find in a place wherever I'm not.

Dorian: And I would still be Clint's hero even if the lead didnít pan out.

Tess: It can't pan out, Dorian. That's the whole point.

Dorian: But it would bring us closer together.

Tess: So you'll do it? You'll help me?

Viki: What would you do after I put Jessica to bed?

Niki: Why the hell should I tell you anything?

Viki: Oh. I've seen the tape, Niki! I know what that monster did to her.

Niki: So? What do you want from me, huh?

Viki: I need to understand how I could let this happen, because I need to face my daughter and take responsibility for what happened to her.

Niki: Ok. But you got to know that once you know it, you ain't going to be able to forget it, ok? That's it! And that means i ain't going to be able to protect you anymore.

Viki: Well, it doesn't matter what happens to me. Jessica needs my help.

Niki: Ok, cool. You want to know what happened after you put your brat to bed? Don't say I didnít warn you.

Niki's voice: All right, kid. Up and at 'em. We're going out.

Young Jessica: It's still dark out.

Niki: Yeah. Because that's when life starts -- when the lights go out. Here -- get dressed.

Young Jessica: I don't want to. I'll stay in bed. I'll be good. I won't tell daddy.

Niki: Yeah, right, like I'm going to take a chance on you blabbing to Asa like you did the last time I left you alone, huh? No way, kid. Your dad's at work, Kevin and Joey are at sleepovers. Ain't nobody around to babysit you, so you're going to get dressed because we're getting out of here. And remember -- this is our secret.

Young Tess: Good. I like secrets.

Viki: It was Tess who went out with you?

Niki: Bingo! Took me a while to figure that one out, too, you know? Because, you know, one brat's the same as the next to me.

[Viki pants]

Niki: What's the matter, Vik? You don't look so hot. You ready for more, or what?

Blair: Look, Paige,

Blair: Look, Paige, I understand why it would upset you to see Spencer and me together.

Paige: No, you -- you don't understand.

Blair: No one wants to see their ex with somebody new, no matter how ex they are.

[Paige sighs]

Blair: But Spencer and I, we're -- we're not together -- not yet anyway.

Paige: Well, that's good because --

[Door opens]

Paige: Oh, uh -- probably was a knee-jerk reaction.

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Hey.

Spencer: Sorry to keep you waiting. I just got to talk to Kevin for a minute. I got to get some records out of the record room, so --

Blair: Ok. I'll just wait in your office. Is that ok?

Spencer: Sure, that'll be -- yeah, it'll be fine.

Blair: Ok. Kevin?

Kevin: Hey.

Blair: Hey. You ok?

Kevin: Yeah, just some aftereffects from the virus I caught New Yearís Eve. How are you holding up?

Blair: I'm good. Fine. Sometimes great -- I don't know.

Kevin: I haven't always been a good person.

Blair: Ok, that's kind of out of nowhere. What's going on?

Kevin: I was just thinking about all the bad things I've done to Kelly, you know, and just seeing you here, um, you know it --

Blair: Kevin, we both made that mistake.

Kevin: Yeah. Guess it always comes around in the end, though, doesn't it? I mean, one way or another, you have to pay for hurting someone.

Blair: Yeah. Guess you're right about that.

Kevin: Yep.

Blair: Looks like the two of us haven't been too happy in love since we had our thing.

Kevin: Payback's a bitch.

Blair: What -- what's going on?

Kevin: I may lose the two people that I love most.

Kelly: Of course I have feelings for you. I care about you very much.

Duke: No. It's more than that.

Kelly: No, it's not. We're friends. Kevin is the man that I love.

Duke: No, you're in love with -- with the man you keep hoping he'll become. I've seen him disappoint you over the years and it kills me to see you waiting for something that's never going to happen.

Kelly: I'm not going to discuss this with you anymore.

Duke: No, look, Kelly --

[Duke sighs]

Duke: My dad can't make your dreams come true, ok? He can't give you what you want.

Kelly: And you can?

Duke: Yes. If you'd just give me a chance. Let me give you what he can't.

Kelly: Oh, my God. Are you offering to get me pregnant? This ever happened to you?

Kevin: Kelly and I are still having problems.

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry. I -- I didnít know that.

Kevin: Yeah.

Blair: Who else?

Kevin: It's Asa. You know, he's -- he's still having a rough time.

Blair: Asa? Come on, Kevin. He's too mean to die. When that old coot gets ready to kick the bucket, he'll take half this damn town with him including me and Todd.

Kevin: Well, at least you and Todd can't hurt each other anymore.

Evangeline: At least with me being in Chicago, the police won't think I'm communicating with you. But I don't like leaving you here all alone.

Todd: Oh, well. Victor's ghost will keep me company.

Evangeline: No, no, I'm serious, Todd. Every time I leave, every time I leave, you do something stupid. And it's my neck on the line as well as yours.

Todd: They don't execute for aiding and abetting, though.

Evangeline: I need to know. I need to know that I can count on you to stay put.

Todd: There's no one I want to see.

Evangeline: Anyway, I brought you some breakfast to tide you over. And here is a cell phone. It's a burner -- pay as you go. Don't use it to call out, ok? You can't afford to waste the minutes.

Todd: Ok.

Evangeline: I will contact you if I find something out.

Todd: All right. Do you have to go now?

Evangeline: Why?

Todd: Can we have breakfast together?

Evangeline: Well, my plane doesn't leave for a while.

Todd: Is that a yes?

Evangeline: Yes.

Nash: I should probably call Antonio and fill him in on what's going on.

Clint: Nash, I wish you would, because Viki's been trying to keep him up to date but she's not up to doing that anymore.

Nash: Yeah. I know this is killing you, too. Sir, I'm sorry.

Clint: Nash, we're both on the same side. We want what's best for that young woman we love.

Viki: More? What more?

Niki: The next morning! Come on! You can remember.

Viki: Come on, sleepyhead. Time to get up. Hey, come on. Darling? Why are you in this dress?

Young Jessica: I -- I don't know.

Viki: Do you think you were sleepwalking again?

Young Jessica: I'm tired, mommy. Can I go back to sleep, please?

Viki: How could I not have known? How could I not even have suspected? How could you do that? How could you take a child to a bar and leave her alone? Oh, my God, she was molested there. What kind of a monster are you?

Niki: Hey! I ain't the monster! I didnít know what was happening to her. I was just there for a good time because that's why I was built -- just to have a good time. You were the responsible one. What the hell were you thinking anyway, having a kid? You're damaged goods -- you always have been. This one's all on you.

Viki: Oh, my God. What have I done?

Niki: Yeah, what have you done? See? Now you know the truth, you still can't handle it. I can!

Viki: No. No! No, that's not true. I can handle it, because I have no choice now. Now I want you to tell me everything that you know.

Duke: Get you pregnant? No, look, that's -- that's not what I was trying to say. Kelly, I -- I'd give you the world if you'd let me. I just want to make you happy because you deserve it, ok? And my dad can't give you that. Just look at all the lies, all the secrets. I mean, he cheated on you, Kelly.

Kelly: All right, all right, stop it. Just stop it, please. I love Kevin. This is crazy.

Duke: No, no, it's not if you'd just think about it, ok? I mean, and if a baby --

Kelly: Oh, ok, ok. Just stop, please. Please, Duke. You're confused. You need to go and just be by yourself and think, but please -- you have to go.

Duke: I'm not confused. And I'm not sorry for anything I said or anything I did.

Spencer: Oh, I got some free time tomorrow. Call my secretary and have her set it up, all right?

Kevin: Oh, thanks, man. I really appreciate it.

Spencer: You're welcome.

Kevin: Really. All right. Tomorrow, then.

Spencer: Good night.

Blair: Hey.

Kevin: Hey. There you go.

Blair: Ok. He seems happy.

Paige: How'd it go?

Kevin: Oh, good. He's going to help me.

Paige: You need to find another doctor.

Kevin: Uh -- look, Paige, if Spencer can help me, I'm going to let him help me.

Paige: You're making a mistake.

Kevin: Well, maybe, but I'll tell you what -- right now, I would sell my soul to the devil to hang on to Kelly. Spencer's not the devil, is he?

Margaret: I love children.

Woman: Do you have kids?

Margaret: Oh. Peanuts. That man is selling peanuts. Excuse me. I -- I can't resist.

Evangeline: I hate leaving you here by yourself.

Todd: You just take care of yourself. Go to Chicago, find Denton, bring him back, but be safe. I won't budge, I promise.

Evangeline: What we need is another ally here in Llanview, someone that can look into things for us without being followed, someone with a vested interest in helping you.

Todd: Besides Rex, that's a list of two people and they're Both in this room.

Evangeline: Todd, I'm going to be back as soon as I find something and I am not going to let you down.

Todd: I know you won't.

Todd: Someone with a vested interest in proving my innocence. Right. Oh, wait -- there might be somebody.

Niki: Guess you're going to have to give back your mother-of-the-year award, huh?

Viki: She was my daughter and I was sick.

Niki: Yeah? Which daughter -- Jess or Tess? Come on! You didnít even know your own real kid.

Viki: No, I didnít.

Niki: No, you didnít. I guess you're not as tough as you thought you were, huh? You see the way that kid was crying on the tape?

Viki: Oh.

Niki: You did that to her.

Viki: Oh, shut up!

Niki: I'll shut up when you're the face in the mirror!

Viki: No! No! I will not let you out!

[Glass shatters]

Clint: Viki!

Tess: You owe me, Dorian.

Dorian: How?

Tess: Look at me. I'm about to have a baby soon. Remember the one you took from me?

Dorian: That was Jessica.

Tess: Are you sure?

Dorian: It was one of the most painful, horrible moments in my life, and Viki has held it over my head for years.

Tess: Exactly -- perfect Viki. You'd figure that she'd cut you a break, right? But no dice. And I don't see that changing any time soon unless you do something about it. Take what is owed to you while you have the chance.

Dorian: All right, I'll help you.

Tess: Excellent. Now here's what we have to do.

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John: Definitely not.

Dorian: What is this secret that you want me to help destroy?

Clint: Look at me, Viki. I love you.

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Matthew: Mom?

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