OLTL Transcript Friday 3/17/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/17/06


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Rex: Adriana?

Adriana: Hey.  I'm right here.

Rex: Where am I?  What happened?

Adriana: You don't remember?  I found you in the alley in back of the hotel after security dragged you out.  You were completely wasted.  You had a syringe in your hand.

Rex: That guy, he forced me to --

Adriana: I know.  I know you didn't take those drugs of your own free will.

Rex: But why?  Why would they do this to me?

Adriana: Because someBody wanted you out of the way, and I know exactly who it was.

Dorian: And are you absolutely certain that this whole regrettable, horrible incident with Rex Balsom cannot be traced back to me?  No, I'm not as much worried about the police.  I mean, I -- I don't think they can prove that I had anything to do with it, but my daughter.  I mean, she would never, ever forgive me.  She must not find out.  Do you understand me?

[Dorian sighs]

Kelly: Hi.

Dorian: Hi.

Kelly: Something's wrong.  What is it?

Dorian: Um -- I'm really very worried about Adriana.  She ran to New York with Rex Balsom against my best advice, of course.

Kelly: Of course.

Dorian: And now apparently Rex has gotten himself into some very, very serious trouble.  Oh, it's horrible.  You know, I never thought I'd be saying this, but she would be better off with Duke Buchanan.  However, he's just announced that he's fallen in love with another woman.

John: I'm not a lawyer, but what did you gain by keeping Evangeline in jail for the night?

Hugh: I can't turn a blind eye to the law just because Evangeline is a friend.

John: Ok.  Let me question her.

Hugh: If I thought that you could get something out of Evangeline, I'd lock you two up in an interrogation room and let you go at it.  But you're still on desk duty.  Besides, I don't think you'd tell me anything she said, anyway, so --

John: I want Manning locked up as much as you do.

Hugh: Yes, but you have feelings for Evangeline, and she's protecting Todd, and you'll do everything in your power to protect her.

Cristian: Hey.

Natalie: Cristian, what are you doing here?

Cristian: Came to see Evangeline.

Hugh: I know, but you're the one that lost Manning.

John: You're right.  So why are you making Evangeline the scapegoat?

Cristian: She deserves better than that.

Evangeline: Blair.

Blair: I hear you've been hiding Todd.

Evangeline: I told the police I don't know where he is.

Blair: Well, I'm not the police.  Where is he?

Kelly: Uh -- did Duke happen to say who he was in love with?

Dorian: No.  No.  He wouldn't tell me.  Frankly, though, I was relieved it wasn't one of you girls.

Kelly: Did he say anything about this girl?

Dorian: No, he didn't.  Why are you so suddenly interested in Duke's love life?

Kelly: Oh, I just don't want to see him get his heart broken again or break someone else's heart.

Michael: Hey, honey.

Marcie: Hey!

Michael: Sorry I'm late.

Marcie: No, I think that you should apologize to Renee, not me, because, you know, she had all this amazing food made up so that we could decide on the menu for our wedding reception, and now it's probably just all cold and ruined.

Michael: Yeah, well, you know, we've eaten here a zillion times.  I'm sure it's going to be great.

Marcie: But that doesn't matter.  We still have decisions.  Michael, we have decisions to make -- you know, fish or chicken, and rice pilaf or couscous, and what about the vegetarians?  You know, noBody ever thinks about them!

Michael: We won't forget the vegetarians, ok?  Let's -- let's get this going, ok?  Bring it on.

Marcie: Oh, all right.  Why were you late?

Michael: The ScarBorough award is today.

Marcie: No.

Michael: I had to drop my suit off at the cleaner.

Marcie: No, no, no, no.  Today we have to go see that band.

Michael: Well, that band is going to have to wait.

Marcie: Michael, it took us two weeks to even coordinate our schedules.  You know, if you want to Book them for the wedding, we got to do it soon.

Michael: Marcie, we can't Book a band for the wedding when we don't even have a wedding date, ok?  Now, listen, I was thinking maybe we could -- we could use your friend, your friend the D.J., you know?

Marcie: Huh.  So now you want to -- now you want to have the D.J.?  You begged me to consider this band, Michael.  If we want to Book them, we have to do it today.  Today is the only day that we can see them.

Michael: I can't, Marcie.  The ScarBorough prize is one of the biggest awards in medicine.  The entire hospital is going to be there.  I'm Dr. Truman's fellow I have to show up.

Marcie: So that's more important to you than our wedding?

Michael: No, Marcie, it's not more important, ok?  It's just that it's today.  Our wedding is a long way off.  Now, this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for Dr. Truman. The guy has been very good to me, Marcie.  I would like to show up and see him honored.

[Marcie sighs]

Spencer: I studied your father's work.  He was a great man.  To be receiving an award in his name, I'm truly honored and humbled.

Man: You've earned it, Doctor.  There is no doubt in my mind my father would be proud.  And if you could spare the time, I'd very much appreciate having a look around the hospital -- if you plan to continue your research here.

Spencer: Absolutely.  I've become attached to Llanview.  As a matter of fact, I have no intention of leaving.

Man: Ah.

Spencer: I'll show you the rest of the facility.

Todd: Ok.  Where were you the night Margaret died?

Evangeline: I don't know where Todd is.

Blair: But he's back in Llanview, isn't he?  You've seen him?

Evangeline: If you knew Todd was in town, would you turn him in?

Blair: Is he all right?

Evangeline: How could he be all right, Blair?  If they catch him, they're going to send him back to death row.

Blair: If he doesn't get himself killed in the first place.

Evangeline: I'm going to prove that he was framed for Margaret's murder.

Blair: You know, a lot of people hate Todd, but who would go so far as to kill a woman and their child just to get Todd out of the way?

Evangeline: Tsk.  Spencer Truman, perhaps?

Blair: What?

Evangeline: Todd believes that Spencer set him up.

Blair: Do you?  Do you believe Spencer is a cold-blooded killer?

 Adriana: It's obvious who did this to you.  It was Giovanni.

Rex: Your agent?

Adriana: Don't you remember the advice he gave me -- "lose the Boyfriend?"

Rex: He just wanted to make sure you didn't show up to a shoot with puffy eyes and a hangover.  That's a long way from shooting me full of heroin.

Adriana: You're the one that said the modeling world is full of drugs.  Giovanni had the access and plenty of money.  He knew where we were staying.  He could've planted that stuff before we got back last night.

Rex: What, it's morning already?  I lost the whole night?

Adriana: Rex, you could've lost a lot more than that.  The doctor said if you had overdosed, you could've ended up in a coma or brain-damaged.  You could've died, Rex.  And if the drugs didn't hurt you, the needle could've had AIDS or Hepatitis.  No, no, it's -- it tested clean.  You're fine.

Rex: You were here all night?

Adriana: I wasn't going to leave you.

Rex: What about the benefit?  I cost you your modeling career, didn't I?

Adriana: That's not important.  What's important right now is we get you on your feet and find out who did this to you.

Rex: You know what?  I can't do this.  I can't -- I can't lie to you anymore.

Adriana: Lie to me about what?

Rex: NoBody did this to me, Adriana.  Those drugs were mine.  So was the needle.  So if you were smart, you'd get the hell out of here before I take you down with me.

Hugh: All right, great.  Thanks for the help.  I think we're done here.  Did the officers in Llantano Heights call in yet?

Natalie: No, not yet.

Cristian: The heights?  That's where Evangeline lives.

John: He's looking for something to keep her locked up.

Hugh: Mc Bain, there is a killer out there.  I'm just trying to find him before someone else gets hurt.

Cristian: Someone besides Evangeline?

Natalie: Here's the map that you wanted.  It's the area around the warehouse where you picked her up.

Hugh: Thank you, thank you.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: You're going to have to let her go.

John: She knows the law.  She's not going to give you anything to use even if she does know something.

Hugh: Probably not, which is why I authorized a visit from someone who she thinks is sympathetic to Todd -- Blair Cramer.

Evangeline: I don't know what Spencer's involvement is, but Todd believes he's the one who framed him.

Blair: And you believe Todd?

Evangeline: Yes, I do.

Blair: Yeah, I understand that.

Evangeline: What do you understand, Blair?

Blair: I understand that Todd is a convincing liar.  I mean, look at me.  He's broken my heart time after time, and every single time he's lied his way right back into it.  But he's told one too many lies.

Evangeline: What if this time he's telling the truth?

Blair: Todd will say or do anything to save his own skin, Evangeline.  And if you hadn't noticed, he's insanely jealous of Spencer Truman.

Evangeline: Well, you know, there are a lot of people that don't like Spencer.

Blair: He is a renowned surgeon.  He saves lives, he doesn't take them.

Evangeline: Maybe he's in love with you.  Todd does extreme things for love.  What about Spencer, you know?  That does seem to be your type.

Blair: Well, I'm so glad you're an expert on me.  But I'll have you know that Spencer and I are just friends, and he's not a killer.

Evangeline: You seem pretty sure of that.

Blair: Don't look for evidence to exonerate Todd.  It doesn't exist.

Todd: All right, scheduled for surgery.  But did it take place?

Todd: Oh.  Whatever is in here must be pretty secret, Spence.

Dorian: Kelly, I know when you're hiding something from me.  What -- what is that louse doing now?  Is Kevin cheating on you?

Kelly: No, it's not Kevin.

Roxy: Where's the bartender?

Natalie: No, Roxy --

Roxy: Hey, could you get us your best Bottle of wine, you know the best that you got, something with a cork in it?

Renee: Oh, I'll see what I can do.

Roxy: Ok.

Renee: Over here.

Roxy: Baby, I am hungry.

Natalie: Yeah.  Thank you.

Renee: Uh-huh.

Roxy: Thanks.

[Renee chuckles]

Natalie: You should try hanging on to some of that money.

Roxy: Oh, honey, let's live it up.  That bet that I placed on Cristian -- that paid off big-time.  You know, I was thinking -- he ought to have a handle like the "Italian Stallion."  What do you think of the "Puerto Rican Beacon?"  Oh, come on, honey.  You know it turns you on, you know, when he tried to punch that guy's lights out.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah.  It was a real rush because my heart stopped every time that guy got a shot in.

Roxy: Yeah, well, you don't want anyone to hurt his pretty little face.  You two getting cozier?

Natalie: Well, let's just say that we agreed to disagree.  There's no reason to be hostile.

Roxy: And what about Johnny?  You two any hotter?

Natalie: Things have thawed out, a little.

Roxy: Yeah, so what horse do you want me to put my money on?

Natalie: Roxy, my life is not -- it's not a sport.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Well, it should be -- unpredictable, exciting.  You've got two guys hot to trot.

Natalie: I'm not interested in John or Cristian -- romantically, that is.  Besides, it wouldn't matter, anyway.  They're Both so wrapped up in Evangeline's problems right now, they don't even know I exist.

Roxy: Well, if you're not interested, how come you're so damn jealous?

John: Oh.

Cristian: What's going to happen if they prove Evangeline was helping Todd?

John: She'd be disbarred, she could do time.

Cristian: She thinks the guy is innocent.  She's not going to give up.  Look, you know she's going to be digging for evidence that Todd didn't kill this Margaret Cochran.  She's going to need help.  You should do something.

John: I can't do a lot until I get my badge back.

Ed: Yeah, well, that might be sooner than you think.

Evangeline: Todd has new information.  Now he has a reason to believe Spencer's involved.

Blair: "New?"  Wait a minute -- you had no reason to see Todd since he denied his appeal.  When did he tell you this?  Oh, Evangeline, you just admitted to me that you've seen Todd since he escaped.

[Keys jingle]

Evangeline: Well, well, well, Hugh.  I assume you're here to release me.

Hugh: Yes, I am, but we still have a few more minutes together if there's anything else you think I should know.

Blair: Actually, there is something that I need to tell you.

Adriana: Those drugs were yours?

Rex: Yeah, I never wanted you to find out, but -- and I thought that I could change for you.  But I didn't grow up in a convent with a bunch of nuns around me.  You know, I've been hanging with the wrong crowd my whole life, and it's not easy to get away from that.  Giovanni was right.  I -- you know, I own a night club, for God's sakes.  What do you think goes on when you're not there?

Adriana: I don't believe you.  If you were a drug addict, you wouldn't work for the police.  You wouldn't be friends with Bo.

Rex: Yeah, well, like I said, I was trying to change, but you know what they say about old habits.

Adriana: Habits like heroin?

Rex: Yeah, among other things.

Doctor: Glad to see you're awake.

Rex: Yeah.  Whatever you did, thanks.  Although I feel like I've been hit by a bus.

Doctor: You were treated with gastric lavage and a narcotic antagonist.  The test showed your body was not used to heroin.  You're quite lucky as a first-time user.

Rex: Can I get out of here soon?

Doctor: Get your clothes on, and I'll sign your discharge papers.

Adriana: First-time user?

Rex: Eh -- doctor doesn't have a clue.

Adriana: I knew you were lying the second you opened your mouth.

Rex: All right, well, if it's not this, it's going to be something.  Alright?  Next time, it'll be something real from my past.  The ghost of some crappy thing I did will come back to wreck us.

Adriana: I think you need to have a little faith -- in yourself and in us.

Rex: Faith, huh?  Look, the -- the timing's all wrong on this, ok?  You've got too much on the line right now.  Your career's just getting started.

Adriana: You know what?  If the modeling thing is supposed to happen, it will.  But not with a creep like Giovanni.  As soon as we get out of here, we're calling the police and pressing charges.

Rex: We can't do that.

Adriana: Why not?

Rex: Because we've got zero evidence that Giovanni did this.  In fact, I think it was someone else.

Dorian: Kelly, just a minute here.  Are you cheating on Kevin?

Kelly: No, of course not. I --

Dorian: Kelly --

Kelly: Dorian, I don't want to talk about this right now.

Dorian: Ooh, you seem very upset about something.

Kelly: Kevin and I are fine.  We're fine.  I made sure of it.

Marcie: Here, try this.

Michael: Mmm.

Marcie: What do you think?

Michael: It's good.

Marcie: Better than the shrimp?

Michael: I don't know.  I like them both.

Marcie: Michael, please, could we just agree on something, anything?  Please, just work with me here.

Michael: I just said I like them both.  I don't see how I could be any more agreeable.

Renee: Guys, I -- I don't mean to butt in, but I have an idea.  What if you were to use the menu that we're going to use for Dr. Truman's ceremony?  You know, as a guideline?

Michael: Well, if it's good enough for Dr. Truman, it's good enough for me.

Marcie: Yeah, well, then why don't you marry Dr. Truman?

Natalie: I'm not jealous.

[Roxy laughs]

Roxy: Baby, don't lie to your mama.  You're so jealous you're turning as green as this piece of lettuce.

Natalie: Well, I don't have any right to be.  I don't know -- I just -- I can't imagine picking up my life where I left off with Cristian before I thought he died, and the same with John.  I can't imagine picking up my life with him, now that I know Cris is alive.

Roxy: You know, I think you're spitting nails about this Evangeline thing.  And I also think you're telling yourself a big, fat, juicy lie about who or what you really want.

Ed: Internal affairs just finished reviewing your case. They have decided that your actions during the transport of Todd Manning were professional and by the Book.

John: Let me get this straight. I.A. Busts me for shooting an armed robber, and then they pat me on the back for letting a convict escape?

Ed: The return of your badge and your status to full active duty is now solely contingent on the evaluation of the psychiatrist.

John: You.

Cristian: Excuse me, I'm -- I'll see you.

John: Yeah.  What do I have to do?

Ed: I do have time, if you would like to talk.

[John sighs]

John: Ok.

Ed: Good . Let's talk about your father.

John: Huh.  I thought with you guys, it was all about the mother.

Ed: Tell me about the night your father died.

John: Hey, look, man, we've been over that.

Ed: No, no, no.  Actually, all you've ever told me about your dad was he was a good man, he was a cop who died in the line of duty.

John: Not exactly.  He was -- he was off duty.  He was out of uniform.

Ed: Where were you when you heard?

Doctor: Come on, move it!

Young John: Dad!  Dad!

Doctor: Get the kid out of here, Nurse!  Let's go!

Young John: Dad, I'm sorry! Please, let me --

Nurse: Do not go in there.

Ed: John?  What are you thinking?

John: I'm thinking this is crap.

Ed: And I'm thinking we are finally getting somewhere.

Hugh: What is it that

Hugh: What is it that you wanted to tell me, Blair?

Blair: Um -- I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to take the kids away for a few days.  You know, I just don't want them to be hanging around the penthouse just in case Todd shows up.

Hugh: That's it?

Blair: Yeah, that's it.

Evangeline: All right, time's up, Hugh.  I want my arraignment, and I want it now.

Hugh: All right, all right.  I'll get the paperwork.

Evangeline: Thank you.

Blair: Well, I know what it's like to be a fool for Todd.

Evangeline: Blair, you don't understand.

Blair: Oh, but you know what?  I think I do.  Better than anyone.  I know what it's like to be sucked into Todd's web of lies.  He gets you to believe him.  Makes you think that he's the victim, and you're the only one that can save him.  Evangeline, if he comes to you -- if he seeks you out and he wants you to help him, run.  You turn around and you run as fast as you can.  Because caring about Todd Manning is a no-win situation.

Hugh: Wait here.  I'll get your personal effects.

Cristian: It's good to see you free again.

Evangeline: It feels good.

Cristian: Hmm.  So how was last night?  Did you make it ok?

Evangeline: Longest night of my life.

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Evangeline: But you helped a lot.

Cristian: Me?

Evangeline: Yeah, I was thinking about you, about all that time you spent at Statesville, and I figured one night was nothing compared to that.  But I tell you, Cristian, I never want to spend another night like that again in my life.

Cristian: So what's going to happen if Todd gets in touch with you?  You going to turn your back on him?

Ed: I know that this is difficult for you, but the things that are hardest to look at are always the things we have to look at most.  Look, you wouldn't even be sitting here talking to me if you weren't desperate to get your badge back.  Not just for yourself, but for your father.

John: You lost me.

Ed: Why did you become a cop?  To fill in his shoes?  To finish what he started, maybe?  Tell me what happened when he died.

Young John: Dad, I'm sorry!

John: I'm sorry.

Ed: What are you sorry about, John?

Natalie: I don't want to have feelings for John or Cristian.

Roxy: Well, maybe you don't want them, but, baby, you got them.

Natalie: Ok.  Yeah, I do.  But I've got them where they belong -- buried.

Roxy: How come?

Natalie: Because if I let myself feel, that means I have to choose.

Roxy: Maybe it's the time to choose.  Did you ever think about that?  So who do you love more?

Natalie: I -- I don't know. I mean, I love them both differently. And my relationships with them were in very different times of my life. You know, when I first met Cristian, I was a selfish, backstabbing liar.  And he made me into this good person, someone who deserved to be loved.  And he was so open and gentle.  And that's why I loved him.

Roxy: And Johnny?

Natalie: John was the first man who ever completely got me.  You know, he understood who I am, where I come from.  He always let me be myself.  Always had me guessing.  I -- I really don't think I could choose either one.  I mean, that's why I keep them at arm's length.  That way, I won't have to.

Roxy: See, I think the problem that you got right now is that you don't know if you really want to eat lobster or steak.  You know, you just don't know what you're hungry for.  So, you could be making two people happy instead of three people miserable.

Renee: This one is vanilla bean with raspberry filling and an almond icing.

Michael: Oh.  I don't know what to say.  I mean, they both look so great.

Renee: I'm so glad.  All right, I'm going to leave this for you two to taste.  Good luck.

Marcie: Do you have an opinion about anything, Michael?

Michael: As a matter of fact, I do.  It's just that every time I disagree with you, you get really upset.

Marcie: I can't even get upset with you, Michael, because you're not being decisive.

Michael: Listen, I understand that it's -- it's really difficult to make these decisions, you know, to make all of these plans, especially without your mother.

Marcie: I never knew my mother, Michael, ok?  So I don't know what I'm missing.  I don't have a mother, I don't have a sister -- I don't even have my best friend anymore.  And I can't exactly go to my brothers because they won't be much help with this.

Michael: Look, I know.  And I don't want you to think that I don't care about all this stuff, ok?  Because I do.  I do care about all this.  But -- but listen. I want to make the planning as easy as possible.  So whatever you want, honey, that's -- that's fine with me.  I'm not trying to be a pain here, ok?  I'm -- I'm really trying to make this as easy as possible.  I'm really trying to help.

Marcie: I'm sorry.  I guess I'm just a little stressed out, you know?

Michael: I know.  And it's ok.

[Pager beeps]

Marcie: Oh, that's me.  It's -- it's a text message from the band.  Michael, they're not going to be available for another couple of weeks, so, you know, we have to go see them today.

Michael: No.  It's going to have to wait.

Marcie: I thought you were trying to help.

Michael: I am.  But I need to go to Dr. Truman's ceremony.

Marcie: Michael, he can get by without you for one day.

Michael: That's not the point, Marce.

Marcie: Yes, that is the point.

[Marcie sighs]

Michael: Come on.

Marcie: No.

Michael: Come on.

Marcie: What do you want?  What do you -- what do you want from me?

Michael: Trust me and come on.

[Marcie sighs]

Spencer: Perhaps when we have more time, I can show you the rest of the facility.

Man: Thank you for your time.  I look forward to seeing you this afternoon.

Spencer: It's my pleasure.  Likewise.

[Footsteps approach]

Spencer: Hello.

Blair: Hi.  I wasn't expecting to see you here.  I'm -- I'm here to pick up a prescription for Jack.

Spencer: Is he all right?

Blair: Yeah, he's -- he's fine.  He gets ear infections.  And before I head up to the mountains, I want to make sure we have some antibiotics, you know?

Spencer: Any word about Todd or --

Blair: No, no one's seen him.

Todd: Well, well, well.

Adriana: If Giovanni didn't drug you, then who did?

Rex: I don't know.  Probably just a couple of punks trying to roll me.

Adriana: Why would they shoot you up with heroin?

Rex: Maybe they were trying to throw the cops off by making me look like a druggie.

Adriana: I still think we should find out for sure.

Rex: No, I -- I just want to forget all about this and get out of here.  And you have to get to your cover-shoot.

Adriana: What? I'm not leaving you.

Rex: I'll meet you there.  Besides, you can't bring your junkie boyfriend.

Adriana: Don't say that.

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Look, I'm moving pretty slow right now.  And you can't miss your cover for "Belle" magazine.  Unless you want to prove Giovanni right.

Adriana: No.

Rex: Ok, then get out of here.  Call me when you're done.  I'll get signed out, get something to eat.  Something very bland.  I'll be fine.

Adriana: I don't know what I would have done if something had happened to you.

Rex: Nothing did.  You ready?

Adriana: Yeah.  But before we go, I want to make one thing very clear.

Rex: What's that?

Adriana: No more pushing me away out of some warped sense of nobility.

Rex: Ok.  But you need to deal with the fact that I might be more trouble than I'm actually worth.  If I hadn't been on this trip with you, it would have been smooth sailing.

Adriana: I don't want smooth sailing.  I want you.

Rex: Let's get out of here.

Adriana: Rex, look, I'm willing to let this go for now.  But I'm going to find out who did this to you.  And they're going to pay.

Rex: Even if it was your own mother?

Kelly: So how did Rex get himself into trouble?

Dorian: Well --

Kelly: Hey.

Dorian: Hello, Kevin.

Kevin: Hello.

Kelly: How's Asa?

Kevin: He had a bad reaction to his medication, but he's ok now.

Dorian: Oh.

Kelly: Are you sure?

Kevin: Of course I'm sure.  I wouldn't be here if he wasn't ok.

Kelly: Well, is everything else all right?

Kevin: Why wouldn't it be?

Roxy: So how long are you going to put off making this decision?

Natalie: I don't know.  Maybe forever.

Roxy: Well, you better figure it out.  You better choose between the two of them, or you're going to lose both of them.

[Marcie giggles]

Marcie: What are you doing?

Michael: Trying to help the band.

Marcie: Oh, Michael, there is no band.  And there is no music.

Michael: There is music.  Listen.  You hear that?  It's the sound of our two hearts beating together.

Marcie: Oh --

Michael: And that is all the music we're ever going to need.  And when we're up there, and that priest starts asking us questions, we're going to say "I do" to everything. And we'll be together from that day forward.  Now --

[Marcie giggles]

Michael: If that's not good enough for you --

Marcie: No, it's good.  It's very good.

Michael: See?  We just practiced our first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mc Bain.

Marcie: Dr. And Mrs. Michael Mc Bain.  And I guess if I -- if I have to, I will go with you to that ceremony for Dr. Truman.  But we're going to go together.

Michael: Together.

Marcie: Like we're going to be for the rest of our lives.

[Marcie laughs]

[Kevin sighs]

Kevin: To get a drink around here -- the waiters on strike?  Hey, somebody!

Kelly: Kevin, come on.

Kevin: What?

Kelly: Do you really think that you should have a drink now?

Kevin: Yeah, I do.

Kelly: Well, if you're going to talk to Spencer, I don't really think you should be drinking.

Dorian: Talk to Spencer about what?

[Kevin sighs]

Kevin: Well, go ahead, Kel, tell her.  You've told everyone else.

Kelly: Wha--

Michael: Not much to laugh about at that table.

Marcie: Oh, no kidding.  I wonder why they're all so tense.  You know, I thought that Kevin and Kelly just got back together again.  You know, I thought they were really happy.

Michael: Yeah.  Well, things change.

Marcie: Hmm, obviously.

Michael: But not for us.  We are going to show the world that it can be done.

Marcie: How do you know that?

Michael: Now you look tense.

Marcie: I'm serious.  Michael, I mean, how do we make sure that, you know, that never happens to us?

Ed: John -- John, what are you sorry about?

John: My father, his death.

Ed: You were just a kid.  You got nothing to feel guilty about.

John: Yeah, I do.  I never did anything about it.

Hugh: You know I was only doing my job, right?  Manning is the one who belongs behind bars, and I intend to put him there. No hard feelings?

Evangeline: You do your job, I'll do mine.

Hugh: Yeah.

Cristian: So, I guess you're not going tell me about Todd.

Evangeline: That's right.

Cristian: Can I drive you home?

Evangeline: You've already done so much.  I'm just going to call Layla.

Cristian: Ok . Be careful, ok?

Evangeline: Thanks.

[Phone rings]

Evangeline: Hello?

Todd: Hey.  You're out, that's great.

Evangeline: Where are you?

Todd: I'm in Truman's office.

Evangeline: Are you out of your mind?

Blair: Jack's doctor had emergency, so I'm going to have to wait.

Spencer: Oh.  Well, I can write you a prescription.

Blair: No, no, no, no.  You don't have to that.

Spencer: Well, listen, I know we agreed not to see each other.  It's a prescription, not a proposition.  Listen, we were friends, right?  I --

Blair: Yes.

Spencer: I would really regret if we couldn't somehow get back to that.

Blair: And we are still friends.  Your friendship means a lot to me.

Todd: Listen, I think I found something here.

Blair: But, I mean, if you don't mind writing --

Spencer: No, no, I'll --

Blair: Ok.

Spencer: Just go get my pad.

Blair: Ok.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Paige: You said last night you didn't think Spencer had murdered anyone.

David: Lately.

John: I'm going to find my father's killers.

Spencer: I have a difficult time having a conversation with you without telling you how I feel about you.

Evangeline: Oh, my God.

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