OLTL Transcript Monday 3/13/06

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/13/06


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Dorian: This is unbelievable.  Do sit down.  I mean, this -- this resume that you submitted -- it's -- it's just not possible.

Man: Everything in the resume is accurate.  A B.A. from Cornell, summer apprenticeship for three years in London.

Dorian: Well, bully for you, young man, but what -- what is that?

Man: My name?

Dorian: Exactly.  Your name is Dorian.  My name is Dorian.  I cannot have an executive assistant with the same name that I have.

Dorian: You think people won't be able to tell us apart?

Dorian Lord: I think you're going to have to change it.

[Phone rings]

Dorian Lord: Oh, excuse me.  Hello?  Wait a minute.  Wait -- I thought you told me that my daughter and Rex Balsom were in separate rooms.  And what exactly do you mean by "not anymore?"

Adriana: So, I made some space for you in the closet.

Rex: Oh, great.

Adriana: Yeah.

Rex: When I was packing up my stuff so that we could spend the night together, what I was worried about was not having enough closet space.

Adriana: I say stupid things when I'm nervous.

Rex: Me, too.

Adriana: You're nervous?  This is no big deal for you.  This is just another Friday night.  This is --

Rex: Are you kidding?  I'm with somebody who just knocks me out, someone I want to think I'm crazy -- the real deal.

Adriana: You know how I feel about you.

Rex: Sometimes.  You have to admit, we've sent our share of mixed messages.

Adriana: Well, there's nothing mixed about this.

Rex: I'm going to take a shower.  Tonight's going to be great.

Adriana: It's off to a heck of a start.

Cristian: Hey.

Rourke: Don't push.  The fight ain't for an hour.

Cristian: I'm good.  It's not a problem.

Rourke: You know, this guy's no pushover.  He's from the south side of Philly.

Cristian: Well, then, this fight might be good for him.  He'll get boxing out of his system and maybe go join a doo-wop group.

Rourke: With one fight under your belt, I don't think you should feel so cocky.  At least we got the home-gym advantage.  How many people do you got coming?

Cristian: I think my mom's coming.

Rourke: Oh?  Yeah?

Cristian: Yeah.

Rourke: That'll be intimidating.  I want this place full of your fans.  What, you got no friends?

John: You're hiding Manning, and I know it.

Evangeline: And you're never wrong?  You don't need evidence, you just know.

John: You want to play games, we'll play games.  Bo saw you dumping something in the trash at Angel Square.

Evangeline: Well, lock me up, throw away the key.

John: I found a homeless guy wearing the jacket that Manning got from the crash site.  He got it out of the trash at Angel Square.

Evangeline: That's all you got?

John: No.  Layla told me you had a -- you had somebody staying at your place last night.

Evangeline: And you think the only way that could happen is if I was committing a crime?

John: Come on, this isn't a debate, all right?  What are you doing harboring a fugitive?  Don't you know you could be disbarred?

Evangeline: John, you know how I feel about my career.  You really think I would do something that stupid?  And Layla is an unreliable witness.

John: Ok.  Look me in the eye.  Tell me you don't know where Manning is.

Evangeline: I can't do that.

[Door opens]

Cristian: I'm glad you came.  Are you staying for the fight?

Natalie: No, you know, I just came here because I -- I like it here so much.  You guys ever heard of air freshener?

Cristian: You know what this is?

Natalie: I'm afraid to ask.

Cristian: This is my corner.  As in, I'm glad you're in my corner.  What?  What are you thinking?

Natalie: Well, rather than go 10 rounds with Tess, I thought I'd come watch you.

Cristian: Works for me.

Natalie: So just remember, you know, the punch starts with your shoulder.

Rourke: How does she know that?  I like her.

Cristian: You know Natalie.  She's -- she's my fan base.

Rourke: Great.  Got her, your mom.  None of that annoying crowd action.  Making too much noise, intimidating your opponent, spurring you on.

Natalie: I don't know about that.

Rex: That's it.  That's the dress.

Adriana: Oh, you scared me.

Rex: Sorry.

Adriana: That's ok.  So the -- the red one, huh?

Rex: Yeah.  You look incredible in it.  Actually, you look incredible behind it.  You'll look even better when you're actually wearing it.

Adriana: Well, I was actually leaning towards the black one.

Rex: Getting dressed must be agony for you.  "Do I look incredibly sexy in red, or do I look drop-dead gorgeous in black?"  How do you ever get out of the house?

Adriana: Well, which one do you like?

Rex: In a burlap sack, you'd bring me to my knees.

Adriana: I didn't bring my burlap.

Rex: Something to look forward to.  So, should I change out here so that you can shower, or should I change in the bathroom so you can worry about dresses out here?

Adriana: Well -- uh -- I'm not done worrying, and I haven't even started thinking about shoes.

Rex: I think it's easier being a guy.  Ah -- hmm.

Rex: You know what I like about this moment?

Adriana: Hmm?

Rex: How -- how one night when i trying to be as suave and as smooth as possible, I end up mooning my date.

Adriana: You know, I was pretty nervous about sharing a room.

Rex: Yeah?

Adriana: Turns out I'm loving it.

Rex: I'm a sucker for a girl with low standards.  You know, I'm loving it, too.  This is going to be a really, really great night.

Dorian Lord: That is exactly the kind of behavior that convent schools are supposed to prevent!

Dorian: Daryl.

Dorian Lord: And I am not narrow-minded.  As far as I'm concerned, when she's 25 or 30, if she meets a young man from a good family --

Dorian: Would that solve the problem?

Dorian Lord: Daryl?  Who is Daryl?  And how would he solve the problem?

Dorian: My middle name -- it's Daryl.  You could call me Daryl . Look, give me the job and you can call me whatever you want.

Dorian Lord: Your parents named you Dorian Daryl?

Daryl: My rich uncle and even richer godfather.

Dorian: Ah.  You know something?  I am going to give you your shot.  Yes, I am.  You are my new executive assistant.   And the first task I'm going to give you is going to require all of your knowledge, your -- your expertise.  I want you to stop my daughter from making the worst mistake of her life.

Daryl: Any suggestions on how I do that?

Dorian: My goodness.  With a resume like this, do I need to spoon-feed you?

Daryl: You'll only have to tell me once, I promise.

Dorian: Very well.  Watch, listen, learn.  Go find Duke Buchanan, and bring him to my office immediately.

Kelly's voice: "We need to talk.  I know you were drunk last night and didn't mean what you said about your feelings for me.  Please don't tell your father about it.  It would really upset him."

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: Hey.

Kevin: What's that?

Kelly: Um --

Evangeline: I won't say I don't know where Todd is, any more than I would say I do know where he is.

[John groans]

Evangeline: You're a cop.

John: Lawyers --

Evangeline: He's my client.  Confidentiality applies.

John: Not in the furtherance of a felony, it doesn't.  You know that.  Hey, it's me.  You sure you want to throw your career away over this knucklehead?

Evangeline: You know what, John?  You're not just offending him when you say that, you're starting to offend me.

John: I really don't care if I offend you, you know that?  I care about you, I care about you getting disbarred, going to jail -- all for a guy that probably wouldn't cross the street to spit on you if you were on fire.

Evangeline: You wouldn't be here if he didn't pull you out of a plane.

John: Well, we were chained together.  He didn't have a lot of choice.  And the first chance he got, he sucker-punched me.

Evangeline: I understand the impulse.

John: Oh, do you?  Hey, look, you think you're helping this guy?  You're not.  You could be hurting him, all right?  And if you really care about him, you should tell me where he is.

Evangeline: What, so you can run to Bo and you guys can put him back in prison, on death row, for something he didn't do?

John: Hey, you know what?  I'm just here to do my job, all right?  I don't make those decisions.

Evangeline: So I should follow the rules, like you follow the rules?

John: Look, I know you -- I know you don't care about what I think.  But that's not going to stop me from trying to stop you from throwing away everything that you've worked so hard for.  And that's exactly what you're doing if you're helping Manning.

[Footsteps approach]

Hugh: Did I hear that right?  You know where Todd Manning is?


Lindsay: Hello?  Is -- is there anybody there?

Cristian: Did you do this?

Natalie: I think you did.

Rourke: Now, let's go.  Get to the locker, champ.  Time to meditate.

Natalie: Meditate?

Cristian: It's Rourke’s personal approach to a match.  You use the principles of Zen so you can more effectively beat the crap out of someone.

Natalie: Ok, so we are evolving.

Cristian: Actually, he makes me beat the crap out of my sparring partner till I can't feel my hands.

Natalie: Hey, ok -- maybe you should keep that part to yourself before I run out of here screaming.

Rourke: Hey, champ, let's go, huh?  Now -- what do you say?

Cristian: All right, all right, I'm coming.  Thanks again.  Really, I mean it.

Natalie: Yeah.

Carlotta: Natalie --

Natalie: Hi, Carlotta.

Carlotta: So good to see you.

Natalie: You, too.

Carlotta: Oh, it's so nice.  And I know how much this means to Cristian.

Natalie: Yeah, well, you know me.  Happy to help a friend.

Carlotta: Just friends?

Natalie: Come on, Carlotta, please don't push.  I mean, by me saying "friends," that's -- that's giving a lot.

[R.J. Laughs]

R.J.: Greetings, ladies.

Natalie: Whoa, I didn't expect that.

Carlotta: Neither did I.

R.J.: Well, I did not know that you two are blood sport aficionados.

Carlotta: Well, I'm here for my son, and -- and I'm shocked and appalled to see you, too.

R.J.: Uh-huh.  Well, I have to admit, I have a vested interest in the kid from Philly.  Yeah, you know, I hear he's really on fire.

[R.J. Laughs]

Natalie: Such a fun guy.

Roxy: I don't mean to be nosy or nothing, but what did R.J. want?

Carlotta: Oh, he -- he wanted to plant a little fear in my heart for my son.  Talk about a deceitfully wicked heart only a mother could love --

Roxy: Hey, don't be afraid, Mama.  But then how do you explain Lindsay?

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello?

R.J.: Hey.  Just calling to give you a heads-up.  I -- I might be a little late for our dinner.

Lindsay: Uh -- that's ok.  But thank you for letting me know.

R.J.: Yeah, I'm down at Rourke’s.

[R.J. Laughs]

R.J.: Came to see one of the Vegas get his teeth knocked out.  And if I'm lucky, it'll happen in the first round.

Lindsay: That's nice.

R.J.: Are you ok?

Lindsay: Yeah.  I'm just being a little silly.  You know, I'm in the warehouse, and I -- ahem -- I thought I heard something.  It made me a little freaky, so -- to tell you the truth, I think it's probably just a rat.

R.J.: Well, if you're done, get out of there.

Lindsay: Yeah, I am.  I -- I found what I'm looking for, and I'm leaving now, so I'll see you in a little bit.

Hugh: Unless I'm mistaken, you two were talking about helping Todd Manning.

Evangeline: He's my client, Hugh.  That's what I do.

Hugh: So you don't know where he is?

John: Look, Manning's bound to know we're watching her 24/7.

Hugh: Actually, I was -- I was talking to Evangeline.  Yes or no?

[Phone rings]

Hugh: Excuse me.  I have to take this.  It might be the call we've been waiting for.

John: Watch your back, all right?  Because now you've got this guy wondering about you.

Evangeline: He's the D.A. he's just fishing.

John: Yeah, well, they also prosecute people that aid and abet escaped murderers.

Evangeline: Then you shouldn't have to worry about me.  Because Todd isn't a murderer.  Goodbye, John.

John: All right.  I'm still worried.

Hugh: Whoa, I'll call you back.  Hey, where is she going?

John: I don't know.  She just left.

Hugh: Well, maybe that's for the best.  You can tell me what you two were talking about when I showed up.

John: It was nothing important, you know?  She thinks Manning's innocent, she's worried about him.

Hugh: I know you want your badge back.  And I can help.  Or I can stop it dead.  So I suggest that you come clean and tell me what was going on.

Adriana: I know, I'm sorry.  I'm running late.  What time is the reservation?

Rex: Well, you've got about 30 seconds, or we lose the table.  Think you can make it?

Adriana: It's beautiful.

Rex: Wait a minute.  Cue the ambiance.  Hope you like it.

Adriana: Uh -- what's not to like?  Thank you.

Rex: Well, it was tough.  I had to make a phone call, open the door.  I'm exhausted.

Adriana: Thank you for thinking about tonight -- other than, you know -- for making it special, for being nice and funny and --

Rex: And what?

Adriana: Well, the way I grew up, in the convent, and now with my mother, there's -- there's always these rules, you know, these dos and these don'ts.  And you -- you're like a snow holiday.

Rex: Did you get a lot of those in Puerto Rico?

Adriana: You know what I mean.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the world looks beautiful, and there's nothing to do but enjoy it.

Rex: Wow.  The whole world looks at me and sees a bum, and you see a snow holiday.  That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Adriana: The nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.

Rex: Well, I'm sorry to say, there's no hot chocolate.  This bubbly will have to do.

Adriana: I guess I can deal with that.

Rex: Hope you like it.

Adriana: Will you stop saying that?  I love everything.  Besides, my mother says anyone who doesn't like champagne is an idiot.  But an idiot is actually someone who starts talking about her mother when she's alone with the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on.

Rex: You don't have to talk or think about her.  Tonight it's just the two of us.  There's nothing she can do about it.

Dorian: Oh, well done, Darren.

Daryl: Daryl.

Dorian: Right.  Daryl.  Daryl, I want you to find Monica and have her help you set up your new desk, get you anything that you need because Mr. Buchanan and I have a catastrophe we need to deal with.

Duke: I don't know how we could have anything, let alone a catastrophe, in common.

Dorian: Think Adriana.  Do you want to know where she is right now?

Duke: Not really.

Dorian: She's in a hotel room with Rex Balsom, that's where.

Duke: Yeah, New York, right?

Dorian: You mean you know about it and you haven't done anything about it?

Duke: Dorian, she doesn't want me, ok?  She wants him.

Dorian: Who cares what she wants?  She's about to make a -- an awful decision that could -- could have terrible consequences in her life.  And you -- you, Duke, are the only one who can save her.

Duke: No, you mean I'm the only one you can think of to do your dirty work for you.

Dorian: But we have common interests.  I don't want my daughter throwing her life away, and you don't want to lose the woman you love.

Duke: That's true, I don't.  But the fact is that the woman I love isn't Adriana.

Kelly: I was just going through the mail, you know.  Most of it is junk.  Apparently, we've been approved for that $8 million home equity loan.

Kevin: Oh, good.  Now we can finally get that yacht we've been talking about.

Kelly: Yeah.  Like we ever have time for sailing.

Kevin: I'm hungry.  You hungry?

Kelly: Yeah, I -- I could be hungry.  I could heat up that Mu Shu Pork.

Kevin: No, come on, I don't feel like that.  It's, like, three days old.

Kelly: So, did you go see Asa?

Kevin: Yeah.

Kelly: Any change?  Well, you know, he's going to pull through this.  He will.  He's stubborn.

Kevin: Yeah.  Listen, I -- I called Dr. Truman, left a message.

Kelly: Oh, yeah?

Kevin: Yeah, I just told him I wanted to talk about -- you know, about me, about this whole situation that we're going through, and -- I don't know -- maybe he has some answers.  Well, you know, just --

Kelly: Well, I think that's good.  I mean, I -- I know you don't like him, so I know you're doing this for me I appreciate it.

Kevin: Well, I'm doing it for me, too.  You know, I want a child as much as you do.

Kelly: Kevin, I'm sorry about earlier.  I am sorry we argued.  You know I love you.

Kevin: Yeah, of course.  Listen, I'm going to grab a shower before dinner.

Kevin: Forgot my beer.  What are you doing?

Marcie: I cannot believe that I let you talk me into watching a boxing match.

Michael: Yeah, well, I can't believe that I let you talk me into using a deejay at our wedding reception.

Marcie: Ok -- not only is that the best choice, but, you know, it's the least you could do after I graciously agreed to get married in a church instead of city hall.

Michael: Well, I guess you really can fight city hall, huh?

Marcie: That is not even remotely funny.


Roxy: I got a C-note riding on Cristian.  What about you?

Natalie: Gambling's illegal.

Roxy: Yeah, well, most things that are fun usually are.  Hey, since when did you become so upstandable?

Natalie: Since I started working at the police station for my uncle, the Commissioner.

Roxy: Well, I gather you're not a fight fan, huh?

Natalie: Not exactly.

Roxy: Huh.  Just standing by your man?

[Natalie sighs]

Natalie: He is not my man, he's a friend.

Roxy: You going with Johnny boy?

Natalie: I'm not going with anybody.  I'm living life as a free and independent woman.

Roxy: Oh yeah, yeah, I get that.  But we used to have another word for it back in the day.  We called it a tease.

Natalie: You know, Roxy, having these personal talks with you can be great --


Roxy: Ok, yeah!  All right.

Roxy: You think Johnny Mc Bain would look as good in his trunks?  Maybe.  It's kind of fun to think about, though, you know?

Natalie: You have a very, very big mouth.


Cristian: Going to wish me luck?

Natalie: Yes, yes.  Please be careful.

Cristian: But I can't really impress you being careful, can I?

R.J.: What are you doing here?

Lindsay: I have to talk to you.

R.J.: The fight's about to start.

Lindsay: This is really big, and we have to figure out how to handle it.

R.J.: What?

Lindsay: Remember I told you that I saw a rat in the warehouse?

R.J.: Yeah.

Lindsay: That rat's name is Todd Manning.


Natalie: Ok, Cristian!

R.J.: You saw him?  You're sure?

Lindsay: Yes, I saw him in the security mirror.  Now, I know that he never saw me.  I only said that thing about the rat because I -- I didn't want him to catch on.

R.J.: Ok, that's good thinking.

Lindsay: Well, I wasn't thinking.  I was scared half to death.  The man has killed two people, he's on the run . God only knows what he might've done to me.

R.J.: Yeah, but he didn't, right?  And now -- now we get to do it to him.

Lindsay: Do what?

R.J.: Drop a dime on his ass.

[Knock on door]

Todd: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

Todd: Where the hell have you been?

Evangeline: Nice attitude.  It's not like I'm running any kind of risk here.

Todd: I'm sorry, I'm a little freaked out.  Lindsay showed up.

Evangeline: What?  When?

Todd: Little while ago.  I don't think she saw me, but I thought you said this place was deserted.

Evangeline: You know, I'm not interested in a critique on how well I'm aiding and abetting, ok?  I just got a nice, long lecture on it at the police station.

Todd: What happened?

Evangeline: I've got John breathing down my neck, I had a little face time with our D.A., and the last thing I need is you treating me like I'm some sort of incompetent landlady.

Todd: Ok, sorry.  Sorry.  You're right.

Evangeline: So, Lindsay was here?  She just left, she had no idea you were here?

Todd: Uh -- no, she got a call on her cell phone and she -- she said to whoever it was she was talking to that she heard something but she said it was probably a rat or something.

Evangeline: Oh, damn it, damn it.


Marcie: Come on, Cristian, you can do it!  Stick and move, Cristian!  Stick and move!  Knock him out!

Michael: Who are you?

Marcie: What?  Come on!

Carlotta: Oh, my God!

Ricky: Shake it off, shake it off!

Natalie: Come on.

Roxy: You stop running away, you little Philly cream puff!

Man: Hit him, hit him!

Roxy: They don't fight at the opera like this, huh?

Natalie: He's going to be ok, right?  I mean, he isn't going to get hit too much, right?

Roxy: Yeah, yeah, you know, he's just playing with him!  Ok, I put good money on you, Cristian!

Man: Let's go!

Second man: Wound him!

Natalie: The way he moves really is beautiful, isn't it?

Roxy: Yeah.  The other guy spread-eagled on the canvas -- that would be beautiful!

Natalie: He swears by using his shoulders, you know, really powerful.

Man: Yeah!  Yeah!

Second man: Come on!

Roxy: Come on, get up!  Get up!  Hey, listen!  If you don't stop making goo-goo eyes at him, I'm going to be out a hundred clams and he's going to be out a couple of teeth!  Come on, get up!

Referee: Six, seven, eight --


Referee: Are you ok?

John: I have no idea where Manning is.

R.J.: I know.

[R.J. Chuckles]

R.J.: Well, I do.  I know exactly where Manning is.

Hugh: Get him, then call the F.B.I. where?  Where the hell is he?

R.J.: Oh, easy, easy now.  I'll tell you what you want to know, but it's going to cost you.  It's going to cost you a simple call to the Feds where you tell them to drop those smuggling charges they have against me

Kelly: I was just lighting a fire. I thought it might be nice to eat by a fire -- you know, romantic.

Kevin: Yeah, that's -- that's a good idea.  Here, I'll do it.  You can get dinner.

Kelly: No, no, no!  I -- I've got it.  See?  There we go.  All set.  Um -- I'm going to go work on my culinary masterpiece.

Kevin: "Please don't tell your father about it.  It would really upset him."

Dorian: Wait a minute -- no, no, no, no.  I cannot believe that you've already fallen out of love with my Adriana.  I mean, her grace, her beauty --

Duke: Her fidelity?

Dorian: Yes, well, I can understand your being bitter, but -- but the Cramer women have always gotten deeply into the souls of the Buchanan men, and the only way you would've gotten over Adriana is with another Cramer woman, and they're all spoken for.

[Duke sighs]

Duke: The next time you say there's an emergency, there better be one.

Dorian: You know, a real man would put up a fight for -- well, Adriana, you really know how to pick them.

[Dorian sighs]

Daryl: He off to New York to vanquish his rival?

Dorian: What was I thinking?  I needed something done.  I needed some help, and I turned to a Buchanan?

Daryl: So, what next?

Dorian: You know the old expression "desperate times require desperate measures?"  Yeah. Rex Balsom is going to be sorry he ever crossed me to get to my daughter.  In fact, he is going to be very, very sorry.

[Music plays]

Rex: So, are you sorry we didn't go out?

Adriana: Not a bit.

Rex: Me neither.

Adriana: What?  Do I have lettuce in my teeth?

Rex: If you're going to be a model, you better get used to guys staring at you.  You know, I didn't think anything could make you more beautiful, but by candlelight it's kind of like a lethal weapon.

Adriana: This is a nice way to live.  Can we live like this forever?

Rex: Fine by me.  There is something I want to say, though.

Adriana: This doesn't sound good.

Rex: I kind of want it out on the table that when I first met you and you told me about the 30 million that you had inherited, I got to admit it kind of grabbed my intention.

Adriana: No.  Why, Mr. Balsom, you could've fooled me -- in your dreams.

Rex: You were on to me?

Adriana: From the get-go.  I lived in a convent, not a tree.

Rex: Well, good.  So everything is honest and out in the open between us.

Adriana: Uh-huh.

Rex: And, you know, I would be this crazy about you, this knocked out, if you only had $29 million.  I'm joking about this because I'm not used to seriously talking about this.  But it's -- it's important for me that you know I'm not like that now.

Adriana: Rex, we don't have to talk about it.  In fact, I don't want to talk about it.  It seems like an awful waste of champagne and candlelight if you ask me.

Rex: In my life, I have never been so happy to be told to shut up.

Adriana: So, what do you do with the champagne and candlelight?  Any ideas?

Rex: You know, there is something.

R.J.: There's no risk to you . If my information doesn't pan out and you don't bring Manning in, then there's no deal.  But if it does, hmm?  I mean, you just go ahead and you think about it for a minute.  Just don't take too long before your boy ends up sipping frozen drinks on some extraditionless beach far away.

John: If Manning's in Llanview, we will find him.  You don't need to deal with this guy.

Hugh: Done.

John: Oh, you don't even know what --

Hugh: Where is he?

John: You agreed to.

R.J.: Well, maybe this man can see the big picture.

Hugh: Just shut up and tell me where he is.

R.J.: Ooh, ooh.  We're going to have to work on those manners.  See how they all get so testy, and me -- me, I'm --

Hugh: Let's go.

R.J.: Cool as ever.

Hugh: Call for backup.

Evangeline: I don't like that Lindsay was here.  Maybe we should move.

Todd: Where?  Look, if she'd seen me, she'd have called the cops and they'd be here by now.  You know, she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, anyway.  I think we're all right.  I think for now this is the safest place I could be.

Dorian: You have some comment?

Daryl: I can't believe you just did that.

Dorian: Young man, if you want to succeed as my executive assistant -- in fact, if you want to remain in my employ -- you're going to have to learn not to question my actions.

Daryl: Maybe you don't know it, but what you just did -- it could blow up in your face.  I'm talking nuclear.

Dorian: Did I not make myself clear?

Daryl: You know, not to mention that your daughter will hate you if she ever finds out.

Dorian: She's not going to find out, not ever, right?

Daryl: You do know that employer/executive assistant confidentiality only applies while the assistant is still employed?  While I draw a paycheck, my mouth stays shut, but if I'm terminated --

Dorian: Are you threatening to blackmail me?  I knew there was something I liked about you.  However, I need a few moments alone.  I have to just pray that it's not too late to save my daughter.

[Music plays]

Rex: I want you to know I have protection.

Adriana: I'm on the pill.

Rex: Wow -- finally.  There's nothing left to talk about.

Kelly: I thought you were taking a shower.

Kevin: Oh, no.  I think I'll wait until after dinner.

Kelly: Ok.  Well, it should be ready in a few minutes.  You want a glass of wine?

Kevin: No.  I'm good.

Kelly: All right.  Nice fire, huh?

Kevin: Yeah.  It's really nice.

Man: Come on!  Come on!

Roxy: Come on, Cris!  Knock him out!

Natalie: All right, Cris!  Come on!  Remember what you told me!  Keep your shoulders down!  Focus on yourself, not him!  Come on, Cris!  Focus!  Damn it, Cris!  Stop screwing around and put the bum down!  Come on!


Natalie: Whoo!  Whoo!

Referee: Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10!

[Bell rings]

Natalie: Whoo!

Referee: We've got a new champ!


Natalie: Whoo!  Whoo!

Evangeline's voice: This is Evangeline.  I can't take your call right now.  Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

[Answering machine beeps]

John: Hey, it's me.  They know where you are, and they're on their way.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Adriana: I never wanted anything so much.

Rex: God, you're beautiful.

Ed: You are to stay away from that warehouse.

Hugh: Police -- freeze!

Tess: Why don't you give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you in the way you did me.

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