OLTL Transcript Thursday 3/9/06

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/9/06


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Paige: Who is it?

David: It's your favorite ex-brother-in-law.

Paige: David, what do you want?

David: Open the door.  I want to keep you in the loop.  Have you seen your ex lately?

Paige: Not in the last day or so, thank God.

David: I know that we discussed that I wouldn't say anything, but the way things worked out --

Paige: David, what have you done?

David: I mentioned to Spencer that we talked -- about him and something about his connection to Margaret Cochran's murder.

[Paige sighs]

Todd's voice: I'm not going to hurt you.  I need your help, please.  I've got nowhere else to go.

Bo: Evangeline?

Jack: Mommy.

Blair: Hey, handsome!

Starr: Hi, mom.

Blair: Hi.  I was getting worried about you guys.

Starr: Oh, sorry . We got caught up in a game.  We must've lost track of time.

Blair: "Lost track of time?"  That sounds like you had a good time, huh?

Jack: Mary's daddy is nice.  He said he'd be my daddy next week.

Blair: You talking about the father/son banquet?

Jack: But I said no.

Blair: So you donít want him to take you?

Jack: I donít know him that much, so I asked somebody else instead.

Blair: Really?  Who?

Jack: Dr. Spencer.

Spencer: Hey, big boy.  How you doing?

Kelly: I was kind of hoping

Kelly: Well, it was a little bit more than that.

Duke: Oh, God.  Kelly, please tell me I did not come on to you.  Please.

Kelly: Well --

Paige: Have you lost your mind?  He's turned you against me, hasn't he?  That's it.  That has finally happened -- he finally got to you.

David: Paige, just relax.

Paige: Oh, relax?  Relax?  How can I possibly relax when you're -- you're telling Spencer things that could make everything worse for everybody?

David: Well, it could actually make things better.

Paige: How?

David: Well, if you'd stop melting down and listen for a second, I'd tell you.  I mentioned that I thought he was involved somehow in Margaret's death.

Paige: Oh, that's all?  That's -- that's great.

David: I didn't tell him that you told me he killed her.  In fact, I made a point of saying that you told me he didn't kill her.

Paige: Why were you even discussing this?

David: To watch him squirm.  It was kind of fun, watching him get raked over for a change?

Paige: There is nothing that's fun about this.

David: Nah, come on.  It's a little fun.

[Paige sighs]

Paige: Look, I -- I can't take much more of this.  I'm not kidding.

David: But, you see, here's the thing.  Spencer doesn't know how much I know, but he's really rattled like a nun caught skimming from the offering.  I like it, I've never seen him like this.

Paige: Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?  You're playing some kind of -- some kind of sibling rivalry game with your brother.  It's crazy!

David: That's not what this is, Paige.  I want us to have something over him.  We can't just keep taking it.

Paige: I thought I was free of Spencer, that I could finally have a life, be happy with the greatest guy I've ever known.

David: Paige, I'm not really available.  But Bo seems to have something to do with Spencer's problem.

Paige: Spencer -- he doesn't want me back, and why does he need to ruin everything?

David: He likes to watch people in misery.  Dorian and I had a good thing going all the way up to the altar.  I had to leave her just to save her.

Paige: That's exactly what he wants me to do with Bo.

David: Donít you see the opportunity we have here?  We've got him because I know the one connection between Spencer and Margaret's murder.

Paige: He told you?

David: Told me what?

Evangeline: Bo, how are you?

Bo: I'm fine.  You?

Evangeline: I'm all right.  How's your father?  Is he doing any better?

Bo: He's doing better, but they're -- they're keeping him in the hospital, though.

Evangeline: I hope he gets out soon.

Bo: Donít we all.  Did you lose something?

Evangeline: What?

Bo: In the trash. I -- you're the last person I ever thought I'd see going through the garbage.

[Evangeline chuckles]

Evangeline: Yeah, well, I was just leaving this here actually.

Bo: Oh, why didn't you just toss it at your place?

Evangeline: Because, well, it's going to sound strange.  I was going through my closets and I found this old Jacket and some pants and when I went to the shelter to drop it off, it was full, so --

Bo: So you thought you'd leave it here?

Evangeline: Yeah.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Evangeline: You know, in case some homeless people around here wanted something from the trash.  You know, it's cold.  It's been cold outside.

Bo: What if -- what if the sanitation department picked it up first, though?

Evangeline: You're right.  I didn't think of that.

Bo: Evangeline, I'm sorry, but that is the lamest story I've ever heard.

Evangeline: What, you donít believe me?

Bo: I think you're too honest to be a good liar.  What's going on?

Evangeline: Ok, Bo.  You busted me.

Spencer: So how you doing, big boy?  Oh.

Jack: Good.

Spencer: Good?  Yeah?  I got your message.

Jack: Can you take me to a father/son banquet?

Spencer: Well, you know, I would really like that, upon your mother's approval, of course.

Jack: It's ok, isn't it, Mom?

Blair: Um -- Starr, would you mind taking Jack over to the swings and hanging out for a minute?

Starr: That was really subtle, Mom?

Blair: Just come on, please.  Do it for me.  Thanks.

Spencer: See you, Jack.

Starr: Come on, Jack.

Spencer: I didn't mean to put you on the spot.  I'm sorry.

Blair: Well, it's -- how did he get your number?

Spencer: Well, I gave it to him last week at the penthouse, you know.  I gave him my cell phone number.  I told him to call me if he ever needed anything.

Blair: Well, why would you do that?

Spencer: Well, that was before --

Blair: I know -- we decided that it would be best if we didn't continue to see ea other.

Spencer: Look, I'm sorry, Blair.  I wasn't thinking, I guess.  I just gave it to him.

Blair: Well, you know what, Spencer?  When it comes to my kids, it all has to go through me, ok?

Spencer: I understand.  That's why I didn't give him an answer right away.  You know, he just -- he just wants somebody to go with him so badly.  He wants me to do it, and if Todd can't be there for him, somebody has to, right?


Duke: Kelly, I donít know what to say.

Kelly: There's nothing to say.  I -- I'm the only one who knows about this.

Duke: I owe you a huge apology, ok?  I -- I donít know what happened to me, ok?  I -- I do not get sloppy drunk like that.

Kelly: It was because of Adriana.

Duke: Yeah, maybe.

Kelly: You're still hurting because of her.

Duke: You've been a big help with that -- I mean, as a friend.

Kelly: Yeah, of course.

Duke: Yeah.

Kelly: Even if -- um --

Duke: Even if what?

Kelly: Well, you said last night that maybe the reason why you and Adriana didn't work out was because of me.

Duke: Kelly, you and -- you and dad were married.

Kelly: I know.

Duke: And you're getting married again.

Kelly: I know!

Duke: I mean, I'm -- I'm not competing with him in some kind of weird guy thing.

Kelly: I -- good.  I hope not.

Duke: Yeah.  I mean, we're friends, ok, like we have always been.

Kelly: Sometimes I think you're my best friend, especially now with everything that's going on with Kevin.

Duke: You've been on my mind a lot lately, too -- not because -- no, because I just -- I feel bad because I know, I know how much you've wanted a child and now that you can finally have one and my dad can't give you what you need -- ok.  Well, that -- that came out completely wrong.

Kelly: We should probably stop talking --

Duke: Yeah.

Kelly: Because we're both just saying the wrong things right now.

Duke: Ok, look, you got to know that whatever I saw to you, it -- whether I'm drunk or sober, it's because I trust you, ok?  I mean, we're friends.  We're good friends, but that's it.  End of story.

Evangeline: I shouldn't have lied to you, Bo.

Bo: What's the big deal about what's in the bag?

Evangeline: The big deal is that these clothes -- they're not mine.  They're John's.

Bo: You're throwing away John's clothes?

Evangeline: Yeah.  He left them at my house a long time ago back when we were still dating and I found them, and it upset me, and so I wanted to just get rid of them.

Bo: Ok.  You donít have to explain.

Evangeline: No, I -- I wish I could've told you the truth from the start.

Bo: Well, it's not always easy, you know, especially for somebody that's as hard on themselves as you are.

Evangeline: Sometimes things happen and they take control of you and you do things you never thought you'd do.

Bo: Are you ok?

Evangeline: I'll be all right.  I just -- I have to take care of some things.

Bo: Are you sure?  You're really upset about this.

Evangeline: Yeah.  I think -- I think I just better go, Bo.

Bo: Donít let me stop you.  You do what you got to do if it'll help.

Evangeline: It's going to take a lot more than tossing some old clothes in the trash to do that.

Bo: All right, you give yourself a break, all right?  It's just a bag of old clothes.

Evangeline: Great, Todd.  Now you got me lying to the Police Commissioner for you.

Paige: You -- you've got me all confused now.

David: You're confused?  What do you think Spencer told me?

Paige: Well, it -- I donít know.  It's just the way that you were talking, it sounded like -- like Spencer said something to you and -- and what was it?

David: Nothing specific, but I do know this -- Spencer wanted Todd out of the way and now Todd is out of the way via a double murder conviction/lethal injection, and then you had something you needed to tell Todd that only you know.  You're engaged to the police commissioner, who happens to be a Buchanan, and Spencer hates all things Buchanan.  It's a six-degree sort of thing, or seven or however many it took me to make the connection.

Paige: Well, it sounds a little far-fetched, even for you.

David: There's a common thread -- all roads lead to Bo.

Paige: But why?  What does Spencer have against Bo?

[Phone rings]

Paige: Hello?

Bo: Paige, it's me.

Paige: Hi.

Bo: Hi.  We need to talk.  I have to be in my office for a meeting in about an hour.  Can you meet me there before?

Paige: Sure . I'll be right there.

Bo: Ok.  I'll see you there, then.

Paige: Bo wants me to -- to meet him at the police station.

David: Is that unusual?

Paige: No.  No, why?

David: Because you're white as a sheet.

Paige: Oh.  I just -- I donít know. I'm just -- I've got a lot going on.  Everything, Iíve to juggle everything and I've got -- got Spencer breathing down my neck.  I have to go.  I'm sorry.

David: Wow.  She's a worse liar than Adriana.

Spencer: Hello?

Blair: Do you see anything?

Spencer: No.  The wind or something, I guess.  I donít know.  Listen, I'm sorry about Jack.  I -- I should've let you know as soon as he called me and asked me about it.  You know, he just seemed so sad and, I mean, the kid needs a father figure like nobody's business.

Blair: Well, he has one -- Todd.

Spencer: Yeah, I know.  Listen, I know that Jack and Starr are not the only ones having a hard time with this and I know that it's hard for you and very hard if not harder than anyone.  You have to be strong for everybody, even when you donít feel like being strong and, well, that's why I decided to back off.  Ok?  I mean, I just donít want you to be under any more pressure than you already are.  So I won't take Jack to the banquet and I accept that and I respect that.  And I'll even take the fall. I'll be the bad guy in all this.

Blair: No, you're not -- you're not the bad guy, Spencer, you know.  Jack obviously wants you to take him or he wouldn't have called.  I just donít want to keep disappointing my kids, you know?

Starr: Mom?  Jack wants some hot chocolate.

Blair: Oh.  Sure, babe.

Spencer: I'll get it.

Blair: Sure, sure, sure.

Spencer: Here.  Get some for all of us, why donít you?  I'll take one.

Starr: I donít want any.

Blair: Look, I'm sorry.  She is so rude.

Spencer: It's all right, it's all right, no --

Blair: No, I've got to work on that rudeness thing.

Spencer: Typical teenage stuff, ok?

Blair: Well, it's no excuse.

Spencer: I just think Todd has all of you very stressed out right now.

Blair: Thank you.

Spencer: It's just hot chocolate, Blair.

Blair: No, it's more than that and you know it.

Blair: Evangeline.

Evangeline: Hi, Blair.  Dr. Truman.

Spencer: Hey.

Blair: Any word on Todd?

Duke: Kelly?  Hey, come on.  I mean, you -- you know how loaded I was last night, ok?  I was saying things that i completely did not mean.  I mean, not that I donít think you're not incredibly hot because --

Kelly: Ok, why donít we just skip the double and triple and quadruple negatives and accept the fact that you were really drunk and said some things you shouldn't have?

Duke: I just -- I donít want things to be weird between us -- I mean, not now and not -- especially not when you and dad get married.  Think that's possible after last night?

Kevin: Why do I always feel like I'm walking in on something with you two?

Paige: Knock, knock.

Bo: Ahem.  Hey.  Thanks for coming over so fast.

Paige: Didn't want to hold up your meeting.

Bo: Here, let me take this.  Have a seat.

Paige: I feel like I'm being called into the principal's office.

Bo: I'll get right to the point.  Todd Manning was at our place, Paige.

Paige: How do you know that?

Bo: Because I found a little piece of the -- the marshal's uniform that Manning stole.  It was hanging on a nail, so -- why didn't you tell me he was there?  Why'd you lie to me?

Evangeline: "Hear from Todd?"  Why would you ask me that?

Blair: Well, he's on the run, you're his attorney. You're about the only person who still believes in him.

Evangeline: So does Starr.  And you haven't seen any sign of him, have you?

Blair: No.  I donít think Todd would be stupid enough to try to contact me, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Let's hope not.

Starr: Here are the hot chocolates.

Blair: I didn't think you wanted one.

Starr: Well, it's kind of cold out.

Blair: Ok, well --

Spencer: Thank you.

Blair: I guess it's time to go.

Jack: Thanks for the cocoa, Dr. Spencer.

Spencer: You're welcome.  You're very welcome.

Starr: Yeah, thanks.

Spencer: I'll walk you guys to the car, ok?

Starr: Ok.

Spencer: This way.

Blair: Look, I hope everything turns out the way it's supposed to, Evangeline.

Evangeline: Me, too.

Evangeline: Todd, what are you doing?

Todd: Getting my family back.

Evangeline: You go after them, you're on your own.

Kelly: Um -- you're not interrupting anything.  I just -- I'm surprised to see you, happily surprised.

Duke: Uh -- Layla, are those the quarterlies for me to look at?

Layla: Yeah, actually, so if you want to go and --

Duke: Yeah.  Let's go.

Kevin: Something going on between you and Duke?

Kelly: Huh . No.  Why would you think that?

Kevin: Well, you see, I donít want to, I really donít, but, you know, I've been getting this vibe lately.  Every time I walk in, there's something going on and, you know, if Duke's too scared to tell me, then you need to be the grownup here.

Duke: Good job, Layla.  Thanks for going the extra mile.  Looks like it's all here.  Uh -- ok, what was that for?

Layla: I didn't just come here to show you some files.

Duke: But you said --

Layla: I wanted to see how you were doing after last night.  You have "hangover" written all over you, but what's going on with you and Kelly?

Duke: Oh, what makes you think anything is?

Layla: Hmm, the deer-in-the-headlights look when your dad and I walked in on you two?

Duke: You didn't walk in on anything, ok?

Layla: Oh, no?

Duke: No.

Layla: Then why are you tripping?

Duke: Look, I donít want to talk about it.

Layla: Oh, my God.  You and Kelly.

Duke: No -- no.  No, ok?  I just -- I said something that I can't take back.

Paige: How do you know that the piece of cloth was Todd's?

Bo: I had forensics analyze it.  You're not going to say anything?

Paige: What do you want me to say?

Bo: Honey, what am I supposed to think?  Here I find this little piece of material from the marshal's uniform that Manning stole and it's hanging on a nail right on our terrace.

Paige: On our terrace?

Bo: Yeah, that's where I found it.

Paige: Well, why do you think that I know anything about that?

Bo: Well, you haven't said that you donít.

Paige: I donít.  I can honestly tell you that I donít know what was going on with Todd Manning on our terrace.

Bo: But this wouldn't be the first time that you kept a secret from me about Manning.

Paige: I -- I donít know what to say.

Bo: Just tell me the truth.  How did you get mixed up in a case with someone that you barely even know and now you're all over it?

Paige: Well, I told you it was just a feeling that I had, and why are you making more of this than it is?

Bo: Because I think this is more.  There's something that you're not telling me.  And why would you put, like, Todd Manning of all people ahead of our relationship?

Paige: Is that what you think I'm doing?

Bo: Yeah, that's -- I think that's what you are doing.  It seems like you care more about him than you do us.

Paige: How can you even say that?  Everything I'm doing is for you.

Evangeline: Are you insane?

Todd: I have to see my family.

Evangeline: Let them go.

Todd: What'd you say?

Evangeline let them go.

Todd: "Let them go?"  I won't let them go.  I can't let them go.

Evangeline: Do you want to go back on death row?

Todd: What, do you think they're going to turn me in?

Evangeline: What about Spencer?  He'll do everything in his power to hold you until the police come.

Todd: No, I'd kill him first.

Evangeline: Yeah, and then you really will be guilty of murder.  Will you pull it together, Todd, before you destroy us both?  If you go after them, you can get yourself a court-appointed attorney because I will be finished.  And you can kiss any chance of clearing your name and getting your family back goodbye.

Kelly: Are you telling me to grow up?

Kevin: You know what I mean.

Kelly: No.  No, I donít.  You're making it sound like I'm acting like a child.

Kevin: That's because every time I walk into a room with you and my son, you're --

Kelly: What, what, what?  You think that something's going on between me and Duke?  I mean, come on, Kevin.  What kind of woman do you think I am?  Look, Duke and I are friends, ok?  If he's having a problem with a girl, with Adriana, whom he still happens to be crazy about, he should be able to come to me with that.

Kevin: If he's having a problem with someone, he should come to me.  I'm his father.

Kelly: You know, if we can't agree on your grown son, then how the hell are we ever going to raise a child of our own?

Layla: What can't you take back?

Duke: Nothing, ok?  And this is not a part of your job description, so forget it.

Layla: Did -- did you hit on Kelly last night?  To think I sent her over to sober you up.

Duke: No, no, ok?  I did not hit on Kelly.

Layla: But you wanted to.

Duke: Like you said, I had a little too much to drink.

Layla: So it was just the Booze talking?

Duke: That's what I told Kelly.

Layla: But it wasn't?

Duke: No.

Waiter: Excuse me, but do you have a reservation?

David: Of course I do.  What's your name?  Donít tell me -- I donít have time to report you to Renee.  Just bring me a bottle of your finest champagne, on the house, try to forget this ever happened.

Waiter: Yes, sir.

David: Stop talking, bring the booze.

Spencer: Must be a new waiter.  He obviously didn't recognize you from your likeness on the "wanted" poster in Renee's office.

David: Spencer.  Fancy meeting you here.

Spencer: No, nothing fancy about it.  I do live here, take most of my meals here, so it only stands to reason that you would find me here.

David: An excellent point.  I'm about to receive a complimentary bottle of champagne.  Why donít you join me?

Spencer: Oh, merry -- I'm sure I'll be paying for it, right?  What are you celebrating?

David: Oh, I'm celebrating a lot.

Spencer: Well, pray tell, David.  What exactly is the good news?

David: Why donít you have lunch with me?  Maybe I'll share.

Todd: You have no idea what it's like to see Spencer Truman play father to my children!

Evangeline: It had to be torture to see that.  But I shouldn't have to remind you that you're a fugitive. There's a price on your head and it keeps going up with every law you break.

Todd: I didn't blow my cover.

Evangeline because I stopped you.

Todd: It's just that I saw him walking away with my children.  God, I can't stand that.  I want so much to know that they know I'm ok and that you're going to get me out of this.

Evangeline: And did you think through your great reveal to the next step?  I mean, even if Blair were to keep your secret, Todd, you really want to lay this on your kids?  You know what Spencer would do.  You really want your kids to see you hauled off again in handcuffs, or worse?

Todd: You're right.  No, I didn't think that far ahead.  All I could think about was my family falling apart right in front of me.

Evangeline: I understand.  That's why I'm laying myself out here on the line for you, Todd.  Look at me.  Look at what I'm doing here.  I'm like -- I'm doing things I never would have ever imagined I would do.

Todd: I'm sorry I put you on the spot like this.

Evangeline: You didn't make me do this.  But I didn't sign on to play bodyguard, and that's what I'm stuck with here.  Even if I did almost blow it earlier.

Todd: What happened?

Evangeline: When I was dumping that Marshal's uniform, Bo came up behind me.

Todd: He didn't see it?

Evangeline: No.  But it was close.

Todd: Do you think he suspects something?

Evangeline: Let's hope not.

Bo: Are you saying that this is all my fault?

Paige: No.  No, I just -- look, I -- I donít control Todd Manning, Bo, where he goes or who he sees in Llanview and it -- if he was on our terrace, I didn't put him there.

Bo: No, but you did do something.  You just said that you did it for me.

Paige: Because you were accusing me of lying.

Bo: Keeping secrets.

Paige: Isn't that the same thing?

Bo: It -- ah, come on.  What's going on with us?  I mean, how did we get here?  What's happening to us, Paige?

Paige: I wish I'd never gone to see Todd.

Bo: No, but you did.  And then you didn't tell me and now you won't tell me why.

Paige: It was a mistake.

Bo: Yeah, but what about everything else?  The other secrets -- those are mistakes, too?

Paige: Why can't you just trust me on faith and just know that I would never do anything to hurt you?

Bo: Yeah, but why can't you trust me?  See, you know that whatever it is that's going on with you I'm going to understand.  You know, but the mistakes, these -- they're killing us, honey.

Paige: Everything I have done, everything I do is for you.  That's all I can say.  If it's not enough, I'm sorry.

Bo: Me, too.  Because I'm not sure that we can go on like this.

Kevin: Considering the fact that I can't give you a child, whether or not we'd be good at raising one -- kind of a moot point.  Donít you think?

Kelly: I'm really sorry I said that. You know I didn't mean it, donít you?

Kevin: Yeah, I know.

Kelly: Look, I know this upsets you and no one understands that better than me, but we can't let things change between us.

Kevin: I really donít want it to.

Kelly: We can't let it.

Kelly: Look, no matter what has happened, I love you and I always will.  That's not going to change for me.  Kevin, we really should talk about this.

Kevin: We did.

Kelly: Ok.  I guess I'll see you later, then.

Kelly: Donít let me interrupt your meeting.

Layla: I donít know you all that well but I do know that look.  You got it bad for your dad's girl.  So what are you going to do about it?

Duke: I donít know.

Kevin: Yeah, Dr. Truman, this is Kevin Buchanan.  Give me a call when you get this, will you?  I need to talk to you about -- about me.

Spencer: This change in your disposition, David -- it's really becoming quite annoying.

David: Oh, I can imagine.  I know how you hate not knowing damn near everything about damn near everything.

Spencer: I know this -- I know you're trying to con your big brother.  You got nothing, David.

David: You got nothing, either, Spencer, especially Blair.  A hitch in your best-laid plans?

Spencer: She's having a rough time adjusting to losing Todd, that's all.

David: What if she doesn't make the adjustment?

Spencer: Have you seen Todd?

David: No, I'm not exactly the first person he'd look up after he escapes from a fiery airplane.

Spencer: Neither is Blair.  I just left her and she has not heard from him.

David: Actually, I came prepared to speak about something more interesting than your love life with Blair.

Spencer: What could be more interesting?  However, David, I think I'll let the pot get just a little bit bigger before I go into discussing details about my love life with you.

David: Ok.  But if you donít play, you donít win.  So think on this -- everybody has allies, even Todd, and wouldn't you like to find out who they are?

Spencer: You better not be bluffing, David, because if you go all in with me, you better have a card up your sleeve or you will lose everything.

David: Maybe I won't have to go all in.  You're not breathing -- I can sense it.  No threats from Spencer this time.  Maybe the great one is slipping.

Paige: Are you breaking up with me?

Bo: No, I donít want to.  You know, I think of Matthew and what this would do to him after everything he's been through.

Paige: I know.  Poor, poor little guy.  But is Matthew the only reason?

Bo: No.  No.  Paige, you know that I love you.

Paige: I love you, too.  And I -- I know we can get through this.  I -- I really believe it.

Bo: I mean, how if you won't talk to me?  Hmm?

Paige: I -- I can tell you this.  I just -- I hope one day that you will understand that everything that I'm doing is because I love you so much.

Todd: Do you want out?

Evangeline: I'm in to this up to my neck.

Todd: You donít feel like I'm forcing you, right?  You said that.

Evangeline: No, I donít think you're forcing me, and I'm going to do what I promised.  I'm going to get you to a safe place where you can hide out until we can prove you're innocent.  But you have to play by my rules.  Are we clear on that?

Bo: Who would Manning turn to?

Todd: I didn't plan on seeing my family.

Evangeline: I didn't plan on any of this.  You came close to blowing your cover today, Todd, too close.  We have to work together if we're going to prove you're being set up.

Todd: I can't do anything with anybody if I'm hiding.

Evangeline: You can't do anything on the outside.

Todd: I got to make sure Spencer Truman stays away from my family.

Evangeline: I want to help you, Todd, but I'm not an idiot.  And I'm not going to do anything unless I have your word that you're not going to pull anything.  And you know what?  You can't forget that your word means something to me.  Even if it doesn't mean anything to anyone else in this town, it means something to me, so promise me that you will stay put and let me gather the evidence we need.  Are you with me?

Todd: My life is in your hands once again.

Evangeline: I'm going to do everything I can not to let you down this time.

Bo: Would Evangeline --

Todd: Thank you.

Evangeline: Donít thank me yet.  This is far from over.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Viki: Nash left this with Clint.

Nash: I will find a way for us to be together.

Rex: We haven't gone so far that we can't take a step back.

Adriana: Is that what you want?

Evangeline: I wanted to know if there was anything new on the search for Todd.

John: Well, why would you ask?  You already know where he is.

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