OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/8/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/8/06


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Adriana: So do you like it?

Rex: What I really love about it is how great it's going to look lying beside the bed.

Adriana: You have amazing visual sense.

Rex: I've been visualizing us like this for a long time.

Adriana: So have I.

[Knock on door]


Rex: You're not even dressed?

Adriana: Oh, I overslept.

Rex: You have to be at the modeling agency in 20 minutes -- looking like a model.  What have you been doing?

Kelly: Oh, thank God you're alone.

Duke: Inside voices, please?

Kelly: Sorry.  Sorry, but we really have to talk about what you said last night.

Duke: Wait a minute -- what?

Kelly: What you said last night at Rodiís -- we have to discuss it.

Duke: Wait -- I've got no clue what you're talking about.

Clint: Nash gave this to me before he left.  It's for Tess.

Viki: I'll make sure she gets it.  I really wish I could have talked him out of leaving.  You know, I cannot believe that I have come to rely on the boyfriend of my daughter's alternate personality.

Clint: Things any better between you and Tess?

Viki: No.  No, she resents me bitterly, and with good reason.

Clint: Viki, I'm sorry.

Viki: Thank you.

Dorian: They're holding hands.

Blair: Ok, why don't you just back up and tell me what you're talking about?  The electricity between you and Clint?

Dorian: Well, we've just been spending an awful lot of time together lately.

Blair: Doing what?

Dorian: And David gets really unnerved when he sees me with Clint.  Oh, yes, and that's not exactly depressing.

Blair: Dorian, you are ridiculous.

Dorian: Oh, really?  That's your opinion.

Blair: Yeah.  There's Spencer.

Dorian: Right.  Why do you seem upset?  I thought the two of you had gotten so close lately.

Blair: Well, we have, but we decided that we shouldn't see each other -- not until Todd is back in custody.

Dorian: Oh, well, if that's the case, I hope Todd is never caught.

Evangeline: Wake up, Todd.  Get up.

Todd: All right.

[Todd groans]

Todd: What's for breakfast?

Evangeline: You're pretty cool for a convicted killer on the run.

Todd: Very cool.  Spencer Truman set me up, and we're going to prove it.

Evangeline: Yeah, if the cops find out I'm harboring a fugitive, I'm going to have the cell right next to yours.

Todd: No, you're way too smart to let that happen.

Evangeline: Yeah, one would think so.  How can you be so cheerful?

Todd: Well, you always have that effect on me.

[Keys jingle]

Evangeline: That's my sister.  Hide, hide.  Get, get in -- hey, good morning.  How are you?

Layla: Cranky, from not sleeping in my own bed.

Evangeline: Ok, I'm sorry about that, honey.

Layla: And don't give me that bull about having to work.  You're never still in your pajamas at this hour.  You hooked up with a man last night, right?  I want to know his name.

Michael: What are you doing down here, John?

John: Hey.  I kept falling asleep in my room.

Michael: No.  I mean, what are you doing?

John: What does it look like I'm doing?  I'm working.

Michael: A day after I patched you up, again?

John: Thanks for that, again.

Michael: I thought you didn't have a job.

John: Well, I didn't say I was getting paid.

Michael: Well, those look like official police document to me, John.

John: Yes, yes, and if you must know, I'm trying to keep Manning from a lethal injection.  There it is.

Natalie: This was a bad idea.

Cristian: I just want to show you that boxing is a lot more than two guys beating the hell out of eh other.

Natalie: Do you understand that just because I'm worried about some guy punching your lights out does not mean that anything's changed between us.

Cristian: Really?

Natalie: Yeah, really.

Cristian: So what was that kiss about last night?

Natalie: Nothing!  God!  It's not like you were the only guy I kissed last night.

Michael: If you stole --

John: Stole?

Michael: Official police --

John: Mike, these are my personal notes on the Cochran case.

Michael: Yeah, but doesn't the police department kind of figure that what's yours is really theirs?

John: Mike, at this point, I really don't care what they think, all right?  I'm going to go through this stuff, and I'm going to keep going through it until I figure out what it is I missed.

[John groans]

Michael: Been up all night, coffee boy?

John: Some of it.  Most of it.

Michael: And did you miss anything?

John: No, not yet.  But once in a while, the system breaks down, and an innocent man is convicted.  And the flip side of that -- guilty men are allowed to walk the sreets.  Like the piece of crap that killed our father.

Michael: That's what this is about, John.  Our dad.

Cristian: So this guy you kissed last night -- I'm assuming is Mc Bain.

Natalie: I shouldn't have said that.

Cristian: Why not?  You wanted me to know.

Natalie: I don't want to hurt you.  It's just that you said that -- you said that you weren't going to try to get me back.

Cristian: Hey, look, you want to kiss Mc Bain, you go right ahead.

Natalie: Cristian, look, it was nothing, all right?  John kissed me out of a stupor.  It meant nothing.  It's not like we're getting back together.

Cristian: Can we get started with this lesson?  Or is there anything else you want to tell me?

Natalie: I guess we can get started.

Cristian: Ok, good.  I'm going to set you up with some gloves.

Cristian: I need your right hand.

Natalie: Do I really have to wear these?

Cristian: Yep.  Normally, you would be using straps before the gloves, but these are enough to protect these pretty little hands of yours.

Blair: So you going to tell me about you and Clint?

Dorian: Ever since Asa had his heart attack --

Blair: Asa?

Dorian: Yes.  That's it -- Asa.  I'll just go over there and ask him how Asa is doing.

Blair: Oh, come on.  Don't you think that tactic is a little obvious?

Dorian: Blair, I am deeply concerned about Asa.  Deep.

Blair: Oh, yeah, as deeply as you are about global warming.

Layla: You want to go to work, just tell me who was here.  That will speed up my exit considerably.

Evangeline: Nobody was here.

Layla: Really?  When did you start wearing this?

Evangeline: It's a t-shirt.  I find these very comfortable to sleep in.

Layla: Uh, do you forget you're talking to your sister?  What you find comfortable are those silk jobs --

Evangeline: Layla, I don't have time for this.  I have to get to work this morning, so do you.

Layla: Yeah, and I make it a practice to take a shower and change before I do, which will give you some time to work on that lame excuse of yours.

John: I'm not sure what you mean, Mike.

Michael: Well, inscrutable, you're not, John.  I mean, one second you're carrying on about Todd Manning being framed, the next you're talking about our dad being killed.  And then once again, John Mc Bain is off to slay the dragon!

John: No, I'm fairly sure the dragon didn't do it.  Look, Mike, I think you're really making something out of nothing.

Michael: So, talking about dad -- that's just idle chat, huh, John?

John: All right, I know I'm going to regret telling you this.  But I was thinking about looking into what happened to him.

Michael: On your own?

John: It's a cold case, Mike.  It would have to be on my own, yes.

Michael: Oh, Johnny, where do I start?

John: How about -- how about this, Mike?  How about for once, you just don't say anything?  Try it.

Adriana: I'm an idiot.  I forgot to ask for a wake-up call.  But I'll jump in the shower and throw some clothes on, and then we'll go.

Rex: Nice digs.  Must be nice having a place this big.

Adriana: Your room isn't this big?  We'll switch.  I don't mind.

Rex: No, I'd rather you have the bigger room, so I can rag you about it.

Adriana: How nice of you.

Rex: Unless, of course, you wanted to share.  You don't have to get nervous.  I was just kidding.  We should have separate rooms.

Adriana: Thanks.

Rex: You're welcome.  I see you got my flowers.

Adriana: They're from you?

Rex: Who'd did you think, Bloomberg?

Adriana: I thought they came with the room.

Rex: Next time, I guess I'll have to get you a card.

Adriana: I'm sorry, Rex.  They're -- they're beautiful.  You're so sweet.

Adriana: Um -- I should hurry.

Rex: You know, models aren't really expected to be on time.

Adriana: Well, it's my first day.  I mean, you know, I -- I want to make a good impression.

Rex: Oh, you want to make a good impression, this would certainly do the trick.

Duke: Last night's kind of a blur.

Kelly: Yeah, you were having quite a night of it.

Duke: Yeah.  Your nice way of saying I was drunk out of my mind.

Kelly: Well, you know, it happens to the best of us.  And what you don't need right now is someone dropping by unannounced, so I'm just going to go.

Duke: No, hey, hey, hey -- so, wait, what'd I say?

Kelly: Nothing.  Nothing.  Drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine.

Duke: Kelly.  Hey, you came all the way over here because you said we had to talk about what I said.  I mean, if I did or said something embarrassing, I need to know what it was.

Michael: After almost being fired from your job for being what a couple of crazy people think is a little too over-obsessive, that you take things a little too personally, you go and you obsess over the most personal case possible.

John: So what do you want me to do, Mike?  Huh?  You want me just to sit here on my hands and not do anything?  Let this guy get away with it?

Michael: You think that's what I want?  You think you're the only one that cares?

John: No, I don't think that.

Michael: I miss him, John.  Every day, I miss him.

John: I know you do, Mike.  I know.

Michael: I just don't want him to mess with my family any more than he already has, you know, John?  I don't want you going off the rails because of something this guy did.

John: And I get that.  I do.

Michael: But you aren't changing subjects, are you?

John: Hey, look at me.  Sometimes I think -- you know, Mike, if I could just solve this one, maybe it would calm me down a little bit, and at the end of the day, I could get some peace, you know?

Michael: Ok.  That, I understand.

John: All right.  I'll tell you what.  I'm going to -- I'm going to listen to what you said.  I will, ok?  But, hey, it's -- it's been a long night, and -- hell, I'm going to go to the gym work out some of this stress, if you don't mind.

Michael: Not a good idea, John.

John: Hey, Mike, again, I -- I wasn't asking permission.

Michael: Fine, go.  But do me a favor.  Take it easy, John.  Take it out on the bags, not your career.

John: Mike, I love you, but you're getting awful mouthy in your old age.

Cristian: All right.  Now, well, the thing about boxing -- it's actually -- it's actually a lot like painting.

Natalie: Oh, yeah, I've heard that one before.  So, that big match between Picasso and Mike Tyson was huge.

Cristian: All right, rule number one -- when learning to box, don't be a sarcastic know-it-all.

Natalie: Oh, just an adoring woman lapping up all your wisdom.

Cristian: Whose idea was this?

Natalie: Not mine.

Cristian: Moving on.  When learning to box, boxing's a lot like painting.  And the reason why it's a lot like painting is because, while you need a lot of technical skills, the most important preparation is mental.  You have to be mentally ready to be physically ready.

Natalie: Ok, well, I'm pretty much ready to punch you.  I mean, mentally, anyway.

Cristian: All right.  Well, go ahead.  Give me your best shot.

Natalie: No, I'm kidding.  I don't really want to hurt you.

Cristian: You're not going to hurt me.  Go ahead.

Natalie: Ok.  Oh!  I guess you know what you're doing.

Cristian: Yes, I do.

Natalie: Well, I want to know, too.

Cristian: Are you ready to listen?

Natalie: Yeah.

Cristian: Ok.  Now, you got to think about yourself, not the opponent.  Here, try this.  Bring your hands up.  Now, the punch doesn't come from the arm, it comes from the shoulder.  See?  See what it's doing to your shoulder right now?  Feel how tight it is?

Natalie: Yeah.

Cristian: All right, now work the arm.  Straight.  See it's all here?

Natalie: Uh-huh.

Cristian: Really?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Cristian: How's that?

Natalie: Great.

Cristian: All right, try the other one.  There you go.  But it's just the arm.  The shoulder's the one pushing.  The arm is just steady.

Natalie: Yeah. 

Michael: Hey, hey.  Sorry.

Marcie: You were a million miles away.

Michael: I was.  I was thinking about my dad -- and John.

Marcie: Yeah?  What were you thinking about?

Michael: John will be at our wedding.  And my dad won't.

Marcie: Why is it that whenever someone we love dies too soon, all these happy occasions that we celebrate -- you know, they -- they all seem to have this sad, little edge to them, don't they?

Michael: My dad loved weddings.

Marcie: Hmm.

Michael: You know, he would dance with every woman in the place.

Marcie: He's going to be there.  You know, all these memories that you have of him -- it just means that, you know, you carry them around in your heart.

Michael: I really wish that my old man could have known you.  Because I'm telling you, kid, he would have loved you right away.

Marcie: Yeah, he probably would have.  But I think I would have loved him, too.

Michael: You know, I was just a kid when my dad -- when my dad died.  And I was always afraid, you know, that I would forget him.  What he looked like, you know?  Smelled like.  But I didn't.  I remember everything.  Even some of the things that would be easier to forget.

Natalie: So when are you going to tell me to drop my left?

Cristian: "Drop your left" -- I think you're months away from that.  You got to get off a decent punch first, learn some footsteps.  So what do you think?

Natalie: I guess boxing isn't as uncivilized as I thought it was.

Cristian: Thank you.

Natalie: That doesn't mean that I think you should do it.

Cristian: I didn't ask.

Natalie: Noted.

Cristian: After all, it's one career where it doesn't hurt to have faked your own death, nor have been in prison for murder.

Natalie: I guess the boxing audience must be pretty forgiving.

Cristian: You should come check out a match.  Ok?  Now that you know what you're looking at.

Natalie: I'll think about it.

Cristian: It means a lot to me.  All right, I got to go by Rourke's, by the office.  He's got a contract, and I --

Natalie: Go ahead, it's ok.  Thanks.

John: Hey.

Natalie: Uh -- how long -- how long have you been here?

John: Long enough to see that you're in training.

Natalie: I -- just -- I was giving Cristian hell about his boxing and --

John: You know what?  None of my business.  I wasn't spying on you, I just -- I didn't want to interrupt.

Natalie: That's very decent of you.

John: Once in a while, I'm a decent guy.

Natalie: Yeah, you are.  So how come when I'm with Cristian, I still fl like I'm cheating on you?

Dorian: I've been so concerned about Asa.  I phoned cardiac care, but they wouldn't tell me anything.

Viki: Well, I expect Asa left orders that you were not to be given any information.

Clint: Well, the phrase they always use with me is, "he's holding his own."

Dorian: Well, that's good, because doctors are notoriously pessimistic.

Clint: Oh.  Well, that's good to know.

Dorian: If there's anything I can do, Clint -- anything at all, please let me know.

Viki: Oh, God.

Dorian: I'm sorry, Viki.  Am I ignoring you?

Viki: Oh, don't worry about it, because I'm not.

Dorian: Mm-hmm.  So have you heard from Todd, dear?

Viki: No, dear.

Dorian: Hmm.  It does seem rather odd, doesn't it?  A -- an escaped convict on the run from the police, and he has a very powerful older sister, and he doesn't try to contact her ? Could you be holding out on me?

Clint: All right, now, Dorian, wait a minute.  If Viki had seen Todd, she wouldn't be holding out on anybody, she'd go straight to the police.

Dorian: Ah.

Spencer: I am not paying you to come up with nothing, Mr. Denton.  Now, I want Todd Manning found today.  Is that clear?

Todd: That was really close.

Evangeline: We have to find another place for you to hide out.  With Layla here, it's not safe.

[Doorbell rings]

Evangeline: What is going on?

Todd: Unbelievable.

Evangeline: I havenít had this many visitors since I moved in here.

Todd: Well, I got to get rid of these clothes.

Evangeline: Ok.  There's a bathroom down the hall.  There's a linen closet.

Todd: Ok.

Evangeline: On top of the linen closet, there are some men's clothes that might fit you.  Layla and I wore them for Halloween.  Just put them on, ok?  There's a box of garbage bags --

Todd: Ok.

Evangeline: Under the sink.  Put the uniform in one of the bags.

Todd: Ok.

Evangeline: Ok, go.

Todd: Hey, hey -- glad you're my lawyer.


Evangeline: Hey, Cristian.

Cristian: Good.  I was afraid you weren't here.

Evangeline: Yeah, well, you know, I've got to get to work.  I'm running a little bit late.  It's not really a good time.

Cristian: I promise this won't take long.  Won't take long.

Evangeline: Something wrong?

Cristian: No, actually, something's right.  Rourke's gym wants to take me on as one of their boxers.  So I was wondering if you could take a look over my contract.

Evangeline: Yeah, sure.  Why don't you leave it here with me, and I'll just -- I'll call you as soon as I get a chance.

Cristian: What?  No lecture about my career in boxing?

Evangeline: It's your life, Cristian.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot I have to get done today.

Cristian: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Layla: If she isn't, I am.

Cristian: Layla, hey.  Sorry.

Layla: Uh-huh.  Then why were you trying to sneak him out while I was in the shower?

Cristian: What?

Layla: Oh, when you go, don't forget your shirt.

Evangeline: Do you think you could reel in your gutter imagination, Layla?  Cristian just got here.

Layla: Hmm, right.  Just wanted to borrow a cup of your sugar.

Cristian: No.  I just got here.  I'm here on legal business.

Layla: This shirt really isn't yours?

Cristian: That shirt really isn't mine.

Evangeline: For the last time, the shirt is mine.  It's my shirt!

Layla: And I'm telling you for the last time, it looks better on him.

Evangeline: Ok.  That's it.  You got to go.

Layla: You kn --

Evangeline: Go, go to work.

Layla: You know what?  Some people have no sense of humor.  Hmm.

Cristian: You know what?  She's -- she's got a point.  This shirt would look good on you.

Evangeline: Thanks.

Cristian: Are you ok?  I mean, you seem a little uptight.

Evangeline: Yeah, I know.  It's -- Layla, you know?  She starts going with that imagination, and I really am running late, so --

Cristian: All right.  You'll look over my contract, right?

Evangeline: Definitely.  I will look over it as soon as I can and I will call you.

Cristian: Ok.  Yeah, I got to go, too.  I'm supposed to help Lindsay clear out this warehouse and it's somewhere that she really shouldn't be alone.

Evangeline: Why?

Cristian: It's in this part of town -- it's deserted.  It's like a bomb landed.

Evangeline: Really?  Maybe -- maybe you should tell me where it is just in case.

Cristian: By the docks, water street.

Evangeline: Oh, great.  Oh, how long are you going to be there?

Cristian: Couple of hours, I guess.

Evangeline: Ok, great.  Great.  Thanks.

Adriana: I brought it in case I needed it for a photo shoot or something.

Rex: Oh.  You see, I thought when you model, you're modeling the clothes that they're trying to sell. I --

Adriana: Ok, I brought it for you, to wear for you, but then you went and asked for separate rooms and I felt stupid.  I thought I was wrong about why you wanted to come on this trip.

Rex: Adriana, I wanted to come on this trip because I'm crazy about you, so crazy that I'm trying not to push like I normally do, like everyone thinks I am.

Adriana: But I like the way you are.

Rex: No.  No, no one does.  But I thought maybe if you knew that if I respected you, that --

Adriana: Rex, would you stop worrying so much about what I think about you?  I think you're wonderful.

Rex: Thanks.

Adriana: What's wrong?

Rex: Well, I seem to have trapped myself here.  Because I'm so respectful and wonderful, I -- I'm not sure how to suggest that we --

Adriana: Ditch the other room and you move in here with me?

Rex: You kind of read my mind there.

Adriana: Isn't it nice when we both want the same thing?

Duke: Kelly, you're my friend, which means you're obligated to tell me what I said. You and me -- we're right for each other.

Kelly: Ok.  You said I needed to lose a few pounds.

Duke: No, I didn't.

Kelly: How do you know?  You say you don't remember.

Duke: Because I know that dead drunk, I wouldn't even say that.  You're perfect.  You're, like, the most beautiful woman I know.

Kelly: Ok, ok -- you don't have to go that far.  I'm sorry I told you.

Duke: No, look, Kelly, hey.  If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry, but you got to know that -- that I never, ever thought anything like that at all, ok?  I mean, you shouldn't change a thing about yourself.

Kelly: You know what?  It's -- it's silly.  I -- I'm going to go.  Remember, lots of water and -- and how about some vitamin b complex?  I hear that works.

Duke: Kelly, please.  Hey, look -- if I said something like that, I'm sorry, ok?  But that's not how I feel at all.

Kelly: It's totally forgotten.  Forgotten.

Maid: Mr. Buchanan?

Duke: Hey.

Maid: Nigel had to go to the hospital.  He asked me to give this to you as soon as you got home.

Duke: Thanks.

[Kelly gasps]

Kelly: The note.

Spencer: I -- I saw you, but I thought we weren't talking to each other until this whole thing with Todd was over, and -- is there something I should know?

Blair: No, I -- I haven't heard from Todd.

Spencer: So what do you want?  What are you doing here?

Blair: Well, I just thought it was stupid for us to pretend that we're not in the same room together.  I mean, I just wanted to say hello.

Spencer: One could argue, Blair, that it was stupid to simply stop seeing each other.

Blair: Look, I'm just trying to, you know, be considerate, not give you the wrong impression.

Spencer: Well, I appreciate that.

Blair: Is that sarcasm that I think I hear?

Dorian: You know, Clint, I am always telling people that we are so lucky to have Viki around.  Oh, yes.  Any time that you want to know the right thing to do, the proper thing to do, the sanctimonious thing -- well, that might be the wrong word -- you just ask yourself, "what would Viki do in my place," and then voila.  You land on high moral ground.

Viki: Dorian, your breakfast is getting cold.  Why don't you go and eat it?

Dorian: Speaking of which, Clint, can I buy you dinner tonight?  Really, if you're going to be there for your dad, I want to be there for you.

Viki: I don't believe you!  His father's in the hospital and you're using that as an excuse for a date?

Dorian: You see?  Aren't you lucky Viki's here to make your decision for you?

Viki: I'm only saying what Clint is far too polite to say to you.

Dorian: And, of course, you always know the right thing to do, so you'll make Clint's decision for him and then you'll cut up his food, as well?

Clint: I can't tell you what a thrill it is to sit here and listen to the two of you talk about me as if I'm not even here.

Viki: I'm sorry.

Dorian: So, you'll let him go out, even though it's a school night?

Viki: Well, it's not my decision, is it?  Obviously, it's his.  Clint?

Clint: Dorian, I'd be delighted.

Evangeline: I was alone last night, and when you leave, I will be alone once more.


Layla: Who was that?  Elves?

Marcie: So, I went and I bought a book about planning our wedding.

Michael: Really?

Marcie: Yeah.  And there was this couple -- hank and Wendy -- and, you know, they did everything right.

Michael: Oh.  So all we need to do is do everything that Hank and Wendy did.

Marcie: Exactly.  Exactly, and the first thing that they did was to nail down a wedding date.

Michael: Well, how did they do that?

Marcie: Well, you know, hank and Wendy are so compatible that they have the same favorite season -- autumn, like me.

Michael: Oh, I hate autumn.

Marcie: Why?

Michael: Well, allergies.  I wanted a summer wedding.

Marcie: Summer?  No.  No, no, no, no, no.  Frizzy hair, sweating in a big, poofy white dress?

Michael: Runny nose, sneezing?

[Michael laughs]

Marcie: Fine.  Ok, we'll postpone that decision.

Michael: Ok.  So, what did hank and Wendy do next?

Marcie: They decided what kind of a ceremony they wanted.

Michael: And, of course, once again, they were in perfect harmony.

Marcie: Yes.  Yes, they were in perfect harmony because they went to the judge's office and spent their money on the reception.  They did the sensible thing -- that's what they did.  Mm-hmm.

Michael: Do you know these people?

Marcie: No, I made it up.  Please don't tell me that you want a church wedding.

Michael: You don't?

Marcie: No.

Michael: What are you talking about?  You're in the choir!

Marcie: Who cares if I'm in the choir?  I don't want a church wedding.  It's bulb flowers and protocol and pew bows and --

Michael: Well, I'm sorry, honey, but my father would've loved a church wedding.

Marcie: Oh . Ha!  Oh, so now, now you're going to pull the dad card?  You're going to play that one a lot, aren't you?

Michael: No.  Only when I don't get what -- what I want.

Marcie: Hmm.

Natalie: Don't look so pleased with yourself.

John: I'm not.  It just sounded weird when you said you felt bad for me when you're with Cris.

Natalie: Yeah, well, when I'm with you, I feel bad about him.

John: Ah.

Natalie: What am I doing?  Oh, my God.  It's not like I owe either one of you a damn thing.

John: Very true.

Natalie: You know what this means?  It just means that I need to make a decision about my life.

John: Get off the fence, take some control.

Natalie: Exactly -- how did you know?

John: I'm going to do the same thing.

Natalie: About what?

John: Starting with the Manning case.  I figure if he didn't kill Margaret Cochran, I need to find out who did.

Spencer: I think maybe you and I just aren't very good at small talk anymore, that's all.

Blair: I agree.  I'm going to go pick up my kids.

Spencer: What, from school?

Blair: No, no, no.  They're on spring break.

Spencer: Oh.

Blair: Starr took Jack to the park.

Spencer: So why don't you get Dorian to help you out or something?

Blair: Oh, Dorian.  She is too busy feeding on the Buchanans.

Spencer: Yeah, right.  Yeah.  Well, listen, I, for one, miss seeing Starr and Jack.  You'll give them my best?

Blair: Yeah.  Will do.

Viki: Excuse me.  I'm going to be sick.

Dorian: Oh.

Viki: Oh --

Denton: Oh.

Viki: I'm sorry.

Denton: Excuse me.  I just bumped into Viki, and before that, I saw Blair Cramer going out.

Spencer: Well, I hope she didn't see you.

Denton: How stupid do you think I am?

Spencer: I'm beginning to wonder, Denton.  I really am.

Denton: The fault is not in the stars, Brutus.  It is in ourselves.  You got to give me something to go on if you want me to find Todd Manning.

Layla: Whoever was here last night, he's in the bathroom.

Evangeline: That was the sound of 12 pairs of shoes hitting the floor.  Remember the mess you left here last night?  I had to pile it into the linen closet.

Layla: Oh, so your man wouldn't see it?

Evangeline: Please, God.  Please make her go to work.  Please make her leave me alone.

Layla: Ok.  I'm going, I'm going.  But I'm not giving up.

Evangeline: Todd?

Todd: Sorry about that noise.

Evangeline: No, don't worry about it.  We got to get you out of here.  It's just -- it's not safe here.

Todd: I don't want to ruin your reputation.

Evangeline: Listen, did you hear what Cristian said about the warehouse?

Todd: Yes.

Evangeline: He said it's deserted almost and they're only going to be there a couple of hours.

Todd: Sounds good to me.

Evangeline: Is that the uniform?

Todd: Yeah.

Evangeline: Ok.  I'll get rid of it for you.

Todd: Hey.  You really put yourself out for me.  I appreciate it.  I'll never forget it.

Evangeline: Don't worry.  It'll be on the bill.

Todd: Right.

Evangeline: Ok.

Adriana: I'm officially late for the meeting.

Rex: I'll call, make an excuse.  I'll see if I can push it back a couple of hours.  Then you'll take the meeting, we'll do a little sightseeing, and --

Adriana: Before you know it, it'll be tonight.

Rex: I'll call the agency.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Yeah, hi.  This is Rex Balsom calling on behalf of Adriana Cramer.  She's going to be very late today.

Duke: Oh, boy.  Kelly, you're the perfect woman for me.  I mean, hell, you're the perfect woman, period.  I can't believe it.

Natalie: You think my Uncle Todd is innocent?

John: Between you and me, I'm starting to.

Natalie: Wow.  Well, if that's true, that -- that's going to be about the best news my mom's heard in a long time.  How can I help?

John: I got to do this one alone.

Natalie: That's the John Mc Bain way.  Call me if you hit any brick walls, ok?

John: I will.

Clint: Dorian?

Dorian: Yes, Clint?

Clint: I'm going to have to pass on dinner.  I've got Jessica to think about, not to mention my pa.

Dorian: Of course.  We'll just do it some other time.

Clint: Yeah.

Denton: You got to give me something to go on.  You got to give me a lead if you want me to find Todd Manning.

Spencer: Evangeline Williamson, Manning's his lawyer -- you know who she is, right?

Denton: The good-looking, yeah.

Spencer: Follow her, all right?  If I know Todd, and I think I do, he'll go to her.  Oh, my God.

Todd: It must be nice to live so close to the park.

Evangeline: Quiet.  I'm going to go get the car.  You just hang here and stay out of sight, ok?

On the next "one life to live" --

David: I know the one connection between Spencer and Margaret murder.

Bo: I think you're too honest to be a good liar.  What's going on?

Jack: Dr. Spencer.

Spencer: Hey, big boy.

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