OLTL Transcript Friday 3/3/06

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/3/06


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Tess: I so donít want to be back here.  Why did we have to leave Rodiís in the first place?

Nash: No, it was late.  I promised Mr. Buchanan I'd get you back here as soon as you were released from the hospital.

Tess: So what?

Nash: Well, he's been an upstanding fellow and I owe him that back.  Besides, it'd be a good idea to stay on his good side, I think.

Tess: Yeah, well, at least you're getting a free room out of the deal.  That's decent of him, I guess.

Nash: Yeah.  You know, I should -- I should really probably get back there. It's late.  You need your rest.  You had a scare today.

Tess: Yeah -- false labor.

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: I can hardly wait for the real thing.

Nash: Hmm. I'll see you tomorrow, all right?

Tess: Ok.  Nash?  Thanks again for sticking with me at the hospital.

Nash: Haven't you realized yet?  I will stick by you for everything.

Viki: Tess.  I'm very glad you're home.  Are you all right?

Tess: Fine.

Viki: I'm so terribly sorry for what Niki put you through.

Tess: Oh, forget Niki.  What you did to me was a million times worse.

Duke: I mean it, Kelly.  I want you.  I want you.

Kelly: You are so wasted!

[Kelly giggles]

Duke: Yep.  But it's not just the booze talking.

Kelly: It is totally the booze talking.

Duke: It's my heart.  It's my heart.

Kelly: I have never seen you like this before.

Duke: I've never felt like this before.

Kelly: Yes, you have.  Remember Adriana?

Duke: Who dat?

Kelly: Oh.  That is the girl who --

Duke: Blah, blah, blah --

Kelly: You were in love with, whom you probably are still in love with.

Duke: Look, not anymore.  It's you.  Kelly, it's you.  You're the perfect woman for me.  I mean, hell, you're the perfect woman, period.  If you'd give me a second, I'll show you exactly how I feel.  Come here.

Kelly: Duke -- Duke!  Oh!

Bo: Let me get this straight -- you found information on Paige's son?

Rex: I got it earlier today.

Bo: All right.  And she knows about this?

Rex: Well, I was standing right there when the widow of the lawyer who handled her option give her the file.

Bo: All right, all right.  Are you sure that you got all the information that was there?

Rex: That's what the woman said -- name of the adoptive parents and the name they gave the baby.

Bo: All right.  When was this?

Rex: This afternoon, at the hospital.

Bo: So I've seen Paige since then.

Rex: She didn't tell you?

Bo: No.  No.

Todd: Stop fighting me.  Stop fighting me or I'm going to break your neck because I'm not in the mood, lady, you got me?  Ok.  Shh. Shh. I'm going to take my hand away now.  Deep breaths.  I'm going to take my hand away.  Donít you make a noise.

Todd: Now, I want you to finish what you started telling me at Statesville.  You said you knew I'd been set up.  By who?  Tell me.  Was it Spencer?

Blair: Spencer.  What are you doing here?

Spencer: I -- I needed to see you.

Blair: But I told you that I would call --

Spencer: Yeah, I know.  I'm sorry.  I couldn't wait.

Blair: Oh.  Look, I donít have anything to say to you.

Spencer: Oh, I have something to say to you.

Blair: No, wait, if you're here to get me back into your bed, look, I canít.

John: I'm sorry.  I donít even know why I did that.

John: Natalie, I'm sorry.  I --

Natalie: Stop apologizing.

John: No, you came here as a friend and I crossed the line.  I -- I donít even know why.

Natalie: You're on medication.

John: That's no excuse.

Natalie: Well, at least you have one.  Look, all I'm saying is you weren't the only one doing the kissing.

John: I started it.

Natalie: Ok, well, if you want to play the blame game, then ok, you win.  Happy?

John: No.  I'm not happy.

Viki: Tess, I didn't do anything to you.  You know it was Niki.  You were with her for days.

Tess: I'm talking about what happened when I was little, what you let happen.

Viki: What I let happen?

Tess: You were supposed to be my mother.

You were supposed to protect me.

Viki: And I always tried to do that.

Tess: Then where the hell were you when Niki was dragging me wither to all these sleazy bars?

Viki: I was not in control --

Tess: Where -- where were you?  What -- where were you?

Viki: I was -- I -- I was not there.

Tess: You were there.  You were just hiding.

Viki: No.

Tess: Because you were too cowardly to deal with it.

Viki: You know that that's not true.

Tess: I know how it works, ok?  It's the same with me.  Every time Jessica was too afraid to face something, she ran and hid just like you.

Viki: No!

Tess: Save it.  There's no excuse, Viki, except that you're Pathetic and you're weak.  And you want to live in Viki-land where everything's nice and perfect 24/7. That's not how the real world works.

Viki: I do know that.

Tess: So then what was it?  You just didn't want to get your hands dirty?  Oh, no, not you and not precious little Jessica, either.  That's why when things get ugly, you let Tess and Niki out -- so you guys won't be held accountable, so you won't be blamed because you're off-duty, you've checked out.

Viki: I have tried to fight Niki.

Tess: Well, obviously not hard enough, which really makes me wonder how hard did you try, because you're pretty strong when you want to be, Viki.

Viki: I never, ever wanted any harm to come to you.

Tess: You never want any harm to come to Jessica.  You didn't give a damn about me.

Viki: That's not true, either.

Tess: We were just your attack dogs, me and Niki, because that's how you treated us. You treated us like dogs.

Viki: Oh, Tess, stop this!

Tess: Oh, come to think of it, you'd probably treat dogs better, now, wouldn't you?

Viki: Tess, you do matter to me.  You matter very, very much.

Tess: Then why didn't you stop what was happening to me?

Viki: Because I didn't know what was happening.

Tess: Because you didn't want to know what was happening.

Nash: Hello?  Mr. Buchanan?  Nigel?

Mr. Reston: Hello, Nash.

Nash: Mr. Reston.

Mr. Reston: And you're leaving so fast, before we had a chance to catch up?  And there's quite a lot from what Claudia tells me.

Nash: How did you get in here?

Mr. Reston: Well, it wasn't easy.  This place is like a fortress, but security is a little lax with the old man in the hospital.

Nash: Yeah, well, the old man is not going to be too happy to hear you slipped past his guards.

Mr. Reston: Well, I didn't have to.  I convinced them that we were old friends.  You see, those of us with money tend to move in the same circles, we tend to stick together.  You're up to your old tricks again, I see, Nash?  Scamming another rich family, living the good life?  But that's about to end.

Nash: I think you should get the hell out of here.

Mr. Reston: Not until my business is done.  You bounced back one time, but that's not going to happen again.

Man: Come on!

Kelly: Duke, get a grip!

Duke: Ok.

Kelly: No, I mean get your head together, please.

Duke: Oh.  It is.  I've never felt more together about anything in my life.

Kelly: You've never been this drunk in your life.

Duke: Look, anyway, haven't you always wondered why Adriana and I were such a train wreck?  It's a fair question.

Kelly: Maybe because you're not right for each other?

Duke: Yes!  Yes!  You see, that's what I'm talking about right there.  She's the wrong girl.  I was with the wrong girl the whole time.

Kelly: Duke, I'm the wrong girl.  I'm engaged to your father.

Duke: Well, ok, that could be a problem.

Kelly: Yeah.

Duke: We could work around it.

Kelly: All right, I take it back.

Duke: I mean, it's a problem.

Kelly: I take it back.  You're not smashed.  You're -- you've just completely lost it.

Duke: Oh.

Bo: Did Paige say anything to you about not wanting me to have the information that she found about her son?

Rex: No, but it explains a lot.

Bo: What?

Rex: She didn't want to know who he was.  She didn't even open the file.

Bo: Why?

Rex: Got me.  But maybe she never did look.  Maybe she doesn't know.

Bo: Maybe.  Or maybe it's something else.

Rex: Well, I couldn't tell you what.

Bo: Ahah.  Well, Paige couldn't, either.  Thanks, Balsom.  I'm going to get home.  I got to figure out what's going on here.

Todd: Was it Truman who framed me?

Spencer: There is also a rather large paper trail leading from you and the Commissioner to Margaret to Todd to Todd Manning with a needle in his arm.

Paige: I never said anybody set you up. It was -- it was a feeling I had.

Todd: Now, that's bull.  I saw something in your eyes that night.  You know something.  What do you know?  Do you know who killed Margaret?  Was it you?

Paige: No.

Todd: Who, then?  Look, I'm not leaving until I get answers.  And I'm starting to get really angry.

Duke: You and me, we're right for each other.

Kelly: Duke.  Look, I'm not listening to this anymore.  I'm going to go home, ok?

Duke: No, no, no, no, no.  Hey, look, ok.  No -- let me -- let me just talk for a second, ok?

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

Duke: Ok.  We have fun together, right?  Morning jogs, the stones concert?  Now, come on.  Tell me that wasn't great.  We're just singing and yelling and dancing.  Kelly, I didn't want to have to be the one to tell you this, but dad doesn't like the stones.  Kelly, he doesn't like the stones!  What do you think --

Kelly: That is not something to base a relationship on.

Duke: Look, look, look.  We got a lot more going on than that and you know it.  Look me --

Kelly: No, I donít.

Duke: Yes, you do.

Kelly: No, I donít.  Duke, come on.

Duke: You donít want to go behind Dad's back.  Look, hey, that's cool.  I respect that.  Hey, listen, I'll take care of it.  You let me talk to him.

Kelly: No.

Duke: We'll make him see, ok?

Kelly: Duke, no.

Duke: No problem.

Kelly: That's the last thing I want you to do -- no.

Kevin: What's the last thing she wants you to do?

Duke: Hey.

Kevin: Hey.

Kelly: Ugh.

Natalie: I'm sorry, I didn't -- I --

John: Forget it.

Natalie: You going to be ok?

John: Yeah, I'll pull through.

Natalie: I didn't mean physically.

John: I know.  Right after the plane crash, I saw something.

Natalie: What?

John: My dad.

Natalie: Your dad?

John: Guess it was one of those life-flashing-before-your-eyes kind of things.

Natalie: So you were remembering him?

John: No.  It was different than that -- not like a ghost, more like he was there.  He was there and he was trying to tell me something.

Natalie: Tell you what?

John: That I let him down.  I didn't avenge his murder.

Nash: Mr. Reston, I learned my lesson the last time you had your goons kick the snot out of me, ok?

Mr. Reston: Then why did you attack my little girl?

Nash: What?

Mr. Reston: In the bar tonight.

Nash: Is that what she told you?

Mr. Reston: She could hardly say anything after what you did to her, you son of a --

Nash: She's lying.  I didn't touch her.  I swear to God.

Mr. Reston: Yeah, as if I'm going to believe anything that comes out of your lying mouth you know, you almost ruined her once.  That wasn't enough?

Nash: Oh, I canít believe this.

Mr. Reston: Well, the police will.

Nash: That's a great idea.  Let's call them.

Mr. Reston: After we're done with you.

Nash: Mr. Reston, I didn't do anything to Claudia.  Claudia came to me.

Mr. Reston: Well, that's not what she said.

Nash: What was she even doing in Llanview?  Did you ask her that?

Mr. Reston: You told her to come.

Nash: She followed me here.

Mr. Reston: You lured her here -- to finish the job, to completely destroy her so that this Buchanan tramp that you're running with would never know the truth.

Nash: I donít know what game your daughter is playing, but she has made this whole thing up.  Look, you and I Both know that your daughter has some very serious psychological issues.

Mr. Reston: That you caused!  Now, I warned you to stay away from her.  You violated a restraining order and now you're going to have to face the consequences.

Nash: Oh!

Man: Where did we end up the last time?

Second man: Oh, yeah.  It was something like this.

Nash: Oh!

Clint: All right, that's enough. You get your hands off of him.

Spencer: Do you think there's any way you could stop being quite so mad at me?

Blair: Well, what do you expect from me?  You barge into my home --

Spencer: You're not an easy woman to let go of, Blair.  I canít just give you up.  It's probably the only thing that Todd and I do have in common.

Blair: You never had me to begin with.

Spencer: So you say.

Blair: Did you come here to apologize?

Spencer: Apologize?

Blair: Yes.

Spencer: For what?  Blair, I haven't done anything wrong.

Paige: Bo is going to be home at any minute.

Todd: Then start talking fast.  How are you so sure I'm innocent?

Paige: I just -- I -- I couldn't believe that you could -- could hurt your own child or any child.

Todd: That's right.  I didn't, but somebody did.  Somebody hurt that child and left their Body in the lake along with Margaret.

Paige: What makes you so sure?

Tess: So is that it?  It's all Niki's fault?  You're not going to take responsibility for anything that happened?

Viki: What did Niki do to you?

Tess: Oh, Niki didn't do anything to me.

Viki: Then who did?  What happened to you, Tess?  Tell me, please.

Natalie: So these visions about your dad -- I guess that would explain why you were dreaming about him and why you called out for him in your sleep.

John: I donít know, maybe.

Natalie: John, you shouldn't feel guilty about that.

John: It's not about guilt.  It's about my father's murder still being a cold case.

Natalie: Well, I donít think he would blame you for that.  Look, you almost died on that mountain with Todd.  I'm sure it's just your head playing tricks on you.

John: Just my subconscious talking, right?

Natalie: Yeah, probably.

John: What, are you trying to shrink me now?

Natalie: Well, come on.  What else is it going to be?  It's not like your dad was calling to you from the grave.

John: Yeah, I know.

Natalie: Are you sure?

John: It just seemed real -- you know, like -- like he was there, his face and his voice and I'm afraid it wasn't the first time.

Natalie: How often?

John: You going to squeal to I.A. on me?

Natalie: Oh, yeah.  Well, you know, I just donít want you back on the force.   Come on.  I'm trying to help you.

John: I never found my father's killer, Natalie.

Natalie: John, you were just a little Boy when your father was killed.

John: How about now?  Hmm?  I'm a cop.  I have access to all the resources I would need.  I haven't done the follow-up.

Natalie: Maybe you're just too close to it.

John: No.  This guy canít be allowed to get away with what he did.  Thing is this case is so cold, I think I'm the only one interested in finding him.

Natalie: So you will.  You're not going to stop.

John: I donít know what I'm going to do.

Natalie: John?  If you donít find the killer, are you going to be able to make peace with that?

Rex: Adriana, hey.  It looks like my contact's pulling a no-show.  I'm going to give him a few more minutes and then I'm coming over there to pick you up.  New York's not going to know what hit it.

Kevin: So what is it you donít want Duke to do?

Duke: Duke-to-do!

Kelly: Um --

Duke: She doesn't want me --

Kelly: To drink anymore.  I donít want him to drink anymore.  He's had too much.

Kevin: How much have you had?

Kelly: A lot, way too much.  He's drunk as a skunk.

Duke: Skunks donít drink.

Kevin: Yeah, well, why -- why are you drunk?

Duke: Because I drank a lot.

Kelly: He is upset about Adriana.  He -- he still misses her.

Duke: No, that's not it, and you know it.

Kevin: Are you going to be all right?

Duke: Actually, I'm doing pretty good.

Kevin: You know, you donít have to hold back.  You can tell me, ok?  I mean, if anyone knows what it's like to lose someone you love, it's -- it's me.  You're looking at him.  Listen, there is a woman out there for you, ok?  You just haven't met her yet.

Duke: Or maybe I have.

Todd: What are you saying?

Paige: Nothing.

Todd: Yes.  You made it sound like they're alive.

Paige: No, no.  That's not what I meant.  Margaret is dead.  That -- that baby is dead. But --

Todd: But what?  Come on.  Spill it!  You listen to me -- you are going to help me.  You are going to save my life, whether you like it or not.

Clint: I said get your hands off him.

Mr. Reston: If I were you, I would stay out of this . It's none of your concern.

Clint: I'm Clint Buchanan and this is my father's house.  That makes it my concern.  And whoever you are, I want you out.

Mr. Reston: Well, my business with Mr. Brennan is not over.

Clint: I think it is.  I'm calling security.

Mr. Reston: No answer?  Maybe they're on a coffee break.

Clint: What the hell are you?

Mr. Reston: Now, now, now -- my name is George Reston.  And when somebody hurts my daughter, I hurt them back.  And you should understand that.  You have two daughters of your own, from what I understand.

Clint: You leave my daughters out of this.

George: Well, that's too late.  One of them is involved with this gigolo here.  You donít want him doing to your daughter what he did to mine, do you?

Nash: Mr. Buchanan, I would never hurt Tess, you know that.

George: That's exactly what he said to me.  But he's nothing but a liar and a con.  And I suggest you let me deal with him.

Clint: Not a chance.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Buchanan.

Clint: Bo, it's Clint.  I'm at Pa's.  I could use a police backup.

Bo: What's going on?

Clint: Just get over here.

Bo: I'm on my way.

Todd: If there's something that can get me out of this mess, and you donít say anything to me, that's it for me.  I'm done.  I'm dead.  And it's going to be on your conscience.

Paige: I want to help you.

Todd: Ok, then do it.

Paige: But I canít.

Todd: Why?  Is it because you donít know anything?  Or are you too afraid to say it? Ok.  Yeah.  That's it, isn't it?  Somebody's leaning on you.  Is it Spencer?  Yeah, it is, isn't it?  He's got something on you, doesn't he?

Spencer: You mean to say that, after everything you believed to be true about Todd, you still care for him?  All right, fine.  You know, I donít know how to do this.  I donít know how to be patient enough so you can choose between me and a murderer.  I donít know how to do that.  So until this is resolved -- until Todd is found, then you and I definitely are not seeing each other.

Natalie: So this thing with your dad --

John: Could we not do this now?

Natalie: Yeah, ok.  Um -- if you change your mind, you know where to find me.

John: You know, you're something else.

Natalie: Why?

John: I mean, after everything that's happened between us, you still stick by me.

Natalie: Well, it's a dirty job.  Somebody's got to do it.  Get some sleep.

John: Hey -- about -- you know, the kiss -- I --

Natalie: Hey -- you donít have to say anything.  Things just happen sometimes.

John: Yeah, they do.

Natalie: So, sleep well.  Good night.

John: Good night.  Good night, Natalie.

Kevin: I didn't know you were seeing someone new.  Who is she?

Duke: Well --

Kelly: It's not serious.

Duke: Yes, it is.

Kelly: No, it's not.

Duke: It is, too.

Kevin: What, you donít agree?  Ah, she never thought anybody was good enough for you.

Duke: And she was right, before.  But now she's not.  Because the woman that I am crazy for -- hey!

Rex: Sorry.

Duke: Watch where the hell you're going, huh?

Rex: I didn't see you, ok?

Duke: Whoa -- well, I guess you were too busy thinking about the hotel room with all those flowers for Adriana.  Is that what you were doing?

Rex: Yeah, actually.

Duke: You know what?  Enjoy it while it lasts.  Because the only reason she's with you is to get back at me --

Kevin: Ok, ok, take it easy.  Come on, come on.

Duke: I know what I'm talking about, Dad.

Rex: I think it's a little more than that.

[Duke makes buzzer sound]

Duke: Wrong answer.  Try again, sir.  Let's hear it.  What's another one?

Rex: You're just a sore loser.

Duke: Who you calling a loser, huh?  What -- who are you calling a loser?  Do I --

Kevin: Ok, ok, take it easy.

Kelly: Let's go home.

Duke: Does this look like a little fist to you?  Huh?

Kelly and Kevin: Come on.

Kelly: I think we should go.

Rex: No, no, no, stay.  Have a few more drinks, why donít you?

Kelly: Could you -- come on, I'll get you a cab.

Duke: You know what?  I donít give a damn about you and Adriana, ok?  Because I got somebody better.

Kevin: You still haven't said who it is.

Kelly: And he's not going to.  I'm going to get him a cab.  Come on.

Kevin: No, no, no, no.  You know what?  I'll drive him home, you take a cab I'll meet you back at the carriage house.

Kelly: No, no, I donít feel like leaving him alone.  I'm -- I'm worried about him.  So let's --

Duke: You coming with me?

Kelly: Let's just go together, come on.  Ok.

Todd: It's ok.  You can admit it to me.  Spencer's got something on you, hasn't he?  Just say it.

Paige: I -- I canít tell you anything.

Todd: Yes.  No, it's ok.  I'll tell you what.  I'm going to help you out.  I'm going to get him off your back for you.  Yeah.  I just want you to tell me the truth.

Paige: The best thing you can do right now is just get out of here.  You -- you should leave the country before they catch you.

Todd: I'm not spending the rest of my life on the run.

Paige: At least you'll have a life.  If you stay, they will kill you.

Todd: There's another option.  You talk.  And they just drop the charges.  Because I didn't do anything, and you know I didn't do anything.  And Spencer Truman knows I didn't do anything.

Paige: I never said it was Spencer.

Todd: You never said it wasn't.  So, right now, you're the only person on this planet who can help me.  So, you're going to help me, one way or another.

Bo: Hey, Clint, what's the problem?

Clint: Bo, these gentlemen have been trespassing.  I believe they need a police escort out of town.

George: You might want to take a look at this.

Bo: A restraining order.

George: For Mr. Brennan here.  He violated it earlier by accosting my daughter in a bar called Rodiís.  I'd like to press charges.

Nash: Claudia came to me.  Claudia -- I was sitting there waiting for Tess to come back from the ladies' room, and Claudia came in and sat down beside me and started trying to start something.

Bo: Then you did see her?

Nash: Yeah, but I didn't do anything to her.

George: Well, that's not what my daughter said.

Bo: Is there a witness to this alleged assault?

George: Well, my daughter is not making it up.

Bo: Well -- but without verification, I really canít do anything.  But, I can do something about you trespassing.

George: There was nobody at the gate, the door was wide open.  You're not going to arrest us for walking through an open door?

Bo: I happen to know for a fact that that door is never left open.

Clint: Oh, I believe I forgot to mention, this is Police Commissioner Buchanan.

Bo: Yes, our father does own this place, so if you donít want me to escort you off this property in handcuffs, I would suggest leaving now.

George: You stay away from my daughter.  And I'd keep him away from yours, if you care about your daughters at all.

Clint: Thanks for the backup, little brother.

Bo: Yeah.

Nash: Yeah, I -- I appreciate it, sir.

Bo: Yeah, it's all right.

Nash: Thank you.

Bo: Hey, how's Pa doing?

Clint: He's a little better, but donít you mention this to him.  It'll put his blood pressure right through the roof again.

Bo: Yeah.  I got a feeling that this Reston guy probably paid off one of Pa's guards.  Now, I'd like to find out who it is, and I'd like to fire him, if that's ok.

Clint: Well, hit him before you fire him.

Bo: Yeah, you bet.  All right, good night.

Clint: Thank you, Bo.

Bo: Sure.

[Clint sighs]

Nash: Whew.  Thank you very much, Mr. Buchanan, for going to bat for me.

Clint: Reston's a jerk.

Nash: Yes.  And what I said about Tess -- I hope you know I was telling the truth.  I -- I would never do anything to hurt Tess.  She means everything to me.

Tess: I know what you're trying to do.

Viki: I'm trying to help you.

Tess: So you can get Jessica back.

Viki: No, because Jessica will never come back the same way.  You will be there, a Part of her.

Tess: I donít want to be a part of her!

Viki: Do you want to -- to stay the way you are now?  You're unhap-- you're miserable.

Tess: So is that it?  I -- you get the truth out of me, you figure out my problem, and then you just fix it.  You put a band-aid on it.  You fix everything, you're the hero again, huh?  Well, no way.  You're not going to get off the hook that easy.

Viki: Do you seriously believe that that would make it all go away for me?

Tess: Well, it sure would make me go away, now, wouldn't it?  That's not going to happen.  If you want to get rid of me, you're going to have to try harder than that.

Viki: If I had wand to get rid of you, I would have stayed at the bar, and I would have found out your secret.  But I didn't, because you asked me not to. Is that somebody who doesn't care?

Tess: You care about Jessica way more than me.  You always have, and you always will, so just admit it, damn it!

Natalie: Leave my mother alone.

Kelly: Come on.  Ooh, watch it.

Kevin: One foot in front of the other.

Kelly: God, he's like a baby falling.

Kevin: All right.

Kelly: Well, I got to get you up to bed.

Duke: Well, what are we waiting for?

Kelly: Yeah, ok, go on.

Kevin: I'll handle it.  Come on.  This way.

Nash: Damn it, Claudia, what are you up to this time?

[Phone rings]

Nash: Hello.

George: Donít think that this is over.

Nash: Mr. Reston --

George: You crossed the line, upsetting Claudia again, and you're going to pay for it.

Nash: Yeah.  What are you going to do this time, kill me?

George: How's your new girlfriend?  She's pregnant, isn't she?

Nash: You threatening a pregnant woman?

George: Now, why would you think that?

Tess: Back off, Natalie.

Natalie: I am not going to stand here while you go off on my mother.

Tess: Oh, well, she's our mother, according to her.

Natalie: Get out and leave her alone.

Viki: Honey, it's ok.  I really need to talk to Tess.

Tess: Actually, I have nothing more to say to you.  We both know where things stand.  Let's just leave it at that.

Viki: Tess --

Natalie: Mom, donít.  She's just going to upset you more.  Are you all right?

Viki: No, not really.

Natalie: Mom, come here.

[Viki sighs]

Viki: Sweetheart, will you do me a favor, please?

Natalie: Oh, anything.

Viki: Good, will you go check on Tess?

Natalie: Mom --

Viki: Look, she's very, very angry with me, and I need to know that she's ok -- please?

Natalie: You still care about her after what she's done?

Viki: She's my daughter.

Natalie: You're amazing.

Viki: Thank you.

Tess' voice: You were supposed to be my mother.  You were supposed to protect me.

Clint: Viki?

Viki: Oh, Clint -- sorry.

Clint: You all right?

Viki: Actually, no, I've been better.

Clint: Why, did something else happen?

Viki: I just had a long talk with Tess.  Whatever happened to her when she was a child, she's blaming me for it.

Clint: Please donít let her get to you.

Viki: Well, it's true, isn't it?  That child suffered something terrible, and I let it happen.

Blair: That's what I've been trying to tell you, Spencer.  That's why I wanted to call you.

Spencer: Fine.  We shouldn't.  We won't.  We won't see each other.

Blair: Right, right, and I -- I canít deal with a relationship right now.

Spencer: Hey, Denton.  Yeah, it's me.  Listen, find Todd Manning, you understand?  He's screwing up my plans.

Todd: I can put the screws to you.  I can hurt you really bad.  I donít want to hurt you, ok?  But I might, because you're not leaving me much choice.

Paige: What are you going to do?

Todd: I'm going to do whatever it takes.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Tess: Claudia was at Rodiís?

Nash: She followed me.

Cristian: If there's a chance that you could forgive me and love me again, then I want to know.

Evangeline: Todd was definitely capable of killing Margaret after what she put him through, but he didn't do it.

Bo: Paige?  Paige, you ok?

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