OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/1/06

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/1/06


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Cristian: Ow!  God!

Layla: Cristian?

[Layla sighs]

Natalie: Are you leaving?

Evangeline: John's going to be all right.  There's no need for me to stay.  He's in good hands with you.

Natalie: I guess that that was a compliment.  Thank you.

Evangeline: Natalie, I have to worry about Todd now, and John has enough on his mind without having to worry about which one of us gets the most airtime.

Natalie: That's very selfless of you.

Evangeline: I'm tire I'm glad John's ok, and I'm going home.

Natalie: Hey.

Bo: Hi.

Natalie: Hey, John's doing all right.

Bo: Yeah, I know.  Michael called me.  Can he have visitors?

Natalie: I'm pretty sure.  Paige is in there with him right now.

John: Be honest with me, Paige.  What do you know about Manning being set up?  And what does Spencer Truman have to do with it?

Spencer: David.

David: I've got a question that you know the answer to.  What does the photograph of our mother in Asa Buchanans hospital room have to do with Todd Manning?

Waitress: Sit anywhere you like, hon. Real slow night.

Paige: A cup of coffee.

Waitress: Oh, you're in luck.  Just put up a fresh pot.  What kind of uniform is that?

Paige: Federal Marshal.

Waitress: Federal, huh?  What you doing up here in the middle of the night?

Paige: Well, I'd have -- I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.

Waitress: Heard that one before.  Meatloaf's good, in case you're wondering.

Paige: Uh -- excuse me.  Where are the toothpicks?

Waitress: By the register.

Paige: Thank you.

David: I'll have a gin and tonic.  Come on.  I'm waiting.  I want to hear the answer to the $65 million question.

Spencer: I don't really have time for you cat-and-mouse games tonight, Davey.

David: Why is that?  Trouble in Blair-a-dise?  Huh?  You get it?

Spencer: She's -- she's just having a rough time, that's all.

David: She get wise and dump you?

Spencer: Enough with the inquisitions, Davey, all right?  And as for the questions about our mother, you're wrong, as usual, yeah.

David: Really?  Based on the low level of scotch in the decanter, I'd say I'm right on target.

Spencer: Hey, man, I gave you a chance to join the team.  If I recall, you turned me down, rather insultingly, I might add, so now you just have to wait and see how everything pans out just like everybody else.

David: Ah, not if I put the pieces together all by myself.  She was my mother, too, Spencer.

Spencer: All right, enough questions about the picture.  I told you to stop talking about it.  I have always been astounded at how this primordial soup of what you call a mind works.  I mean, it is absolutely fascinating.  Now you've got Todd Manning mixed up with our mother?  Give it up, David.  You're wrong.

David: No, I'm not.  I'd say I'm right.  Don't you want to know why?

Spencer: Don't care.

David: I talked to Paige.  Did that sober you up, Spencer?

Paige: You're back.  Did -- did you find Paige?

Bo: No, no, not yet.  John, you ok?

John: I just want to get out of here, but apparently I have to get through my brother first.

Paige: Yes, Michael is your attending physician, but I -- I happen to agree with him.  What you need now is rest and fluids and this is the best place for you.  Visitors are discouraged.

Bo: Ok, why don't we just cut to the chase?  John told me what Manning said about you in the plane and on the mountain.

Paige: Oh, I -- I -- uh --

Bo: Honey, please, just let me finish, all right?  Now, according to Manning, some new evidence has come to light since his conviction.  This evidence could prove that he is innocent.  He says that you're aware of this -- is that true?

Paige: Well, it -- it -- I -- I wasn't -- it was -- it was -- uh --

Bo: Paige?  Paige?

Paige: Instinct --

Bo: Why didn't you come to me with this?

Layla: What the hell are you doing picking the lock in the middle of the night

Cristian: Ah, damn it.  Layla, that hurt.

Layla: Another second, I would've killed you!

Cristian: Oh.  I'm sorry.

Layla: Oh, you should be glad it was me and not the cops.  This place is alarmed to the gills ever since Hayes Barber went after my sister!

Cristian: Ok, I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.

Layla: My heart is beating a mile a minute.  What were you doing?  Why didn't you just ring the doorbell?

Cristian: You finished?

Layla: For now!

Cristian: Good.  Ow.  Here.  Hold that.

Layla: Ok.  Why are you breaking into your lawyer's apartment with a hammer in your back pocket?

Cristian: I'm hanging a painting.  You could help.

Layla: Well --

Michael: Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: Hey.  Is he going to be ok?

Michael: No permanent damage.  I'm sending him home.

Natalie: Uh -- well, he was in a plane crash and almost froze to death on a cold mountain.  I mean, are you sure you don't want to keep him overnight?

Michael: We are talking about my brother.  He wants to go home.  If I don't release him, he'll sign himself out.

Natalie: He can do that?

Michael: I can't keep any patient here that doesn't want to be here.

Natalie: Well, that's probably a wise idea, keep the family peace.

Michael: Yeah, that and the fact that I don't have a death wish.  The man carries a gun, ok?  Natalie, you think you could do me a favor?  Could you make sure that he gets home?

Natalie: Me?

Michael: Yeah.  Listen, I -- I don't get off duty until the morning and he's on a light course of narcotics along with a very heavy-duty antibiotic, not to mention the fact that this ordeal, no matter what he says, took a lot out of him.  I just want to make sure that somebody is there to get him home, make sure he gets into bed.  You only have to stick around until he falls asleep.

Natalie: Ok.  Yeah, I can do that.

Michael: Thanks, Natalie.

Natalie: Wait, Michael.  Has there been any word?  Have they found Todd?

Michael: No.  But if he is alive, he'd better turn himself in before somebody who hates him finds him and does the world a favor.

Hugh: Don't make me use this, Manning.  Are you hungry?

Cristian: All right.  So what do you think here, over the fireplace?

Layla: It'll look great there.

Cristian: Cool.

Layla: So what were you thinking when you did this?

Cristian: You don't really ask an artist a question like that.

Layla: Um -- I'm an artist -- not a painter, an actress, or I was.  I don't know what I am these days.  But I do take my acting seriously.

Cristian: All right.  So what would you say if someone asked you what you were thinking about when you, I don't know, said a line or something?

Layla: I would tell them it was none of their business.

Cristian: Hmm.  There's your answer.

Layla: Hmm. It's a weird thing, acting.  You know, if you tell someone everything that's going on in your head, the personal memories that you're using or whatever, it doesn't work anymore.  You have to find something else.

Cristian: The way I always see it is it doesn't really matter what I'm feeling when I'm doing a painting, because everyone has their own life, past history, point of view.  They're all going to look at it differently anyway, and I think that's -- that's what makes a powerful work of art.  You know, it brings out something personal in everyone.

Layla: Hmm.  You really are an artist.

Cristian: Does that mean the painting can stay?

Layla: Do you have a nail?

Cristian: Mm-hmm.

Layla: How come you had to do this under the cover of darkness?

Cristian: It's a surprise.  Evangeline saw it in the studio and liked it, but if I'd given it to her then, she would've insisted on paying for it, and I owe her a lot more than a painting I can't even give away.

Layla: Hmm.  It'll get hot again.

Cristian: When I'm dead, you mean?

Layla: No!  Gosh!  Cross yourself or something.  Aren't you superstitious?

Cristian: No.  Just catholic -- hmm.  Anyway, I want her to have it, but I'm sure she's really busy, so I figured she'd never come around to hanging it.

Layla: Ok.  That's going to go over really big with the neighbors!

Cristian: Ah.  Deny it.  Here.  Give me a hand over there.

Cristian: There you go.

Layla: I wonder what Vange is going to say when she sees it.

Cristian: Whew.

Evangeline: She's going to say it's just perfect.

Paige: I wasn't keeping anything from you.  It's not like that.

Bo: Yeah, but it was enough for you to take a trip to Statesville prison to tell a convicted murderer that you had enough evidence to overturn his conviction.

Paige: That's not what I -- what I said.

Bo: Paige, just tell me the truth.

Paige: Could we -- could we talk about this somewhere else?  This is my work.

Bo: I know, this is mine.

Paige: What do you mean?  Are you interrogating me?

Bo: No, I have to ask you some questions about a crime as the Commissioner.  I mean, I -- I can't believe it's come to this.

Paige: Could we -- could we please just go to my office?

Bo: No, no, because John has to be here for this.

Paige: Why?

John: Manning went on and on about how you knew who set him up for killing Margaret.  He begged me to help him, he told me you had proof. Whatever you told him, he was convinced.

Paige: I see.

Bo: You should've come to me with this, honey.  I had to hear it from John.

Paige: It was humiliating.

Bo: Yes, it was.  And you know how I feel about lying.

Paige: I'm not.  I -- I'm not lying.  I --

Bo: Ok, ok.  Is someone threatening you?  Is that what this is all about?

Paige: No.  It's -- it's me.  I -- I -- I just -- I have this gut feeling.  I'm -- I'm like you.  I -- I rely on my instincts.  That's -- that's what makes me a good doctor, and I just -- I had this feeling.  I just knew that Todd was telling the truth about -- about being set up.  I knew he couldn't kill a child.

John: He said you had proof.

Paige: Well, he was mistaken.

Bo: Yeah, but you made a trip all the way to Statesville on a hunch when all you had to do was come to me.  I mean, we live together.

Paige: Well, you were so sure that he was guilty.  I just -- I didn't -- I didn't want you to think that I --

Bo: Honey, if -- if Todd Manning is innocent, then I need to know about that.  I don't like this guy, but I'm not going to be responsible for seeing an innocent man sent to his death.

Paige: I -- I made a mistake.  I should have come to you.  I just -- I just didn't -- I didn't really have anything concrete.  I -- I -- I just thought that if I -- if I went to see Todd that somehow everything would get better, but instead I've -- I've made it worse.

Bo: So your instinct about Manning was wrong?

Paige: Well, I mean, what good did it do?  I -- you're angry with me and Todd, and I probably just -- I got his hopes up for nothing and I just -- I've really screwed up.  I'm sorry.

John: With all due respect, boss, you don't buy any of that, do you?

[Music plays]

Waitress: You never answered my question.  What's a Federal Marshal doing up around these parts?

Singer: A million miles an hour

Paige: Um -- a little surveillance.

Waitress: Is this about that unpaid parking ticket?

[Waitress laughs]

Paige: Yeah.  That's right.  Hmm.

Waitress: I'll go check on your meatloaf.

Paige: Thanks.

Singer: Feel like singing but it don't change how I feel

[Phone rings]

Bo: Dave.

Hugh: Hey, it's Hughes.

Bo: Hugh.  Any news on Manning?

Hugh: The search party's fanned out across the area, but so far, there's no sign of him.

Bo: Ok.  Why don't you head back to the department, then my guys will take the search.  You can take over once we bring Manning in.

Hugh: No.  Bo, I swore to bring Manning to justice and I'm not finished with my job yet.

Bo: Then you be careful.  You know what the guy's capable of when his back's pushed up against the wall.

Hugh: I can handle Todd.  I'm worried about Blair, though.  That's where he's headed.  I'd put my money on it.

Bo: All right.  I'll talk to you later.

[John groans]

Bo: Hughes thinks that Manning's headed back to Llanview, and I think I agree with him.  I put a unit on Manning's building a couple of hours ago.

John: Yeah, well, it's a long way between here and there.

Bo: Yeah.  What are you doing?

John: I'm going with you.

Bo: You're supposed to rest -- no, yore not.

John: Hey, boss, face it -- you need every man you can get up there in those mountains and I'm not letting Manning get away with anything.

Bo: Oh, no, no --

John: I'm coming with you.

Michael: John, what are you doing?

John: What does it look like I'm doing?

Michael: Get back in that bed right now before I have you restrained.

[John chuckles]

John: Well, you could try, but it'd end up being kind of funny.

Bo: You listen to your brother and that's an order, Lieutenant.  I don't want him going anywhere near that mountain, ok?  And as soon as I get any news on Manning at all, you're going to be the first call I make.

John: Condescending -- hey, at least take this I.V. out, all right?  It's itchy.  It drives me crazy!

Michael: No dice.  Listen to me.  While you are here in my house, I give the orders.

John: I hate your house.  I don't like you much, either.  This thing is driving me crazy, Mike.  Would you please just get rid of it, all right?

Michael: No problem, Johnny.

John: What the hell are you doing?  What the hell is that?  What are you doing, Mike?

Michael: It's just a little insurance, Johnny.  Now lay down and shut up.

Paige: My son.  I hope you're nothing like your father or me.

Spencer: So did you and Paige have any new revelations about me or is it just the same old "I hate Spencer" song and dance?

David: No, no.  We covered new ground -- Margaret Cochran.

Spencer: Yeah, and?  You're telling me this why, exactly?

David: I know you had something to do with Margaret's death, Spencer.

Spencer: Dave.  You've gone over the edge this time, man.

David: I don't think so.  You see, I stirred my primordial soup and I came up with this theory.  I worked it backwards, it goes like this -- Margaret died, Todd got blamed for it.  They both lost, you won.  Now, Todd gets the needle, which gives you a clear shot at the grieving widow.  It's pretty brilliant.

Spencer: Well, it sounds like you have all the answers.

David: Except one.  How long before someone else figures out that the wrong man went to death row?

Man: I know you.

 Cristian: Looks pretty good.

Layla: Thank you.

Evangeline: The painting.  The painting looks pretty good, Layla.  Actually, it's amazing.  You have to let me pay you for it.

Cristian: See?  What did I say?

Layla: He doesn't want to, Vange.  That's why he broke in in the middle of the night.  It was a reverse robbery.

Evangeline: What?

Cristian: I picked your lock.

Layla: Oh, don't worry.  I was right there to put his lights out with the law book.

Evangeline: No, no, no, wait a minute.  I'm still back at "you picked my lock?"

Cristian: Well, I wanted to hang it when you weren't here.  It was supposed to be a surprise.

Evangeline: Well, it was.  I mean, it is.  It would have been an even bigger surprise if I would have had to bail you out for breaking into my home.  But I'm honored to own another Cristian Vega.

Layla: You have another one?

Evangeline: Yeah, it's -- it's in my bedroom.  You know, it's the one next to the window.

Layla: Hmm.  Wow!  They don't look like they came from the same artist.

Cristian: They didn't.  Because I'm not the same person I was before I went to prison.

Evangeline: Yes, you are.  Everybody changes with time, and then things get complicated.  But who you are underneath -- they can never take that away from you.

Layla: Ahem.  Ahem.

Cristian: Oh -- you have a flashlight?

Evangeline: Yeah, actually.  Under the sink in my bathroom, down the hall.  Why?

Cristian: A flashlight in the bathroom?  Never mind.  I'll get it.

Layla: Um -- do you two want to be alone?

John: Get your hands off me.

Michael: Don't be such a Nancy.

John: Don't call me Nancy.  You know, I don't care what you shoot me up with, you're not keeping me here much longer.

Michael: John, I am not in the habit of doping people up just for the hell of it.

John: Oh, no, you just do what's best for them, right?

Natalie: Oh, come on, let it go!  Michael is just trying to do his job here.

John: I'm trying to do mine.  And I'm stuck here hooked up to all these damn wires, and it's hard to get the job done.  Now, what did you put in me?

Michael: It was an antibiotic, John.  Ok?  Antibiotic.

John: Oh.

Michael: It's serious stuff, though.  And one of the side effects is drowsiness.

John: Drow-- how convenient for you.

Natalie: You really are the world's worst patient.

John: The only thing wrong with me is that I'm stuck here with him.

Michael: Not according to your blood work.  See, if I allowed you to leave now, it would be malpractice, John.

John: You said I was fine.  You can't spell "malpractice."

Michael: I said that you would be fine.  I know you, John.  The second I let you out of here, you will run off and try to find Manning, end up half dead on a mountain someplace, or worse.  So at this point, I consider drowsiness therapeutic.

Natalie: Yeah.  Come on.  Give him a break.  He -- he's just trying to take care of you.

John: This isn't even real.  You know, this all started with the shooting at the church.  And I told you some things that I was thinking about.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

John: And I told you those things, and I shouldn't have.  And ever since then, you think I'm ready for the nut house.

Michael: No, John, that's not my field of expertise, ok?

John: Yeah, well, that never stopped you before, Mike.

Natalie: It never stopped either one of you.  I'm not ganging up on you.

John: You are ganging up on me.  You're on his side all the time.  And as soon as I can stand up, you know what I'm trying to do?  I'm going to -- I'm going to knock you out.

Michael: Yeah?  I can't wait, tough guy.

John: I'll knock you out.

Michael: Yeah, right here.

Spencer: I don't take kindly to innuendo and blackmail.

David: You're pathetic.  You can dish it out, but you can't take it.

Spencer: I don't have to.  I'm the one with all of the damaging information, remember?

David: Yes.  Yes, you are -- for now, but I'm on to something, aren't I?  I just have to find the missing link, and it'll just be a matter of time before that happens.

Spencer: What did Paige tell you, exactly?

David: Nothing, really.  Although, she did say that you didn't kill Margaret.  But she left -- she left something out.

Spencer: All right, so first I did, and then I didn't.  You're not even making any sense, Dave.

David: Spencer, you have a tell.  Embarrassingly, it's not even a very subtle one, you brainiac.  It's always been to my best interest, because I've stood in good stead all these years.

Spencer: If I were you, I really wouldn't push me, not right now.

David: I'm going to push just a bit more, because I understand the Paige/Blair/death row/cuckold thing.  I even understand the desire to destroy one's ex-wife.  But what I don't get is this -- this Bo factor. Why do you hate him so much?  Why are you so hell-bent on bringing down the Buchanans?  And what does it have to do with our mother?

Bo: I just have one question.  Do you love me or don't you?

Paige: I -- I love you more than ever.

Bo: Then why won't you tell me the truth about Manning?

Paige: No, I'm not sure how you could know me.  I'm not from around here, so --

Man: I do know you.

Waitress: What's going on, Billy?

Billy: You're the guy that killed that woman and her baby.

 Cristian: Where did Layla go?

Evangeline: Oh, she went to work.  I never thought I'd say this, but I think she really likes working in an office.  At least, this office.

Cristian: She's lucky she's got a job.

Evangeline: Trust me, so am I.  Being broke and miserable is a scary thing.  Huh.

Cristian: Check this out.

Evangeline: Wow.  Oh, my God.  Look at all the details and all the textures.  I didn't even see them before.

Cristian: You know, I can pick up a painting light if you want.

Evangeline: Only if you let me pay for it.

Cristian: Ok, you get the light, but I'll install it.

Evangeline: Ok.  Thank you, Cristian -- for all of this.  I -- I think I really needed something good to happen tonight.

Cristian: You deserve something good all the time.

Natalie: Were you planning on giving him those drugs all along?

Michael: Do you mean, was it a delaying tactic?  Hmm.  You know what?  I can't tell you that.  That would be a breach of patient-doctor confidentiality.

Natalie: Ok, well, whatever it was, good move, Mc Bain.

John: Heard that.

Michael: Yeah, Bro?  Well, next time, I'll use elephant tranqs and a dart gun, ok?  It's a lot safer.

John: Mm-hmm.

Natalie: Are you sure he's ok to go home?

Michael: Physically, he's fine.

Natalie: What does that mean?

Michael: Well, he's been through a lot lately.  I mean, as if surviving a prison riot wasn't enough -- I mean, how many times can this guy cheat death?

Natalie: Ok, don't go there, please.

Michael: I'm serious.  Well, he's -- he's almost died, what, like, three times?  And that's recently.  He saved your life three times.  And he lost you.  And now he's more fixated on our father's death than he's ever been.

Natalie: I mean, that's no different than normal.  He just doesn't usually talk about it.

Michael: Exactly.  So, why is he talking about it now?

Natalie: I just don't think it's such a bad thing.

Michael: For anybody else, it would be a good thing, but not for John.  John has kept this locked up deep down inside.  He's used it as a tool, a motivator, a grudge -- whatever you want to call it.  But if he lets this out -- if he lets this thing out, Natalie, I don't know --

Natalie: You're afraid he'll fall to pieces.

John: Dad -- dad, I'm sorry I should have been there, I'm sorry.

Paige: I hope that Margaret Cochran's real killer can be brought to justice.

Bo: We promised that we would never keep anything from one another.  Do you remember that?  And I told you that my marriage to Nora was destroyed by secrets and lies.  And it got so bad that we were hardly even speaking before she got sick.  And I think that that coma was probably brought on by all of that.

Paige: No, no, it wasn't.  You can't blame yourself for that.  It's --

Bo: Ok, but let's -- honey, listen.  Let's not change the subject, ok?  You know, there was a time that my marriage to her -- it meant the world to me.  And I thought it would last forever . And then it fell apart.

Paige: I know.

Bo: I think what I'm trying to say right now is that I cannot let that happen again.

Paige: Are you giving up on us?

Bo: No.  No.  But it's just -- it's obvious that you're torn up by whatever it is that's going on with -- with Manning.  You can't sleep at night.  I mean -- you can hardly even look me in the eye.  Now, if something is bothering you that much, the person that you should turn to and talk to about that is the man that loves you.  And the second person that you could turn to would be the -- the police Commissioner.  Huh.  But you didn't do it.  You turned to Manning.  And this is a guy that you barely even know.  And then out of nowhere, you tell him that you think he's innocent.  See, that -- this just -- it doesn't make any sense, honey.

Paige: I don't know what to say to you.

Bo: You tell me the truth.  That's what I need.  Oh -- oh -- but you know what?  Every time -- every time I ask you the truth, you give me -- you -- you look at me with this guilty little look.  And then you say that -- I don't know -- it's some kind of a hunch.  Now, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Paige: I'd probably leave.

Waitress: What are you talking about?  This man is a Federal Marshall!

Billy: No, this man is a killer.  A baby killer.  He drowned a pregnant woman up in Llantano Lake.  It's all over the papers.  His plane went down a few miles north of here.

Paige: All right, thanks a lot.

Billy: No, get the lead out, Tiffany.  Call the damn cops!

Paige: Hey!  Hey!

Tiffany: Oh!  Please don't shoot.

Paige: I don't want to shoot you.  I don't want to shoot either of you, ok?  But I'm -- I'm going to walk out of here peacefully.  All right?  You're going to help me.  Yeah?  Got it?

Evangeline: Ugh -- I've had this beer in the refrigerator forever.  I hope it's still good.

Cristian: It tastes good.

Evangeline: You know, I meant what I said to Layla.  You are a good person.  You're kind, loving, talented, perceptive. Prison didn't kill that part of you.

Cristian: Tried damn hard, though.

Evangeline: I guess we got you out just in time.  Anyway, you're right.  I would have left that painting sitting there forever.  I wouldn't have had the time to hang it, and I would have had to sit on the floor and admire it.

Cristian: Hey, maybe I can get a job hanging pictures somewhere.

Evangeline: Stop it.  It's not going to come to that.  I guarantee it.

Cristian: Hmm.

Evangeline: Thank you.  For the painting.

Cristian: Thank you for saving my life.

Evangeline: Why don't we call it even?  Hmm.

Michael: Make sure that he takes it with a small meal -- crackers, bread, something like that.

Natalie: Is this on the label?

Michael: It should be.

Natalie: Ok.

Michael: These are antibiotics, ok?  Make sure that he takes three of these a day for two weeks.  And I don't care what he says.  And make sure he takes all of them.

Natalie: No, Michael, I can't stay with him for two weeks.

Michael: Ok, I understand.  Just -- just make sure that you get him home safe, ok?  I'll nag him about the drugs.  Assuming he forgives me for bossing him around here.

Natalie: Yeah.  If he doesn't, I'll break his knees.

John: Oh, boy, this is going to be fun.

Michael: Yes.  Um -- the day you decide to do that, could you please make sure that I'm not on call?

[John groans]

Natalie: Oh --

Michael: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny -- John?

John: It's ok.

Michael: You ok?

John: Little head -- little head rush.  Little head rush.

Michael: Ok.  Here, breathe.

Natalie: Sure he's ok to go home?

John: I'm fine.  I'm fine.  Anything to get away from Dr. Evil here.

Natalie: All right.  Can you walk?

John: Yeah, I can walk.

Natalie: Let's go.  Get you out of here while you're ahead.

John: Out -- out.

Natalie: Got it.  Got you.  Ok.

Michael: I want you to listen to Natalie.  You do everything she says, ok?

John: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Hey, you know something?  You're an all-right doctor.  But as a brother, you're a real pain in the ass.

Natalie: Come on.

Michael: I love you, too, Johnny.

David: This seemingly childish vendetta that you've got against Bo -- it's -- it's got to be more than just bourgeois jealousy.

Spencer: I couldn't care less who Paige sleeps with.

David: Oh, sure you could, but it's got more to do than -- than just sex.  The guy's crazy about her.  His kid even adores her.  Hell, your ex-wife won the Dave sweepstakes.

Spencer: As if that were some kind of great victory.

David: Wealth by association has always worked for me.

Spencer: As if I need the money?

David: Hmm.  You do have a good point there.  Maybe Paige's association in this is just incidental.  But this -- this Buchanan jones that you've got -- it's -- it's personal, isn't it?

Spencer: And you know this because?

David: For the simple reason that our mother is involved.  Her death broke your heart.  And when she died, she took everything good about you with her. You know, it's actually good to have something on you for a change.

Spencer: You don't have anything.

David: "I don't have anything."  You're sulking.  We'll see.

[Door opens and closes]

Paige: I'm sorry.

Bo: Honey, I don't want you to be sorry.  I want you to trust me enough that you can tell me the truth.

Paige: Well, the truth is that I -- I'm bad at this, at relationships.  Since my divorce from Spencer all those years ago, I -- I haven't been truly close to another person until you.  Even before that, I -- I never opened up to Spencer because I never really trusted him.  And I -- I thought it was different with you.  That -- that I was different.  I don't know -- after 20 years, I should have learned something.  Are -- are you going to say anything?

Bo: I'm listening.

Paige: Well, I -- I guess when you get to be my age, if you've -- if you've never really had a serious relationship, even if you meet the right person, you don't know how to do it.  It's -- it's too late.

Bo: Honey, this -- it all -- this sounds like a cop-out to me.

Paige: It's reality.  I mean, look.  Look how -- how incredible what we have together is.  And I -- I've messed it all up.  No, no.  I don't deserve it.

Paige: Hey.  Sit down!

Tiffany: Do what he says, Billy!

Billy: The area's crawling with cops.  They'll shoot you down the minute you hit that main road.

Tiffany: Billy!

Paige: I'm going to shoot you down, hayseed.

Tiffany: He doesn't mean anything.  He's just got a big mouth.

Paige: Yeah?  Think you can keep him quiet?

Tiffany: Sure.

Paige: Now, you wait 10 minutes before you call the cops, you understand me?  If you don't, I'm going to come back here and I'm going to murder you both.  And you know I'm capable, don't you?  I'll do it, I swear.

Hugh: Drop your weapon, Manning.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: He made it very clear that you are not well enough to go running after Paige.

John: I know what I'm doing.

Kelly: If Paige contacted you, what, would you turn him in?  Or would you let him get away with murder?

Hugh: Why don't you just make it easy on both of us and give up now?

Paige: I'm not going back to prison, Hughes.

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