OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/28/06

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/28/06


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Paige: You're my son?  I can't deal with this right now.

Nash: So, any more of those Braxton-Hiccup things?

Tess: No, but if that's what false labor feels like, I guess real labor is going to be a real treat.

Nash: Ah, we'll get you through it.  You'll be fine.

Tess: I am ready to go home, and I'm starving.  I feel like a bacon double cheeseburger.

Nash: I know just the spot.  Come on.

Kevin: How's Mom?  Here.

Clint: She's sleeping.  She's fine -- physically, anyway.

Kevin: That keeps things in perspective.

Clint: What do you mean?

Kevin: I suppose everything else pales in comparison to that, doesn't it?

Clint: You want to talk about it?

Kevin: You think Kelly and I are meant to be together?

Kelly: Oh, thank you so much for meeting me.

Adriana: I know, it seems like we hardly get to see each other lately.

Kelly: You've been busy.

Adriana: Oh, "Craze" has totally been taking over my life.

Kelly: And Rex?

Adriana: What about Rex?

Kelly: Seems like things are going pretty well between you two.

Adriana: Look, I know you're close with Duke and --

Kelly: Oh, no, no.  No, I'm not going to come down on you about this.  I think it's great.  At least one Cramer girl should be in a relationship that works.

Girl: Excuse me, Ms. Cramer, can I have your autograph?  You are, like, my favorite model ever.

Rex: You realize you're turning into a stalker?

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Rex: Spying on Natty whenever she's with John.

Cristian: Mc Bain's here?

Rex: You didn't know?

Cristian: I heard about the plane crash, didn't know they found him.  I came to get checked out after my fight.  Is John ok?

Rex: Well, see for yourself.  I got to go.

Natalie: I don't get this.

John: Hughes is opening up another I.  Investigation on me.

Natalie: You didn't do anything wrong.

Evangeline: It isn't as if you let Todd go.  You're so sure he's a cold-blooded killer.

Paige: Yes, this is Dr. Paige miller.  I need the home phone number for Blair Cramer.

Todd: Got to be kidding me.

[Car engine starts]

Adriana: Here you go.

Girl: Thank you so much!

Adriana: Sure.

Kelly: Ok, you have your autograph, so --

Girl: Oh -- thanks. Bye!  Look what I got!

Rex: What was that all about?

Kelly: Adriana just signed her first autograph.

Rex: No way ! We're going to have to start wearing fake noses and glasses just to get a cup of coffee from now on.

Kelly: Speaking of that, I'm going to find the waitress.

Adriana: Ok.

Rex: Ok, what's up?

Adriana: It was freaky.  I mean, someone my age, just like me, asking for my autograph?

Rex: You're famous now, babe.  Might as well get used to it.

Hugh: Hey, you working here now?

Kelly: Um -- well, I might start -- the waitress obviously isn't.  I don't know where she is.

Hugh: Maybe I should go someplace else to get some food.

Kelly: Meeting someone?

Hugh: No, I'm -- I'm just getting takeout.  I'm on the run.

Kelly: Oh.  Something big?

Hugh: I'm joining the search for Todd Manning.

Kelly: Oh.  Well, I'd like to find him and wring his neck.

Hugh: Yeah.  Yeah, I could tell you were a fan in the courtroom.

Kelly: I just can't get over what he did.  I mean, to kill Margaret and his own child -- it's just unforgivable.  You know, I hope you shoot that bastard between the eyes, and I will help you mount his head above your mantel.  How's that?

Hugh: Wow, Kelly.  Where have you been all my life?

Kevin: I love Kelly, all right?

Clint: Yeah, I know you do.  And Kelly loves you, but obviously something's not right.

Kevin: Well, it was, finally, after years of things going wrong, but now, who knows?

Clint: Yeah, when Kelly couldn't have a baby, did you love her any less because of that?

Kevin: No, of course not.

Clint: Then why don't you believe the same thing about her?

Kevin: Look, when we decided to get back together, when we decided that she should have this surgery, to have a child, having a child was part of the deal.

Clint: "Part of the deal?"  What'd you do, draw papers, shake on it?

Kevin: Oh, come on, that's ridiculous.

Clint: That's how you make it sound.

Kevin: She wants to have a baby -- with me!  All right?  That's the one thing that I can't give her!

Clint: Kevin, it's you that she wants.  If a baby becomes part of the deal, so much the better I will bet you that she would rather have you without a child than not have you at all - at least, that's what she thought until recently.

Kevin: I screwed up, ok?  I admit it.  I don't know what to do.

Clint: For starters, you can stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Evangeline: Hughes is way out of line.  First he launches a personal crusade against Todd, and now you.

Natalie: And what's he got against you, anyway?

John: Doing his job, I guess.

Natalie: No, he has gone way over the top.

John: Doesn't want manning to get away with murder.

Evangeline: No, it goes way beyond that.  I know his background.  This conviction is personal for him.  And now to blame you --

John: My job was deliver Manning from one prison to another.  I didn't do that.

Natalie: My God, John.  You're not blaming yourself?

Marcie: Michael?  Michael, how's John?

Michael: He's going to be ok.  Marcie, I -- I can't believe how close I came to losing my brother.

Marcie: I know.

Michael: Again.

Marcie: I know.  He's going to be ok. He's going to be ok.  Come here.  Come on, sweet boy.

Paige: Blair, it's Paige Miller.  We need to talk.  Please call me.  Thank you.  How can I meet my son after everything I've done?  Maybe if I can fix this Todd manning thing, get free of Spencer --

Spencer: You still think you can't forget about Todd?

Kevin: I'm not feeling sorry for myself.

Clint: Well, what do you call it, then?

Kevin: Well, didn't I just say that all my problems pale in comparison to everybody else's around here?

Clint: That doesn't mean you're not walking around licking your wounds.

Kevin: A doctor just told me that I'm sterile.  What is that, a minor bump in the road?

Clint: Son, not all couples can have children, and that's not right, it's not fair, but that's h it is.

Kevin: Well, that's easy for you to say.

Clint: You know cord and Natalie are my biological children, but you and Joey, Jessica -- you're mine, the same as if your mother and I had you all together.

Kevin: Kelly and I can't adopt, dad, not with our history.

Clint: Well, then you're going to have to be a couple that tries to make it without children, and if that's not enough --

Kevin: It is for me.

Clint: Are you saying that your word is not enough for Kelly?

Kelly: You know, I'm impressed that you're following up on this case outside the courtroom.

Hugh: Well, Manning can't be allowed to get away with what he's done.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh, I had no idea that you're carrying a gun.

Hugh: It's registered.  I'm no vigilante, I'm just lending a hand with the search.

Kelly: What if you have to use it?

Hugh: Then I will.

Adriana: I'm not a star.  It was just one magazine cover.

Rex: It won't be the last.  You have an agent, you're hot -- and I don't just mean the way you look, though you do look hot.

Adriana: To you.  That's all I care about.

Rex: I'm going to have to share you with the rest of the world.

Adriana: You ok with that?

Girl: Can I get -- um -- can you sign this for my friend, please?

Adriana: Uh -- a little help, Rex?

Girl: Boy!

Rex: Adriana has a big meeting.  I'm sorry, she's very late.

Adriana: Oh -- yeah.

Rex: Sorry.

Adriana: Sorry.  Hey, Kelly, I'll call you.

Kelly: Ok.

Kevin: I don't know what I'm saying, dad.

Clint: Well, you know, son, you don't help matters when you snap at her when you're having problems.  Have you talked to her since yesterday?

Kevin: Well, I went to see her.  But she was with Duke.

Clint: So what happened?  You left?

Kevin: Yeah, well, you know, he seemed like he was helping her a lot more than I could.

Clint: Well, you know, that can't happen unless you take too much time and somebody takes your place.

Evangeline: So the doctor said your brain's still in the right place?

Cristian: What's left of it, yeah.  How's John?

Evangeline: Good.  He walked away from that plane crash relatively unscathed.  Unbelievable.

Cristian: Not to me. I was with him through the worst of it at Statesville.

Evangeline: So are you going to ask, or what?

Cristian: Ask what?

Evangeline: What's going on in there with Natalie?

Cristian: The last thing I want to know is how things are with John and Natalie.

Natalie: I'm so glad that you're all right.

John: It would've been a hell of a way to go out, huh?

Natalie: Not very funny.

John: Better not quit my day job -- if I still have one?

Natalie: Tired?

John: Some.

Natalie: Ok, get some sleep.  I'll stay in here until you fall out, and don't tell me not to.

John: Not to.

Natalie: God, John.  What am I going to do about you?

Blair: My God.

Spencer: What?

Blair: It's Todd!

(Teenagers playing)

Adriana: Did we lose them?

Rex: I think so.

Adriana: Oh, I don't get it -- people my age so into me?

Rex: They wanted to be you.

Adriana: Why?

Rex: Well, you're beautiful and happening, and you have a hot boyfriend.

Adriana: Well, you got that part right.

Rex: You know, we better enjoy ourselves while we can we may not have many opportunities to be Rex and Adriana.

Adriana: Uh -- who are we going to be?

Rex: That guy, and Adriana the supermodel.

Adriana: I am so not that.  I only did that cover because you set it up.

Rex: Well, I didn't set those fans up for you.  They think you're a star.  The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can deal with what's about to happen.

Adriana: What's about to happen?

Rex: Unqualified, unadulterated celebrity.

Adriana: What if I don't want it?

Rex: I'm sorry, but that train's left the station.

Adriana: You probably think I'm weird, wishing it would go away.

Rex: Why would I think that?

Adriana: I went from fashion editor to cover model in, like, two minutes -- just like I went from River to Duke to you.

Rex: Ok, I'm not really quite getting the connection, but if that's what you're worried about, don't.

Adriana: I just don't want you thinking you're the next new thing.

Rex: I don't.  I know it's real.

Adriana: You really think my life's going to change that much?

Rex: Absolutely.  I think it's time we send life as you know it off with a bang.  What do you say?  You up for it?

Kelly: What's your plan for finding Todd?

Hugh: I don't have one.

Kelly: You're just going to go to the mountains and wander around aimlessly?

Hugh: It's not like I do this every day -- or ever.  Never --

Kelly: Well, then why don't you just leave it to the professionals?

Hugh: Because I worked too hard getting that conviction to let manning get away with it just because of a plane crash.

Kelly: Yeah.  That's just Todd's luck.

Hugh: If you call it lucky to be a convicted murderer on the run.

Kelly: Well, I think it's better than sitting on death row.  You know, I'm not surprised.  Todd always seems to manage to pull something out of his hat.

Hugh: Yeah, well, not for long.

Kelly: Hey, I'm glad you're on this, someone who cares.

Hugh: Almost as much as you do.

Kelly: Go find Todd, don't let him get away with this.

Hugh: All right.

Kevin: What'd I miss?

Tess: My God, I have to go again.  I hate being pregnant sometimes.

Nash: Oh, well, it's all for a good cause.  Just remember that.

Nash: I'm actually going to wait till my girlfriend gets here to order -- Claudia.  What are you doing here?

TV announcer: Convicted murderer Todd Manning was en route to the Algonquin Federal Penitentiary's death row to await his execution when his plane went down in a northeastern quadrant of the mountain range.  Also on the plane were two escorts and a pilot.  Early reports indicate that the pilot and Federal Marshal survived the crash, along with Llanview police Lieutenant John Mc Bain.  We have an unconfirmed report that Lieutenant Mc Bain was brought to Llanview hospital, and that manning, at the moment, is roaming free somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

Blair: Hey -- I was watching that!

Spencer: I've seen enough.

Blair: But Todd's alive!

Spencer: So what if he is?  They're just going to catch him again anyway, Blair.

Blair: But when?

Spencer: It doesn't matter, soon enough.  Just -- I think you should come back to bed and try to forget about it.

Blair: Are you out of your mind?

Evangeline: Sorry.  I do that a lot -- I presume to know what someone else is thinking.

Cristian: You know, I really didn't come here because of Natalie.  I didn't even know John was here till I got here.

Evangeline: Well, at least he's all right.

Cristian: Worried about Todd?

Evangeline: I may be the only one.

Cristian: You know, you were the only one in my corner for a while, too.  You must have a thing for lost causes.

Evangeline: You're not a lost cause.

Cristian: I don't know about that.  How's John?

Natalie: He's sleeping.  He should be out for a while.

Officer: [On radio] Roadblocks are in place.  Every way out of here is covered.

Second officer: [On radio] We got all able bodies on the lookout for Manning.

Todd: Good luck.  Time is on my side

Blair: How can you expect me to stay?

Spencer: I don't expect you to do anything.

Blair: Oh, really?  You just ordered me back to bed.

Spencer: No, it -- it wasn't supposed to sound that way.  That's not how I meant it.

Blair: That's the way it came out.  I want to go be with my kids.

Spencer: And tell them what?

Blair: Don't you understand that?  That their father is alive!

Spencer: What if he's killed by the police when they try to recapture him?

Blair: That'd work for you, wouldn't it?

Spencer: Well, you know me better than that.  Go on.

Blair: Oh, do I, really?  All along, you've been trying to me -- to get me to pretend that Todd is gone, that I should be over my feelings for him.  Oh, yeah, he's going to die by lethal injection, so what does it matter if he dies in a plane crash or on the run or in custody, right?  Is that what you're saying, Spencer?

Spencer: It's not good for you to be upset like this, all right?

Blair: Why, because it keeps me away from you?

Spencer: No, because I don't want to see you end up back in the hospital with another nervous breakdown over that man, that's why.

Blair: I started all this up.  I kissed you because I didn't want to feel . I wanted to move past my past.  But you can't do that, can you?  I mean, can anybody get past their past?

Spencer: I live every day of my life trying to do just that.  The thing is, you know, I -- I didn't think that I could.  But then I met you, and I --

Blair: You know, Spencer, just don't say it, ok?

Spencer: Listen, Blair, no one has ever made me feel this way.  That's all there is to it.  You make me feel things that no one else ever has been able to.  I didn't think that anybody could do that.

Blair: Well, I can't help you get over your past, any more than you can help me get over mine.

Michael: Your CAT scan came back clean.  So did the x-rays on your arm and wrist.  No fractures.  You will be in some pain for a while.  You'll have a lingering cough from all the burning jet fuel you inhaled.  But other than that, I have to say you're doing pretty well for a guy who crashed-landed a jet plane without a pilot's license.

John: You ever think that Dad's with you?

Michael: You mean, like in spirit?

John: No.  Different from that.  Like -- like a vision.  I had a vision -- of him.  You know, it had -- had to do with what happened on the plane.

Michael: Johnny, a plane crash can be a very traumatic experience.

John: Uh-uh.  It was more than that, Mike.  It was more than that.

Michael: What was it, John?

John: I don't know.  I can't explain it exactly, but it got me wondering.  What if Manning didn't do it?

Clint: Paige --

Paige: Hi.

Clint: Hi.  Is there any news about my Pa?

Paige: Yeah, actually, I just checked him, and he's -- he's stable now.

Clint: Oh, well, good.  I'm thankful for that.  Is my brother with him?

Paige: No, no, he's out on the search for Todd Manning.

Clint: Yeah, well, I hope they find Manning and he gets what he deserves.

Natalie: Dad?

Clint: Natalie --

Natalie: I thought you were looking for mom.

Clint: I was.  I found her.  She's home.

Natalie: Really?

Clint: Yeah.

Natalie: Is she all right?  You know --

Clint: Well, yeah, she's Viki again.

Natalie: Thank God.  And what about Jess?  How's she doing?

Clint: Well, Tess is still in control, and I'm not altogether sure when we'll get Jessica back.

Natalie: Well, I guess we can be glad that Mom's home.

Clint: Yeah.

Natalie: Do you think that Niki Smith is gone for good?

Clint: Honey, I'm starting to think we'll never see the end of Niki.

Nash: Claudia, aren't you supposed to be in --

Claudia: I graduated from rehab this week.

Nash: Congratulations.

Claudia: Hmm.  As soon as I got out, I was on autopilot for Llanview.

Nash: To see me?

Claudia: Who else?

Nash: How did you find me?

Claudia: I went to Tess' Mom's place and saw you guys leave for here.

Nash: You're following me.

Claudia: I need to talk to you alone.  I've been thinking a lot about you since -- since you came to see me.

Nash: My girlfriend came to see you.  I came to find her.

Claudia: Look, I know a lot has happened, but we can work this out, Nash.

Nash: There's nothing to work out.  And even if there was, your father took out a restraining order on me.  If anybody even knows that we're talking -- straight to jail.

Claudia: I -- don't worry about Daddy.  I'll take care of that.

Nash: No.  I don't want you to do that.

Claudia: Nash, please understand.  I did not know Daddy was going to go after you like that.

Nash: It's not your Ddaddy that I'm worried about.

Claudia: Oh, well, I -- I know I came on a little strong last time.  But there is still so much left unresolved between us.

Nash: No, there isn't.  I know this hurts.  I'm with someone else now.

Claudia: This Tess?

Nash: Yeah, "this Tess."  "This Tess" is having a baby.  My baby.

Claudia: I know that.

Nash: She's got a lot going on right now.  She doesn't need to deal with anything else, so please, I want you gone when she gets back.

Tess: I can't believe I have two more months of this.  I'm going to get bigger.  I have to go to the bathroom more often.  Ah, just say it, Jessica.  You'd be loving it. It's too bad, because you're not here.  This is my body, my life.  It's my life, it's my mistakes, it's my body, it's my boyfriend. It's my baby kicking me.  My life.  And I'm going to fight you for it.  So you might as well give in and give up.

Rex: I can see what's happening, what you're about to become.

Adriana: Hmm.  A basket case?

Rex: Hardly.  You're a model, Adriana.  If you want it.  Tonight was just a small taste of what's coming.  You know, you are going to be mobbed at the U.V. Oscar party.

Adriana: Maybe I shouldn't go.

Rex: Well, you don't have to go.  I'd like you to be there.  I can put a velvet rope around you if you want.

Adriana: That's not even funny.

Rex: You're going to be a star.  There's nothing you can do about it.  So I think we need to do something we might not get to do again.

Adriana: Like what?

Rex: You have to go to New York, right?  To meet with your new agency?  How about if we go together?  Before the meeting?

Adriana: A weekend away?  Are you serious?

Rex: Well, yeah.  I -- I mean, if you don't want to go, we don't have --

Adriana: Ooh.  Oh.

Rex: Well, if that's the kind of kiss I get for New York, maybe I should have said Tokyo.

Adriana: You don't get it.  Duke and I used to try to plan these weekends away all the time, and -- bed and breakfast inns, spas, really romantic stuff.

Rex: You're telling me this because --

Adriana: It never happened.  Something always stopped us.

Rex: Well, nothing's going to stop us.

Adriana: I know.  That's what makes us different, what makes us right.

Rex: And what happens if we don't make it to New York?

Adriana: It won't matter.  That's the point.  It's not forced.  We're not going away to make something happen.  It's already happening, with or without New York.  Do you know what I mean?

Rex: I know exactly what you mean.  It's happening for me, too.

Nash: Claudia, we're done, all right?  Now, stop looking for me, and leave Tess alone.

Claudia: How can you say that to me?

Nash: I'm sorry.  I really am.  I'm sorry for hurting you like I did.  But coming looking for me is not going to help anything.  Maybe you should go back to that hospital.

Claudia: I can't go back there!

Nash: Well, you need help.  You need something, and it can't be me.

Claudia: Oh, God!

Nash: Oh -- Claudia --

Kevin: Uh -- ahem -- uh -- listen, Tess.  Just wanted to apologize for, you know, what happened at the house.  The whole "come out" thing.

Tess: Ok, fine, whatever.

Kevin: Yeah, I just -- you know, I've been going through a tough time and -- but you're still my sister, you know, no matter what, so --

Tess: Are -- are we done now?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah.

Tess: That was weird.

Nash: What?

Ss: Kevin just trying to play big brother with me.  What happened when I was in the bathroom?

Nash: Nothing worth mentioning.

Kelly: So that's all you need?  Just a takeout dinner?

Hugh: I plan on finding Manning fast.

Kelly: Ok.  Well, be careful.  Anything can happen with him.

Hugh: Thanks.  I'll take that with me.

Kevin: So what was that all about?

Kelly: He's going after Todd.

Kevin: Is that why you were so impressed with him?

Kelly: I was just talking to him -- not that it should matter.

Kevin: Yeah -- um -- listen, I was talking to my Dad about, you know, what an ass I've been, and --

Kelly: Is that why you were apologizing to Tess?

Kevin: Yeah, I mean, that was long overdue.  And so is this.  I'm sorry.

Clint: Is John doing any better?

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, he's -- he's doing all right.

Clint: Oh.  Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Natalie: Yeah, you don't know how glad I -- I -- you know, I just didn't want anything to happen to john.

Clint: Oh.

Cristian: Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt.  I was just wondering how your dad was doing, Mr. Buchanan.

Clint: Oh, well, the frustrating thing is we don't know that much.  But I appreciate your concern.

Evangeline: That's gorgeous!

Marcie: It is, isn't it?  Can you believe I'm actually engaged?  And to a doctor?  I feel kind of funny, though, you know?  Showing it off when all this stuff is going on.

Evangeline: No.  There's nothing wrong with being happy.  We could all use a little bit of that.

John: Listen to me.  Manning told me some stuff.  He said he was set up and that he could prove it.

Michael: So where is this proof, John?

John: I don't know.  I kind of owe him, Mike.  He kind of saved my life.

Michael: From what I hear, he knocked you around pretty good, too.

John: Just enough to get away, you know?  Why would a killer do that?  You know, he's already on the hook for the death penalty.  What difference does it make if he kills one more person?

Michael: Maybe he didn't want to ruin his appeal, John.

John: He already hurt it.  The guy didn't have anything to lose by killing me.  I'm standing between him and freedom.  Why would he care if I died?

Michael: You know what, John?  On second thought, I'm going to order a psych evaluation for you.

John: That's really funny, Mike

Michael: I'm not joking.

John: I'm serious, Mike.

Michael: The things that --

John: I'm serious, Mike.  What if Manning is innocent?

Kelly: So, what exactly did your dad say?

Kevin: Oh, he said that I shouldn't dwell on what's wrong, and just be happy about what's right.  And I think that we're right.  I really believe that.

Kelly: Even though we can't have a baby together?

Kevin: We'll work on figuring that out.  Right now, I just really want to be happy.

Kelly: And I really just want to go home.

Kevin: All right.

Tess: Ok, spill.

Nash: What?

Tess: What happened when I was in the bathroom?

Nash: Who says something did?

Tess: Well, because when I went to the bathroom, you were fine.  And ever since I've come back out, you've been all sketchy.

Nash: Yeah, I -- I think it's just hitting me, everything that happened at the hospital.  I was really convinced that you were going to go into early labor -- yeah.

Tess: Yeah, thank God I didn't.

Nash: Yeah.

Tess: Anyways, can we order here, or what?

Nash: You know what?  I got a better idea.  Why don't I take you back to Llanfair and whip you up something a little healthier than a burger, huh?

Tess: Thanks.

Nash: Sure.

Tess: You always take such good care of me.  I hope one day I can start taking care of you.

Nash: You already do.  Just being in my life.  Come on, let's get out of here.

Claudia: Daddy?  Thank God I reached you.  I just saw Nash.  You won't believe what he did to me!

Blair: Look, I'm sorry.  I -- I jerked you around.  But there's something that you got to know about me.  Nobody tells me what to think.  Nobody tells me what to feel.  Especially when it comes to my kids.  They come first.  And they need me.

Spencer: Well, you know best.

Blair: Yes, I do.  I'll call you.

Todd: "400 miles."  Ok, good.  Because Llanview's 500.  Seven, eight hours. Good, good, go, good, good.

Cristian: Evangeline said John pulled through.  That's good.

Natalie: Yeah.  Yeah, it is.  So why are you here?  Because of John?  Or because of me?

Cristian: Neither.  But you know what I want, and if you ever want the same thing --

Natalie: Cris --

Cristian: That's all right, you don't have to say anything.  I'm -- I'm going to leave.  I want to get out of here.  See you.  Bye.

Evangeline: See you.

[Pager beeps]

Michael: Ooh.  I have to see who this is.

John: All right.

Michael: John, get some rest.

John: Thanks, Mike.

Paige: John, I'm glad you came through this all right.

John: What about Manning?

Paige: What about him?

John: Have you talked to Bo since I was brought in?

Paige: No.

John: I told Bo some things that manning said to me about being framed, and that you told him he was.  Why would you go to manning about this?  Why would you do that and not tell Bo?

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David: I know you had something to do with Margaret's death, Spencer.

John: Be honest with me, Paige -- what do you know about Manning being set up?  And what does Spencer Truman have to do with it?

Natalie: Has there been any word -- have they found Todd?

Hugh: Drop your weapon, Manning.

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